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Charlie bobbed his head back and forth and stroked the chipolata like shaft, he could tell Alan was close even if Alan himself had no idea what was happening. He redoubled his efforts, his head juddered about Alan's cocklet, his mouth and lips and tongue worked furiously to ravish the boyprong that prodded and vibrated in his mouth. Alan shook and trembled and then a strange but somehow familiar feeling started up between his legs.

`No, no,' he thought horrified to himself as the tingling mounted. "Stop! Stop!" he shouted attempting to drag himself away from Charlie, "I'm gonna pee," he screamed.


Rick grabbed the struggling boy, "No you're not," he held the squirming ten year old in a strong grip, "Relax! Just relax, let the pleasure flow, not the pee," he grinned at the other boys who had already experienced this delight.

Alan continued to wriggle but as Charlie's tongue and hands worked on his boycocklet the pangs of wanting to pee altered, changed subtly, now there was just a hotting tingling warmth that soared high inside him, he felt as though he was flying, he could see the stars, the sun and then the strange tingle flamed and blazed.

"Ohhhhh, Ohhhhh, OOOOOHHHHHHHH," Alan growled as the wonderful ecstasy overwhelmed him and he twitched and shuddered as the tingling warmth went right through him from head to toe and back up to his willie again. Charlie sucked hard at the stiff boyprong feeling the vibrating tube as it jerked and trembled and Alan without knowing why moved his hips to fuck his willie at Charlie's mouth.

"Do him again," Rick hissed at Charlie who redoubled his efforts on Alan's throbbing boypricklet.

Alan swooned and swayed as the tingling expanded and flooded back over and within him, his knees buckled, Rick's grip however stopped him from falling but his twitching body was reacting once more to the astounding pleasure; his torso moved and he thrust quickly, shoving his willie back and forth inside Charlie's mouth which was providing the heavenly delights.

"That's it, that's right, fuck Charlie's mouth," Rick whispered the encouragement in Alan's ear and whilst Alan did not understand the meaning of the `rude' word he responded heartily as Rick's pressurising grip made him move his hips. Alan could only roll his eyes as the astonishing pleasure intensified and the strange but so wonderful hot tingling surges soared and overwhelmed him, quickly he jerked and juddered as another of the cosmic awesomeness explosions shook him from the very ends of his hairs to the cracked tips of his toenails.

"Wow! OHHHHHHHHH!, SOoooooooo GGgggOOOOOooood," he yelped as the amazing ecstasy sent his head and his body into another plane of existence.

Charlie hung on grimly, his mouth locked around the small pencil of boyflesh as it underwent the delicious boyjoys that Charlie was well aware of, despite his submissive acceptance of Rick's commands, he also felt some pride at making Alan feel so good. `Bet he gets to like it as much as I do' he said to himself as a tickling tingle itched up inside him where his own boybud was stimulated by the cocklet sucking session. Alan shuddered for a couple of minutes more as Charlie suckled and sucked his willie, Rick carefully massaging Alan's trembling back, his insistent fingers probing between the plump globes of Alan's arse; Alan quivering as the strong fingertips stroked over his bumhole, creating another strange but nice sensation as the fingertips touched the wrinkled pucker of his boypussy.

"Okay that will do Charlie," at Rick's soft voiced request Charlie sat back on his haunches, unknowingly he caressed his own cocklet which continued to throb and pulse as did the tingling itch inside him.

"Good wasn't it," chortled Timmy his own hand squeezing his cute dicklet.

"Welcome to the club," beamed Andy, his own stiff boyjoint swaying in the breeze.

"Let's throw him the pool!" yelled Sam and giggling the three boys grabbed Alan who was still so very much too weak from his orgasms to protest.

The three struggled to carry the limp Alan who kept sagging and sliding from their hands as they attempted to lift him. Rick swore silently as the boys had interrupted his fun but he was well aware what he had to do to keep them interested in what he wanted, annoyed but accepting the interruption he hurried to help carry the hapless Alan to the pool they had created.

"Not here, further over, it's too shallow where you're standing," Rick instructed.

The boys helped him move Alan to a safer place, Rick grinned now as he felt the dreamy boy fold into his arms, with the other three grabbing Alan's legs he made sure that Alan was thrown to where the water was deep enough and the pool was certainly clear enough so that no harm could come to the boy.

`SSSPPPPLLLLLAASSSSSSHHHHHHH!' Alan's fall into the pool threw up a huge splatter of cold water sprays some of which reached those on the poolside; giggling and laughing the three boys followed their mate into the pool who was flopping and flapping about as he sought to gain control of his head and then his feet and arms; judging by the raucous noise he was making his vocal ability was already at full stretch.

"Cold, cold, bloody cold!" Alan whinged but now a splashing contest developed between the boys.

Charlie stood up and walked up to Rick, he watched the water fight, grinning and stepping back as slivers of spattered cold water came in their direction.

"You did good Charlie," Rick patted the seven year old on the back, "we'll have some more fun later."

Charlie looked up, a frown of concern formed on his brow, `What is Rick planning now?' he wondered but then Rick picked him up, gave him a quick kiss on the lips and then jumped with him in his arms right between the foaming splash contest.

The five boys naturally grouped themselves up against Rick, he was much bigger and a fair target. The slopping water foamed and seethed with the activities of Rick and the boys. The excited and happy sounds echoed around the overhanging branches of the trees as they jumped and swam and splashed and wetted each other with as much boyish violence as they could muster. Sam tentatively crept in close a couple of times to rub and squeeze Rick's teendick, he was wanting to see it get big again and the memory of the salty taste in his mouth hung on to his tastebuds and intrigued him, his boyish curiousness piqued.

One by one the younger boys slowed, Timmy headed to sit on the edge of the pool where he breathed hard and panted. Adam came up to join him. Rick realised he had the better advantage as his opponents had diminished so he started to herd the remaining boys into one corner of the pool.

"Enough, Enough," Jimmy cried out coughing after a heavier spray of water had caught him as he was yelling and he inadvertently swallowed the wrong way.

Rick grinned and floated backwards in the middle of the pool, triumphantly he let out a cockcrow worthy of Peter Pan himself. The boys laughed and followed Rick's example, staggering around in the water, making cockerel croaks and stamping chicken pecking steps in the pool. The water boiled and foamed, the boys energy transferred to the eroding waves.

"Right lads, we need to repair the damage," Rick called a halt to the fun and set his gang to work, rebuilding the edge of the pool which had been worn down by the rainfall and their frenetic actions. Gradually they worked to raise the poolside walls even higher, Rick checking the outpouring downstream to ensure a steady flow was maintained for the farmer's irrigation. Carefully he added sodden grass and mud to shear up the sides of the outlet as he helped reposition the overflowing outlet.

"Cor! We've never made a pool this big before," Sam was wide eyed as he sat on the edge of the widened pool. "We can actually swim here properly! Cool!" he beamed at Rick who went up even more in his estimation.

The team of naked boys and the one teenager lay alongside the edge resting after their exertions and watching the pool rise and rise before the new overflow settled the level.

"The banks a bit soft over on the farmside," Alan was looking where he could see the earth softening and sliding.

"Need to shore that bit up," Rick stood up, "come on let's walk upstream and get some better rocks." He was well aware that all the rocks nearby had all been used up to create the pool.

The boys stood up energised, gleefully they entered the pool and started walking behind Rick. Rick picked up a floating bag and rinsed it out. "Sam take this and scoop up some of the smaller stones by that bend, Charlie you help him, us bigger boys will try for the heavier stones just before the bend starts."

Willing hands worked away, the bag was soon full to breaking point, "Empty half that out and take it down to our pool," Rick decided, "then come back for the next bag load, in the meantime Charlie can prepare the next bag." Sam emptied half the load out so that it formed a small pile on the edge of the stream. Charlie went back on his haunches to add to the pile.

The boys worked back and forth, carrying the extra larger rocks needed whilst Sam and Charlie produced the smaller stones which would fill in the gaps. Rick worked hard, his older strength allowing him to push the stones deep into the weak earth; at last the stones settled and became stable enough to stack. Using the sodden grass and moist mud the boys worked the grassy mortar in between the stones making it even more waterproof.

"That ought to do it!" Rick stood in the middle of the pool, the water came up to his chest now, "Come on everyone lets have a cooling swim to wash of the dirt." Yelping and crowing the boys launched themselves into the muddy water, making it even more dirty and discoloured; slowly the new water coming downstream washed the dirt away and they stepped out of the deepened pool, dripping clean and clear water.

Rick surveyed the group, `time for some cock fun' he grinned to himself . "Let's christen the new pool," he announced.

"Huh!" Adam looked at the teenager.

"Yaaay!" shouted Sam and the other nodded their heads and grinned.

"How are we going to christen the pool?" Alan was confused, they had been swimming and larking around in it whilst they had been repairing and rebuilding it he could not see a reason for the `christening.'

"We'll use my spunk," announced Rick. Charlie felt a shiver run up and down his spine as Rick spoke.

"Yaay," and "Yessss," the other's roared whilst Alan stood in the water even more confused and confounded.

"Come on Charlie," Rick beckoned with his hand.

Charlie looked up at the teenager, wishing the earth would open up and drop him down inside it, `I don't like doing all this stuff with the other watching' he thought annoyed and disappointed. Reluctantly he trudged through the water and up the side of the pool.

Rick sorted the boys out so they sat together on side of a grassy space and then he lay down on the lush grass, he had chosen a spot where the trees above sheltered them from the worst of the hot sun but even so they were all out in the open. Charlie knelt down beside Rick, he stared at the fat drooling meaty shaft which was beginning to swell and bloat. The droplets of evaporating poolwater slowly slid off Rick's skin and fell to the grass, whilst the rest of his naked body was dried by the hot rays of the sun. Charlie looked around at the attentive eyes of the other boys.

"What's happening?" Adam asked still perplexed.

"Charlie's gonna make Rick spunk," Sam said authoritatively. Adam was still baffled.

"How's he gonna do that?" he added softly as the quietness stole around them.

"Just sit and watch," Andy replied.

Charlie looked at Rick, "What do you want me to do?" he asked, his arms felt leaden and hung heavily at his side, the last cooling droplets of water on his back slowly slid down to fall on the grass.

Rick sensed Charlie's opposition, "Here lie down beside me," he patted the grass. Charlie obedient lay down as instructed.

Rick pulled Charlie close, the boys were all ranged around on the other side, watching intently and in Alan's case curiously. He cuddled the seven year old and kissed him gently on the lips. Charlie felt the warmth of the kiss, it was familiar and heartening, comforting. He kissed back, allowing Rick to push his tongue inside his mouth, suddenly he jerked and twitched as the tingling joys surged inside him. Instinctively he responded, his small hand sliding down Rick's body until he found the tickling patch of curly hairs, his fingers tip-toed over the curly thatch and came to rest on the silky shaft of Rick's teenage cock. Still kissing Rick he casually stroked the fleshy tube; Rick's teenrod jerked and twitched and grew a further inch long and an inch wider.

"Fuck me his willie is getting bigger," Alan could not help his amazed squeak.

"You wait and see," grinned Sam knowingly. Alan's eyes returned to the engrossing sight before him.

Rick's teendong lengthened and swelled as Charlie's hand smoothed and caressed it. Charlie closed his eyes, he knew what to do now and the seductive kiss had given him the confidence to proceed. Gently he ran his palms along the growing seedling, feeling the sponginess harden and stiffen as the racing lust blood filled the fleshy tube, his hand slid down to squeeze and cup and cuddle the hairy balls, separating then combining them as he coddled the heavy tubers; he could feel the heat radiating from inside the sac. `This is going to be a one of those fountain ones,' he concluded as he touched the soft orbs, realising how big and full and squishy they appeared.

His hand moved back up to the bulbous helmet, he dipped his fingers in the puddle of precum that pooled before the spitting slit and worked the sticky liquid over the helmet and down the swelling shaft, Rick's foreskin became taut around the ridge and Charlie dipped his fingers in the precum pool to dribble a good dollop around the stiffening ridge before he teased what he could of the loose skin up and down, working it over the sensitive skin of Rick's teenridge. Rick sighed and moaned deeply as his inner delights zoomed upwards, he really wanted to fuck Charlie but he did not want to put the boys off; watching him fuck Charlie too soon might have the wrong effect, `don't want them running off to mummies and daddies or who else might become involved' he turned his head to look at the gang, they were leaning forward watching intently. `I do love an audience' he smiled, his abuser had taught him to feel the adoration from an audience and this had been honed over the years, it was part of him now, `the need to exhibit his lust and desire paramount at times, mostly dangerous times' a paramount part of his sexual drive.

Charlie clamped his hand around Rick's fat shaft, Rick's cock was firm and stiff, it pulsed and jerked as he rubbed away, his hand stroking over the helmet, making Rick gasp and twitch as the sensitive nerves were subjected to sensual excitement. Charlie squeezed and pressed the shaft and bulbous head, smearing whatever juice plopped out of the end. The watching boys noticed that Rick's cock had grown and lengthened and now the stuff that it was making made it glitter and gleam in the bright sunlight, it was also moving, shaking and twitching even with Charlie's steadying hand grasped around it, the heart-shaped head swelled and pulsed, Rick's teenprick standing proud swaying above his curly hairs a sight which impressed the watching group no end.

"Gosh it's bigger than ever," Sam's eyes were wide and goggling as he watched the meaty length being stoked and rubbed. `Did I really take that in my mouth?' he wondered as his hand slid down to caress his own boycocklet which was just as stiff and hard as Rick's teenage fucktube. If he had looked to either side he would have noticed that all the other boys were as goggle eyed as he was and all hands were at work between their legs.

Charlie continued to stroke and rub Rick's teenprong, his hands also cuddled and pleasured Rick's ballsac which jerked and twitched, the glistening shaft covered with the precum sticky goo, sparkled in the sun as did his caressing fingertips which were similarly coated. The mauve coloured helmet changed colour, it became a bruising tone of purple and it shone and gleamed exposed to the sun, the slit gaping and closing, issuing string after string of sticky glitter as Charlie's fingers pressed and squeezed. Rick grunted and moaned, emphasising his pleasure as the waves of tingling warmth and delicious bliss saturated his body. A quick glance at his audience where the goggling eyes and the wanking fingers made him smile, `I'll fuck all their pretty arses' he promised himself as the pressure of pleasure inside him mounted and soared. Rick arched his back, his heels taking the weight of his taut tense body, his cock pointing towards the sun, the glans gleaming like a shining star.

"Faster," Rick croaked, the need, the desire to spunk was hurting inside him.

Charlie obediently grabbed heavily at Rick's teencock; supporting his hand with the other he took up a faster pace, his fingers flying up and down, squeezing the slightly looser foreskin harshly against the purpling helmet, pressing fiercely against the hard ridge of skin, creating the friction of bliss and joy as the heated tingle flooded through Rick. Faster and harder Charlie's hand and fingers drummed along the sweltering meaty lance, the bulbous crown drooling more and more, the texture and colour of the emission changing, thickening as the salty content increased, Rick's sperms slowly creeping inside the fertilising tubing, looking to be first out of the trap.

"Now! NOW!, NOWWWWWW!" Rick screamed as his balls shuddered and the pangs of bliss bounced inside him.

Charlie grasped even harder at the jerking shaft, his rasping hand was a blur as it moved back and forth, the quivering cockhead blurring before everyone else's eyes as Charlie raced at full speed to bring Rick off. Rick yelped and once more dug his heels in as he arched his back, his teendick spat high and heavy, six, seven, eight jolting brilliant bolts of teenspunk shot out of his dick, soaring and flying high, spraying into the air before the glistening bullets fell back down, the sun picking up the pearly essence as the shiny strings fell back to earth.

"Cor," "FUCK!" "Fuckin' `ell," the watching boys gave vent to their appreciation as they watched Rick `spunk up'. "This is bettern't firework night," barked Adam whilst Alan was amazed and astounded.

"What was that stuff Rick shot out of his willie?" he asked Timmy quietly.

"That's his spunk," grinned Timmy, "an when we get older we can do that as well."

Alan's mouth hung open in total surprise and he looked down at his slim boycrayon, it didn't compare well with Rick's teenmonster from any and all angles but as he fingered his willie and the squidgy sac beneath he felt much more differently about his willie. `Will I really be able to do that?' he wondered and hoped very much that he would. He stroked his stiff boycrayon, the newly discovered sensations coursed hotly inside and he breathed hard as the tingling escalated.

Sam watched as Charlie sat up and kissed the tip of Rick's cock, Rick himself lay back twitching and jerking as the hard and heavy spunking orgasm finished its seething journey through his body, he panted and grunted as the waves at first torrential and tempestuous, slowly subsided, the warming joys floating his head on an ocean of emotion and blissful delight. He was aware of the touch of Charlie's kissing lips, his glans was slowly losing its sensitivity and sensation and he trembled at the sweet touch.

"Come on," Sam got to his knees and tugged Alan's arm, "we got to kiss Rich's cock," he wanted to taste the salty spicy spunk again, he could almost feel the silky texture on his tongue.

"What!" Alan struggled as he was pulled over, his head was still trying to comprehend and process what he had seen and what he had been told, this was something else, part of him was horrified and disgusted at the thought of putting someone else's willie in his mouth and yet, `Charlie did that to me' his thoughts ran rampant as he relived his experience and stared, astounded as Sam crawled forward and bent his head over Rick's willie. Alan found himself moving so he could see, could watch closely, his impetuous boyish curiosity intrigued again.

Sam crawled on his knees the short distance to where Rick lay heaving on the grass. He leaned over Rick's body, he inhaled the strong aroma of Rick's hormone influenced and infused scent, the heady musk infiltrated his head and caused a surge of bubbling desire rise inside him. He smelled the salty taint that wafted from the pooling splatters of Rick's spunk that dotted his body but his intention was the drooling cockhead which lay plump and bloated, the tip continuing to spill little post orgasm spurts of teendew. Inhaling even more of the aromatic aroma he opened his mouth and sucked the deep purple head into his mouth. Rick quailed as the Sam's newness around his mouth sent more tickling tickles drumming inside him and he moaned as the eight year old sucked and swallowed around his desensitizing glans, he felt the merest touch of Sam's moist mouth as the sensation faded and his glans went dead. Encouraged by Rick's moan Sam sucked even harder, swallowing what he could obtain and forcing a last few dribbles of Rick's salty spunk traces out of his emptying tubes. He sat up on his knees, his young mouth glinting with the pearly droplets that had coagulated around his mouth.

"Me next," Timmy moved up beside him and Sam gave way, Timmy bent his head down and took Rick's hekmet into his mouth, he felt the spongy bulb, enjoying the taste of and touch of the satiny skin, he licked the damp head, managing to lick up a small trace of Rick's spunk.

Andy came up on his side and Timmy relinquished Rick's teenrod to his pal. Andy sucked the tip but finding nothing of Rick's salty sperm he kissed the tip and delved his tongue into one of the drying pools on Rick's chest. He lapped up the string of spunk and swilled it around his mouth before swallowing the spicy salty concoction. Grinning he looked at Alan who was frozen to the spot watching as his mates sucked the teenagers willie. "Your turn," Andy grinned at Alan, his teeth glimmering where blobs of Rick's spunk was clinging to the enamel.

Alan rolled onto his knees, inexorably he found himself crawling towards the relaxing teenager. Close up, he also experienced the pungent odour that emanated from Rick's groin, the sweetly must perfume permeated his nostrils, the potent perfume insidiously inserting itself into his whirling brain. Alan bent his head over the bloated spongy glans, he did not quite know what he was doing and he paused.

"Cover your teeth with your lips," Sam whispered by his side.

Acknowledging the advice Alan did that and his lips closed around the heartshaped bud, gently he kissed the sticky tip, tasting a faint trace of something that was peppery, salty and spicy all at the same time. Confused he sat up on his knees.

"Here try this," Sam held out a finger, the tip of which was coated with a gelatinous gloop that shimmered with a pearly glow.

Alan leaned forward and sniffed, the pungent salty peppery taint was much stronger, boyish natural inquisitiveness made him open his mouth and he sucked Sam's finger clean. `Tastes spicy, a bit peppery and salty at the same time,' he was astounded, `how could something taste so good come out of a willie, surely only pee can come out of a willie' his head swam with the muddle of experiences and sensation and emotions he was going through.

"More here," Timmy's offered finger rubbed across his lips and Alan sucked the dewy goo. He was still befuddled that good stuff shot out of a willie but he swallowed the sticky gloop with no hesitation.

Rick groaning sat up, his body was wracked with the afterpains of violent orgasm and lying unsupported on the grass. He shook his head and took in the looks of the boys that were gathered around his teenrod, his precious treasure was still dead to his nervous system but his balls ached and twinged with ebbing pulses.

"Now let's christen the pool," he tottered to his feet, his cohort followed him as he padded towards the enlarged pool and still trembling from the strength of his climax he lurched unsteadily into the water. As he lay on his back, treading water, the gloopy strings of his congealing sperms slowly detached themselves from his body and floated momentarily around him. The boys watched from the side as the strings of pearly goo, misted and clouded and dissipated into the depths of the pool.

"Yaay! Hooray!" Sam whooped and jumped high in the air, making a fist of his hand. His joyous exhibition evoked a response in the rest of the gang and they jumped and yowled around the pool, only Charlie stood watching Rick as he floated in the water, his gaze focussed on the slowly swirling tube of Rick's teenprick, the head flared and the slit gaping open but the meatymight was limp and floated lanquidly, drifting to and fro as Rick's hands flippered under the surface to keep him level on the water.

The whooping continued for several minutes until Rick stood up and dunked under the water, he shot upwards and beamed at the naked group of boys.

"Totally christened," he chuckled and the boys sat down with their feet in the water as he stepped towards them. His grandiose exit was ruined by a grumbling rumble that sounded as he stepped onto the bank. "Oh time for lunch," he sniggered as he rubbed his growling stomach.

The boys stood up, "Gotta go, mum wants us back for lunch," Andy explained, "come on Sam," he urged his brother. The two scuttled towards the pile of clothes and started dressing.

"Me too," Timmy started looking for his clothes, "and you too Alan, you're eating at my house today," Alan startled and nodded his head, his eyes had been stuck looking at Rick's willie, he was still bemused. His head buzzing with all that had taken place Alan struggled to locate his clothes which had been thrown around when he was undressed. Timmy and Sam and Andy had to help him dress once they were dressed. "Come on Alan get a move on," barked Timmy, he did not want to annoy his mother and being late for a meal was one thing that would be certain to anger her. At last all four were dressed and clothed; grabbing their swimming things they hurried away.

Charlie watched as the boys ran helter-skelter across the meadow, he shivered knowing he was alone with Rick, memories of the previous days happenings thundered into his head. The tingling warmth inside his boypussy twinged and flared.

"Charlie," Rick's whisper rang loudly inside Charlie's head.


End of Part Seven


To Be Continued...????????????????????????


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