First Taste of Cum Part 241    
          by Bill Beaumonte (  

This work of fiction contains explicit material intended for adults over 18. If you are under 18 or are offended by non-traditional sex, do not continue.  

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Author’s note:
This series presents a number of independent stories of about youthful first blowjobs. Some of these are inspired by my readers. I hope you enjoy this series.

Room Service

    I'm Brady, a fourteen-year-old gay guy living in a hotel. The hotel is a well-known national chain and my parents have a franchise. I can't give the name of the hotel for reasons that will become obvious. I provide a service that has leads a great many male business travels to favor our hotel.

First, a little background. My family is non-traditional. I have two Moms – a lesbian couple. My birth mother caught my Dad fooling around with another woman and the marriage quickly ended in divorce. Turned against men, she found a lesbian lover who moved in over ten years ago. They have both raised me. To avoid confusion, I call my birth mother "Mom" and the other "Mama". I love them both and they've been really good to me.

When I was twelve, I revealed to them that I thought I was gay, and they took it really well. Mom and Mama joked that I could find lots of action with all the men staying there on business. What started as a joke began to sound like a good idea, so I put together a plan and pitched it to them.

The idea was to offer "Elite Room Service" in which I would come to a guest's room and blow him, and his room would be billed $20, which would appear to be a normal room service charge. We would start out small and not advertise, since that could lead to trouble. We would let word of mouth spread the news. We advised the bartender that if any man asked where he could get some action that he should tell him to call the front desk and arrange for Elite Room Service. The bar tender thought we were arranging a call girl. The desk clerk only knew to enter the request in the registration system and to avoid double-booking. A time would be set and an entry would be made in the online registration system. I set up an App that would text me with new appointments, and I would go to the room at the appointed time.

The system was set up so that my mothers and I were the only ones who knew that I was providing the service. We weren't entirely sure it would work, but we gave it a try. For about a week nothing happened, and then I got a text notification: "Elite Room Service 207 @ 6:30pm". I was thrilled and nervous at the same time. I checked the registration system and found that the guest had checked in earlier that day and was staying four nights. If he liked me, I'd be able to suck him each night. I had fantasized about this and jacked-off thinking about it since we first considered doing it, but the fact was had never sucked a cock before!

My mother's thought I had been sucking regularly, and I was embarrassed to tell them I hadn't. In preparation I watched lots of blowjob videos online and Googled blowjob instructions, where I learned of dozens of techniques which I practiced on a dildo. I was eager to try the real thing, and today I'd have my chance!

I decided to wear only gym shorts and a t-shirt so I could undress and dress easily, and would offer to be naked if the guest wanted. I arrived at precisely the appointed time and knocked on the door. "Hello Sir, I'm here for your Elite Room Service," I said, and he nervously let me in.

"I want to assure you Sir," I continued, "That this is completely confidential, and want you to feel completely at ease – your satisfaction is important to me."

"How do we do this?" he asked, still visibly nervous.

"I will suck you in any position you wish. If you don't have a preference we can start in the traditional kneeling position and go from there. Would you like me naked or clothed?"

"Let's do naked this time," he said. I quickly shed my garments and knelt before him naked and erect. My cock was small, but he quickly noticed my arousal.

"You don't have to undress if you don't want to," I said, "Just unzip an offer me your cock."

He stood before me and unzipped. I watched eagerly as he fished out his cock. He had some difficulty getting it out because he was already partly erect. At long last I was face to face with a hard cock. I had fantasized about this moment for a long time, and now it was happening! I eagerly opened my mouth, anxious for my first taste of cock. It filled my mouth and felt wonderful! I knew that this was my calling in life, and ran my tongue all over the head as my guest moaned in pleasure.

Not knowing what would work best for him, I tried a variety of techniques I'd practiced, searching for what worked. I had only sucked for about five minutes before I felt his cock pulse and pump his hot load into my mouth. It was strong tasting as I expected but tasted like nothing I had ever experienced. I was glad it had a distinctive taste and held it in my mouth after he pulled out. I savored the taste and then swallowed.

"Thank you for allowing me to be of service to you," I said, "Sir, I hope to serve you again."

I got dressed and he thanked me. I left, completely thrilled at giving my very first blowjob. The system we set up worked flawlessly – now we just had to ramp up the volume.

I was pleased to be asked back for the remaining three nights of that guest's visit. He was a lot less nervous after the first time and enjoyed running his hands all over me. I let him fondle my cock and balls, and even to stick a finger up my ass. I enjoyed the foreplay but was always eager to get to the blowjob. As I learned what he liked, it became very easy to make him cum, and I grew to eagerly anticipate swallowing a load of cum.

After he left nothing much happened for the next week, then I began to get several requests a week – enough to keep things interesting, but I was far from busy. A few guys were in a hurry and had me kneeling right when I came in the door, but most wanted me naked and enjoyed seeing me that way. A few asked me to jack-off while I sucked them, which I was glad to do. They usually liked me to swallow my load, which I did with a smile.

We began to get a lot of repeat guests and our guest satisfaction ratings were soaring. We received inquiries from the corporate office, wondering about what we were doing to improve our ratings. We just told them that we focused on prompt and friendly service, which wasn't untrue, but we certainly couldn't tell them the real reason!

Initially we scheduled service at half hour intervals, but as we had many more requests, we changed to booking every fifteen minutes. It rarely took even that long, and I welcomed the additional cum. My mothers were concerned that I'd be swallowing too much cum, but I assured them that I could handle it. I was glad to take service requests at nearly any time, but most were between 6-10pm. I did take a few between 5:30am and 7:00am – it was actually really thrilling to start the day out sucking off multiple guys. In the morning they would usually greet me at the door naked, and I'd drop to my knees and get to work. I would wear my school clothes if I had a 7:00am job. That usually went well, and Mom would be waiting downstairs to rush me to school. One day a guy dripped cum on my shirt which Mom spotted right away and handed me a wet wipe to clean up.

It's been four years now and I've happily swallowed gallons of cum. My mothers are selling the hotel for a very nice profit. Business has been booming – I like to think in part due to my efforts. Of course the new owners don't know the secret to our success, and I soon will be out of work here, but my mothers will retire in comfort.

I'm working out an arrangement with a local strip club to work a glory hole for their customers. I'll make a good living continuing to do what I love the most!

  To be continued . . .

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