First Taste of Cum Part 141    
          by Bill Beaumonte (  

This work of fiction contains explicit material intended for adults over 18. If you are under 18 or are offended by non-traditional sex, do not continue.  

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Author’s note:
This series presents a number of independent stories of about youthful first blowjobs. Some of these are inspired by my readers. I hope you enjoy this series.

CD Seduction I

    I'm Tommy, a horny boy who love to cum. I just entered middle school and am discovering girls. After years of playing with myself I recently was able to cum and that changed my life! I'm taking sex education at school, but they just talk about biology and don't get into the really interesting stuff.

Some of the girls at school have started to develop and a few seem to enjoy arousing boys. Their breasts seem to be developing, but I'm not sure it's real or if they are stuffing their bras with tissues. A few have learned to roll their hips as they walk, and that gives me an immediate hard-on! I don't know if the tits are real, but I sure like the way their asses look.

There is a high school next to my middle school and the girls there have real tits. I can tell from the bounce that they aren't just tissues. One girl noticed me watching her and seemed to make a point of walking in an especially seductive manner. I found myself following her at a distance, admiring her lovely ass.

I wanted her – I knew she was out of my reach but she became my favorite jack-off fantasy. I really wanted to meet her but couldn't bring myself to approach her. I know now that it was stupid of me, but at the time I was just too scared to try. Whenever I could I would follow her home, walking at a safe distance, but still close enough to watch her luscious ass. One day while following her I turned a corner and found that she was sitting on a bench waiting for me.

"Why don't you come sit with me?" she said.

I felt really tongue-tied, and had no idea what to say, but I approached her bench and sat next to her.

"I noticed that you've been following me," she said, "My name is Rachel."

"I'm Tommy," I blurted out, "You are soooo pretty!"

"Why thank you Tommy," Rachel responded, "Do I arouse you?"

That was an embarrassing question and I immediately blushed beet red.

"No need to be shy with me," Rachel said, "But if that question embarrassed you, you'll find my next one challenging."

Trying to act more mature, I said, "You can ask me anything."

"Good," Rachel said, "Tommy, do you like to cum?"

"Sure," I said, growing hard and wondering where this was going.

"Will you cum for me?" she asked, "If I help?"

"I'm not sure what you mean," I replied, my boner now showing through my pants, which Rachel was watching.

"Come with me," she said, and I followed her to her home, just a few houses further down the street.

She led me to her back yard, which was enclosed by a high hedge, sheltering us from view.

Rachel sat on a bench and motioned me to her. "Show me your cock," she said.

I couldn’t believe my ears! A girl had never asked to see my cock, and I had never exposed myself to a girl before. I wanted to, but felt a little self-conscious about it.

"Now don't be modest!" Rachel commanded, "If you want to cum, you'll have to unzip."

She was right, of course, and I quickly unzipped, and took out my hard cock. I knew I was small and was afraid she might laugh at me, but instead she said, "Now that's a nice hard cock – and it will grow nicely in the next few years!"

I began to feel proud of my erection, but Rachel startled me by taking hold of my cock. Nobody had ever touched my cock before and I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt. "I want you to cum for me," she said, stroking my cock. She seemed to know exactly what felt good to me, and soon I shot my cum onto her lawn.

"Well done, Tommy!" Rachel said, "Did you like that?"

"It was great!" I said, unable to find the words to tell her how I really felt.

"Come back tomorrow after school and I'll help you cum again," she said, "Would you like that?"

"Sure," I said, "I'll be here."

"Then come kiss me," she said.

I brought my lips to hers and felt her mouth open as she pushed her tongue into my mouth. That was incredible! I never had kissed a girl before and now Rachel was helping me to grow up fast!

I left and couldn't get my mind off Rachel for the rest of the day. At bedtime I jacked off thinking about her, imagining what she would look like naked.

The next day I raced toward Rachel's house after school. I knew she got out of school a little later than I did, so I waited for her, sitting on the bench near her house. I sat there, already hard, and finally Rachel appeared. She smiled at me and motioned for me to join her. We walked to her house and let me in.

"Now take off your clothes," Rachel directed.

I hesitated, and she continued, "If you want to cum, you have to get naked for me!"

I undressed and stood there naked in front of a girl – another thing completely new to me.

Rachel pulled me to her and ran her soft hands over my skin, fondling my cock and balls, and squeezing my ass.

"Now stay there while I get comfortable," she said.

She left the room and I hoped that soon I would see her naked. I had jacked-off to naked pictures in girlie magazines, and looked forward to seeing a real live naked girl!

Soon Rachel returned, wearing a sexy robe, which she opened and dropped to the floor. She now wore only a black bra and panties. Her breasts bulged from the top of the bra and she brought her breasts to my face and I kissed the tops of them. She turned before me and revealed that here panties were a thong – almost nothing at all, showing me her beautiful ass!

I reached to touch her buns, and she encouraged me. They felt so soft and smooth, and I thought about kissing her there. Stupid idea – why would anyone kiss an ass?

"On your knees now," Rachel order and I dropped to my knees.

She backed to my face, presenting her ass to me. "Go ahead and show me how much you like me," she said.

I didn't know what was expected, but felt drawn to kiss her, and gently kissed one cheek, and then the other.

"Mmmmm," she said, "I think you may be a natural at this – now lick between the cheeks."

I moved to her crack, beginning to feel I was approaching truly forbidden territory. I gently licked the outside of ther crack, and soon Rachel reached back and spread her cheeks, "Deeper," she said.

I expected a bad smell but only could sense the flowery smell of perfume, so without hesitation I extended my tongue into her crack, licking her warmth and feeling her thong strap with the tip of my tongue. Rachel responded by reaching back and pulling the thong strap aside while continuing to spread her cheeks.

It was clear what she wanted me to do, but this didn't seem like such a good idea. Still, my hard cock was doing my thinking for me and I cautiously brought my tongue to her pink hole. When she moaned with pleasure I knew I needed to do more, so I licked her more eagerly.

Suddenly Rachel pulled away and said, "It's time for you to cum!"

She stood before me, moving her body in all sorts of sexy motions, and told me to jack off.

"Now don't you dare cum on my carpet," she said, "Catch your load in your hand."

I was so aroused that I came in less than a minute, filling my hand with my load.

"Nicely done," said Rachel, "Now come over here."

Rachel sat on the couch and I approached. She dipped her finger in the puddle of cum in my hand and brought it to her mouth and smiled. Then she dipped her finger again and brought it to my mouth. While I wasn't interested in doing tasting my own cum, I simply could not refuse Rachel and opened my mouth for her finger. It was a strong taste which I didn't exactly like.

"Taste good?" she asked.

"It's kind of strong," I replied.

"With time you will like it better," she said, "Maybe you aren't ready yet."

I really wanted to seem more mature to Rachel, and went along with her feeding me my cum, and soon I had eaten my entire load.

Rachel sent me home, promising me a new adventure for tomorrow, if I was ready for it. I told her I would be.

That night when I jacked-off, I couldn't believe what a turn-on Rachel's ass was. It would never have occurred to me to put my tongue up a girl's ass, but now I couldn't wait to do it again! They never mentioned that in sex education class. I wondered what other sexual mysteries Rachel would reveal to me.

The next day I eagerly waited for Rachel and followed her to her home. She told me to get undressed, which I now did without hesitation, and as I stood there naked Rachel reached under her skirt and slipped off her panties. She knelt on the couch facing the back of the couch and lifted her skirt up over her hips, showing me her beautiful ass once again.

"You know what to do," she said, and I was immediately kneeling on the floor, kissing her soft buns. I spread her cheeks and drove my tongue into her.

"Go ahead and stroke," she said as I rimmed her, "And lick me as deeply as you can."

I was in heaven as I drove my tongue in and out of her while I stroked myself. It was so arousing I just couldn't last long and soon I was shooting my load into my hand once again.

"That was fast!" Rachel said, "You must really like me."

I nodded and said, "Rachel, I like you a lot!"

"Now lick up your cum like a good boy," she said, "It's good for you and you'll like it more and more."

I licked up my cum and found that it did taste better than it had yesterday. I didn't know that I should have been eating my cum, but Rachel was teaching me so much.

"Rachel, I want to do nice things for you as well," I said.

She smiled and unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her breasts, now in a pretty blue bra. She unhooked the bra and let her breasts fall free. She offered me a breast and I took her nipple into my mouth. "Suck hard," she said, and I did my best.

Rachel moaned as I sucked her nipple and then I switched to the other one. She pulled my head to her as I sucked and ran her fingers through my hair. I went back and forth between her nipple several times and then pulled off and said, "Rachel, I want to do more for you – can I go down on you?"

"Are you sure you're ready for that?" she asked.

"Please let me make you cum," I said.

Rachel stood and loosened her skirt, allowing it to fall to the floor. I watched in wonder as the skirt revealed her – her cock!

"Whoa," I said, "I didn't know you were a guy!"

"I'm not," insisted Rachel, "I'm a transgendered girl – I was born a boy but now I'm a girl, and many guys like girls like me the very best."

"But I thought you were a real girl," I protested.

"I AM real!," said Rachel, "And I thought you liked me – perhaps you are ready for this yet."

"Wait," I said, "I didn’t mean it like that – I really do like you Rachel, but I never expected this."

"Maybe you'll be ready when you are older," said Rachel, pulling her skirt back up.

"Please Rachel," I said, "I am ready now – just tell me what to do."

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"Absolutely sure," I insisted, "Please let me try."

Rachel dropped her skirt again and stepped out of it. She moved toward me until her cock was just inches from my face and said, "Okay, we'll take this slowly – for today just take me into your mouth and hold me there – that's all."

I opened my mouth and took Rachels cock in. It felt surprisingly nice in my mouth and I found myself hard again. I never thought I would be sucking a cock, but with Rachel it just seemed so right. I enjoyed how she was growing in my mouth and soon I my passion overtook me and I came once again.

Rachel pulled out and said, "Well, you are a horny boy! You're learning fast and sure know how to get me purring!"

"I like you a lot Rachel," I said, "Would you like me to finish you?"

"Not today, Tommy," she said, "We can continue tomorrow."

I went home and just couldn't stop thinking about sucking Rachel – I girl with a cock – who could imagine what a wonderful thing!

That night I jacked off and imagined Rachel cumming in my mouth. I licked up my cum and hoped I would be tasting Rachel's soon.

The next day I eagerly undressed, looking forward to going down on Rachel. "I want to make you cum," I said.

"Let's not be in a hurry for that," she said, "I want you to be really ready for it."

"But I am ready," I insisted, and don't want to cum until I taste you."

"If you're sure," she said, dropping her skirt and stepping toward me. I reached up and pulled down her panties, which she stepped out of. I took her into my mouth and began to suck. I really wasn't sure what to do, but Rachel guided me, teaching me to move my tongue in a way she liked. She enlarged to a size bigger than yesterday and soon I felt her cock pulse and begin to shoot into my mouth. Her warm cum tasted good and I felt a sense of accomplishment, knowing that I had done right for my lady.

"You are a pretty talented boy!" declared Rachel, "Now it's your turn."

I stroked while holding Rachel's load and softening cock in my mouth and soon I came also. I licked up my cum and swallowed the mixture from the two of us.

From that day on I would orally pleasure Rachels tits and ass to warm her up, and finish by sucking her off. I enjoyed cumming and then swallowing our mixture.

One day Rachel said she had a special treat for me. I arrived and undressed, and soon there was a knock at the door. Rachel let a guy in who she introduced as Mike. He was a high school boy and she wanted me to show him what I could do.

I thought he was going to watch me pleasure Rachel, but instead he unzipped and took out a huge cock. I stared at it – so much bigger than Rachel's.

"Go ahead Tommy," said Rachel, "You know what to do."

I wasn't so sure about sucking a guy's cock, but I was hard and knew I wanted it, so I dropped to my knees and began to suck Mike.

"Oh yeah Rachel," Mike said, "You've trained him well." He held my head as I sucked him as his cock swelled to a size I had never before experienced. Soon he blasted his load into my mouth.

"Good boy, Tommy," said Rachel, "Now it's your turn."

With Mike's cock and load in my mouth I was as turned on as I had been with Rachel, and soon came. I licked up my load and swallowed as Mike watched.

Mike thanked me and asked if I would blow him again, to which I agreed – it seemed only polite to do so.

After Mike left Rachel asked, "How did you like sucking Mike?"

"I liked it," I said, "It's my first time sucking a man."

"Mike is looking for a Little Brother," she said, "Someone who will suck him regularly – would you be willing to do that?"

"I suppose," I said, "But I still want to see you."

"Of course," Rachel assured me, "You are always welcomed here."

Rachel gave my contact information to Mike, and soon I began to receive text messages requesting blowjobs every day. I got hard nearly every time I received such a message, and always tried to respond as quickly as I could.

I really enjoyed blowing Mike, and whenever possible he would let me hold his cock in my mouth afterward while I jacked-off.

I still see Rachel from time to time, but she is busy recruiting other boys for her Little Brother program. I wondered how many of my friends were secretly cocksuckers like me, but realized that Rachel was probably the only one to know.

  To be continued . . .

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