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Fifth Grade Friends

When I was in 5th grade, I was friends with a boy named David. He was a horny, little boy also and he told me that he had a younger neighbor-girl that had sucked his dick and that I should come over to his house and he would get the girl to suck both of our dicks. Hell yes! I was up for that. We made plans for me to go home with him one day after school.

During the week before I was to go home with him, he told me that there was a little bar down the road from his house that had a condom machine in the restroom. He told me that when I would come over, we would walk to the bar and each buy a condom, that maybe the neighbor-girl would let us fuck her! ( Even at such a young age we both knew about condoms and why guys used them, so as... not to get a girl pregnant. Yet we were so naive that we didn't know that there was no need for us little-boys to bother, since neither of us could shoot yet and the little girl couldn't have gotten pregnant, as she was even younger than us. ) ( little did we know, our hard, little dicks weren't big enough to hold a condom on anyways )

The day came and we walked from his house to the bar to buy the condoms and a pack of cigarettes out of a machine. This was common in those days, nobody cared if kids bought cigarettes or condoms out of a machine.

I felt really weird and excited walking behind David as we entered the small country-bar. It was dark inside and I couldn't see very well. ( nether could David ) The door closed behind us as our eyes became adjusted to the dim light.

There were three men sitting on stools at the bar drinking beer, with a man standing behind the bar. They all looked at us as we walked in. David said, "We have to pee. Can we use the restroom?"

The man behind the bar nodded his head and David tugged on my arm to fallow him. We walked around a corner, down a short hallway to the restroom. Once inside, I saw the condom machine hanging on the wall, my heart was pounding like never before.

David reached into his pocket, took out two quarters and put them in a slot in the machine. When he turned the knob, it went... clunk... clunk... clunk. It was loud! My heart jumped at how loud it was. I feared that the men in the bar, not fifteen feet away had heard the noise, knowing that we were buying condoms.

David's wrapped condom slide down the chute. He looked at me as he picked it up and put it in his pocket. Nervously, I stepped up to the machine and put my two quarters in. I turned the knob slower and it didn't make as much noise. I quickly grabbed it when it came out and put it in my pocket.

We walked back into the bar and the men all looked at us. My face burned and I felt so embarrassed. David walked over to the cigarette machine and put five quarters in it and pulled a knob. The machine went, clunk... clunk, and a pack of cigarettes slid through the trough at the bottom, with a pack of matches. David grabbed the matches and cigarettes and stuffed them into his pocket. We turned to walk out. David turned back and said, "Thank you." I heard a couple of the men chuckle.

We walked to the little girl's house to get her to go with us, but her mom wouldn't let her.

David lived in the country, and while on the walk back to his house we stopped at this old barn to smoke some cigarettes. There was a stack of lumber on the dirt floor and we sat down on it to smoke. He told me he was sorry that the little girl couldn't come out to play and suck our dicks.

Having already sucked with other boys, I suggested that we could suck each other's dick. He thought about it a few seconds and agreed.

We pulled our pants and white briefs down to our ankles and sat back down on the lumber-pile. We started playing with each other's little boners. After a few minutes I suggested we take our pants all the way off, get on top of the lumber and take turns laying on top of each other and pretend to be fucking the little girl.

Being the adventurous and horny, little-boy that David was, he agreed. We finished taking our pants off and took turns on top of the lumber, dry humping each other, rubbing our stiffies against the other`s. Having already learned to 69 with other boys, I turned around and squatted over him. We were both the same size, about four inches of hard, hairless boy-dick. We were both circumcised. He seemed shy at first, but after I started sucking his boner, he started to suck mine. I played all the tricks I had learned that boys liked. Circling my tongue around the tip of his penis, while I bobbed my sucking lips up and down his little boy-dick. I licked his tight, wrinkled, hairless scrotum, stabbing at the little boy-balls inside with my stiff tongue. David copied everything I did. We sucked and licked each other for 3 or 4 minutes when I felt it coming. Our bodies shook and quaked as we both had our dry orgasms.

Afterward we sat naked, with our legs hanging over the side to the wood-pile. We sat there and smoked another cigarette. After we smoked the cigarettes, I asked him if he wanted to suck again. He said that he didn't like sucking my dick and that his dick was sore. I didn't press it and we jumped down off the lumber-pile and put our undies and pants back on, then we walked back to his house. We went back to his house to play like normal boys do. We never talked about what we did that day and our close friendship slowly faded away.

During this period I seduced another school friend. Michael lived about a half mile from me. We had been friends for a couple of years, ever since his family had moved there.

Michael was a really cute, little, black haired boy. He would come to my house sometimes and play. This one day we were in my garage when I suggested we show each other our wieners. He was very shy and it took a lot of persuading, but eventually he gave into my wishes.

We stood in front of each other and pushed our shorts and undies down to our knees. We both had stiff, little, hairless boners. He was circumcised like most boys were at that time. His little boner was only about 3 inches long and thin. I asked him if I could look at it closer. He shyly nodded his head.

I knelt on the floor in front of him. His little, pink stiffy was really cute. His gland stood swollen on top of his thin, short, hard shaft. His small, wrinkled scrotum was smooth and drawn up tight to his groin. I reached out to feel his boner and touch his little, puffy sack. He gasped at my touch.

After a minute of playing with his privets, I stood back up. I stepped closer to him and with my right hand, holding my stiffy, I rubbed the tip of it against the tip of his. Chills filled my young, small body. I rubbed my hard, little-boy wiener all over his smooth groin area and tight scrotum.

I wanted to take our game farther and suggested we go to my `clubhouse' to play some more. He was reluctant but followed me. We crawled up into the loft of the small building. We weren't wearing shirts and I suggested we take our pants and underwear all the way off.

I was quick to shed off my shorts and little-boy panties. I coaxed him to do the same. He finally did after more coaxing. I crawled over the top of him and started to hump my boner against his stiffy. I really liked the feeling of touching another boy's penis with my own. After a minute of dry-humping him, I backed up between his splayed legs and sucked the end of his stiff-wiener into my lips. He gasped and tried to scoot away from me. I held his hips tight as I sucked the rest of his small, preteen dick into my mouth. He calmed down, laid back and started to enjoy the pleasures of my tight, wet mouth. I loved his taste and smell. I explored every bit of his boner and I licked all over his hairless groin and his tight sack, sucking at his small, little testicles.

After a minute or two I stopped and turned my body around so we were head-to-foot and I told him, "Suck me too." As we laid on our sides facing each other, I sucked his tiny, prick back into my mouth. After several seconds I stopped and told him, "Come on... suck me too."

Reluctantly he moved closer and touched the tip of my hard, little dick with his tongue. I felt shivers run up my spine. I crawled over the top of him and straddled his head with my knees. I leaned down and started to suck him again, letting my hips fall to let my boy-boner touch his lips. After bobbing up and down on his stiffy a few more times, he still hadn't opened his mouth to except my meat. I stopped again and turned my head toward his, "Come on." I told him. "Suck me too."

Finally he gave in and let my hard, little boy-cock into his mouth. I told him, "Just do what I do." and went back down on him. After we sucked each other for a couple of minutes, I felt my orgasm approaching quickly. He started to squirm around on the wooden floor trying to get out from underneath me. He got his head out from under me and squealed, "Stop, stop. I think I'm going to get sick!"

I didn't want him to puke, so I rolled off of him. Little did I know at the time, but now I suspect the feelings of his tummy churning inside him was the beginning of his first orgasm and he thought he was going to puke.

We pulled our shorts and undies back on and went back outside. We played like normal boys do for another hour and his mom came to get him.

A week or two later, we were riding our bikes in the woods that was between his house and mine. There was an old shed in the woods that had collapsed and the roof was laying on the ground. We stopped and both sat on the old roof. I wanted to play with him again and as we sat next to each other, I reached over and started to feel him up over his shorts. He pulled away from me. I scooted closer, still groping his crotch. He told me, " Stop... I don't want to do that again!"

I tried to convince him to let me play with his wiener. He kept telling me no. I told him he didn't have to suck me, that I would be happy just to suck him. He still told me no.

I stood up, cock-hard and frustrated. I walked around in circles a few times trying to think of a way I could talk him into being naughty me. I walked back over to where he was still sitting on the old roof. I told him, "I'm bigger than you. I can make you let me suck you if I want!" The fear on his face told me I had taken this too far. I knew if I forced myself on him, he could tell on me and I'd get in a lot of trouble. I told him I was sorry and we got back on our bikes and rode around the woods for a little while longer, then he said he had to go home.

Needless to say, our friendship ended that day. I don't know if he told his mom on me, but I never heard anything about it. A few months later his family moved away.

There was another boy I was friends with. His name was Ricky. Ricky was a cute, little, black haired boy too. ( I guess I had a thing for small, black haired boys ) I had visited him several times at his family's farm. I spent the night once with him. He shared a bedroom with his little brother. Ricky and I slept together in his bed that night. I wanted to play naughty with him, but with his little brother in the same room I didn't dare to try anything. Most of the times I was there, his little brother was tagging along everywhere we went. I never really got the chance alone to confront Ricky about playing naughty with me.

One day I heard a rumor at school, that a boy named Marty had been at Ricky's house and Ricky had offered to suck Marty's dick. Rumor was that Marty let him. Marty was a handsome, taller boy and I had often wondered how big his wiener would get. I was excited to hear this rumor and I was hoping to hook up with Ricky at his farm again and see if I could get the chance to be naughty with him, I really did have a crush on the dark-haired boy. As luck would have it, Ricky's family moved away before I had the chance to go to his farm again.