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"I can't go into church with a hardon," he whispered frantically in Reece's ear. 

"Don't worry, use a hymn book to cover it," Reece's whispered reply was so casual and normal sounding Jake was amazed. He grabbed the hymn book Reece handed him and followed him into one of the pews. He sat down and as he did so he felt a sharp pain as his teenpricklet pulsed and throbbed and became caught up inside his borrowed underwear. Jack twitched and then knelt down as he could see others doing. Kneeling straight upright he felt the pain lessen and wondered if he could get away with putting his hand down to sort out his tangled teenprick. Lost in his painful thoughts he was unaware of the movement beside him until he felt a hand stroke across his tented shorts, a wave of pleasure mixed with the pain and he gasped. 



             Jack grabbed hard at the top of the pew before him as the pain pleasure jolted him; `How the fuck do I deal with this?' he was confused as he stared at the altar where the priest and the servers were speaking. As he leaned against the ridge of the pew, he felt the hand on his teendick slowly help to move and relocate his throbbing and aching teendicklet. As he at last became comfortable, the pulsing shooting pains subsiding he was left with the pleasurable feel of the gently caressing hand. A quick glance to either side showed him that Reece was kneeling but his hands were also clasped to the pew, on the other side Sammy's head showed above the pew but Jack could not see his hands, `Surely it can't be little Sammy's hands' he twitched in astonishment. Curious he glanced down, he could clearly see Sammy's small boy hand squeezing the lump in his tented shorts, the sensation through the cotton material was very pleasant and Jack began to enjoy the gentle squeezing and cuddling. 

            Jack relaxed, he was happy with the slight caressing, it was pleasant and nice and his initial horror at being stroked inside a place of worship was edged to the side of his mind. His teen boypricklet throbbed and responded to Sammy's careful playing. He noticed the general movement as the congregation stood up, Sammy's hand was withdrawn but it left Jack with the problem of his throbbing hardon. Slowly he stood up, he saw Reece lean against the pew to steady himself as he had to move his feet under the kneeler. Quickly Jack pounced on this and stood up; he too leaned against the pew, grabbing the hard rail. He could feel his teenpricklet rub and pulse against the hard wood and he grinned at the thought of teenwood hardon against the hard wood of the pew but he suddenly felt relieved and safe. A prayer was said, Reece handed Jack the order of service booklet open at the correct page and Jack, still leaning against the pew joined in. 

Sitting down Jack placed the booklet across his lap, folded open to cover his still throbbing teendick. Safe and settled he looked around, Reece nodded at him and Jack nodded back, but in seeing Reece's lips in a slight smile he recalled some of the events of the night and he sensed the booklet rising and falling as his hardon pulsed heavily. He could not clear his head of the sight of Reece's thick teenpole, the beautiful shape at the end, purple and swelling, the sticky heavenly tasting goo that dripped from it; Jack's mouth watered as he thought of tasting Reece's teencock again, his booklet shifted and to Jack's consternation fell to the floor. He sat there terror-struck and scared, frozen in fear as his bulging shorts continued to throb. 

"Here you are," Sammy it was who handed him the booklet, Jack let out a sigh of relief which was short lived as in replacing the booklet on his lap he discovered that Sammy's hand was now hidden by the booklet and Sammy's hand was squeezing him hard, a surge of pleasure made Jack blush and redden as Sammy's hand continued to rub him. 

Jack was filled with trepidation and pleasure, he trembled with the worry about being in trouble if he and Sammy were found out but the newly discovered joys his teendick was giving him were hard, so hard to resist and he sat hunched slightly over as Sammy continued to squeeze him. He felt the tingling delights quiver inside him and he closed his eyes and let out a soft low sigh as Sammy's squeezing brought him intense pleasure.  

"Shhsssh," Reece's whispered voice sounded sibilantly in his ear and Jack sat up suddenly; as he did so his teenpricklet caught in a fold of his shorts and he yelped, his hand quickly clasped over his mouth to stifle his cry. 

"Sorry," this time it was Sam's soft whisper but as he murmured his gentle hand was quickly moving to free Jack's teendicklet and Jack felt a sharp surge of pleasure as his cocklet was stroked and rubbed. 

"Sam's always a bit naughty," Reece's giggling undertone made Jack twitch and then he felt a stronger touch tickle across his thigh, "I can be naughty too," Reece added lowly. 

Jack sat amazed as the two duelling hands played and caressed along his bulging fly, the hot tingles making him tremble and wriggle as he attempted to sit still on the pew. The fingers danced along his pulsing boyrod making him feel all trembly and tickled, tickled in the new exciting way that Reece had introduced him too. `I shouldn't be doing this in church' he thought, the idea of being so naughty in such a hallowed place was so very strangely exciting too and he trembled even more. 

The organ started up and everyone stood up, Reece pulled him up and held the hymn book between the; Jack attempted to sing along. He recognised the tune but the words were different and Jack struggled to sing the new words. As he stood there he felt fingers at the fly of his shorts, despite the loud voices singing he was sure he could hear his zipper being undone and then his throbbing cocklet was released, released not into the warm of the church but into the wet warmth of a mouth. Shocked Jack shivered as the tickling delight goosebumped up his spine; he glanced down to see Sam's head between his legs, his mouth clamped around his four inches of teenpricklet, his young head bobbing frantically back and forth. Jack grabbed at the edge of the pew to help hold himself steady as the tingling increased, the delights flared and blazed and the ecstasy soared and escalated as the tingling heat made him quiver and shake. The rapturous elation became so intense that Jack had to let out a loud heartfelt groan, luckily his impulsive rumble was lost in the chorale efforts of those around him and he staggered slightly as the flare of jubilation that flooded through him almost matched that of the singing crowd. Sam's hot mouth continued to suck fiercely at his teenpricklet and he rocked on his heels, not quite in time with the music as a further surge of passionate delight bounced along his nerves and up his backbone. 

The hymn came to an end and everyone sat back down, Jack felt the coolness on his exposed teencocklet as Sam's mouth was suddenly withdrawn. Hurriedly Jack grabbed at his order of service booklet to cover his exposed throbber; he even had to place his entwined hands over the fold of the booklet to try and control the jerking and twitching of his unsatisfied teendicklet. `For once I'm glad I can't spunk up yet,' he decided as the idea of spurting spunk in church was a step too far for him to even think about. As he sat on the bench slightly hunched over, trying to look as though he was concentrating on the activity on the altar Jack felt the tickling fingers creep up his thigh and slide under his hands and the covering booklet. As the strong fingers stroked his shaft, he trembled and hunched over even deeper but the tingling excitement was spreading, radiating up inside him again, he sighed a moan as softly as he could, he knew it was Reece's fingers that were exciting and enticing him, his mate sat right beside him and Jack was powerless to stop him. His preteen boy dicklet swelled and trembled as the flickering fingers strolled up and down his slim four inches, his cocklet ached with the lusty want to pulse and throb as it reacted to the pleasuring of the satiny feeling fingertips. Jack was aware that the strange wanting to pee sensation was growing stronger, `No! No! I can't, no not in church,' his swirling head was mixing up the messages, the more he resisted the thoughts of Reece's teenage cock spunking before his eyes, the more his reasoning that this was so wrong, so completely unholily bad, the worse the rampant desire to enjoy a drycum became almost irresistible. Jack breathed hard but silently as the flaming tingling need expanded and magnified, he fought hard with his sensible head but the delightful pleasure that sashayed up from between his legs danced a flamenco over his `sensible' thought processes, just as he trembled, on the cusp of his momentous dry orgasm Reece's finger stopped, leaving Jack panting and outraged that he was left hanging. 

The reason for Reece's action became clear, the whole congregation was standing up and making their way to the altar, Jack realised that he had missed all the activity on the altar; it was time to take communion. Shaking, Jack managed to stand himself up; he stood behind Reece in the pew, stepping right up close to his schoolmate, here Jack managed to manipulate his boywhopper back inside his shorts, keeping his hands clasped across his bulge, Jack succeeded in hiding his shame as he followed Reece and his parent to the altar, Tim and Sammy followed behind him. Quivering with shameful thoughts and full of unrequited lust Jack accepted the host and managed to swallow it, despite his accusing dry mouth. Dimly he followed the others back to the pew, it was when he sat up, the period of quiet kneeling down had given him time to calm his boydick down, he noticed that Reece was on his other side, somehow they had changed places. A little confused as Jack was now sitting where Reece had been sitting that is right beside his father Reece Senior, Jack shivered slightly. He stole a glance at Reece, his pal was still kneeling forward, the subtle movement which caught Jack's eye caused Jack to tremble, he glanced from Reece to his father and back to where he was sure Sammy's hands were at work. A slight twitch from Reece gave the game away, `Sam's doing Reece now,' Jack's eyes billowed wide and he squirmed uncomfortably on his seat, the very idea, the thoughts of what Sammy was doing had awoken his boycock which strained at the material and sent a red flush beaming over Jack's face. 

The organ sounded the opening bars for the final hymn; Reece stood up and held the hymn book open between them.  

"Step closer," Reece whispered and Jack automatically sidled to Reece's side, ostentatiously to share the book. 

Standing close Jack observed that Sammy was back on his knees, his head bobbing between Reece's legs, shocked Jack looked across Reece where Tim grinned as he too crowded close, tight to Reece other side. Jack was terror-struck as he realised they appeared to be sharing the hymnbook but in fact all they were doing was hiding Sammy's cocksucking of Reece's teenage rod. The hymn was a long exiting composition and Jack quivered and trembled as he attempted to sing whilst he felt Reece's quivering and trembling caused by a very different and not so holy source.  Jack noticed Tim's smile grew broader and then he winked at Jack, who trembled as his face blushed a deep crimson colour as his embarrassment grew. The hymn reached its final chorus and Jack and Tim sang loudly as Reece continued to twitch and quiver between them, the two maintained their close contact by Reece's sides as Sammy's head bobbed furiously. The final chords from the organ rang out loud, the last notes sung by the choir and the congregation; Reece managed a strangled half moan as he staggered slightly but then stood up a proud and huge triumphant beaming grin stretched across his face. Sammy also stood up, wiping his hand across his face, even to Jack's inexperienced eyes his lips looked bloated and his face flushed. `He must have sucked Reece off, right here in church! No I don't think.....' was the horrified and yet excited thought that sung through his mind but his blush turned a deeper shade of red.

The congregation slowly dispersed, in the commotion Reece still smiling broadly contrived their exit so that he and Jack and his brothers went out by the side door whilst his parents talking to someone they knew headed out the main exit doorway. Reece led the way to a patch of gravestones and leaned against one of the tall trees that overhung the small array of worn and aged headstones.

"We did it! We finally did it!" he raised his fists triumphantly but kept his voice low. "Well done Sammy," he rubbed a hand over Sammy's hair tousling the unruly mop to frizzed strands that waved in the breeze.

"Did what?" Jack was still confused and unsure as to what he had witnessed and naughtily participated in.

"I made Reece cum," Sammy rubbed his mouth with the back of his hand, "and my lips and mouth are sore," he looked accusingly at Reece, "You shoved too hard and I hit my head on the pew," he reached around to stroke his head, flattening his frizzed hairs.

"Sorry, sorry Sam, I didn't think," Reece knelt down and hugged his young brother. "But that was an ace suck," he hugged Sam tight.

Jack stood shocked to the core, `I knew that was what they were up to!' he struggled to feel good about it but a shiver ran up and down his spine and his conscience troubled him. He looked at Reece seeing his friend in a different light but somehow the smiling, grinning victorious gaze made him feel warm and tingly. `I didn't cum though, so perhaps for me it's okay?' he mused as Reece's obvious happiness appeared to spread its joy right through to him, his boydicklet uncurled slightly in his shorts.

"We've been trying for ages," Reece gabbled on and Jack listened with both growing horror and to his chagrin decided fascinated interest.

"Reece wants to do it everywhere," Tim volunteered, "an' when I'm old enough to cum I'm gonna do the same," he giggled and grabbed the bulge in his shorts and made a fucking movement with his hips.

Jack found himself giggling with the others as they laughed.

"Reece, boys," they turned as they heard Reece Senior's call, "were having tea and biscuits in the hall, Come along," he beckoned his hand.

Jack trudged after Reece and Tim came up beside him, he was surprised when Tim slid his arm across his shoulders but somehow the comfort it gave him made him feel better. He didn't even notice that Tim despite being ten years old was much of a height as his own.

"Reece can be very naughty sometimes," Tim said softly, " 'specially where his dick is concerned," he chuckled as he squeezed Jack's shoulders, "I can be a bit naughty too," he added and Jack found himself laughing. He put his own arm around Tim's waist and they stepped inside the hall together.

"You're allowed two biscuits with your tea," Reece told him as they queued up behind Reece's parents. Jack thanked the lady serving the tea and chose his two biscuits; he was delighted to see that the plate with chocolate ones was piled higher than the plain ones and matched Reece's choice of taking two of the chocolate ones.

Reece led the way outside where they sat at one of the picnic tables, Tim and Sammy joined them, Sammy's mouth already coated with a line of chocolate as he sucked the chocolate covering off his biscuit. Jack noticed that Reece's parents were talking with some other adults so he relaxed as the sun shone down. `I'm enjoying myself despite what Reece did in church; I really don't want to have to go home just yet, Reece is.....? ` he sat there wondering where his thoughts were taking him, `just what is Reece to me?' his head puzzled over the strange relationship that was taking place between them.

"Come on," Jack jerked with surprise as his thoughts were disturbed by Reece's intrusion. He looked up at the tall teenager, `He's my age but seems soo, soo much more older......,' his meandering mind started its travels again. "Jack come on we're going I spoke to dad and we can go and have a play in the park, they'll pick us up on the way home," he grinned and tugged at Jack's shoulder.

Obediently Jack trotted at Reece's side as the tall angular teen strode away, Tim and Sam followed on at a slower pace; the two were giggling and laughing at some private joke between them. The park was starting to fill up, a lot of people walking through the pathways, returning home after church as a change from the hard paved streets. Jack felt a silly rush of excitement when Reece turned into the recreation enclosure, the swings and other play equipment fascinated him, `Mum always stops me having a go at some of these,' his thoughts took a very childish turn and as Tim and Sam whooped by him; Jack suddenly yelling sprang into action and ran after them, Reece grinning followed at a more sedate pace. Jack swung higher on the swings than his mother had ever allowed him, he loved the thrill of danger as he was poised high at the topmost part of the arc before the swing fell back down, the strange tingling sensation between his legs similar but not as alike to the new tingles that Reece had caused sent happy shivers of goosebumps up and down his spine. Reece swung slowly to and for watching Jack being a boy, running pell-mell around the play equipment, sliding down the slide, spinning uproariously on the roundabouts and playing some form of `catch' with Tim and Sam. He admired the slim body as his latest special friend ran boisterously about. Planning what they could now do at school, `There are some special hidey places in school.....' he mused as he sat and swung. At last Jack tired of the chasing and came to sit down on the adjacent swing, Tim and Sam were still battling it out around the roundabout.

"That was so much fun," gushed a panting and happy boyteenager Jack. `Mum would be so mad if she knew I was running about a play area, trying all the things with no adult present,' his flushed face beamed with the inner excitement.

Reece grinned at the shimmering red face, Jack's lips shone a bright pink after all his exertions. He stood up, "Come with me," he said and started to walk away.

Jack still breathing hard as his lungs recovered slowly slid of the swing and traipsed after his idol. `What is he up to now?......' he wondered as he trotted, forcing his tired legs just enough to catch up with Reece. Reece smiled at him and to Jack's surprise ducked through the leafy hedge that formed the boundary of the playpark area, still wondering Jack followed suit.

Jack broke through the hedge, prickly twigs and small branches grabbed and tugged at him as he pushed through the leafy foliage of the hedge, panting even harder from this unexpected extra use of his energy. Reece was standing by a large oak; the wide tree was surrounded by a natural looking growth of bushes similar to the cultivated hedge he had pushed through. Beyond the ragged circle he could see the woodland that led down to the river, people, children, some with dogs were walking about and he could hear the distant cries as well as the more louder cries from the nearby playground.

"It's safe here," smiled Reece and beckoned Jack forward.

Brushing of the bits of broken twigs and leaves that clung to his clothes Jack stepped forward.

"Safe" Jack queried as he looked around the small clearing he found himself in. `Safe for what?' he asked himself as he gazed around the grassy enclosure, in the distance he could still hear the sounds of the park and closer the more noisier and louder cries from the playarea.

"Come on we haven't much time," urged Reece as he slid his shirt off over his head. Jack caught sight of the taut teenage body that he was beginning to know and see in a different light. The burnished skin of Reece's chest, the beautiful darker aureoles that surrounded the taut teats that seemed to beckon him, Jack swallowed and panted hard as emotions and feeling rampaged unchecked inside his head. "Strip Jack!" Reece commanded and Jack whilst mentally struggling with the events of the night and what happened in church and the closeness of Reece's nakedness, quickly took of his borrowed shirt, the shorts and trunks and socks and trainers, stacking them in a pile along Reece's discarded clothing. "Suck me," Reece completely naked held his swelling teenprick in his hand and waved it at Jack.

"What here!" Jack exclaimed as some sense of his dangerous predicament sounded inside his head, `doing stuff in Reece's bed room,' he coloured as he recalled the joys of the previous night and then shuddered as he remembered the more recent strange and disturbing happenings inside the church, `was okay even good...' his whirling mind buzzed and the left over want after being left hung, hard and dry in the church reasserted itself as his boydicklet twitched and began to expand. Jack swallowed heavily, his throat suddenly dry as his thinking head clashed with his awakened desires, his hormones surged, his boy body on the cusp of true teenagership was provoked and stimulated; the too long dormant growing elements in his psyche and structure pricked and meddled with as the knowledge of what boys together can do expanded his small universe.

Jack gazed at Reece's rapidly expanding fleshy tube, his mouth filled with saliva as the expectations of sucking Reece's teendong caused the watery reaction. Submissively Jack stepped forward and dropped to his knees, the better to suck the sweetly smelling teencock, as Jack's lips closed around the plump head he inhaled the fragrance of Reece's sexy aroma, immediately his own lust surged and his teenboydicklet hardened and commenced the now familiar throbbing desire. Jack sensed the special Reece perfume invade his senses, his nostrils twitched as the heady aroma brushed the sensitive hairs, his mind spun slightly as the heated teenage musk permeated it, arousing and expanding his own wants and needs, Jack tasted Reece's fragrance on his tongue just before a sweet dollop of Reece's precum slid across his tastebuds, the combined flavours exciting him even more. Quickly Jack sucked Reece's cock and stroked, gently squeezing the hairy ballsac. Reece looked down at his new friend, `I love it seeing my dick being sucked inside a cute mouth,' he smiled to himself. `Schooldays are going to be so much better' he gloated.

Jack seductively aroused seemed ignorant of the fact he was naked and exposed in the park, even if hidden by the leafy bushes, he continued to suck hard at Reece's flavouring teenprick, he swallowed the honeyed spiced precum as it drooled copiously into his mouth, his hands relished the feeling of Reece's spongy shaft and the warm spheres contained in the loose skin of Reece's scrotum. The hairs on the back of his neck rose and a line of goosebumps appeared, slowly forming and working down his spine; the tingling ecstasy continuing down his backbone and then on down through the crack of his arse until they circled his boypussy, his pucker gaped slightly in response to the stimulating tickling tingles. Jack's hand also caressed his teenboyprick, smoothing his loose foreskin back and forth as Reece had taught him, the warm tingles flared ablaze with desire and lust, surging higher and wider inside him. Engrossed he never heard the shouts and cries of the children in the nearby playarea as he sucked avidly at the pulsing teenrod.

Reece carefully leaned back against the rough trunk of the tree; he moved slightly as he found the smoother area where other such naughty occasions had worn away the shaper coarseness of the bark. As he looked over the hedge he could see the feet of those swinging on the swings, the angle from the swings location was too acute for anybody swinging to see into the hidden copse and the exciting danger of being discovered heightened his desire and passion. Reece sighed and caressed his chest, twisting his nipples gently to add further levels of pleasure to those being laid down by Jack, he stroked his stomach, enjoying the play of his muscles as they clenched and relaxed as desires rose and flared inside him.

Jack ignored the pain in his knee, where his kneecap had landed on a rough lump of windblown wood, Reece's desire somehow communicated itself to his own unsated lust, he recalled what had taken place in church how his almost there climax had abruptly ended, leaving him wanting and wanton, here in the hidden copse he felt that this time he would be fully rewarded; his teenboycock throbbed in full and exultant expectation.

"On your back," Reece's growling demand was acceded to with alacrity. Jack sprawling backwards, his legs opening wide, his hard teen boydicklet springing in the air, his winking teen boypussy exposed to view.

Reece gazed down at the slim form, Jack despite being a teenager was fully prepubertal, his slim cocklet pulsed, hardly touching his stomach as it jerked in the warm sunlight air, his boynubs bristled, a small circle of goosebumps surrounded the peaked and hardened teats. His ivory pinked skin glowed in the rays which permeated the trees leafy branches, the skin shimmering as the flashes of yellow sunlight flowed intermittently across it. Under the pulsing boycock, the wrinkled and empty sac twitched as surges of pleasure sought to ignite the balls which were still hidden inside, Jack gasping as the aching pleasure sought release along the length of his cocklet. Jack's boypussy lips pinked as his pucker gaped, the tiny aperture of darkness beckoning Reece's teenprick with ultimate promise.

Reece knelt down between Jack's open legs, he grasped his teenmeat in one hand and wiped the drooling head across and around Jack's boypussy lips, Jack twitching and mewling as the warm and moist sponginess aroused further surging tingles. Carefully Reece position his cockhead between the slight gape and pushed; Jack groaned as his teenboypussy was once more broached, the swiftly forced widening a momentary ache as Reece's teendick penetrated to the beyond. Reece sighed as he felt the clammy interior enfold itself around his deepening dick, gently he followed it down, his weight pushing his cock deeper inside Jack's expanding boycunt. Jack reached up to catch Reece as he dropped down, holding and guiding Reece as his full weight landed.

"Hot," drooled Reece as his mouth sought Jack's.

"Mmppffhh." Jack's moaning reply lost as he swallowed his words along with Reece's tongue.  

Reece began the slow strokes, the deeper penetrating ones that gave them both escalating pleasure as his shaft stroked and rubbed the outer lips of Jack's pussy whilst his bludgeoning cockhead battered the swelling of Jack's boybud, each teenager enjoying the blissful jolts and shocks of unique bliss that Reece's fucking produced. The kiss was lipsmacking and squelchingly sucking, tongues duelled together, ran across excited teeth, battered sensitive palates and created more flaring heats. Jack's teencocklet, trapped between his straining stomach and Reece's fucking torso was press-caressed between their bodies, stimulated by the compressing thrusts as Reece pounded fiercely inside Jack's accommodating boyhole.

Jack arched his back, almost lifting Reece as a sudden jolting rush of pleasure caused him to writhe and jerk. The heated tingling that radiated from his boybud swelled repeatedly as Reece's plump glans pushed and rubbed at it, the little extra jerks provided when the harder ridge of Reece's helmet brushed at it in passing.

"Faster, faster," croaked Jack as his boybud demanded swifter and harder repeated caresses.

Reece pummelled extra hard, rabbit shafting at Jack's boyhole, relishing the tightness as Jack's membranes undulated and pulsed with increasing rapidity. Quicker and fiercer he rattled his torso as Jack's mewling and bleating cries indicated that his boybliss was imminent. Jack yelped his boyjoy as the flaming tingle exploded inside him, the sweeping waves of absolute bliss weaving over and over his body and mind as the desire raised inside the church was at last consummated under the spreading branches of the oak tree. Reece tensed his body as the compressing vice like grip constrained against his ramming teenrod, he grunted his own delight at the pleasurable tingles that further excited him. As soon as he sensed the slow down, that slight ebbing of the muscular contractions from Jack's boypussy, he swiftly started banging Jack's bud again.

Jack trembled and shook and then mewled as the orgasm faded and another commenced. Shocked and jolted his body recovered quicker and responded to the stimulus of Reece's demanding teendong. His mind whirled and caught on, 'Again!' Jack's brain whizzed as another fizzing boydelight grew and blossomed between his legs. Still shaking from his first drycum Jack was quickly twitching on the road to a second boybliss. Reece delved deep, his teencrown pushing harder into the dark recesses of Jack's boyfurrow, his precum saltier now with traces of his spunk lubricating the depths. Grunting and punching Reece rose and fell, his back arched and he rammed as deep as possible as his teendong spurted, his strings of teen spunk bolting and jolting further down inside Jack's boypussy. Jack quailed as he sensed the expanding swelling and throbbing, his own dry climax was achieved just after Reece's first bolts of spunk shot off. He clamped his legs around Reece, his arms and hands grasping tight around Reece's thrusting body as he mewled again his joy of blissful happiness. Tensing and stretching together the two young lovers kissed as their respective orgasms billowed and flared and slowly subsided. For long moments they kissed tenderly as fuck love replaced friendship, the breeze brushed waving limbs of the oak tree above their unified bodies anointing their tender union.

"Feels good doesn't it, doing it outside," Reece spoke softly as he lay on top of Jack, his hips slowly grinding his softened but still stiff teenprick inside Jack's steamy boyhollow.

"Mmmm," whimpered Jack as he kissed Reece's Adams apple, little sweet tingles of short duration accompanied Reece's grinding, the short flares heating warmly along his sensual nerves, his still hard and throbbing boycocklet pushing up between their less weighty skins bit sending further messages of boyfull delights washing up in Jack's head.

"Reece! Jack!" the stentorian shout of Reece's senior split the air.


End of Part Six


To Be Continued..........................?????????????????????????????????



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