First Taste of Cum Part 148    
          by Bill Beaumonte (  

This work of fiction contains explicit material intended for adults over 18. If you are under 18 or are offended by non-traditional sex, do not continue.  

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Author’s note:
This series presents a number of independent stories of about youthful first blowjobs. Some of these are inspired by my readers. I hope you enjoy this series.

CD Seduction II

    I'm Ron, a thirteen-year-old middle school boy, discovering that sex is a lot more than what they teach in Sex Education class! Thanks to my friend Tommy [see First Taste of Cum Part 141: CD Seduction I], I learned of Rachel, who gave him advanced Sex Education training – teaching him what he REALLY needed to know!

Tommy told me about Rachel, a high school girl who loved to play with boys our age and make us cum. I sure didn't need any more convincing and I begged Tommy to tell me how to meet Rachel. He said he would set it up. A few days later as we walked home from school he pointed out a bench along the sidewalk.

"Tomorrow just sit there after school and Rachel will meet you here," he said, "The rest is up to you."

"What should I do?" I asked Tommy.

"Whatever she tells you to," Tommy replied, "Do what she says and you'll have the time of your life!"

My mind raced, thinking about all the cool possibilities. By the time I got home I had to jack-off. The very idea of having a hot high school girl show me the ropes was almost beyond belief!

The next day I sat on the bench that Tommy had pointed out. I watched each girl that passed by, hoping they would be Rachel. Of course, I took special note of their tits and ass, and was immediately drawn to an ass that nearly brought me to my knees! Please – let this be Rachel – and it was!

"Are you Ron?" she asked.

"Yes, Rachel," I replied, "I'm Ron, and I really glad to meet you."

Rachel led me to her house and we went in, where she offered me a cola. She said she would be right back and shortly returned wearing only a thin robe. She walked up to me, stopping a few feet short of me and opened the robe, revealing a lovely body wearing Royal Blue bra and panties. She dropped the robe and turned around, and I could see that the panties were a thong, revealing the best looking ass I had ever seen! (Actually it was the only girl’s ass I had seen in real life, but I had seen a lot of pictures.)

"I think you should get undressed," Rachel said, and I responded immediately. I fumbled a lot, not watching what I was doing, since my eyes were glued to Rachel's fabulous body!

Once I was standing there naked before her she took my cock and balls in her hands and began fondling me. I enjoyed playing with myself, but this was way better than anything I had ever done. My cock was immediately hard and felt like it must be a foot long. I looked down and saw that I was indeed fully hard, but my boy cock was still only a few inches long. I was a little embarrassed for Rachel to see my puny size, but she was cool with it.

"You are obviously ready to cum," said Rachel, "And I'll bet your cock gets bigger every day – one day you may be hung like a horse!"

Don't I wish! But for now I was content with the feeling Rachel was giving me. I just couldn't take any more and a wave of pleasure washed over me as I came in Rachel's hand. I was completely in her control and delighted about it!

After I caught my breath I said, "That was amazing! Thank you Rachel."

She brought her hand up and showed me the puddle of my cum, and dipped a finger in, and tasted it. She dipped her finger again and brought it to my mouth.

"No thanks," I said, having no interest in tasting my cum, but Rachel insisted.

"Taste it!" she said, and I opened my mouth. She brushed her finger across my tongue and I winced at the strong taste.

"Have some more," Rachel continued, "It’s good for you, and you will grow to like the taste."

I remembered Tommy's instructions to do whatever she said, so I dipped my finger into my cum and took some more. Finally, I had swallowed all of my cum – it still didn't taste good, but wasn't as bad as the first taste.

Rachel led me to the couch and asked me to unhook her bra, which I gladly did. I fumbled with it until I figured it out – it wasn't difficult, but I had never done it before. Rachel turned toward me as she let the bra fall from her tits, and for the first time I saw tits in real life. She invited me to touch them, and I didn't need to be asked twice. I loved the soft feel of them and when I squeezed her nipples she moaned with pleasure.

"So what did Tommy tell you about me?" Rachel asked.

"Not much," I replied, "Except that you taught him a lot more about sex than he got in Sex Education!"

Rachel smiled and said, "Are you a quick learner?"

"I'm ready to learn anything you can teach me!" I replied.

"Well Ron," said Rachel, "What do you think sex is all about?"

"Making babies," I said, "At least according to Sex Education."

"That's a bunch of crap!" she replied, "You hardly ever want to make babies – sex is about cumming!"

"So we just had sex," I observed.

"Exactly!" agreed Rachel, "And there are an endless number of ways to have sex."

"I want to learn more ways," I responded.

"Oh, you will," Rachel assured me, "You can have sex by yourself – I'm sure you've done that – but it's always better with a partner."

"It sure is!" I agreed, "Please teach me more!"

"Give me your email address," she said, "And I'll send you some links for you to review, and when you are ready, you can try it."

I gave Rachel my email address and she asked me to suck her nipples before I left, which I gladly did.

Rachel was on my mind all through dinner – I felt like I was really in love! After dinner I checked my email and found one from Rachel with some links. I clicked on the links and they were pictures and videos of young boys sucking men's cocks. I had never seen anything like this before and it had never occurred to me that anyone would do such a thing. I studied the images with interest. These boys were actually making the men cum by sucking them!

Those images stayed with me long after I turned off my computer. I had naturally thought that sex was always between a boy and a girl, though I did recall jacking off with Tommy a couple of times. It never occurred to me to take a cock into my mouth – maybe that was what the word "cocksucker" was all about.

The next morning I woke up with my usual boner, and started the day by jacking off. I thought about Rachel and then about the cocksucking images and began to imagine doing it myself. I came quickly into a tissue. Remembering what Rachel had said about eating my cum, I popped the cum-soaked tissue into my mouth and sucked on it while I took my shower. After my shower I spit out the tissue and thought it would have been better to just cum in my hand and lick it up – I'll have to remember that.

Before I left for school I dashed off an email to Rachel telling her I was ready to learn more and asking if I could see her tonight. She must have been online because I got a nearly immediate reply to wait on the bench for her.

All during the school day I couldn't get Rachel out of my mind. At lunch Tommy asked me about my time with Rachel and I said it was great. He assured me that I would never be the same, and I just said, "I'm not!"

After school I waited on the bench, and Rachel arrived, and we went to her house. I undressed and Rachel stripped down to just her thong panties. My erection was well on its way.

We talked about sucking men off, and I said it looked interesting, and it sure was a good deal for the guy getting sucked, but what does the sucker get?

"Usually the sucker gets aroused from it," explained Rachel, "And he will often jack-off while sucking."

"I'll give it a try," I said, "So how do I find a guy to suck?"

"I'll hook you up when the time is right," she said, "But you can learn on me."

Rachel stood up and slipped her panties down, and out popped a semi-hard cock! I don't know how she had hidden it, but there it was, pointing right at me.

I stared at this incredible sight – a really sexy girl with a cock! They sure didn't cover THIS in Sex Education!

"I was born a boy," explained Rachel, "But I'm a girl now."

I sure didn't understand this, but I knew I wanted her!

Rachel could sense my interest and approached me. As she did, she rocked her hips in her usual manner – one that made her buns bounce in the most inviting manner. But from the front it made her cock bob from side to side, as if inviting me to suck her.

She stopped inches from my face, and I was looking at a cock in a manner I never had before. I opened my mouth and she slipped in. Closing around her I was amazed at how good she felt in my mouth – as if she belonged there! I ran my tongue around the head, wanting to get to know every part.

Rachel guided me, directing me how to move my tongue, and to make swallowing motions with my throat, and soon I felt her cock begin to pulse and pump her hot load into my mouth. I eagerly took every drop, feeling a sense of accomplishment.

"Don't swallow just yet," she said, and I held her load in my mouth.

After a couple of minutes she told me to swallow, now that I had an opportunity to savor her taste.

"You didn't cum?" Rachel asked.

"No," I said, "I was so busy I didn't even think of it."

"We'll have to take care of that!" she said, and helped me to my feet, then dropped to her knees. The feeling was incredible, and she only sucked me for a few minutes before I came.

"That was the best yet!" I said.

"Are you ready to suck a guy next time?" she asked.

"Sure," I said, "But I like sucking you too."

"I'll have a guy here tomorrow," Rachel said, "You can suck us both."

I went home and once again thought about Rachel, but now in a very different way. She was clearly very special, and I didn't know how many other girls there were like her – I hoped I would meet others.

The next day I waited on the bench for Rachel, and soon she greeted me. We went to her house and this time we both got naked. I couldn't take my eyes off her cock, but she told me she had something else for me, and knelt on the couch, facing the back of it, legs apart, showing me her lovely femme ass, with balls hanging down.

Her ass was so sexy, I was immediately drawn to it. "Kiss me," she said.

I dropped to my knees and kissed one cheek, then the other and then her balls. She reached back and spread her cheeks, exposing her pink pucker. I had never seen this before, and it looked nicer than I had expected. I was pleasantly surprised that the only smell was her perfume, so without hesitation I kissed her pucker.

"Deeper," she moaned, and I extended my tongue into her. I reached between her legs and stroked her. She was fully hard now and I wanted to suck her.

Just then the doorbell rang, and we had to stop.

Rachel got up and answered the door naked, which must have been quite a thrill!

She brought a high school boy in who she introduced as Jim, who smiled and promptly unzipped. He took his cock out and offered it to me. I dropped to my knees and began to suck him. Rachel reminded me to stroke myself off, which seemed to really enhance my sucking. I shot into my hand and soon Jim rewarded me with his hot seed. I swallowed Jim's load and then licked up mine. Jim thanked me and zipped up. After Jim left I sucked Rachel off. I did enjoy sucking Jim, especially cumming while I did, but sucking Rachel was better, and I told her so.

"Jim really needs someone to suck him regularly," Rachel said, "Would you do that for him?"

At this point I'd agree to nearly anything Rachel asked, and she said she would tell Jim.

From that time forward, I sucked Jim off four or five times a week, jacking off as I did. While other boys were chasing after girls, hoping to get lucky, I was getting as much sex as I wanted. I only saw Rachel occasionally, but am grateful for the education she gave me!

  To be continued . . .

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