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Diaper Boys 2

                                                by Sam The Ham



     Jimmy had two favorites out of four friends he could tell about his discovery. Those options were TJ or Andrew. They both knew he wore diapers and had always kept that a secret. Being the impatient type, he decided to ask both over and the boys accepted. His parents didn't mind him having multiple friends over at one time as long as they didn't have to do any of the running about. Usually one of them was home. So, the next day after school, the three of them got off the bus together at his house. Being too old to have someone else make a snack, or at least according to his parents, he made a peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and took them back to his room. All he had said so far was he wanted to show them something cool.

TJ was bigger than him by about a half a head while Andrew was just a little as himself. In many ways, they were very different from each other. TJ was more of a leader while Andrew liked to be quiet and was considered a book worm in class. TJ was more likely to get in trouble and as opposite as they seemed, Jimmy knew he kind of fell in between them. Still, despite their differences, they both gave him a funny look when he pulled out the diapers.

TJ spoke first. "Yeah, we know you wear diapers. Those are different. They don't look anything like underwear." He said, his green eyes shifting towards Andrew.

Andrew's eyes were a little sunken giving him a perpetually sleepy look. His skin was brown, and he had a habit of licking his lips nervously. Jimmy could see his tongue poke out quickly before he spoke. "We know you wear them."

Jimmy rolled his eyes and reached into the bag to pull one out. "No, you don't get it. My dad bought these, and I put them on last night and they were like different than the stuff I usually wear and well they gave me this good feeling. I want to show you."

TJ started to smile. "I'm kind of glad I'm out of diapers. Glad they make you happy though."

His tone was teasing, and Jimmy grated his teeth together. "Would you shut up and just give it a try? Or are you too scared?"

Andrew shifted a little nervously. "Well if you really think it's good, I don't see why we shouldn't give it a try."

Seeing himself outnumbered TJ just gave a little shrug. "What do we have to do?"

Jimmy reached into the bag and pulled out a diaper for each of his friends. "Put those on. Or do you need help?"

The question was targeted more at TJ than Andrew who was looking down at the thing like he wasn't sure what to do. Just like for swimming classes they each picked a corner. Dropping his pants and underwear was easy enough. Putting a diaper on wasn't too hard for Jimmy. He just had to bounce over to the bed, so he could get a little support, but it only took a few seconds. He pulled off his socks just because he didn't like wearing them before turning around to look at his friends. Andrew was getting the diaper on okay, but TJ was having some troubles and he was still wearing underwear.

"You're not supposed to wear underwear with a diaper." Jimmy said condescendingly.

"You expect me to take off my underwear?" TJ's said.

"Yeah, it's what you're supposed to do!"

Andrew turned around. "You wanted us to take off our underwear?"

Jimmy slapped his head. "Yeah, just like a swimsuit."

"All right, just don't look." TJ's said, turning around.

Jimmy looked over at Andrew. He was just standing there with his pants kicked up into the corner. "Um, is there any way to get these off and you know reuse them or should I just try a new pair?"

"I don't think so. Here try to pull them down."

Andrew tried with a little wiggling and he was able to get the diaper down and step out of it. Jimmy crabbed down to pick up the diaper and straightened it not realizing that Andrew had turned around and dropped his underwear. When Jimmy looked up, he saw a big brown butt at an arm's length away. He stared at it finding it hard not to look away. It's not that he hadn't seen bare bottoms before just not this close and well he wasn't sure what to think. He felt a strange stirring in his own diaper before realizing he was getting hard for some reason.

"Hey, no looking!" Andrew said, covering himself.

Jimmy quickly handed him the diaper and looked away. "Sorry, sorry."

He spared a glance over a TJ and saw that he now had his underwear on the floor. "Okay, let me show you the next part."

Jimmy ran over to the bed and jumped on it and put his hand under himself like he had done earlier and explained what to do. They both came over to watch him and after a little rubbing mostly because he was already hard Jimmy quickly got up and let Andrew take his place. Andrew took a bit longer before he announced he was feeling something and then Jimmy had to explain about how you had to make sure it was sticking up right or else it kind of hurt. By then TJ was interested enough not to make any snarky comments and was happy to replace Andrew on the bed.

"See you guys, it feels great!" Jimmy announced.

"It feels funny." TJ allowed.

"I kind of like it." Andrew said.

"Right, well it gets even better. If you keep doing it, you get this feeling like you're going to pee, but if you keep doing it. You get this really good feeling and you don't pee!"

He looked at his friends as he said that, and he could tell TJ wanted to believe but wasn't sure. Andrews eyes were bright, and he clearly wanted to try it.

TJ was still on the bed sitting up. He rolled back onto his belly again putting his hands under himself and started cycling again. Jimmy felt a little bit of irritation since TJ hadn't exactly been enthusiastic beforehand. "No, I go first," Jimmy said.

"I'm already here." TJ snapped.

Jimmy clenched his teeth. "Fine, I'll just do it on top of you."

Without giving his friend a chance to protest, Jimmy jumped on top of TJ, landing on his friend's butt. He knew he couldn't put his hands where they were supposed to be, but he wanted to make TJ move. Once he was there it felt kind of nice. The thick diaper felt a lot better than just his hand did. After a few wiggles he realized he kind of liked it a lot more. "Hey, this kind of feels nice."

Andrew was staring at his friends, feeling a bit left out and that figured why not. So, he jumped on top of Jimmy rubbing his crotch against Jimmy's butt which Jimmy kind of liked. Not as much as rubbing his front, but it felt funny and he couldn't help but laugh. TJ started to laugh too, and Andrew started to laugh. The three of them piled on top of each other all wiggling. Andrew fell off Jimmy and Jimmy went with him landing on top of little Andrew who started laughing. To get his revenge, TJ jumped on top of them and pushed his hips downwards, humping them. Andrew was getting squished and he wriggled out from beneath the two boys only to attempt to top the two of them again.

By then they had fallen into fits of giggles, the three of them all trying to get on top of one another. TJ didn't notice anything particularly different until he felt his orgasm. First, he stiffened as he pushed his hips down on to Andrew's butt. It took Jimmy a second to realize what was happening. "It's good isn't it?"

TJ simply nodded and after a second rolled off Andrew accidentally falling off the bed. For the second time that day, he was thankful for wearing a diaper because he landed on his butt. The other two boys erupted into laughter before trying to top each other again. The two other boys reached their little climax close together. Jimmy got it first, gripping on to Andrew, pulling in the boy closer as they laid belly-to-belly. Andrew wasn't sure what was happening, but he pushed his hips and same pleasurable feeling came.

After that, the three boys laid there for a while just feeling nice, laughing occasionally before Andrew said they should probably get dressed to go play outside.

The End 

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