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Going Down In The Country


At the ripe age of ten I had my first sexual experience. It was a game of doctor in the basement of my home with four cousins. Two boys and two girls. The oldest boy was several months younger than me. He had a two younger sisters, aged nine and seven, his little brother was only five.

We all took turns exploring each other's naked bodies. I was intrigued with the young girls as they didn't have a penis, but I was also intrigued with the boys. Our group play only happened that one evening, but I would continue to play naughty with the older boy and his seven year old sister separately for several years to come.

I guess from that first experience I knew that I liked messing around sexually with boys and girls. However I preferred playing with boys. Boys could be playing in the dirt one minute and be playing with each other's penises the next. Rub one off or suck each other, than go back to playing normal boy games.

Also at this age I started to fool around with a neighbor boy the same age as myself. He was very receptive of our naughty play times and we shared oral favors many times over the next five years.

I was the youngest of four boys in my family. We all shared one bedroom, so nudity wasn't a big thing. I enjoyed sneaking peeks at my older brother's penises, but other than being impressed with the size of their dicks in my young eyes, there was nothing sexual about it.

Following in my oldest brother's foot-steps, when I started Jr. High School, I joined the wrestling team. We were required to take group showers after practice and after matches. I didn't have a problem with the communal showers. If fact I enjoyed looking at all the other naked boys. Some were shy and some just went about their business. It was a nice array of boys in different stages of puberty. I had started to grow pubic hair, and though I wasn't as well endowed as some, I wasn't the smallest either.

I lived in the country and other than the one neighbor boy, there weren't many other boys near by my age to play with. My older brothers had their groups of friends, which didn't include me, so I was left to my own devices much of the time. The summer between eighth and ninth grade a new family moved into my neighborhood down the road.


Going Down In The Country / a work of fiction


Another beautiful summer day and I was bored. What to do with myself. I walked around inside the house, everything all looked the same. The same old carpet, the same old drab drapes, the same old furniture. Fifty-seven channels and nothing on.

I walked outside with hopes of finding something new. Something to entertain my boredom. But so be it, the same old trees in the yard. The same old blue station wagon in the driveway. The same old cracks in the sidewalk. Then something caught my attention.

My old buddy Benny, my partner in crime. He stopped in his tracks when he saw me. He looked at me in that seductive, alluring way that he had. His brown eyes sparkled in the sun calling my attention. His dirty, brown hair clung to his face. He appeared to be breathing heavily. I wondered what type of mischief he could have been into.

I saw it coming as I had so many times before. He started running toward me. I bolt to elude him, but I knew it was no use. He could run faster than me. Just as I thought I could escape his advance around the corner of the garage, he jumped on me, knocking me to the ground. He climbed on top of my back and started licking my neck unmercifully. "Get off me, you dumb dog!" I squealed. Somehow Benny always knew when I needed cheered up.

We rolled around on the ground playfully. He was a big, mutt of a dog, weighing in at around eighty pounds. My meek frame was hardly a match for him. I only out weighed him by forty pounds. As we tussled he nuzzled his nose into my crotch. He got excited and started humping my leg. He must have smelt my dirty dick from my morning's wank.

"Get off me, you horny basted." I scolded, as I tried pushing him off of me. I really didn't care if he humped me or not. It actually kind of made me horny, but I didn't want the neighbors to see me letting him do it.

He gripped my leg tight with his front paws, grinding away. I looked down and his pink, wet cock was sticking out its sheath, slimming all over my pants leg. His dick was longer than mine, but mine was thicker. I put up a fake struggle just incase someone might be watching. I let him have his fun and soon he was squirting his clear, stinky, dog-cum on my leg. Having finished he let go, sniffed my leg and got off of me.

Oh great! Now I had to walk around with stinking dog-jiz on my jeans. Oh well, it wasn't the first time and surely wouldn't be the last.

"Come on, dip-shit." I told him. "Let's take a walk to the creek." As if understanding my exact words, he happily padded in front of me toward the back of our property.

Being the country boy that I was, nature had always fascinated me and gave me the seclusion I desired.

Along the way I stopped to eat some blackberries. They were sweet, plump and juicy. I vowed to come back later to pick some and take home so Mom could bake a pie.

I saw a small tree with two branches forming a fork. As I looked at the crotch I giggled to myself at how much it looked like a ladies spread legs and a pussy in the middle. The image in my mind of a real lady spreading her legs stirred my penis.

I saw two rabbits in the woods near the base of a tree. One rabbit had its nose in the butt of the other. As I stood silently watching, the rabbit sniffing jumped onto the back of the other and started fucking away. The joke, fucking like rabbits instantly came to mind. The male's butt was a blur as he humped away. He only lasted about half a minute and fell over onto the ground with his little legs twitching. After the act, the female casually hopped away.

Benny made it to the creek before I did. He wadded in up to his belly and got himself a drink. This was one of my favorite places to come and spend quite time alone. I seldom ever saw anyone else come around here.

I took my t-shirt off and sat down at the edge of the creek. I picked a tall stem of grass and peeled the husk back from the broken end and chewed on the soft core. I savored the sweetness of its juice. I stared into the moving water as the gurgling sound pacified my mind. Like any healthy fourteen year old boy, my visions flowed toward sex and memories flooded in of the many times my friend and I had spent here sucking each other's dick. James had gone off to football camp a week ago and I had been playing solo since he had been gone. I missed our daily sessions and his warm, wet mouth sucking me off.

My hardening penis became uncomfortable in my tight jeans, so I spread my legs open and let them rest on the descending bank of the creek as I laid back into the soft weeds. With my eyes closed, I reached down, unsnapped the button of my jeans and worked the zipper down, allowing more room for growth of my teen boner.

Benny startled me when he came over next to me and nuzzled his wet nose along my tummy at the top of the elastic band of my underwear. He was two years old, and in human years, he was a horny fourteen year old boy too.

I pulled the top of my underwear down exposing the top half of my boner. He sniffed again and lapped his wide, warm, wet tongue along the underside of my dick as it rested against my pubic bone, sending chills through my young body. What a lucky boy I was to have a queer dog that liked to lick my dick.

I pulled myself back up onto flat ground and wiggled my underwear and jeans down to my ankles, spreading my knees wide to give him more room to lick all of my genitals. He nuzzled under my hairless scrotum lapping at that spot between my balls and butt-hole. It felt very good but I wished it was my friend James that was doing it.

I grabbed my boner in my right had and started to jack-off, pushing my groin up against his licking tongue. I was so turned on by the naughtiness of our actions, I wasn't long to spew my seed. I bent my cock down away from my tummy trying to get him to lick the head of my burning cock. As I pumped my prick, he licked my glan-head non-stop. My nuts pulled up tight under my cock and my semen squirt forth. Benny was right there to lap away every drop of my teen spunk. When my orgasm ended, his rough tongue was to much to take and I pushed him away from me.

He looked at me with those sad puppy-dog eyes of his. Begging me to jack him off in turn. I reached under him and stroked his hairy dog-dick, feeling the wetness at his tip. His knot was engorged. I gripped my fingers around it and squeezed. The knot swelled to fill my palm. It was solid and hard. It felt like two golf balls side by side. The harder I squeezed, the longer his dick got until it was fully erect out of its sheath. His pointed penis was shiny, wet and dark red, full of blood. I used the sheath like a boys foreskin to masturbate my buddy off.

I reach back with my left hand and massaged his small, doggie testicles as I continued to jack him off. He humped my fist with true animal lust. His breathing was fast and heavy. Just like a real boy, his nuts pulled up tight into his groin and like the bunny, he was fast to squirt his watery sperms onto my tummy and chest. I let him fuck my fist until he was spent.

He backed away from me and sat down on the ground. With his legs spread, he bent over and started licking his wet cock until it went back into its skin. I wished I could lick my own dick like that.

I pulled my clothes back up. I stood and walked down to the creek to rinse the doggie-cum off my body. As I squatted down near the water, I saw someone walking up the creek bank toward me. Bunny noticed too and barked. His mane stood back as he growled. "Easy boy." I told him. He was very protective of me. I'm just glad we had finished before the stranger could have saw what we had done. I would have hated to have been caught letting my dog lick my dick and eat my cum, or worse yet, me jacking my dog off.

As the stranger neared I realized it was boy. A boy near my own age. He looked to be a little older then me. He was taller too. Maybe five-ten, compared to my five-five. He had a head of curly brown hair. He wasn't wearing a shirt, just jeans and tennis shoes. The mid-day sun glimmered off his smooth, damp, hairless chest.

When he saw me, he waved and called out, "Hi."

I waved back and said, "Hey."

The closer he got, I realized he was a very attractive boy. His pecs were firm and well formed, with nice, hard boy-tits. His abs were tight and I could see the faint ripples run across his stomach. A defined V formed at his tummy and descended down into his jeans above his groin. I had never seen him before. I wondered who he was and where he had came from.

He stopped about ten feet from me. "Hi. I'm Tim. You live around here?"

As I point in the direction of my house I told him, "Yeah. I live over that way. My name's Steve."

He stepped closer and put his hand out to shake. " Hi Steve. I'm glade to meet you." He turned and pointed in the direction he had came from. "Me and my family just moved into a house about a half mile over that way."

I stuck out my hand and we shook. "Oh." I said. "You must mean Ruffer's old place." It had to have been Ruffer's old place. It was the only place I knew of around there that had been for sale.

"Yeah. I think that's their name."

Cautiously, Benny came near and sniffed his leg. Tim slowly reached down to pet his head. "Hi puppy. You're a nice dog. What's your name?"

"That's Benny. He won't bite. He's just a big pussy." I told him. Tim laughed.

"I've got a dog too, but I left him at home. I wanted to learn the ground around here first."

As we chatted I couldn't keep from looking at his smooth chest and stomach. There was a defined crease between his pectoral muscles. Occasionally I looked down at the bulge in his crotch and wondered what kind of meat he was packing.

We exchanged pleasantries for a while and I learned that he had a little brother and sister. I told him I had three older brothers but they spent a lot of time with their friends and I was kind of a loner.

"How old are you?" I asked.

"I turned fifteen on Valentines Day."

"No way!" I squeaked. I'm a Valentine baby too. I turned fourteen." I told him.

"Hey. That's cool! We're almost brothers." he replied. "You know what they say about Aquarians, don't you?"

"Huh uh, what?"

With a laugh he said, "We have high sex drives."

"Tell me about it. My dick's hard all the time. I just jacked-off for the second time today before you got here." I told him.

"No way!" he said. "I just jacked-off in the woods about ten minutes ago, just as soon as I got out of sight from my house. It's kind of hard to rub one off with two little kids running around in the house. Besides, I like to jack-off outside."

"I guess, we are a lot alike." I told him. "I come here all the time and jack. I like to feel the fresh air against my naked body and balls."

"Fuck yeah dude! Me too."

We gave each other a high-five. What's the chance of meeting this hot, boy here and within ten minutes we both admit to each other that we like to jack-off in nature. I felt I could trust him right away. There must have been some kind of cosmic connection. Besides, who was he going to tell that I liked to jack-off in the woods. He didn't know anyone I knew.

"So what do you do around here besides jack-off?" he asked, with a giggle.

"Not much." I told him.

"Is there anywhere around here to fish?"

"Oh yeah." I told him. "There's a quarry-pit about half a mile from here. Its got some nice bass and bluegills in it."

"Oh cool. Will you show me where its at? I love to fish. We had a pond where we used to live."

"Yeah sure. Come on, I'll show ya." I told him.

Throwing my T-shirt over my shoulder I lead the way, taking different paths, switching from one to the other at different intersections. We talked along the way, becoming more comfortable with each other. The idea of watching this hunk of a kid jack-off kept my meat thick and uncomfortable in my pants. It looked like he was having the same problems. My mind raced with ideas of how to broach the subject of boy-2-boy sex play with him.

We came upon the quarry-pit. The deep water was aqua-blue and inviting on this hot summer day. Maybe, I thought, I could ask him if he wanted to go for a swim. If he liked to jack-off outdoors, surely he would be up to go skinny-dipping.

When he saw the pit he exclaimed, "Wow! This is nice. Secluded too. Do many people come around here?"

"Nah." I told him. Sometimes older teenagers come here on weekends and party. But during the week, I hardy ever see anyone around."

Tim looked at me, and I at him. Was he thinking the same thing I was? He dropped his eyes and looked at my crotch, then back up into my face. "Ah... You ever mess around with guys?" he asked.

My heart jumped up into my throat. He was so tall and handsome, I could hardly speak. I felt my face blush and I squeaked, "Yeah."

Tim looked around, then reached out and felt my smooth, damp, hairless chest with his fingertips. Shivers ran up my spine and my whole body tingled at his soft touch.

"Want ta fool around?" he asked.

I reached out and cupped his bulge in the palm of my hand, giving it a squeeze. "Sure." I told him. "God. You've got a nice body!"

"Thanks.' he said. "You're not so bad yourself. I work out a lot. I like to keep fit. It makes me feel good. I used to be a fat kid and got teased a lot. When I stared growing, I started to lift weights. I just pumped up and the fat burned off into muscle. I swim a lot too. We had a pool back home, but this looks like a good place to swim." Tim reached down and felt my thickened package too.

"Yeah, I come here and skinny-dip all the time." I told him. I wasn't interested in swimming, I just wanted to see what Tim looked like totally naked. From what I felt in my hand, I was sure he was bigger than I was. He was taller, more built and a year older than me. "What do ya want to do?" I asked him.

"Ever suck another guy's dick?" he asked me in a low, husky voice.

As we continued to feel each other up I told him, "Yeah. Me and my cousin suck each other sometimes, and I have a friend from school I suck with." I didn't want to tell him who. I didn't think it was any of his business who my suck-buddy was.

"Damn!" he said. "You're a horny boy aren't you? Want to suck each other?"

My heart was pounding in my chest, pushing all my blood down into my cock. "I'll suck you, if you suck me." I told him.

Tim looked around again. "Where do ya want to do it?" he asked.

I pointed toward a small grove of saplings about thirty yards away. "There's a good place over there." I told him. "There's thick moss growing under those trees. It's almost like a big, soft bed. The trees make it secluded. No one would see us there."

I was so horny, I almost made him fall as I grabbed his hand and took off running for the thicket pulling him behind me.

We ducked into the thicket and found shade from the summer sun. We stood panting and looking at each other. We stepped closer to one another and reached out to feel each other up. My dick was so hard that it hurt being confined in my jeans. The bulge of his dick and balls filled my palm. As if we had some kind of silent telepathic communication, we both pulled our hands away from the other and started to open the bindings of our own jeans.

This was no time to be shy. Within seconds we had pushed our jeans and underpants down to our knees, reveling our teen boners for each other. I gasped and took in air as my eyes feasted upon Tim's endowment. He had about six inches of thick boy meat. The head of his hard, circumcised prick was ridged. It was a darker pink compared to the stalk of his shaft. He had a perfect thatch of thin, soft, curly, pubic hair above his cock, while his puffy sack of nuts were still void of mature hair. His thighs, hips and tummy looked velvety smooth.

My own five inch circumcised boner stuck out from my groin. I didn't have as much pubic hair as Tim did. My peach-fuss had only started to thicken and start turning darker in the past few months. My nut-sack wasn't as full as his either. After all, he was taller and older than I was.

"You've got a nice dick for a kid your size." he told me, as he stepped closer, reaching out to feel my dick.

The sensation I felt as his warm, smooth fingers wrapped around my dick sent shivers of pleasure through my body like a genital electrical shock. My heart was pounding in my ears, canceling out all other sounds from around me. I reveled the pleasure of his touch for only seconds before my mind cleared and I reached out to feel his dick for myself.

His size over-filled my small palm. It felt soft to my touch as I closed my fingers around his meaty shaft. I gently squeezed his boner to feel the resistance of the swollen muscle that lay underneath the soft skin that covered it. I took in his musky, teen scent as his odor waft up from his unclothed groin into my sinuses. "Umm." I softly moaned, as we slowly masturbated each other.

Less than an hour ago I had been bored out of my mind with everything old around me, but this was defiantly all new for me now and it felt wonderfully naughty to feel another boy's hot cock in my hand, while his palm and fingers gently tugged my foreskin back and forth along the length of my boy boner.

"Let's get naked and suck each other sixty-nine." I whispered.

"Oh yeah boy!" he croaked. "I love to sixty-nine."

We eagerly released each other's swollen dicks and quickly took off our shoes and skinned off our jeans and undies, taking care to lay our jeans length wise to each other in order to form a soft place to lay down on . We briefly took in the sight of each other's full nudity. I was stunned at the beauty of Tim's lean body. I wanted this boy badly and I wanted him now.

"You're taller." I told him. "You lay down and I'll get on top."

Tim knelt to the ground and wiggled around to place himself on the makeshift bed of cloth formed from our jeans and laid on his back. His boner hugged his tight tummy.

I took in the sight of the beautiful, naked boy displayed in front of me waiting. Waiting to have sex with me. My heart was pounding inside my chest, which seem to travel down into my cock, causing it to bounce up and down.

Stroking his hard cock, he said under heavy breath, "Come on. Let's suck."

I was quick to kneel down and position myself over his body in a classic sixty-nine. I felt dizzy as my face came closer to his dick. I saw a small drop of pre-cum that sparkled at the lips of his pee-hole. I lifted his boner from his tummy and licked the pearly drop away. I moaned softly as I tasted the essences of the boy.

As I opened my mouth to engulf the hardy, teen cock before me, Tim pulled my hips down so he could suck my dick also.

Throwing all caution to the wind, we fell into a hot, steamy, teen boy sixty-nine.

Tim's thick, boy cock filled my mouth as I pulled him in deeper until his cock head was in my throat.

Tim pulled away from sucking my dick long enough to moan, "Oh God yeah boy! Take that cock. Oh yeah. Eat my cock boy. Take it all!" He didn't have to tell me what do. I loved sucking cock. Especially big, thick cocks like his.

As I continued to blow my new friend, I wiggled my hips causing my dick to brush his lips and face. He took my cock back into his mouth and sucked on me even hared than he had been doing.

He was a good cock-sucker and it didn't take long that the good feelings started in my nuts, drawing them in closer to the base of my bone.

As I sucked on his big dick I felt his balls with my fingertips. His nuts were bigger than mine and they were drawing up too. I knew we were both about ready to cum.

He started to thrust his hips up off the ground, fucking into my mouth, trying to get me to take more of his cock into my throat. With his cock buried in my throat, I couldn't breath and backed away. I sucked more on the head of his cock and swirled my tongue around the ridged glan when I felt it thicken even more and jerk, shooting a big load of teen cum across my tongue, stinging the back of my throat. Blast after blast of hot boy cum filled my mouth as I continued to suck the spiting monster I held captive between my tight lips.

The taste of his semen fired my lust and I started to give up my own seed. Even though I had already cum twice that day, I still gave him a good taste of my cum.

After we both had shot our loads, we both swallowed each other's cum. Sucking every little bit out of the other's spent rods.

Breathing heavily I rolled off of him onto my back, my wet dick still twitching from my orgasm.

"God damn Tim. That was awesome!" I gasped between gulps of air.

With his chest still heaving, he grunted, "Oh yeah!"

After several minutes of mellowing down, we both agreed that we would have to do this again. And soon.