Brick House

Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a SAFE home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

"Life! It might me okay if it didn't have the biggest word in the dictionary in the middle of it, if." ©Carl Dickson–2006

Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either
are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitioiusly,
and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business
establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Thus said, this story is copyrighted, ©2008 It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.
Dad is down, big time this time. He has developed cellulitis in his left leg and is in severe pain. He is worried about you, his faithful readers so we are dusting off more of his old stories to post on-line, he wants to give you something to keep your spirits (hehehehe) up. Sipirits up, yeah, sure, hehehe. I know what you will keep up.
He filed this one away on August 11, 2006, but it is a good one. We hope that you enjoy these stories and Carl will be back shortly.
    Cell phones are the bane of society. Everybody has one. Mine just cost me my life. Because of a stupid piece of electronic equipment I am now an accused felon and may have to go into sex therapy. This is so fucked up.
    Alright, I’ll tell you the whole story. I am fifteen and, so I am told, very good looking. I have light brown hair with golden brown eyes. I stand five foot five and weigh around one hundred and fifteen pounds. I’m not athletic but I still have a firm body. I am a strict vegetarian. The only meat I eat is long, thick, and hanging between some hot dudes legs. I suck and swallow the cream out of all of the firm meat that I can get but I never chew or swallow the meat. I’m not turning my beautiful body into a graveyard for some dead animal.
    I grew up in the house that I still live in. I am an only child. My mom died when I was eight so now it is just my dad and me. He is hot. Our next door neighbors have a boy that is four years older than me. He has been my mentor. I have learned almost everything I know from him. His name is Bobby. Actually his name is Robert Michael Farmer. Mine is Robert Michael Brewster. Go figure. They call him Bobby and me Robby. He is now nineteen and is in college. I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back to the summer I turned nine.
    Bobby and I played together all of the time. His folks wouldn’t let him leave the yard except for school and stuff. They had a pool so who needed to go anywhere? Bobby taught me how to swim when I was five. Every clear day, throughout the summer we were skinny dipping in his pool. Our folks decided that we were in our own back yard and going to be wet off and on all day so we could swim naked. It just meant less work for our moms by not having a lot of wet towels and swim suits.
    My mom caught the flu and died Christmas week when I was eight and a half. I, of course, was crushed. Then again, so was my dad. We decided that we were men and we were going to carry on. Dad let me sleep with him the following week and I still do, every night.
    When the weather warmed up that next summer Bobby announced that the pool water was warm enough and we could go swimming. We rushed up to his room to drop our clothes but this year it was different. Bobby was thirteen and a half and I was just about to turn nine. Bobby had his back to me as he pulled off his pants. He reached over and picked up a pair of shorts and was putting them on. “Wow! You got a big one. What happened?” I had moved just enough that I could see his dick and it had really grown since last summer.
    Bobby was like all red and everything. I got in front of him and bent down to look at it. It was getting bigger and stiff. Mine gets stiff, a lot, but never bigger. I watched in fascination as it grew to almost twice the length of mine and it was bigger around than his thumb. I had never seen anything so big and so beautiful. Bobby watched me starring at him and finally he said, “You want to see something cool?” I nodded and he sat down on his bed. He took his dick in his hand and started to rub up and down on it.
    I could tell he really liked what he was doing. He was moaning and going, “Yes. Oh yeah. Ahhhh, that feels so good. Okay Robby watch this. Get real close.” I moved my face to within a few inches as he tensed his whole body. His butt rose off the bed. His skin turned bright red. He stopped breathing and grunted out, “Unnnggghhhh!” A tiny drop of pearly white liquid appeared at the piss hole on the very tip of his dick. Bobby dropped back to the bed and was breathing very heavily.
    I looked at his dick with the wide eyes that only a curious kid can have. I was millimeters from his cock. I was drawn like a moth to a flame as I stretched out my tongue and licked the small blob off the end of his dick. I was tasting it and Bobby was starring at me. I bent over and took his whole dick in my mouth. I loved it.
    Not a word was said. Bobby put on his shorts and we went to swim. I asked him about the shorts and he told me that his dad told him that because I was so young I would not understand why his penis was so big. He had told him that I shouldn’t see it and he should start wearing a swim suit. I didn’t like that at all and neither did he. His parents are so strict that we both knew not to question them so we went along. I swam in the nude and he wore shorts or swim suits all summer.
    When we went back to his room I asked him if I could play with him some more. He locked his door and lay down on the bed. His dick was already hard so I just started sucking. He taught me how to get him off by moving up and down. I really liked that. I didn’t like it when he shot in my mouth because that meant it was all over for awhile. I wanted to keep going and I really liked the taste of, what he called, cum.
    The next day we were swimming and he told me that he wanted to make me feel good too. He told me he was going to show me something that would make me go wild. I couldn’t wait. I hadn’t thought about him sucking me but now… We went up to his room about one. His mom always made us stay inside from one to three so we wouldn’t get too hot. That was fine with us. We could lock ourselves in his room and have more fun there.
    Bobby told me that he was going to make me his best buddy. He had me get on my hands and knees on the bed. He got behind me and pushed his dick into my butt. That felt weird but nice. He began to fuck in and out of me and it really felt great. I was tingling all over and my dick was so hard it hurt, good. He pounded me really hard and then stopped. He told me that he had just cum. He waited a minute or two and then lay down beside me. I turned to my side so I could face him.
    He told me he loved me and that I was really neat letting him play with me. I told him he was neat letting me play with him. He smiled at me and then he said he was going to make me feel better than I had ever felt in my life.
    He made me lay flat on my back. My dick was still stiff as a board. It was standing up about two inches tall and all red. Bobby took hold of it and pulled my skin back. The head of my dick was bright purple and shiny. Bobby pushed the skin back up. That felt good. Just having him touch me was ecstasy but having him move the skin was too much. He pulled it down again and then back up. He kept doing this, going faster and faster. In a few minutes he was going as fast on me as he did to himself.
    All of a sudden my whole body tensed. Every feeling in my body was centered on my dick. I thought I was going to pee and I told Bobby. He shushed me and told me to wait that it was cuming. I let loose. My whole body released and I felt so good, all over. I wanted to cry, I was so happy. Bobby continued to stroke me only slower and lightly, then he stopped. He was looking down at me and smiling. “Feel good?”
    Nothing had ever felt that good. He lay down beside me and I scooted up close. He hugged me and I took his dick in my hand. It was hard again. I bent over and started to suck him. It felt different now that I knew what he was feeling. I was trying to make him feel everything he had made me feel. Just as he started to cum I remembered that he had just had this in my ass. I tasted around it and decided it tasted better as I swallowed his cum. We lay there and went to sleep.
    We woke up at two thirty and I sucked Bobby off again then we started playing Nintendo. His mom knocked on the door at three and told us we could go swimming again if we wanted. She thought we had played the video game all afternoon.

    That night I was laying next to daddy in bed and I was trying to talk to him about it but I was scared. He was reading a book and not really paying me much attention so I took matters into my own hands. I lifted the covers and grabbed his cock. It was huge. I had never seen a grownup’s cock. Yeah dad was naked sometimes but I never really got to look. Besides that he was always soft. Now he was half hard and getting harder. I decided that if I were going to do this I better do it fast so I pulled his skin back and put the whole thing in my mouth. My dad’s reaction was strange. He pushed my head away and ask me why I was doing that. I told him because I loved him and went down on him again. He was hard by now and I started going up and down on him.
    He didn’t stop me so I kept on. I moved over his leg and got between them as I nursed his jolly pole for a creamy treat. He gave it to me. There was so much I was shocked. He filled me to overflowing. It came out my nose and ran out the sides of my mouth. He was covered in it. He quit shooting so I started licking up the mess. I cleaned every drop I could find as he lay there breathing hard.
    I got up beside him and put my head on his pillow. He looked at me, “Bobby teach you how to do that?” I told him yes. I told him that Bobby and I had been doing it for two days and I wanted to do him because he was my daddy and I loved him so much. He hugged me close and turned out the light.
    I sucked Bobby everyday and my dad every night. Daddy taught me to sixty nine. He would have me lay on top of him and he would suck me and lick my ass hole while I sucked his dick. Bobby let me suck him and he would fuck me. He never did anything else to me.
    This went on until I was fourteen when things changed dramatically. Bobby’s parents worked for some big company that had all kinds of stuff over seas, wherever that is. They had to go to this one place. Bobby said that they didn’t ever both go before but this time they both went. Bobby stayed with us because he was a senior in school and I was a freshman and he was going to graduate and wanted to stay here. Dad really likes Bobby and he let him stay with us.
    Bobby’s parents had been gone almost three months when this one dude came to the house to see Bobby. Bobby’s mom and dad had been killed by a car bomb that blew up the hotel where they were in. Bobby was all like crying and stuff and he went to his room and wouldn’t let me in.
    Now I have to tell you that Bobby still let me do stuff to him. I really liked to suck his dick and it felt nice to have him stick his dick up my butt. Sometimes I would wake up and Bobby would be in bed with dad. Dad didn’t do stuff with me since Bobby was there. He told me that it wasn’t right for dads and sons to do that stuff. I didn’t care because I could do Bobby.
    After Bobby’s parents died he stayed with us. He didn’t have anyplace else to go and we liked him being with us. Bobby and daddy became really good friends and spent the night together all of the time. Bobby would come to my room and let me mess around with him and stuff then he would tuck me in and go to dad’s room and they would lock the door.
    I don’t know what they did because dad didn’t do anything with me and Bobby only let me suck him then he would fuck me. So then I didn’t think that they would do sex stuff. Dad just told me that Bobby was really lonesome and missed his folks. Well I have been Bobby’s friend since he was nine, I should be able to sleep with him like I did when I was little.

    So, like I was so missing something. I didn’t really know what. I sorta just rode my bike around and one day I was riding and I had to pee, really bad. I was at this big city park and it had restrooms all over the place so I rode over to the closest one. I dumped my bike and ran to this brick building. A little kid ran in right behind me. We ran up to the long metal trough on the wall and pulled our shorts below our balls and let the splash hit the water running along the bottom of the pisser thingy.
    I looked over at the kid and he had a huge dick. He was a head shorter than I was but he had this hugely thick dick hangin all the way down into the water. Well, maybe not that far but it was long, damn near as long as mine. I had to break the ice and get him to talk to me so I came up with this lame joke. “Ahh, this feels nice. Hey, you know what it feels like when you really really have to pee really bad?” The kid was staring at my cock. He nodded so I held out my arm,”Here, feel me and see if I have to go.” The little shit reached over and squeezed my cock.
    “No, I think that you are okay now. You won’t have to go for awhile yet.” He was grinning at me. I reached over to grab his cock and he was as hard as I was getting. I wrapped my hand around it. It felt like it might be the same size as mine. I so had to suck him. I dropped to my knees and began to suck his long, thick dick. He was fucking my mouth and then he went, “Oooohh, IIIIIIII, I’m gonna make spermsssss. Oohhhhhh yes. Fuckin wicked,” as he filled my mouth with more cum than I can shoot. I stood up and wiped my hand across my lips as I looked into his cute, freckled face. He was still breathing hard and had a big smile on his face.
    He looked at me and knelt down and began to suck my cock. He was going up and down on me. He was so much better at this than Bobby is. He gave me the kind of blow job that I always wanted Bobby to give me. I was holding on to his tiny head as he just kept on sucking on me, even after I began to fill his mouth with my stuff. He took my cock all the way into his mouth. It felt so good way back in his hot suck hole. I began to fire off more cum rockets. I had never cum so much or so hard in my life.
    We heard footsteps so we pulled our shorts up and ran out of the brick shit house. I didn’t see anything special about it. I have always heard guys say that some girl is as pretty as a brick shit house. This one wasn’t pretty…then it hit me. It sure as fuck was pretty when I had to piss so bad and I saw it sitting there. I guess pretty is also in the eye of the beholder. If you need it, it is pretty. But how does that relate to a girl?
    Jimmy and I got a drink of water at the fountain then sat down on the grass to talk. He was so cute and he had a great tasting cock. I found out that he was eleven. He had some kind of glandular disease that made him like grow in some parts but not others. I hadn’t noticed his legs all hairy and stuff. He had a lot of hair around his cock and even had hair under his arms. It looked weird on a little kid. We were kind of hidden by some bushes and unless you were right in front of us you couldn’t see us.
    I looked at Jimmy and moved over and kissed him. He kissed me back. I pushed my tongue against his lips and he opened his mouth. The kid is one fucking good kisser. Of course this was my first ever kiss, ever. Jimmy said that it was his first kiss too. His dick was all hard again and I asked him if he wanted to suck some more. He said, “Sure.” We got our bikes and rode to my house. Nobody would be home for a few hours yet but I locked my door and Jimmy and I got naked. He was about four foot nine and really skinny. I ran my fingers over his ribs. His hair looked funny on him. It almost looked like somebody had stuck fake hair all over him. His big dick wasn’t funny. It looked delicious. I pushed him across my bed then I lay down from the other side and showed him how to sixty nine.
    We were both pumping and humping and making each other moan so loud. We both cumed at almost the same time. I think I started before he did. We lay there still sucking as I felt his cock get all hard again. I asked him if he had ever done any of this. He told me no so I told him to get ready for the granddaddy of good feelings. I got on my hands and knees and had him get up behind me. He pushed his cock in my ass and in no time he knew what to do and began to fuck the living shit out of me.
    I have really liked being with Bobby all of these years but he is only there for himself. He never tries to make me feel good. Jimmy was making me feel good. He was kissing all over my back and telling me how fun this was and how gooder than jacking off this felt. He was loving it. I was loving it. It had to be right. It just felt right. He made a bunch of hard stabs in my butt as he began to cum again. I felt so much love for him. I would never let this boy go.
    We lay there kissing each other for a few minutes then I wanted to suck his dick. I licked all around and tasted of myself and Jimmy mixed together. Bobby likes when I do this but he gets so demanding. I was taking my time and making love to Jimmy as I licked his almost soft cock clean. He asked me if I was going to “cornhole” him. I didn’t know the word so he explained. I told him I would like to. I have never done it. I just let Bobby do me.
    I cried as my dick slid in and out of Jimmy’s sweet ass. I never knew that anything would ever make my dick feel this good. I went slow because I wanted it to last forever. Jimmy was moaning and telling me how good it felt. I had him on his back as I fucked him the way Bobby fucked me. I could see his face and I could bend over and kiss him. He asked me to go faster then harder then faster yet, and harder. I was going so fast I was afraid I was going to drill through him as he moaned and talked dirty. He loved getting cornholed and I loved cornholing him. Almost as much as when he cornholed me. I love that word. Who came up with that for a good ass fucking word? I guess it sounds better then, “butt fuck me.”
    Jimmy and I got real tight over the next few weeks. His mother always looked at me with a weird look when I would go to get him. She never said anything but I guess a fifteen year old kid hanging around an eleven year old is a bit strange. I looked young for my age but who knows how women’s minds work, especially if they’re a mother.
    All hell broke on top of my head about mid August. My cell phone rang. The caller ID was Jimmy’s number. “Hey lover, where the fuck are you. My cock’s aching for your skinny butt and hot sexy mouth.”
    “Is this Robby?” A woman’s voice asked.

    I stayed in my room the rest of the day scared shitless. Dad called me to dinner but I told him I wasn’t hungry. Bobby came in and wanted some sex with me and I told him he could go fuck my daddy, they were the lovers now. He looked at me as if I had hit him. His eyes filled with tears then he just got up and walked out of my room. I followed him to the door and locked it behind him. I pulled all of the drawers out of my dresser then scooted the heavy piece of furniture against the door. I put the drawers back in. I was sure that not even dad could move that.
    I went over to my bed and cried myself to sleep. It was almost dark out when I heard some noise at my window. I peeked out and saw this kid that Jimmy and I rode bikes with. I pulled the curtain back and he waved at me. I raised the window and he told me that I had to come out. He had a message from Jimmy. He told me to hurry because he was supposed to be at home.
    Shit, I was locked in. I pushed my screen out and held out my arms to help pull him inside. He was at Jimmy’s house when Jimmy’s mother called me. She was calling my house to tell him that this kid, Teddy, was there. He said that she started yelling about some faggot molesting her little boy and how she was going to see him in prison for the rest of his life, as soon as she killed him. Ted listened long enough to know that he needed to get to Jimmy, and quick.
    He rode as fast as he could toward my house. He found Jimmy by the side of the road fixing his bicycle tire. The tube was ruined and he didn’t have any money. He helped Jimmy get his bike over to his house and they got to talk. Jimmy had a plan. He had to tell Teddy about what we had been doing. Teddy thought it was cool.
    Teddy’s dad bought Jimmy a new tube for his bike and sent him on home. Jimmy sent Teddy to tell me that I should never tell anyone that I knew how old he was. He figured that if I only saw his hairy legs and big dick that I would think that he was my age. I thought that was a great idea. I mean who would ever think that an eleven year old would have a five inch dick and be able to make sperm, not to mention all the hair he had on him. I grabbed Teddy and hugged him. He jerked back and looked at me as a tear came to his eye, “I ain’t no fag, man.”
    Oh shit. I had to tell him that I was just happy with what he told me and that I wasn’t trying anything with him. He looked at me for a long minute then smiled. We talked fast so he could tell Jimmy what we talked about. Jimmy and I both had to tell the same story or we were both toast, especially me.
    I helped Teddy back out of the window and he passed me my screen which I kinda put back in place. I went to my computer and looked up the sex laws for my state. Shit I was more than two years older than Jimmy, strike one. Jimmy was under age twelve, strike two, three, and four. I was so fucked. We had been together for over two months and had sex every day, at least twice. I started adding it all up.
    Sex with a minor under twelve years of age is a mandatory twenty eight years for each offense. I was looking at over two thousand years in prison with old men who would fuck me to death. My only hope was that Teddy could make Jimmy understand what I had said and that he would tell the same story.
    I moved my dresser back and went to the kitchen, I was starved. There was a plate on the stove with a towel over it and a note from dad,. “I am sorry that you are upset this evening. Bobby and I are going to the Anderson’s house. We won’t be home until around ten. I have some really great news for you. I’ll tell you when we get home. You can warm this food up if you would like. I want you to remember that I love you with all of my heart and I am always here to talk when you are ready. Dad”
    I uncovered the plate and found fried chicken with potatoes and corn. I took the chicken off of the plate and popped the rest into the nuker for a minute and a half. I like cold chicken but not cold potatoes, or corn. The nuker dinged and I sat down with a big glass of root beer and began to eat. I felt a lot better. I washed off my plate and headed back to my room. My cell phone was ringing. It was Jimmy’s number. I answered with a deep voice in case it was her again.
    “Where the fuck you been? I’ve been calling for like ten minutes. Never mind. I have to be quick. Mom’s outside talking to the police officer. Teddy told me what you said and I did it. I think that they believe me. Oh, babe, I am so sorry about this. I love you so much but I guess that they will never let us see each other again. I have to go. She’s coming back in. I love you.” He was gone. I sat and stared at the phone.
    The tears began again only this time they were for my loss. I already missed Jimmy. How could I get along without him. How was he going to be without me? Okay, I know. We’re young. We will survive. Like hell we will. Our hearts were broken. I cried myself to sleep. When I woke up there was a blanket over me and my light was off. Dad and Bobby must be home. I got up and took a piss. I left my shorts in a puddle on the floor in front of the toilet and walked naked back to my bedroom. I pulled the covers back and got in between the sheets.
    Sleep wouldn’t come. I kept seeing pictures of Bobby. We loved to look each other in the face as we fucked. He was so cute as he bent over me and pumped his tiny butt back and forth sending his monster cock deep inside of me. He made me feel so good. Okay, so his cock is nowhere as big as Bobby. It’s not the length so much as how it’s used and Jimmy knew how to use it to move me. I would do anything to have him up in me. I love to fuck him, but it is not near as much fun as it is for him to fuck me. Oh well, he needs to have his itch scratched too.
    My little buddy was like all hard and everything so I had to stroke him and let him know that I loved him. I am almost up to five and a half inches long now. I have Jimmy beat by almost a full quarter of an inch. He is still thicker than me at a full five inches around but what is a sixteenth of an inch amongst friend’s? I wanted to feel it like Jimmy feels it, with no skin on the head. I took my right forefinger and thumb and pulled my foreskin all the way down so that the skin on my dick was tight and looked just like Jimmy’s. Except that I didn’t have dark skin half way up and the light skin the rest of the way. I learned that this was what happens to you when they take a knife and butcher you as a baby. I could show them how to use that knife on themselves.
    I was rubbing my left hand back and forth over the naked head of my dick and squirming all over my bed. This is so intense and very hard for me to lay still. I don’t know how Jimmy can take it. I slowed my strokes down as I wanted this to last for a long time. I saw the clock when I came out of the bathroom. It was eleven o one. I kept on jacking so slowly. My cock was tingling my toes were like full of pins and needles. My heart was pounding. I kept scrunching up with spasms. I had a lump in my throat as I just kept on abusing myself. My ass hole started to suck air and the tingling in my toes was getting so intense. I tried to slow down but I was at the end of my time. I began to shoot cum rockets high into the air. I was watching them fly, high up, then arch over and fall back onto my bed, on me, on the wall behind my head. I was having one of the most intense cums ever. I was scooping up what I could find and licking my fingers clean as I continued to stroke all the through my orgasm. Left handed, bare head jacking is the absolute best, next to Jimmy’s body, either end.
    My cell phone rang almost causing me to have a heart attack. I looked at my clock as I grabbed the phone, it was eleven thirty six. Wow, I had jacked off for thirty five minutes. I flipped my phone open and put it to my ear. “I love you,” his sweet voice soothed me. “My mom is a bitch. She says I’m just like my old man. He was queer, you know.” I didn’t know. “She says she don’t want me no more. She’s gonna put be out for dobting.” I laughed at his error.
    “Adoption. I’ll adopt you.”
    “I know, I told her that. She went into orbit. I have never heard her cuss like that. She hates you, man. She don’t even know you. She’s never talked to you. She don’t know nuthin. I told her it was me. You know. I told her that I saw your cock in the restroom at the park and had to have it. I told her that I didn’t like my friends with their teeny weenies. She asked if I was having sex with my friends. I just looked at her then ducked my eyes as if I were guilty. She bought it. She thinks I’m gay for sure and doing everybody. I really sunk it home when I go, yeah and I like doin Robby better then the old men at the park. I mean, like they got big peters but they smell bad and they want to do other things to me. I won’t ever let anyone have my little ass but Robby. I don’t want no AIDS. She fuckin freaked, dude. She slammed her bedroom door and she won’t come out for nuthin.”
    I was laughing my ass off at him. He made a miserable day so much better. He asked me if I ever had phone sex. I told him no. He wanted to talk dirty over the phone while be both jacked off. I told him about my left handed, bare head stroke just before he called. He made me tell it in detail, complete detail. I could hear him panting and moaning. I was making it as sexy as I could. I knew he was close. Suddenly he was moaning and yelling. I was afraid he was going to wake his mother up.
    “What the hell are you doing? “ his mother screamed. She yelled into the phone, “Who the hell is this?”

    “That will be $29.95 for the next five minutes, sir. Do you wish me to charge the same credit card?” I used my sexiest and deepest voice. She slammed the phone down. A few minutes later my phone rang. It was Jimmy’s number again. I answered with my deep voice, “Hot man sex. Will you be paying by credit card, check by phone, or charge to your phone number which is 999-689-4609?”
    “You fucking little pervert. I’m gonna…” The line went dead. I wonder if she was talking to me or Jimmy. I really hoped she wouldn’t hurt him. I went to sleep with a big smile on my face. I awakened to the sound of the doorbell. I pulled on my shorts, that were still in front of toilet, and ran to the door.
    Teddy was there. He had been crying. “Man, you should see Jimmy. His mother beat the shit out of him. He is all black and blue with both eyes black. I mean she near kilt the dude, dude.”
    “Where is he?” I asked in a panic.
    Jimmy jumped out from his hiding spot beside the door. “Right here.” He was fine. The little pervert set me up for that one. I wanted to kill him. After I kissed him. We went into my bedroom and sat talking. I heard my dad’s car pull in. He never comes home at this time of day. I panicked.
    Dad called me to come into the living room and sit down. He told me that we needed to talk. I saw a car pull up out front and a woman got out. She had a mean look on her face. I saw a badge on the waist band or her skirt. A man got out from the driver’s side and walked around the car. They both looked at the house as dad reached out and opened the screen door for them. They came up the walk and came inside. They both looked at me as dad told them to sit on the sofa. He sat down beside me in the chair.
    “Are you Robby Brewster?” I nodded yes. “Please answer out loud. The tape recorder can’t hear your nod.” I hated her already. “Robby, is that short for Robert?” I nodded then remembered and answered her. “Do you know Jimmy Armstrong?”
     “How long have you known him?”
    “About three or four weeks.” She looked at the man. He checked his notes.
    “How old is Jimmy?”
    “I dunno. I guess he’s about my age. He never said.”
    “You know where he goes to school:”
    “No. I guess he’ll be going to Doolan. That’s the school for this neighborhood.”
    “Is Doolan an elementary school?”
    “NO!” I sneered, “It’s the highschool. You know, Doolan Tigers. We were state champs at football last year.”
    “We? Did you go there last year?”
    “Well, no. I mean I’m just fourteen and in the ninth grade.” And I was until school was out. Now I was about to turn fifteen in two days and would be in the tenth grade. “I went to Wilson Middle School last year.” I lied. I did go there, two year ago. “But I love the Tigers I went to all of their games. I have a friend who played over there last year and they are so kewl. I wanna play football.”
    “You like to play other kinds of games too don’t you?”
    Oh, this bitch was getting on my nerves. “Like duh. I mean road racer, and Doom, I mean I got a whole stack of games for my PS2.”
    “Robby, let’s quit being cute. You know why we’re here.”
    I looked at her with a blank stare then looked at my dad and shrugged my shoulders. She looked me square in the eye. “You like to play sexy games with little boys.” I jerked back and looked at my dad. He just looked at me but I know him. That was a smile in his eye. “Robby, Jimmy’s mother says that you and Jimmy have been having sex with each other.”
    “We kind of…well one time we pulled our…”
    “It’s okay, Robby. We know but we need you to tell us what happened.”
    “Well we were at the park and Jimmy had a stiffy and his shorts were all like sticking out and stuff and I teased him and he told me that his was bigger than mine so I pulled my shorts down and showed him and he pulled his shorts down and his was bigger and we started playing with ‘em then he held mine and played with it and I held his and played with it then we made milk and got all quiet. We went in the restroom at the park and washed our hands and Jimmy asked me if I liked it. I didn’t know. I just got on my bike and rode home. The next day I saw him and he was kind of crying and I told him it was okay. I was just scared ‘cause I didn’t wanna be no fag or nuthin. Then we started teasing each other and talking all dirty to each other. And we talk on the phone about doing shit, sorry, stuff that’s all gay and shit, oops.”
    “Robby, is this the truth? Did you ever put your mouth on Jimmy’s penis?”
    “God, lady. You think I’m some sorta fag or something. Hell no. I’d go to hell for that, wouldn’t I dad?” He smiled at me, he was eating this up.
    “Robby says that he is gay and he has sex with old men at the park.”
    “He says he went to China and met Kubla Kahn. Man that dudes been dead for five or six years. He says that the President is his uncle. His name is Armstrong, not Bush. The dude is so lonesome. He wants a friend and I have tried to be his friend. I told him that when school starts that I would let him eat lunch with me and let him meet all of my friends and stuff. I want him to like be more…I don’t know he just. I never met his ole lady but he says she beats him and calls him names and stuff. He says she makes up stories about him and tells his teachers that he is crazy. She sounds crazy to me. When I go over to his house his mom looks at me like she wants to eat me or something. I don’t know she just scares me.” I put the icing on the cake as I started to cry. I am not big, as I told you before. I look a lot younger than I am and I played up the little boy bit big time.
    “I believe that we have what we came for. Mr. Brewster, Robby, thank you for talking to us. We’ll let you know if we need anything else.” I got on my knees on the couch and watched out the window as the two of them got in the car and drove away. Jimmy and Teddy were on their knees beside me. When they drove off we burst out in laughter. My dad picked me up and hugged me so tight.
    “You, my man are a super star.” Dad put us in his car and took us down to Pizza Paradise for their all you can eat lunch. He gave each of us five dollars so that we could buy tokens and play all of the video games. I kept running over to the table and giving my dad a hug and a kiss. He just sat there and smiled at us.

    I didn’t see Jimmy the next day. At noon dad came home again. He told me that the police had called and that they were going to come and talk to me again. This time it was a single man. He was asking all kinds of questions about my sex life and if I played with myself and what I liked to think about and how often I did it. Dad got kind of mad and the man told dad that he could just take me in and talk to me in his office. Dad asked him if he had a warranty and the man said he didn’t need one. Dad told him that this was America and he did need one.
    After the man left I asked dad what a warranty was for. Dad said it was a warrant. He said the man had to go to a judge and show that there was good evidence that I had broken the law and the judge had to give him a warrant before he could take me away. He told me that a warranty was a guarantee that you get when you buy something. It means that they guarantee that it will work for awhile. I grinned at him. He knew that I was still playing the little boy role and he let me do it.
    That evening Bobby came into my room. He had some news for me. Jimmy was his cousin. I was shocked. His mother and Jimmy’s mother were sisters. She had always been the loony one and the family kind of shunned her. She had hit Jimmy pretty hard and gave him a black eye. This time it was no joke. They were at the grocery store when it happened and everybody saw it. A child services officer saw it and arrested his mother. Jimmy was taken to a foster home then his dad’s mother came and took him to her house. She wanted to see dad and me the next day, Saturday.
    What I learned Saturday made me have a whole new outlook on life and people. Jimmy’s grama was the sweetest person I had ever met. She was the kind of person I used to dream that mother was. She told us that Jimmy’s mother had a problem with reality. She had weird dreams that she thought were real. She had hurt Jimmy several times in the past and was on probation. The last time she broke his arm and he was in the hospital for two weeks. He had only gone back to live with her after school was out. He loved her and he had wanted to help her get well but she always imagined that he was bad.
    She told us her latest phase was that she believed that Jimmy was a little homosexual that was having sex with men and boys in the city park by her house. Dad and I looked at each other and shook our heads. How sad that a mother would think these things. Jimmy sat in a chair in the corner and didn’t say a word or crack a smile. I don’t know who to fear most, Jimmy or his mother. He seems devious.
    She was seventy six years old and she had but one major regret in her life. She was dying. She had lived a full life but now she had a beautiful young grandson that was just starting out and she wouldn’t be around to watch him grow up. She was Jimmy’s only living relative, the boy had no where else to go. She wanted to apologize to my dad and me. She called me over and held me as she told us that she had lots of money. She had hired an investigator to look into us and our family. She was proud of my dad and his willingness to take in his neighbor’s son when his parents had been killed.
    She had checked on Bobby’s and my grades and how we did in school and related to our peers. She was pleased to see how well rounded we were. She was glad to see that dad was debt free with nothing but a few small credit card bills which he always paid on time. He owned our house and the house next door that Bobby had lived in. She told us that the best recommendation had come from Jimmy. He liked us very much and would like to live with us. She would like to make that happen if we were okay with it.
    She wanted to set up her will so that when her time came Jimmy would just come to us with out any court involvement. She was going to leave Jimmy a lot of money and she would make sure that dad had plenty to support the boy until he was of age. She did want Jimmy to continue to live with her until she could no longer stay at home for him. But she did not want an answer now. She wanted us to go away and talk about it. She would wait, no matter how long it took, until we had an answer either for her idea or against it.
    I looked at dad and we talked with our eyes. We didn’t need to go anywhere. We both knew what we wanted to do. I worry about what kind of person Jimmy really is. I have heard him lie through his teeth. I lied too but I swear to you now, I never lied like I did to those police before. I would never have lied like that before I met Jimmy. I had lied to keep my sweet little ass out of prison. I am particular who I let fuck me. As I said before, Jimmy is a devious little guy and I worry about what he would do to me or my family were he to be allowed to live with us. Dad and I had our decision and we told her right then what we had decided.

    Jimmy and I became good friends. I rode my bike over to his grama’s house just about every day. He came to my house a few times usually on the weekends when he would sleep over. His grama wouldn’t let him sleep over on Friday nights as she wanted him to go to church with her. She made me go with them if I stayed over. I didn’t mind it a whole lot. She was nice and her church was a lot of fun.
    When word got out that his grama was ill she suddenly had relatives that she had never heard of. One day I was over there when this old station wagon pulled up out front and this smoke stack climbed out of the front seat. I mean she was so skinny and tall, really tall for a woman. She had bright red hair that looked like it was on fire. When she opened the car door a cloud of smoke poured out. I thought the car was on fire. She was so skinny, the red hair, the smoke around her, the smell of smoke on her, the cigarette with a two inch long ash hanging off of it, all added to my impression of her being a walking smoke stack.
    She walked up to me and tousled my hair, “And you must be Greta’s little bastard, Jimmy.”
    My blood boiled. Jimmy was coming out of the front door with cold sodas for us as two little fat boys ran from the car and grabbed them and ran off. Jimmy yelled at them and I started to take off after them when I heard, “Robby, stop.” I stopped and turned to see grama standing at the door.
    “Get back in your car and get off of my property.”
    “Oh, Aunty Ellen, it’s me Darlene.” She said aunty like awnty not anty, like I was used to.
    “I know who you are and there is nothing here for you. Now git.”
    “But Aunty Ellen, you need help. I’ve come to take Greta’s boy off your hands.”
    “You didn’t call him boy when you thought he was young Robert there. You will never get your hands on my grandson or my money, not even over my dead body. I have specifically named you and that man over there in my will. You will get one penny and only one penny ten years after I die. Not one minute sooner and absolutely nothing more. So now you know, so git.”
    Smokestack tossed her cigarette to the ground when it burned her finger and rubbed it into the sidewalk with her spike high heeled shoe. “Get mama her cigarettes baby.” She told one of the little fat red haired boys. He reached into the smoke filled car and came running up to his mother with a green purse like cigarette case. She fished out another coffin nail and her lighter. She lit up and took a long drag and blew the smoke right at me. “Listen here you old biddy, you can’t talk to me like that. I aint no Johnny come lately. I’m your grand daughter.”
    “You are the step daughter of my deceased daughter that leeched off of her until you bled her dry. She gave you everything you ever asked for except a good swift boot in the rear end. You’re no kin to me and I give you no thought and you can tell your incestuous brother out there the same thing. He can’t even get out of the car and face me. The idea, sleeping with his own sister and having kids with her to boot. I can’t believe that you two have lived as long as you have and these two kids of yours…what kind of life do they have?”
    “You listen to me, who I sleep with and who the father of my kids is none of your…”
    “I said git out of here now. That police car is here for you.” She pointed at the car pulling up behind the station wagon.
    “Is everything okay here Ms. Armstrong?” the policeman asked as he stood behind the station wagon.
    The man in the station wagon squeaked his tires as smoke poured from the tailpipe of the old Ford. He had about as much chance of getting away from the police as a man with two broke legs.
    “That’s Earl Bottoms in that car. I’d bet there’s a warrant for him. Probably in several states.” Smokestack was running down the sidewalk yelling at Earl with two little, red haired fat boys coming up behind her. She ran so funny in her really tall high heels and tight pants. Jimmy and I were rolling in the grass laughing our asses off. The policeman was in his car with his siren on chasing after the whole bunch.
    I looked up and grama and she didn’t look good. She was holding her chest and was white as a sheet. I ran to her and barely caught her as she fell. Jimmy and I got her to the sofa and called 911. She was sick but the strain of her confrontation was too much for her tired old heart. She died with Jimmy’s head on her shoulder and both of our hands in hers. She whispered her last words before the paramedics arrived, “Take care of my boy Robby. I know how much you love him and he loves you. I don’t guess I’ll be having any great grand kids from you.” She kissed Jimmy on top of the head and closed her eyes.
    The paramedics lifted Jimmy off of her and laid him in the chair. I sat beside him and held him. I picked up the phone and called my dad. He arrived before the ambulance took Ellen Armstrong’s body away.

    Bobby went off to college but couldn’t stay away from dad. He came back home and started the next semester at the college here in town. I will start school there next semester and Jimmy is going to start highschool. We are four happy faggots and we keep it in the family. I am a lot more careful how I answer my phone now. I don’t ever want to go through that shit again.
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