Joey's Spanking

A Short Story

Written By: Justin Case
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Disclaimer: This story contains adult content, it is intended for a mature audience. If you are weak at heart, or easily excitable, you may not want to view this material. Everything in this tale is fiction, except for the desires it may cause you to feel. This work is protected by copyright laws of the United States of America, and is owned by the creator; all rights are reserved. ã2003JCPCo.

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Joey's Spanking

My name is Joseph Thomas Grant, call me Joey, I hate Joseph. Only my mom calls me Joseph, and that's when she's mad. I'm eleven and three quarters years old. No, I'm not eleven, and I'm not twelve either, I am eleven and three quarters. I'm just less than five feet tall, and weigh just over ninety pounds. What's that you ask? Why all the statistics about who I am, and how big I am? Cause it's my story I'm about to tell you, and I want to make sure you know who I am, and what I look like. I have dirty blonde hair, which I keep cut short. My complexion is pale, but I have pink cherub like cheeks. My eyes are blue, and I have a little pug nose. Many say I'm cute, I think so too.

I love to run around my house in my boxers. Nothing but my boxers. My mom is always yelling at me to put some clothes on, but I don't like to wear clothes unless I have to. There's something about the air on my skin that makes me feel all tingly. I've also caught myself having sexy thoughts lately, not about girls, but about other boys.

I've been having a lot of those thoughts about Carl. Carl is another little boy like me, he's in my sixth grade class. He sits right behind me, and is always poking me in the back to get my attention. I like looking at him, his eyes are dark brown, almost black, and with the longest lashes I've ever seen. Carl has black hair that he wears in a spike. His mouth is filled with teeth, and when he flashes a smile at me I get a little weak feeling inside my tummy. He's about an inch taller than I am, and never lets me forget it.

"Hey Short-stuff, what you doing after school?" He whispered to me one day, while we were supposed to be reviewing our science lesson.

"Homework probably."

"Don't be a geek. I'm coming over after school." He can be real pushy; this was one of those times.

"I got to ask my mom."

"Fuck you, and your mom. I told you Short-stuff, I'm coming over."

I liked the way he was so forceful, but I didn't want him to know it. I don't know why, but he got me all excited when he talked to me like this. That's why I had been thinking about him so much lately. He wasn't like the other boys in my class. He was the biggest, and by far the cutest of them all. I had been fantasizing about him the most.

I would dream about him coming over my house and telling me to do whatever he wanted. After spending the whole day sitting in front of him in class, I would run home from school, barge into my bedroom, practically rip my clothes off, and stand in front of my full-length mirror imagining him telling me to play with myself. I would picture him telling me to get on my knees and suck his dick. I'd get on my knees in front of the mirror pretending I was. In my dreams he would spank my bottom hard as I bent over him sucking on his dick. I don't know why but thinking about having my ass slapped really thrilled me. My four-inch dick would be stretched to its limit. It would be all I could do before I'd jump on my bed and stroke my aching prick.

Frantically, I'd rub my hand up and down my hard cock thinking about Carl. My ass would be bouncing up and down off my mattress while I stroked myself to an orgasm. I'd only been sperming a few months now, and I'd just started growing some hairs around my penis. My clear boy juice would shoot out of the head of my dick onto my chest, as I would think about Carl spanking my bum, and calling out his demands to me. `Suck my cock, that's it, swallow my cum,' I'd hear him say in my mind.

I could feel my dick getting hard after he told me he was coming over. Just the thought of being alone with him in my house was my dream coming true. My mother worked during the day, and when I got home from school she was still at work. I'm glad I was sitting at my desk, I'd have been real embarrassed if he knew it. I couldn't think about the science lesson anymore. All I could think about was how to get Carl to play out my fantasy.

Finally the bell rang, the school day had ended. I was hoping that the many dreams of anticipation would soon be over. I had it all figured out in my head how I'd get Carl to go along with my sexual games, it was just a matter of getting him to cooperate with my plan. I grabbed my book bag and flung it over my shoulder. I stared at Carl as he fastened his backpack and hung it over his left shoulder. He was too cool to put it over both shoulders like I had done. He was so cute, his dark eyes riveted on mine, looking so smug. I just wanted to hurry up and get to my bedroom.

"So you ready?" I asked.

"Lead the way Shorty, I'm right behind your boney ass."

"Why you back there? You like looking at my ass?"

"What, would you rather look at mine?" Carl quipped.

"No, I'd just like to walk next to you, so I don't have to shout over my shoulder, is all." I smiled, when I looked back at him and said it.

"You sound like such a pussy." Carl tormented at me, and sped up his pace to walk near my side.

I saw my house through the trees that lined my street; my heartbeat began to get stronger in my chest. The yellow dormer on the front of our two story Victorian stood out against the green leaves of the massive oaks. The sun was at our back, and reflecting brightly off the wooden shingles that sided the dormer's towering wall. We had just had the house painted, so the pale yellow looked sharp and crisp.

As we walked side by side, up the red brick driveway, towards the steps that led onto the front porch, I could smell the odor of our freshly cut thick green lawn. I heard the high pitched, buzzing sounds, the summer grasshoppers' make. Louder and softer they'd go, wailing in my ears. They seemed to be coming from in the hedgerow that encompassed the yard. My mind began to race with thrills, I knew my mother was at work and we'd have the house to ourselves.

"Who's home?" He asked me, just as we reached the top step and crossed into the shade from the porch's roof.

The porch runs the entire length of the front of our home, and wraps around its side near the driveway, all the way to the back door. There are four large white pillars mounted on the burnt umber painted, wooden decking, adorning the front, and three smaller ones on the side porch. The pillars run from the floor to the roof holding it up. The floorboards are made of pine; they're old and creaky. Below the floor, mounted from the ground, is decorative white lattice, it closes in the crawl space.

I dug my hands into my baggy jeans feeling around for my house keys.

"No one." I told him as I pulled the two keys on the shiny sliver ring from my trousers.

I fiddled around a little with the key it was always hard to get in the lock. Jiggling it up and down, and gently pushing it in, I quickly turned it and opened the door. I felt the cool air burst out from inside our air conditioned home, and dance lightly across my face. I slipped the key out and motioned for Carl to follow me inside. I heard him gasp as he walked into our foyer.

"Man your house is huge."

I began to scheme some more in my mind. I looked around the living room, its overstuffed sofa called to me. I pictured Carl and I, romping around on the dark green cushions. Then I looked at the shear white curtains that billowed out from the walls, hung neatly on their poles, above the windows. I realized people might be able to see right in. It wouldn't do, I set my backpack on the oak floor next to the entertainment center's cherry cabinet, and headed for the stairway that led up to the bedrooms. Carl followed right behind; he even dropped his pack next to mine. I began to manipulate the conversation, and turned it into some sexual rhetoric.

"So's my dick." I said rather emphatically.

"You wish, Short-stuff."

"I know." I bragged outloud to him, as I bound up the stairs, two at a time, with him right on my heels.

I led him to my bedroom; it's just to the left at the top of the stairs, on the left, across from the bathroom that's been designated as mine. My mother hated sharing her bathroom, hers was in her bedroom, and she insisted no one else use it. The door to my room was open, so I motioned for him to go in, once he did, I closed the door behind us.

I walked towards my double bed, stood near its foot, and slipped my sneakers off with my feet, sliding them under the bed. I took a seat in the burgundy leather chair that is placed in front of my computer desk, leaving him the bed or floor to sit on. He chose the bed. He sat on my gray comforter that fit the mattress snugly, and looked right into my eyes. His tall boyish body sank into the bedding, his slender lanky legs dangled over the side, his feet barely reaching the silver carpet below. His deep-set eyes, adorned with those long lashes, looked so sullen as he stared around the surroundings of my room.

"Dude you have an awesome bedroom, for a punk."

"I'll give you punk." I protested, as I lowered my right hand into my crotch and groped at my privates.

"Listen you little shit, you aint got enough to give me anything."

"I got more than you think." I demanded, while I continued to work my clenched hand up and down bulging boyhood.

His brown eyes seemed to glare at me, his lips tightened, and his face locked after I'd said it. I began to feel the excitement of my desires all through my body. I knew I'd have him shortly, I was going to ease into it though. I didn't want to give myself away. I feared if it went wrong, others wouldn't understand. I had to be so careful at laying this out, this plan of mine.

"You want a drink?" I asked him.

"What you got?"

"Mountain Dew."


"I'll be right back. Wait here."

I quickly went down the stairs into the kitchen. I reached into the white cabinets with the glass doors and pulled out a couple glasses. I set them down on the black granite counter top and reached into the stainless steel refrigerator for the plastic bottle of soda. I set the soda on the counted, picked up the two glasses and shoved them under the ice dispenser mounted on the door one at a time. I heard the cubes tumble into the glasses. My mind was reeling with thoughts of rubbing my naked body against Carl's.

I was back in my bedroom moments later.

"What took so long fag boy?"

"I got your fag boy." I told him as I handed him his drink.

"You talk big for a pussy."

"I aint no pussy. I got a big cock."

"You wish."

"I know." I wasn't giving up.

I sat down in the chair again and faced him on the bed. I didn't say anything for a while; I just drank my soda. My eyes darted around the room from time to time. I looked up at the bookshelf over my bed. I thought about the one that I'd hidden, the paperback, which had the naked pictures in it. I stood up from the chair, I felt its seat swing around on the backs of my legs. I lowered my right hand to the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head to remove it. I slowly reached across my body with my left hand to my right shoulder and pulled the red cotton shirt over my head all the way off. I tossed it on my bed. I could almost feel Carl's eyes as they swiftly sought my smooth naked skin.

"You got to see this." I insisted, as I climbed up on the bed next to him and reached for the book on my shelf.

I grabbed the book and sat myself right next to Carl, my right leg against his left. I could feel the heat of his body through our pants. I wondered silently to myself if he'd pull away, but he didn't. I placed the book on his left leg, letting my hand rest on his thigh. I used the other hand to open the pages; his eyes grew wide when he saw what was inside.

"Holy shit Short-stuff. Where'd ya get this book?"

His leg shifted a little, but he got closer to me as his body sank deeper into the mattress. The hand I was using to support the book slid further up his leg towards his crotch. I was feeling bolder, and began turning the pages.

The book was old; I'd found it out behind the drug store. It was the summer before last. It was before Carl had moved to Windham. I'd never shown it to anyone before. The title on the cover read, `The Master's Room.' On the pages it contained some glossy photos of men in leather, and women too, they were in several poses. Some of them had the women standing over the men, clad in spiked shoes, all dressed in black. The heels of the shoes would be poking into the skin of the man, either on his ass or chest. Other pictures had sleek and slender men, also dressed in various cowhide attires with other men. In the back pages of the book are the best pictures, those are the ones where everyone is naked. You see hard man cocks being shoved into ladies' and men's' mouths, asses and cunts. I didn't really look at the women; I liked looking at the men's huge dicks. I would think about sucking a huge dick like in the pictures, I'd dream about being spanked and fucked. My dick and ass would tingle, as I would spend hours memorizing each and every photograph.

I was ready to flip the page, Carl reached his left hand out and put it over mine holding it down on the book. I felt his soft sweaty palm as he pushed on my left hand that was readying to turn the page. I slid my right hand even deeper into his lap, until I could feel his boner pressing tightly against his jeans on my skin. I pushed my hand against the bulge, and felt him as his cock sprang with excitement from the touch. It was hard to tell how big he was, I thought about his cock even more.

I looked down again at the picture he wanted to see longer. It was one of a man spanking another. That was the best thing about this book, the pictures with only men in it. I like those the most. The picture Carl seemed to be fixated on had two men in it. You could see the ass cheeks of a smaller, younger man bent over in front of an older man. The picture is blazed into my memory, and I remember it vividly.

The Master wore a hood over his head, with a draping cape over his shoulders, and only his eyes peered out. His right hand, opened, held up over his head as it readied to slap down on the slave's bum before him. The smaller man's ass was exposed, and in full view, he wore only a pair of black leather chaps, he was bent down so far you could see his face peeking out from between his knees. The round globes on his smooth white buttocks were deep red from the apparent spanking he had been getting. His hands firmly parting his reddened cheeks, purposely displaying his bright pinkish red, puckered hole

"Joey, can I tell you something? You gotta promise to keep your face shut." It was the first time he'd called me Joey in months.

I began to daydream as he spoke, and thought more about him. Carl Mortenson is his full name, he'd moved into town about three months ago. His house was only one block away. Windham is a small town, and doesn't have many kids. So when a new family moved in, everyone knew, especially if they had kids.

Carl is an only child, living with just his dad. I'd met him the first day he was here. I had rode my BMX bike up and down Maple Street all day the day the huge Maytower truck pulled in. A few other kids hung out on the sidewalk watching and waiting, as did some older people in the neighborhood. I guess we're all just curious.

"Sure. Whatever you say will stay with me," I insisted.

His eyes seemed to search my face for proof that I would keep my word. I wondered what he wanted to tell me. I lightly pushed my hand downwards on his cock, I felt it twitch at my touch. I'd push the hot hard flesh down into his crotch, and I could feel him springing it upward with each of my pushes. He didn't say another word; I took the flexing motion of his dick as permission to go farther. I completely forgot that he wanted to tell me something, my mind was filled with sexual desire for him. I wasn't letting go of the moment either.

Without another word, I set the book on the mattress, and slowly reached my nimble fingers to the button on his jeans. I quickly undid his fly and pulled the front of his pants open. I watched his face for a reaction, he closed his eyes and tilted his head back. I looked down into his lap after I'd opened the pants, and could see his cock head poking out of his boxers. It was swollen and red, it looked so smooth, there was a slight drop of pre-cum on the very tip. I slid my hand into his boxers, enveloping his cock with my fingers. I lightly slid my hand down the silken shaft, and felt its heat against my skin. When I reached the bottom of his cock I could feel his small patch of his wiry hairs against my hand.

"Yeah, stroke it. Oh, yeah nice and easy Bitch." Carl hissed at me.

His cock was cut, and the head of it reminded me of a pitted olive. His piss hole was very wide and open, the deep pink skin that lined the walls of it were glistening with pre-cum. I kept sliding my hand up his dick to just below the head, and then slowly back down towards his balls. I couldn't see his sac, I was reaching through the slit in the front of his boxers still. I wanted to see all of him. The precum began oozing out of his cock. So I would slide my hand over the slick clear juice while I jerked him off slowly.

I shifted my body around so I was kneeling in front of him. I wanted to pull his pants and boxers completely off, but was too afraid. I lowered my face nearer to his crotch while I slid my hand up and down his cock. I could smell dried pee on his boxers, the aroma intoxicated me. I rubbed my cheek on the cloth of his boxers against his thigh and watched my hand work his rod. I looked up at his face, his eyes were shut tightly, and his lips were quivering. I ran my left hand up under his shirt, I slid it into his hairless armpit and gently rubbed it. I slowly dragged my hand back down his stomach; I felt his muscles tighten, and his body tense.

His hands grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face closer to his throbbing, slippery cock. I finally gathered my courage and took both my hands to pull down on the waistband of his jeans. I felt him stand up, so I pulled his trousers all the way down to his ankles. He stood in front of me clad only in his boxers and shirt, his long slender cock springing out the opening of his underwear. I started to move my hands to the elastic waistband of the cotton shorts. Before I was able to tug the underwear off, Carl took his hands away from my head, hooked them under my arms and pulled me up. We looked each other in the eye; not a word was uttered. He put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me towards him, then kissed me long and tender.

I pulled away from his embrace and hooked the elastic waist of his underpants in my hands, and then I quickly pulled them down his smooth thighs, as I returned to my knees. I stared at his firm young dick. It was a little longer than mine, but skinnier. It had a small patch of hair on either side of the shaft. His balls were huge, his sac hung down low and looked to be full of hot juicy cum. He shook his legs and his boxers fell to the floor, he stepped out of them and his fallen pants, all he had on now was his shirt. I stood up and lifted it over his head, he stretched his arms over his head and the shirt easily came off. He was naked.

He pushed me onto the bed, and began to strip me of my pants. His hands moved frantically as they undid my belt. Next he unsnapped them and jerked them down my silky legs; my white briefs went with them. He stood over me in the bed and stared down at my naked body. I saw his eyes as they drank in the site of my hard cock with its few hairs. I watched him as he studied my tightened nutsac, and placed his right hand on it. I felt him rub my little balls in his fingers; my legs involuntarily began pumping up and down. Finally he lie down on top of me, our cocks firmly pressing against each other's.

Carl began to move his hips so his cock rubbed up and down my. I pushed my ass up from the mattress so my dick was pressed firmly against his. The feelings were intense, my prick felt like it wanted to take a massive pee, but something inside of it was applying pressure holding it back. All four inches of my tool were suddenly extremely sensitive, especially the head. I felt Carl's hands as he ran them down my sides, they were warm and soft.

"Get up on your hands and knees, I want to fuck you," Carl's voice seemed to hiss.

He rolled off of me, and lay down beside me. I wanted to feel his body on mine again, I knew what he wanted, and I rolled onto my stomach and got on my hands and knees. I felt him crawl behind me; his hands firmly grasp my buttocks and parted its cheeks. I began to feel his hot breath on my hole, and then his tongue flickered over it, leaving it wet. I felt him as he pushed a finger inside of my ass, it felt like I was shitting. I pushed my bum to meet his finger, I wanted it in me deeper. I moaned.

"You like that, don't you?" He sounded like he was gasping as he asked.

"Yesssss!" I whispered.

"I'm gonna stick my dick up your ass."

He pulled his finger out of my hole, I was still filled with desire, and I wanted him inside me again. I felt his mouth sucking at my brown hole, I could feel his tongue as he licked me, I pushed my ass towards his face. I felt his hands spreading my cheeks as far as he could. Finally he moved up on my back, his mouth began sucking on my left ear, I felt his cock rubbing at my little hole.

"Put it in. Shove my dick in your ass." He chanted, then he spit into his hand and stroked his cock.

I reached around with my right hand and guided his wet cock-head to my waiting hole. I moved the head up and down over my asshole teasing myself with his cock. I wanted him to fill my boypussy. I had this aching emptiness from the pit of my stomach wanting to be filled. I wanted him to stuff his long hard dick into me; I needed him to fill the void I was feeling.

I positioned his cock head right at my wanton sex channel's entrance; he shoved it in me. At first I thought I was being ripped apart, the pain was almost unbearable, it was soon transferred into a pleasure like I had never felt. All I knew was I wanted him to get in me as deep as possible, and no matter how deep he went I wanted him deeper. He fucked my ass furiously, a couple of times his dick slipped out and I quickly reached my hand back around to guide him back in.

With every one of his thrusts, I would meet him with one of my own. His left hand was gripping my left hip, his right hand reached around my belly and gripped my four-inch dick. He didn't move his hand up and down on my cock, he just gripped it in his hand. The feelings my body was experiencing were tremendous and I never wanted them to end. I wanted to have what we were doing last forever.

"You like that Bitch Boy? You like my dick up your ass, don't ya?"


"Say it. Tell me you like it. Tell me you want my hard dick fucking your hot ass."


"I said SAY IT!!!" He yelled out. He took his hand off my cock and slapped my ass hard.

"Fuck me, fuck me! Stick your dick in as far as you can. Fuck me good." I called out as I pushed my ass further onto his cock.

I felt my cock swell, my ass was stinging where he had slapped me, my hole was aching for his dick to pummel me. He would drive his dick in as far as he could, and then quickly pull it almost all the way out and shove it back down into me. I felt him slap my ass again, the stinging sensation from it caused me more pleasure.

"I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna shoot my cum up your ass."


He continued to slap my ass, over and over several more times, I kept yelling for more. Finally he reached his hand around me and grabbed my dick again. I felt his cock sliding up and down inside my ass. My ass cheek felt like it was on fire from the spanking he'd given it. The intensity of it all was too much; I could feel my orgasm building from deep within my balls. My dick was ready to explode, his hand was jerking it up and down to the motions of his drilling.

"Argghh, OOOoooooo, yeah." He half whispered, half yelled in my ear.

I felt my cock throbbing as it readied to empty itself. His hand worked like mad on my dick, as he continued to fuck me. I knew we were close, as much as I wanted this to last forever I wanted to cum.

"I'm cumming!" He shouted, and just as he did, my cock exploded.

I felt my hot juice splash against my chest. Then Carl collapsed on top of me pushing my body flat out on the mattress below him, his cock still buried in my ass. We lie like that for several minutes, neither one of us saying a word, lost in the bliss.

"That was awesome." I finally blurted out.

"You aint seen nothing yet Bitch Boy."

He rolled off, and lie beside me, he locked his eyes on mine, his face looked so serious. I wanted to kiss him, but I didn't dare. I just met his stare with my own. I stayed on my stomach, with just my head turned in his direction. I wanted to stay with him like that for as long as possible. I wondered what he meant by my not seeing anything yet.

"You think you can sleep over my house this Friday?" He asked.


"I'll fuck you again? We can do it all night."

"Yeah." I said, and nodded my head.

"OK, but you know Patrick?"

The only Patrick we both knew was Patrick Mulready, he was the ten-year-old boy that lived across the street from me. I pictured little Patrick, his short brown hair, and his small four feet five inch frame. I could see his face in my mind; he had one that made him look almost like a little man. His dark brown eyes always seemed filled with curiosity. He had been my only friend before Carl had moved in. Even though Patrick was a year younger than me, he was the only other kid around my age that lived near us.

"Yeah, what about him?" I asked.

"You want more of my dick in your ass, you gotta bring him with you."

"What if he can't come?" I asked.

"You do what I tell you Bitch Boy, or I'll have to beat your ass."

I didn't know if I liked his new name for me, but it excited me when he talked like that. I didn't say anymore. I began to think of how I'd get Patrick to sleep over Carl's Friday.

"Ok, Bitch Boy, I gotta jet. I'll see you tomorrow in school." Carl said, as he quickly dressed himself.

As soon as he was dressed he was on his way. He didn't even wait for me to walk him out. I lie in my bed naked, my thoughts stuck on what we had done. I wondered if he wanted to do the same kinds of things with Patrick, and why he insisted I bring him along for the sleep over. I also wondered what it was he had wanted to tell me that he never did. I decided to get dressed and call Patrick. I wanted to make sure he got permission, I didn't want to wait until the last minute. I also had to make sure Patrick would come, so I began thinking of what I would say to him.

I called Patrick, I heard his phone ringing in my ear, I counted the rings and on the third one someone picked up, I asked for Patrick.


"Hey Patrick, it's me Joey. How you doing?"

"Good Joey. How you been?"

"Really good. Hey Pat, I was wondering if you could come to a little sleep over at Carl's house this Friday with me."

"What time?"

That was a question I hadn't thought of, so I improvised and said, "Seven, meet me here at my house at seven."

"Ok, let me ask my mom, I'll be right back."

I took a deep breath or two and waited for him to come back on the phone.

"Yeah, Joey, my mom says I can. So hey, how come I haven't seen you around lately?" Patrick asked, sounding a little hurt.

"You know, I've been busy with school work and shit, sixth grade is hard Dude."

"What ya doing now, can I come over?"

"Well I was just gonna get in the shower. How about if I pick you up in the morning and we'll walk to school together?" I realized as I was asking I hadn't walked to school with him in quite a while.

"Sounds cool. I'll see you in the morning, I guess."

"Yeah you will Pat."

"See ya."

"Bye." I hung the phone up.

The next few days seemed to last an eternity. Finally it was Friday, and everything was set for Patrick and I to sleep over Carl's house. I was sitting in class, daydreaming as usual when I felt Carl nudge my shoulder.

"Let's go to your house after school, I got to tell you something," Carl whispered.

"I have all kinds of chores to do before I can sleep over. Can't it wait until tonight?"

"Listen Bitch Boy, I said I'm coming over after school, fuck your chores."

"But Carl if I don't get my chores done my mom won't let me out," I insisted.

"Look you little fuck, I won't take much time. I'm horny, and I told you, I got something to tell you before you can come over tonight."

I could feel my cock start to stir in my pants. I don't know why, but when he talks like that, I get real excited. I started to think about the fun we'd had earlier in the week. I had been dreaming about it since. Hell, I must have jerked off fifty times the next few days after he had spanked and fucked me. I pictured his face when I was on my knees sucking his slender cock, his eyes fluttering and lips shaking uncontrollably, he had me.

"Ok, for a little while, but only for like a half hour or something." I finally relented.


Later that afternoon we were both in my bedroom. Carl was sitting on my bed again, and I was in the computer chair. The walk home from school had been relatively quiet, neither of us really spoke. I was horny as hell; my dick had been hard most of the day thinking about what we were going to be doing. As much as I wondered what it was Carl wanted to tell me I figured I'd wait until he decided to. I looked at him as he sat on my bed, his eyes seemed to shift around the room.

Finally he said, "You think Patrick will fuck around?"

"I don't know, I guess. I've never done it with him."

"Joey, I got to tell you something, but you gotta swear you aint gonna say nothing to anyone." His eyes locked on mine, his face expressed all the seriousness of his tone.

"I promise."

"Ok, here's the deal. You wanna make some extra money? I mean lots of it."

I felt my eyes widen as I looked at Carl. Money is like my favorite thing, I love money, but I didn't know why he was asking me. I was totally confused now as to what all this had to do with anything. I was hoping for a quick spanking and fuck, and have him on his merry little way, so I could do my chores and sleep over his house for a whole night of pleasure. I didn't say a word, but nodded my head, and then I waited for whatever else he had to say.

"My father likes to take pictures," he said matter of factually.

Now I was totally lost, my face must have reflected my puzzlement.

"Not just any pictures, but pictures of boys having sex with each other, like we did the other day. He sells them, and pays the boys." Carl explained.

My mind began to realize what he was saying. I couldn't imagine having sex in front of my mother or father. It all sounded so bizarre, yet I was curious too. I just kept nodding my head as if to say `ok, go on.' I also couldn't help but wonder how much money we were talking here.

"That's why we move so much. We can't stay in one place too long, without risking him being caught," Carl continued, and I noticed tears began to fill his eyes. "I don't have any friends, we never stay anywhere long enough."

The pain he felt was obvious, as tears streamed down his cheeks. I just let him keep talking. I really didn't know what to say.

Finally he blubbered, "So you must think I'm some kind of freak. I understand if you hate me now. But you've got to promise you can't ever tell anyone."

"I don't think you're some kind of freak. It's kind of different, I'll admit that, but I don't think you're a freak. How long you been doing this with your dad?"

He rubbed the tears from cheeks and eyes. "Since I was about ten. We used to have a foster kid living with us. See we never had lots of money, and having a foster kid gave my dad some extra income. His name was Chad, he was really cute. Chad was twelve when he moved in with us, and he shared a bedroom with me. One night he climbed into my bed and began playing with my little dick. I loved it. After a few months my father came in one night and caught us. He told us it was all right, lots of boys did that to each other. My dad even told us he liked to do it with boys too."

I listened as Carl went on.

"Well Chad told my dad he liked to suck big cock too, and asked him if we could go in my dad's bed since it was bigger. I got to admit, I was really nervous, but I wanted to see Chad suck my dad's dick like he'd done mine, so I willing went with them into my father's bedroom. The three of us fucked and sucked each other all night long. It was fantastic."

"Wow," was all I could say.

"Anyways, my dad found out he could make lots of money selling pictures of Chad and I having sex, so he bought a digital camera and set up a room in our basement for our sexual games. A few months later Chad was taken back into foster care, they do that, they don't want the kids getting too close to the foster parents I guess. Well my dad got scared that Chad might tell someone so we moved."

Carl went on for about a half-hour explaining how many times they had moved, and how much money he'd been given. It all sounded so cool, especially the money part. According to Carl, he'd been paid over five thousand dollars from his dad in the few years. Dollar signs began blinking in my eyes. Carl told me that every time they'd moved his dad would make him find a new boy to bring home. They had moved every three or four months since it all started. I was intrigued by the story. I wondered if that's what we were going to be doing later that evening, performing for Carl's dad.

All my questions were answered, and then some. Carl told me that his dad wanted Patrick and I to sleep over so the three of us could have sex while he took our pictures. He told me that his father had the room set up in the basement and the camera was secretly hidden. All we had to do was get Patrick to have sex with us. If we told Patrick, we'd have to share the money with him, and risk him telling someone. So Carl made me promise we wouldn't tell Patrick. At first I was a little scared, but then he clinched the deal when he told me we could both make five hundred dollars.

"Five hundred dollars each?" I asked him making sure I'd heard him correctly.


"Cool." I was in, for five hundred dollars I'll do just about anything.

"So what do you think about Patrick? Will he wanna have sex with us?"

"I'll bring my book." I quickly jumped onto my bed and pulled the paperback with all the pictures off the shelf. "This will get him in the mood," I insisted.

"It worked for us the other day." He joked.

I was glad to see him smiling again. I really began to like him. I knew how brave he had to be to confide all this in me. It made me think about how close we could become. I smiled at him as I sat close to him on the bed and opened the book. I was thinking if it had worked for us the other day, we could use it again. He had other plans though.

"Listen Joey, I got to run. I'll see you and Patrick at seven. Don't forget the book." He quickly got off my bed and began heading for the door.

"You don't wanna mess around now?" I asked, feeling a little rejected.

"Well you have to do your chores, and I want to save all my cum for later. After we do the pictures I was hoping we could go up into my room without Patrick." He told me, it made me feel special that he wanted to be alone with me.

He was right, I'd forgotten all about doing the things I had to do before my mother would let me go out. I had completely lost all track of time. I got up off my bed, my cock was hard inside my pants. I noticed his eyes focused right on the tent in my pants as I walked over to him at the door.

"He'll just have to wait." Carl said as he rubbed my cock through my pants.

I smiled again at him, he quickly kissed me, and then he left. I was horny, my cock was aching for release, but I thought about what he'd said, saving his cum, and decided I'd save mine too. I was left to doing the household chores by myself, and didn't waste time getting to them.

After I'd finished all my chores, you know vacuuming, dusting, and laundry, I decided I'd take a long hot bath. I had this overwhelming desire to clean myself as good as I could for Carl. I figured if I took a bath I could soak in some smelly soaps, so my skin would smell good, and when I was finished bathing I'd put some lotion all over my body so I'd be nice and soft.

Once I was done primping my body, I thought about what I was going to wear. I had these really cool silk boxers that my aunt had given me for Christmas. I don't know why she'd given them to me, and I'd never worn them, but they looked really fine, so I decided to put those on. They were dark blue, and felt so soft, I ran my hands over them a few times as I stood in front of my bedroom mirror. I was amazed at how it felt like I had nothing on. As I ran my hands over my cock and balls, I could feel every detail of them distinctly on my fingertips, through the thin shear cloth. It was almost like touching someone else's privates, the sensation of feeling the outline of my cock in my hand, but my cock not feeling my hand directly on it was certainly erotic.

Next, I thought about what I'd wear for pants. I settled on a pair of gray Nike warm ups, they'd be easy to slip off when the time came. For a shirt, I grabbed a pullover; no sense in having something with buttons. As I put on my shirt I smelled my pits, and decided to use some deodorant, I couldn't be too careful, I wanted everything about me to be perfect.

While I was getting dressed I thought about what Carl had told me. I wondered how many other boys he'd been with, he never really said. I also thought about how he cried when he started to tell me his story. I thought about how he'd told me that we'd leave Patrick in the basement once his dad had taken the pictures. I felt like we had connected, perhaps it was in his eyes, perhaps in his pushiness, or just in the way he'd opened up to me. But for some reason, I felt like we were destined to be together.

I had known Patrick a lot longer than I had known Carl, and while we had talked about sex before, I'd never imagined doing anything with Pat. I began to replay some of the conversations Patrick and I had had over the years. I remembered one time distinctly; it was about a year ago, the two of us were fishing, we were all alone on the banks of the river that ran along the railroad tracks. Patrick had to piss, and he just dropped his pants and let it whiz. I was a little surprised that he made no attempts to hide himself, but didn't think much of it at the time. I do remember wondering to myself why he'd pulled his pants down to his knees, instead of just opening his fly, but I was too intrigued in watching him, and looking at his little hairless pricklet to say anything. He asked me if I'd ever drank my pee, and I quickly told him to quit being silly. That was the end of it, he finished pissing and pulled his pants back up, not saying another word.

As I sat on my bed thinking about it, I wondered what would have happened if I'd said something else. Could it have been his attempt to feel me out, and take it further? I wonder. What if I'd said, `No, have you?' Maybe that's what he was hoping I would have said. Then I remembered the time last summer when Patrick had slept over my house. He was tossing and turning, I was trying to fall asleep; we were both in my bed. He asked me if I ever played with my dick, I told him to be quiet and go to sleep. Maybe he was trying to start something then too. And again that time I brushed him off telling him to be quiet and go to sleep.

I was startled when the phone began to ring, my heart actually skipped a beat I think. I glanced down at the clock next to my bed, it was just before seven. `It must be Patrick,' I thought to myself, as I answered it.


"You gonna come get me, or you want me to walk over there to get you?" Patrick rattled off, not even saying hello.

I wondered where the time had gone; I hadn't even heard my mother come home. I walked across my bedroom to the window and looked over towards Patrick's home. I could picture him in my mind all excited. I silently bet myself, he was twisting the phone cord around his hand in a nervous kind of apprehension. Not that it mattered, the time was here, and I was ready.

"I'll be right over," I quickly said, then turned away from the window and hung up the phone.

I walked over to the shelf over my bed, grabbed `the book,' and stuffed it down into my pants.

I was out of my room in a flash, bounding down the stairs, calling over my shoulder, "I'm going over to Carl's now, see you in the morning."

Not waiting for my mother's reply, I flew out the front door and slammed it behind me.

Patrick was already waiting for me on the sidewalk in front of his house, his face beaming. I noticed he had a paper bag in his hands, and realized I hadn't brought a change of clothes. Too late now I told myself, I wasn't turning back. I could hear crickets chirping, and the sounds of cars traveling the highway that ran behind our development. My whole being seemed to be flushed with anticipation of what was going to happen, I wasn't going to delay it another moment.

"You didn't bring anything?" Patrick asked.

"Yeah, I brought this," I announced as I pulled the paperback out of my trousers and proudly showed it to him.

He took it from my hands, I watched as he opened it and began flipping through the pages.

"Wow. Where did you get this?"

"I found it behind the drug store."

"This is so cool."

"Yeah, give it back, we'll look at it later with Carl." I jerked it out of his hands and pushed it back down my pants.

A little while later we were sitting in Carl's living room. I had never noticed how little furniture was in the home, until that night. There were no pictures hung strategically on the walls, no plants decorating the rooms; nothing fancy or extra seemed to be in the house. I mean you had your basic furniture, but nothing personal that suggested the people who lived there had a history. I reasoned it was because Carl and his dad always moved. I began to wonder when they'd move again, but I didn't say anything outloud about it.

Carl's dad had come in and out of the living room several times. He was a tall man, well over six feet, and had a commanding presence. It was on one of his visits to the room I caught myself staring at him, thinking about him taking our pictures. I couldn't help but feel some excitement, but at the same time, I felt a little embarrassed thinking he'd be watching us have sex and taking our pictures. I couldn't imagine having sex with him, like Carl had told me he had done.

"You guys wanna go down into my game room?" Carl asked, after we finished watching the video movie he had rented.

"Sure!" Patrick's shrill voice answered.

Carl got up from the chair he'd been sitting in and led the way. Patrick and I followed him as we wound through the house into the kitchen. Carl opened the door next to the refrigerator that went to the basement; he nodded his head indicating he wanted us to lead the way. I didn't hesitate, I went down the stairs first, Patrick right behind me, I was so nervous my whole body seemed to be shaking.

Once we were in Carl's `game room' I flung myself on the bed hoping to calm myself down. Patrick bounced onto the mattress next to me; Carl walked over to the other side of the small room and took a seat in the reclining chair. As I sat on the bed I looked around the room, it had a wall mounted shelving unit on one of the walls. There was a television and stereo on the shelves. Carl reached into the chair and pulled out a remote control unit, he pushed on it and the TV came alive.

Patrick was the first one to speak; "You ought to see the book Joey brought."

"Book? What kind of book?" Carl asked, pretending not to know.

"Show him Joey, show him the book."

I slowly pulled the book out of my pants and handed it to Patrick. He took it from my hands and got off the bed to bring it to Carl. I watched as Carl flipped the pages and Patrick looked on. I didn't say a word; I let Carl take over.

"I wonder how these guys do it." Carl said outloud.

"Do what?" Patrick asked.

"Not get hard in some of these pictures," Carl observed, and then said, "my cock gets boned up just looking at them."

"Mine too," Patrick announced.

"Shit boy, you don't even have a dick. This is a dick..." Carl said, as he whipped his cock out.

"Holy shit, Carl, that's huge." Patrick's eyes locked onto Carl's hard cock, as he said it.

"So let's see your dick. I bet it isn't hard." Carl pushed.

Patrick didn't wait; he had his pants undone and down his legs in record time. I looked at his little two inch hairless boner and thought about what it would be like to suck on. I watched as Patrick took his little pecker in his hand and began to play with it. I noticed Carl's eyes were fixed on the little boy too.

"Let's see yours," Patrick called to me, as he hand stroked his little dicklet.

I stood up from the bed and pulled the sweat pants and underwear down my smooth white legs, my cock was full staff, and bounced up and down as I released it from the confines of my clothing.

"Damn, Joey, yours is big too!" Patrick exclaimed, his boyish voice was filled with excitement.

"Yeah, you like it? You wanna touch it?" I bravely asked.

"Only if you touch mine first." Patrick demanded, as he walked towards me.

I sat back down on the bed, I watched Patrick as he shuffled his way across the room, his pants at his ankles. His little cock was bright red; his sac was like a little bump at the base, his balls held tightly inside. I reached my hand to his little prick when he reached me, I felt its velvety skin in my fingers. He thrust his hips forward and pushed his little boner against my touch. Then his nimble fingers lightly wrapped themselves around my cock. I fixed my eyes on his as we slowly stroked each other's dick.

"We should get naked." Carl's voiced rasped, as he got out of the chair and began taking his clothes off.

"Yeah." Patrick's voice followed, and he began to shake his pants off his legs onto the floor.

I followed suit and took off my clothes, the three of us stood next to the bed as naked as the day we were born. The book was forgotten as we quickly began to mimic its images. Patrick bent over me as I sat on the edge of the bed, Carl stood behind him, his cock pressed firmly between the little boys ass cheeks. I felt Patrick's lips clamp down on my rigid cock as he began to suck me. In no time at all, all three of us were on the bed together, naked, our bodies intertwined amongst each other, bucking and thrusting our way to orgasm.

Patrick sucked on my cock, then on Carl's. While he was on his hands and knees sucking Carl, I licked at Patrick's asshole, as Carl jerked me off. We sucked, we fucked, and we moaned and groaned, as our bodies were flooded with pleasure. It seemed to last forever, the feelings were so intense I never wanted them to end. I was too involved to think about Carl's dad taking pictures; I was filled with lust.

Carl mounted Patrick's ass with his raging hard-on. I watched his face as he rammed himself in and out the little boy's ass. Patrick's face was buried in my lap as he sucked my own cock fiercely. I reached my hands up to Carl's head and pulled it to me, so I could kiss him. The moment our tongues met I felt my cock explode in Patrick's mouth, I heard Carl grunting as his own climax filled that tight little ass. Patrick's smooth little boy body began to writhe as he experienced his own sexual peak. The three of us collapsed on the bed, naked and spent.

"That was fantastic. You wanna do it again?" Patrick finally blurted out.

"Maybe in the morning. I'm really tired now." Carl told him as he rolled to his side.

"Yeah me too, Little Buddy, I'm beat." I knew what the plan was, and wanted to be alone with Carl.

Patrick got up off of me and moved to the inside of the bed. I lay next to him and gently kissed him goodnight. Carl turned off the lights and joined us in the bed, the three of us lie naked next to one another, and our shallow breathing was all I could hear. I pretended to fall asleep, and wondered how long it would be before Carl and I could sneak up to his bedroom without Patrick.

I must have dozed off, because the next thing I remember was being pulled from the bed. I woke as I felt the sheets slipping across my naked body. It was dark, and I couldn't see, I felt these huge rough, powerful hands, grabbing onto my arms, lifting me from the bed. My legs dangled below me as I was swung up into the air.

"Shh, don't wake the little one." I heard Carl whisper.

I was being carried, I knew it was Carl's dad that had me in his arms, I could smell his manly odor as it filled my nostrils. I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck as I felt myself being carried up the stairs. As his body climbed each riser of the steps I felt my body shake against his massive chest. I began to tremble when I thought about what was happening and where we were going.

"Don't fret Little One," Carl's dad cooed in my ears, as he carried my listless body up the flight of stairs to the second floor.

"It's ok Joey, we'll have some real fun now, don't you worry." I heard Carl's voice call out to me from behind.

We had reached the hallway, the only light I could see was coming from one of the doors that was slightly ajar, the rest of the house was filled with darkness and shadows. I continued to tremble and shake as I was carried into the bedroom. I looked into his face, as he gently placed me on the huge bed, it was filled with a look of contentment. While his hair was beginning to gray, I could still detect the blackness it once held. I watched as his face softened and he lowered his head next to mine. I clung to his neck, my body shook uncontrollably beneath the older man, as he lie down on top of me. I turned my head to the side and saw Carl, still naked, climbing into the bed next to us.

I was filled with embarrassment; I couldn't imagine what was going to happen next, I just wanted to hide. Carl's father got up on his knees and looked down at me, his eyes were wide open, and his hands lightly ran themselves down my stomach. The sensations of his touch excited me, I could feel myself giving way to his experienced hands, as they massaged against my chest. I wished my cock was bigger, I wished I had more hair, I felt so nervous about my body's development under the close scrutiny of this older man, all I could think about was how little I measured up.

"You have such a beautiful body. Your skin is so soft and smooth. I love feeling you like this." The man whispered.

He took his hands off me, and began to remove his shirt. I watched intently, as he took off the rest of his clothes, his cock was huge. His pelvic area was covered with jet-black hair. His nut sac hung below his solid member, it too was covered with hair. Once he was naked he lie back down on top of me, I felt his enormous cock against my belly. His dick had to be at least nine inches long, and as fat as my fist. I couldn't help wonder what it would feel like to have it shoved deep inside me.

"You've been a bad boy." He hissed in my ears.

"Yeah, Daddy, he needs a spanking." Carl seemed to chant.

I felt myself being turned over; Carl shoved a pillow under my body raising my ass into the air. The next thing I knew I felt a quick sharp slap on my ass. I heard the crack of his hand each time it spanked my bare ass, I felt a burning sensation begin to fill my loins. I closed my eyes and let it happen. By the time Carl's father rammed his pole into me I was delirious.

It all seemed to happen in slow motion. I had positioned my head to its side, and watched Carl take a bottle of hand lotion from the night-stand. I saw him flip the top, and pour the thick white liquid into his hands. He lubed my ass while his dad spanked me, then he poured some of the lotion on his father's cock. My neck began to ache from twisting my head to see it all, so I buried my face into the pillow below it. I kept the sights in my mind as I felt my asshole being invaded by a finger. I could feel my ass rise off the bed to meet the welcome assault. My dick had become alive with sensation; as the finger withdrew from my asshole I'd quickly pump my cock against the pillow.

I felt his large hands on my sides; his fingers seemed to dig into my ribs as he tossed me over onto my back. I lie back on the bed my eyes locked onto his as he rose above me on his knees. Carl's father put his arms under my legs and raised them up onto his shoulders, while Carl scooted over the mattress to be next to me. I watched my young friend as he pressed his dick down to my lips. I instinctively sucked his throbbing cock-head into my mouth, and closed my eyes tight.

I felt the gigantic cock pressing steadily at my asshole, I heard his father grunt as he impaled me with it. It felt like my whole insides were being ripped out of my body, as that fist sized cock pummeled into me. My ass cheeks were still burning from the spanking, but that pain soon gave away to extreme sharp stabbing I felt inside my gut.

"That's it, ride Daddy's cock. Oh yeah!" Carl's dad yelled out, as he thrashed my ass with his nine-inch cock.

The pain soon subsided and my entire body was alive with pleasure. Carl fucked his five- inch cock into my mouth, and I held it tightly in my hand making sure it didn't come out. I wrapped my legs around his father's waist and pulled the older man's body as close to mine as I could. Every nerve ending in my body was twitching. Even my hair seemed to tingle as I was fucked from both ends, by father and son.

I opened my eyes when I felt Carl wrapping his hand around my cock, I watched my friend as he jerked me off, his eyes tightly shut as I sucked him off. I looked up and saw his father staring directly at his son's cock buried in my mouth. I felt my climax as it began to rise from the depths of my sole. I swear to God, when I came, I felt it from deep inside my ass all the way to my toes. Drop after drop of thick, hot, clear boy juice shot out of my dick into my face. About a second later I felt Carl's cock stiffen and throb, as it pumped its jiz into my waiting mouth. I heard his father groaning, as his man dick spewed its hot liquid into my twitching asshole. I was spent, totally spent, I lowered my legs back onto the bed and collapsed into the pillow, and gracefully dozed off into a deep sleep.

I awoke sometime later, I realized I was alone in the bed, both Carl and his dad had left me. My asshole was burning, and my cock felt raw, but I was content. I looked at the clock next to the bed, it was 6:30 in the morning. I figured I'd better sneak back down to the game room so Patrick wouldn't know we'd left him alone the night before. I slowly climbed from the bed, my limbs were weak and ached. I quietly snuck down the stairs and through the house back to the game room. Without making a sound I climbed back into the bed next to Patrick. He never knew a thing.

Later that day I sat in my bedroom dreaming of our next encounter, and my next spanking.  I counted my money a dozen times or more, all five hundred dollars.   I also replayed every detail I could from my memory of the night before, and tried to deeply imbed them into my brain for future jerk off sessions.

On Sunday morning I walked over to Chris's house. When I reached the home something was different, something was missing. Suddenly it hit me, the curtains were all gone from the windows, the house stood empty. They had moved, lock, stock, and barrel in less than twenty-four hours. I stood on the front porch peering into the windows, hoping, hoping for some kind of movement, hoping I had made some mistake. I hadn't, they were gone. That was the last time I went there, as I walked back to my house I was filled with an emptiness. I shed a tear or two as I felt the pain of my loss.

As I reached my house and crossed the street I heard a shout, "Hey Joey, what ya doing? Why don't you come over? My parents aren't here," it was Patrick, he was standing in his front door, clad only in his little white jockey underwear.

"Sure, Little Man, let's have some fun." I smiled as I ran to his front door, I knew what we were going to do, and I couldn't wait.

I had been a bad boy, and Patrick was gonna have to spank me.

The End

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