"A DAY OF CARNIVAL" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

A DAY OF CARNIVAL by Andrej Koymasky © 2019
written on September 5th 1994
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Jerry Papa

Renzo walks somewhat dejected, looking around for a pay phone. Anything but happy! Turning a corner, he sees another masked person nearby - he is disguised as an hussar.

As soon as the newcomer sees him, he runs at him shouting: "Hey you! I've finally found you! Now we'll square things out! You can't escape me..."

Well, you've figured out that the hussar is Raffaele and upon seeing Renzo, thinks that he is Barbara - the same costume, the same body size.

But Renzo, of course knows nothing of the kind - he just sees a stranger running towards him, shouting, menacing him. He is scared, so turns and runs away.

From this reaction, Raffaele is even more convinced that it is Barbara.

He chases after the Pierrot, shouting repeatedly: "Stop... you can't get away..."

The Pierrot runs, turns in a lane, then in another, he turns from time to time and sees that the hussar doesn't quit, on the contrary, he is gaining on him. But what does he want? Is he drunk? Renzo is really scared, he runs headlong. He again turns at the first lane. A blind alley! His heart beats wildly. He sees a fence with a loose plank - desperate, he slips inside and finds himself in a kind of courtyard with piles of big wooden crates. He looks around - he has to find a way out, a hideout!

He hears the other coming - he must have figured out where he went. Renzo sees an open door, slips inside, and finds himself in some kind of storage room. He goes farther hoping to find another exit, but the only door seems to be that from which he came. He turns to rush out, only to see hussar's shape standing at the door.

It is clear to Raffaele his Pierrot won't get away now. The chase aroused him. He feels his member straining the fabric of his uniform's trousers. He'll show her, that little flirt - she will let him have his way, or he will break up with her! If she's afraid of getting pregnant, she has only has to give him her nice little ass, he'll be so happy if she would just let him have a good fuck.

He draws nearer to the Pierrot who is now petrified, knowing that there is no escape. Raffaele feels like the cat who is about to catch the mouse, and becomes even more aroused.

"So, you stopped running away from me, eh?" he says with a pleased smile, nearing slowly. The Pierrot is panting, but doesn't answer. "Why did you run? Do you know that you made me mad at you?" he says, playfully.

Renzo now realizes that this man is young, and so beautiful! With a lump in his throat, he also notices outlined between his legs, the large shape of a turgid member. Though scared, he is at once aroused.

Raffaele draws closer, slowly, ready to jump if she tried to escape again, but the Pierrot doesn't move. He sees, through the dim light, the eyes shining from behind the mask, and notices that they are fixed on his erection.

He smiles again: "Do you see what you've done to me? You've made me hard again... I want you, you can't keep saying no to me, trying to escape me..." he says arriving in front of the Pierrot.

He stretches out his arms, and the Pierrot shudders, but doesn't move away. Raffaele takes him in his arms and lowers to kiss him on the lips. He senses that the Pierrot resists for a fraction of a second, but then returns his kiss. Good, Raffaele thinks, and starts to caress the Pierrot's back. He feels him quivering.

Raffaele, more and more aroused, gently bites Pierrot's ear and whispers with a hot and sexy voice: "Now then, Pierrot? I want to make love with you, and now we will do it, right? Don't worry, my sweet Pierrot, this time I'll take your sweet little ass. You'll give it to me without fuss, won't you? You wouldn't make me mad again, right? You'll see, you'll love it..."

Renzo thinks he is dreaming - this young man is the prince charming of his dreams, and is telling him that he wants to make love with him! Renzo stretches out his hand and feels between the legs of the hussar, and feels him shudder.

"Yes, Pierrot, like that..." Raffaele says quivering, "pull it out, go on..." and to facilitate the task, he unbuttons his trousers and opens them. Renzo finds in his hand the throbbing rod, hard, strong, hot. The boy gets on his knees, and starts to lick it, to suck it.

Raffaele shudders with pleasure: "Oooh, yeah... oooh, my Pierrot you've surrendered ...finally... Ooooh, you are good, Pierrot, so good..."

Renzo thinks he is dreaming. It is too beautiful, where did this hussar come from, who looks so much like his favourite actor?

He sucks it with real greediness, devotion, until Raffaele murmurs: "Enough, Pierrot, or you'll make me cum. Give me your ass now... turn round..."

Renzo doesn't need to be told twice, he stands up, turns and readily uncovers his ass, offering himself to the beautiful hussar. Raffaele seizes the Pierrot at his waist and starts to tease him with the tip of his quivering rod between the offered cheeks. Renzo pushes back his hand to guide it to the target.

"Good, Pierrot, like that... Oooh, how wonderful, oooh..." the beautiful hussar moans while he slips inside the hot and tight channel of his willing Pierrot. Renzo feels it enter, firm, strong, hot and he quivers all over with pleasure. "Oh, Barbara... it's so good..." the hussar moans as he begins to hammer away with abandon.

Renzo thinks he heard the young man saying "Barnaba" and is astounded. How can this stranger know his real name? He confusedly thinks 'This is a miracle!' and enjoys that manly rod rocking inside him. And when Raffaele explodes in a very strong orgasm, Renzo also, without even touching himself, cums.

Panting, they part slowly. Raffaele is happy, satisfied. Renzo tidies himself and turns around. He looks with dreaming eyes at his prince charming who became real for him. Raffaele stretches his hand and pulls the mask from the Pierrot, with a pleased smile.

And widens his eyes: "But you... you... you are not Barbara! You are a boy!" he utters, completely dumbfounded.

Suddenly Renzo understands that there has been a misunderstanding, he reads the bewilderment in the young man's eyes and is scared. He runs away.

"Hey, wait... don't run away, wait!" Raffaele shouts bustling to return his still half erect member to the tight trousers of his hussar's uniform. Finally he succeeds, and runs out to catch the Pierrot. But there is no sign of him, he can't track him down.

Raffaele stops panting. He was a boy... and he pleasured him in such an incredible way! The way he kissed, the way he sucked it, the way he took it! He never would have thought that it could be so good with a boy. He kissed just like Barbara but, unlike her, he really tried to give him pleasure. But, who could he be? Why did he run away? He would have liked to talk with him...

Raffaele decides to go back home. He gets his car and drives back. He undresses, and gets into bed. He recalls that incredible adventure. He really enjoyed it... well, he was sure it was Barbara, surely that was the reason. After all, a mouth, an ass... there's not much difference, is there? If he'd known that it was a boy, he wouldn't have become aroused, he tells to himself. He put his worries aside and goes to sleep. He dreams of Barbara in a wedding dress. They are near a bed. She undresses and... she has a huge cock, it's erect, and she forces him to kneel in front of her and to suck it, then she takes him and savagely throws him onto the bed, tears away his trousers and fucks his ass without mercy... He wakes up in a cold sweat - happily it was just a dream.

Raffaele goes to see Barbara. She is calm, as if nothing happened. She doesn't speak about the incident in the garden. Raffaele is grateful for that. They flirt like they used to. Like before, she stops him when he goes too far and, like before, he lets her stop him.

Raffaele's agent speaks with Barbara - "Wouldn't it be better if the two of you thought about a marriage?" "Yes," she says without hesitation, "but he hasn't asked me..." "I'll tell him to." the agent says. Raffaele's marriage is just the news they need to get his picture back in the papers, to get him new movie offers, new contracts, new engagements. He talks with Raffaele, and persuades him. The publicity machine is put in motion with news of the marriage.

But Raffaele has more strange dreams. This time he is wearing a Pierrot's costume, and he is tied to a stake. A hussar comes before him, cuts his trousers which fall at his feet and he finds himself completely naked. The hussar kisses him on the mouth and he is aroused. Then the hussar kneels in front of him and sucks him until he cums. He wakes up and is aware that he had a wet dream - he really came.

Then he dreams that he is on a movie set, making a new movie. A war movie. He is in the trench, they are waiting for the enemy. A soldier near him tells him 'We will all be killed!' He answers 'Before dying, I want to do it once more...' and they start to make love, and they do it for real, before the eyes of the director, and of the cameramen, who films the whole thing. He fucks his comrade, then the other soldier fucks him. A real bomb bursts, they are dying, one still inside the other...

Raffaele di Capri's engagement is front-page news. The day is decided. Two months have elapsed since the night of the Carnival. His agent shows him the schedule of his engagements. A visit to an orphanage, a special prime time television interview, a visit to a high school, a spot for Gilera Bikes... Raffaele is riding the crest of the wave.

And Renzo? He can't forget his incredible adventure. Back home, he immediately looks for his pictures of Raffaele di Capri - he looks exactly like the hussar with whom he made love... and then he remembers - his girlfriend's name is Barbara, so he said Barbara and not Barnaba... therefore he really was Raffaele di Capri! He is excited, he would like to be able to tell everybody he made love with his favourite actor... or at least to somebody... but who? Anyway, nobody would believe him.

He reads the news that Raffaele and Barbara will soon marry. He feels jealous... Then he reads on the school's bulletin board the other news - Raffaele di Capri is coming to visit their school. The students, especially the girls, prepare a big party. Renzo feels upset - he will see him again, at close quarters. Would Raffaele recognize him? No, there are so many of them, how would he recognize him? Anyway Renzo passes feverish days longing for that visit, and helps his friends prepare a triumphal welcome.

The day of Raffaele's visit at Renzo's high school comes. The boy is nervous. Raffaele arrives, followed by the usual group of reporters, photographers, and cameramen. He is immediately surrounded by the star-struck. The dean's speech, Raffaele's response, the visit to the classrooms, the party. Raffaele smiles, shakes hands, and signs autographs. Renzo keeps himself in the background, but his heart is in his throat, he is terribly excited.

During the party, suddenly, the two students in front of Renzo separate, those talking with Raffaele go away, and their eyes meet. Renzo trembles. Raffaele goes towards him. Renzo would like to run away but his feet seem to be glued to the floor.

Raffaele stops in front of him and says, with a low but clear voice: "Hello, Pierrot."

Renzo trembles even more - Raffaele recognizes him, remembers him.

The young man smiles and says: "Come... I'd like to talk with you..." and he takes him by the arm.

Renzo follows as if in a trance. Raffaele becomes aware that, recognizing the Pierrot, being near him, barely touching him, gives him a strong erection which is hidden, fortunately, by his loose-fitting clothes.

"Why did you run away?" Raffaele asks him in a whisper.

"I... when you saw I wasn't Barbara..." Renzo stammers.

"Why did you let me do it?" Raffaele asks again.

"I am... I like it..." Renzo murmurs with a barely perceptible voice.

"The thing is that I liked it too. I want to talk with you where we'll have some privacy, away from here. Here, this is my card. Come to see me, but call first."


"I count on that."


"Careful - I now know where to find you..." Raffaele says leaving him.

Raffaele approaches a teacher and asks him something. The teacher glances towards Renzo and answers. Raffaele writes something in his planner... Renzo continues to tremble like a leaf. On his way out, Raffaele looks for Renzo, and winks to him.

Renzo goes back home. He feels like his head is spinning like a top - he recognized him, he wants to talk with him, he smiled at him. He can't study, he can't do anything. He throws himself on his bed thinking only of Raffaele and of that Carnival night, without being able to fall asleep...

Also Raffaele can think of nothing but that Carnival night. He tosses and turns in bed, restless. "That" Pierrot, he now knew, was Barnaba... He found him when he least expected it. And seeing him again aroused him greatly. Even now he was aroused - how could a boy have this effect on him? It never happened to him before... He jacks off recalling how much he enjoyed what he did with that boy...

Renzo waits until Saturday then calls Raffaele. The actor answers directly.

Renzo has his heart in his throat: "Hello? It's me, Renzo..." he says.

"Renzo? Renzo, who?" Raffaele asks.

"Yes... it's me, the Pierrot..." the boy says, finding it difficult to speak.

"Ah, it's Barnaba!" the young man then says.

"Yes, but everybody calls me Renzo..."

"Ah, I see... so, then, when will you come?"

"Anytime... now, if you want."

"Perfect. I'm waiting for you. You have my address, right?"


Raffaele waits for him and is again aroused at the idea of seeing him again. He thinks: "I have to try it again with him. I have to understand. Why do I like that boy so much? Then, it could have been the fact that I believed he was Barbara, it could have been my abstinence, but now?" In fact, now that the marriage was official, at last, Barbara let him take her... They made love just two days before... So, then, why was he still so aroused just at the thought of seeing that boy again?

The doorbell rings. He answers at the intercom: "Yes?"

A weak voice says: "It's Renzo... Barnaba."

"Come upstairs." Raffaele answers and feels excited.

He lets him in. "Cute", he thinks. He shows him to the lounge. He offers him a drink. Both are embarrassed.

Raffaele studies him, than says: "How is it possible that you attract me so much?" Renzo blushes and shudders. Raffaele continues: "I liked that night, with you."

"Me too..." the boy stutters.

"I have to understand. No boy has ever had such an effect on me. But now, waiting for you, seeing you, being so near to you... I have a strong desire to make love with you." Renzo is not able to speak. Raffaele adds: "I want to understand... come with me, let's make again love again..."

"No..." the boy moans.

"Why? You too liked it, didn't you?"

"Perhaps too much..."

"So, then?"

"No, please..."

"Why not? I beg you, just one more time." Raffaele says and puts his hand on the boy's arm.

Renzo trembles, he feels unable to resist. Raffaele makes him stand up, and gently pushes him to his bedroom, begins to undress him. Renzo feels between Raffaele's legs and finds that he's already hard. Raffaele undresses himself then takes Renzo to his bed.

He caresses the boy: "Your skin is smooth like silk..." he says and kisses Renzo deeply. Their tongues wrestle, play together, suckle each other for a long while. "I love the way you kiss..." the young man whispers.

Renzo shudders, delirious with pleasure. Raffaele lifts himself up, looks down at that body, without a doubt manly, and at his erect member, which he caresses, strokes, and is surprised by how much pleasure it gives him to feel a virile member in his hand. Renzo finally goes down on Raffaele's rod, and starts to kiss it, to suck it, to lick it.

He feels Raffaele shuddering, moaning: "God, how good you are... I like it too much..." Raffaele murmurs with a hoarse voice, caressing Renzo's back and ass.

Then, hesitant, Raffaele pushes himself between Renzo's legs. He looks at the erect member from up close and thinks it is beautiful! He caresses it again then shyly he tests it with the tip of his tongue and likes how it quivers. He takes it in his mouth and sucks - it is a strange, but pleasurable sensation. He thinks: "I have a cock inside my mouth, and I like it." They continue for a while in their sixty-nine, until Raffaele parts from him and gently moves him into a new position. Renzo understands and complies with his wish, lying on his back, bringing his legs against his chest, offering himself with a shudder. Raffaele kneels in front of him, spreads Renzo's firm little cheeks, searches the hot hole with the head of his cock, pushes in, and takes it. He sees the blissful expression on Renzo's face and this arouses him even more. He slips inside the boy little by little. Renzo literally feels like he is in heaven. He feels the virile rod wedging itself inside him, filling him, hot and pulsing.

Raffaele smiles at him and whispers: "I like that. I like you."

Renzo feels that the young man is finally all the way in. He feels that they are joined, of one flesh. Raffaele starts to move forth and back with light thrusts, so increasing their mutual pleasure.

He caresses Renzo's rigid member, teases his little hard nipples, lowers to kiss him: "I like you..." he sighs.

Renzo thinks that he never felt so good. He caresses Raffaele's strong chest, his strong stomach, his slender sides, his wide back, his powerful legs, and his prince charming smiles at him. Renzo returns his passionate kisses and enjoys that strong, virile rod that continues to dance inside him.

Raffaele feels overcome with emotion, with pleasure. That manly body seems so beautiful, so sweet. He likes feeling of the boy's turgid stake brushing against his belly, he caresses it, he strokes it, he likes that smooth, flat chest, with finely chiselled pectorals. He likes those soft lips, warm and voluptuous, those limpid eyes expressing joy, pleasure. He likes being inside the hot channel of the boy, which welcomes him with gratitude...

"I like you..." Raffaele murmurs again.

Renzo feels the young man strongly shuddering, sees his wonderful face colouring of an intense expression, he feels that the orgasm of the young man is approaching and that gives way to his orgasm, and they both cumm together in a symphony of quivers and moans. Raffaele pushes himself all inside the boy, who clings against him - this is the climax, the feast, the ecstasy. Their lips lock on one another, their tongues revel. Then, they shudder, more and more lightly until they calm down...

While they relax, panting, happy, Raffaele continues to move slowly inside him and caresses his chest. Renzo closes his eyes. Their breathing becomes quiet, but Renzo's heart still beats furiously.

Raffaele caresses him again and says, as if to himself: "I liked it... God, how I liked it! And yet, you are a man... You too liked it, right?"

"Yes, I did." the boy murmurs opening his eyes and looking at him.

"But you already knew how good it was, didn't you?"

"Yes, but I'm gay." the boy murmurs.

"And I?" Raffaele asks. But Renzo understands that the question was rhetorical, not addressed to him. Then Raffaele says: "I liked it too much... I want you again... will you come again?"

"No." Renzo says, gently and sadly, trembling.

"Why not?"

"Because... because you're not gay, you're getting married."

"But I like you."

"I like you as well, too much. I... if we meet again... if we did that again... I could fall in love with you. But not you with me. To you it's just for fun. You never could be in love with me... I would be just a distraction... And I would be hurt from that."

Raffaele doesn't know what to say. But he likes the boy so much, and he doesn't want to give him up, now that he discovered it, now that he knows. But he understands what Renzo told him, so he doesn't insist. After a while, they dress again. Raffaele wants to have Renzo's address. The boy is hesitant, but then writes it down - Raffaele would find it himself anyhow.

"We can at least call each other, get together sometimes..." Raffaele proposes.

"I think it would be better not to, really."

They say goodbye. Renzo is hesitant then asks for his picture. Raffaele gives him a very beautiful one and signs it. Neither of them wants to leave the other, but at last Renzo leaves, returns home...

Renzo feels happy and sad at the same time - happy because his prince charming exists, wanted to make love with him, and it was so beautiful, even better than the Carnival night. Sad, because he knows that he will never see him again, except from afar, except in his dreams. Raffaele's picture is really beautiful - he is in his Speedos, his perfect body is tanned. He is leaning against a low railing behind which you can make out the sea, he holds a glass in his hand as if he were toasting and smiles towards the camera, as if he were smiling at him, for him...

Raffaele is troubled. Yeah, sure, he likes Barbara, but that boy... He asks himself - "Is it just an infatuation, or am I attracted to boys? I never thought something like this could happen... not to me... I've never felt something like that for a guy before. What's happening to me?" He feels confused.

He again makes love with Barbara but this time, while he is taking her, he thinks of Renzo... and he finds himself thinking that Renzo is more attractive, more endearing, more... He feels that Barbara in comparison is cold, he feels that she has sex with him only because she wants something in exchange from him... On the contrary, Renzo gave himself to him without conditions... Barbara surrendered to him only when she was sure they would marry, Renzo on the contrary gave himself to him even knowing they would not see each other again... But does he really like boys?

"Ah," Raffaele thinks, "this may be the point." So one evening he goes for a ride. He knows where to look. He starts to cruise. He sees a handsome boy who is evidently cruising. He stops near him.

The boy immediately recognizes him and brightens: "Raffaele di Capri..."

"Yes... would you like to come with me?"

"Would I? Wherever you want!" the boy says and gets in the car.

Raffaele brings him home. He spends all night with that boy, makes love with him, takes him several times. Yes, he really likes the male form, he can't deny it, but he thinks that it was a lot better with Renzo.

Then he looks for a girl - it's not hard. Another night of sex... enjoyable, but...

His second boy. This one doesn't recognize him. He's a boy of great vigour, he makes Rafael very excited, he even has a body at least as sexy as his own. A huge member that Raffaele can barely take in his mouth. A small, firm, welcoming ass. That night they make love three times, the boy turns him on a lot, and gives him a great pleasure. The following morning Raffaele is satisfied and sated... but he still desires Renzo.

Raffaele sees Barbara again... no, she isn't enough for him... he likes her, sure, but... he feels something is missing, something she is not able, doesn't know how to give him... All right, he likes both boys and girls... perhaps a boy a bit more, he is finding, but the one he really wants is Renzo. This is becoming crystal clear to him.

So, he calls the boy. He feels that Renzo is moved. But the boy refuses to come to his place. Raffaele insists, he want to meet again, he needs to talk with him. So he invites Renzo to meet at a bar downtown. At the end Renzo accepts.

They meet, they talk for a long while. Raffaele likes Renzo more and more. They don't talk about sex, but about each other, like two friends meeting again after a long time, who want to catch up on old times... to Raffaele this is a really good feeling. The whole time they spend together Raffaele is aroused, burns with desire. But he knows that Renzo would refuse him, so he doesn't ask. He asks only to meet again. Renzo seems hesitant, but accepts.


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