Max’s Awakening #3


Authors notes:

This is a story of two young teen boys discovering their love for each other and exploring their sexualities.   If that offends you, you should probably stop reading now.

This story is written from point of view of Max, a 13 year old aspiring gymnast.  Just a reminder of the other side of this story that is written from the point-of-view of Craig (Max’s mentor):

I know at the end of chapter two that I said this chapter would be about the sleepover.   I intended it to – but got enough written about Max’s day before the party that it was enough to be a chapter on its own.  Didn’t want you disappointed when you get to the end and realize the party still hasn’t quite started.  Hopefully it is still entertaining.


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Chapter 3 – A Nude Good Friday

Our garage is under my bedroom so whenever our garage door opens it vibrates my floor.   So it was no surprise that I woke up when my mom left for work about 7:30.  I was too tired to get up since I was up so late waiting for Cam and I’s 5 week anniversary time to come.  I sent him a Snapchat right at 2:52 in the morning to tell him happy 5 week anniversary.  That was the exact time he asked me to first be boyfriends after the movie five weeks ago.  I hope he doesn’t think I was too weird for doing that.

After my mom left, I pulled my comforter and blanket tight around my naked body and went back to sleep.  For the rest of the morning I was waking up a lot and having lots of weird dreams!   In one dream, Cam’s house was actually a giant castle and his basement was a dungeon and his mom threatened us with being sent there if we misbehaved, so Cam and I were too afraid to even kiss.   I woke up from that dream sad before I realized it wasn’t real and quickly went back to sleep.  Then I had a dream that Spencer walked in when Cam was lying naked on top of me on his bedroom floor and we were making out and grinding our hard cocks together.  I woke up from that one in a cold sweat when Spencer, in the dream, went yelling down the hall for Cam’s parents.   I almost got up after that dream because I started thinking about all the stuff I had to do that day, like do my laundry (mom makes me do my own and I wanted to wear my one cool pair of underwear that night) and make guacamole for the party, but I managed to lay in bed long enough to doze off again.

I must have had guacamole on my mind because I had one final dream and this one was much better.   I dreamed that somehow I got guacamole on my dick and Cameron was licking it off.    I was really enjoying that one when our home phone rang and woke me up.   I was so pissed I didn’t get to experience the ending!!!

Of course I woke up from that last dream totally hard.  My boner was pressing into my smooth thigh.   I couldn’t resist the urge to jerk off.  I was sleeping naked as always and I threw back my covers and rolled onto my back and took my dick into my hand and started slowly stroking it.  I closed my eyes and tried to finish the dream in my head, with Cam licking the guacamole off my cock and then sucking me more.   It didn’t take long before I felt the warmth of cum on my belly and running down my hand.

I carefully reached over to the floor and grabbed yesterday’s t-shirt and used it to wipe my hand and pubes clean.  I squeezed the last of the cum from my dick and wiped that into the t-shirt as well.   I tossed the t-shirt on the top of my laundry pile and headed to the bathroom to take a piss.  

After I had flushed I went and grabbed my phone from my desk.  I had to smile when I read all the snapchats from Cam.   He had wished me happy 5 week anniversary too and the message had a lot of emojis:  hearts, rainbows, people kissing.   He also sent me a picture of his hard dick peeking out from his blankets with the message “woke up thinking about you lol.”

I sent him a note back telling him about the dream with the guacamole and that I couldn’t resist jacking off.  I felt bad I now that I hadn’t sent him at least a picture of my morning boner.   He told me that he had jerked off too already.

It made me think about what Craig had suggested: that we jerk off before the party to keep from being too horny and doing something that would get us in trouble.   I sent Cam a note, “so do you think jerking off will keep us from being too horny tonight?”  He sent me back a picture of his underwear - some navy blue Adidas that were tenting in front.    Nope, I don’t think so the caption read.   He added another message – “I’m already horny again just talking to you.”    It might be a long night.   His pictures already had my dick starting to rise too.

Since my mom was gone I didn’t bother to put on clothes.  I like to walk around the whole house naked on days when I know mom isn’t going to be home.   I carried my laundry downstairs and started the first load.    A lot of the t-shirts that I was washing had crusty spots from me jerking off into them over the past couple of weeks.   I am really glad I started doing my own laundry before I started making cum.   I wonder if my mom has any idea how much money I save her in Kleenex by just using my dirty clothes when I jerk off?


While the washer was running I made myself an omelet for breakfast with ham and spinach and onions.   I don’t know why, but it’s so fun to be in the kitchen naked and cooking.   Maybe I’m weird.   I grabbed a clean towel to sit on and watched TV from the couch while I ate. 

After breakfast, I decided to try to get some things done.  I had a lot of homework due on Monday so I started working on it.   I know lots of kids like to put it off until the last night but I’ve always liked getting it done so I don’t have to worry about it.  Plus I knew doing something productive would keep my mind off the party and watching the clock all day waiting for it to finally get here! I was doing my pre-algebra assignment and was stuck on a couple problems so I sent Craig a Snapchat picture of them.   He is super awesome at math and can always help me out.

He must have been bored at work because he called me right back.  Well actually he facetimed me so I could watch him show me how to do the problem. I felt kind of stupid when he showed me how easy it was.  There was just a little trick that I just didn’t see.   I had been up long enough doing stuff that I had pretty much forgotten I was naked.   That is until Craig just started laughing out.

“What’s so funny?” I asked him.

“I just think it’s hilarious you are sitting at your kitchen table doing homework with nothing on.”  Oh no!  I was trying to show Craig another problem on my piece of paper and I must have gone past the table edge.   But he wasn’t mad, he was laughing about it.

“Oops!” I said, chuckling and grinning.   “I just haven’t gotten dressed yet.  I’m washing all my underwear.”   That wasn’t exactly true but I didn’t want Craig to think I was a total freak for hanging out naked.

“Relax,” Craig said.  “Compared to last week’s Snapchat that was pretty tame.  That barely burned my eyes at all.”   It was cool that Craig didn’t even care and even making jokes.  He knew I didn’t do it on purpose.

I don’t even know what made me do what I did next. I think I just wanted to try and make Craig laugh.  But I moved them camera down so my dick was visible to him again while I took up the British accent we all had laughed over in the car last week.  “Nope.  It is just me willy hanging out doing some homework.”   Before I even realize what I’d done I started to apologize.  “Shit!  Sorry Craig.”

Craig put his phone down, or maybe he dropped it – I’m not sure, but I could hear him laughing really hard.   “I shouldn’t be laughing at that Max, but oh my god that was hilarious,” he said when he picked the phone back up.  I could see his eyes were watering from laughing so hard.   Whew!  He wasn’t mad!

“Did you remember my advice Max?  About giving your willy a workout before you head to Cam’s?”   It was funny that he called it a willy too.

“Yes.  I already did that once this morning.   So did Cam.   But maybe I’ll do it again when I take a shower.”

“Great idea.  Hey I gotta get back to work buddy. Have fun tonight.   You ok if I check in with you to see how it’s going later?”

“Sure.  Thanks Craig.  Later.”   After Craig said goodbye and disconnected and finished the last two math problems and put the homework back in my math folder.  Then I switched the laundry in to the dryer and started another load.  

I don’t know why, but I got to thinking about how I had just showed Craig my dick as a joke and talked to him about jerking off.  And you know what?  Nothing about it seemed weird at all!   It kind of seemed weird that I didn’t think it was weird.   I guess I just think of him like an adult friend from Club Orient.   I mean if I went on vacation with him I wouldn’t freak out changing in front of him or nothing.  It’s not like he’s getting off looking at my dick or anything!


After I finished my science homework, I folded all my clean laundry and put it away, well except for my one pair of decent Under Armour underwear, which I left out to wear to Cam’s house.  They are grey with a blue band and stitches, just in case you were wondering.   Then I cleaned my room.   I still hadn’t put on any clothes and was still enjoying being naked, even while I ran the vacuum.   Our cat Scooter spends a lot of time in my room so I have to vacuum up his hair every once in a while.  When I was running the Hoover my dick brushed up against the handle of the vacuum and the vibrations felt really good.  I ended up leaving my dick there long enough for it to start to get hard.  I thought about jerking off again but decided I would make the guacamole first and save the wanking for the shower.  I like to do it in the shower with some soap because if feels nicer, especially with warm water running down your back.

It didn’t take me very long to make the guacamole.  Craig and I stopped at store after practice last night to get everything.   He had no idea all the things that went into good guacamole.  “No wonder mine sucks,” he said when he saw all the things I kept adding to the cart.

The hardest part was just chopping up the onion, tomatoes, and peppers.  I’m not the fastest cutter with a knife.   I’ve seen those cooking shows where they cut super fast but I can’t figure out how they do that so fast without chopping off their fingertips.  I don’t remember what the peppers are called but they long and skinny and are very spicy so I know you have to be careful with them.  I used the knife to scrape out the seeds, which are the spiciest part, before I cut them up.  I remembered to wash my hands really good after I cut those up, but I must not have gotten all the pepper stuff off good enough.  

I was still naked (don’t worry I washed my hands before I started and made sure not to touch my dick once I started making it) but once it was done and I was looking at the bowl of guacamole, I remembered my dream of Cam licking some off my dick.   After I put the bowl in the fridge, I couldn’t resist grabbing my dick as I headed upstairs to shower.   I was ready to start my jacking off.

Well that was a big mistake!! Some the pepper juices must have still been on my fingers because the next thing I know my balls and dick are burning!   I’d really though I washed my hands really good too.   I’d made the mistake of touching my nose once after cutting up peppers, but this was way worse!   The burning just kept getting worse.  So instead of jacking off I sprayed cool water on my junk until the burning finally went away.   By the time my dick was feeling ok again I had lost the urge to masturbate.


After my shower I pulled on my Under Armours and I couldn’t resist sending a pic of me in them to Cam.   He told me he couldn’t wait for me to get there.  I think he was just as excited as I was! His mom had been making him clean his room and the house all day long.   I guess his mom is like mine, always worried too much about what people are going to think.   He told me to try to come early if I could and maybe he could “show me his room” before our other friends got there.   I’m pretty sure he meant we could get some smooching in really fast, and that sounded like an awesome idea.

 I put gel in my hair and worked the top to stand up and I put on my nicer jeans and a button down shirt that I left untucked.  I looked at myself in the mirror.   I looked good! 

It was just after 4 and the party started at 5:30.   I texted my mom to see if she could hurry home so she could drive me over to Cam’s sooner.   I was so pissed when I got her text back:  I’m heading to happy hour with a couple of the girls for a quick drink.  I’ll be home soon.   I wanted to scream.   I know how my mom is when she gets to a bar and starts talking with friends.  I knew I wouldn’t be early… and I’d probably be late.   Arrghhhhhh! She has no idea how important this night is!   I clenched my fists and screamed between gritted teeth “Daaaaaaammmiiiiit.”

I texted her back.  Please mom, the party starts and 530 and I want to be ON TIME.   Her answer wasn’t very reassuring.  Relax honey, you’re supposed to show up fashionably late to these things.   I won’t be long.   OH MY GOD!  I was about to lose it.

I tried to play Fortnite but couldn’t stop worrying about being late.   It didn’t help when Cam kept texting me wondering when I was leaving or if I had left yet.  Finally about 5:05 I texted mom again:  Are you on your way home yet?   Her answer took five minutes.  Just finishing a drink and then I’m coming!!!   NO! NO! NO!   Finish a drink…10 minutes, drive home in rush hour, at least 25 minutes, 10 minutes to get to Cams.  I wasn’t going to be there until after 6! 

I had to do something.   Then I had a great idea.   I called Craig.  I could tell when he answered it that he was in his car.   “Can you do me a favor,” I asked.  

“Sure buddy what’s up?”

I told him what was going on with mom going to happy hour and all that and wanting to get to Cam’s.   “Would you maybe be able to take me over to Cam’s?” I asked.  I felt bad asking him like that so last minute, but I was glad I had called him because he said yes!    So I grabbed the bag with my change of clothes and toothbrush and deodorant and got the guacamole out of the fridge and waited by the door for Craig to pull up.

I jumped in his car, finally relieved to be on my way.  “Hey thanks,” I said “you’re a life saver.”

“Little frustrated with the mom unit, huh?” he asked.   It’s weird how he always knows what I’m feeling.

“Oh man.  YES!  It’s like she doesn’t even care about me being late.”

“Well she doesn’t really understand why it is so important you know.  But still I get it.  Does she know I am taking you?”

“Oh crap,” I said.  I hadn’t bothered to text her.   I got out my phone and started to call her but Craig stopped me.

“Why don’t you let me call her,” he suggested.  He dialed her and it started ringing over his Beamer’s Bluetooth.   It rang four times and went to voice mail.    I knew that meant my mom wasn’t even in her car yet, because she has her phone synced to her Bluetooth.  Craig’s message was so awesome though.  “Hey Stacie, it’s Craig here.   Max left his hat in my car last night so I was stopping by to give it to him and he asked me to run him over to Cam’s real quick, so…just letting you know I’m running him over there.   Maybe you haven’t left the cantina yet and can sneak in another drink before happy hour ends.  I’ll tell Max to text you later, ok?  See ya.”

I couldn’t help but to look at him and grin and give him a huge thumbs up.   God I love this dude.  That was smooth af! 

“That was awesome.  Thanks for taking me over.”   I was finally feeling really happy and excited again.

“No sweat,” he answered, “I gotta be honest, I’m kind of curious what the inside of Cameron’s house might look like.”




OK, next chapter, I promise will be the party and sleepover.  I intended this chapter to get there, but I got kind of carried away with Max’s nudist day alone at home and thought it was getting long enough to submit. 

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