First Taste of Cum Part 236    
          by Bill Beaumonte (  

This work of fiction contains explicit material intended for adults over 18. If you are under 18 or are offended by non-traditional sex, do not continue.  

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Author’s note:
This series presents a number of independent stories of about youthful first blowjobs. Some of these are inspired by my readers. I hope you enjoy this series.

Happy Endings

    I'm Josh, a thirteen-year-old boy who is straight, but I want to suck cock. I know that doesn't sound at all straight, but I like girls and hope to start dating soon. I know a couple of girls well enough to kiss them, and one even let me feel her small breasts. I told her they were growing nicely and convinced her to let me check them regularly. I wish I could convince other girls of that as well.

I've been jacking-off to gay porn online and my Mom knows about it. My father died years ago in Afghanistan, so Mom has had to earn enough to keep us going. She is a professional masseuse, and has people come to the house every day for massages. Many of them are for medical reasons, while some are just for relaxation. I told my Mom she should do "happy endings" for an extra fee. At first, she didn't seem to understand, but when I told her it was making a guy cum, she said that was disgusting, and that she would never do that.

I told her I would be glad to do it for her, which was how I came out to her. That led to a long conversation about my keeping it secret. Even though society has become more liberal there are still a lot of people who could give me a hard time, and it wasn't wise to stand out in that way. "You jack-off, don't you?" she asked.

"Mom!" I replied, stunned that she would ask such a personal question.

"Now Josh," she responded, "I know that most boys do, and it's a perfectly natural thing. And it's a lot safer than doing things with other people who may not keep your secret."

Mom was right, and I admitted that I jacked-off nearly every day, but I was running out of fantasies.

"That's not likely," Mom said, smiling, "but maybe you could use a little inspiration." She showed me how to find gay porn online and I developed a new respect for Mom – she seemed to know a lot about what the world is like. I guessed that she knew all along what a happy ending was but played dumb for my sake.

"You think I could give some happy endings for your clients?" I asked.

"I wouldn't do it and neither will you!" she shot back, "I run a respectable operation!"

I was grateful to my Mom for showing me the gay porn. A lot of parents block porn sites from their kids, but Mom is a very practical lady – she knows it's safer for me to be stroking at home than giving blowjobs in a public restroom.

I helped Mom out by taking used towels and laundering them – she went through a lot of towels every day! I also helped her with her calendar and answered the phone when she was working. That allowed her to be more productive. For most of the time Mom has been in business the usual sessions were scheduled for an hour at a time, with an occasional half hour session. Lately there were a number of fifteen minute sessions and they were all men. That looked pretty suspicious to me.

I never saw what went on in a session because the door was always closed. I decided to spy on Mom for one of those short sessions. I stood with my ear to the door and heard moaning – I was pretty sure there was a happy ending going on!

I listened in on a couple of other short sessions and they were the same. I noticed a lot of the short sessions were in the evenings, which were new for Mom.

That night at dinner I said, "I see you are doing lots of happy endings now."

Mom blushed red but remained silent. I continued, "I'm sure it pays better and is probably easier too."

"You don't know what it's like being the sole provider for a family," she said.

"Mom – I'm not judging," I replied, "It's a perfectly sensible response – I just wish I could help."

"That's not the sort of thing you should be doing," she replied.

"I think I'd really like it," I said, "And it could make it easier for you and maybe make even more money."

"Maybe," Mom said, "I'm not agreeing, but lets discuss it from a business perspective."

What an incredible conversation to have with my Mom! "I see you have a lot of appointments for fifteen minutes. Are those just happy endings?"

"Yes," replied Mom, "But some of the longer ones want happy endings as well."

"How would it be if you got them ready, and when they were ready for the happy ending, I could come in and finish the work?"

"That might work," Mom agreed, "But we'll need a way to signal you when, and you'll have to pay attention. If you don't show up promptly I'll have to do it myself."

"We can work that out," I said, "In time it might free you up so you could get more clients. What percent of the happy endings are blowjobs versus handjobs?"

"I don't do blowjobs," Mom affirmed, which didn't surprise me. It was hard enough for me to imagine her stroking a guy's cock, but just couldn't imagine her sucking them.

"Would it be okay if I gave them?" I asked, "I've wanted to for so long, and we can charge more for them – and it may save on towels to launder."

Mom was very practical, and I could imagine the wheels turning in her head as she considered the possibilities. "You have some really good ideas," she said, "And if this can be an outlet for your gay desires, then it's a real win for both of us."

"Now I have to ask you this," said Mom, "And tell me the truth – have you ever actually given a blowjob?"

"No," I replied, "But I've watched a lot of videos, and it looks pretty simple."

"It looks simple," Mom agreed, "But if you are going to be a professional, you can't be sucking like a beginner."

"So is there a cocksucker school I can go to?" I asked, and we both burst out laughing. "If there was," she said, "You could have a sweatshirt that said CSU! But seriously, let's find you some online help."

Mom demonstrated some real-world savvy when she Googled "Fellatio Tutorial" and did other similar searches. In less than a half hour she found over a dozen articles and video lessons that described very explicitly how to give an expert blowjob!

"Study these and you can practice some of the techniques to develop your skills," she said.

"Practice how?" I asked. Mom told me to come with her. She led me into her bedroom, where she opened the drawer in her night stand, revealing several different dildos. Looking them over, she selected one and handed it to me, saying, "This is about the size of most men. The real thing feels a little different, but this will be good for practice."

"Better look up some handjob tutorials as well," she said, "You know how to jack off, but the more you know how to handle a man, the better you'll do."

Mom wanted me to take a few days to practice before starting next on the weekend.

On Saturday the first happy ending appointment was at 10am. I waited outside the room while Mom got the client ready, then she pushed a button that rang a small chime that signaled my turn. I entered and Mom introduced me as her helper, and soon I was stroking a man-sized boner! I was thrilled to be stroking him but had to conceal my arousal. It was kind of strange doing this while Mom watched, but we had grown very close, so I quickly got accustomed to her watching. As the guy got close to cumming, Mom handed me a washcloth, which I used to cover his cock and collect the load. In a porn setting it's hot to see the guy squirting all over, but this was business, and we had to be neat about it to minimize the cleanup.

I'd been really nervous during the first one, but by the time I did my third handjob it had become pretty routine. We took a break for lunch and Mom told me she was really proud of me and thrilled that I could help. We discussed pricing and how it would be presented to the clients. I suggested that I offer a free introductory blowjob for the price of a handjob – today only – or for as long as we chose to run the promotion. Mom thought I had a really good head for business and hoped that I was as good at giving head!

I resolved to become a master cocksucker – if there was such a thing. I had practiced dozens of techniques over the last few days with Mom's dildo, and I was eager and ready for the real thing!

After lunch I began offering complimentary blowjobs and nobody turned me down – I wasn't at all surprised. Mom left me on my own for these – I supposed she didn't want to watch her son suck cock.

The first time I took a cock into my mouth it was incredible – so much better than the dildo. It felt like the cock belonged there, and like I was meant to be a cocksucker – which may be true. I realized that I was wasting time just savoring the feel in my mouth and got to work with my tongue. When he finally came it was a surprising taste – unlike anything else, but I didn't expect that it would taste like chicken! I knew that some people loved the taste while others found it disgusting. I liked it and swallowed. I felt truly wonderful about giving my very first blowjob!

Everyone I sucked liked it and said they would ask for me on their next visit. I collected the money and showed them out. Meanwhile Mom grabbed the sheets and towels from the room and got it ready for the next client. She led him in and got him ready, then signaled me. Ready as ever to go, soon I was sucking. My dildo practice paid off because I was able to employ my new skills to bring the client to completion.

For the last client Mom asked if she minded if she stayed in with me and I agreed. In fact I found it kind of exciting to be sucking while Mom watched – most guys would never want their Mom to see such a thing!

When it was done, we had dinner and discussed the day. "We should get a sink installed so you have somewhere to spit if you need it," Mom began.

"That may not be necessary," I replied, "I'm doing fine swallowing."

"That may be okay for now, but as volume picks you may exceed your limit," she said.

"My limit?" I asked.

"You're a pretty lucky cocksucker that you Mom knows about these things!" she said, "When you swallow more cum than you can handle your body rebels and you'll throw up."

"That wouldn't be good with the client!" I said, "How do I know if I've passed my limit?"

"Your stomach will begin to feel a little uneasy," she said, "You'll probably find your limit soon – once you reach it, you should spit rather than swallow the rest of the day – that way nobody is embarrassed."

"I wonder what my limit is," I pondered.

"Might be five – maybe ten or more," advised Mom, "With practice you will be able to swallow more. I hear that some very experienced guys don't even have a limit – or that it's so high they never exceed it."

I was really impressed with how much Mom knew – she was the best!

I convinced Mom that instead of a sink we could just have a cup that I could spit into if needed. That would be less costly, and I hoped to find and increase my limit quickly so I wouldn't have to spit.

Soon there were more clients who came for the blowjob, and Mom set up special hours from 4pm to 7pm for me to suck them. That way I'd have a little time after school before starting. I did my best to get as much of my homework done in school so I'd have more time at night. Once my evening suck hours were established, the schedule began to fill up. At first I'd do one or two blowjobs an hour, but after a month all the scheduled spots were nearly always filled. I was doing ten to twelve blowjobs a night. Sometimes Mom watched, but later she admitted to me that she found watching to be "awkward" because it aroused her.

"And you can't do anything about it in front of the client," I added. Mom blushed, but agreed.

I had an idea. I bought a cheap webcam and did a hidden installation in the massage room. I wired it to the TV in Mom's bedroom. From that day forward, she could watch me do live blowjobs and finger herself off in the privacy of her own bedroom.

Once the embarrassment was past of my knowing she that climaxed while watching me, we were able to talk about it and many other personal matters with ease. Mom told me that she was really impressed with how proficient I had become. As she watched me on her TV, she began to time me and found that I usually was able to suck a guy off in five to seven minutes. We needed some time to reset the room afterward, but Mom figured out that I could suck twice as many if we had a second room. We made plans for constructing a second room and soon were able to put it into service.

We then scheduled blowjob appointments every ten minutes. Mom would take a customer to the room while I was finishing up in the other room. Then I would suck him while Mom got the room ready for the next guy. We did a lot more business and nobody had to wait long. By this time I could swallow any amount of cum a day without ill effects.

Mom would do her standard (non-happy-ending) massages during the day while I was at school, and I would give blowjobs from 4pm to 7pm every night. The income from blowjobs was all tax-free because it was all cash, with nothing reported. I started sucking to help Mom out, but it soon became such a big part of the business, that Mom gave me half of all the blowjob proceeds. To avoid attracting the attention of the IRS, Mom declared my earnings to be a "gift" from her, which could be done tax free. That allowed me to grow my savings by over $10,000 a year without having to launder any money. We found a good investment manager and soon he was putting my savings to work, while I worked on getting more.

I was planning on going to college upon graduation from high school, but Mom and I figured that if I just kept working the business and investing the income, I would have enough by age 30 to retire, which was far better than going to school or working. Then I could settle down and just do recreational cocksucking.

It's a good business and I'm proud to be a cocksucker, but it will be a lot nicer when I can just do it for fun!

  To be continued . . .

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