First Taste of Cum Part 235    
          by Bill Beaumonte (  

This work of fiction contains explicit material intended for adults over 18. If you are under 18 or are offended by non-traditional sex, do not continue.  

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Author’s note:
This series presents a number of independent stories of about youthful first blowjobs. Some of these are inspired by my readers. I hope you enjoy this series.

Just Being A Friend

    I'm Jim, a fifteen-year-old guy, just starting to date girls. Marty is my best friend and he's just starting as well. Girls are awfully mysterious to us, and we share our experiences, hoping to learn from each other. Well, learning is part of it, but a lot of times I go home and jack-off after we've talked about our experiences.

Neither of us has gone all the way, and it's looking like it may take forever to get there. We've managed to get our girls to share their tits with us, and that's been really great, but we know there is more to come. When I said we were just beginning to date, I meant we hadn't gotten very far. We've both been dating almost a year and had steady girlfriends for over six months. Sarah is my girlfriend and Lana his Marty's. We're making progress, but it’s really slow!

One day Marty made a remark that caught be by surprise, "Too bad you aren't gay – this would be a lot simpler."

I supposed he was just kidding, so I went along with it and said, "So if I was, would you be expecting me to blow you all the time?"

"If you were," Marty replied, "You'd want to be blowing me all the time."

He rubbed his crotch and said, "I sure could use a blowjob now."

"Then I guess you better get Lana to do it," I said.

"Fat chance!" Marty shot back, "It nearly started an argument when I asked her to – she told me if I wanted one to find a faggot to do it!"

"Sarah's the same way!" I lamented, "They can be such prudes – you think their mothers teach them that crap?"

We let the conversation drop – it wasn't getting either of us anywhere.

After that, however, the thought of sucking Marty kept popping into my head. I'm not gay at all – I'm very definitely straight in every respect, so the thoughts were troubling. I realized that it was stupid worrying about it – they were probably prompted by Marty's silly comment.

I expected this to just pass, but instead it got worse. I would jack off looking at online porn of couples. It was exciting to see women putting out for their men – not like Sarah and Lori. I really liked the blowjob porn – maybe because it was especially taboo – but I usually came quickly when looking at it.

There was now a troubling change, however – instead of imagining the hot babe sucking me, I began to think of myself as the sucker. I tried to put it out of my mind, but it kept returning. One time I came just as I was thinking about a guy cumming in my mouth. It was a strong climax, but almost immediately a wave of guilt washed over me! It ruined the climax for me – I felt so ashamed of myself and how something so perverted made me cum.

Fortunately that passed after a few minutes and I assured myself that I wouldn't go down that road again!

Or so I thought ... at least until the next jack-off. Whenever I would stroke I would be very deliberate tp think about women – I even avoided pictures with couples and just focused on women alone. As I got aroused however, my mind seemed to go another direction. Without a man in the porn, my mind filled in with thoughts of sucking Marty. Of course, being aroused meant I didn't have much control of anything, and my judgement was seriously impaired. I stroked faster and faster while thinking about sucking Marty. As I came, I imagined him shooting into my mouth! Damn that was good – then it turned bad – I just came thinking about blowing my best friend! What a pervert I'd become – but I didn't really do anything – it was just a fantasy – right?

I tried to console myself, but the fact was that I grew to want to suck Marty, and I was ashamed of it. I even thought about it sometimes when I was with him, and that made me feel especially awkward.

One Friday night Marty called me and invited me to hang out with him. I arrived at his place and we went to his recreation room in the basement and watched TV. Marty was on a date with Lana that ended early when she didn't want to give him a handjob. "It was such a simple thing to do," Marty said, "But she acted like I was some kind of deviant!"

"I know the feeling," I agreed, "Sarah rubs my cock through my pants, but won't even let me unzip – girls can be such prudes!"

"I guess I'll just be jacking-off for a long time," lamented Marty.

I was kind of aroused myself, and certainly not thinking straight, when I heard myself say, "Did you really want me to blow you?"

"Hell, I'd take a blowjob from anyone right now!" Marty affirmed.

I could kick myself – there was no way to take back what I said – but I hoped it would drop. Instead, Marty unzipped and took out his cock! I had seen it before when we were taking a leak outside, but never paid much attention. Now his cock had my full attention. I seemed to be momentarily paralyzed – wanting to suck him but terrified to do so.

"Chickening out?" Marty said, as he stepped closer.

I opened my mouth and he slipped in. As I closed my lips around his cock, I realized that it was very wrong – but it felt so right! I didn't really know what to do, but Marty really liked his cock in my mouth, and began to pump in and out. I just had to hold him there, without anything else to do, except move my tongue around a bit.

As he stroked in and out of my mouth, I traced the contours of his cock head with my tongue, and when I moved along the bottom of the head Marty said, "Yeah, that's it!"

I focused my attention there and soon I felt his cock pulsing as he pumped is hot seed into my mouth! It was strong tasting – I wasn't sure I liked it, but knew I was supposed to swallow – so I did.

I had no idea sucking could be so great – until Marty responded.

Instead of thanking me – which only seem right, he grew very nervous. He quickly zipped up and said, "Jim, you better go now."

Stunned and a bit hurt, I left. I couldn't understand how Marty could treat me this way when he seemed to like it so much. Then it hit me – maybe Marty felt guilt after he came like I did. That was understandable, but I didn't intend to bring the subject up – we'd probably just pretend it never happened.

Still – it did happen, and I loved every moment of it – except many Marty telling me to leave.

Later on, I jacked off and I deliberately focused on blowing Marty. But this time was not fantasy – I was replaying in my mind what actually happened. It was so hot, and I came strongly very quickly – then the guilt!

In my shame I imagined Marty calling me a dirty faggot, making me feel even worse. I was glad when that finally passed.

I woke the next day unsure of my friendship with Marty. We had been best friends for years, and now I may have ruined it. After breakfast I heard a knock on the door and it was Marty. "Could we go for a walk?" he asked, and I quickly agreed. We walked down the sidewalk and Marty said, "I'm really ashamed about last night."

"I know," I said, "I am too – it should never have happened. Can we just put it behind us?"

"That's not what I mean!" Marty insisted, "You did something really nice for me and I treated you like crap!"

"I was just trying to help," I said.

"You were a great help," said Marty, "And I'm really grateful, but just had this funny feeling as soon as I would cum."

"I think I understand," I replied, "Don't worry about it."

"I promise to be more appreciative in the future," he said, "If you're willing to do it again."

"I don't know," I replied, "Let me think about it."

"Okay Jim," Marty responded, "I know I took advantage of our friendship – I'll understand if you don't want to."

I had a way out, but the memory of the blowjob could never be erased from either of our minds. Whether I did or didn't, our friendship would never be the same.

It didn't take long before I realized that I wanted to continue blowing him, and said, "You know, we each crossed over a line that can't be uncrossed, so maybe we should continue."

"You really mean that?" Marty asked, "I was hoping you'd want more of it – I sure do!"

"I'd do it right now if we could," I said, and then realized that I might be sounding to eager.

"How about over there?" he said, pointing to a trash dumpster behind a convenience store we were passing.

"Out in broad daylight?" I said, hoping to seem less eager.

"Sure!" he replied, "Well go behind the dumpster and nobody will see."

I followed Marty behind the dumpster and he took his cock out. I dropped to my knees and eagerly sucked him.

"You're the best, Jim," Marty said, "And you do it so well!"

Soon Marty rewarded my efforts with his manly load, and I gratefully swallowed. He seemed nervous once again, but as he zipped up he said, "Thanks – I needed that,” but it sounded a little abrupt.

"Feeling some guilt?" I asked.

"Yeah," affirmed Marty, "But I'll get over it." We continued our walk but said nothing for a while.

Finally, Marty said, "Okay, it's past now – what you did was great – there's just one thing."

"What's that?" I asked.

"I really owe you, but I don't think I can bring myself to return the favor," Marty confessed.

"You don't have to," I replied, "I enjoyed helping out." I knew I was now a cocksucker but wasn't quite ready to face up to it.

"Really?" said Marty, "You actually like sucking cock?"

"I like sucking yours," I affirmed, "We're best friends."

"And even better now!" agreed Marty. I nodded also.

"I do feel that our friendship is now on a whole new level," I said, "A better one."

"I promise not to take advantage of it," Marty said.

"Marty, I want you to," I insisted, "If you need it, let me help you with it."

"Sounds like you really like it," Marty said, "Would a couple of times a week be okay?"

"Every day would be okay," I affirmed, "Hell, maybe even several times a day!"

We were back to my house, and we parted. I told Marty if he needed help when I wasn't around that he could text me. He said he would.

Our friendship was indeed on a whole new level! Every time we were together, we found a private place and I sucked him off. We made something of a game of identifying good blowjob places and began to make a list of them. Marty said he wanted to try them all and I agreed. We still dated girls, but didn't feel bad if they didn't put out, since we had each other.

Marty never really understood why I liked sucking him – and I don't either, but it was satisfying for both of us. I felt a sense of accomplishment in making Marty cum, and of course it felt good to him. I usually would jack-off when I got home, sometimes with his manly after-taste still in my mouth. Sometimes Marty would ask me to strip down and jack-off while sucking him. He said it was especially arousing to see me cum while sucking him, and it soon became my favorite way to cum!

I've come to terms with being a cocksucker and no longer feel the guilt when I cum. That's made it a lot better.

I wonder how many best friends do what Marty and I do – if they don't, they are missing out on the very best part of friendship!

  To be continued . . .

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