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Diaper Boys 3

                                                by Sam The Ham




   Today was a special day for Jimmy. Normally, he was at home and one of his parents would be there and he might have some friends over. Today though his parents weren't going to be home and not just for a few hours. They weren't going to be back till 7. Sometimes, they would leave him alone but today Justin was coming over. Anytime he got to spend time with Justin was a good day. The young teen was simply awesome in Jimmy's mind. Running up to his front door he made his way inside dropping his book bag in the mudroom before kicking off his shoes walking into the main part of the house. That was when it happened.

Just as he walked into the main part of his house, he felt the muzzle of a gun rest against his head. "Move and you're dead."

Jimmy didn't move for a second. Then he dropped to his knees with the gun going off over his head. He rolled forward before jumping back to his feet and turning down the hallway. He ran through the living room and burst through his bedroom reaching for his own Nerf gun. Rolling onto his back he fired blindly just in time as his cousin appeared in the doorway. Two of the shots went wide while the third hit him right between the eyes. Justin stood there for a second and then burst out laughing. "You hit me between the eyes! Like literally right here." He pointed to the spot where his nose ran up into his skull. "Were you aiming for that?"

Jimmy shook his head starting to crack up himself. "Nope no scope headshot!"

"All right, well since you're only allowed one awesome thing a day, I guess you got nothing to look forward to." His cousin teased.

"Yeah, well I bet I can get you again. You want to play hunter killer?" Jimmy asked, bouncing up to stand on his feet too.

"Sure, just let me reload."

That was what Jimmy liked about his cousin. He didn't sit on the couch and he didn't think he was too old to play. As far as Jimmy was concerned his cousin was proof that growing up wasn't all bad. He did tend to dress a little funny though. He kept his hair short and slicked-back and usually dyed some color. Today, it was hot pink which was so girly, but his cousin was cool, so it was fine. They played for a good hour one of them hiding than the other one hunting. Usually, it ended with a bunch of quick shots at each other. Occasionally, the other would get the drop on the other one. Jimmy lost count of who was ahead and just ended up collapsing on the couch when he was exhausted. "I'm done."

"Jimmy, you're younger than me you shouldn't tire out first." Justin said, sitting on the far side of the couch putting the Nerf gun on the table next to him.

"You run marathons." Jimmy countered.

"Triathlons are different. You know there's a younger division for kids your age." Justin said, trotting out an all invitation. "I could change my jogging, swing by and pick you up."

In response, Jimmy raised his gun and shot a dart at him. "No."

It missed and Justin just shook his head as he reached for the remote to turn the TV on. After a minute Jimmy starting to scoot up the couch and rested his head on his cousin like a pillow.

"You're sweaty." Justin commented.

"So are you." Jimmy said, rolling over and looking up at his cousin whose face was covered in a sheen of sweat.

That was the end of that conversation and after a few more minutes Jimmy's mind started to wonder. His mind went to his favorite game with his friends. He wondered if Justin knew about it. Since that first time with his two friends and several more, the diaper bag was looking almost empty. Jimmy had started to suggest they started to use them, but that hadn't worked out very well. Maybe Justin might have an idea.

"Hey, Justin, can I tell you a secret?" Jimmy said absent-mindedly playing with the Nerf gun.


"Do you promise not to tell anyone?"

"If you're going to tell me you're in over your head with some Colombian cartel I would probably tell your parents but otherwise I wouldn't."

Jimmy didn't understand the reference, but he knew his cousin was making a joke. "No, it's not that. My friends and I made up a new game. Well I kind of made it up." He smiled proudly.

"That's good. What is it?"

Jimmy opened his mouth to explain it but then had a better idea. "Hold on I'll be right back, and I can show you."

Forgetting how tired he was, Jimmy bounded off the couch and ran to his room leaving his Nerf gun behind. He quickly stripped down to nothing before putting one of the special diapers as he had come to think of them. He made sure it was particularly tight. Now barefoot he ran back to his cousin. "Take a look!"

Justin has been staring down at this phone and slowly looked away. "Um, okay what am I looking at?"

Jimmy came a little closer to Justin. "These are kind of padded more than my others. If you um like rub it your um pee-pee, it like starts to become stiff." He declared, starting to feel self-conscious for some reason.

"And if you keep rubbing it you get a good feeling?" Justin said, finally helping him out.

Jimmy was simultaneously relieved and disappointed. "So, you know about it?"

"Sort of yeah, so what do you and your friends do when you put those on?"

"We rub against each and other. Then we feel really good." He said. Now that he was explaining it to someone older it seemed a bit weird. Like when he was pretending it was a game and his parents asked him what he was doing.

"As long as you guys are having fun." Justin said with a shrug.

"Yeah, um well do you do it?" Jimmy asked, suddenly curious.

"Yes, but I don't wear a diaper when I do it. I usually just rub it with my hand." Justin said looking a little embarrassed. "A lot of guys do it especially when you get a little older. You just sort of discover it, as you did. I started doing it about two years ago."

Jimmy did the math in his head. 13 - 2 would mean Justin had been 11 and since Jimmy was 9 that meant he discovered it faster. "So, you do it too?" He asked, giggling nervously.

"Yeah, I do, just be careful you don't let your mom and dad catch you. Adults will ruin your fun."

Jimmy nodded having already figured this out. He had figured out his parents were nice when it came to a lot of things. Still he didn't understand why he couldn't have more ice cream or why he could only play video games for so long. "I kind of figured that out." He stated.

Justin smiled. "Well aren't you the smart one."

Jimmy giggled feeling more relaxed and suddenly bold enough to ask a question. "So how do you do it?"

Justin shifted a little. "You mean feel good?"

He nodded.

The older boy hesitated for a second before he stuck two of his fingers out on his left hand and pushed them together. He wrapped his fingers from his right hand around it and moved them. "Like that."

"Oh, ok." Jimmy waited a second. "Is that all?" He asked. For him, a lot of the fun was not just rubbing but also rubbing against someone’s butt or have someone rubbing against him. It was the one time he didn't mind being on the bottom when wrestling.

"There are some other things." Justin said a little hesitantly.

"Like what?"

"Like, do you know why it feels good?"

Jimmy shrugged his shoulders, it was not something he had given thought too.

Justin looked away for a moment. "Lay down on the couch I'll explain."

Jimmy rolled onto the couch immediately. He trusted his cousin. The couch was big enough that neither his head nor his foot touched either end. Justin moved to stand about right where his diaper was. Jimmy couldn't help but feel a little smaller than usual as he stared up at him.

"Okay, do you know what nerves are?" Justin asked.

Of course, he did. He liked science class. "They're what makes us feel things"

"Exactly, so if I reach down and touch your knee here, do you feel it?" He said, as he spoke rubbing Jimmy's kneecap. "Now if I did the same thing here?" He added tickling the bottom of his feet.

Jimmy quickly pulled his feet up giggling a little.

"It feels different right? Even though I did the same thing." Justin said.

Jimmy buried his feet between the two cushions in case Justin tried any more tickling. "Yeah."

"That's because sometimes we have more nerves in one part of our body than the other. Our feet and hands have a lot of nerves. Can you guess any other spots that might have some more?"

Unhesitatingly, Jimmy spread his legs pointed towards his diaper clap crotch. "Here!"

"Correct!" Justin said with enthusiasm. "There's a couple of other spots too."

Justin suddenly went from lecture mode into attack mode. Descending on Jimmy he moved is fingers on Jimmy's nipples, armpits and neck. Jimmy wasn't prepared and squirmed before he was able to get away. The moment he was free, he rolled into a ball protecting all those areas. When Justin sat down on the far side of the couch, Jimmy relaxed.

"Anyways, sometimes rubbing those spots might make you feel better too." Justin said, picking up his phone again before looking back at Jimmy. "Any questions?"

"Yeah, what do you do?"

Justin smiled. "If you must know, I like to rub my nipples sometimes when I'm doing it. That might not work for you, everyone can be a little different."

Jimmy gave a quick nod and tried to think of something else to ask.

"You know, I'm sure you have homework to do. If you do it before your parents get back, I'm sure your parents will be more likely to let me come over again when they're not here." Justin pointed out.

Jimmy rolled his eyes. "I'm not that dumb."

Justin smiled. "Just go do it, please. It makes me look good."

Standing up, Jimmy started to head towards his backpack. "Yeah, yeah."

"If you need any help just ask." Justin said watching Jimmy walk away.

Retrieving his bag from the mud room, Jimmy headed to his own room. He didn't bother to get dressed. Between the diaper and everything else, he was already a little hard. He hadn't thought of it when he was out there but now that he was in his room taking out his math homework, he only thought of that. Squeezing his legs together, he slowly rocked back and forth. He could feel all the padding pushing up against his penis giving him that tickling sensation. He wondered if Justin wanted to do stuff like his friends did. Maybe he couldn't fit into a diaper, but he did things without it. Jimmy put his pencil down and stood up from his desk wanting to ask right now.

His bare feet were quiet on the floor as he went looking for his cousin. He went in the kitchen and saw his cousin pouring himself a drink, with his back turned to him. The young teen was speaking on the phone. "Yeah, I know. Maybe I can tonight…"

Leaning against the wall Jimmy just waited to be noticed.

"Yeah, I have to tell you about my little cousin tonight. He and his friends invented a rubbing game." Justin said, turning around and seeing Jimmy there.

Jimmy's mouth fell open at the betrayal. Before Justin had a chance to say anything Jimmy felt his eyes start to water, he quickly turned around and ran back to his room.

"Shit! I'll call you back." were the last words Jimmy heard before he made it to his bedroom and dropped onto his bed sticking his head under the pillow and sobbing.

"Jimmy!" Justin said.

Jimmy quickly rolled over and flung his pillow at his cousin. "Go away I hate you."

His cousin didn't try to get out of the way of the pillow it just hit him and fell to the floor. "Jimmy, come on I'm sorry."

"You lied! I told you it was a secret and you told someone. You're a liar! liar!" He shouted, his eyes still cloudy with tears. He saw Justin flinch at the words. He liked that. He wanted to hurt him. "I hate you and never want to see you again!"

Justin stood there taking the abuse. "Jimmy, I'm sorry. Okay? The person I told, he's my friend. You know like you have your friends you do stuff with? That's the only reason I told him. I thought he would like it and well yeah, you're right I shouldn't have said anything. You told me a secret and I should have kept it just between you and me. I'm sorry please don't hate me."

Justin’s voice cracked on the last words and Jimmy wiped away some of the tears with his forearm. Seeing Justin was upset at least made him feel a little better. "You lied."

"I'm sorry, I'll never do it again. I messed up. Can you please forgive me? I'll make it up to you."

"How?" Jimmy demanded.

Justin shrugged. "I don't know, I just don't want you to be angry at me."

Jimmy sniffed, snot starting to run down his nose. Swinging his legs over the bed, he determinedly walked to his closet and pulled out an almost empty bag of diapers. "Dad bought them because it was all they had, and we were out. Get me another bag."


Jimmy tossed the bag at his cousin's feet. "I have to read a history assignment. You read it to me."


Jimmy’s anger was subsiding even if he was still upset at his cousin. "And promise me you'll never say it to anyone again!"

"Jimmy, I promise I'll never say another word about it. I'll tell my friend if he asks that I can't tell him anymore. I promise."

Jimmy nodded. He was angry. He was still upset. Still, he loved his cousin. Even a hero could make a mistake.

The End 

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