First Taste of Cum Part 242    
          by Bill Beaumonte (  

This work of fiction contains explicit material intended for adults over 18. If you are under 18 or are offended by non-traditional sex, do not continue.  

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Author’s note:
This series presents a number of independent stories of about youthful first blowjobs. Some of these are inspired by my readers. I hope you enjoy this series.


    I'm Dave, a sixteen-year-old submissive guy. I never thought I was submissive – I'm not at all meek, but when I met Bill, a really dominant man, my submissive side took over. I've had an interest in cocks and cocksucking for some time, but never acted on it. I was afraid that if my secret got out it would ruin my life, so I kept it all to myself, reserving my desires for jack-off fantasies. That is, until I met Bill.

I often went to an online gay chat room where I chatted with guys, who told me about their cocksucking experiences. Most lived out of state, so there was no possibility of ever meeting them. I hoped to find someone who would teach me to suck, but nobody was nearby.

Then one day I had was messaged by Bill, and it went like this:

Bill: You suck?
Me: Not yet
Bill: Why not?
Me: Haven't had the chance
Bill: Bullshit! Bet there are lots of cocks that would love to be in your mouth
Me: I don't know how to start
Bill: Just ask a guy if he wants a blowjob! Some won't and some will
Me: I could never do that!
Bill: You sound like a real pussy. If you were with me, my cock would be in your mouth
Me: You mean you would make me suck you?
Bill: If needed, but soon I would make you beg to suck me

This was a very different conversation than I'd had with others. It felt a little scary, but exciting at the same time. I knew if I was with the right guy, and he forced me to suck him, I would have to. I was hard and began to stroke as we chatted.

I asked him where he was located, and to my surprise I found that he lived in my town, only a few blocks away. Continuing ...

Me: That's close to me – most guys live a long way off
Bill: Then you'll be sucking my cock soon
Me: I'm not sure I'm ready for this
Bill: Don't be a jerk about this – you know you need it and don't try to tell me differently
Me: I have to be going now
Bill: Don't give me that shit! Now do as I say or you'll regret missing out on what you really need!
Me: I'm sorry, I guess I'm just nervous about this
Bill: That's why I'm calling the shots – you just do what I tell you – got it?
Me: Yes
Bill: Make that Yes, Sir
Me: Yes, Sir
Bill: Now tell me when you can get to the Centerland Shopping Mall
Me: I can be there by 2pm
Bill: Ok, I will be parked outside of Sears in a blue Malibu. Come to my car and get in
Me: See you then

I was really aroused now and excited about meeting Bill. I stopped stroking before I came, because I knew if I came, I would lose my nerve and not go. I really needed to meet him and rode my bike to the mall. I parked my bike by the Sears entrance and looked for Bill's car. I saw a blue Malibu with a heavy-set bearded guy in it. There were no similar cars around, so it must be him. I walked up to the driver's door and he rolled down the window. "Bill?" I asked.

"Get in," he said, rolling the window back up.

I walked to the passenger side and got in. "You scared?" he asked. I nodded.

"This is a big deal," Bill continued, "And your life will never be the same. You are going to discover your true calling and begin to fulfill it."

"I don't understand," I said.

Bill pushed his seat back from the steering wheel and unzipped his pants. He took out a cock that was respectable in size, even when soft. "Well?" he said, "Suck it!"

"Here?" I protested.

"The only thing that's keeping you away from what you really want and need is fear – now get over it and get your head down here!"

"What if people see?" I whined.

"I'll worry about that," Bill shot back, "You got other things to do!"

I looked around to see if anyone was nearby or watching, and then leaned part way toward Bill.

Suddenly Bill reached his hand behind my head and forced me down to his lap, pushing his cock into my face.

"Now suck, damn it!" he ordered and I opened my mouth and took his cock in. I was being forced to do this, but I did like it, and moved my tongue around to explore his cock's contours. It grew and hardened as I sucked and pretty soon it was too big to fit into my mouth. He was fully erect now and only half of his cock was in my mouth.

Bill pushed my head down, forcing his cock head to the back of my mouth, gagging me. He eased up and then pressed down again and I gagged.

"Okay, now sit up," Bill said. I sat up, with tears streaming down my face from the gagging.

"Do you like my cock?" he asked. I was caught between excitement and fear.

"Yes," I confessed.

"Yes what?" Bill demanded.

"Yes Sir!" I answered.

"Good boy," he said, "You might just work out with some training. Get back on my cock and practice."

I sucked Bill for about 20 minutes and began to tire. I realized that I was probably doing a poor job sucking, and said, "Please teach me how to make you cum, Sir."

"In due time," said Bill, "But not today – this is just a test of your sincerity. I think I can count on you to do what I tell you, right?"

"Yes Sir!" I replied.

"Okay," said Bill, "I'll give you my address. Be there are 7am – my wife will be gone to work by then."

"But I have school," I protested.

"You mean you would rather go to school learn to suck my cock?" Bill demanded.

"No Sir!" I replied.

"Then be there," he said, "And don't be late!"

I rode home, thinking about sucking Bill's cock. He made me do it and I was glad he did. I think this is just what I need. He's going to make me a cocksucker and I don't have any choice in the matter.

I went to my room and immediately jacked-off. It only took a couple of minutes to cum, and it was a wonderfully strong climax, then it hit me – the usual wave of shame and remorse for having the perverted thoughts that made me cum! It didn't last long but was enough to ruin a perfectly good orgasm. I knew that I had to make sure I didn't cum when I was with Bill, or I wouldn't be able to finish the job.

The next morning instead of going to my school bus stop I rode my bike over to Bill's house. I took the bike into the back yard and knocked on the back door. Bill answered wearing a bathrobe. He let me in and had me follow him downstairs, where he had a porno movie playing on a TV.

"Take off your clothes and kneel," he directed as he shed the bathrobe and stood before me naked. I was a pretty heavy guy but it was his cock that most attracted my interest – with a few strokes he was hard and had to be at least eight inches long and thick.

I undressed and got to my knees. Bill stepped closer and brought his cock to my lips. I opened my mouth and took him in. It felt wonderful to have his cock in my mouth again. "Look up here," he said, and I did.

I heard a "click" as he snapped a picture of me sucking his cock. Then he proceeded to instruct me in cocksucking. I learned how to hold my lips over my teeth, so they didn't touch his cock. He practiced pushing to the back of the mouth while I fought back gagging. After a while he told me that I was to take his cock in as far as I could and hold it there. I did, and began to gag, but with practice it was easier. I still had tears streaming down my face from the gagging.

"It's okay to cry," said Bill, "You're a sissy cocksucker after all."

I should have felt insulted, but I knew he was right. He seemed to know me better than I knew myself.

Next he told me to try to swallow when his cock was in the back of my mouth. I practiced that – taking him all the way back and swallowing. His cock didn't go down, but he said it felt good and I should keep doing it.

"I'm gonna cum now," he said, pulling his cock out, "Open your mouth all the way."

I knelt there, mouth open, as he shot his load into my mouth, splashing some of his cum on my cheek. When he was done he wiped a drop of cum onto my chin, an then told me to look up and hold my mouth open.

He took another picture – I would be completely humiliated if anyone ever saw it.

"Now close your mouth and get to know the taste of my cum," he said, "Pretty strong stuff, no doubt." I nodded and had to work hard to resist puking. This was unlike anything I'd ever tasted and it didn't belong in any mouth.

After a few minutes he said, "Okay, swallow it." I did, glad to get the fowl tasting stuff out of my mouth, but a strong aftertaste remained.

"In time you will grow to love the taste," he said, "It's the taste every sissy craves."

Right now that was a little hard to believe, but I knew I'd be tasting a whole lot more!

"You wanna cum now?" Bill asked.

"No thanks," I'll do it at home.

"Why not now, while you're with me?" he asked.

"It will be better at home," I said, getting nervous.

"Okay," said Bill, "Let's have it – something happens when you cum – tell me about it."

"It feels wonderful," I explained, "But then I feel this horrible guilt and shame."

"About what?" asked Bill.

"About what I was thinking about when I came," I said.

"Which was?" he asked.

"Cocks or cocksucking," I said.

"That's good to know," Bill said, "I can use that."

I got dressed and rode my bike to school. I explained that I missed the bus and had to ride my bike in. I was only a few minutes late, so they didn't make a fuss about it.

Bill made me give him my cell number and all my contact information, including my full name and address. He said he needed to know where to send pictures to, if I made it necessary. I begged him not to, and he said it was up to me – all I needed to do was continue to cooperate.

I thought about blowing Bill all morning, and what his cum tasted like. I was glad that he came in my mouth but really didn't expect it to taste so bad. I knew that I'd be swallowing a lot Bill's cum and hoped that I would begin to like the taste.

Shortly after lunch I got a text from Bill telling me to come to his house tomorrow morning for further training. I wanted it, but knew I'd be late for school again, and hoped I wouldn't be in trouble. But I knew I had to see Bill, even if I did get in trouble at school.

The next morning I arrived at Bill's again and soon was kneeling naked before him. He had a movie camera set up with a bright light. I knew he planned to make a video of me doing humiliating things, but I had no choice in the matter.

He switched on the light and camera and approached me. I opened my mouth to receive his cock and tried to ignore the camera. "Just hold it in your mouth for now, don't even try to make me cum." he said, "Now stroke yourself and shoot into your other hand when you cum."

Damn! He KNEW that cumming would be a problem for me and was gonna make me do it anyway. I would never have chosen this, but it wasn't my choice, so I held his cock in my mouth as I stroked. This was more arousing than any fantasy, and I found myself cumming quickly, even with the camera recording. It felt incredibly wonderful as I shot my load into my hand, and then the shame hit me.

"Just keep my cock in your mouth," said Bill, "And think about what a sissy cocksucker you are – how you will never refuse the cock of a REAL MAN and know how you need it – it's who you are."

"Do you accept your role as a sissy cocksucker?" he asked, and I nodded, still holding his cock in my mouth.

"Now lick up your cum," he ordered. It was the last thing I wanted to do right now, but he insisted, and Bill was very convincing! I licked up my cum, realizing that all my perverted acts were being recorded.

Once I had finished licking up my cum Bill said, "Now finish the job." He brought his cock to my lips and I knew I couldn't refuse him. I opened to receive him and tried to suck, but my heart wasn't in it. Bill put his hands on my head and began to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth, ordering me to keep my tongue moving back and forth as he did. I later learned that what he was doing was called face fucking, but it seemed very much like an oral rape to me. After a few minutes he came in my mouth and I swallowed.

Bill pulled out and said, "Now look at the camera and say who you are."

"I faced the camera, tears streaming down my face and said, "I'm Dave, a sissy cocksucker."

"You sure are," agreed Bill. I got dressed and went to school.

I felt like the oral rape was the worst thing that could have happened to me, but a few hours later as a I sat in class remembering, it seemed wonderfully hot. I got a text from Bill telling me to check my email.

When I got home I checked my email and following a link to a web page Bill had made that showed pictures and videos of me in action. My cock was out almost immediately, and I stroked while watching myself sucking Bill.

This time when I came it was as strong as ever, but when the shame hit me, it wasn't so bad this time. I just told myself that I was a sissy cocksucker, and it seemed alright.

Was that the key? – was it as simple as just accepting that I was a cocksucker? It had to be more to it than that.

I jacked off again at bedtime and once again the shame hit, but it passed quickly.

I found myself wanting to suck Bill every day, but I had to do it when Bill chose. I got a text the next day telling me to meet him at McDonalds at 4pm. After school I rushed home and rode my bike to McDonalds. I saw his car there and went in. Bill Was sitting with two other guys, and he waved me over.

I approached and saw that the picture of Bill's cock in my mouth was on the table – I wondered who else had seen the record of my humiliation. Bill introduced me to Art and Tom and asked if I was ready to demonstrate my sincerity to them. "Here?" I asked.

"Damn it!" shot back Bill, "Anywhere I tell you – understand?"

"Sorry Sir," I replied, "Yes, I understand."

"I was going to have you suck them in the privacy of the men's room stall," Bill said, "But now I think I'll have you do it in the parking lot instead."

I was frightened but knew I mustn't resist, or it would get worse, so I went along with it. Bill and his friends got up and my heart was racing as we went outside. I was really scared – there was no place private in the parking lot. We walked to the back of the parking lot to the trash dumpster. We walked around to the back and Bill said, "This will do."

I dared not protest – at least it provided some cover – nobody in McDonalds or the parking lot could see me. Behind me was a muffler shop with people working. I really didn't want them to see and hoped they wouldn't call the cops. Art unzipped, so I dropped to my knees and began to suck. Bill snapped pictures as I sucked, and in a few minutes Art came. Strong tasting, but not so bad – I wasn't sure if his cum was simply better tasting or if I was beginning to like it. Art pulled out and Tom fed me his cock. I was beginning to gain some proficiency in sucking as it became fairly routine for me. Soon he also came and I swallowed. Now it was Bill's turn. As he approached, I saw that some workers from the muffler shop were watching and Bill told me to get started. Once again humiliated into doing what no REAL MAN would do, I sucked him to climax.

I swallowed and stood up. "Now here is a new set of rules for you:"

1) Whenever you willingly suck a man off and swallow his cum, you become his personal cocksucker

2) As his personal cocksucker, you are to suck him whenever asked to, no matter where it is and who else might be present

3) As his personal cocksucker, you are to suck anyone else he tells you to, becoming their personal cocksucker

"Do you understand and agree?" he asked.

"Yes," I affirmed.

"Then give Art and Tom your cell numbers so they can contact you when needed," he directed, and I obeyed.

As they turned to leave, Bill added, "And give your number to those guys at the muffler shop and tell them to contact you if they need your services."

As they walked away I realized that I could simply not give my number to the muffler shop guys, but I knew that I HAD to! I nervously approached the two guys who had witnessed my public blowjobs.

"You guys saw what happened," I said nervously. They nodded and I added, "Feel free to contact me if I can be of service."

"No way I'm letting a faggot near my cock!" said one guy, turning away. I felt like I wanted to just crawl into a hole and disappear.

The other guy keyed my number into his phone and said he'd be in touch, and I left. As I walked back to get my bike I realized that it felt kind of good to give him my number. I rode home and immediately jacked off.

After supper I got a text from Bill telling me to come to his house in the morning. I went to bed wondering what new adventures he would have in store for me this time.

The next morning Bill sat on a couch with his legs spread. "Today I want you to hold my cock in your mouth while you jack-off," he said, "But when you cum I want you to shoot your load on my cock and balls, and then lick it up before you blow me."

Bill turned on the bright light and started the movie camera. I took his cock into my mouth and began to stroke. In just a few minutes I was ready. I stood up and stroked my cock, shooting my load all over Bill's hard cock and balls. I felt some momentary shame, but just told myself that I was a cocksucker with important work to do, and knelt down, licking my cum off Bill. Once I had licked it all I took his cock into my mouth again and sucked him to erection. In a few more minutes he came in my mouth. Now Bill's cum was beginning to taste good to me, so I knew I was making progress.

Whenever I had an idle moment at school (or during boring times), I thought about cocksucking and how it had changed my life. I knew it was what I was meant to do and I vowed to become the very best cocksucker I could be.

Shortly after lunch I got a text from the guy at the muffler shop: "This is Jeremy from the muffler shop – can you do me when I get out of work at 5pm today?"

I replied that I would, so now I had a cocksucking appointment to look forward to. After school I rode my bike to McDonalds, where I agreed to meet Jeremy. He didn't want to be seen with me at the muffler shop. When Jeremy arrived, I suggested that we go into the men's room.

Upon entering the men's room we went right into the large booth and closed the door. It was unusually large with block walls that went all the way to the floor. Jeremy stood in a corner away from the door and I knelt before him. From this position nobody could tell there was anything going on. Soon I sucked Jeremy and while I did someone came into the men's room. I continued to suck and fortunately Jeremy was able to contain is excitement, so not a sound was heard from us. We heard the urinal flush and water running in the sink. Jeremy came in my mouth and I swallowed his tasty load. After the other guy had left, we left the stall. I knew I’d be sucking here again! On the way out I said, "I have something to tell you."

I explained that I was now his personal cocksucker and recited the three rules that Bill made me memorize. He was delighted to have me as his cocksucker and said he would make good use of my talents.

That Jeremy did, as did many others. Now, a year later Bill has moved away but I am now personal cocksucker for 27 guys. Some use me regularly and some only once a month, but I'm a pretty busy cocksucker, delighting in every drop of cum I swallow!

  To be continued . . .

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