But What Am I?
Chapter 4

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The week flew by and Logan was on cloud nine. He and Noah had hung out some, but with the start of the lake festival, Logan was busy with his mother selling her work. The deal was that he and his mother would take turns manning the booth. The reality was Logan manned the booth while his mom was out socializing and needed to stay at the booth when he mother was there to help when she was busy talking or needed to go to the bathroom. Stevie, on the other hand, was too young to be of much help and too irresponsible to help in the ways he could have. But the festival was important. With the poor economy, this was one of the biggest weekends for visitors to the lake, bringing an influx of money. For artisans in the area, this was the one weekend they could show their wares and pick up some extra cash.

By Saturday evening, the last night of the festival, sales had been pretty good and Logan's mom asked him to take Stevie to watch the exhibition. A dancer had gathered a bunch of kids from the community and taught them Native American dances. It was fitting for the Indian Lake Festival. They worked all week to perfect (and remember) the dances to be performed on Saturday.

Logan and Stevie found a picnic table to make a perch and waited for the dancing to begin. When the kids came out to dance, Logan couldn't believe his eyes. The boys wore loin cloths with only a little pouch covering up their essentials. When the flaps came up, you could see the single string running up their butt cracks. Even more incredible, someone had obviously applied makeup all over their bodies to make them appear to look Native American. The poor boy fought popping a boner imagining rubbing makeup on the legs and butts of all the boys. The rest of the night, visions of those boys possessed Logan's attention.

Sunday morning, his mother announced that her new friend, the dancer that organized the dance exhibition, invited them over to his house at the lake to go boating. Stevie and Logan were excited by this rare treat.

They arrived at the dock to meet Bob, the dancer, and his friend Dan, with a boat ready for waterskiing. After most of the morning and afternoon on the lake, skiing and swimming, everyone returned to Bob's house for a rest.

Logan found the house, if you could call it that, was really interesting. Bob had taken a school bus and built the "house" around it. The bus was the kitchen and a closet. Outside there was a staircase to a large, upstairs bedroom with bench seating, bookshelves, a closet and a loft bed. The second bedroom was in front of the bus -- literally. The front of the school bus stuck into the room and you peer into from the driver's seat. Along the back of the courtyard was the bathroom with a large walk in shower area with four shower heads. The bathroom and shower walls were made up of thin strips of bamboo to allow in natural light and give you a sense of privacy. However, if you got close enough to the wall, you could clearly spy everything on the other side.

Stevie and Logan were sent into the shower to wash off the dirty lake water. Standing under the opposite shower heads, the boys were surprised when Bob came around the corner, stripped, and joined Logan under his showerhead. Logan was uneasy by this intrusion and turned to face the wall in order to block the man's view of his front.

Stevie and Bob chatted about the day until Logan's little brother turned to face the shower spray and rinse off. Taking advantage of the moment, Bob reached around and began to fondle Logan. The boy jumped in surprise then craned his neck to see if Stevie was watching. Relieved Stevie had his back to them, Logan craned his neck the other way to judge Bob's intentions. He didn't like Bob's touch but was afraid to make a scene in front his Stevie.

Bob understood the look on Logan's face. Disappointed that the boy wasn't more receptive to his advance, Bob leaned in and whispered in Logan's ear. "You've got a really nice dick and a hot body. It's either going to be you, or him." Logan, once resolved to put an end to Bob's mischief, felt defeated. He dropped his head and endured Bob's molestation. When the water from Stevie's spigot was shut off, the hand quickly disappeared.

"Stevie," said Logan, barely able to get words from his mouth. "Go ahead and join mom. I'll finish up here." Bob returned to his cleansing regimen while Stevie dried and dressed.

Bob took Logan by the elbow and pulled him to the center of the shower room. Facing the boy, he grabbed the young cock and balls and gave them a squeeze.

"Ouch!" squeaked Logan, trying to pull away and grabbing Bob's arm with both hands.

"Listen up," began Bob. "Dan is going to take everyone out on the lake but you don't feel good and don't want to go. Got it?"

Logan shook his head hoping the faster he agreed the faster Bob would let go. It worked. They dried off and Bob handed Logan a pair of blue shorts. They were too big, but the man insisted that he wear them without any underwear. Out of fear, Logan complied.

Feeling sick about everything, Logan left the shower area and curled up on the hammock in the courtyard. When his mom found him, she said they were going back out on the boat. Logan just wanted to go home.

"Mom, I don't feel good," he whined. It wasn't a lie, but he attributed it to motion sickness from riding on the choppy lake, not from what Bob did in the shower. He wasn't safe there and knew Stevie wasn't either.

"He can stay here," came a voice. Logan and his mom looked over to see Bob standing about ten feet away. "Dan can take you guys out on the boat and I'll stay here with Logan."

"Are you sure?" Logan's mom asked to be polite, but it was clear she'd already decided to take him up on the offer. They didn't get too many opportunities to go out on a boat, let alone waterski, and she was just as excited as the boys.

Logan's fate was sealed. The others left for the dock and would be gone for hours. The young teen ventured around to the rear of the bus and was surprised to find Bob sitting there with two older teen boys. Logan thought he was alone with Bob and was relieved the other boys were there. He didn't think Bob would do anything with the others there.

"Let me give you a tour of the house," offered Bob, taking Logan by the hand. Logan followed, his fear allayed by the presence of the two older boys. It was a short tour.

Bob led Logan to the bedroom off the front of the bus. The black room was vaulted so the entire front of the bus was in the room. A single window, high up on the wall close the bus windshield, provided natural light. The room was furnished with a single bed up against the wall longways, opposite the bus.

"This room is a lot of fun," said Bob. Logan just nodded.

"Watch this." Bob left the room and Logan saw he board the bus and sit in the driver's seat. With the flip of some switches, Bob showed that all of the bus lights worked, lighting up the small bedroom.

"See, pretty cool," said Bob, returning to the room.

Bob flopped down on the bed and patted the mattress by his hip, signaling for Logan to sit beside him. Logan looked at the man lying on the bed and then back up at the bus windshield. `It would be so easy for someone to walk to the font of the bus and see what was happening in the bedroom,' he thought. `Certainly, he wouldn't do anything with those boys around. They might see.' Convinced he was safe, Logan sat on the edge of the bed.

Bob navigated the conversation to learn about Logan's love for cycling, he prowess at sports, and his stellar academic record.

"Do you even have time for friends?" said the man, rubbing the boy's bare arm.

Logan was uncomfortable with the entire situation, but as the conversation stayed on topics that he enjoyed, he forgot to keep his guard up. Without mentioning Noah's name, or anything they'd done together, Logan talked about having a best friend.

"It sounds like your friend is very special," said Bob, wanting to gauge Logan's reaction.

"He is. He's very special," said Logan with a huge smile on his face from thinking about his best friend. The smile told Bob everything he wanted to know.

"What's his name?" asked Bob, testing the waters.

Logan looked at him suspiciously and Bob knew he pushed a bit too far this day so he quickly moved on to the next order of business.

"So why didn't you waterski today?" he asked.

"I don't know how," was Logan's simple reply. He'd never been around waterskiing enough for the adults to allow him to have a turn.

"Stand up for a second," ordered Bob. Logan stood.

"Now bend your knees like you are skiing. I want to see if your legs are strong enough," explained Bob. Logan was suspicious but did it anyway. Bob used both hands to gauge the strength in Logan's right thigh. Rubbing the hamstring with his left hand and massaging the quad with his right, he complimented Logan on his leg strength. "That's quite impressive. You won't have any trouble waterskiing. All that biking really shows." Logan gave a slight grin at the complement.

Bob pulled Logan back onto the bed, but this time he slid his right hand right up the leg of Logan's shorts and cupped his junk. There was a flash of light causing Logan to blink in order to regain his sight.

"You like that don't you?" asked Bob has he gave Logan's package a squeeze.

Regaining his vision, Logan looked to see where the light came from. He saw the two high school boys standing behind the windshield of the school bus holding cameras.


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