First Taste of Cum Part 237    
          by Bill Beaumonte (  

This work of fiction contains explicit material intended for adults over 18. If you are under 18 or are offended by non-traditional sex, do not continue.  

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Author’s note:
This series presents a number of independent stories of about youthful first blowjobs. Some of these are inspired by my readers. I hope you enjoy this series.

Number on Wall

    I'm Lenny, a fourteen-year-old guy who's in love with cock, but scared to try. I'm told there has been a lot of social and legal progress – guys used to go to jail for being gay, but now it's accepted – sort of – that is, it depends on who you ask. I live in a really conservative New England region, and I wouldn't dare let anyone at school know of my interest. One guy at school did, and he got picked on and finally had to move away.

So here I am – a cock lover with half the population sporting cocks, but none for me. I've been jacking-off thinking about sucking and longed for the day a man will cum in my mouth. I've jacked-off into my hand and licked it up. I've grown to like the strong taste, but really need to feel it squirting in my mouth right from a cock!

I tried Craigslist and other social media groups, but as soon as they found out I was a kid they told me to come back when I grew up – what a lousy thing to say to someone who wants to do you a nice favor!

I tried staring at cocks when I'd take a leak in public rest rooms and nearly got beat up. Then one day we went to one of our local parks for a picnic. When I went into the men's room I was really surprised. It was a run-down old building that wasn't very well-maintained – good thing too, since there was a lot of writing on the walls. As I stood there taking leak I looked over the writing and found a number of small sketches of cocks with captions like, "come and get it" or "call if you want a mouthful". There were dozens of such entries, all with phone numbers. I got hard and couldn't finish my leak.

I went back to the car and got a piece of paper and a pen. I came back and copied down all the phone numbers over the urinals. Then I went in each stall and found even more! I brought a blank sheet of notepad paper and covered both sides – there were 27 different numbers of cocks waiting for me!

When I got back my father asked me what took so long – I just said I had to take a dump, and everyone left it at that. I knew he'd be really pissed if he knew the real reason – he was just as conservative as anyone in my town.

I wondered if the numbers were genuine offers, or maybe practical jokes played on others, listing their numbers so they'd get unwanted calls.

As soon as I got a chance, I started calling the numbers. It turned out that about half the numbers were bad or disconnected, and quite of few of the others just hung up on me. At least they couldn't punch me out.

There were seven that expressed interest however, but three of them were over a hundred miles away. Four however were in my own town, so I could get to them easily on my bike. They all asked how old I was. When I told them most hesitated, but I pleaded with them to give me a try.

"It's really hard to find someone to suck around here," I said.

The typical response was, "You any good at it?"

"I'm just beginning," I confessed, "And was hoping you could teach me."

I braced myself for rejection, but instead the guy showed interest. Apparently teaching a new cocksucker was really appealing to him. We agreed upon a time and he gave me his address, which I wrote down. The guy was Tom, and I was to go to his house tomorrow at 4pm. I got out of school at 2:30pm and grabbed my bike as soon as I got home and hurried over.

I tried the same approach with the other three guys in my town and it worked like a charm. I never imagined that teaching a cocksucker would be so desireable! I had suck appointments with each of them over the next two weeks. I would of course let each one think they were my very first, and hope they liked my work enough to have me back.

I arrived at Tom's and rang the doorbell. He must have been in his twenties and greeted me warmly. "I've always wanted to train a cocksucker," he said, as he closed the door behind me.

"I'm really excited about this," I said, "But nervous too – I wanna do this right."

"You already got one of the most important part," Tom said, "The desire to do it. I've been sucked by girls who seem to hate doing it – and it shows. The main thing is keep your teeth off my cock and follow my instructions – you'll be a great cocksucker in no time at all!"

"I'm ready to start," I said, "How do you want me to do this?"

"A cocksucker should be naked," Tom said, "And on your knees."

Eager to cooperate, I quickly stripped down and got on my knees. Tom approached me and brought his cock to my lips.

"Now start by just kissing it and getting to know its shape," began Tom, "Then take it into your mouth and hold it there."

I kissed and licked the head all over, then kisses down the shaft to his balls and back. He was fully hard now, and my lips parted, taking him in. Once in my mouth I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt. It was just so right – like this was the way things are supposed to be – as if I was a natural born cocksucker, only now coming of age. Guided by Tom, my tongue traced the contours of his cock, and I felt that I might recognize Tom's cock just from the way it felt in my mouth.

He taught me to move my tongue rapidly back and forth under his cock head, and to take his cock to the back of my mouth and make swallowing motions. It was difficult at first because I began to gag, but it got easier with practice. I really loved every moment of it, and never wanted it to end, but then I felt Tom's cock enlarge in my mouth just a bit, and then pulse as he squirted shot after shot of his hot cum into my mouth. It was strong tasting, like my cum, but so much better squirting right from his cock! I held his load in my mouth until he pulled out, then I swallowed.

"Thanks Tom," I said, "For teaching me so much. I really owe you!"

"Well, you can pay me back by blowing my buddies and I," he said, "If you think you can handle that much."

"How many buddies are you talkin' about?" I asked.

"Six," he said, "We've all been putting our numbers on walls and agreed that the first to get a cocksucker would share with the others."

"Deal," I said "But I may need a few more lessons. I probably still suck like a girl."

"No way!" declared Tom, "You suck better than any girl I've known – you know it's true that guys give the best blowjobs, but its 30% skill and 70% desire, and you've got both!"

I agreed to come back in three days for another lesson, but after that he would start sharing me. I rode my bike home, thrilled at my good fortune. Not only did I finally give my first blowjob, but it looked like I would soon have a small group of regulars.

I wondered if the other three guys I had appointments with would share me with their friends. I imagined what it would be like to have thirty or more regulars – I'd be giving a couple of blowjobs every day, and be one contented cocksucker!

My next appointment was with a younger guy – at least he sounded like a kid when we talked. He was the only one who didn't balk at my age – in fact he said it would work out well. I arrived at the address he gave at the appointed time and rang the bell. I was startled when a middle-aged woman in a nurse's uniform answered the door. My heart raced and I felt like just running away – this seemed like some mean trick.

I wanted to run but I felt frozen into inaction. The woman smiled and said, "Lenny? I've been expecting you – do come in."

I was confused but went in and accepted a cola from her. She led me to the kitchen and invited me to have a seat at the table so we could talk.

"I'm Mrs. Bradford," she said, "But you can call me Mary – I have high hopes for you!"

"I don't understand," I admitted.

"I suppose this is all a big surprise to you," Mary said, "So let me explain."

"You talked to Joey on the phone," she continued, "He's a nice gay boy who has been working with me, but his father has taken a new job and they are moving in a month or two. I asked him to help me find another nice gay boy to work with me."

I explained that I saw the number on the wall at the park and was expecting a horny guy, not a woman.

Mary smiled and said, "I'll connect you with plenty of horny men. I'm a nurse, providing in-home care for elderly men who aren't ready to move into a nursing home. They still have needs and Joey has been doing a great job in keeping them happy."

"You mean you want me to blow a bunch of old men?" I asked.

"Lenny, these are guys who would never get the relief they need if not for boys like you," Mary explained, "And they really appreciate it – so much so that I only work with men – they like me because I rewarded them with visits from Joey, and they are always on their best behavior!"

"I'm really not very experienced," I said, "Can they still get it up and cum?"

"They usually take a little longer," Mary said, "So you'll have to be patient, but most can get partially hard – some can even cum when they are soft. I few can't cum at all, but really appreciate the feeling just the same. Would you be willing to give it a try?"

"I guess so," I said nervously.

"The man who lives here I just call 'Captain' – he used to be captain on a big ore freighter in the Great Lakes," Mary explained, "He would make the boys who interned on his ship suck him – some were reluctant at first, but most grew to love it. I will tell him that you are one of his boys coming to visit – okay?"

I nodded and she led me to the living room, where an old man sat in a wheel chair wearing a striped robe.

"Captain, this is Lenny – you remember him? – he was one of your boys on the ship, and wants to visit," Mary began.

The old man seemed to be in kind of a daze when we entered, but suddenly he came to life, apparently knowing what to expect from a visit. "Let's get you ready for your visit," Mary said, opening his robe. He was naked underneath – probably so he'd be ready for visitors.

Mary adjusted the foot rests on his wheel chair so he could spread his legs apart to give me better access. I knelt on the floor before him and took his cock in my hand. It was about seven inches long even when soft. This guy must have been a real stud in his earlier years. I was surprised at how quickly his cock came to life and grew in my hands. He didn't get fully hard but was a good nine inches.

I brought my mouth to him and took the head and a few inches of his massive cock in. I ran my tongue all around the head and he responded by placing his hand on my head and moaning. I was still pretty new to this, but welcomed the opportunity to learn on a really big cock.

I heard Mary moving around behind me and was surprised to see her next to me completely naked! She took one of the Captain's hands and brought it to her breast, and that seemed to inspire him. On his own, he moved his hand down to her pussy and began to finger her.

Mary urged him on, saying "Cum for me, you big stud. Give Lenny your load and make me cum!"

This was certainly not any medical protocol, but Mary clearly knew what she was doing, because soon I felt him begin to pump his load into my mouth. His hand fell from Mary as he came, but Mary fingered herself until she finally came.

I kept his cock in my mouth even after he finished pumping, but then Mary told me to get up, and she closed his robe up and put his foot rests back in place.

She led me back to the kitchen where we continued to talk. She confessed that she found it really arousing to watch boys suck cock, and asked if I minded. I told her I was glad she could enjoy it too and was happy to perform for her as well. She said that she had eleven men she worked with and I agreed to work with her when I was available. It was summertime now, so I was off from school and had lots of time, but when school started it would be different. Mary explained that we could schedule my visits after school or on weekends, which seemed workable.

She asked me if I had time to go to her next guy, and I agreed. She put my bike in the back of her car and I got in. She drove to a local hospital, where she explained that Mr. Gordon was recovering from leg surgery. He suffered from early-onset alzhiemer's and would often forget names, but always was eager for a blowjob.

Mary led me by the reception desk, where she signed in and said she was checking on Mr. Gordon. We took the elevator up to the eleventh floor, where the nurses there greeted her warmly. Mary explained that she used to work on this floor before she went into private service.

We entered Mr. Gordon's room and he quickly recognized Mary. "This is Lenny," she said, "He'll be helping you out." Mary pointed at the sheet, which was already tenting as Mr. Gordon's arousal grew.

Mary pulled a curtain around the bed and closed the door partway. "Nobody will disturb us," she said, "Go ahead and get started."

I pulled the sheet aside and saw that his cock was semi-hard and sticking out of his underwear. I took him into my mouth and worked on the head. Soon he was fully erect and moaning with approval. Unlike the Captain, it only took a few minutes for him to cum and soon I got my reward.

Mary told Mr. Gordon that I would be visiting with her often and would see that his needs were met. We left and Mary said that was all for today, and dropped me off near home, so I had just a short ride back.

Over the next two weeks I met with my other two appointments, which turned out to be married guys whose wives were unresponsive. I was glad to service their needs, but it didn't lead to any others, since they were really secretive.

I'm not complaining – the first guy connected me with numerous friends, and Mary always had plenty of men for me to "help". For a kid in high school, I get a lot of cock, and no longer fantasize about it!

Special thanks to my online friend Thom, for inspiring this story.

  To be continued . . .

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