Max’s Awakening


Authors notes:

This is a story of two young teen boys discovering their love for each other and exploring their sexualities.   If that offends you, you should probably stop reading now.

This story is written from point of view of Max, a 13 year old aspiring gymnast.  I have another story about this whole scenario that is written from the point-of-view of Craig’s (Max’s mentor).  It is available in the adult-youth section here:

I’ve had several people tell me that Max’s Awakening is much more enjoyable knowing the other side of the story.


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Chapter 2

Hi, it’s me Max again.  I can’t sleep right now so I thought I’d do some writing about what Cam and I have been up to. The reason that I can’t sleep is because I am so freaking excited!  We don’t have school tomorrow because it’s Easter break and tomorrow night I am going to be spending the night at Cam’s house.   He is having our entire team over to eat and then some of us are spending the night.   Everyone will be there, including Jake and Ryan who are 16 and Ian and Spencer who are 11.   Jake and Ryan are too old to want to stay over, but Ian and Spencer are spending the night.  (Jake is going to church with this girl he’s dating and I don’t think Ryan wants to hang out with all us little runts).

Cam and I have been talking about the things we can get away with (hopefully) and every time I think about it, I get so freaking hard!   But, I guess I better back up though and tell you what all has been going in since Cam and I became boyfriends 34 days and 22 hours ago.   Yes, I am counting.   It’s been kind of a weird almost-five-weeks.   Some super awesome stuff has happened and some not so great things have happened too.   It’s been a bit like a roller coaster.

For starters, Cam and I still talk all the time.  We tell each other everything.  And we still send each other sexy pictures almost every day.   Cam likes to show off whatever underwear he puts on in the morning.   All of his underwear is super cool.   They are all new and flashy and cool brands like Under Armour, American Eagle, Calvin Klein, Adidas, or Puma.   He has so many pair that I’ve hardly seen him wear the same ones more than once.  He says his mom hates to do laundry.

I used to have cooler underwear like him.    I had a lot of American Eagles, but when I hit my last growth spurt they all got too small and I had to trash them.   With dad not around, my mom doesn’t have as much money to spend so she just had to buy me some Hanes at Wal-mart.   I mean they’re ok, but I never think I look as sexy as Cam does.   All of mine are boring colors like black or grey and they don’t fit me very well.  They are kind of baggy.  Cams are cool bright colors and fit him really tight, which is nice because I can see the outline of his dick.   He tells me I look great, but I still feel a little lame showing him the same boring boxer briefs, so I sometimes just send him a dick picture instead.   He loves my blond pubes so I show him those instead of my stupid Hanes.

He sends me pictures of his dick too sometimes and I think it has to be the most perfect dick ever.   He tells me mine is nicer, but I think he’s wrong.    I’ve been dying for 5 weeks to know what that cock would feel like in my hands and now I am pretty sure I will get to find out tomorrow night, finally!!   I hope we get to really kiss too.  We’ve snuck into the bathroom at the gym and kissed a couple times, but we never do it for long because we are always afraid of getting caught.   Ian almost did catch us once!  He came in really quietly and Cam had just pulled away from me but still had his hand on my neck.   I thought we were totally busted and I was about to panic but Cam was super chill and smart and just told Ian he was trying to help me find my contact lens – and Ian bought it.  I don’t even wear contacts!

Cam is really clever like that.   He says he has to be to keep his mom out of his business.  She’s super nosy I guess.    It was Cam’s idea to have a team sleepover.   I mean he really just wanted to invite me, but he didn’t think his parents would say OK.  They still aren’t sure about me I guess.   So he came up with the idea of a team party so I would have to be invited too.   Even Craig thought it was a very clever idea.


There were a couple of not so great things that happened over the past few weeks.   My dad had to go away to jail for those things he did that I still don’t wanna talk about.   That was kind of sad, but I think what made me saddest was that my dad didn’t even act that sad.   He’s always tried to tell me to be tough and not to cry, but I thought since I wouldn’t see him for at least a year that maybe he’d let himself cry but he didn’t.   I kind of wanted to cry, but I didn’t want him to spend the next year thinking his son was a wimp.

But now I think that’s really stupid.    I mean Craig doesn’t act like that.  I’ve seen him cry three times already and he doesn’t even care.   Ever since Craig has been hanging out with me, I don’t miss my dad as much as I used to and I kind of feel bad about that but not really.  The weird thing is that the more time I spend with Craig, the less I like my dad.   Being around Craig makes me notice things about my dad that are annoying.  For example, like telling me not to cry and being all macho.   And I know my dad would be angry if I told him I had a boyfriend and Craig not only doesn’t care, he thinks it is awesome.   I feel bad about all that - sorta, but lots of times when I am in bed I think about Craig and wish he was my dad.  I used to always daydream about winning a gold medal in the Olympics, but now I find myself also dreaming about Craig being my dad.   I know it’s just a wild dream that will never happen, but I’ve imagine him getting divorced from his wife and marrying my mom and moving in with us.   It would be so awesome having him around all the time.  I really do love him.   But I know that’s just me being a dumb kid and that would never happen.

I finally told him Craig that I love him and it made him cry, but they were happy tears he said.   I had already been crying that day a lot because I thought I had really fucked up and my life was ruined.  It was last week and I had been thinking about Cameron all day long at school and spent most of the day with a boner.  I couldn’t wait to talk to him.  Once I got home so I took a picture of my hard-on and sent it with a message that said “been thinking about you all day”.   The only problem was that I somehow sent it to Craig by mistake!  I can’t believe I was that stupid.

When I realized what I did I sent Craig another message asking him not to open the picture and then I sent him a bunch of texts too and I even tried to call him but he didn’t answer.   I was sure my life was over.  I’d heard about kids getting arrested for sexting and I figured Craig would for sure tell my mom what I did and then she would find out about me and Cam and probably tell his parents and then all hell would break loose.  I also was afraid Craig wouldn’t want to hang out with me anymore.  

Craig finally called me after I spent a long time pacing around my room.  He’s never ever yelled at me for anything, but he was really angry.  I guess he was in a meeting when he opened it and almost got caught looking at it and dropped his phone or something.  He said his boss yelled at him for a long time and that just made me feel even stupider.   He was supposed to be taking me to a musical that night and said he was coming to my house straight from work.  I was sure he was going to come yell at me some more and then tell me to get lost.   I even thought about throwing some clothes in a bag and running away, but I was too upset to actually move, so I just crawled under my blankets and cried until Craig finally showed up and let himself in.

He wasn’t as angry as he was on the phone and after kinda lecturing me for a bit, he told me that he loved me and that everyone is allowed to make mistakes and that he would forgive me.   But best of all, he said he didn’t think there was any reason to tell my mom!  I was so relieved I wrapped my arms around him and told him that I loved him too, and I meant it.    That’s what made him cry the happy tears.   That’s how I know Craig really cares about me.   He cried over me when my dad wouldn’t.


We still even went to the musical.   I didn’t really ever want to go.  I only get one night off a week from gymnastics so I like to veg out and play Fortnite with Cam.    Plus I didn’t think I would like a stupid corny musical.  But when Craig asked me about it, he seemed so excited that I didn’t think I could say no, so I told him I would go.

On the way to the show Craig made me tell him the truth about all the sexting Cam and I have done.  I was kind of nervous but I told him everything.  He’s easy to talk to like that and it wasn’t even embarrassing.   I was super surprised when he told me he thought what we were doing was ok as long as we were careful about it.    But he made me promise not to tell anyone that he’d told me it was ok because it wouldn’t look very good to other grown-ups who don’t really understand.  He also gave me some advice not to do sex things too fast and to take time to figure things out so it is more fun.   I think that’s going to be hard to do.  Cam and I are dying to really do sex stuff with each other.   One good thing is I told Craig that I was jealous of Cam’s nice underwear and he told me maybe he could buy me some better ones for my birthday along with some other clothes.  He told me he really appreciates comfortable underwear so he got how come I wanted better ones.  How cool is that?

As it turns out, the musical wasn’t stupid at all!!   It even had two boys in the show that were my age.  Billy, the main character, wants to be a ballet dancer but his dad and brother think its sissy stuff.   Kind of like my dad might.   So he has to hide that he’s taking lessons from his dad and brother.   He has a friend Michael that I think is gay and has a crush on Billy.   Michael is kind of strange.  He likes to dress up in his sister’s clothes when nobody else is home.  I don’t really understand that.  Cam says some gay guys like to dress up like girls – like in Ru Paul’s drag race, but I don’t get why they would want to do that.  I wouldn’t want Cam in a dress. Yuk!  If I wanted a girlfriend I’d just have a girl.   Some things still just don’t make sense to me.

Anyway, I could totally relate to Michael crushing on Billy because Billy was really cute.  Not as cute as Cam of course, but cute.   Craig talked to me after the show about Billy and how brave he was to do something his family wouldn’t understand.   It was kind of like Cam and me liking boys even though our parents aren’t going to like it.  Craig says it’s important to be yourself and you won’t be happy trying to be something you’re not and that makes a lot of sense.  I told him that I would, but I still have to figure it out for sure who I am and then I’ll have to decide when to tell other people.

Last week, Craig took Cam home from practice and we went to eat dinner first.   Cam wanted to eat Thai food and I said ok, even though I’ve never really had it and Chinese food stuff never looked very good to me.   Craig was happy about that because I guess he really likes it.   Anyway, it was actually really good.  I am glad Cam wanted to try it because I probably wouldn’t have ever tried it on my own.   I had these noodles and chicken in this spicy peanuty sauce.  I’d eat it again.   While we were eating Craig gave Cam the same speech he gave me about being careful with the naked selfies and stuff.   Cam was kind of embarrassed I think, but he did a good job of listening and not making Craig feel bad.  Cam thinks Craig is as cool as I do, so that helped.

The ride to the restaurant was hilarious.  I had told Cam all about the Billy Elliot show and how they all had British accents and used different words for things.  Like saying poof or poofter instead of fag for gay guys.  And pronouncing ballet like you would bally.   We started talking about the show and Cam all of a sudden starts doing a British accent and has me cracking up.   He actually did it really good!   Then I was doing it too and we were both dying.  And then Craig called us both a couple of wankers and then we were laughing so hard we were crying.  It probably doesn’t sound that funny, but it was hilarious, really!  But it was probably one those things where you had to be there to understand.

On the way home to Cam’s, Craig embarrassed me, sorta.  He asked Cam if they had security cameras on their driveway and Cam said yes and why?  Craig was like well, maybe you want to kiss your boyfriend goodnight before you get into your driveway.  OMG I about died.  I was kind of mad and started to give Craig crap about it when Cam reached over and pulled my face to his and gave me a huge kiss.  Then I wasn’t so irritated with Craig after all.   It’s so cool how he thinks of these things.  I thought I would be really embarrassed about Cam kissing me in front of Craig, but it didn’t really bother me.  I guess I was just being myself like Craig suggested.  I mean it’s not like we were getting naked in the backseat or anything really crazy.

Well, that’s about all I really know to tell you.   Its 3:30 in the morning now so Cam and I have been boyfriends now for 5 whole weeks!   I finally feel tired, so I’m going to crash.  I have to get up tomorrow and make some guacamole for the party.  Cam says his mom loves it and she’ll be really impressed if I make it on my own.   I don’t know why she’d be impressed by guacamole, it’s so easy to make.  I make lots of things that are harder than that to make.  Oh well, if it makes her like me more, then that works for me.



As you might guess, the next chapter of this saga will be all about the sleepover.  Will Cam’s mom take a liking to Max?  Will Max get his hands on his boyfriends cock for the first time or will Ian and Spencer mess things up by being there?  What other surprises might the evening contain?

I’ll get it out as fast as I can.  If you have ideas please share… it’s always kind of interesting to see where people want a story to go ;) 

A couple more chapters have been added to Max’s Freudian Slip since the first chapter of Awakening was submitted.

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