First Taste of Cum Part 142    
          by Bill Beaumonte (  

This work of fiction contains explicit material intended for adults over 18. If you are under 18 or are offended by non-traditional sex, do not continue.  

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Author’s note:
This series presents a number of independent stories of about youthful first blowjobs. Some of these are inspired by my readers. I hope you enjoy this series.

BBC Finder

    I'm Bryan, a fourteen-year-old guy who dreams of cock. Specifically I dream of BBC -- Big Black Cock. I got hooked on it surfing the web for gay porn, and really love the images of white guys blowing studly black guys. I read stories on Nifty about sucking BBC, and how so many white guys crave BBC, and so many black guys love to have a white guy as their "bitch". I really wanted to be a bitch for a manly black guy, but had no idea how to make it happen.

There were black guys around, but I was afraid to approach them. I was afraid I might get beat up or worse -- I know that might sound racist, but it was a very real fear for me. I lived in an all-white part of town and went to an all-white middle school. There was a black neighborhood a few miles away, but I had never been there. I wondered if I went there if I would be able to find guys to blow. I didn't dare just go up to a stranger and offer a blowjob!

I looked at the Craigslist postings, and anwered a few postings from BBC's, but they all wanted to be paid to let me suck them. I couldn't afford that. I wondered if white guys wanted BBC so badly they would pay for it. I knew that some guys charged to give blowjobs, but never thought anyone would pay to do it!

Finally I stubled upon a website called, which provided a nationwide list of places to find BBC! I was really excited, but a little dubious -- it just sounded too good to be true. They listed a lot of major cities, such as New York, Chicago and Atlanta. I clicked on several and saw that they listed a number of public places where BBC supposedly could be found, as well as some private clubs.

I looked for my city and couldn't find it. It isn't a small town -- it's the capital of my state, but it isn't a major metropolis. I was about to give up when I saw a "search by zip code". With low expectations I entered my zip code and clicked on "search". To my surprise it listed a nearby shopping mall! I had never been there since it was in the middle of the black neighborhood, but take seemed like a likely place.

That sounded promising, but how exactly do I get started? I read further and it said to go to the public man's room in the south wing and hang out at the urinals. That made sence, it's a place where guys would normally have their cocks out, and that sounded like a good start.

I decided to give it a try next Saturday. Since I don't drive I had to ride my bike there, and felt really self-conscious as I entered the unfamiliar neighborhood. Arriving at the mall I locked my bike in a rack near the entrance and went inside. I saw a few other white guys, but I felt very alone.

As I walked along a couple of young black guys approached me and said, "Hey, you a Jack?"

"No, I'm Bryan," I said.

"Too bad," they replied, "You look like you'd make a nice Jack!"

I didn't know what that was about -- I felt like I'd entered an entirely new world!

I found a mall directory and looked at the map for the men's room. I saw several but looked specifically for the one in the south wing. I found it and walked to it. I entered and found it empty, so I walked up to the urinals. There were three, and I stood at the middle one, so anyone coming in would need to use one next to me. I stood there for a long time before anyone came in, and finally a tall black guy who looked like he was in his 20's came in and stood on my left. As he took out his cock I snuck a glance and it looked wonderful! Much better than any pictures I had seen on porn sites. I was really nervous -- I wanted that cock but was shit scared to say or do anything. I tried to be discrete, taking only short glances, but he must have saw me, and stepped back from the urinal, giving me a good view.

"Go ahead and get a good look," he said.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to stair," I said.

"Sure you did!" he insisted, "Now turn around and see what I have for you."

I slowly turned and as he finished pissing he turned right to me and said, "Go ahead, hold it."

I couldn't deny my desire, and reached to take his huge cock in my hand. Like magic, it grew as I felt him and I began to stroke him. Soon he was hard and I was looking at the biggest cock I had ever seen!

"Okay, you've played long enough," he said, "Now suck it!"

This was exactly what I've wanted, but now I was really nervous about getting started. "I haven't done this before," I said.

"No problem," he assured me, "This is a great time to start -- on your knees!"

Obediently, I dropped to my knees and he brought his BBC to my mouth. I opened and took him in, but he was so big I just couldn't suck him very well. He instructed me and I did my best to do as he said. I was rock hard, now in the most arousing experience of my life!

"Look up here," he said. I looked up and he snapped a picture with his phone. My first blowjob and already there is photographic evidence -- I hoped it wouldn't get out -- I love sucking but sure didn't want it generally known!

Then he pulled out and asked, "You wanna be my bitch?"

"Yes, I do," I replied.

"Then say it!" he demanded.

"I want to be your bitch!" I said.

"More respectful now," he said.

"May I please be your bitch, Sir?" I asked.

"That's more like it!" he said, "And what else do you want?"

"Please let me suck your manly cock!" I said.

"You want me to nut in your mouth?" he asked.

"Yes, please nut in my mouth," I requested.

"What you gonna do then?" he demanded.

"Swallow it all!" I said.

"Good bitch," he said, "Now finish your work!"

That was an especially humiliating exchange, but he was so dominant I just couldn't help but submit to his will. Making it even more humiliating was the fact that three other guys were standing there and watching me. Once I began sucking again they went to the urinals and pissed.

Afterwards they just turned to face me, not zipping up, with their limp cocks hanging out.

Soon the guy I was blowing said, "I'm close -- hold your mouth open," and he pulled out and began stroking.

He shot a couple of squirts of his load into my mouth, but then sprayed the rest on my face. The taste was really strong, but it was what I wanted, so I gratefully swallowed and said, "Thank you, Sir."

"I'm Jerome, and you now belong to me, bitch," he said, "And make sure you wear my cum as long as you are here."

The next guy stepped up and entered my mouth. I tried to follow what I had learned sucking Jerome.

In a few minutes he cames also, giving me his entire load in my mouth. I eagerly swallowed and thanked them. I sucked off the remaining two guys, as well as two more who came in, thanking each one afterward. I could have been sucking all afternoon if guys would keep coming in, but the didn't. I counted myself very fortunate to suck six BBC's on my very first time!

After the last guy pulled out I swallowed and got up. Jerome told me to come with him -- he was going to get me fixed up right.

He led me into a nearby store called Lids, that sold all sorts of hats, but mainly baseball caps. Jereome took me up to a Todd, who was the store manager.

"This be my bitch," Jerome said, "He needs a Jack cap -- take him in the back and try him out."

Todd took me back into the stock room and then unzipped, offering my his cock. I knew what I was supposed to do and got right to it. By now Jerome's cum was dry on my face, but I think it was still visible, so anyone who saw me up close would know what I've been doing. I sucked Todd, and soon he took hold of my head and began to stroke in and out. I learned that was called face-fucking, typically done by very dominant men, giving the sucker no control at all, except to wiggle my tongue back an forth as he fucked my mouth. When Todd came he pushed his cock right to the back of my mouth, gagging me, and sending his load down my throat. It was really a hot experience, but I regretted not being able to taste his seed.

"Thank you," I said as I swallowed.

"Jerome got a good bitch alright!" said Todd.

I followed Todd back out to the store and saw Jerome smiling. He was proud that he had scored me as his bitch.

Todd handed me a baseball cap with a black spade emblem with a lower case J in it. "Know what that is?" he asked.

I shook my head, so he told me, "That's the Jack of Spades, and means that you suck any BBC that's offered to you. It will also give you protection, because guys don't mess with Jacks."

I adjusted the cap and put it on. "It looks good on you," said Todd, "and very appropriate too."

Todd turned to Jerome and asked, "You want him to have cards too?" and Jerome nodded.

"Write down your cell number and email here," said Todd to me, handing me a paper.

"They'll be ready in fifteen minutes," he said.

Jerome asked how old I was, so I told him I was 14, which surprised him.

"You looked young to me, but I had no idea you were THAT young!" he said, "You got to be the youngest Jack I've seen!"

I felt pretty good about that, and hoped that it was something I should feel good about. I was now in a whole different world and wasn't all that sure of myself.

"You have some time to kill," he said, "Why don't you take a walk and see who you meet."

I started walking and people really started noticing me. They would look at my hat and then smile at me. I guess they had to know I was a bitch for black men. After awhile the two guys who first approached me came into sight and they noticed my cap.

As they approached one said, "I thought you said you weren't a Jack."

"I wasn't then," I said, "But now I am -- this is my first time."

"First time and you are a Jack already?" the guy replied, "You must be one eager bitch."

"I am," I said, "Anything I can do for you?"

They both smiled and we walked to the nearest men's room, where I blew them both, and two others who came in, thanking each afterward.

It might seem odd that I would thank them, since I was the service provider, but I would never be swallowing cum without them.

My stomach was beginning to feel a little uneasy -- perhaps from swallowing so much cum. I also realized that I hadn't had any lunch, so all that cum was on an empty stomach. I decided to get something to eat soon.

But now I had to get back, since it had been more than 15 minutes. I returned to Lids, where Jerome and Todd were waiting. They asked if I met anyone and I told them about it and they said I was probably getting more cock that almost any kid my age. It sure was a big change for me, since before today I only thought about cock.

Todd handed me a stack of cards that had my name and cell number, as well as my email address. The Jack emblem was there, which pretty much declared what I was about. "Give me some of those to pass around," Jerome said, "You're my bitch, but I'm glad to share you. You'll be hearing from a lot of my friends."

Jerome told me I was going to be one busy bitch and sent me on my way. I stopped at the food court and bought a snack and a drink. As I paid, the girl asked me if I was there often, and I said not so far, but planned to be. She asked if I had a card she coul give her brother.

"Do you mind if they're young?" she asked.

"No problem," I'll do any age," I replied.

She took my card and said the drink was free. I thanked her and left. My stomach felt better with some food in it. I wondered if I would continue to have stomach problems if I swallowed a lot of cum, or if I would get used to it with practice. I figured I would find out soon enough because I expected to swallow a whole lot of cum!

I left the mall and unlocked my bike and started for home. I felt better about being in the black neighborhood now, but was still a little nervous, and with good reason. I was almost to the white neighborhood when three kids stopped me, saying, "Got any money?"

They looked to be high school age, and could easily whip my ass. I felt like I was going to pee my pants, when one of them came to my rescue and said, "Leave the kid alone -- he's a Jack!"

"Well then, Jack," said one of them, "How about a blowjob?"

"Sure," I said, "Where?"

They led me down an alley and behind a dumpster, where they unzipped, so I dropped to my knees. I knew that from now on blowjobs would be my ticket through neighborhoods like these. I blew all three of them, thanking them afterward.

The rest of my ride home was uneventful. I made sure I hid the Jack cap before I got home -- sure didn't want to have to explain it.

As I entered the house I avoided looking directly at anyone, since I could still feel Jerome's dried cum on my face and didn't know if it would be visible to anyone else. I went to the bathroom and washed my face, then jacked off recalling the events of the day. I decide that I would go back to the mall tomorrow.

Throughout the evening I recieved a number of text messages from guys wanting blowjobs. I told them that I would be at the mall tomorrow and they said they would find me.

In bed I jacked-off once again, knowing I'd have another cum-filled day tomorrrow.

The next morning I planned to get to the mall at 9am, just as they opened. I checked my phone and had a message from a guy who said he was from Mall Security and asked me to stop in the security office before I got started. I told him that I would, and wondered what sort of trouble I might be in.

Arriving at the mall, I went right to the security office, where I woman greeted me. She said that she had sent me the text and wanted to welcome me, and said I was already the talk of the mall.

I thanked her and said I thought I might be in some sort of trouble, but she assured me that I wasn't.

"It's just as a professional courtesy that we ask you to come by the security office to take care of any guys in need," she said, "Sometimes I like to watch, if that's okay with you."

"Fine with me," I said, smiling back at her.

She made and announcement over the security radio that the new Jack was here, and they should come by to meet me.

Soon four security guards returned and greeted me. "I'm ready when you are," I said, eager to suck. We went into a back room where I sucked them all, thanking them afterward.

It wasn't even 9:30 and I'd already blown four guys. Well, it's Sunday, so it was only appropriate that I be on my knees a lot.

I decided to walk around the mall a bit to see if I could meet anyone before hanging out in the men's room.

I blew seventeen guys that Sunday, and gave out cards to most of them.

After about a month I had a pretty good routine down. I would work like crazy at school to get my homework done there so I would have my evenings free. I rode my bike right from school to the mall, where I spent a few hours sucking befor going home for dinner. Sometimes I would go back to the mall after dinner, but most nights I stayed home, as my parents expected. My weekends were spent sucking every BBC offered me.

At school I was just a typical straight guy. I flirted with the girls, and nobody had a clue of my secret life. Most guys would only dream about sex, but I was giving 30-50 blowjobs a week and cumming once or twice a day! I was truly living the dream!

  To be continued . . .

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