But What Am I?
Chapter 2

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The night went pretty much as they usually go when Logan spend the night. While Noah's parents are home, the boys found things to do outside. Today, they worked on their bikes. Noah's brother had given his little brother his old 10 speed, but the bike had been sitting in the corner of the garage since Noah received a new bike for his birthday in July. They removed the inner tube from the front tire. While Logan replaced the inner tube on his rear tire, Noah cleaned and lubed his new bike.

The adults were heading to their favorite dinner spot, over two hours away in Indiana. They left early and wouldn't be back until after three in the morning. Noah's parents always made plans for the boys to make something for dinner -- sometimes leftovers but usually frozen pizzas and pop. Logan looked forward to this because it was one of the rare occasions he got to drink pop.

The real fun always took place after dark. After dinner, the boys headed to the orchard to waste some time while they waited for the long summer day to end and the real fun to begin. Both the Red and Golden Delicious apples were starting to ripen. The apples would end up either bagged or turned into cider. The homegrown apples and cider were a big hit at the grocery store.

Tonight, the boys sat shoulder to shoulder, backs against a tree trunk, and snacked on the ripe apples that had fallen out of the tree. It was these moments, under a tree in the orchard, or if it was too cold, hanging out in the back seat of the school bus parked in the driveway, that Logan and Noah had their serious talks about life. It was these times that they shared things they would never tell anyone else.

They made their plans for the night and waited. It was after ten before they agreed it was dark enough. They hopped on their bikes and journeyed into the night.

Sticking primarily to county and township roads to avoid traffic, the boys rode silently, basking in the light of a full moon and the sounds of crickets. They peddled through sleeping villages under a canopy of maple and oak trees. They quietly investigated cemeteries, careful not to draw attention to their trespass. Despite being outside in public places, to Logan it seemed incredibly intimate. At that moment, the world was theirs and he'd never felt closer to Noah.

Returning to the house, the boys dropped their bikes in the front yard gabbing about their ride and the freedom they felt. They were doing what they pleased, when they pleased, and no one would ever know.

Noah then suggested they play "the car" game. The game was simple. One of the boys would pick a destination in front of the house, or across the street. Then they watched for a car coming from the east. Typically, they would spot it coming around a corner about a half mile away. In that half mail, the car would make its way down a hill, around a curve and then up a small hill to Noah's house. That challenge was for to run from Noah's bedroom, down the stairs, make a 180 to head to the back of the house, out the side door, through the breezeway, out a door to the front yard, and make it to the destination. The goal was to be hidden so no one saw them. They judged that by being hit by a car's headlights. That includes cars coming from the opposite direction, or cars following the one they saw. Being surprised by cars they weren't aware of added to the fun.

The flood light in the front yard made the game a bit more challenging, but they found lots of places to hide and choose hiding spots farther away from the house. They would hide behind bush, lay flat in the shadow cast by the big tree in the front yard, along the embankment created by the driveway that sloped away from the direction the cars came from, or even field across the street. This summer it was a corn field.

They headed out with flash lights to scout the area to ensure there were no broken bottles in the ditches and to pick up any branches or other trash that may hamper their fun. This was important because to play the game, you were only allowed to wear underwear and shorts.

"What's the mat for?" asked Logan. He noticed Noah was carrying the thin cushion from the picnic table bench.

"It's so we don't have to lay in the dirt in the in the corn field." That made sense to Logan. They scoped out spots in the ditch on each side of the road and then decided where to put the cushion in the field. The perfect spot would have to make it challenging to get to and provide risk that they might be seen if they weren't properly hidden.

Between cars, one boy played Astroids while the other watched for the next vehicle. It was convenient that the small TV sat below the window. This night the car game wasn't quiet as thrilling as before.

"Man, this is too easy," complained Noah as they made their way back to his bedroom.

"Yeah," agreed Logan. "There aren't that many cars out tonight."

"Yeah, but what I mean is we are too fast. We aren't even close to being caught." It was true. The more they played the game, the faster they'd become at making it from the window to their hiding spots.

Noah threw himself across the bed, laying on his stomach to continue his turn at Astroids while Logan watched out the window. Logan always preferred to watch out the window, as well as other things. While Noah intently watched the TV screen, Logan lusted after Noah's prone body.

Noah hit pause and turned over facing Logan causing Logan to jump and look a little guilty. The look didn't go unnoticed. Noah looked at Logan curiously and asked, "What?"

"Nothing..." he looked around, trying not to meet Noah's gaze. Logan wished a car would come around the corner at that exact moment, but he saw no headlights to save him from his embarrassment.

"Well I've got an idea," stated Noah. Logan was relieved that his friend apparently didn't realize he was staring at his ass. "What if we play the car game...," Noah paused, seemingly to find the courage to finish his idea, "NAKED!?"

"Are you serious?" Logan wasn't sure he heard correctly.

"Yeah. I think it will make it more fun. It would be a lot scarier getting caught naked."

It seemed like sound reasoning to Logan, but he was nervous about being around Noah naked. "So... what do you want to do?" he asked hesitantly.

"When you see a car, we'll have to take off our shorts and underwear first. That means we won't get as big a head start as we usually do and we'll be naked!" Noah was really excited about the idea. Logan wasn't so sure. Was he scared to be caught naked? Or was he scared he'd pop a boner at seeing Noah naked? Logan didn't think the first option was likely to happen so his fear must be the second.


"Cool!" Noah turned back over and continued his game. When his turn ended, Noah turned to hand the controller to Logan, but Logan turned down his turn and Noah started another game.


Both boys jumped off the bed, stripped their shorts and underwear off with one quick pull, and tore out of the bedroom and down the stairs to their designated hiding place. Logan always prefer the view following Noah, but tonight was an extra special treat!

"The corn field!" announced Noah as they sprinted barefoot through the lit breezeway to the door leading to the front yard. Looking down the road, they saw the headlights of the car as it made the final turn before heading up the hill to the house. This car was speeding and the boys shifted their sprint into a higher gear to make sure they didn't get caught.

Leaping the ditch, the Logan followed Noah into the field. Noah laid down on his back on the mat.

"Make room for me too!" whispered Logan. It was dark out so whispering seemed appropriate, even if no one was around to hear. Noah spread his legs to make room.

Logan looked at his friend laying on his back with his legs spread, inviting him to lay between his legs. Before he could make any protest, the car rambled over the hill and slowed down. Logan quickly laid down to keep from being seen from the road but remained on his elbows to see what was going on.

Van Halen blared from the rolled down windows and the car coasted to a stop.

"Get down!" hissed Noah.

Logan lowered himself and did the only thing he could do, rest his head on Noah's thigh, just inches from his friend's exposed cock and balls. Noah's faint scent in the night air made Logan lightheaded. But both boys were scared they'd been caught and their attention was directed to the stopped car only 10 feet from their hiding spot.

"Dude," came a voice, "hurry the fuck up!" The boys heard a car door open and someone get out.

"I'm sorry man. It's all that beer. I thought I could make it to town."

The man crossed the ditch and stepped up to the tree at the edge of the corn field to take a piss. Moving to the side of the tree that was in the shadow of the floodlight, the man was confident he wouldn't be seen. He unzipped and drained his bladder.

If the man had looked to his left, just behind the first row of corn, he would have seen two naked 13-year-old boys laying on the ground in a rather compromising position. He was close enough Noah could have reached out and grabbed the man's ankle.

Noah looked down at Logan and noticed that when he spread his legs to make room for Logan, his moved his left foot towards the road it was now sticking out between the corn stalks. He could see the shadows of grass cast by the car's headlights across the top of his foot. Noah took extra care to make sure he didn't move his foot and draw attention to their location.

The stream of urine turned to a trickle and the man sighed in relief. He zipped up and climbed back in the car. Before the door shut, the driver started down the road and they were gone.

"Holy shit, that was the best ever!" whispered Noah. Logan, who'd been holding his breathe so the man wouldn't hear, exhaled and relaxed, but nodded in agreement.

It was understood that this was their last round of the night. When they stood, Noah picked up the mat and dusted it off. They laughed as the squeezed between the corn stalks and crossed the ditch and highway. Stepping into the grass of the long front yard, they heard a familiar noise.

Logan looked towards his home to the west. "CAR!"

They were caught in the middle of no man's land and had to run for cover. The semi coming over the hill just past the orchard and would be able to see the front yard clearly. Logan followed when Noah launched himself towards the bushes.

When a car came from the east, the shadows created by the floodlight and bushes were a great place to hide right out in the open. But when a car came from the other direction, they had to hide in the bright white light of the overhead lamp. A slight incline allowed them to be out of site, but if a passenger turned his head to look at the house, or a car came up behind them, the boys naked white butts would be glowing in the intense light from the lamp directly above them.

The semi's passing was uneventful, but for the second time in minutes, but boys' pulses were racing from another adrenaline rush. Climbing from their hiding place, this time the boys made it back to the breezeway safely. Noah returned the cushion to his proper place and they dusted off any dirt and grass before entering the house.

"Let's take a bath before bed." It sounded like a suggestion, but it was really a statement from Noah and Logan followed. Because the home's only bathroom was under the staircase, it was too small to have a shower. There was only a toilet, sink and tub, and the tub was under the slope of the stairs preventing anyone from standing in the tub.

This wasn't a completely new experience. Noah had gotten into the habit of asking Logan to join him in the bathroom when he took a dump. Logan thought it kinda weird, but it gave him the opportunity to see Noah's pubes and the base of Noah's dick so he never questioned when asked. He was simply there to keep Noah company and it prevented Logan from sitting around waiting for his friend. But that doesn't mean Logan didn't break out into a sweat and fought a boner the entire time. He figured that they would both be in the bathroom but take turns bathing. He closed the toilet seat and sat down to wait his turn.

Noah poured some Mr. Bubble in as the tub filled. It didn't occur to either of them that if either boy had been with anyone else, they would never have used bubble bath with for fear of being made fun of.

Logan ogled Noah's body as the naked boy remained leaned over the tub, testing the water and stirring up the bubbles. Standing at an angle, Logan could only see Noah's hip and the outline of his butt, but that was more than enough for Logan.

When the water was where he wanted it, Noah stepped into the tub and scooted to the front. "Com'on, get in."

Their eyes met but neither said a word. Logan got up and stepped into the tub behind Noah. Logan didn't know what to do. He was afraid to do anything for fear of betraying his deepest desires and Noah hating him for it. Noah was Logan's entire world -- losing his best friend was the worst thing he could imagine. Spending time with Noah got him away from home. Noah was the person he could confide in and share his inner most thoughts -- well, almost all of his thoughts. There wasn't anyone in the world as nice to Logan as Noah. When it came down to it, Logan would do anything for his friend. Anything. So, Logan followed Noah's lead. Noah washed and handed Logan the soap over his shoulder. Logan took the soap and replicated Noah's washing routine. Noah dumped a small bucket of water over his head and shampooed his hair. Logan did the same.

When they were ready to rinse, Noah pulled the plug to drain the tub and started running the water again. When the water reached the right temperature, Noah used the bucket to rinse the soap and suds off his body. Then Noah shocked Logan. The next minute or two would be etched in Logan's memory forever. Getting up on his knees, Noah leaned over and rinsed his hair under the spigot. Because of the cramped space, Noah's feet slid back along Logan's legs, between Logan and the sides of the tub, pressing the back of his thighs to Logan's knees. This position presented Noah's ass squarely in Logan's view.

He could see Noah's little, beige, wrinkled hole. The boy's hanging darker scrotum, and, when he moved, he could see his friend dick wobble left and right. Logan didn't realize that he had the biggest, hardest boner of his life. He was captivated by the sight before him. All too soon Noah finished and got out of the tub.

For the moment, the suds mostly hid Logan's boner and Noah didn't seem to notice. Logan assumed the position and rinsed his hair first, then used the bucket to rinse his body from the shoulders down. Realizing his plight, he tried to sit and kneel in positions that hid his hard cock from his friend. Once the suds were gone and the water shut off, he no longer had anywhere to hide.

Logan wiped the water from his eyes and turned to find Noah standing there holding a towel for him. Logan took the towel and dried his face and hair. Noah stepped to the side to allow Logan to step out of the tub and onto the towel he'd spread out on the floor. Logan thought Noah couldn't see, but when he heard his friend say "nice" under his breathe, he knew Noah was referring to his boner. It was the first word uttered since Noah invited him into the bathtub.

Even after Noah opened the door to the bathroom to let the steam out and cool them off, Logan still felt hot and flushed. He fought the urge to stare at Noah as Noah conducted the same battle. Sufficiently dry to the suspect standards of 13-year-old boys, they hung their towels and hurried up to the bedroom still naked. They didn't bother getting dressed -- they both knew that the room was their sanctuary. Neither of Noah's parents would come up to check on them. They simply crawled under the top sheet and turned the TV to the horror movie being shown on late night television.

"That was so much fun!" exuded Noah.

Logan felt caught. He didn't want to agree too much for fear of revealing his desires but didn't want to down play it and make Noah think he didn't like it. If that happened, Logan ran the risk that it wouldn't happen again. Before Logan decided on his response, Noah continued.

"Dude, that guy was standing right there. I could have reached out and touched him," said Noah, recalling their close call with the guys in the car. "And my foot was sticking out! I was afraid they would see it if I left it there, and I was afraid they would see me if I moved."

Logan's mind went back to having his cheek on Noah's thigh and his nose nearly buried in his friend's balls. Noah snatched Logan's attention from his memory Noah's scent and boy parts by smashing Logan in the face with a pillow.

It took a moment for the boy to come back to reality and understand what happened. Then he grabbed his own pillow and the fight was on. Each leaning in for a swing to make contact with his friend and then bouncing across the bed to avoid being hit. It was a short intense pillow fight that ended without a clear victor. Flushed and out of breath, both boys fluffed their pillow and slid back under the sheet.

With a quick, unexpected move, Noah reached out and grabbed at Logan's junk. As a reflex, Logan jumped back and fell off the bed. Laughing, he stood up to get back in bed, only to see Noah laying on his side with his back to him. Logan crawled back under the covers and scooted to the middle of the bed.

"Noah?" He didn't receive an answer.

"Are you mad at me?" asked Logan. Noah remained silent.

"Did I do something wrong?" Logan was getting upset. His voice expressed the panic he felt. He didn't know what he'd done, but he'd do anything to fix it. Noah still hadn't responded to his questions.

Logan scooted a bit closer. Taking Noah by the shoulder, he rolled his friend onto his back. Noah took the initiative to roll the rest of the way so they were laying face to face. Logan anxiously awaited word from his best friend that their friendship was still on solid ground. His eyes pleaded with Noah to tell him everything was okay between them. Noah struggled with what to say. Words wouldn't express what he wanted to say. Moments passes as the two stared into each other's eyes before Noah took the initiative.

Tentatively, he raised up and leaned over kissing Logan on the lips. Logan lay motionless, begging for the moment to never end. After a few seconds, Noah pulled back and stared into Logan's eyes, questioning the boy he'd just kissed. Seeking forgiveness and understanding if he'd crossed a line and upset Logan.

Logan didn't know what to say. Looking up on his friend who was propped up on his left elbow, he couldn't believe what just happened. Raising up on his left so the boys were at the same level, Logan tilted his head and closed his eyes as their lips touched. Noah leaned forward into the kiss, pushing Logan onto his back, but not breaking the kiss. The boys wrapped each other in their arms.

That night the boys moved from their first kiss to mastery of the art of kissing.


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