First Taste of Cum Part 240    
          by Bill Beaumonte (  

This work of fiction contains explicit material intended for adults over 18. If you are under 18 or are offended by non-traditional sex, do not continue.  

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Author’s note:
This series presents a number of independent stories of about youthful first blowjobs. Some of these are inspired by my readers. I hope you enjoy this series.

Big Brother

    I'm Fred, and I grew up in a small farm house. I shared a bedroom with Frank, my older brother. He is three years older than me.

We went to bed in our undershorts, but often shed them to explore each other’s bodies, especially cocks and balls. Our mother would caution against playing with ourselves, which only increased our interest.

We discovered at an early age that it felt wonderful to have our cocks handled, and we would often drift off to sleep holding each other's cocks.

Our cocks were tiny then – hardly big enough to hold, but as Frank started puberty he began to grow and got hard every time I handled him.

My little cock would get hard too, but it was different when Frank did. Somehow it affected his mind when I got him hard. He said it aroused him, but to me it was great fun getting him that way.

One day after school he told me that he could now “make sperm” – one of his friends showed him how. I begged him to show me. Mom was nearby so we went out to the barn and found a private place.

Frank dropped his pants and shorts to his ankles and began to stroke – slowly at first, then faster. He seemed to lose control as he began to pump so hard it was like he would pull his cock right off!

I was kneeling in front of him to get a close look. Frank's cock and hand seemed a blur, then he cried out, “Here it comes!” To my surprise a white squirt shot right at me. I dodged to one side to avoid it, but some landed on my arm.

“Did it hurt?” I asked, “It looked like you were in pain.”

“No,” he said, “It's the most wonderful feeling!”

“Can I do it?” I asked.

Frank explained that I could stroke myself but would not be able to cum until I entered puberty in a few years. I was eager for that! He told me that the white stuff he shot out was semen, which contained sperm, but most guys just called it cum.

As we walked back to the house, I notice the splash of cum on my forearm and licked it off. There was only a little, so I couldn't get a good taste, but it was a very different, almost mysterious taste. I wondered if it was safe to swallow – probably such a small amount would be okay.

I was eager to get my hand on Frank's cock and was glad to get to bed. Soon my hand was squeezing his cock, bringing him to full erection. “Can I make you cum?” I asked.

“I don't know,” he said, “Give it a try.” I stoked Frank and his excitement grew. He told me to squeeze harder and pump him faster.

I was learning Sex Education at home by giving my first handjob. I was getting tired, but Frank said, “Keep going – I'm almost there!”

When I thought I could pump him no longer Frank cried out and I felt his cock pulsing in my hand as his load shot all over his belly.

“Are you boys alright in there?” asked Mom as she cracked open the bedroom door. I was stunned into silence and froze where I lay.

“Just had a bad dream,” said Frank, saving us both from embarrassment. Mom just said to sleep well and left.

My hand was resting in the cum pooled on Frank's belly. I brought my hand to my mouth and tasted his seed. I liked it and dipped my finger in his cum to get more.

“What's it taste like?” Frank asked.

“Completely different,” I said.

“You can lick the rest up if you like it,” he said.

I eagerly licked up every drop of Frank's cum, including the last drop from the tip of his cock. I hoped that his cum was safe to swallow.

I lay there as Frank drifted off to sleep. I thought about my mouth on his cock and kind of liked it. A really taboo idea formed in my mind that I was eager to try.

The next day when we got home from school, I told Frank that I wanted to try something. “Rather than shoot your cum all over, why not just cum in my mouth – that way there isn't any cleanup (even though I was glad to do the cleanup),” I asked.

“Let's go out to the barn and try it!” agreed Frank.

We hurried out to the barn to our private place and I knelt before Frank as he dropped his pants.

Frank began to stroke, and I opened my mouth in anticipation. “Got an idea,” said Frank, “I'll put it in your mouth so I don't miss.”

Frank stepped closer and entered my mouth. I was amazed at how right it felt – like his cock really belonged in my mouth!

I moved my tongue around, tracing the contour of his cock. “Do more of that!” Frank said, and I eagerly complied. Frank began to moan and said something about being in heaven.

I moved my tongue in other ways and I enjoyed sucking him. I noticed that Frank stopped stroking and my mouth alone was arousing him. He had his hands on my head now and was urging me on.

Suddenly and much to my surprise I felt his cock enlarge slightly in my mouth as he began to pump his load into my mouth.

I couldn't believe the wonderful feeling of Frank cumming directly into my mouth.

“That's the absolutely best way to cum!” said Frank as we walked back to the house. I realized that we'd discovered something really important but would only learn later that it was called a blowjob.

From that day forward, I sucked Frank off every morning before we got up (he always awoke hard), as well as at bedtime. Sometimes we would go out to the barn after school. I knew we had something very special and knew that it was best to keep it secret.

I didn't tell anyone, so it remained a secret until one day Frank said, “My friends and I were talking about sex and I told them about our discovery.”

I was stunned. “You told them I suck your cock?” I asked.

“It just came out – before I could realize it – and I couldn't take it back.”

I thought it would ruin everything. I didn't know anything about gays back then but was darn sure I didn't want everybody to know – especially my prudish parents!

“So what happens now?” I asked, feeling like my life was in ruins.

“Well,” began Frank nervously, “They want to watch you do it.”

“Hell no!” I shot back, “It's bad enough that you told them – now you want me to perform for them and prove it?!”

“I feel really bad about this,” said Frank, “I've always tried to look out for you and keep you safe – I know I let you down.”

I continued to blow Frank, hoping it would all be forgotten, but he said his friends pestered him every day about it.

“I told them I didn't think it was right to make you do it for them to watch, but they keep asking.”

“I was mad at first, Frank,” I responded, “Because I felt you told my secret – what if it ever got back to Mom and Dad?”

“I know,” answered Frank, “I really screwed up – how about if I get them to promise to keep our secret – you know it's my secret too.”

“You sure you can trust them?” I asked.

“I can't be sure but just have to hope we can,” he said.

“I suppose that's the best we can get,” I replied, “I'll suck you while they watch if they promise to keep it secret.”

The next day Frank brought three friends home – Mike, Ben and Tom. They all agreed that this was really private and they would never tell.

We went out to the barn to our private place and I sucked Frank as I usually did. Except now it was for an audience. While I thought it would be embarrassing, I found it to be strangely exciting.

Mike said he wanted me to hold Frank's cum in my mouth to show them. I would have to work at that, since swallowing had become so natural for me.

Frank didn't seem to mind performing and came as quickly as he usually did. I held his load in my mouth, turned to Frank's friends and opened my mouth. When they were convinced that I had Frank's load they told me to swallow, which I immediately did.

Mike unzipped and said, “Do me next!”

“That wasn't part of the deal,” I insisted.

“If you suck me, I would never tell,” Mike replied.

I looked to Frank for guidance. “Do it if you want,” he said, “You might like it.”

In truth I had been wondering what other cocks were like, so I turned to Mike and opened my mouth.

His cock felt different in my mouth, but good just the same – perhaps all cocks would. I sucked him using the same techniques that worked for Frank, and soon he gave me his cum. I swallowed as Mike pulled out, the turned to Tom.

His cock was already out and was bigger than Frank's or Mine's, with a big mushroom head. I wasn't sure it would fit in my mouth, but sure wanted to try.

His huge head felt good in my mouth though I had little room to move my tongue around. I did my best, and soon Tom rewarded my efforts.

I swallowed and turned to Ben. He was still zipped up and said, “I'll get mine later – give me your cell number and I'll text you to set something up.”

I gave Ben my number and the other guys wanted it as well, and Ben gave it to them. I realized that I was now an on-call cocksucker!

The next day Ben arranged to come by for a blowjob. I took him to the barn, and he dropped his pants and shorts. I saw now why he didn't want his blowjob with the other guys. His cock was small – just a little bigger than mine. I was sure he didn't want the other guys to see how he measured up.

It sure seemed a shame to be stuck with a little cock when it was a symbol of manliness. I decided to make sure he knew I took his cock seriously and told him he had a really nice cock. I used the best of my techniques on him and thanked him for his manly load.

From that time on I continued to blow Frank several times a day and his friends a few times a week. They were true to their word and kept my secret – which continued to ensure my service.

When the boys started dating girls the blowjobs slowed down, but they still needed me when their girlfriends weren't in the mood or were having their period.

Now as adults we are all married and I still suck them all regularly. We all found out the hard way that getting married was the surest way to cut down on sex – but a very good thing for me!

Special thanks to my online friend Dane, for inspiring this story and providing some of the content.

  To be continued . . .

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