First Taste of Cum Part 238    
          by Bill Beaumonte (  

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Author’s note:
This series presents a number of independent stories of about youthful first blowjobs. Some of these are inspired by my readers. I hope you enjoy this series.

Sex ED 1963

    My name is Tom and I was 15 in 1963 and desparately looking for a cock to suck. Back then nobody dared admit such a thing. There were a few gay bars in the big cities, but police often raided them. For obvious reasons I had to keep my interest to myself.

I lived in a suburb of Hartford, Connecticut -- an especially conservative area. My parents would kill me if they had any idea I was "queer" -- which is what it was called in those days. I jacked-off whenever I could, usually thinking about sucking a cock, but having no idea what it was really like.

Several times a year we would go to Misquamicut State Beach in Rhode Island. Since winters were so harsh in New England we welcomed any opportunity to go to the beach in warm weather. We generally went once or twice a year, and it was always a great treat.

On my last trip I noticed something I'd never seen before. I went to the bathhouse to change into my swim trunks and went to take a leak at the urinal. As I stood there I noticed sketches of cocks on the wall along with messages like "blow me" and "suck this". There were also a lot of phone numbers on the wall. I was immediately aroused and my mind raced through the possibilities. Of course, I was a long way from home, so I didn't expect any of these numbers to be near home.

Back then there were no cell phones, and nearly anywhere more than a few miles from home was long distance -- and could be costly to call. I knew that you could tell roughly where a phone number was located based on the area code and exchange. The area code was the first three digits (Connecticut was 203 and Rhode Island was 401). The exchange was the next three digits and I was really surprised to find two numbers matching my exchange, so they were in my own town! I couldn't believe my good fortune!

I didn't have anything to write with, but planned to get the numbers before we left. I left the bathhouse sporting a boner. Fortunately it wasn't noticable in my look swim trunks -- also because at that age my cock wasn't very big. Once I hit the water my boner went away, but I thought about those secret cocks the whole time I was there.

When I returned to the bathhouse to get dressed I didn't have anything to write with. I asked another guy in the bathhouse and he lent me a pen, but having no paper, I wrote the last four digits of the number on my upper arm. There were two numbers in my town and I made sure I wrote them very clearly. My shirt sleeves covered the numbers, which I copied to paper when I got home.

I didn't dare call from my home, but in those days there were many public pay phones, where you could make a local call for ten cents. Long distance cost more, but these two numbers were local. I put a few dimes in my pocket and went to a phone down the street. The dialed the first number and nervously waited as it rang. No answer, and I got my dime back. I dialed the second number and a woman answered. Shit! I quickly hung up the phone. It was probably the guy's wife or mother, but it sure didn't look good for me. The phone kept my dime, since the call was answered.

I remained hopeful and tried calling the first number at different times of the day. There were no voicemails back then, and only businesses had answering machines, but I wouldn't have known what message to leave. I kept trying and after a few more attempts a man answered. I found myself tongue tied as I heard, "Hello -- hello?"

I was scared to death and nearly hung up, but then found the courage to blurt out, "I saw your number at the bathhouse."

"Really?" the guy answered, "What can I do for you?"

"I wanna suck you," I said, nearly choking on my words.

"That's really nice of you," he said, "Why don't you come on over?"

My heart was racing as I tried to regain my composure. He gave me his address, which was a few miles away -- an easy ride on my bike. I agreed to come over right away and soon was on my way.

I arrived and Mr. Dringle welcomed me in. "I'll be glad to teach you what you need to know," he said, "There is a lot that parents never tell their kids."

I was eager to learn and gladly stripped down when he told me to take my clothes off. He undressed as well and for the first time I got a good look at an adult cock. He was so much bigger than I was and his body was covered with hair. I only had hair in a few patches, under my arms and between my legs. I told him that I felt a little ashamed that I wasn't very manly, but he assured me that I would get there, and this was the best time of my life, and many men preferred guys like me.

"Will you teach me to suck?" I asked nervously.

"Of course," he said and approached me, stopping with his cock inches from my face. "Take my cock in your hand and get to know it," he said, "You are going to become an expert in the art of cocksucking." I eagerly took his cock in my hands. I had to use both because he was so big. As I handled him he grew in size and firmness. I saw a clear drop of pre-cum forming on the tip and licked it off. It had a salty taste, but I liked it -- I wondered what his cum would taste like, and hoped to find out soon

"Now take it in your mouth," he said, "But keep your teeth off it -- that's really important."

"But it's so big!" I replied, "How can I keep my teeth off it?" I asked.

"Before you take it in, move your lips over your teeth, so your lips touch me," he explained. I tried it and that seemed to work. He really filled my mouth up but I was able to move my tongue around a little, tracing the contours of his cock head. He told me to move my tongue on the bottom side of his cock head, which I did and he began to moan. He taught me a few more techniques before I felt his already-huge cock expand even more and then it pulsed as he pumped his cum into my mouth.

The taste startled me. It was sudden and very strong tasting -- unlike anything I had ever tried before. I knew that a good cocksucker is supposed to swallow, so I endured the strong taste and swallowed.

"That was really good for your first time!" Mr. Dringle said, "With a little practice you'll become an expert cocksucker."

He sat in the middle of a couch and asked me to come lay across his lap. I wasn't sure what he had in mind, but I trusted him, so I went along with it. He asked me to spread my legs and he put spread my ass cheeks with one hand and pressed something cold and wet between my cheeks, pausing at my hole.

"Has anyone ever put a finger in you before?" he asked.

"No," I said, "Will it hurt?"

"Not if you relax," he said, "Your natural reaction will be to tighten up, but do your best to relax."

It felt really strange, but I tried my best to relax, and soon he had his finger tip in me. He worked it gently in and out each time going in with a little more of his finger. It felt odd, but kind of good.

"Now I'm in all the way," he said, and he began to wiggle it back and forth as well.

"You jack-off, don't you?" he asked and I nodded.

"Okay then," he instructed, "I want you to kneel on the couch next to me with your knees far apart."

I did as he instructed and he reached his hand between my legs and inserted a finger once again and began to move it around. He handed me a tissue and said, "Now jack-off for me, and shoot your cum into the tissue."

I loved to jack-off, and his finger in me was an incredible feeling! In almost no time at all I shot my load into the tissue. "Wow! That was great!" I said.

"Would you like to come visit again?" he asked.

"You bet!" I said eagerly, "When can I come back?" We discussed various options and agreed that I would come see him at 4pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, after he got home from work. Each time we began by my sucking him and then he played with my ass -- first with fingers, and then with small objects, then some larger ones. He said he was using "anal dilators" on me, which would make it easier to be penetrated. Each time he had me jack-off with a larger object inside me, and I always shot a big load.

"Would you like to meet other men like me?" he asked one time. I quickly agreed and he asked if I would let him shave my pubic hair. I didn't have very much and was proud that I was developing there. Mr. Dringle told me that many men liked boys to be very young, and if he shaved me I would be more attractive to them. I knew it would grow back, so I went along with him. After shaving me he took some pictures with his polaroild camera and said he would show his friends.

I begged him not to let a lot of people see my naked pictures -- it was really embarrassing to me. He assured me that only men with a special interest in boys like me would see them. I went home, excited about meeting other men who shared my interests.

The next day I got a call from Mr. Dringle, who said that he fould have two friends over on Saturday, if I could come by then. I quickly agreed. He asked me to stop by on Friday for some special preparation.

On Friday I stopped by and sucked Mr. Dringle as usual, but afterward he told me that he was going to try a larger dilator on me. One of my friends wants to put is cock in your ass, and I want you to be ready to take it without pain. No pain was definitely a good idea for me. I'd learned the hard way how painful it can be for something too large to enter me, or too fast without enough lube. We always started with a small dilator that was easy for me to take, and then he switched to larger and larger ones. This time he started with a medium sized dilator that I had taken before. I hoped it wouldn't hurt to start with that size, but he lubed it up really well and I relaxed, and it slipped in without a problem. He left it in for fifteen minutes, and then switched to a larger one, then a still larger in another fifteen minutes.

After that he gave me a dildo. It looked just like a cock, but was a little smaller than Mr. Dringle's cock. He told me to lube up the head and most of the shaft, and then to kneel over it, with the head pressing against my hold and the other end on the floor. I was to press down firmly and take as much as I could, jacking-off and riding up and down as I did.

By now I really loved the feel of anything on or in my ass, and eagerly took the position as he instructed. I began to jack and it felt very natural for me to press down and force the dildo into me. I found that if I lifted up that it would begin to slip out. That allowed me to "ride" the dildo as I jacked, each time sinking a little lower driving the dildo in further. Finally I came strongly, now shooting my tissue into a half-full wine glass.

Dildo still deep inside me, I raised the glass and looked at my load flowing in the white wine. Mr. Dringle took the glass and said I'd done well. He handed me a tapered black object and told me to slip it into me. I removed the dildo and slipped the new object in. "That's a butt plug," he said, "It will keep you open and ready for entry -- wear is as much as you like between now and tomorrow, but make sure you have it in when you arrive tomorrow.

I wore the butt plug home and kept it in during dinner -- It felt so naughty to have the plug in me with my family all around me -- Dad would sure be pissed if he knew!

About an hour after dinner it began to feel uncomfortable, so I took it out and washed it, hiding it in my room until tomorrow.

On Saturday I kept myself busy so the time would pass quickly. Right after lunch I put the butt plug in and rode over to Mr. Dringle's house. The bicycle seat seemed to push the plug into me as I pedaled, arousing me all the more. Finally I got there and Mr. Dringle welcomed me and asked me to undress right away but keep the butt plug in.

He took me into the living room where I saw two clothed men, sitting and drinking beer. I felt self-conscious being naked, especially with a butt plug, in front of two clothed strangers, but Mr. Dringle was broadening my horizons. I was introduced to Mr. Cox and Mr. Jacobson who smiled and touched me all over.

"Shall we get started?" asked Mr. Dringle and we all went downstairs to the basement. I had never been there before and was surprised to see that there were cameras set up on tripods and special lighting. One of the cameras was a movie camera.

"We are going to take some very private pictures and movies for people who like boys like you," said Mr. Dringle, is that okay Tom?

"As long as none of my friends and family see them," I said, now trusting Mr. Dringle completely.

Mr Jacobson was the photographer of the group and had me pose in various positions, including spreading my ass cheeks to show the black butt plug. They took many pictures of me sucking each of them. Mr Cox had a very long and skinny cock, while Mr. Jacobson had a really thick 9" cock with a big mushroom head. There was no way I could take him in my ass right now, but hoped to be able to one day!

Now we were ready to make an action movie. They reviewed the script with me and I was eager to go. Mr. Cox lay on his back on a mat on the floor after lubing up his cock. Mr. Jacobson readied the movie camera and called out "Action!" I approached Mr. Cox and stepped over him, so my feet were on either side of him. I lowered myself down and knelt over him, lowering my ass onto his cock. I stroked my cock as I rode his cock, being carful not to cum just yet. Then Mr. Dringle stepped in and stood in front of me with his feet on either side of Mr. Cox. He bounced his cock up and down, slapping my nose and face with it. He put the head to my lips and I kissed it and then opened to recieve it. He face fucked me stroking in and out of my mouth while the camera captured everything.

He told me when he was ready to cum and then pulled out. I opened my mouth wide and he shot a squirt of his load into my mouth, then a second across my cheek, and the rest onto my chest. Now the camera moved around to focus on the front of me, cum dripping down my face and chest as I rode the cock and stroked. I made it last as I was supposed to, but when Mr. Dringle signaled I shot my load onto Mr. Cox's belly. Then I got off and knelt beside Mr. Cox, licking up my cum. My ass was pointed at the camera, which took close-ups of my hole still open. Mr. Dringle put a finger from each hand into me and pulled sideways to keep me open. Then he put a black dildo in my ass.

It was a completely thrilling Saturday! Mr. Cox and Mr. Jacobson gave me their addresses, and I visited them at their homes for the next few weeks.

School was resuming, but I still looked forward to seeing my adut male friends after school and on weekends. There was a new high school that had recently been constructed, so I was expecting a lot of new teachers. What I didn't expect was to find that Mr. Dringle, Cox and Jacobson were all teachers there! I had Mr. Dringle for math. He was also the basketball coach. I didn't have Mr Cox or Mr Jacobson that year, but in my Junior year I had Mr. Jacobson for Phys-Ed. He would often have me stay after class to blow him, and then write me an excuse to get to my next class late. I made a game of holding his load in my mouth for as long as I could, knowing my woman teacher would be completely shocked if she knew!

Mr. Cox was our track coach, and I went out for track just to be with him. He would ask me to remain outside after he dismissed the rest of the class to the showers. I would stay behind and collect equipment, so by the time we got to the locker room the rest of the team had dressed and left. Mr. Cox and I showered together. Before he got wet I made a point of sucking his sweaty cock. I loved the manly taste and smell. Then he would soap up his cock and slip it up my ass. By now I was accustomed to being fucked often, and really welcomed him in me. I put my hands on the shower wall and he stood behind fucking me. It was a truly wonderful way to wrap up a practice, and I was glad to do it often.

Most of all I liked Mr. Jacobson. His huge cock was difficult for me to suck at first, but he taught me how to do it well. He had a large set of anal dilators that he would make me wear as I sucked him. I looked forward to the day I can easily take Mr. Jacobon's huge cock up my ass.

Best of all was that I regualarly blew all three of my mentors, along with some of their friends. Today, as I look back, I realize how lucky I was to have these men teach me. Nobody suspected teachers of anything back then, and boys like me could get the special attention we craved.

Special thanks to my online friend Thom, for inspiring this story and providing some of the content.

  To be continued . . .

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