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When I was a little boy, at age ten, I started playing sexually with other boys. At first it was playing sexually with other boys the same age as myself, and later would include a couple of younger boys. Most of the time I would find myself with the neighbor boy or my cousin, playing in the near-by woods or fields.

We played like most little boys do. Exploring the wonders of nature. The trees, small creeks, frogs and toads. But so many times our play would turn into more sexual games. I'll show you mine, you show me your's.

It wasn't long and our games turned more toward touching each other's penises and exploring each other's genitals. We would rub our hard, little peckers against each other. It was so thrilling, sexual and naughty!

Before we had started puberty, we were sucking each other's little-boy dicks. The feeling of another boy's warm, wet mouth sucking my wiener was better than ice-cream. My body would shutter and quake as I would have my dry orgasms. Being the fair game player, I in turn would suck their hard, little-boy dicks until they themselves would experience their own explosive dry orgasms.

It wasn't all just sucking. Sometimes we would find a secluded, privet-place to play where we weren't hurried and spend un-told hours licking each other's smooth bodies. Licking and sucking boy-tits. Licking under-arms, licking tummies and belly-buttons, licking each other's hairless scrotums, licking the soft, smooth, puffy skin of our hairless pubic bones. Licking the hollow of our groins. Just anywhere we could lick that would feel sexual and stimulating. I enjoyed the taste and smells of my friend and cousin's young bodies.

As we started puberty around age 12 we started to sprout pubic hair and hair on other parts of our bodies, we also started to produce sperms. I was happy that I was maturing and growing up. But there was a part of me that still wanted to be that hairless, little boy that I once was. I missed my smooth-hairless body so much, that at age 13, I shaved my newly acquired pubic hair from around my genitals and shaved the light, dusting of hair off of my legs for the first time.


Lusting For Little Boys / a work of fiction


I grew up in a new, booming housing development in the mid-west during the mid-70`s. Our house was one of the first to be finished. As time went on, more and more new homes were built, with new families moving into the neighborhood.

The summer I was 13, I wanted to build a fort in the woods. I would go around to the new construction sites and ask the construction workers if they had any scrap lumber I could have. They were more than willing to let me have anything in their scrap piles of material. Some of them even gave me new nails. One nice man took the time to explain to me how to build a floor and how to build walls on top of a floor. I think his name was Ron.

I would go to Ron and ask him questions. When it came time to put the roof on my fort, Ron came into the woods with me one day after he finished work and helped me. I guess he was maybe 40, about my dad`s age. He told me he didn't have any kids and that he had always wished he had had a little boy to raise and love. He was very friendly and genital, and sometimes he would tickle me and hug me. My father wasn't a very physical man when it came to touching me and I enjoyed the closeness that Ron showed me.

I spent a couple of weeks building my fort. It wasn't much, but hey, I was just a kid. It gave me a place where I could go to be alone and the privacy to jack-off as much as I wanted without the fear of getting caught at home.

One day I was scrounging around in a pile of scrap lumber when I found a paper bag full of old Playboy and Penthouse magazines. Oh Boy!... I felt like I had found a bag full of money, but this was even better. I looked around and saw that Ron and another worker were watching me. They smiled and laughed as I quickly took my new-found stash of porn and hurried off to my fort in the near-by woods.

The only problem about our new housing development was, that there weren't any kids my age to play with. All the new families had younger kids.

I was in my driveway one day washing my bike, when a younger kid came riding his bike down the sidewalk. He stopped and said, "Hi."

I looked up from washing my bike and saw the cutest little boy. He looked to be maybe 10. He had a neat haircut of light-brown hair. He was wearing shorts, and no shirt or shoes. I took notice of his little boy-tits and the freckles on his shoulders and across his cheeks and nose. I said hi back to him and went back to washing my bike.

He sat on his bike watching me, then said, "My name's Joey. What's your's?"

I looked back up at him, and told him, "I'm Steve. You live around here?"

He grinned and said, "Yeah... we just moved here last weekend." When he grinned, I saw the dimples in his cheeks. He was a cute little boy. I don't know why, but I started to get a boner.

He asked, "Want to ride bikes together?"

I thought to myself... I don't want to ride bikes with a little kid, but then thought... I don't have any other kids to play with, so I told him, "Sure... I'm almost done washing my bike. I can show you where the trails are in the woods."

He looked excited and said, "That would be cool!" I finished washing my bike and put the garden-hose away.

I got on my bike and we each rode the half-block to where the path that lead into the woods was. The woods was a maze of paths. Some older kids would ride dirt-bikes there and had a lot of different trails.

As we rode along we talked. He told me just which house his family lived in and told me that he had a younger brother and a younger sister. I told him I didn't have any brothers or sisters.

He said, "I wish I had a bigger brother to play with. It's not much fun playing with my little brother. He's only 6."

I told him, " I wish I had a little brother. It's not much fun being an only kid." Our newfound bond was growing.

We rode around for about an hour when he said he should be getting back home. I tried to explain the different paths to him, so he wouldn't get lost if he came back on his own. As we excited the woods where we had entered he said, "Thanks for showing me the trails Steve."

I told him, "Sure. Maybe sometime I could show you my fort."

He looked at me with excitement. His young eyes, a sparkling blue. "You have a fort?"

"Yeah, I just built it this summer. It's kind of hidden. It's my secrete place."

"You'd show me your secrete fort?"

I told him, `Yeah... but you can't tell anyone about it. It wouldn't be a secrete anymore."

He said, "I won't tell anyone."

I told him, the next time I would show it to him.

"Will you show it to me tomorrow?"

I told him I would and he said, "Thanks. A secret fort. Just you and me!" He turned and started to ride his bike toward his house. He looked back over his shoulder and said, "See ya tomorrow Steve."

"See ya Joey."

As he peddled away, I felt the need to jack-off. I turned back into the woods to ride the path to my secrete fort. When I got there I had a full-blown boner in my shorts. Maybe the bike ride had something to do with it, but all the while I was thinking about little Joey and how cute he was.

Once inside my fort, I quickly pushed my shorts off and laid on my back onto the floor. I didn't need to look at the magazines I had stashed, I had the vision of Joey's cute little body to think about. As I masturbated myself, I quickly shot my sperm onto my bare chest. My mind was running wild with thoughts of seducing my new, young friend into some naughty boy fun.




The next morning I woke up and took my morning piss, then went back to my bedroom. I looked out my bedroom window and saw Joey riding his bike past my house. He rode to the end of the block and turned around. When he got in front of my house again he stopped and looked up and saw me looking out my window. He waved at me and I waved back. Again my thoughts were, what a cute kid he was. My dick stirred and started to bone up. I opened my window and called out to him. "Morning Joey"

"Good morning Steve. Are you going to show me your fort today?" I thought, God I hope this kid doesn't become a pest.

As I stood at my window, I put my hand down my briefs and felt my hardening dick. I felt so naughty playing with myself when Joey was only mere feet away as we talked.

"I just got up." I told him. "I have some things to do first. Come back in an hour."

Joey smiled and I saw his dimples again. "Okay... I'll be back." He waved good-bye and peddled away.

By this time I had a full blown boner in my underwear. I had things to do alright. I closed my window and laid back down on my bed. I wiggled my white, Fruit-Of-The-Loom briefs down to my ankles, put the soles of my feet together and splayed my knees apart. I started rubbing my hard, teen-prick. I rubbed my fingers through the thin swatch of pubic hair above the base of my dick then rubbed my smooth sack and rolled my balls around. My dick was soon as hard as it was going to get. With my circumcised foreskin pulled tight, the swollen head of my wiener sat proudly on top of my hard shaft. I was happy with my dick. I knew I wasn't as big as some boys, but I thought I had a pretty dick. When I was hard it was just over four inches.

I rapped my fingers around it as I rolled my nuts around with the fingers of my left hand. I liked to gently squeeze my balls as I jacked off. I closed my eyes and tried to remember what Joey looked like. His smooth tanned skin. His tight little tummy and his tiny little boy-tits. I tried to invasion what his little pecker looked like. I knew he was too young to have pubic hair. Would he be circumcised like I was? Did he play with his dick like I used to do when I was his age? I wondered if he had ever had a dry orgasm. I wondered how big his stiffy would get. I wondered if he ever played naughty with his little brother. I fantasized of him playing with my teen dick. Licking my balls and up the shaft of my cock and licking the tip. In my fantasy, Joey was sucking my dick. "Oh... it fells so good." I whispered, "Oh yeah Joey that feels so good. Keep sucking... don't stop!"

As I stroked my cock faster and harder, I lifted my hips up off of the mattress, pushing my cock through my clamped fist. Again words escaped my lips. "Oh yeah Joey keep sucking... I'm going to cum... don't stop... don't stop!"

I felt my nuts pull up tight into my groin and begin to pump my sperms out. "Oh... Oh... Oh... here it comes Joey!" I whispered with short breaths.

My cock exploded as my body heaved and shook. "Ahhh... Ahhh... Ahhh" My dick jerked five times as my cum squirt up onto my chest and belly. I lowered my butt back down onto my bed and let out a long sigh. I lifted my head up to look at how much sperm I had shot. "Oh yeah." I moaned. It seemed that every time I shot, I cum more and more each time. I ran my fingers through the puddles of warm semen on my tummy. I lifted my fingers and licked some of my cum off with my tongue. I pulled my tongue back into my mouth and rubbed it against the roof of my mouth, tasting my own teen-seed. I wished I had a friend my age so I could suck him off and taste his cum.

After I came down from my orgasm I got up and walked to my bathroom to take a shower.




After breakfast I went out to the garage to get my bike. As I pushed my bike out, I looked up and sure enough, here came Joey on his bike, peddling as fast as his little legs could go.

He slammed on his brake and slid sideways to a stop in front of me. "Hi Steve!"

"Hey Kido... what are you... a dirt-bike racer?"

He giggled. "No, I just like to squeal my back tire."

I told him, "You shouldn't do that. You're going to wear your tire out." He just shrugged his freckled shoulders.

This day Joey was wearing a pair of short, blue shorts. They looked to small for him. I could barely see a little lump in his groin. Again, he still wasn't wearing a shirt or shoes. I teased him, "What are you a little nudist boy?"

He giggled and said, "It's too hot to wear a shirt and I like to go barefoot. Sometimes at home I don't even wear pants, just my undies."

I asked him, "You know what happens if you don't wear a shirt?" He shook his head no. "This." I said, as I reached out and pinched one of his little boy nipples. He squealed, then laughed as he rubbed his tit. "I think you just like to show off your muscles." I teased, as I squeezed his skinny, little bicep. He giggled again as he made a He-Man pose, flexing his undeveloped muscles for me.

"You little squirt, you don't have any muscles. You want to feel a real man's muscles? Here!" I pulled the sleeve of my T-shirt up and made the best muscle I could muster. He reach up and felt my hardened bicep.

"Wow!" he gasped. "It's really hard."

I giggled this time and said, "That's not the only muscle I have that gets hard." He looked at me not understanding. "Forget it." I told him. I got on my bike and we peddled away.

We rode around the woods for a while. We stopped and he asked me, "Where's your fort?"

I pointed with my finger and said, "Right over there."

He looked where I was pointing and said, "I don't see any fort."

"I know, that's because it's hidden. Come on, I'll show you." We rode a short distance and stopped again. "Get off and we'll hide our bikes here." I told him. " We'll walk the rest of the way."

We hid our bikes behind some brush and he followed me. We walked about 50 feet and he saw it amongst a thick patch of saplings.

"Wow! You really do have a hidden fort. Cool!"

We walked a little farther and I opened the door of my secret fort. "Remember." I told him. "It's a secret!"

He nodded his head up and down. "I won't tell anyone. I promise."

We walked in and I opened another small door in another wall. This was a window so that I could have light from outdoors come in, while I had the big door closed. There wasn't much to my fort. It was about eight feet square. I had gotten a big piece of carpet to lay on the floor from one of the construction sites. I had made a little table and a small bench to sit on. Other than that, the little room was empty. I went to the big door, closed it and latched it tight.

Joey looked around and asked, "What do you do here?"

"I come here to be alone and read." I told him.

"Sounds boring." he said.

I chuckled and said, "The magazines I read sure aren't boring." He looked at me inquisitively. I asked him, "Have you ever seen a naked lady?"

He shook his head no. "Just my little sister, but she's just a baby."

I walked over to the wall and removed a board to reveal a secrete hiding place and took out a couple of the porn magazines I had found in the scrap lumber pile a few days before. I placed them on the crude table. Joey's eyes bugged out and his mouth dropped open when he saw the beautiful woman on the front-cover with no clothes on. He looked up at me and smiled, with his cute dimples sinking into his cheeks. "Now does that look boring?" I asked him.

"Oh Gees!" he squealed. "Look at her big boobs and all the hair between her legs." He instinctively reached down and squeezed his wiener.

I sat down on the wooden bench and started to flip through some of the pages. Joey's eyes were glued to each page. "Wait." he said. "Turn it back. Did you see that?"

I turned the page back. "Wow! Look, you can see inside it." he said, with his squeaky, excited, hi-pitched, little-boy voice. All the time, his hand never stopped squeezing his little wiener.

I asked him, "Do you have to pee Joey?"

He looked up at me. "Uh... no."

I chuckled, "How come you're squeezing your wiener?" I asked.

"I don't know. It just feels good."

"I stood up, took off my T-shirt and unsnapped my shorts and pushed them down my legs and off of my feet. "I'm like you." I told him. "I like to sit around in my undies too. If you want, you can take off your shorts too." He nodded his head and pushed his little, blue shorts down his thin legs and stepped out of them. I could see the out-line of his little boner hiding under his tighty-whities.

I sat back down. "You can sit on my lap if you want and we can look at the pictures together." He squeezed his wiener again and quickly sat in my lap.

His body was so warm and his scent was so pleasant. The feel of his smooth, baby-like skin against my bare chest and belly felt incredibility sexual for me. My hard teen-boner was straining under my underwear. As I reached around him to turn the pages, I nuzzled my chin in the crook of his shoulder and neck. His little-boy scent waft up into my sinuses. I licked the side of his neck and sucked his earlobe into my lips. He let out a loud giggle as he wiggled in my lap.

I let my right hand fall down to lay on his right thigh, my fingertips playfully slide back and forth, rubbing against his smooth, hairless leg. He never budged as he stared at the pictures of naked women. His right hand continued to squeeze his little, boy-boner. I pulled my left hand away from the magazine and told him, "You can turn the pages."

With that, his right hand left his groin to hold the magazine. I slowly moved my hand from his thigh to replace his hand. I looked over his shoulder and couldn't believe how big his wiener had gotten. It was not what I expected of a ten year old boy. I lightly rubbed his penis up and down for him while he continued to look at the pictures. It was so exciting to be rubbing his little-boy dick. "You like this don't you Joey?"

He giggled and cocked his head back to look at me and nodded his head. "Do you like me to rub your wiener?" I asked him.

He squeaked, "Yeah... It feels good."

I slipped my fingers under the elastic band of his undies feeling the nakedness of his hard, little erection. "Oh!" he gasped.

I said, "Your undies are too tight. Get up and take them off." The little shit didn't even hesitate. He stood up, put his thumbs under the elastic of his briefs, bent over and pushed his underwear off. I looked at his little boner sticking straight outward. Damn... His was almost as big as mine, maybe three inches long, but not as thick as I was. He was circumcised and his little, pink cock-head sat hard and ridged on top of his shaft, it was a cute round knob. His scrotum was puffy and pulled up tight under the bottom of his wiener, a slightly deeper pink than the rest of his skin. I stood up and pushed my underwear off too. He looked with amazement at my hard, four, plus inch teen-boner.

"You've got hair." he said.

I felt proud to show off my big-kid cock and sparse pubic hair for him. "Want to touch it?" I asked. He didn't say anything as he drew closer. He reached out and ran his fingertips through my soft, new hairs. The slight pressure against my pubic bone made me shiver. Joey wasn't shy at all. I sat back down, pushing my boner down between my legs.

Joey sat back onto my lap. I opened my legs a bit and my boner sprung up. Now my teen boner was snuggled in the tight, crack of his warm, little butt. He started squirming around on top of my lap to get himself comfortable. I thought I would blow my cum right then.

I continued to rub my fingers up and down his hard, little wiener. I reached down to feel his small testicles inside his smooth scrotum. They were small, about the size of a marble. I squeezed one a little and he winced.

I told him, "Scoot back and put your legs over mine." He did as I told him, but never stopped turning the pages of the magazine. When he scooted back and draped his legs over mine, my hard cock sprung up between his thighs. The top of my dick was now about even with the top of his thin, little boner. I reached down and pulled my dick upward so that I could rub it against his little penis and his small, little testicles. He moaned and I about cum from the feelings of touching his dick with mine.

I rapped my hand around both of our dicks and started to stroke us at the same time. He whimpered and threw his head back onto my shoulder. I asked him, "Do you like this Joey?"

He managed to moan out, "Uh huh." He started to wiggle his butt in my lap again and that was all I could take and I shot my cum up onto his chest. Blast after blast of my hot, teen boy-cum splashed up onto the young boy's tummy.

I continued to work our dicks together, now slippery with my semen. Joey started to shake and convulse in my arms. While I kept rubbing our dicks together with my right hand, I held him tight with my left arm so he wouldn't fall. His tummy tightened and he held his breath, gasping for air. "Ah... Ah... Ah!" he cried out, as he pushed my hand away from his throbbing, little-boy dick. He completely collapsed into my arms. I was breathing hard, he was breathing hard. He turned in my lap and hugged me around my chest, smearing my seed from his chest onto my belly. I don't think he even knew that I had made a mess on him.

I held him tight as I sat up and backed away from the table. I laid down onto my back on the floor pulling him on top of me. With his little penis resting against mine, he laid his head on my chest. He held me tight as we rested and caught our breath.

For the next minute or so, every fifteen or twenty seconds his little body would jerk with post orgasmic convulsions. He quickly fell asleep laying on top of me.