First Taste of Cum Part 233    
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Author’s note:
This series presents a number of independent stories of about youthful first blowjobs. Some of these are inspired by my readers. I hope you enjoy this series.

Adopted to Suck

    I'm Norm, a thirteen-year-old white boy who lived in a church-run orphanage. The staff told me I had little hope of being adopted because of what was in my record. I thought they had it in for me and poisoned my record, because they didn't like me – except for Mr. Madison. He was the only one who seemed to take an interest in me, so one day I asked him, "What's in my record that keeps anyone from wanting me?"

"I don't know of anything," he replied, "But I'll take a look. The only thing I know of is your age. People like to adopt infants or kids. Most don't want the trouble of adopting teens."

"I don't know why that should matter," I said, "If they're looking for someone to love and be part of the family."

"As a father of a couple of teenagers I can tell you first hand," he continued, "Those are tough years both for the kids and for the parents. Trust me on that."

Mr. Madison was always pretty straight with me, so I didn't press it further. He said he would let me know tomorrow if he saw anything troubling in my record.

In all honesty I had gotten into a little more trouble than other boys, which earned me plenty of discipline. I looked forward to hearing from Mr. Madison tomorrow.

The next morning I was told to report to Mr. Madison's office at 10am. I was nervous when I arrived, not knowing what was going to be revealed.

"Your file consists of two parts," he began, "Public and private. The public part is what potential adoptive parents see. By law it cannot contain anything inflammatory or prejudicial. Then there is the private file, that only we see. Technically, we aren't supposed to let you guys see either one, but I'll let you see what is here while you're in my office."

"When I first scanned through your file I saw nothing problematic," he continued, "But then I went back more carefully and found one thing – not a big thing, especially if adoptive parents are open minded."

"What did you find?" I asked.

"Just a brief entry that says you may have homosexual tendencies," he replied.

"Looks like I'm gonna grow old here," I said, "Nobody wants to adopt a faggot – it's no fair! I didn't even do anything."

"That's not the way the private record reads," he countered, "It says here that you were caught fellating another boy."

"What the heck is that?" I asked.

"You were having oral sex with another boy – a blowjob, if you prefer," he explained.

"That was nothing!" I insisted.

I got caught sucking a kid in the shower, but never got to finish!" I protested, "And for that I'm forever doomed?"

"You aren't doomed, Norm," he tried to console me, "But it does make it more difficult. Open minded people wouldn't care, and if you do get to meet any, just be sure you’re especially charming."

I thanked him and left. I sure didn't like what was in my record, but I knew it was true. I've been jacking-off thinking about cocks for years, and the only time I ever acted on my feelings I got caught before I could get very far. The holy-rollers who run this place keep a close watch on us, so there just isn't much opportunity for hanky-panky.

I tried to stay out of trouble as much as possible, and things were going pretty smoothly. After a few months I was surprised to hear that a person considering adoption wanted to meet me. That was sure a good sign. I was told to make myself as presentable as possible and come to the main office at 2pm. I did and was introduced to Mrs. Wycott, a black woman who seemed to be in her mid thirties. The administrator led us to a private conference room where we could talk privately. I was really surprised that a black woman would have any interest in a white kid.

She described her situation – divorced with sons eleven and sixteen. She said she thought I could add nicely to their family. "I just wanted to check on something that I read in your file – it says you have homosexual redundancies," she said.

"I was messing around with another guy in the shower one time," I explained, "But they broke that up before it got very far."

"And that's the only time?" she asked. I nodded.

"Norm, now this is really important, and I need you to be completely honest with me," she said, "I know boys can do some harmless fooling around, but I need to know – do you desire to play around with boys?"

I didn't know what answer she was looking for, and nothing she had said offered any clues. So finally I decided to just tell the truth, and said, "Yes, I feel those desires, but I've kept them under control – they don't allow that sort of stuff here."

Mrs. Wycott smiled and said, "You would be welcomed to act upon your desires in our home – Zack is always horny and I'm sure he'd welcome it."

That floored me – did I hear what I thought I heard? "Let me see if I got this right," I replied, "You want to adopt me so I can give blowjobs to Zack?"

"Now Norm," she replied, "I would never put it like that, but I think you have the idea – but only if that's what you want – we don't want to force you – it's could just be your way to show affection."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing – I was to be adopted to be a cocksucker! That would be difficult for anyone to believe. "I think I might like that," I responded.

"But you should meet Zack first," she said, "I'll bring him in."

She stepped out and returned shortly with Zack, a tall, good looking black kid. "I'll leave you two alone to get acquainted, and do whatever seems right," she said, "You might want to lock the door for additional privacy."

She left and Zack locked the door. We talked small talk for a bit, and then got down to the heart of the conversation. "How do you feel about adopting me?" I asked.

"It was my idea," Zack said, "Not about you in particular, but about adopting a white boy."

"You want a white boy to blow you?" I asked, getting right to the point.

"Sure, why not?" Zack responded, "It's hot to be sucked by a white boy, and they seem to all like black cocks – it’s a win for everybody involved."

"I want to suck, but never have," I replied, "I tried to once, but got caught."

"If you want it, you'll learn how," Zack said, "Want to take a test drive?"

"Here?" I said, recalling that I never had any privacy.

"Sure," he replied, "The door is locked, and nobody can see us." He unzipped and took out a very respectable looking cock. It was larger than mine, but he was a few years older. I wondered if all black men were well-hung. Zack certainly was. I dropped to my knees and he approached. As his cock approached my mouth I opened and took him in. He really filled my mouth, but it felt good – like it belonged there. He coached me about moving my tongue around and keeping my teeth off his cock.

"Just keep doing that," he said, and I'll be nuttin' in your mouth."

I didn't recognize Zack's slang, but presumed he meant cumming, which I hoped would happen soon.

It only took a few minutes and I felt his cock pulsing as he pumped his hot load into my eager mouth. It was really strong tasting, and I wasn't sure I liked it, but I knew I better pretend to. Without prompting I swallowed and then thanked him for giving me my first load. He thanked me and said he hoped it would be the first of many.

Zack zipped up as I stood up. He unlocked the door and called his mother in, giving her big smile and a "thumbs up"

"So, would you like to come live with us?" she asked.

"I sure would!" I replied.

"Then it's settled!" she said, "I'll finish up the paperwork and soon you'll be in a new home."

A few days later I said goodbye to the orphanage and became a part of the Wycott family. I even got my own room, though I expected to be spending a lot of time in Zack's room. I met Jason, his younger brother, who was eleven. I expected to be sucking him in a few years, once he was able to cum.

At dinner time Mrs. Wycott explained that while I was free to be myself [gay] at home, I should not be very open about it. Zack said, "That means keep it on the down-low."

She explained that she was the principal of Zack's high school, and I must never suck at school or do anything at school to bring disgrace upon her. I agreed to keep it on the down-low.

After dinner I went to Zack's room with him. Jason intercepted me along the way and asked, "You gonna be suckin' Zack's dick now?"

I told him I was, and he followed with, "But what about me?"

"You're too young!" said Zack, "Wait a year or two and you'll be ready."

"Waiting is all I seem to do," protested Jason, "When will it be my time?"

"Okay, you can watch," offered Zack, then turned to me and said, "Is that Okay?" I nodded and the three of us went to Zack's room.

Zack closed the door and dropped his pants and shorts. I got to my knees right away and began to suck as Jason watched with interest. Zack pressed into my mouth and made me gag, but quickly pulled back. "Right now you gag when I do this, but with practice you'll be able to take it – then we can work on learning to deep throat."

I liked learning new things about sucking, and put my hands on Zack's ass cheeks and pulled him close to go deeper until I gagged. I gagged every time, but with a little practice it didn't feel so bad. Sucking Zack was a real adventure for me. Soon the adventure was over as he pumped his load into my mouth. While his cum didn't exactly taste good, I was glad to receive it – it was my reward for a job well done, and I accepted it graciously.

"Hey, do me now!" said Jason, his cock now out and erect. It was about the size of my cock, despite his being a couple years younger – I expected that he would be as big as Zack in a couple of years. I wasn't sure what to do and looked to Zack for guidance.

"Go ahead if you like," he said, and I turned to Jason. His smaller cock felt good in my mouth, and I could take it all with no gagging. I moved my tongue around the head of his cock while he moaned and said how good it felt.

I sucked him for about ten minutes and then pulled off. "It will be better when you're a little older," I explained, "Once you can cum it will be amazing!"

Jason smiled and left, proud to have had his first sucking. That wasn't the end of things for Jason. At bedtime Jason came into my room and sat on the edge of my bed. "Thanks, Norm, for sucking me," he said, "You are the first person who didn't treat me like a kid!"

"I know what it's like to be your age," I said.

"Will you suck me some more sometime?" he asked.

"We can't tell your Mom about this," I said, "But I'll suck you any time you want when I'm in bed."

"Really?" Jason asked, "You mean like right now?"

"Sure," I said, "Let me show you how we'll do it."

I lay on my back and had Jason kneel over my head, with his legs on either side, placing his cock into my mouth. He was sitting on my chest, but it was comfortable for both of us. I sucked him as he moaned softly, careful not to make much noise.

"The first time I do cum," Jason said, "I want it to be in your mouth!"

I continued to suck until he pulled out and got off me. He thanked me and went to bed.

The next morning was a school day, but before the alarm clock sounded Jason was on me once again with his hard little cock pressed to my lips. I opened and sucked him for about ten minutes, when there was a knock on my door.

"Hey Norm," said Zack, "I'm gonna take a shower – care to join me?"

Jason pulled out so I could answer. I told Zack I would be there in a few minutes.

"You better get out of here and make sure nobody sees you," I said, “We can continue this tonight."

Jason left and closed the door. I went to the bathroom where Zack was already in the shower. It was a big walk-in shower with several shower heads and plenty of room. I entered and Zack handed me the soap and told me to wash his privates. I soaped up my hand and took hold of his cock and balls. I loved the way his cock sprang to action under my touch. I rubbed my soapy hand over his cock head and he stopped me, saying he didn't want to cum right away. I was glad to learn that it felt really good to him, but a little puzzled about delaying his climax.

Zack took the soap from me and soaped up his hands. "Ever been fucked?" he asked, as he rubbed his slippery hands on my ass, slipping a finger between my cheeks and touching my hole.

"No," I said, "But I'm willing to try – if you're gentle about it."

"I will be," assured Zack, "I don't wanna hurt you – I want you to beg it!"

"Now try to relax and go with this," he said as he pressed his finger into me. It's not easy to relax when something is going into you in the wrong direction but once Zack's finger was in, he slid it in and out and wiggled it. It was a strange feeling, but kind of nice. I was fully hard now and Zack stroked me with his other soapy hand and soon I shot my load on the shower floor. I watched my cum wash down the drain and thought it was a shame to waste cum, and then realized that Zack must have a load for me.

I dropped to my knees and washed the remaining soap off Zack's cock, and took him into my mouth. As he hardened, I practiced taking him all the way to the back, and it actually started to feel good when he was all the way back. I still gagged, but I associated it with a cock and that made it better. Zack seemed to like it as well and he put his hands on my head and began thrusting in and out. Later he explained that it was called face fucking, and that I should try to swallow whenever I started to gag.

I did, and the feeling of my throat tightening around his cock head must have triggered him to cum. When he did, he pulled my head to him, forcing himself in all the way. I struggled to fight the gagging as he pumped his load directly down my throat. It was difficult, and brought tears to my eyes, but it didn't show in the shower.

"You're getting to be a pretty good cocksucker," Zach said, "How was it for you?"

"Great, except for one thing," I answered, "You shot your cum right down my throat, so I didn't get to taste it!"

"No problem," said Zack, "I'll just pull back when I cum so I give you a mouthful instead."

I thanked him and we both finished our showers and got dressed for school. At school I met a number of Zack's friends as he introduced me as his brother. He confessed to me that he had previously told his friends that he wished he had a white boy to suck him, but now he wished he hadn't. "Just play it cool and don't admit anything," he said, "Pretty soon they'll forget about it."

"Looks like you got your wish!" said one of his friends when we were first introduced.

"It's not like that," insisted Zack.

I pretended not to know anything about it and asked, "What wish was that?" Zack was nervous as his friends all chuckled, but he just said, "Oh, it's nothing."

Later I told him that the only reason I asked was to seem like I knew nothing about it, and he said it was cool.

There was still a little kidding about it for a while, but after a couple of days most of the guys let it drop – all except Ben. Ben didn't say anything around Zack, but when he would get me alone he would ask if I was blowing Zack and I would refuse to answer, walking away in apparent disgust. The truth was that I was getting aroused and wondered what Ben's cock was like.

One day I was in the boy's room taking a leak and Ben walked in and stood next to me. I found that I couldn't finish because I had gotten hard. Ben was looking at me and said, "I can see you really want some black cock," as he turned to face me, showing me his semi-hard cock.

"It's just you and me," he said, "So you don't have to pretend – now show me how much you like black cock!"

I knew I shouldn't, but I wasn't thinking clearly, and dropped to my knees. Ben stepped closer and brought his cock to my lips, which parted to welcome him in. He was even bigger than Zack, and I didn't even try to take him deep into my throat. Instead I just worked my tongue around his big head, hoping to make him cum before anyone else came in. Soon my efforts were rewarded, and he filled my mouth with his load. It was strong, like Zack's cum, but tasted a little different. I quickly swallowed and stood up.

"Please, don't tell Zack about this," I pleaded, "I'm not supposed to be doing this."

"It will be our secret," assured Ben, "But will do more of it."

I left the boy's room, excited, yet nervous about breaking my promise to Mrs. Wycott. I was glad we weren't caught – it would have certainly got back to her.

After that I blew Ben a couple of times a week, but never at school. On days that Zack stayed late for sports I met Ben after school. I sometimes blew him in his car and sometimes in the nearby woods. Once he took me to a McDonalds and I blew him in the men's room stall. I assured him that I would continue to blow him as long as he kept my secret, which he did.

I know I should never have taken the risk to blow him in the boy's room at school, but I sure enjoyed sucking him.

I continued to suck Zack every day, and he fingered my ass, spreading his fingers to open me up. One day we stopped at the grocery market after school and went to the produce section. Zack picked out a zucchini and asked if I thought I could take it up my ass. I blushed, and he said I probably could. He bought it and we went home.

In Zack's room he fingered me to prep me for the zucchini, and then pulled out. He lubed the zucchini and told me to just relax. That was easier now that I associated anal entry with pleasure. Soon I felt the zucchini pressing into me. It was cold and wet from the lube but went in relatively easily. Once in, I couldn't believe how great it felt!

The zucchini was longer than I could take, so it stuck out of me a little. Zack told me to stroke myself while holding it in with the other hand. I did and was soon rock hard. Zack told me to stop, which I did reluctantly. I really wanted to cum.

Zack undressed and lay on his back on the bed, lubing his already-hard cock. "Now take out the zucchini and sit on my cock – go slowly at first."

The zucchini was over an inch thick, but Zack's cock was much thicker, but I was eager to try it. I removed the zucchini and slowly lowered myself onto him. I slowly pressed down as I felt his cock head begin to penetrate. Zack told me if I stroked myself it would be easier, so I began, and soon I found myself pressing down to take his cock in.

He was longer than I could take, so I had to stop when he "bottomed out", but it felt really great. "Go ahead and ride my cock," Zack said, and I began to pump up and down on his cock. I pumped my cock eagerly as the wonderful feeling built inside me.

"Cum on my belly," Zack said, and in a few minutes, I shot my load onto him. I watched the cum pool on his athletic body, collecting in his navel.

"Did you cum?" I asked. Zack said he didn't but I should get a wet washcloth from the bathroom and clean him off, then suck him. I kind of hated to get off that wonderul cock but had a duty to perform. After cleaning Zack off he said, "Lick up your cum first."

My cum contrasted with his black skin, and I licked up ever trace before sucking Zack off. In the weeks to come he fucked me, and then our daily routine after school consisted of my sucking him to erection, then he would decide if he wanted to finish in my mouth or ass. Either way was fine with me!

I continued to suck Jason nearly every night. We agreed not to do it in the morning because there was a greater risk of being caught. I had a really good think going here and sure didn't want to spoil it.

After about a year I began to call Mrs. Wycott "Mom" and she liked that a lot. We would often talk and she asked how things were going with Zack. We never discussed blowjobs directly, but we both knew what it was about. I told her that we got along really well and were about as close as brothers could be. I told her that I was getting closer to Jason as well, now that he's maturing.

"I'm not surprised, you are all growing so quickly!" she said.

Mom had been dating a guy, Tyrone, for the past six months. He asked about me, finding it unusual that a white boy would be adopted into a black household, but Mom never told him about our arrangement. I told Mom that I would be willing to "help him out" if he needed it. She told me that she didn't want him to know about that.

However, as their relationship proceeded, he wanted sex more often, and Mom felt bad about putting him off. One day she asked me, "Is taking care of Jason as well as Zack too much for you?"

"Not at all," I assured her, "I enjoy every moment of it and don't feel it's too much at all."

"Well then," she continued, "Would you like more?"

"I'm always glad to help," I said, "What did you have in mind?"

"Norm, you understand how strong a man's needs are," she replied, "And Tyrone's are especially strong. I'm about to have my period and don't want him to go without relief for a week."

"Mom, you're a really smart woman," I said, "You know that an unsatisfied man can tend to wander – and I don't want that to happen to you! How do you want to do this?"

"I don't really want to give him permission," she said, "Do you think you could interest him and make him think it's just on the down-low, between the two of you?"

"I'm glad to try," I said, "But need some time alone with him."

"He'll be over tomorrow night," Mom said, "I'll tell him that I've got cramps from my period starting and excuse myself early – you can talk with him then."

The next evening after supper Mom cleaned up watched TV with Tyrone for awhile. She told me that I should be ready to see Tyrone at 7pm, so I waited eagerly. When I heard her go to her bedroom I went into the living room where Tyrone was still watching TV.

"Mom doesn't seem to be feeling well," I said.

"It's her period," replied Tyrone.

"Oh that," I said, "The guys at school all complain that they have to go on hold for a week while their girlfriends have theirs."

"It's our lot in life," lamented Tyrone, "I don't want to play around – your Mom is a really good woman."

"Yes, she is," I agreed, "I like you being here for her – she loves you."

"And I love her," Tyrone said, "So I'll just wait for her."

"I'd be glad to help if you like," I said, "Strictly on the down-low."

"What are you offering?" he asked, "Some head?"

"Only if you promise not to tell Mom." I insisted.

"Hell, she'd probably cut my balls of if I told her!" he replied.

"We'll just be quiet about it and nobody will know," I said.

Tyrone unzipped his pants and took his cock out. It was my first time to see a black adult cock and it was incredibly huge!

"I've never had one so big before," I said, "I don't know if I can do it well."

"Just do your best, and I'll guide you," Tyrone said.

I knelt on the floor between his spread knees and took the massive cock head and part of the shaft into my mouth. Most of it was outside my mouth, and the head really filled my mouth. I was thrilled to finally suck an adult cock but had little room in my mouth to move my tongue.

"Your doin' good," said Tyrone, "Now hold the shaft in your hands and stroke – like a handjob."

I took the shaft of his cock in my hand – I could barely get my hand around it – but I stroked as I sucked and it seemed to work well. Tyrone moaned quietly, so Mom wouldn't hear, but I could tell he was enjoying it. I sucked him for about ten minutes – my longest blowjob so far. I thought it wasn't working for him when finally he said, "Here it comes!"

Out of his cock burst a volley of cum, filling my mouth. It was similar to all the other cum I had tasted, but with some small differences. I realized that all men might have their own taste – I wondered if blindfolded I could recognize them from the taste of their cum. I was sure I could recognize them from how their cocks felt in my mouth.

As Tyrone filled my mouth I swallowed, not wanting any cum to spill out of my mouth.

"That was really great Norm," said Tyrone said.

"I'll be glad to help out whenever you need it," I offered. Thankfully Tyrone took me at my word and I sucked him every night until Mom finished her period.

The next time Mom and I got to talk privately she asked, "So how did things go with Tyrone?"

"Mission accomplished," I said, "But I think he would have rather been with you." I lied to make Mom feel better.

"Didn't he like your work?" she asked.

"I'm sure he did," I replied, "It's much better than doing without."

The truth is that I blew Tyrone a lot – not just when Mom was having her period. Every night when he left our house he would text me if they hadn't made love and I would sneak outside and blow him under cover of darkness. I knew we would both be in trouble if Mom ever found out, so I made sure she didn't.

It's been ten years now since I was adopted, and we are all married. Our wives know that we are very close and spend a lot of time together, away from them. Naturally I continue to blow Zack and Jason, who like my mouth better than their wives’ pussies. Women seem to think that men should just do without whenever they aren't in the mood. Well, the truth is, they don't have to, as long as there are eager cocksuckers like me around!

  To be continued . . .

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