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Chapter 7


More fun at camp.


I spotted a lot of uncut boys by the pool, so dad did tell me that circumcision is slowly dropping here in North America.


"Now this is life Colum I love this pool." Joshua gasped. "It's so big." I said as we both dived into the pool and feeling the cool water on our skin.


"Hi there, you are the Jewish boy, how do you like this place?" Conner asked. He is one of the helper at the camp. He's about 15 years old.


"It been great so far, I like the food here as well." I said. "So are you able to eat what food is served here?" Conner wanted to know.


"Well I can eat most of the food here, just some food I can't eat. Like pork." I announced. "Oh well that is not good cos I have seen how you look at boys and I know you are into boys." Conner grinned as he swam off and ended up with a boy his age.


"So what was that all about then?" Joshua remarked. `Maybe he thinks his dick is made out of pork." I giggled as I grabbed Joshua's wiener and gave it a stroke.


After the swim time was over we had some activities to do with the other boys. I wanted to try some leather craft work. So Joshua was the same as me and we both headed to the leather craft room and found some things to make.


"Are you going to make your dad a leather wallet?" Joshua asked. "Yep, he's always wanting one so I will make him one." I replied. "Cool, I make one as well." Joshua grinned.


The hour went by so quick we didn't stop until the dinner bell rang. I was so hungry and all I wanted now is a full belly.


"It smells like beef burgers." Joshua quoted as we entered the dining room. "Yeah and French fries." I remarked. "Love the food here?" Timmy asked me as we stood in line to grab some dinner.


"I sure do, dad can cook but the food here is awesome." I said. "Well there is some bacon on the side but I can see you can't eat that." Timmy quoted as he looked at my skull cap.


"Yeah, I can't eat pork but my friend can." I grinned. "Ok, see you later." Timmy remarked as we walked to an empty table and sat down.


"So he looked sexy in his red shorts, you could see the outline of his wiener." Joshua sniggered. "He's cut, you could see his outline of his knob.' I quoted.


"Dam that is one hell of a pair of eyes you have." Joshua said. "Being cut I can see the outline of his knob so I knew he is cut." I told my best friend.


"Well he will want to have a feel of my uncut wiener so he will get some skin on his knob in a few days' time." Joshua grinned.


"Did you see that he is cute?" I asked Joshua. "Yep, he sure is, I had a half hard on after you told me he is cut." Joshua moaned.


So dinner over we headed to the games room for two hours and then it was time to return to our cabin. It was time to have a shower and get ready for bed.


20 boys now naked are ready to use the showers. Our cabin helper told all the uncut boys to make sure they all cleaned under their skin hoodies.


I knew that 10 uncut boys would be skinning their hoods back, peeling that piece of skin showing off their reddish knobs.


"Ok get showered." The teen boy yells out. We all grab a shower head and then start to wash ourselves. Joshua is to me left and Frank is to my right. He's uncut and has a long nozzle of skin on the end of his wiener.


"Oh wow, you have a cut wiener, man I would love to have this skin cut off but my dad says no.' Frank moans as he slowly pulls his foreskin all the way back until it locks behind his helmet.


"It sure is long in the hood, have you asked to be seen by a doctor?' I asked Frank as I washed my cut knob.


"Yes, but my dad says I will go bigger as he has skin on his dick." Frank said as he soaps his exposed helmet and runs his fingers over his helmet.


"Hey Golan, are you checking boys wieners." Harry asked as he was checking me as we washed ourselves. "Nope' just been asked about uncut boys and how to deal with tight foreskins." I remarked.


So after we took a shower we all relaxed in our beds ready to sleep. The next day we are heading out on the lake for a paddle in a canoe.


"Breakfast in ten minutes." Our cabin leader yells out. "Oh fuck, do you have to yell out." One boy moans. "Nope, but this way you all wake up in a flash.' Toby our newest cabin leader replies.


Toby took over as our cabin leader due to our other cabin leader taken ill. "Go away and come back in an hour." Another boy mumbled.


"Come on you lot, you will miss out on breakfast.' Toby quoted. We all grabbed our wash bags and went to the bathroom for a pee and a quick wash.


"Something smells good." Joshua said as we entered the dining hall. "Yep, that's the bacon cooking." I quoted. "Shame you can't eat it." Timmy said as we found our table.


Timmy is a boy who seems to like me. He and his friend Colin are always around us when we are in the open area of the camp.


"He's Jewish so he can't eat any pork." Joshua announced. "Can he eat other sausages?" Timmy giggled as he grabbed his crotch.


I wondered about Timmy, is he gay and is he hitting on me. Joshua would tell me later on all about Timmy and Colin.


"Go and grab your bacon Joshua. I will get some scrambled eggs and toast.' I remarked. I went to the server that only serves food that Jews and other religious boys could eat.


I sat down and began to eat my breakfast. As we ate the camp director made an announcement about the staff doing skits at the camp fire and we all had to attend.


"That will be fun to watch." Timmy giggled. "I suppose it will be." I quoted. After we ate our breakfast Joshua and I headed to the lake front and waited to be taken to the canoes.


We all had our buddy tags with our names on them and we placed them onto the hooks and then grabbed a canoe. I grabbed our P.F.D's. That is a life jacket.


Then we pulled the canoe out of the pen and walked to the edge of the lake. After checking it still floats with no water coming in we then paddled out towards where our picnic spot will be posted.


"I love canoeing, can't do it in the city so this is awesome." Joshua grinned as we paddled to the middle of the lake.


A few canoes began to follow us to the picnic area, so we just slowly paddled and after an hour we had arrived at our spot.


"So this looks ok." I say as Joshua pulls the basket out of the canoe and I grab the blanket and place it on the ground.


"I will get undressed and grab some sun." Joshua announced. In seconds he is naked and relaxed on the blanket. I too get naked and feel the sun on my skin.


"I really like this place." I quoted. "Me too, it's a great camping site." Joshua grinned. Then we began to sort out the picnic basket and pulled out the sandwiches and cakes that we ordered.


"Hi guy, I see that you are in the buff.' Timmy yells out as he stops his canoe. With him is Colin. "Yep, we sure got hot paddling so we wanted to get naked. It's allowed." Joshua yells out.


"Um can we join you here?" Timmy enquired. "Sure plenty of room here' just bring your stuff here." I told the guys.


It was a quick set up and the guys also undressed and relaxed on the blanket. "Oh look at the sandwiches, they are so big." Colin gasped.


"Yep, they sure look after you here. This camp is special." I quoted. We all grabbed the food we wanted to eat and as we ate more canoes sailed by us.


"OH look at the naked boys, they sure hanging out." One boy yells as he paddles past us all. We just wave as more boys paddle to their spots.


"I love the egg sandwiches they packed for us, they are so yummy." Colin said as he ate his sandwich. "I like the ham and mustard sandwiches." Timmy grinned as he chewed his sandwich.


"I love this yummy cheese and mayo sandwich." I remarked. "you can try my ham and cheese sandwich Golan." Joshua giggled. "You know I can't eat that stuff." I moaned. "Oh yeah, I keep forgetting." Joshua sniggered.


So we all enjoyed our lunch and relaxed watching canoes going past us. Since all of us are nude most boys just waved. A few boys mooned as they paddled by us. "I see that you are checking my wiener Colin, want to have a feel of it?" I asked Colin.


"Oh yes that would be great." Colin said as he moved closer to me and then gently picked up my cut wiener and gave it a feel.


"Your circumcision scar feels different to Timmy's." Colin asked me. "Yep, I was cut by a Jewish way not by a doctor." I explained.


"He loves to show off his scar to boys." Joshua grinned. "I have a less bumpy scar around my knob." Timmy announced as he showed off his scar.


Then it was a feel off. All of us took turns to have a feel of another boy's cock. I pulled on Colin's foreskin a few times seeing the hood slide back. A purple reddish knob would appear as I skinned Colin's hood back. Joshua has a more reddish knob.


Then it was time for a quick suck fest. I sucked on Colin's foreskin feeling his pre-cum leaking out of his pee slit. Joshua was busy sucking on the end of Timmy's cut knob. Then we changed and I was on the end of Timmy's cock. I licked around his circumcision scar as I knew he would love that.


It was now time to head back to the dock as we had to do some activity work with Jack. He's the camp's skill team leader.


"Oh well we better head off now." Joshua announced. "Yes we are making tin foil dinners to cook for dinner tonight." Timmy quoted.


"I love how the meat cooks in the foil." I said as we paddled back to the dock.


Then after a quick shower we all headed to the food stand where Jack is waiting for us all. Our cabin is the one cooking foil dinners tonight. So 20 boys were ready to cook.


"Welcome to your foil dinner challenge. I will show you what to do and then you will make your dinners." Jack informed us all.


He showed us how to slice the onions and tomatoes and how to pack it onto the beef burgers.


Then we began to make our foil dinners. I noticed that Timmy, Colin and Joshua all grabbed some bacon to add to their burgers.


Man I wish I could try to eat some bacon, oh well my beef and cheese burger will do me fine.


We all then grabbed some hot coals and made a small hole in the sand and then piled the hot coals into the hole and then added our foil dinners.


I was ready to eat as I was so hungry. In 15 minutes time Jack called for us to remove our foil dinners and plate them ready to eat. Jack checked our dinners to make sure they are well cooked.


Mine is cooked and it looks so good to eat." I said. I grabbed some peppers and onions with some Jewish cheese and grabbed a large bread bun and made a burger.


"So how are your dinner's boys?" Jack asked seeing we are all enjoying our meal. "I love it." Timmy yelled out. He had some tomato ketchup dribbling down his face.


We all then grabbed some dessert and it was a peach cobbler with whipped cream. Jack showed us how to make the cobbler and boy was it awesome.


Then we all helped to clean up the mess and then returned to our cabin. So that was our first time cooking a meal at our camp.



So ends this chapter for now. I will get another chapter out in a few weeks time.



Thanks all.