First Taste of Cum Part 234    
          by Bill Beaumonte (  

This work of fiction contains explicit material intended for adults over 18. If you are under 18 or are offended by non-traditional sex, do not continue.  

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Author’s note:
This series presents a number of independent stories of about youthful first blowjobs. Some of these are inspired by my readers. I hope you enjoy this series.

Caught Naked

    I'm Jim, a thirteen-year-old guy who loves nudity. I live in a house with a back yard enclosed by a high stockade fence. In good weather I love to walk around naked in my back yard after school. My parents work, so I have the place to myself until they get home at 5pm. I usually enjoy being naked for about an hour, stroking myself occassionally, and finally getting excited enough to cum. Then I get dressed and do my homework.

I felt comfortable being naked in the back yard because the the fence completely enclosed it, and it was solid, except for a large knot-hole about half way to the back of the yard. I didn't think anyone knew about the hole, so I didn't worry about it. One day while I was naked in the yard I heard a tapping sound on the fence, and thought it was some sort of bird pecking at is – maybe a woodpecker. I walked closer to check it out, and saw a semi-hard cock sticking through the hole!

Clearly I wasn't the only one to know about the hole, but what to do now. I had never messed around with another guy before but was fond of cocks – I often fantasized about them when I jacked-off. Now here was one presented to me and I sure liked what I saw. I drew closer and reached out and squeezed it. I'd never even seen another guy's cock in real life – only in online porn. Touching it was a new and wonderful experience! I stroked it and it grew hard. I knew that whoever was on the other side of the fence was now under my control, and I loved the feeling. I was tempted to stroke him off, but then decided to just keep him aroused.

I could hear the guy moaning as I stroked him, and said to him, "How's that – is that what you wanted?" I realized that it was pretty gutsy of him to stick his cock through the hole – not knowing what would happen after he did.

"Please suck me," he said, "Oh please – I need it so bad!"

I had been so engaged and feeling his cock that sucking hadn't even occurred to me, though it was one of my favorite jack-off fantasies. I had wanted to for years but didn't dare because I couldn't risk my secret getting out. It's not illegal any more, and society is a lot more understanding, but kids at school can be brutally cruel, as I saw with other guys who were outed.

But this was different – a cock was offered to me in my own back yard. On one level I knew this wasn't a smart thing to do, but on another level, I really wanted it. My hard cock was doing the thinking for me today, and soon I was on my knees sucking the cock. It all happened so fast I don't even remember opening my mouth to suck him, but I do remember how wonderful he felt in my mouth. It felt like the cock just belonged there – like my mouth was supposed to suck cocks!

Once I began sucking, I heard the guy moan even more, "Oh yes!" he said, "You know what I need!"

I knew that this guy was completely at my mercy and I could make him cum or deny his climax if I chose. Today I wanted to find out what a hot load tasted like, so I took him all the way. The feeling of his hot cum shooting in my mouth was absolutely incredible. The taste was strong, but that's what I expected. Some said cum tasted terrible, but I kind of liked it. It had a very unique strong flavor – a flavor I came to associate with manliness. I swallowed as he withdrew. "Thanks!" he said, "See you tomorrow"

I looked through the hole to see a guy in jeans walking away. I couldn't tell who it was – they didn't look like any of the people who lived next door – in fact I didn't even think anyone would be home next door. They usually didn't get home until 7pm.

I was still hard and needing to cum myself. I still had the manly aftertaste of the cum in my mouth. That, and the memory of the blowjob I just gave was enough to propel me to climax. I shot my load on the lawn beneath the hole.

I hurried to go inside and get dressed. I felt exhilarated to have given my first blowjob – it was an incredible turn-on, and completely unexpected. Then I recalled that he said he would see me tomorrow. I have no idea who I blew, but I'd blow him again every day if I could!

The next day I lost no time in getting to the back yard naked. I stood near the hole, but not in front of it. I didn't want to give him a clear view of me, though he probably saw me walking around naked – why else would he take the chance of putting his cock through the hole?

The hole was empty at first. I didn't know exactly when he arrived yesterday but wanted to make sure I was ready when he arrived. I waited about fifteen minutes, but it seemed a lot longer. The cock was soft when it came through, but I took in and fondled him to erection and soon he was begging me to suck him once again. I was eager to comply and soon he was in my mouth once again. Yesterday it was about my being in charge of the guy's cock, but today I was eager to taste his cum again, so I gave up a little of the control and sucked him very eagerly.

Soon he responded and gave me his seed. I savored the feeling of him squirting into my mouth and just held him there in a wonderful state of contentment. Then he pulled out, and I wished it wasn't over so quickly. I watched as his cock withdrew, but watched in amazement when another came through the hole. It was a little larger, and a bit darker, but I lost no time in taking him into my mouth. It only took him a few minutes to cum and then he pulled out. I was hoping for another cock but that was it. "See you tomorrow" was all I heard, but I quickly looked through the hole and saw two guys walking away. I couldn't recognize them from what I saw. Who could they be?

The next day I was naked in the back yard right away after school and eagerly awaiting cock to suck. I wished there could be many cocks to suck, but I would be content if there was only one. As I watched I saw the first cock appear. It was smaller than either of the guys I'd sucked yesterday, which I hope meant it was an additional guy. I sucked him as he moaned, "Oh! Oh! Oh!" and then shot his load into my mouth. It was a surprisingly big load for such a small cock. He pulled out and I swallowed, eagerly watching for the next cock. Soon a cock that looked a lot like the very first guy came through. I gave it a squeeze before sucking him. I could tell from how he felt in my mouth that it was indeed the first guy – I had a special attraction to him because he was my first blowjob. I tried to do my best for him, and soon he showed his appreciation with his load. I swallowed with pride as he pulled out.

Another cock came through – I immediately recognized it as the larger, slightly darker cock. Soon it was in my mouth and I was enjoying the third blowjob of the day. I had no idea if anyone else was there, so I sucked him as if he were the last. I slowly moved my tongue around, trying to make it last. The cock had a different idea, and soon emptied into my mouth. I swallowed and watch the cock withdraw.

I watched the hole and for a moment nothing more happened. If this was it, I counted myself lucky for the three cocks I just enjoyed. Then, to my surprise another cock came through the hole. It was very long but skinny, and when hard, curved to the right. I'd not seen a cock like this before, though I really hadn't seen many. I wasn't quite sure how to suck a curved cock, but I focused on the head and let the blowjob proceed. Once I got started it went well. In only a few minutes he also gave me his sperm. I was thrilled to have so many cocks for my enjoyment!

I swallowed as I watched him withdraw, hoping there were more cocks to follow. Thankfully another came through. I was really thick, but not very long, but it had a huge mushroom head. I eagerly took him into my mouth and ran my tongue around the ridge of his mushroom head. I was in heaven as I sucked my fifth cock of the day! I was going to make this one last, and just enjoyed the feel of this wonderful cock in my mouth. Try as I might, I couldn't keep the guy from cumming, so I welcomed his load and swallowed.

He pulled out and I hoped for yet another cock, but instead I heard "See you tomorrow," and they were gone. I watched through the hole as five guys walked away. I wondered how many would be here tomorrow. I needed to cum badly, so I jacked off, and got back inside and dressed just as my parents were getting home. I must have been sucking for a lot longer than I thought.

As I lay in bed that night I reflected on the events of the week. In a few days I went from being a cocksucker wannabe to a serial cocksucker. I went from longing for a single cock to suck to wanting to suck as many as possible. Still, something was bothering me. Who were these guys, and did they know who I was? They certainly knew where I lived, and it wouldn't be hard to figure it out from there. I hoped that it wasn't going to cause me a problem, but for now I was enjoying all the cock!

The next day I hurried home and stripped down. Each day I got more cocks – I didn't know how many to expect today, certainly hoped for the best. I eagerly stood near the hole, hoping they guys would get there early. They did, and soon the first cock came through. It was a black cock – something entirely new, and it was big! I was really in heaven now. I dropped to my knees and took the head into my mouth. Much of the shaft was outside. It really filled my mouth, but I moved my tongue around as much as I could. I hadn't anticipated a black cock and this one was the best of all! I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feeling.

I was in absolute bliss until suddenly I heard a click click and looked around me to see two neighbor kids taking pictures of me sucking the black dick. "Hey, what the hell are you doing here?" I yelled.

"Just getting proof," one guys said, and my heart sank. Here I was naked and sucking a black cock and they had the pictures to prove it. I didn't know what they had in mind, but I was sure I was fucked – and not in a good way!

One guy yelled to the guys on the other side of the fence to come over, and the black cock pulled out. Soon there were eight clothed guys looking at me naked, smiling – they should be – they were holding all the aces.

"You're a great cocksucker," one guy said, "And we know you'll want to continue."

I knew they could easily make trouble for me, and I did want to continue to suck them. "Okay," I said, "So what happens now?"

"You blow us and do some other thing, and we'll all get what we want," he said.

"And you'll keep my secret safe?" I asked.

"The only ones who will know are guys you blow," he replied. This was sounding pretty good.

"Just one more thing," I said, "My parents will be home soon, so you have to get out of here and I need to get dressed."

They agreed to leave, but only after I gave them my cell phone number so they could text me with instructions.

They left and I hurried inside to get dressed before my parents got home. My heart was racing from my recent encounter. I went from being in heaven to being scared to death when I realized I was caught. I knew that I would have to do whatever they demanded of me. I expected that I’d get blowjob requests and become an “on call” cocksucker. That seemed easy enough and something I think I’d like. But it could be something entirely different. Only time will tell how bad it might become!

I watched my phone for incoming text message, but there were none. I knew I was a perfect blackmail target and thought much would be expected of me – too much, I feared.

The next morning, I checked my phone and found a series of text messages telling me to slip out after midnight tonight, with detailed instructions to follow. They assured me that it would be great fun, since I liked nudity. I read all of the messages. It all sounded hot and would have been a perfect jack-off fantasy, but it was pretty bold for real life. I didn't know if I could do it – hell, I didn't have any choice!

The last message asked me to confirm that I understood and would comply. I knew I had no choice in the matter and had to agree to their terms, so I sent the simple reply, "Yes"

The response was, "A wise choice. Your secret is safe with us, as long as you cooperate. No physical harm will come to you, but you will grow accustomed to humiliation."

That was it. Humiliation? That could mean a lot of things. I decided not to ruin my day by thinking of all the humiliating things they may require of me – they'll do whatever they want and I'd have to go along with it.

I was out at a nearby shopping mall early afternoon and a really nice looking girl approached me. She looked to be college age and was definitely out of my league, yet she greeted me warmly, saying, "Hi Jim, I'm Marsha."

"Do I know you?" I asked.

"Not yet," she said, "But I'm one of many new friends, now that you aren't going to be hiding any more."

"I don't understand," I said.

"You sure will soon!" she said, "You have been hiding your kinky desires so nobody will know, but now it's all in the open and you can live them – you just needed to be freed from your inhibitions!"

"Sorry, I guess I still don't understand," I reaffirmed.

"Maybe I've said enough already," Marsha replied, "I look forward to seeing you tonight, without all these clothes!"

So she was part of it – I wondered how many others would be also – part of the humiliation would be making be naked in front of girls – it sure wasn't something I would have chosen to do, but it wasn't my choice.

Marsha turned to leave but I stopped her, saying, "Wait! What else is gonna happen?"

"I don't want to spoil the surprise for you, Jim," she replied, "I'll just say that you will become very accustomed to being naked in front of a lot of people and doing things you wouldn't want your mother to see."

That was all she would say, and then walked away. Now I had something to be scared about. Being naked in front of girls would be bad enough, but in front of lots of people? And what would they have me do? Blowjobs, for sure – I became momentarily aroused at the thought of giving blowjobs for an audience, but then the fear of it really happening took hold of me. I decided to put it out of my mind.

It turns out that it's really hard to NOT think of something. Just trying to suppress the thought seems to make it come back. Instead, I decided to occupy my mind with something else, so I went to see a movie. That helped, and I just tried to think of other things the rest of the day.

Fortunately our household went to bed early – I usually turned in by 10pm and my parents by 11pm. My instructions were to leave the house at midnight, I set an alarm on my phone and switched to silent mode. It would vibrate at 11:50pm and wake me. I put it under my pillow, and drifted off to sleep. My alarm went off and I pulled my clothes on and quietly slipped out of the house.

My instructions were to undress and walk down my sidewalk naked. I was not to run if anyone approached or hide from any cars that may come by. I undressed in my back yard and left my clothes stacked on a lawn chair. Naked, I slipped out of the protection of my back yard and into the front yard – now for the first time totally naked in public! I walked down the sidewalk feeling completely vulnerable. A car approached – I hoped it wasn't a cop on patrol, but as it got closer I say that it wasn't. The car stopped near me and two girls got out.

"Smile," one of them said, as they took my picture. Giggling, they drove off. That was humiliating, but it was just the start. I couldn't imagine what else was in store for me – and tried not to!

When I got to the street corner I stood and waited under the street light. I'm sure that was part of the humiliation because I was quite visible under the light and being on the street corner potentially exposed me to more car traffic.

Nervously, I waited as a couple of cars drove by and stopped at the intersection. One looked like some high school girls. Rolling the window down, they yelled, "Forget something?!" and drove off laughing. Next was an older couple. The woman rolled the window down and asked, "Does your mother know what you're doing?"

My instructions were to offer a blowjob to any male I saw, so I approached the car and said, "No ma'am, and I hope she doesn't find out." She looked horrified, and I said to the man with her, "Sir, could I interest you in a blowjob?"

He hit the gas and screeched the tires as he sped off. It was humiliating, but kind of funny at the same time.

I went back to standing under the street light. I was beginning to like being naked in public, though I realized I had been lucky so far – what if someone who knows me came by – or worse yet, a cop?

The choice wasn't mine, so I just stood there, exposed to any who came by. The next car was a group of four drunk college guys. The stopped and rolled down the window. I approached them and said, "Could I interest you in a blowjob?"

"Sure, why not?" one replied and they all got out of the car and gathered around me. I was now surrounded by guys with four cocks hanging out. All were bigger than I'd seen before, even though they were soft. My instructions were to blow them wherever they wanted me to, so I dropped to my knees, hoping I wouldn't get caught in the act.

While I loved sucking cocks, this wasn't the way I wanted to do it. If cops came by and just caught me naked, I'd be busted for indecent exposure, but if they caught me sucking, I was sure it would be much worse – I could end up listed as a sex offender!

I sucked the first guy and it took a while for him to get hard – probably because he was drunk. Eventually he did, and I was relieved that he was on the pathway to cumming. I must have sucked him for ten minutes before he came. I was probably more relieved than he was. Now I just had three more drunks to suck off. I sucked the second one, and he got hard faster. I heard several cars go by, but there were no incidents – with the guys gathered around me, nobody could see what I was doing. I still feared that a cop would come by an catch me.

The second guy came a lot quicker, much to my relief! The third had been stroking himself and was already hard. As I sucked him, he said, "Look up here." I did, and he snapped a picture. That sure wasn't one I wanted anybody to see. I thought of it being in my school yearbook, so everyone would see me with a cock in my mouth. Crazy thought, and thankfully not real! This was a really kinky situation, and I'd be rock hard if I wasn't so scared.

My cock was still limp and small, even though I was aroused in my mind. I'd forgotten about the risky situation I was in and began to enjoy the blowjobs. Soon the third guy came and I swallowed. The last guy was also already hard, and in a few minutes he also came. They thanked me and drove off.

My instructions were to turn down the street after giving a public blowjob. I walked down the sidewalk and arrived at an elementary school. I walked behind the building and saw car was parked there with two girls – one was Marsha. She told me to get in the back seat, and the other girl got in the back with me, as Marsha drove off.

The girl next to me was Lori, and she took hold of my cock. "What a cute little dickie!" she said, "Are you sure you are really a boy?"

"Now that's no way to treat our guest, Lori," Marsha said, "Of course he's a boy – just a faggot, so girls don't turn him on!"

"Let's see if we can change that," Lori said as she stroked me. I responded and soon I was hard. "Got you hard, but you're still pretty small – not very manly at all!"

I felt bolder, and replied, "I don't have to be manly – they guys I suck are."

That caught Lori by surprise. She asked, "How many cocks have you sucked tonight?"

"Four," i said proudly.

"Did you swallow their cum?" she asked.

"Always!" I said.

That's what makes faggots different than us girls," said Marsha, "We would never swallow that nasty stuff, but faggots love to!"

"You'll have plenty more to swallow tonight – maybe even past your limit," Lori added in a mischievous tone. I wondered what she meant by a limit.

Marsha pulled off into a roadside park. "We have to be quick since the cops patrol here," said Marsha. I immediately lost my erection.

Marsha opened her purse and took out a personal vibrator. It was cream colored and tapered, about five inches long, with a switch on the bottom. She showed it to me and said, "This is going up your ass!"

"Please, no," I pleaded, but she wouldn't budge. "Jim, that's not all your getting up your ass tonight. You might blow the guys, but I'm gonna fuck you, and you'll keep this vibrator in you until I do!" said Marsha.

She reached under her skirt and slipped off her panties. "Looks like you got me wet," she said, "Open your mouth."

She stuffed the wet part of her pantied into my mouth, and I got my first taste of pussy juice. The girls had me get on a picnic table on my hands and knees and Marsha stuck her fingers in her pussy and put some of her pussy juice on my hole, and pressed a finger in. She turned the vibrator on and worked it in and out of her pussy and then withdrew it pushing the wet vibrator into me. It slipped in part way easily, lubed with her juice.

"Relax and push like you're taking a dump," she said. I didn't feel a bit relaxed, but I did push, and the vibrators slipped nearly all the way in. Just a little was sticking out of me.

Now Lori put some sort of belt around me that had a strap that went down from my navel, and split to go around my cock and balls, and then joined together again to hold the vibrator in. She told me to stand up, and she made some adjustments on the belt. "That should keep it in you," she said.

Marsha turned the vibrator on and it came to life inside me. My cock began to rise. "That's just to give you a taste of what it can do," she said as she switched if off, "I'll turn it on when we arrive – it will help you stay hard."

We got back in the car and Lori fondled my cock as Marsha drove. We were driving through the University District on our way to one of the fraternity houses in Fraternity Row. Marsha pulled into the parking lot of a fraternity that with a lot of people inside and out. "You're going to be some of tonight's entertainment," said Marsha, shutting down the car. We got out and she led me to the back yard, where a lot of people were partying. A lot of people turned to stare, making me especially self-conscious. Marsha paused and turned on the vibrator, which got me hard again. Marsha led me around and introduced me. It was especially embarrassing when girls stared at me, especially my hard cock. At thirteen it wasn't big, even when erect and it seemed like everyone was noticing how small I was.

Marsha led me to meet the guy who seemed to be in charge of the party. His name was Max and looked a little surprised to see me. "He's here for the blowjob competition," Marsha said. That was news to me.

"We have three others registered – all girls," he said. Marsha took me to the person handling registrations and he asked for my name. I wasn't prepared to give out my real name for this but Marsha jumped in and gave it – so now I was being publicly outed in a blowjob competition. He handed me a sheet with the rules that stated:

1) Recipients will line up and be assigned to contestants randomly as blowjobs are completed.

2) All recipients affirm that they have not cum within the last 10 days.

3) A blowjob is complete only when the recipient cums and his load was swallowed.

4) Blowjobs must be completely oral; hands must not touch the recipients genitals.

5) The winner will be the one who completes the most blowjobs in the thirty minute competition, and is able to keep the loads down. Vomiting will result in immediate disqualification.

He told me that normally only women were allowed to participate, but guys under the age of 21 were permitted (presumably because they were less experienced).

I met the other girl contestants and they seemed unhappy to see me. Apparently gay guys were better sucker than most girls, so they didn't welcome the competition. One said, "From the size of your little dickie, you must be pretty young – how old are you, kid?" I told them that I as thirteen and that I had only been sucking for about a week, and they seemed to be more accepting – probably not seeing me as real competition after all.

We were led to the competition area where there were four pillows placed on the ground for us to kneel on. The announcer said that the competition would begin in five minutes. A crowd of over fifty people gathered around us. I hoped that none of them knew me! The announcer called the competition to order and read to rules for all to hear. He rang the starting bell and the first four men stepped up to their sucker. My guy was pretty average. He didn't seem to be drunk and got hard right away. I put my hands on his ass cheeks but was careful to keep them away from his cock and balls. Soon he came and my score was 1, while none of the girls had yet finished. So far so good.

The next guy stepped up and I went to work on him. It seemed that all the guys were well endowed – I suppose they wouldn't want to go public if they weren't. I quickly had him erect and ran my tongue over his head as fast as I could, because that seemed to work well. Soon he came, and I scored another. Two of the girls had finished their first, but one was still working on their first.

I tried to give all my attention to the guys I blew, ignoring the clock or the score.

As much as I love sucking, I was beginning to tire, but I intended to do my best while there were guys needing relief.

After a few more the final bell rang, just as I was beginning another guy.

The announcer said, "The competition is over, but if you wish to finish the men you are sucking, you may, but it will not count toward your score. All the girls pulled back from their guys, but I continued to suck until my guy came. As he stepped back I saw that the three men who the girls declined to finish were facing me, hoping I would suck them.

The announcer said it was okay, but not required. However, if I did suck them, I had to swallow, and if I threw up it would disqualify me. I elected to proceed, and the crowd cheered me on. I sucked and swallowed the three remaining guys. The announcer gave the results. The three girls sucked 11, 14 and 16. I sucked 15, coming in second. Not bad, I thought, for someone who's just started.

There were two guys in line who had not been serviced. Marsha invited them to be blown by me in my next activity.

This was a more private activity, though anyone who wanted could watch. Marsha placed me on a small picnic table that allowed head to hang over one end and for my ass to be positioned at the other end. She removed the belt holding the vibrator in me and removed it. My ass still tingled from all the vibrating. Next, she stood next to me and showed me what she called a "strapless strapon". It was a dildo that would allow a woman to fuck a man in the ass. They were called strapons because they usually had straps to hold them in place, but this one had no straps. Instead it had a bulb at the girl's end that was inserted into her pussy. There was a part that pressed on her clitoris. In this way the girl achieved climax from the fucking – which meant it wasn't over until she came!

Marsh put silicone lube on my hole and slipped a couple fingers in, spreading them apart once inside me. She lubed the strapon and pushed it into me. It was thicker than the vibrator but went in easily. Lori led one of the guys from the blowjob competition line to me, who slipped their cock into my mouth. I sucked him while Marsha fucked me. Soon he came and I swallowed. The second guy stepped up and entered my mouth. He pumped in and out of my mouth, doing what I later learned was face-fucking me. I really liked it – it seemed like an oral rape. I didn't have to do any work – just endure it. Marsha was fucking me hard. She said she had already cum once and was working on the second. She grabbed my stiff cock with a lubed hand and pumped me until I finally shot my load on my belly.

I just lay there while the other two finished. I swallowed and Marsha told me I was a really good fuck.

Marsha said she would take me home. She took me into a lady’s room and cleaned me up. "How many loads did you swallow?" she asked.

"I think it was 25 in all," I responded.

"Your stomach feeling okay?" she asked.

"Well, it's feeling a little queezy," I said.

"Not surprising – you are probably near your limit – I'm surprised you didn't puke." she said.

Then she drove me home, letting me out at the corner so she wouldn't be stopping in front of my house. I snuck into my back yard and retrieved my clothes. They felt almost strange after being nude so long. As I got inside, I saw that it was nearly 5am. I went right to bed and slept well into the next morning.

When I checked my email I saw that I had a message from whoever was controlling me. It read:

"Congratulations on a very successful first event. I am pleased with your performance and can assure you that we will protect your secret as long as you work with us. Major events like this will typically only occur once a month, but you will be called upon for individual blowjobs multiple times a week. Feel free to view the attached link to review your activities. Rest assured that this is only shared with like-minded individuals."

I viewed the pictures and videos on the link – it was definitely not something I would want friends and family to see, but it was really hot. While I was scared to death during most of my naked adventure, in retrospect it was also very arousing and for the next few weeks I jacked-off multiple times while at the website!

I got texts ever couple days from guys wanting blowjobs. I was able to accommodate them, and loved every moment of it. I'm anticipating the next major event with a combination of excitement and fear. I realize that all this happened because I was weak and couldn't resist the cock first presented to me. But if I had resisted, I would have missed some amazing experiences! I'm really glad I sucked – it's changed my life completely, and so far in a good way!

  To be continued . . .

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