Max’s Awakening


Authors notes:

This is a story of two young teen boys discovering their love for each other and exploring their sexualities.   If that offends you, you should probably stop reading now.

This story is written from point of view of Max, a 13 year old aspiring gymnast.  I have another story about this whole scenario that is written from the point-of-view of Craig’s (Max’s mentor).  It is available in the adult-youth section here:

That story is more about Craig and Max’s relationship.  Craig is a closeted bisexual man and boy lover who quickly falls for Max and struggles with his desires to be sexual with him.   It’s a more subtle story without overt sex scenes (so far anyway).   It’s more a slow build if you like that sort of thing.


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Chapter 1 – First Date

Part I – About me

Hi! My name is Max.  I’m 13 years old, I live in Minneapolis, and I’m gay.  Well, I suppose I might actually be bisexual, though right now I’m only attracted to other boys.  I’m just leaving the option open in case girl’s start being interesting.  

I first realized I was more interested in boys when my parents took me to a naturist resort in the Caribbean when I was 10 and 11.  (We went twice).   Nobody wore clothes there and I realized after a few days that I always looked at the boys and men way more than I did at girls and women.  Other dicks were just interesting for some reason, especially all the ones with skin still on them.

My hobby is gymnastics. Well, it’s a more than a hobby I guess when you spend five or six days a week at the gym.   I’m really very good, but I don’t like to brag.  I’ve had this crush on a boy on my team for the past several months.  His name is Cameron, but I call him Cam.  The funny thing is, a year ago we absolutely hated each other!

He just moved here a year ago January.  When he first arrived, he was pissed about having to move and was in a bad mood all the time.  He missed his old gym and his old teammates.   And he thought he was better at everything than everyone else.  He was so annoying. The fact is - he really was better at several things than me.  Since we were the same age, that bothered me a lot.  I was a real dick to him because I was jealous.   And he was a real dick to me too.   We hated each other.  We needled each other’s faults and made fun of each other’s mistakes.   Our parents heard us telling just our sides of the interactions and so Cam’s parents hated me and my parent’s hated Cam.   And of course they hated each other too.

Competitions were awkward.  The parents normally hang out at the hotels at night but that didn’t happen with the mutual hatred.   It was late in the spring when the coaches and gym owners called us all together and told everyone to learn to get along or they would kick us both out of the gym.    We were all stuck.  Our gym is the only one in the city that is good enough for either of us, so we all sucked it up and tried to get along but everyone was kind of miserable.  Neither Cam nor I did as well as we could either.

Then last summer happened, the worst summer of my life.  My parents got divorced, which I know isn’t that rare, but it was because of something my dad did.  He got arrested for doing bad things that I don’t really wanna talk about and now he’s going to be going to jail for a while.   I miss him but I’m angry with him for what he did too.    My dad’s stuff didn’t help things with Cam’s parents because now they think my whole family is bad.

Things with Cam started to change right about the time school started.   When we started heavy practices again, Cam acted differently.    He came right up to me one night on break and said “I’m really sorry about all the stuff with your dad.    That’s awful.  I realized over the summer I was a total jerk to you and well, I want this season to be different, OK?”  He held out his hand.   I shook it.

I didn’t know what to say, I was in shock.  “Yeah, well I was kind of a dick too,” I mumbled back, looking at the ground.   We’ve been nice to each other ever since.   He even added me on Snapchat right after that and we started talking some on there.   At first it was just simple stuff about gymnastics or Fortnite, but as it got into October and November, we would sometimes talk about more serious things.  His mom is a control freak and he would complain to me about how much it annoys him.   I even vented to him about some stuff with my dad that I hadn’t told anyone, except for my therapist.

While we were becoming friends, we didn’t tell anyone!  His parents were still convinced we were all evil and he didn’t want them to know we talked so much.  So we tried to not act too friendly at practice.   I just never bothered to tell my mom.  She had enough stuff to deal with and I didn’t figure it was important.  The worst thing was that we couldn’t ever hang out or spend the night or anything like that, even though we both wanted to.

It was about Thanksgiving when I realized I had a serious crush on Cam.  We got new competition uniforms for an upcoming meet.   We had to try them on at practice and when Cam put on his competition shirt (which is like a leotard really but were boys - so we call them competition shirts instead of leotards), I could see the outline of his dick and I think my jaw might have dropped staring at his big bulge.  When he put on his white competition pants, his bulge showed even more.   I had to stop looking to make my boner go away so nobody would laugh at me when I put on my own uniform.

I’ve been fantasizing about Cam ever since.   I’ve been jerking off for over a year, since a friend at the nudist resort taught me how, but last fall I sprouted pubes and started making sperm.    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve jacked off thinking of Cam.   But I’ve never told him because I don’t think he’s gay and I’m afraid if he found out I had a crush on him then he wouldn’t talk to me anymore.  I don’t want it to be like last spring again when we hated each other.   I do wish we could hang out sometime though, but he says his mom would never allow it.

Part II - Craig

One of the best things to happen this year was that I got this guy to be like my mentor.   You see, I have this best friend Noah and he lives next to this guy Craig.   Noah’s parents are really good friends with them and they go on vacation together all the time and stuff.  Well, I was at Noah’s for a New Year’s party when I said something really stupid!   I actually blurted out in front of like five other boys that I wanted to have a boyfriend.  I don’t even know what I was thinking saying that and I got really upset and nervous.

But Craig was the only one who really heard it.  He talked to me out in the garage and told me I had just made a Frodoian slip – or something like that.  He said it’s when you say something by accident that tells a secret when you don’t mean too.

I ended up telling Craig later that I liked boys and he was so cool about it.   Only my therapist knew and I told her that next week about Craig.   She was happy that the first person I told was supportive.  She’d been trying to convince me people wouldn’t freak out but I hadn’t believed her.   We had been talking about getting me a Big Brother to spend time with me since my dad wasn’t going to be able to and I told her Craig would be a great one.   Noah tells me all the time how cool he is and how fun he is to go on vacation with.

I don’t know how she did it, but my therapist and mom soon had arranged for Craig to spend time with me.  And they aren’t even paying him or anything!    He takes me to practice every Thursday and then we go out to eat and we talk - a lot.  We’ve done other stuff like see movies too.   Craig is awesome.  I don’t know what it is about him, but he’s different from any other grown up I’ve ever been around.  He never treats me like a kid and he seems to always understand me.   And I can tell he really cares about me.  I’ve wanted to tell him that I love him, but I am too afraid he’d think that was weird.

You’re going to think I’m a freak, but I think Craig is even kind of sexy.   He’s good looking and he works out and stuff.  We went swimming once so I got to see his hairy chest and arms. I guess it’s maybe the fact that I really like him that is making my mind see him as kind of hot or something, I don’t really know.   I looked at lots of older men at the nudist place but none of them were good looking, but Craig is for some reason.   I couldn’t help spying at his dick at a urinal once and he even noticed but didn’t make a big deal out of it.

He’s so cool about everything!  I’ve told him lots of things about me that hardly anyone else knows.    I told him about the nudist place and my friend who taught me to wank.    The only other person who knows about that is Noah!   He never makes me feel weird about anything.  “That’s totally normal,” Craig has told me probably a dozen times.

The coolest thing he’s done lately is to try to suck up to Cam’s mom so maybe we can be actual friends outside of the gym.   He thinks she is an annoying phony but he even went and had a beer with her one night just to try to help me out.   God! He’s the best!


Part III – Pet Sematary

I’ve just been on spring break, but I didn’t get to do anything fun but work out at the gym a lot.   I was bummed because Noah got to go skiing in Colorado with Craig.   I shouldn’t be jealous like that, but I was.   I would love to get to spend a whole week somewhere with Craig.  But I did nail a new floor trick finally and that was good at least.

But I did facetime with Craig and Noah almost every night and when we were talking once the ad for the new movie Pet Sematary came on their TV.   I love horror flicks so I asked Craig and he could take me to the late night premiere the next week and he said yes.   Jackson and Noah are going to come too and my mom bought us four tickets.  She could have come too but the show was late and she hates scary movies.

The plan was for Craig to drop me off at practice and then go back home to get Jackson and Noah and then pick me back up and then get dinner and then go to the movie.   I was finishing up practice when I saw Craig and Noah sit down on the bleachers.   Jackson wasn’t with them though and I wondered where he was.    I saw Cam’s mom talking to them as I finished up.  I am sure she was being nosy and asking who Noah was.  She was like that.

Cam and I walked off the floor together and over to the bleachers.   “Hey Noah!” I said greeting my friend.  “Where’s your brother?”

“Sick,” Noah answered.  “Blowing chunks all over.”

“Yeah,” Craig added.  “He’s so bummed about missing this movie.”

“What are you guys seeing?” Cam asked.   I realized I hadn’t told him about going to the movie for some reason.

“Pet Sematary,” I replied.  “There’s a special preview tonight.  It’s totally sold out.”

“Oh man!” Cam exclaimed.  “I am dying to see that!”

That was when Craig chimed in and became my hero, again.  “Well, we have an extra ticket if you want to come.  Noah’s brother was supposed to come along but he’s sick.”

Cam’s mom started to object immediately.  “You probably shouldn’t be out so late.  You’re getting over a cold yourself Cameron.”

“Please Mom!” Cameron whined, giving her a sad face

“It would be no problem at all Mrs. Rice,” Craig told her.  “I can drop him off when the shows over around midnight.”

She looked back and forth between Cam and Craig a few times and threw up her hands.  “Oh all right.  Just no junk food at the movie and text me when you are heading home.  I’ll stay up and wait for you.”

I couldn’t believe it!  She was letting Cam go with us!!!   I was so happy my heart was racing.   I was finally going to get to be with him outside of gymnastics.  It seems like such a little thing, but to me it was a big deal.

“Thanks mom,” Cam said hugging his mom.  “Let’s go,” he said.  I think he was just as anxious to get going as I was.

Cam’s mom tried to hand Craig money for the movie ticket and dinner, but he refused to take it.   He really knows how to work her.  I love it.


We ate dinner at Chili’s at one of the high top tables in the bar area.  We were all having a good time.   Craig didn’t even mind that we talked most of the time about Fortnite and other video games.   We were all laughing.  Noah can be kind of shy, but he and Cam hit it off.  I was having the best night!

Then we went to the movie.  We got there early enough to get great seats towards the top, right in the middle of the row.   Craig bought some popcorn and loaded it with butter and we all ate it.  “Don’t worry Cameron,” he told my friend, “I’m not telling your mom.”  

I was sitting between Cam and Craig.  Cam was on my left and Craig on my right.   Noah was on the other side of Craig.   The theater was kind of chilly – I think they forget there was a special showing and forgot to turn the heat on or something.   We all had our coats either on or draped across us as we waited for the movie to start.

The first 10 minutes of the movie wasn’t very scary but man did it start getting creepy really fast after that!  I don’t normally get that scared at movies but I was really getting freaked out.   I was so engrossed in the movie that I hadn’t even realized I had grabbed Cam’s hand in the midst of a really scary scene.   I realized it though when he squeezed it and looked over at me.

“Oh shit!” I thought as I quickly jerked my hand away and mumbled “Sorry!”  I was so upset!  What was Cameron thinking of me?  That I was some kind of wimp?  That I was trying to make a move on him?  My euphoria from what had been a great night had suddenly changed to dread.  I was sure I had just ruined a friendship that had taken months to build.  I even felt a tear in my eye that I had to quickly wipe away.

Then the MOST.AMAZING.THING.EVER.HAPPENED.   Really, my whole life was about to change.  Cam took off his coat and laid it across his chest.  It was big enough that it hung over onto my seat too.   I couldn’t figure out what he was doing when he raised the drink holder armrest thingy between us.   But then I did.  His hand slid across my leg until it found my hand and grabbed it.    I turned towards him and he had the biggest smile on his face!  He wasn’t mad!  He wanted to hold my hand!  OH MY GOD!

At first I thought maybe he was just as scared as I was, but when he pulled my arm towards him and started stroking my forearm with his other hand, I knew that wasn’t it.   I couldn’t believe it… the boy I had been crushing on for months was holding MY hand.  I wanted so badly to throw my arms around him and kiss him, right there, but I knew I couldn’t.

I honestly can’t tell you much more about the rest of the movie because all I could think about was Cam.   After he stroked my arm for a while I pulled his hand towards my lap and stroked his arm.   Even his smooth arm felt amazing to my touch and I was getting as hard as a rock underneath my track pants.

I was disappointed when he broke his hand free from my grip…that is until he started slowly running his fingers gently up and down my thigh.   He slowly worked higher and higher and towards the inside of my thigh until he actually brushed against my balls.  I could feel a spark of excitement all through my body.   I must have let out a moan because Craig looked over at me.  Thankfully, I think Cam slid his hand away just in time that Craig didn’t see it.   I decided I should take my coat off and put it on my chest too before someone saw us, or my raging boner.

I took Cam’s hand back in mine and used my finger to tickle his palm and then he did the same to me.  Then I slowly started stroking his thigh like he had done to mine.   I wanted so badly to feel if he was as hard as I was, but I was afraid that might be taking it too far.  I didn’t think he even knew that he had brushed up against my balls.   I knew I was wrong when Cam grabbed my wrist and put my hand RIGHT ON TOP OF HIS ROCK HARD COCK.

I was so turned on by what was happening.  I felt my cock twitch several times.   I thought I might have even just cum in my pants.   Even though he had on three layers, Cam’s cock felt really big.   I groped it gently, my mind and heart racing.  I was trying to imagine what it would look like when everyone in the theater screamed at something.  I had totally lost track of the movie by then and didn’t even care.    Cam pushed my hand away from his crotch.  I was worried he was mad but I knew he wasn’t when his hand found its way to my own hard dick and began tracing it through my clothes.   I swear to god I was going to cum right then, if I hadn’t already before.  I squeezed those muscles in your groin that you use to stop your pee, just to try to keep from creaming my shorts.   I was squeezing so hard I was almost grunting.  I had to push his hand away.   He looked at me with a look that asked, “Is something wrong?”

“You’re gonna make me blow,” I whispered to him.   That made him smile the biggest smile I’d ever seen from him.   The movie was over before I knew it.   We had spent the rest of it holding hands touching all over, but he avoided touching my cock again.   I don’t think he wanted me to make a mess in my pants.  

When the lights came on and Cam stood up, I could tell he was still just as hard as I was.  He kept his coat in front of him all the way down the stairs.   I told Craig I had to pee and Cam said he did too.   He was brave enough to use a urinal but I used a stall.  I was afraid of what I might find when I looked inside my underwear.   I really thought I might have cum but when I pulled them down there was just a big wet spot about the size of a hockey puck.   I think I had a wet dream during the movie!


As soon as Cam and I were in the back seat of Craig’s car we both got our phones out.   We couldn’t wait to talk to each other and so we started snapchatting, which was odd because we were only two feet away from each other.  

While Noah and Craig talked on and on about the movie in the front seat, our conversation (via Snapchat) in the backseat went like this:

Cam: Dude, that was awesome

Max:  ikr!  I’m still so hard

Cam:  me too

Max:  I didn’t even watch the movie

Cam:  same

Max:  all I could think about was that I wanted to kiss you so bad

Cam:  rawwwwwr ;)

Max:  that’s ok?

Cam:  OK?  I want to make out with you for HOURS.  I wish I had knew YOU wanted to

Max:  I’ve been crushing on you for a while ;)

Cam:  OMG Me too.  I tried dropping hints but you never noticed

Max:  Really? Like what?

Cam:  When I told you how great the new uniforms looked on you?  I was staring right at your D when I said it

Max:  I didn’t notice.  I was trying too hard to not bone up from looking at you!

Cam:  Nice.  I was afraid to just ask you.  I’d thought you’d hate me if you knew I liked u like that

Max:  LOL.  I was afraid of the same thing!!!   I feel so stupid now.  Craig told me I should just ask you.

Cam:  What? Wait? He knows you like me? 

I looked over. I could tell Cam was alarmed.

Max:  He’s the only one and he’s cool

Cam:  But what if he tells my mom?

Max:  He won’t.  He hasn’t told my mom and he’s known I like guys for months

Cam:  U sure?

Max:  Positive

Cam:  My mom would fucking freak

Max:  I know.  I’ll make sure he knows not to tell

Cam:  thx.  he seems cool.  I mean if it weren’t for him, tonight would never have happened!

Max:  right.  I’m so happy right now.  best night of my life

Cam:  me too.  can you believe we hated each last year

Max:   No!  we were so dumb.

About then Craig interrupted us and told Cam that he need him to tell him how to find his house, so our conversation ended temporarily.   Cam directed Craig through a few turns in a really nice neighborhood until we came to his house.  It was a lot larger than mine or Noah’s and very nice.   I don’t think I realized how rich they really were!

On the way into his house, Cam sent me one more message:

Cam:  snap me as soon as you get home.  I’m going to go debrief nazi mom and tell her nothing happened ;)

Max:  lol…nothing

Cam:  ;)


Part IV – Snapping Fun

When I got home, my mom was already asleep so I went to my room and closed the door.  I couldn’t wait to talk more to Cam.

Max:   Hey, I’m home!

Cam:  Sweet.  I’ve been waiting

Max:  Everything ok with your mom

Cam:  Yup.  Told her the movie was great

Max:  Well it was

Cam:  What movie?

Max:   lol!!!!!

Cam:   What are you doing now?

Max:   Well I was about to ditch my underwear.  I think I had a wet dream in them

Cam:   You can’t have a wet dream when you’re awake silly

Max:   You cant?

Cam:   No.    Hold on.

Cam sent me a picture snap.   It was a picture of him in just his underwear, light blue Calvin Klein trunks.  They were so hot! There was a large wet spot in the middle of them.   The text across the picture said ‘you got a spot like this too’

Max:  Yes!  exactly like that!

Cam:  that’s precum Max

Max:  whats dat

Cam:  precum?  stuff that comes out of your dick when you’re horny for a while

Max:  never had that happen

Cam:  never had someone as hot as me touching you! rawwwwwwwwr

Max:  true.

Cam:  can you show me your wet spot?  pleeeeeease?

I snapped a picture of my wet trunks.  It didn’t show as well as his did because they were black, but I sent it anyway.

Cam:  nice.  you look really sex in those ;)

Max:  thanks.

Cam:  I’m getting hard again

Max:  me too

Cam:  do you wanna sext?  I promise I won’t save any pics

Max:  ok

Cam:  You won’t either right?

Max:  no, promise

Cam sent me a pic.  He was standing in his bathroom in front of the mirror.   He had pushed his briefs down just enough I could see some light brown hairs and the very bottom of his cock.   The rest of which was tenting out.   I stared at it and gripped my own dick.  I was so aroused.  My cock was throbbing.  I went into my bathroom and sent Cam back a similar picture.

Cam:   Oh fuck!  Your pubes are blond that’s so hot

Max:   Thanks

                Next Cam sent me a pic of his ass, with his trunks pulled down just below the bottom of his cheeks.   I never knew a butt could be so erotic but felt myself practically drooling.  I wanted to feel those cheeks in my hands.    I sent him back a butt picture but I had stripped my black underwear all the way off.

Max:   I like your ass

Cam:  I like YOURS

Max:  You ready to see my dick?

Cam:   hell yeah

My cock was rock hard and pointing straight out from my body, arching slightly.  I took a snap of my entire body, well as much as the mirror showed and sent it to Cam.  I was licking my lips trying to show him how horny I was.  I couldn’t wait to get his back to see if he was circumcised like me or had skin like my friend Benjamin from the resort.  I was anxiously awaiting Cam’s reply when I got a Snapchat from Craig:

Craig:  Well well, that was interesting.  I’m so happy for you guys. You make a cute couple!

Oh crap? Did he see what we were doing?  I could feel my boner dying instantly.  I sent him back a reply while I waited for Cam’s next reply.

Max:  What you talking about?

Craig:  I saw you and Cam holding hands.  Don’t worry, I think it’s awesome

Whew.  That’s all he saw!   I was anxious to get back to Cam, so I sent Craig a note.

Max:  Thanks.  Thanks for making it happen.  ur the best.  I gotta crash, I’m tired… gn Craig

I kind of felt bad blowing Craig off like that, but I was soooo horny and wanted to get back to Cam.

By then Cam’s reply had come.  I opened it up and it was a picture of his hard cock, pointed straight up and nearly touching his belly button.  He was cut, just like me, but his dick looked a lot bigger.   All I could think about was touching it, feeling it in my hand, playing with it until it delivered its warm juices.

Max:  oh fuck, I wanna play with your dick sooooooo bad

Cam:  not as bad as I want to play with yours

Max:  God, just talking to you makes me about wanna cum

Cam:  Do it, just film it for me then I’ll do it for you

I started jerking my cock.   When I knew my orgasm was coming, which wasn’t very long at all,  I started filming as I jerked faster.  It didn’t take long before my cock erupted.  I’d never actually shot with much force but my cum this time sprayed all over the bathroom counter and mirror.   I exploded!   “Holy shit,” I exclaimed as I ended the video and sent it to Cam.   A few seconds later I got his reply.

Cam:  OMG that was awesome.  now watch this

I waited anxiously for Cam’s return video.  I took some Kleenex and wiped my softening dick and the counter and mirror.   For the first time I realized my balls were actually aching from having been horny all night long.

Finally Cam’s video snap came through.   He had moved to his bathroom floor and was leaning against the wall.   He put his phone between his legs and not only could I see him jerk his big dick, I could also see his face.    I can’t tell you which was a bigger turn on – his big dick getting stroked with his hairless balls bouncing or the look of concentration and pleasure on his face as he jerked himself to a massive orgasm.  Just like mine, his eruption was intense.   He shot so hard, a glob of his sperm hit the wall just next to his face even.

I’d never even considered eating semen before, but I had the sudden desire to be there in Cam’s bathroom licking his sperms from his chest and from the tip of his gorgeous cock.  I don’t even know where that idea came from.  It seemed innate.  My own cock was already hard again.

Max:  I can’t believe how hard you shot

Cam:  Me either, it never does that

Max:  Mine doesn’t either

Cam:  Just wait until we do it together.  We’ll have to be careful or someone might lose an eye lol

I laughed.  But the thought of actually being with Cam and doing stuff made my cock pulse even harder.


We stayed up until after three in the morning talking on Snapchat.   We learned almost all of each other’s secrets in one night.   

I told him Craig had seen us holding hands and actually thought it was cute so he shouldn’t be worried.  I told him about sleeping naked (and sent him a snap picture from beneath my blanket of course) and how we used to go to a nudist resort and how Benjamin taught me how to jerk off.

He asked me about Noah.  I told him how I had showed him how to jerk off but he was kind of weirded out by it though and that there was no way that he was gay like us.   I told him that was too bad because Noah had a really big dick for not even growing hair yet.

He told me about how he learned to jerk off.   It was during a birthday party sleep over just before he moved up here.  A whole group of boys did it together but only one boy had hair and could shoot.   He told me that he and another boy were just maybe starting to have a thing but then he had to move and how the boy had ghosted him.  It was one of the reasons he was so angry when he moved here he said.  He told me I was so much better than that boy so now he didn’t care, which made me really happy.

We both jerked off again before we went to sleep, snapping each other pics and vids.  It was great.

Before we finally decided to try to sleep, Cam asked me something that was the icing on the cake:

Cam:  So, um… you think we could be bfs?

He wants to be boyfriends?  Real boyfriends?  OMG!  I swear my heart skipped a beat!

Max:  OMG Yassssssssssssssss!

Cam:  We can’t tell anyone though.  we have to be secret bfs. 

Max:   I don’t wanna tell anyone either

Cam:   I wanna kiss you goodnight rn so bad

I sent him a quick clip of me kissing the phone camera.   For text on the snap I wrote “goodnight bf”.

He sent me a similar one back.

I went to sleep happier than I have ever been.



I hope you guys enjoyed this story! In reading through it for my final edit, I feel like this is one of my better chapters in any story that I’ve penned.  Maybe it’s just because in writing Max’s Freudian Slip, I’ve kind of fallen in love with the character of Max and it makes me happy for him to have the experience described in this story.  Is it weird to get attached to a character largely formed in your own imagination?

As it is appropriate, I will add more chapters to this tale from Max to supplement Max’s Freudian Slip.

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