First Taste of Cum Part 147    
          by Bill Beaumonte (  

This work of fiction contains explicit material intended for adults over 18. If you are under 18 or are offended by non-traditional sex, do not continue.  

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Author’s note:
This series presents a number of independent stories of about youthful first blowjobs. Some of these are inspired by my readers. I hope you enjoy this series.

Being a Buddy

    I'm Blake, a fifteen-year-old guy, new to a school with a large mixture of students. As a white guy, I am definitely in the minority. There are more Latinos than whites, and more blacks still. There were some Asians, but not very many. There was a lot of inter-racial dating, which I liked. I especially liked black girls because they were more buxom, and had nice big asses. I had talked to quite a few of them, and they all seemed friendly enough, but I just didn't have the nerve to ask them on a date.

At the same time, I was really curious about cocksucking. I had seen it on some gay porn and often jacked-off thinking about it. It was awkward for me in the showers after gym class – it was hard to avoid looking at the black kid's big cocks, but I did my best to be discrete.

I noticed that there were a lot of white guys that hung out with black guys – but typically only one white guy at a time. There might be one black guy and one white guy, or ten black guys and one white guy. It was as if they had one token white guy in their circle of friends. I hadn't seen that before, and wondered if it might be prompted by the school's anti-bully program. They tried to promote understanding between the races and encouraged inter-racial dating. Maybe this was just an extension of that theme. There were lots of posters throughout the school that said, "Be a Buddy – not a Bully".

One day I received an anonymous email titled, "You can be a Buddy". It explained that as a white guy new to the school they wanted to introduce me to a special program, where white guys could become "Blowjob Buddies" with one or more black guys. The program had been in place for two years, and violence had greatly reduced. It is well known that white guys are naturally drawn to black cock, and this program simply facilitates a natural union that might not have happened otherwise.

There was a link to a website where I could apply. The messaged closed with the familiar, "Be a Buddy – not a Bully!"

I closed the email and looked up some gay porn. I looked at pictures of white guys sucking black cocks and before long I just had to jack-off. As I approached climax I focused on a picture of a black guy shooting cum into the open mouth of a white guy, and really wished that were me.

After I came I thought about becoming a Blowjob Buddy, but it seemed like a pretty big commitment. The porn pictures were all I really needed now. But over the weeks I found myself wanting more – the pictures just weren't enough and as I watched the guys at school I saw that the white guys seemed to be really treated well by the black guys they were with. I thought that they must really appreciate the blowjobs they were getting.

Finally, I decided that I wanted to be giving some of those blowjobs, and opened that old email. I went to the link and had lots of questions to answer, and hurried through them. After I hit "submit" a page came up saying that I should contact Tara Edwards at school to finish the process. Tara was a really good looking black girl with an ass I just loved, but I was not about to let a girl know I wanted to suck cocks. I had never actually met Tara, but thought she was really hot and I hoped that I might date her. Thinking about her got me hot, and I had to jacked-off as a result. Once I came I decided to not take any further action – There was no way I was going to Tara and have her know I wanted to suck!

I'd put the matter behind me, but two days later there was an announcement, requesting that I check in at the main office. When I arrived I was shocked to see Tara waiting for me. She smiled and introduced herself and took me to a small conference room and closed the door. "I've recieved your application to be a Buddy, but you didn't follow-up, so I'm reaching out to you now.

I was so embarrased sitting there with such a hot girl – with her knowing I'm a cocksucker – or want to be.

She saw that I was blushing red and said, "You white boys have a hard time hiding your feelings, but it's nothing to be embarrassed about – white guys have sought BBC for as long as the two races have been in contact."

"BBC?" I asked.

"Big Black Cock," replied Tara, "That is what you want, isn't it?"

"Yes," I agreed, "But I like girls too."

"Not a problem," Tara assured me, "Most of the girls will accept you being a Buddy – in fact some like it."

"They do?" I asked in amazement.

"Sure," replied Tara, "I sure do, and sometimes I get to watch."

Tara asked me a few more questions she said were necessary to make a good match. Finally she told me that I might be a good match for Ike, who had requested a Buddy. She showed me a picture of Ike and I agreed to be his Buddy. I went back to class, wondering what I had gotten into.

At lunch Tara took me to meet Ike. He was a little taller than I was, and of similar build. After introducing us she left us to get acquinted. "So your new to our school?" he asked.

"New to everything – the school, this Buddy stuff – everything," I replied.

"But not new to sucking?" he asked.

"Never done it before," I admitted, "You'll have to teach me."

"Want to start now?" Ike offered, "We have 20 minutes before class."

I agreed and followed him to a men's room. We went to the end stall and he held the door for me. I saw that there was not toilet – the stall was completely empty. He told me to go in, and afterward he entered and latched the door. He unzipped and I dropped to my knees. He brought his cock nearly to my lips, for an arousing sight that far surpassed the pictures I had seen.

I opened my mouth and he slid his cock in, and proceeded to teach me how to suck. I followed his directions, though I felt a bit clumsy about it. Still, I was thrilled to be giving my first blowjob. I enjoyed sucking Ike so much I didn't want it to end, but Ike brought me back to reality – by pumping his hot seed into my mouth.

I was completely unprepared for the flavor – really strong and different from anything else I had ever tasted!

I swallowed and Ike said, "Now we're Buddies!" He pulled out and zipped up. I had been so consumed with blowing Ike that I hadn't noticed that there were a number of other guys in the mens room. I was uneasy about people seeing us coming out of the stall together but Ike said it's normal here, and just opened the door and went out. I followed and saw that everyone seemed to be looking at me.

Ike said, "Hey guys, this is my new Buddy, Blake. I was amazed that they all started clapping their hands, welcoming me to being a Buddy.

I was really feeling great the rest of the afternoon. I didn't know where all this would lead, but felt like I had accomplished something wonderful!

  To be continued . . .

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