First Taste of Cum Part 232    
          by Bill Beaumonte (  

This work of fiction contains explicit material intended for adults over 18. If you are under 18 or are offended by non-traditional sex, do not continue.  

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Author’s note:
This series presents a number of independent stories of about youthful first blowjobs. Some of these are inspired by my readers. I hope you enjoy this series.

Special Friend

    I'm Jim, a thirteen-year-old white guy whose world view has just expanded. I lived in an all-white neighborhood, but that all changed one day when Jamal moved next door. He was sixteen and lived with his father and older brother, Jake. I had heard a number of stories about how rough and tough black guys were, and since I had no personal experience, I tended to believe it.

However, on the day they moved in that all changed. Jamal, Jake and their father came over and introduced themselves. Jamal's father was a doctor taking a job at our local cardiac clinic, and the two boys seemed like they were heading for professional careers as well. They certainly weren't anything like the black stereotypes I had heard of.

I helped them move in and a friendship developed between Jamal and myself. Usually older guys wanted nothing to do with me – some just calling me a "crummy kid", but Jamal was different. I was about to learn just how different things were with Jamal.

After about a week I was at Jamal's house after school and we were watching TV in the living room. "I want to show you something you may never have seen before," Jamal said, stood up and unzipped. He took out an absolutely enormous cock! I'd never seen a cock so big before. I saw the other white kid's cocks at a distance in the shower at school, but they were small, as was I by comparison. I'd thought my cock was about average size, but now I had something else to compare with.

Why on earth would he be showing me his cock like this – it wasn't something I'd ever experienced before. I couldn't resist staring at it. It was soft but bigger than my cock was when I was hard. "This is really new to me," I said nervously.

"Sorry to catch you by surprise," replied Jamal, "I just wanted to offer to share it out of friendship."

I thought that was really friendly of Jamal, but I had no idea how to respond. Finally I said, "It's really big!"

"Black guys usually are," replied Jamal with a smile, "And girls love it, as well as white boys."

"White boys?" I asked.

"It's not soemthing you might have heard about in your circle of friends," explained Jamal, "But lots of white boys love to suck black cocks."

"I've never sucked any cock before," I confessed, "In fact I've never even thought of it – I always regarded it as something gay guys do."

"Gays do," Jamal replied, "But this is different – it's more a form of respect."

"I don't get it," I said, "How is it a form of respect?"

"Well," began Jamal, "Bigger cocks tend to command either envy or respect. Envy often leads to conflict, so when black men share their cocks with white guys, and it bonds them together in a sort of mutual respect – we call them special friends."

"You mean you'll respect me if I give you a blowjob?" I asked.

"I know it's difficult to accept," continued Jamal, "You just have to experience it."

"I don't know," I said skeptically, "Can I touch it?" Jake nodded, and I took his enormous cock into my hand. It was warm and spongy feeling, but as I handled it, it began to stiffen and get even bigger. It had to be nearly eight inches long and seemed to be throbbing in my hands. I stroked it and Jamal moaned.

"If you want to just hold it in your mouth this first time it's okay," he said, "You can finish another time."

"You won't cum in my mouth?" I asked, knowing that girls usually didn't let even their boyfriends cum in their mouths.

"Not until you're ready to take it," Jamal assured me.

For some reason I felt drawn to Jamal's huge cock. I never could have imagined this happening, but I found myself getting on my knees with his cock head just inches from my mouth. Tentatively I opened my mouth and took part of his cock in. There was no way his whole cock would fit in, but I took what I could.

It felt strangely nice – like it was supposed to be there. I knelt there in confusion – on one hand liking his cock in my mouth while on the other realizing it wasn't something that straight guys normally did.

I traced the contours of his big cock head with my tongue and heard him moan as I ran my tongue along the underside of the head.

"You're gonna make me cum if you keep that up!" declared Jamal, and I stopped.

I pulled off Jamal and said, "That's a lot of cock, and I'm not ready for more today."

Jamal smiled and said, "This looks like it will become a wonderful friendship."

I went home and couldn't get his cock out of my mind! I had never had a black friend before, and maybe this was what a black-white friendship was all about.

When I went to bed I thought about Jamal more and found myself getting aroused. I began to stroke and soon found myself thinking about sucking that huge cock. I thought about arousing him with my tongue and then imagined him cumming in my mouth! That was enough to send me over the edge and I shot my load in my underwear. Without changing my underwear, I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I awoke and felt the dried cum in my underwear. It stiffened the fabric of my underwear in a spot. I wondered what cum tasted like, and soon I slipped off my underwear and put the spot with the dried cum in my mouth. As my saliva re-hydrotested my cum I could taste it. Strong tasting – not like anything else, but I had no idea what to expect. I thought that fresh cum might taste different, but that was yet to be discovered.

I realized that I now wanted Jamal to cum in my mouth! That was a big step for me, but I was anxious to take it.

Jamal was in high school and I was still in middle school, so I didn't see him during the day. I texted him, "I'm ready to continue our friendship."

He texted back that he was glad and would see me after school.

All day long I thought about sucking Jamal and wondered what his cum would taste like. Finally, the bell rang for the end of the day and I hurried home and over to Jamal's house. He greeted me and led me to the living room, where he unzipped.

"Are you ready to consummate our friendship?" Jamal asked, once again offering me his massive cock.

"I am," I replied, dropping to my knees.

"We are about to engage in something man have secretly done for thousands of years," said Jamal, "Cementing friendships that can last a lifetime."

I was already eager for his cock, but this made it sound so noble, I took him into my mouth and sucked him with pride. Remembering the sensitive spot on the underside of his head, I wiggled my tongue back and forth there as Jamal moaned. As I continued his moaning grew louder and then I felt his huge cock grow even larger, then it began to pulse as he shot is hot load into my mouth. It was strong tasting, like my own, but even better. Maybe getting it fresh made a difference, but beyond the taste I loved the fact that I had made Jamal cum!

"Thanks, that was great!" said Jamal as he pulled out, "How's the taste?"

"I like it," I said, "And I really liked sucking you!"

Jamal smiled and replied, "I'm glad you do – we have begun to develop a bond that is different than any other."

"Now to reinforce it, the next time you should be naked and jack-off while you suck me," he said.

That had never occurred to me, but sounded really exciting. "I could stand to cum now," I said.

"Then take your clothes off and do it," said Jamal, "I'll let you hold my cock in your mouth while you do."

I quickly undressed and was immediately hard. Jamal took hold of my cock and squeezed it, getting me fully hard. He put his soft cock next to mine. Even hard, I was puny next to him. He didn't need to say anything – I instantly realized that he was manlier than I was, and was glad he shared his wonderful cock with me.

I got back on my knees and took Jamal into my mouth as I stroked. Stroking with his cock in my mouth was better than any jack-off fantasy I had ever had, and in minutes I was soaking a tissue with my cum. By the time I came, Jamal was fully hard again and ready for another. I couldn't let my friend down, so I sucked him to completion, and was rewarded with another tasty load.

I got dressed and slipped the cum-soaked tissue into my pants pocket. As I left, I popped it into my mouth and chewed it like gum, releasing the distinctive taste of my cum, reminding me of my special friendship with Jamal. That night as I lay in bed, I thought about sucking Jamal again and jacked-off replaying the events of this afternoon.

When I cum I shot my load into my other hand, and then licked up my warm cum. This was better than shoot into a tissue, and this way I wouldn't waste any of the cum.

From that time forward I hung out with Jamal every chance I got, and sucked him every day. Usually it was at Jamal's house, before his brother or father got home. I would strip down and jack-off while I sucked him, cumming in my hand. Sometimes I would cum before he did, in which case I would pause and lick up my cum, and then resume the blowjob. If Jamal came first it would nearly always trigger me to cum. If it didn't, I continued to hold his cock and load in my mouth until I came.

Jamal liked me licking up my own cum and said that by combining our loads (either in my mouth or stomach), it further strengthened the bond between us. On weekends we would go someplace away from home. I usually didn't get undressed or jack-off, but just blew Jamal when we found an appropriate place. Sometimes it was in his car. Jamal liked to go to the parking lot of a busy shopping mall. Even though there were a lot of people walking around, they didn't pay any attention. Jamal would take out his huge cock and I would sit in the passenger seat and lean over to blow him. The only way anyone could see anything was if they walked right by the car, and Jamal watched for anyone approaching to closely. When I was done, he had me stay down until he was sure nobody could see before I sat up. I was scared doing it like that the first time, but after a few it became exciting.

I told Jamal that I had seen a white guy a little older than I was hanging out with his brother Jake. "Is he a special friend to Jake like I am to you?" I asked.

"He is," confirmed Jamal, "It's a practice that is getting fairly popular. Usually when you see a white guy who is frequently with the same black guy, that's what's going on.

"Do you guys ever share your white friends with each other?" I asked.

"You mean will I ever make you suck another guy off?" Jamal asked. I nodded.

"That wouldn't be very friendly," Jamal continued, "Now if you wanted to, that would be different."

"I'm not sure I'd say I want to," I admitted, "But I would be open to it."

"That's not at all unusual," he replied, "Some white boys like black cock so much they just can't get enough. Some of them are real cum-sluts."

I didn't want to be a cum-slut but wouldn't mind sucking a few other cocks. "I'm not really looking for anything," I said, "But I trust you Jamal, and will suck anyone you want me to."

Jamal smiled and asked, "Would you be willing to my father? He hasn't found a special friend since we moved."

"Sure," I confirmed, "If you want me to."

"Once I tell them what good friends we've become," he explained, "You can still suck me in my house on weekends, but as a courtesy you should offer to suck him."

"That seems fair enough," I said, "You decide when."

I really didn't want to admit it – even to Jamal – but I really wanted to suck other cocks – I didn't want to be known as a cum-slut, though I kind of wanted to swallow a lot of cum. I'd been sucking Jamal for nearly a month now, and had become a proficient cocksucker, and took pride in my work, and looked forward to sucking more guys.

On Friday I sucked Jamal at his house, and as I was leaving he said, "I told Jake and my father what a good friend you were, and they want to evaluate your work – are you okay with sucking him tomorrow?

On Saturday I went to Jamal's house, where Jamal's father told me he was really glad that Jamal had such a good friend, and that I was so open-minded.

"I would like to think that if I'm a friend to Jamal that I'm a friend to the entire family," I said, smiling.

Jamal's father smiled and said, "We feel that way too! Now why don't you get comfortable and take off those clothes?" I quickly undressed and soon I stood naked in front of the two black men I intended to suck.

Jamal's father motioned me to come to him. I approached and he took hold of my cock and fondled me to erection. "That's a nice little pecker you have," he said, "No wonder you are a BBC lover!"

I looked puzzled, and Jamal added, "That means Big Black Cock."

"I would welcome your BBC," I said to Jamal's father, "And yours," I said to Jamal.

Jamal's father let go of my cock and unbuckled his pants. He stood up and let his pants and shorts drop to his ankles, revealing a cock much bigger than Jamal's. As I stroked him to erection, I realized that he must be at least ten inches long and almost too thick to get into my mouth.

He wasn't fully hard just yet, so I took his cock head and part of the shaft into my mouth quickly, before he was too thick to get in. He continued to grow, stretching my mouth as he did. I had barely enough room to move my tongue around, and focused on the bottom of his cock head, which was also arousing for him. Jamal also would not fit entirely in my mouth, and I learned to compensate by stroking the shaft of his cock that was outside my mouth – kind of a combination blowjob and handjob. I had become proficient at that and used the same approach with his father. In a few minutes he blasted his load into my eager mouth. I held his cock in my mouth for as long as he wanted – then he pulled out and I swallowed.

Jamal's father said, "We really appreciate your helping us out like this. I'm glad Jamal has you as a special friend. We all had special friends before we moved, and really miss them. Thank you for taking care of us while we look for our special friends." I told him I was glad to help – the truth was that I loved the opportunity to suck more black cock.

After that Jamal took me up to his room where we resumed our usual practice of my blowing him while jacking-off. I'd been jacking-off for years, but it wasn't until I jacked-off while sucking Jake that I had such really exciting orgasms! I suppose sucking just puts me into a state of extreme arousal, which leads to stronger orgasms. Whatever the reason, I only wanted to cum with a cock in my mouth – a BBC!

While I really love sucking Jamal and his father, we really did get to be very good friends, and he took me to many sporting events. Jamal got to know several other black guys there, and they all seemed to comment on my presence, since I was obviously not black. Jamal would introduce me as his "special friend". Eventually I realized that "special friend" meant a white cocksucker. At first I felt embarrassed about it, but then I grew to like it, especially when other black guys said they wished they had a special friend.

I told Jamal that if he wanted, I would be glad to blow any of his friends who needed it. He probably thought that I was just trying to be helpful – which I was – but most of all I was looking for more BBC to suck! Jamal asked me to suck a couple of his new friends, and soon word got around and Jamal became very popular by sharing me.

While I continued to suck Jamal every day, his father no longer needed my services, because he now had a special friend of his own. I spent a lot of time with Jamal and usually gave a dozen or more blowjobs a week to his friends. It got so that any time I saw a black guy I couldn't help but wonder what his cock was like.

It worked out well for Jamal because he became very popular, and my skills improved, so I was now one of the best cocksuckers around – and very proud of it. I didn't know who the other special friends were, but watched Jamal's house when I wasn't with him, looking for white guys who came by too often to be coincidental. After a while I realized that my father spent a lot of time with Jamal's father. I would ask him if I could go with him, but he always put me off, saying something like, "I'll only be a minute." He usually wasn't gone long – just long enough to give a blowjob.

In the fall during hunting season my father went on a hunting trip with Jamal's father for a week. The thought of my father sucking lots of BBC in the woods was nearly constantly on my mind, so finally I had to ask, "Jamal, is my father your dad's special friend?" Jamal confirmed it, and I felt a certain sense of pride knowing that my father and I shared a really special passtime.

  To be continued . . .

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