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Chapter 6


Joshua is busy sorting out his stuff for our dream sleep-out. We are heading to a holiday with a group of boys from my church. Yes the Jewish group called "Boys United" is heading south of New York where there is a special camp just for boys.


"Golan are you packed?" My dad asks as he will be sending the taxi to our home and then the taxi will drop us in the front of the drop off point.


"Yes pop, just finished." I yell out. Joshua then arrives with his back pack and then we wait for the taxi to arrive.


"You boys have fun this week, it will be a fun week with boys from different churches so find out what makes them tick." My pops said to me.


"I will pop." I grin. Yes I will have a few uncut boys in my mouth by the second day of camp.


The taxi arrives and takes us to union station where we all take a small train trip to outer New York and then a school bus will take us to the camp site.


"This camp is so special that only a few special boys attend." I said to Joshua. "It sure is a big place." Joshua replied. "We will enjoy it." I grin as I take a quick pull on Joshua's shorts feeling his boy pole.


"Ok boys, grab your gear and then someone will take you to your cabins." A man said in his best Irish accent.


That man is the camp director. The camp is called "Summertime"


This place is special as all boys from different churches can attend. Our rabbi said that it is fine to be around other boys who are not Jews and that it will be a swell week.


"So where is our cabin Joshua asked. "You are in cabin 12 just down this road." Charlie said. He is one of the camp youth officers.


We arrive seeing a large yes a very large wooden cabin. It is built out of logs. "Holy cow, this is a huge cabin." I said seeing the size of the place.


"Yes you are in the largest cabin. It can hold up to 20 boys." Charlie said as we enter the large cabin seeing all the beds made ready for us to use.


"So go and find a bed and then change into your camp clothes." Charlie said as me and Joshua find two beds together. Then we all put on our camp T-shirts and black shorts and then wait for Charlie to give us a tour of the camp.


It was an hour long tour. It was then lunch time and I was very hungry. "Hey Golan how are you enjoying this place?' Robbie said as we stood in line to enter the dining hall.


"It sure is huge' I bet the showers are just as big." I replied. "They are, didn't you check them out?" Robbie asked me.


"Nope' not yet' just arrived." I remarked. We did miss the group showers in the pool area as we were running a little late.


"It smells good." Joshua quoted as we are served grilled cheese sandwiches and a tomato soup. "Yes I love this lunch." Patrick said as he dips his cheese sandwich into his bowl of soup.


After lunch we are ready to enjoy the camp activities. Camp craft is one thing you can do or go rock climbing or archery. Both me and Joshua go and do archery.


"So Golan you are Jewish." Simon asked seeing I was wearing my skull cap. "Yes I am, you are not then?" I asked him. "Nope' I am a Christian." Simon replied.


"Cool so this place is so awesome." Joshua said as we walked to the archery range. "Yep, I have never heard about this camp until my minister told us all about it." Simon remarked.


"It was the same for me. My pop told us all about it and we asked to attend." I told Simon. I was very interested in seeing what Simon was packing as he sure filled his shorts.


"Well we are here to enjoy being who we are and learn a few things from different religions.' Joshua quoted.


We arrived seeing the archery set up and after being brought up learning how to handle a bow and arrow we were ready to take flight.


I was good at archery as me and Joshua have done archery a few times at other camp=outs. So after a good hour of shooting our arrows we then went to the swimming pool and quickly found out that it was a naked swim.


No swim suits needed. There my eyes quickly spotted some uncut boys who looked nice to suck off. Man I do love uncut boys.


"Look at this Joshua, all the boys here are naked, no one said we would be naked in the pool." I gasped. "You were busy checking the other boys while on our tour and Charlie did say we would be naked in the pool so I didn't say a word when we changed into our speedos." Joshua grinned.


"Oh wow, I must have been out of it then." I grinned. So we grabbed a chair and removed our speedos and then walked to the pool.


A few boys checked us out seeing our wieners on show and I bet a few boys had boners in the pool as they checked us both out.