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Effeminate Andy

I know some of you won't believe this, but I started to be sexually active with other kids when I was just ten years old. It all started when four of my younger cousins and myself were playing in my family's basement. The oldest boy, who was eight months younger than myself suggested we play doctor. We all took turns getting naked and laying down on a large, blue cushion on the floor to be examined by the others. Other than myself, there were two boys and two girls. I had never seen a naked girl before, and was intrigued at what I saw. I knew boys and girls were different down there but I really didn't understand the mechanics of it.

We all took turns touching and studying each other's bodies and genitals. I guess this is why I consider myself bisexual, I liked the boys as much as I did the girls. We're all human, either male or female, and the desire to be touched and touch others is just human nature.

Needless to say, within the next few months I had had oral sex with all of those kids. Of course we boys couldn't ejaculate, but I believe we all experienced orgasms from the stimulations. If little kids squirming, moaning and convulsing from genital pleasures isn't enough proof that even little kids can have orgasms, than I guess I don't know what I'm talking about. I know I did at that young age. It was so wonderful that I sought more at every opportunity with either boys or girls.

My story `Effeminate Andy' is about a boy I had a crush on in high school. Even though I was dating girls at the time, I was always checking out other boys that might be interested in a little boy fun. Some of this story is true from my youth, some is pure bull-shit I made up to tell the story. I'll let you the reader decide what to believe.

Effeminate Andy

When I was in the eighth grade I was having fairly regular oral sex with a couple of different boys and one girl. The boys were easy to be with and no one expected that we would be doing naughty boy stuff, but I could only play with the girl every month or so when the chance was just right.

I was a healthy kid. Not fat nor skinny. I guess you would have called me an average teenager. Well... how many average, teen-boys blow other boys? ( You got it. The lucky ones. ) That was me.

I was kind of a small kid. At the time I was about five feet, two inches tall, weighing in at one hundred, twenty pounds. I was stocky and some-what muscled. I had been wrestling at school since the sixth grade and I worked for local farmers during the summers.

Even though I had an unusual sexual desire for boys, I knew it was definitely not cool to be a fag, homo or queer. I played the tough-guy card and no one questioned my sexuality.

There was one girl in most of my classes that I took a fancy to. She was a little shorter than myself and on the petite side. She had long, curly, black hair and was on her way to becoming a woman. She had nice, firm, growing breasts and a small waist with wider hips. Her name was Susan. At some point we decided we should become boy-friend /girl -friend.

Our, boy-friend / girl-friend relationship was probably like most other young teenagers. We would hold hands sometimes walking the halls at school while changing from class to class and once in a while sneak a lip-kiss in an empty hallway. Sometimes she would let me hold her waist as we walked. Pulling her close to me, I could feel her body rub against mine and feel her body heat against me. And her smell! She smelt like ripe pussy. This always gave me a boner for the next class.

As far as my relationship with Susan outside of school at this time, there was none. Other than a phone call between us once in a while.

The summer between eighth-grade Jr. high school and starting into ninth-grade at my local high school, I probably had the most boy-boy sex I ever had in such a short period of time.

Me and a neighbor boy that was a year older than me, sucked each other off almost every day all summer. Sometimes more than once. I recall playing in the woods near home one day with him for about five hours, we sucked each other off five times that day. ( That's a lot of teen cum! )

When Susan and I began ninth grade at the high school, we picked up our boy-friend / girl-friend relationship. Only this year, she seemed to become the more aggressor of our kissing and petting at school.

One day we had a peep-rally in the gym and Susan and I sneaked off to the darkness of the school's auditorium. That's where she first let me touch her pussy. I popped the buttons of her jeans, slipped my hand down and felt the heat and dampness of her panties. I had a boner from hell!

I rubbed her there for a few seconds then slipped my fingers under her panties to feel her pubic hair. She was hot and wet.

( "Wait!" ) I hear you say. ( " What's all this bull-shit about pussy? Where's all the Gay / High School, sex action in this story?" )

Chill! Let me tell you about Andy.

Andy and I were in many of the same classes with Susan. I had noticed Andy in the seventh grade. I always thought he was a cute boy, but shy. During the end of eighth grade, Andy was eating lunch with Susan and her friends almost every day. Sometimes I would walk over to their lunch-table, blow in Susan's ear, kiss her neck, and rub her sides. She'd giggle and I'd laugh as I walked away and her other friends would giggle, but Andy would snicker and look down at his food, not making eye contact with anyone. I thought he was so cute and such a pussy-boy. My dick would start to get hard every time I saw him.

He had long, straight, black hair for a boy, that he parted in the middle. Where most other boys would wear bell-bottom blue jeans and T-shirts at school, Andy would wear girly-tight jeans and colorful dress shirts that looked more like a girl's blouse than a boy's shirt. He had a slim waist that got wider at his hips. He was about as tall as me but I doubt he weighed more than one-hundred pounds. He was far skinned, had dark, brown eyes and pretty eye lashes.

Andy's locker was in the same corridor as mine. I saw him often between classes exchanging books. I was always nice to him, saying hi or nodding at him as we would pass in the halls.

One day I was running late for my next class and the halls were mostly empty of the crowd of kids that normally filled them during class changes.

I was jogging, trying not to be late. When I turned the corner I saw Billy Thompson had Andy backed up against his locker. Billy was a bully and out weighed Andy by at least seventy pounds. I knew others gave Andy a hard time and called him names like sissy, pussy and fagot, but no one actually pushed or hit him that I ever saw. This day it looked like Billy might physically hurt Little Andy. Billy saw me jogging toward them and looked back at Andy. I knew I should try to help Andy get away from him, but I didn't want to get my ass kicked too.

I picked up speed as I neared them. Billy wasn't paying any attention to me, as he was more interested in making Andy miserable. At just the right moment I flanked left, lowered my shoulder and plowed into Billy's side like a line-backer. I heard him gasp and expel air from his lungs as he fell to the floor holding his side.

Andy looked at me in astonishment, like I was a super hero or something. I grabbed his arm and pulled, "Come on. Let's get out of here!" I told him. Andy followed me as we ran to English class just in time to make the tardy bell.

As we parted to take our seats he looked me in the eyes, smiled meekly and told me quietly, "Thanks Steve!"

I shrugged my shoulders in response and noticed just how cute he really was. My dick twitched as naughty thoughts of a naked Andy quickly flashed through my mind.

I was at my locker after school when Andy came up to me. He thanked me again for saving him from Billy. I didn't know why Billy was bullying Andy, but then Billy didn't need a reason to be an ass-hole. He really didn't have any friends that I knew of and everyone tried to avoid him.

As I talked with Andy, I didn't notice Billy coming our way. He pushed the both of us up against the lockers and said, "Well, if it aint the two homo boys." I knew we were in for deep-shit.

He said, "Who's the boy and who's the girl? Oh, I know. You must both be girls because neither of you has any balls."

I mustered up the best tough-guy image I could and said, " Fuck you Billy! Leave us alone." It was the best I could come up with under the circumstances.

Billy slapped my face and said, "I don't think so fagot. You need to learn to watch your mouth. I hate fagots like you."

Just as he was pulling his fist back, a hand came out of no where grabbing Billy's arm to stop my on-coming fate.

It was Moose from my wrestling team. He was a senor and was our heavy weight. I liked Moose, everyone liked Moose.

He jerked Billy around and asked, "What's going on here?" Billy's eyes got wide and about shit his pants. Moose towered over him by ten inches and one-hundred pounds.

"Billy's being an ass-hole. He said he was going to teach me a lesson and beat me up." I told him.

"Oh really?" Moose replied. "I think if anyone's going to get a lesson, I think it's going to be this punk right here."

With that said, Moose picked Billy up by the shoulders and threw him against the lockers, slamming his head into the steel door, leaving a dent.

Moose had Billy by the throat with both hands. Billy was shaking in his boots. "Look mother-fucker. If I see or hear tell of you even coming close to Steve or Andy again, I'm going to make mush out of you. You got that punk?"

Billy had fear across his face as he nodded his head. That wasn't quite good enough for Moose as he punched Billy in the gut and let him double over and fall onto the floor.

Billy was holding his belly gasping for breath. Moose put his big arms around me and Andy's shoulders and told us, "If this piece of shit fucks with you guys again, let me know. He won't see another birthday."

With that, Moose put his big-foot against Billy's chest, pushing him over onto his back like a dead deer. "Ain't that right punk?" Billy couldn't speak but nodded his head again.

Moose pulled me and Andy closer to him, giving us a bear-hug. "Come on guys, milkshakes are on me. I don't think Billy's in the mood right now."

As we walked down the hall toward the door to leave the school, I looked back and Billy was still laying on the floor holding his gut as other kids looked at him and walked past.

After that day, Billy stayed away from me and Andy at all cost and me and Andy started forming a different kind of friendship.


Andy started coming to my locker when I was there exchanging books between classes. He was still very shy, but I could see that he needed and wanted to be my friend. Sometimes as we walked to classes together talking, he would brush against me and I could smell his boy scent. He was making me horny and I had to devise a way we could get together outside of school.

I stopped at Susan and her friend's lunch table on a Monday. I blew in her ear and kissed the nap of her neck like I always did. Andy was sitting next to her. I bumped Andy aside and sat between them. "You should have seen the big bass I caught Saturday." I told them. All the girls and Andy listened to me tell my story of how I caught the alleged trophy.

After wooing them with my fish-tail, I turned to Andy and asked him, "What's the biggest fish you've ever caught?"

Shyly he said, "Not much. I've only been fishing a couple times. When I was little. They were just little fish. My mom's boy-friend took me to a park with a pond."

I said, "You know Andy? You need to get out some. Enjoy the outdoors. Breath in the fresh air. Get some sun on your shoulders."

He blushed and said, "I don't know about stuff like that. It's just me and Mom and she don't know about stuff like that either."

I told him, "If you want, I'll take you fishing. My neighbor has a nice pond in his pasture. That's where I caught the big bass."

Andy beamed, his eyes lit up and said, "Really? You'd take me fishing with you?"

"Sure." I told him. "It's always more fun fishing with a friend than by yourself. If you want, we could go Saturday. You'll love it."

By now, Andy's eyes were a sparkle with enthusiasm. "I'll have to ask my mom. I'd really like to go Steve!"

I said, "If you want, maybe we could pitch a tent and you could spend the night. We could fish all night. That's the best time to catch big catfish."

"Man, that sounds awesome! I really want to. I'll beg her. I'll wash the dishes for a week. Tell her I'll do anything. She'll let me go, I'm sure."

"Well, let me know." I told him, as I got up from the table.

You might say, I had him hooked, line and sinker.


Andy met me the next morning at my locker before school started. He was almost jumping up and down he was so excited. "She said I could!" he told me. "What do I need to bring? I don't have a fishing pole or sleeping bag or anything."

"Don't worry about it. I have a couple of poles. You can use one of mine and if we really go to sleep, I have a sleeping bag and we can take a couple of covers from my house."

Plans were made and Andy's mom would drop him off at my house around noon on Saturday. I wanted to see what he had in those tight jeans of his and I couldn't wait to spend some time alone with little Andy. It was a long week.


I was in the garage sorting out some of my camping and fishing stuff when Andy and his mom pulled up in the driveway. I met them as they got out of their car. Andy was full of energy. Unlike I had ever seen him. He was wired.

My mom came out of the house to met them. My mom and his mom talked in the driveway while me and Andy went in the garage to finish sorting through my stuff.

After a few minutes his mom left and my mom went back inside. Finally it was just me and Andy.

As we gathered my stuff, there were times we were very close to each other and I could smell him. He smelt good and I started getting a boner. I didn't want to be a complete perv and scare him off so I tried to keep things under control.

The pond wasn't too far away, but it took us three trips to get our supplies there. We set up my tent under the trees like I had done so many times before. Andy didn't have a clue how to set up a tent, but he helped the best he could. I leaned over him as I showed him how to drive the tent stakes into the ground through the straps of the tent floor. We were so close I could feel the heat coming off his body. And his scent! Fuck, he made so horny, but I knew to go slow with him.

Once the tent was set, he helped me place my sleeping bag, blankets and a couple of pillows inside.

As we squatted on our knees inside the tent, I flopped over onto my back on the soft bed we had made with my arms and legs splayed out. "Man, this is great!" I told him. "I love it here. It's so private. Sometimes I get naked and let the breeze kiss my ass. Don't tell anyone, but I'm kind of a nudist. I like being naked outdoors. It feels great outside without any clothes on!"

Andy didn't know what to say about my remark. He looked a little nervous. "Aren't you afraid someone will see you?"

"No one ever comes around here. Besides, who cares? It's private property and the owner said I can camp, fish and do anything I want to here.

"I... I... I don't think I could do that. I mean... run around naked?" he stammered.

"If you did it once." I told him, "You'd love it."

"I... I... I don't know. I don't think I could."

"What's the matter?" I asked him. "God gave you a beautiful body. Are you ashamed of your body?" It's the way God made you. You weren't born with clothes on. You`re a good looking kid."

Andy looked to be in deep thought pondering what I said.

"Look." I told him, "If I get naked, will it freak you out? Shit, we take showers at school after gym. We're all boys."

Andy and I had different gym classes, so I had never seen him naked and he had never seen me naked.

"Sometimes I get boners in the shower at school, and the guys call me a faggot and queer." he confessed.

"Fuck those guys." I told him. "If they weren't looking at your dick, they wouldn't know you had a boner. They probably go home and jack off thinking about your dick. Want to know a secrete? Promise you won't tell anyone?"

As Andy sat across from me, he nodded his head.

"I've jacked off thinking about you. If you tell anyone that, I'll punch your lights out, and spread nasty rumors that you sucked my dick."

Andy looked surprised at what I had just told him. After a few moments he meekly asked, "You've really jacked off thinking about me? Why?"

"Well." I started, "I like guys and girls. And I think you're a cute boy. I swear Andy, if you tell anyone I've told you this stuff, I'll kick your ass."

"I won't tell anyone." he promised.

Andy kept glancing at my crotch, then shyly looking away. I knew the wheels were turning inside his head. "I'll be honest too Steve. I like boys too. And I've jacked off thinking about you too."

"Have you ever messed around with a guy before?" I asked him.

He looked down at the ground and started to tell me his story. "When I was ten, there was an older boy that lived down the block. He was always nice to me. Sometimes he would wrestle with me on the ground and tickle me. He'd pull my shirt up and blow on my belly, it really tickled. He'd rub his hands all over my body and give me little kisses on the face and down to my tummy. I loved his attention and would let him do anything to me. He'd put his hand in my shorts and play with my wiener. It felt good and I never wanted him to stop."

"One day I was riding my bike past his house and he called me over. He asked me if I wanted a pop. I told him sure and we went inside. He got us both a pop. His parents weren't home and he asked me if I wanted to check out his bedroom. I said sure, so I followed him upstairs. He showed me some of his stuff in his bedroom while we drank our pop. He picked me up and laid me down on his bed. He started tickling me and I knew he wanted to rub me and play with my wiener again, so I let him. He took off my shirt, then my shoes and pulled off my undies and shorts. He started kissing me all over and I got a boner. He kissed me all the way down to my boner and he started to suck it. It felt really good and I never wanted him to stop. He kept sucking and pretty soon I started to feel something happening in my belly. I felt warm all over and I started to get dizzy and started shaking. After a few seconds I told him to stop because it tickled too much. He stopped and smiled at me. He asked me if it felt good and I told him it felt great."

"He stood up and pushed his shorts and undies down and kicked them off his feet. I had never seen another boy naked before and he had a boner. It was a lot bigger than mine. He was twelve and didn't have any pubic hair yet. He pulled on it a few times and asked me if I wanted to make him feel good too. I told him I did and he walked back over to the edge of the bed. His dick looked huge. He told me, suck it like I sucked your's. I leaned over until his dick was at my lips. I could smell his musky boy smell and I liked it. He told me again, suck it. So I opened my mouth and put it in my mouth. He tasted a little salty but I liked it. He told me to put my lips over my teeth and suck it up and down. I did as he told me and then he told me to move my tongue around it while I sucked. I did and I liked sucking his dick. I wanted to make him feel good like he had made me feel. I sucked him for about two minutes and he started breathing harder and told me not to stop. I didn't want to stop. I liked sucking him. He held the back of my head and started grunting. He started shaking and moaning. He held my head for a few seconds and then backed up, pulling his dick out of my mouth. He told me I sucked good and maybe we could do it again sometime. I smiled and nodded my head. He told me we better get dressed and to not tell anyone what we just did if I wanted to do it again, it would be our secrete. I told him I wouldn't and told him I really wanted to do it again."

"We did it almost everyday that summer. I loved it and so did he. Most of the time we did it in the woods, sometimes in his bedroom when his parents were gone. One day we were in his room. He was sitting on the edge of his bed and I was kneeling on the floor between his legs sucking him and his mom walked in and caught us. She screamed and told me to leave. She was really mad. I still had my clothes on and ran out of their house as fast as I could. I hid in the bushes outside and heard her screaming at him. She said he was a perverted child molester and he was sick."

I ran into the woods and hid. I cried until I passed out under a tree. I never saw him again and his family moved a week later."

Andy's story was making me horny until he told the end. He looked like he was going to cry. He looked at me and said, "I'm sick Steve. I'm a pervert. I'm a queer, a homo."

I waddled on my knees over to him. I hugged him as he started to sob. "You're not sick Andy." I assured him. "If you're sick, then I'm sick too." You liked your friend and you liked sucking each other. Some boys like to mess around with other boys. A lot of boys do. I do. It's just some thing adults can't except. They beat it in their kid's heads that having sex with another boy is a sin. Sex is love. Sex isn't wrong if you love the person. You loved your friend didn't you?"

Andy cleared his throat and whispered, "I did. He was nice to me. He didn't molest me, I liked what we did together."

I brushed the tears from his face and kissed his cheek. "Come on." I said. "Enough of the tears, let's go fishin."

`Stay tuned. More cumming your way soon.'

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