"A DAY OF CARNIVAL" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

A DAY OF CARNIVAL by Andrej Koymasky © 2019
written on September 5th 1994
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Jerry Papa

Raffaele di Capri - Does this name say anything to you? I see. You are still young... he was an actor and he was becoming very famous, years ago, in spite of being only twenty one years old, thanks to three movies in which he starred. The first, "The Apostate" when he was nineteen, then "Marta, Marta" and "The Dad" when he was twenty-one. Raffaele di Capri was becoming the idol of all the teen-aged girls and the model for teen-aged boys. All of the teen magazines were filled with his pictures, with his interviews, with articles about him. His agent bet all on Raffaele, and he was beginning to really cash in. Everybody knew that his girlfriend was a nineteen year old whose name was Barbara. She was a fashion model and she became famous just because she flirted with Raffaele.

Then, after a famous interview, Raffaele disappeared from the scene, went back in the shadows, nobody spoke of him again. Erased.

Today, Raffaele lives in Bologna and is a bartender. He is happy, much more than when he was an actor and the idol of legions of fans, well paid and wanted movie star.

I want to tell you his story, at least the part that goes from his last movie to when he opened his bar in Bologna.

His real family name is not "di Capri". They gave it to him because his real last name was too common, it didn't evoke fantasy. No, I will not tell you what his real name was, I don't want you going to Bologna to look for him. And it is useless for you to look in the old magazines, his agent was very careful to hide it... Raffaele was born in Capri, and grew up healthy, strong, cheerful and beautiful. His father was a fisherman and Raffaele grew up in the water, so to speak, hence he had a fine swimmer's physique. He studied at a Naples high school and he joined a gym. Even if he was not rich at that time, he had a certain natural elegance, and he was courted by all the girls. This did not bother him, because all of the boys admired him for this. His company was coveted, longed for, desired by everybody.

All of this didn't go to his head - he remained a simple, spontaneous, cheerful young man with the face of the boy next door. He had his first girl when he was fourteen. Then they were countless. Normally his relationships lasted a short time, and he left behind a trail of broken hearts. Why? Because he was a cross between a Don Juan and a Casanova. What attracted him, like Don Juan, was the conquest, but once the girl fell in his arms, he soon become tired, he felt no more satisfaction in the relationship. He was not evil, or cynical or insensible, he just was not able to resist for a long time, even if each time he promised himself to do so. He didn't like to leave the girls in tears, but it was stronger than him. He himself couldn't understand the reason for his behaviour, it was just so... And, like Casanova, all the girls, or almost all, died for him and were ready to do anything to be his girl...

Raffaele met Barbara after his first movie and first success. The girl of course knew about Raffaele's reputation - she was determined to keep him bound to her, therefore she allowed him to court her, but never to surpass certain limits. And that wasn't because Barbara was a chaste and pure girl - she had had more than one boy before. She acted so proper because she didn't want to let Raffaele escape. Therefore she gave him only that amount of intimacy sufficient to keep his desire alive, but nothing more. She was determined, until their marriage, to concede him no sex. And the more he became rich and famous, the more she held on.

Because she didn't surrender, Raffaele was feeling more and more attracted to Barbara, more and more filled with desire, and more and more in love.

He was twenty one years old. They were planning to attend a carnival masked ball of all Rome's celebrities. Raffaele decided to wear a hussar's costume - the tight uniform put in evidence his splendid body. She instead decided to wear a Pierrot costume, as she saw a very beautiful one in a shop window and was fascinated by it.

When she entered the shop to buy it, the costume still was in the shop window. She asked for it. The shop-girl said that unfortunately she sold out of her size just the day before, and that the one in the shop window would be too big for her. Barbara asked to try it all the same. Yes, it was really big, but wasn't it possible to take it in? The shop-girl said that they could do the alterations for just a few thousand liras... So Barbara went again on the following day and tried it - it fit perfectly. Satisfied, she had it wrapped and took it home.

While Raffaele was preparing for the masked ball, he was thinking of his girlfriend. He became aroused and the tight silk trousers he wore showed in a more than evident way the shape of his turgid member imprisoned by the cloth. It was certainly not something that could pass unnoticed. But Raffaele smiled without caring about that - Nothing bad, perhaps she too will be impressed by it, if it happened again. And then... Raffaele thought that he was tired of waiting, letting her stop him. He wanted her, he needed her, he was tired of trying to placate himself with just masturbating after each encounter with Barbara. The first time he was alone with her, he would show her what he needed! He would embrace her, caress her until she lost her mind, and then... He knew she was particularly sensitive on her back. Normally, following his experience, girls were particularly sensitive on their breasts and between their legs... but Barbara became a viper if he just tried to touch her there, and she was anything but aroused. But if caressed her back, she seemed to completely melt - that was her weak point, together with kisses.

They met. She, behind her little black mask, with her costume completely hiding her body's delicious shapes, he with unhidden face (did he or did he not have a beautiful face? was he or was he not famous?) and his virile body tightly wrapped by the elegant hussar's uniform. He took his car and they went to the party.

He felt like he was the centre of attention. Even Barbara told him he was really sexy. During the party, he took her to the garden, to a rather secluded and dark little place, and started to caress her back, to kiss her. She was game. He was determined to go all the way this time. He purposely chose that spot in the garden. Raffaele was really aroused and felt that she too was getting excited. Good, he only had to get her a little more excited... a little more... It was difficult to hold back, he felt almost like his trousers could tear open, burst in a moment. When she caressed his rod, hard like red-hot steel, with her delicate little hand he felt that this time she too was ready. Continuing to kiss her, his hands started to rummage through her costume trousers. She tried to stop him, but he, for a change, didn't stop. He wanted her, he wanted her at all costs. In silence, their hands fought. He became even more aroused by her resistance - he would take her there, standing against the tree, he would at last make Barbara his own!

When Barbara understood that this time he would not stop, she put her hands on his chest and pushed him away with all her strength, parting their bodies: "Stop it! I don't want to!" she said with a low voice.

"Yes..." he said trying to seize her again.

"I bet you don't even have a condom!" she hissed, panting.

Fucking shit, it was true, he didn't think about it!

"I'll pull out before..."


"Come on, Barbara, just a little..."

"No, I said no!"

Raffaele was too much excited to give out, so he said: "Perhaps on your back, then..."

"Pig! You're pig!" she shouted and ran away.

Raffaele ran after her, but was a fraction too late. He saw her entering the dance hall. He searched for her, looking around, and saw she was going out the door leading to the hallway. He made his way amongst the crowd of masked people and ran to the hallway. She was not there.

He asked a waiter: "Did you perhaps see a Pierrot?"

"Yes, he left running, to the street..."

Raffaele catapulted himself on the street, he looked to the right, to the left, but didn't see her. He thought that, as he had the car, she possibly went to look for a taxi. He ran, turned the street corner, arrived at the taxi station - there were two waiting.

He asked the driver of the first one: "Did you by chance see a Pierrot? Did he take the taxi before yours?"

"Yes, I saw him, he took that street; he didn't take a taxi..."

"Thank you!" Raffaele shouted going in the direction indicated by the man.

He searched, turned - he wanted to find her. He wanted to talk with her, make her understand that he could resist no more, he already had held back for two years, renouncing all other girls for her.

I see you are interested in this story. But now I have to interrupt it, to tell you another story. Later I will continue with Raffaele story, don't worry.

Who bought the Pierrot costume in Barabara's size? Are you not interested in knowing that? Yes? Good, then...

There was a boy whose name was Barnaba. He didn't like his name, so he went by the name Renzo. He didn't really know why he chose that name, but it was a common name, simple, he felt he could 'wear' it comfortably... Renzo was born in Orvieto. Then his parents moved to Rome, where he grew up and went to school.

When he was fifteen, a young man seduced him. Renzo met him at the park. The young man had been friendly with Renzo, and they had been talking and joking for a while, so he convinced Renzo to come to his place to show him the video of the Soccer World Cup.

The young man put on the video, but it was a different one: "Oh, sorry, I made a mistake... but this video is also interesting, we'll watch the Cup later." the young man said, sitting near the boy on the couch. The video title was "Neighbours".

The beginning didn't seem so interesting to Renzo. A woman is hanging her laundry to dry, a neighbour looks at her, she notices being watched and starts to play the coquette, and it's evident that her neighbour has a hard on. She tells him that her husband won't be home all day and that she has a problem - the tap is dripping. Could he come to see if he can make it stop? Sure, he says, he goes with her, looks at the tap, bustles about a little while, but then he smiles at her and feels her ass. She fingers between his legs, opens his fly, pulls it out and takes it in her mouth!

Renzo looks with his eyes wide, unbelieving. And he is aroused. He feels the young man's hand on his thigh. He make anything of it, he is too engrossed by the scene. A close up of the woman's mouth going back and forth on the man's hard and shining rod, and the hands of the man lowering at once his trousers and underpants, while moans of pleasure accompany the scene. The young man's hand slips under Renzo's shorts and seizes his hard dick. Renzo turns to the boy with an expression of shock, and the young man smiles at him and points between his legs - he has his fly open, his hard cock is out, and he is jerking off. Renzo is upset, but fascinated.

"Mine isn't bad either, eh?" the young man says standing up, lowering his trousers and presenting it to him: "Do to me what she is doing, go on." he invites the boy with a lusty voice. Renzo is unable to refuse.

He feels that hot flesh pole slipping between his lips, entering his mouth, and he imitates the woman in the movie - the sensation is amazing. With the corner of his eye he looks at the screen. All continues like before, but now the two actors are stark naked. The young man also starts to undress Renzo and himself. Renzo feels dazed, and lets the young man have his way. Then he thinks that this young man's body is better than the actor's in the video. On the screen, the man laid the woman on the kitchen table and is fucking her. The young man caresses Renzo's body and hard dick. They both slide onto the couch and the young man sucks the boy, so that now they are sixty nining. Renzo is all a shudder, and excited.

After a while Renzo looks again at the screen, from where no more moaning is coming. The woman's husband arrives, sees the scene, takes a pistol. Renzo holds his breath. Now the husband undresses himself - he is a handsome man. His cock is already hard.

He goes behind his neighbour who is continuing to fuck his wife, unaware of his presence, and says: "Now you'll pay for that. Stay still or I'll shoot you!" and pushes it in the neighbour's ass! Close up of the husband fucking his neighbour... close up of the husband's face, enjoying the fuck... close up of the husband's cock going in and out from the neighbour's ass... close up of the neighbour's face while he says: "Oh yeah! That's great!"

Renzo feels a finger of the young man teasing his little hole and feels pleasure. The young man notices that, so he pushes, rummages, penetrates Renzo with his finger.

"That's great..." Renzo murmurs. The young man slips between his legs, parts them, spreads something on his little hole and Renzo feels the young man's cock opening his way inside him. "Ooouuuch!" Renzo groans with pain feeling he is completely stretched out. "Oooohhh!" the young man moans for the pleasure of entering that virgin love channel.

The moans from the screen mix with the moans in the room. Renzo is astounded - it hurts and yet it gives him a strong pleasure. The young man busies himself inside the boy with real gusto, like the husband on the screen with his neighbour. Renzo has the impression that the pain is subsiding somewhat and the pleasure is increasing. The couch jerks at the thrusts with which the young man is enjoying the boy... The husband cums outside the neighbour's hole, on his back. The young man cums completely inside Renzo...

The boy felt dizzy. He liked it, his rear felt a little sore, he ejaculated and his belly felt all sticky. The young man slips out of him, takes some paper tissues, cleans himself and the boy. They dress in silence, while on the screen the husband fucks his wife, and the neighbour puts it in her mouth again.

"Did you like it?" the young man asks to Renzo. The boy just nods. "You have a nice little ass..." the young man says. Renzo blushes. "If you come tomorrow, I'll show you another movie..." the young man says. Renzo nods again.

Renzo thinks about it all the evening long. The next day he doesn't go back to the young man's place. He would like to, but he is too ashamed. And not even the day after, but he jacks off thinking of the sensations he experienced. The third day he rings the doorbell of the young man. His heart beats strongly, he is about to run away, but the young man opens his door, smiles at him, and takes him inside. This time the host doesn't put on a new video, he takes the boy to his bedroom; they undress, and do it on the bed. Renzo likes it even more than the first time. The young man makes him promise he will come again to make love with him. Renzo says yes, but his shame prevails and he doesn't go. He never again sees his first man.

For almost one year Renzo doesn't have sex again. He desires to, but is too ashamed. His desire increases. Around the end of his summer vacation, at the seaside, he meets a boy one year older than he, who does judo. He likes the boy. Once they are in his home, the boy with the pretext of showing him some judo holds, throws him onto the bed, gets on top of him holding him still, and kisses him deeply... Renzo is jolted, and becomes aroused. He feels his friend's hard on against him, so he stretches his hand and feels it. The boy lets him free, undresses Renzo and then himself, and they make love. Renzo gives him head and when his friend tries to penetrate him, not only does Renzo lets him do so, but pushes himself against the other, enjoying that rod slipping in and out of his love channel. It doesn't hurt like with the young man, it is just a little painful, but the pleasure is strong.

They met for each of the five days remaining to Renzo before his family returned to Rome. And each time Renzo lets his friend take him. After they both cum, they chat, and play games normally. Renzo isn't ashamed anymore, possibly because they are almost the same age.

Back at home Renzo wants to meet somebody who likes men like him. He even thinks of going back to his first man's place, but after so much time, he fears that the young man could be angry with him.

He propositions a schoolmate he likes, but the boy answers him badly: "I'm not a faggot! Stop it!" He is lucky that his schoolmate doesn't say anything to anyone. But Renzo understands he took a risk. Next time he has to be more careful. But he wants to find a boyfriend. He starts to daydream, to look stare at young men, to evaluate them, to think with whom he would like to become friends, to make love to. Little by little the image of his "prince charming" takes shape in his head... he has the face of his favourite actor and when this image takes shape, the men with which he would like to have a relationship becomes very few. But at the same time, he needs sex, and just to give vent to his needs, he would be ready... well, not with anybody, but...

Some months elapse and finally he finds his third man. This one is twenty-six years old. He is not exactly his type, but when the man makes a pass at him, Renzo at once is game. He follows the man to a kind of storehouse. They make love. He may not be beautiful, but he is skilled and Renzo enjoys it very much. The boy is lying on a surface made of pieces of cardboard, and looks at the man towering over him while he takes him with passion. It could be because the man has a slender and long tool, it could be because he used a good lube, it could be because he is skilled, but Renzo not only doesn't feel any pain at all, but he likes it more than ever.

They met several times, even if there were long intervals between one time and the following, as the man is often away for his work. Sure, he is not his prince charming, but he likes him. Then, one day, the man doesn't show up for their date. Renzo doesn't know how to find him, it was always the man who contacted him. But the man doesn't even call. Renzo waits helplessly, months go by, and he understands that he will never see the man again. He is deeply disappointed. But one day he sees the man again. He is about to greet him, when he notices he has in his arms a baby and near him a young woman. Their eyes meet, and the man seems slightly worried. That's why he disappeared, why he never gave his telephone number to Renzo - he is a married man! Renzo feels cheated, mocked by the man, who used to tell him he was his boyfriend, he was happy they met, to make love with him...

Renzo is now eighteen and has nobody to make love with. The fault comes mainly from his shyness. For instance, he discovered that there are gay magazines, he sees them at the newsstands, but he is too ashamed to buy them. He heard that there are places where gay people cruise, but just the idea to try and go makes his legs tremble and his heart beat so much that at last he prefers to give up the idea of going to those places.

Carnival eve comes. His schoolmates organize a costume party, and they rent a disco all for them. Renzo knows that there is a shop specializing in theatre and carnival costumes. He goes and sees in the shop window a splendid Pierrot costume. He enters and asks for its price - it is rather expensive but he likes it a great deal. He has to use almost all his savings to buy it, but he thinks that with that costume he will cut a wonderful figure at the party, maybe even win first prize... They have just three sizes, and the middle one fits him perfectly. He takes it away, happy.

The day of the masked party he dresses with care. He checks the address again, takes the bus and goes. The streets are crowded with people in masks and costumes, and are lively, animated, and cheerful. He gets off at the stop. He is a little late, but the party will last all night, and after all it is better not to be among the first to arrive.

He arrives at the address he remembers, but is surprised to find only a closed household objects shop. Did he remember wrong? No, he read and re-read the flyer many times. He had been silly not to take it with him... Perhaps he is mistaken about the number, perhaps it was not 24 but 42? He tries to go and see, but 42 isn't the disco his schoolmates rented either. He had better call home and ask his mother to check on the circular he left on his desk. He looks for a telephone box, he tours the half deserted streets. A guy in ancient Roman costume approaches him and Renzo perceives the man is drunk.

The guy puts his hands on Renzo: "Hey, Pierrot, don't be so sad, come have a drink with me..."

Renzo frees himself from that unpleasant contact and goes away. The man runs after him, but Renzo manages to lose him. Why is it that when you need a pay phone, you never find it? A group of rowdy masques approach from an open gate. They surround Renzo, shove him, pull his leg, but then let him at peace, going away laughing and yelling. Renzo feels quite lost - if only he could find where his schoolmates are!


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