Caught at the Creek

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Over the years I've wrote several stories for Nifty. Some true accounts from my childhood and young adult life, some pure fiction.

Jon and I started sucking each other's little bald dicks when we were about ten years old. Oh Man! Those were the days! Uninhibited days of youth. Silky-smooth little-boy boners. Body shaking dry orgasms. Tender little pricks after we got the `Good Felling' "Stop! It tickles too much."

I've read many times that true-life stories are more compelling than fiction, and I believe it's true. I'd rather read a true-life story about young boys being naughty with each other, no matter how lamely it's written, or how innocent it might have been, rather than a well written story about how you got gang-banged by the whole foot-ball team one Friday night in August during a full moon under the bleachers at the stadium at half-time.

This being said; let me tell you about the time Me and Jon got caught sucking each other's cock when we were around 14 years old.

Like many Nifty stories start, Jon and I were neighborhood friends. We lived in the country and were in the same grades at school. We road the school bus together, to and from school. Many times we would fondle each other in the back seat of the bus on the way home. We'd get boners and make planes to meet somewhere after we got home to get naughty with each other.

"Meet me at the willow tree at the creek at 6:00." or "Let's go to Mannie's pond." Mannie's was a small, shitty little pond in the woods about a quarter mile from where we lived. All the while, slowly playing with each other's young, hard cocks in the back of the school bus. Yeah Baby!

In the four years prier to this story, Jon and I had shared many gay / queer times with each other. From the time we were twelve, we probably sucked each other off three or four times a week, sometimes more if we could. We weren't in boy-love. We never kissed or butt-fucked each other. It was all about getting our dicks sucked. It was a given. I'll suck you / you suck me.

Let me describe ourselves to you as we were back then.

I was a small kid. At fourteen I might have been about five feet, two inches tall. I might have weighed one hundred ten pounds. A stocky boy, but I wasn't fat. My hard cock was circumcised at maybe four and a half inches. Really? Who measured their boners? I was too busy pounding that puppy to think about a ruler. I had a nice small bush of curly brown pubic hair above my cock and a little fuzz on my nut-sack, and a small patch of hair under my arm-pits.

On the other hand, when Jon was fourteen, he was much taller than I was. If I was five feet two, he must have been five feet ten. All solid boy! Damn, he had a nice body! Not so much to look at in the face, but God Damn, what a body for a fourteen year old. And his cock? He was circumcised also. Fuck, he had a real man's cock. Like I said, we never measured but we compared often, rubbing cocks together. If I was four and a half, he was near seven. That's a big cock for a fourteen year old boy.

So back to the getting caught story:

After getting all horny feeling each other up on the school bus one day on the way home, we agreed to meet at the willow tree by the creek. ( one of our favorite places to get naughty )

We sat on the bank of the creek under the willow tree and smoked some cigarettes while we felt each other up. I wanted to suck his cock there, but he said we should find someplace different, ( more secluded )

We walked up the creek a ways when I saw a place across the creek that looked secluded and had nice grass growing. We had never played there before.

I pointed and said, "How about over there?"

Jon was receptive to the idea and we crossed the small creek and up the bank to the other side.

It was a nice sunny spot and the field grass was soft, but it was close to the edge of the creek bank. Hell. We never saw other people around there so we thought it was safe to do 69 there.

We striped off our jeans and laid them together to make a soft place and I got on bottom while Jon crawled over the top of me. His man cock was right in my face. God Damn he had a nice cock for a boy!

Even as horny as we were, we knew we had time away from home, so we could take our time and make each other feel real good. We fell into a nice long, slow 69 with Jon's big cock in my mouth and his musky, low hanging balls swiping across my eyes and nose.

We'd been slurping on each other's cocks about five minutes when I heard someone shout, "Hey! Look at those two queers sucking each other's dick."

Fuck! We were busted.

Jon jumped off of me in a heart beat. "Let's get the hell out of here!"

I was all for that. The last thing I wanted was to get caught sucking another boy's dick. But alas, we were caught.

Before I grabbed my jeans off the ground to run after Jon, I looked across the creak and saw two older teenagers. They looked to be fifteen or seventeen.

They started to throw rocks at us , calling us queers.

Jon and I ran naked like the wind , not looking back.

After we ran about one hundred yards. We stopped in a small thicket of maple trees to catch our breath. Fuck, we were still naked holding our jeans.

We listened and didn't hear anyone following us so we relaxed and sat our naked butts on the ground.

What a rush!

We giggled about almost getting caught. Fuck, we did get caught! We just didn't get beat up for being queers. Neither of us knew who the other boys were. But I was afraid they might be friends of my older brothers and tell on me.

After the shock of getting caught sucking with another boy subsided, Jon and I resumed blowing each other in the small maple thicket, swallowing each other's teen loads.

Jon and I didn't know who the other boys were or where they came from. They might have been looking for a good place to suck cock also when they saw us.

Damn! We could have had a hot four-way.



Here's another story about how I got caught jacking off one day;



This was about the same time frame. I guess I was about fourteen and a half. It was summer time and I think my friend Jon was at football camp. Being somewhat lonely I went to the local swimming pool. It was about a three mile walk. After spending about four hours at the pool playing around with other kids, I had to go home.

At that age and time, I guess you would have called me bi-sexual. I got turned on by both boys and girls. To me, sex was sex and any sex was good, especially when you were a horny little boy like I was.

Walking home, I had a boner in my cut-off jeans thinking about all the kids I saw at the pool. Near naked boys and girls. The skin on skin contact we had as we horsed around in and out of the water.

The last mile of my walk took me through a dense woods where I would eventually be back home. Shortly after I entered the woods I couldn't stand it any longer, I just had to stop and jack off. I looked around and made sure no one else was around, I unzipped my shorts, whipped out my cock and beat that little monkey till I shot my jizz on the forest ground. Damn, that felt good!

Somewhat relieved, I pulled my shorts back in place and made my way home.

Later that day at home I still felt horny as hell thinking about all the near naked boys and girls I saw at the pool and felt a nice long jerk-off session was in order.

My bedroom door didn't have a lock and my mom was home, so that was out of the question. I could only do a quickie in the bathroom, but I wanted more than another quickie. After walking six miles that day, I didn't feel like walking back to the creek just to get a nut off.

We had a pick-up camper parked off to the side of the driveway. I decided that would be a good place where I could relax and play with myself as long as I wanted.

I went into the camper and climbed up onto the big over-head bed. It was a large bed and there was plenty of room where I could sprawl out and enjoy myself.

I shucked out of my shorts, laid back and played with my cock while I fantasized about all the cute boys and girls I saw that day at the pool.

I had been in the camper, jacking my cock and playing with my balls, edging about half an hour when the door suddenly opened. I had been in such a hurry to beat my meat, I had forgot to lock the door.

There I was, naked, cupping my balls, jacking off and my mom saw everything.

I think she was as surprised as I was.

There was no hiding what I was doing, other than put my hands over my naked privets.

"What are you doing?" she asked. She thought she would catch me in the camper smoking cigarettes. Smoking cigarettes was the last thing on my mind.

I stammered, "I... I did a belly-smacker at the pool today, and I was just checking myself out."

Yeah right, with a hard four and a half inch boner.

She asked me, "Are you alright?"

I told her, "Yeah, I'm okay, Just a little sore."

She said, "Okay. Come in the house soon, super's ready."

With that, she closed the door and walked back to the house.

God. That was so embarrassing, but it happened so quick and our encounter only lasted a few seconds, I still had a boner.

I decided, what the fuck and finished what I started.

When I went in the house it was a little awkward, but hey, I was the youngest of four boys and I'm sure my Mom knew about boys and puberty, so it wasn't all that bad.

She said she had already eaten and went to the family room to watch television while I ate my dinner.

She never teased me about catching me wanking. And even at that, I felt she gave me more privacy then when I was a little boy. She was the best mom a boy could ever have!



I hope you enjoyed my little ( caught ) stories. It's all true. It may not be as romantic or sexy as other Nifty stories, but like they say, sometimes true life is better than fiction.



After sharing my true ( caught ) stories with you, I want to invite any of you that were caught when you were a kid, either masturbating or being naughty with another boy to write me and tell me your story.

If I get at least 20 replies, I'll make a blog of them and submit them to Nifty.

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