Max’s Awakening #4


Authors notes:

This is a story of two young teen boys discovering their love for each other and exploring their sexualities.   If that offends you, you should probably stop reading now.

This story is written from point of view of Max, a 13 year old aspiring gymnast.  Just a reminder of the “other side” of this story that is written from the point-of-view of Craig (Max’s mentor):

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Chapter 4 – Sleepover

After Craig finished talking to my mom, I texted Cam and told him I was on my way.   I shared my location with him so he would know when I was almost there.  I was so pumped!   I tried to remember when I had ever been this excited and I really couldn’t think of a time.   It was even better now that Craig was taking me, since I wouldn’t even have to be worrying about it getting awkward between my mom and Cam’s parents.  Although my mom would probably have just dropped me off and left.

Cam texted me back and told me that nobody else had arrived yet, even though it was 5:41.  Maybe my mom was right about people being a little late on purpose.  As we pulled up to Cam’s house, my legs were bouncing up and down.  I couldn’t wait to get out of the car and see Cam and get this night started!  Craig must have noticed me being jittery because he looked over at me and grinned.  “Well, either you gotta piss real bad or you’re about to go out of your mind with excitement.”  Craig always knows exactly what I am thinking!

“The second one,” I told him.   He just kept smiling at me.  “What?”

He shook his head.  “Young love,” he mumbled and smiled.    “Remember to be polite.  And chill out man.  You don’t want to give too much away, right?”


I grabbed my bag and the guacamole and chips and Craig and I walked up the sidewalk to Cam’s house.  There were no other cars, so I assumed that meant nobody else had arrived yet.  At least I hoped.   Cam must have heard us pull up (or he monitored my location), because he had opened the door and was standing behind the glass storm door watching us approach.  He had a huge smile on his face.   When he opened the door, we stood face to face about a foot apart and just looked at each other for a couple seconds.  I could swear his blue eyes actually sparkled and his grin was as big as mine.   Finally, Craig nudged me and gave us an “ahem” to get us moving.   “You might want to lose those grins too, loverboys,” he whispered.

Cam’s mom was just walking up to the door as we stepped inside.   “You lost what?” she asked and then before we could even answer she noticed Craig and got all excited.  “Oh Craig!  What a pleasant surprise.  I wasn’t expecting you.”  You could hear the genuine thrill in her voice.  Craig was right.   I think she does have the hots for him.

I followed Cam into the kitchen, leaving Craig to deal with Mrs. Rice.  “Well, it was kind of unexpected.   Stacy was running late and –“ I heard Craig begin to explain as Cam and I rounded the corner.    Cam took the bowl of guacamole and set it and on the center island of their huge kitchen.   His dad was stirring some stuff on the stove and turned to tell me hello.   His dad doesn’t make it to many things, so I really had only seen him a few times before – but he’s always seemed much nicer than his mom.  “What you got there?” he asked.

“Just chips and guacamole,” I told him. 

“Great.  Were making taco’s so that will go perfect,” he answered. 

While we were talking Cam had already pulled the wrap off the bowl and was digging in with the chips.  “Holy crap, this shit is lit!” he exclaimed.  He was shoving chip after chip into his mouth.   It made me think of my dream about Cam sucking the guacamole off my dick.  At least he liked guacamole.

“Slow down Cam,” his mom said, coming into the room and gently slapping his back with the back of her hand.   “It’s not polite to start eating before everyone has even arrived.”

“But it’s SO good mom,” he said.  I couldn’t decide if he was just trying to rave about it because he knew that I made it or if it he really thought it was that good.

“Why don’t you take Max upstairs so he can put his bag away,” she said, shooing him away.    She didn’t have to ask us twice!  We quickly headed up the stairs.  We were so excited to get away from the adults that I think we were practically running.   He led me into his room.  I quickly recognized the blue walls and the various posters from our facetime sessions.

He grabbed my bag and tossed it down against the wall and swung the door so it was nearly closed.  “So did you really think my guacamole was that-” I started to ask him.    Before I could finish the sentence he had wrapped his hands around my back and pulled my head to his and pressed our mouths together.    “Oh God,” I moaned as I wrapped my arms around him as our tongues darted into each other’s warm mouth.  I could taste a hint of guacamole from Cam’s mouth.  Our bodies pressed together as our lips remained locked, working feverishly against each other.  My dick was getting hard, and fast!   After two minutes of hard making out we both finally pulled away, gasping for breath.  Wow!  That was incredible.   It’s the longest we’d ever kissed.   The few seconds in the gym bathroom and in the back seat of Craig’s car were nothing.

“That was awesome,” Cam said smiling, “and so is the guac.  Truly!”

We were about to resume making out when the doorbell rang.   “Caaaam!!!” his mom yelled out.

“Dammit,” he said and gave me a quick kiss.  “We’ll resume this later.”  I couldn’t wait.   This night was already amazing.


It was Ian and Spencer at the door with Spencer’s mom.   While they went into the kitchen, I took their bags upstairs to Cam’s room.   It gave me a few seconds to be nosy and look around.  His room was not much bigger than mine, but his closet was huge.  He had a walk-in bigger than my moms.   I checked out the bathroom that was connected to his room.  There was the mirror Cam had used to take so many of his underwear selfies.  I went on through to the other bedroom that connected to the bathroom.  That bedroom served as Cam’s game room and it was even cooler in person with two TVs, game systems and one of those bunk beds where the bottom bed is bigger than the top.   I figured Ian and Spencer could have that room while Cam and I shared his bed.  Hopefully!

By the time I made it back downstairs, Jake and Ryan had also arrived and all of my teammates as well as the four adults were standing around the kitchen island.  My huge bowl of guacamole was almost half gone.   “Max, this guac is fabulous,” Mrs. Rice said.  “It’s so fresh! You’ll have to tell your mother how much we all liked it.”

I started to explain that I had made it but I suddenly got kind of shy.  I was afraid all the other boys would think I was weird for being able to cook.   But Craig wasn’t about to let the opportunity to impress Cam’s mom be missed.  “Oh Jeanine, I’m pretty sure this here is all Max’s work.  Isn’t that right buddy?  We stopped last night after practice to get all the ingredients.”

“Is that so?” she asked with a bit of surprise and looked at me.

“Yeah,” I sort of half mumbled as I nodded, suddenly embarrassed by the attention.   I looked at Craig.  He mouthed “ma’am” to me, which reminded me I was supposed to be making a good impression.   “Um…Yes, ma’am, I …uh… put it together just before Craig came and picked me up.  That’s why it’…so fresh and stuff.”   Then after an awkward pause.  “I kinda like to cook,” I added.

“Well Cam, you could certainly learn a thing or two from your friend here,” she said as she shot Cam a sideways glance.   Cam took another chip and dipped it into the bowl and popped it into his mouth.  Then he shot me a smile and a wink.   This was just what we wanted - for his mom to like me!


We had all just made up some tacos and sat down when his mom surprised us all with an announcement.   “Well you boys behave yourself.  I have a planning session for an upcoming event that I have to go to.  I’ll be back later.  Don’t give Mr. Rice too much trouble now.”  I couldn’t believe it!  She was leaving!  That was going to make everything more relaxed.  Cam must not have known either because even he looked surprised.

Craig started to excuse himself too.  “I should probably be taking off myself,” he said.

“You sure you wouldn’t want to hang out for a bit and help me corral this motley crew?” Mr. Rice asked him.  “I’ve got cold beer on tap,” he added to try to convince Craig to stay.   I don’t think Mr. Rice wanted to have to be there and watch all of us alone.  

“I guess I could stay and have one drink,” Craig replied.  He looked over at me and smiled.  I think he wanted to hang out with us longer.    While we ate, Craig and Mr. Rice went to the basement.  I soon heard the sound of them playing pool coming up the stairs.

Jake and Ryan were very quick to wolf down their food.  They were anxious to take off.   “See you homos later,” Jake said, “you all have fun.  I’m going to go slide my finger into some juicy poon-tang.”   He said that last part in a falsetto voice, trying to be all suave or something.  Jake was always trying too hard to be cool.  I like Jake, but he can be annoying like that.

Ryan rebuffed him.  “Ignore him.  He’s dreaming.  He’s actually going to mass with Amber and her parents.”

“Yeah, but afterwards,” Jake said before pretending to smell his fingers.  “Ahhhh.”

“You guys have fun.  See you next week,” Ryan told us before running to catch up with Jake. Ryan was always a lot cooler to us younger guys than Jake.

Once they were gone, Ian ripped on Jake and it so funny.  Ian is always more outspoken and assertive, especially compared to Spencer who is pretty quiet.  “Jesus!  What a fuck head!  They can have their smelly pussy…we’re gonna have a blast.  Fortnite blowout!” He raised his hand up and Spencer gave him a high five.   Cam and I exchanged glances.   I wasn’t sure if Ian was dissing pussy because he was too young to care, loved Fortnite more, or maybe he had more in common with Cam and I than we knew?  


When the four of us were done eating, Ian asked if we could see what was in the basement.  I was curious too.   Except for one picture from the hot tub which I assumed was down there somewhere, I’d not seen much of Cam’s basement.  All I knew is they watched movies down there sometimes and they had a pool table.   

“Sure,” Cam answered.  “It’s the coolest part of the house.  C’mon.”   We thundered down the stairs behind Cam and when we came through the open doorway we all froze in awe.  

“Jesus,” Spencer said and he looked around.   To the left was a huge TV with two rows of leather recliners, with the back row raised higher to see over the front row.  It was like a mini movie theater!  To the right was the pool table – a very nice one and a long bar decorated by a ton of Cam’s gymnastics trophies and medals.    Craig and Mr. Rice were leaning against the bar talking and drinking tall mugs of beer.


“This is freaking awesome,” Ian said.  

“Yeah, it’s about the only really good thing about moving here from Texas,” Cam said.  Then he looked at me.  “Well, it WAS the only good thing,” he added and gave me a smirk.

“Pretty impressive isn’t it guys?” Craig asked us.   I nodded.   “It gets even better,” Craig added, pointing to the area behind us.

“Yeah, that’s the sauna and stuff,” Cam said as he led us around the corner through an open door.  There was a large open room covered in tile with two shower heads in one corner and a drain in the floor.   “That’s the actual sauna,” Cam said pointing to a glass door.  “And that goes out to the hot tub,” he said pointing at a different door. 

“You have a hot tub?” Spencer asked as he looked outside through the glass in the door.   “Damn, that looks nice.  I wish I had brought my trunks.”

“Crap,” Cam said.  “I guess I forgot to tell you guys to bring them.”

That made me realize I had forgotten mine as well!  How could I forget?  Cam and I had talked about the hot tub a lot and it was one of the things I had really looked forward to doing.  “I don’t have mine either,” I announced. 

“That’s ok,” Cam said.  “My dad’s kind of weird about the hot tub anyway.   Let’s go upstairs and play some games, ok.”

As we turned to head out we could see the back wall lined with white robes hanging from hooks.   Beside the robes were a stack of thick white towels rolled up and stacked in a triangle on a small table.  It reminded me of the gym and spa on the cruise we took a few years ago.  It was sweet!

“You all keep your robes down here?” Ian asked.

“Nah.   Not really.  My dad brings those home when he stays at fancy hotels.   They are just there for anyone to use.”

As we headed back past the pool table Cam’s dad asked us all if we were going to hit up the hot tub.  “It’s the perfect temp outside for it.  Cold enough to really feel nice.”

Ian answered for us.  “Well if SOMEONE had told us to bring our swimsuits,” he said and turned and gave Cam a mad face, “we would have.”

“Sorry guys, I didn’t think of it,” Cam said shrugging his shoulders.

“You know Cam, if you and your friends wanted to do the hot tub Swedish style you could.  Just do it before your mother gets back.  I don’t need her on my ass about it.  And make sure your friends know about showering.”

“Yeah, I don’t know.  Maybe,” Cam told his dad.  You could tell he was kind of blowing him off.  “We’re going to go upstairs to play games for a while.  C’mon guys,” he said and waved us up the stairs behind him.  We thundered up the stairs faster than we had come down.  We were all out of breath when we finally made it to Cam’s game room.

As soon as we made it to the game room, Ian turned to Cam.  “What did your dad mean by doing it Swedish style anyway?”

Cam looked a little embarrassed.  He took a deep breath.  “Well my dad’s Swedish, or well his family is.  Anyway, he’s been back to Sweden and he says over there every goes to the saunas naked.  They just don’t care about that kind of stuff.   So anyway, when it’s just my dad and I, we don’t bother with swimsuits.   Nobody can see into our back yard.”

“Cool,” said Ian.  “So you like skinny dip?  We should do it!”

“No way!” interjected Spencer.  I of course would have no problem using the hot tub naked.  It would be just like Club Orient.  Plus it would be me a chance to see Ian and Spencer naked, which is something I had been curious about.  Though I was a little afraid of being in the tub naked with Cam and getting a boner.

“C’mon Spence, it’s no big deal,” Ian urged him.  “It’d be fun.”

“It’s ok guys.   It’s not really that fun,” Cam said.  “Beside, my dad is really picky about people being super clean before getting in, because of bacteria and stuff, so you have to take a real shower with soap first and stuff.”

“Yeah, let’s just get to the games, PLEASE,” Spencer said, holding up a controller.  He was already sitting on the floor, ready to play. 


We played some intense Fortnite for about an hour.  It was so cool to have four of us playing on two different TVs but still sitting side by side and being able to talk without headsets.   We had just finished a game when Craig and Mr. Rice poked their heads in the door.   “I’m heading out.  You guys enjoy yourselves,” Craig told us, but he looked right at Cam and I when he said that and smirked.  He clearly knew we would be doing ‘stuff’ later, if we could. 

Cam’s dad told us he was going to be downstairs in the office working on his tax returns or something and to let him know if we needed anything.  “Otherwise,” he said, “you guys are on your own.   If you’re going to hot tub though, you better get on it.   Your mom won’t be gone all night.” 

When he had left, Ian immediately suggested again that we do the hot tub.  “I don’t need no swim suit,” he said proudly.

“I’ll do it,” I said. 

“Ok then. Spencer?” Cam asked.

“I dunno,” he said.  “I gotta pee,” he added and quickly got up and ran into the bathroom. You could hear both doors close and the last one lock even.  I think he was just trying to avoid the whole conversation in hopes we would drop the idea.

“He’s shy,” Ian told us in a whisper.  “I think he’s afraid you guys are gonna make fun of him or something.  You now, cuz he hasn’t hit puberty yet.”

“We wouldn’t do that!” Cam exclaimed.  “Besides, aren’t you going to be just as embarrassed?”

“Hey I got hairs!  A few anyway,” Ian announced proudly.  “But Spence doesn’t yet.”   I wondered how he knew that.  I mean I knew they were really good friends and all….

When Spencer finished using the bathroom and came out, Ian pleaded with him again.  “C’mon Spence, dude, let’s hit the hot tub.  It’ll be fun.”

“Nah, you guys go ahead,” Spencer replied shyly.  “I’ll just play on here some more.”

 “You guys go ahead,” I told Cam and Ian. “I’ll hang here with Spence for a while.   I’ll come down after a game or two maybe.”  I thought it would be really shitty to leave Spencer by himself, but…. I also had the thought that maybe if I gave them a while I could come down and Ian would go back up to hang with Spencer and that would leave Cam and I alone in the hot tub!  

“That works,” Cam said.  “We have to take turns using the showers anyway.  C’mon Ian.”


“Thanks for hanging back with me,” Spencer said after our first quick game.   “You didn’t wanna skinny dip either huh?” he asked.  I immediately started laughing.   The thought of me being shy about being naked was too funny.   “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing really.  It’s just that I’m the last person who’d be worried about that. Dude, I’ve been buck naked on a beach with a couple hundred other naked people before.  It doesn’t bother me a bit.”  Spencer’s mouth dropped open in shock.   “I just thought it would be lame to leave you up here all alone.  Are you sure you don’t want to hit up the hot tub?”

He hesitated.  “I dunno,” he mumbled.

“Spencer,” I said putting a hand on his shoulder.  “Nobody is going to make fun of you about anything, I promise.   We’re your friends and teammates dude.  It’ll be fun.  I’ll tell you all about the beach if you come.”

He was quiet.  I could tell he was at least thinking about it.  “You sure Cam won’t tease me?”  He must not have been worried about Ian or me.   Maybe it was because Cam had been such a dick to everyone last year.

“Dude, no way.  Cam is cool! Really!  I mean he was kind of a jerk last year, but that’s a long time ago.   C’mon then?  If anyone gives you trouble I’ll back you up.  But they won’t, I know it.”    I stood up and reached my hand down. He grabbed it and I pulled him up.


When we got to the basement bathroom, Spencer and I found two piles of clothes on the floor just inside the door.   I recognized Cam’s navy blue Adidas underwear from his earlier selfie inside his pair of jeans.   I couldn’t help but to take a quick glance and see what kind of underwear Ian was sporting.  I nudged his pile just enough with my toe to see his red athletic Puma trunks.  Nice.   

Spencer was standing in the middle of the bathroom, not sure what to do.  I could tell he was still hesitant.  “I guess we gotta shower first,” I said as I turned on the water on both showers to get them warm.   I went back and shut the door to the basement and began unbuttoning my shirt.   I hung it up on one of the hooks by the robes and unbuttoned my jeans.   I turned back to Spencer who still hadn’t moved.  “C’mon Spence, give me your shirt – I’ll hang it up.”    He hesitated for a minute before peeling off his t-shirt and handing it to me.   I don’t know why, but I was making it my mission to get Spencer to come out to the hot tub and learn to enjoy being naked.  It wasn’t just that I was curious what his dick looked like, though I was definitely curious about that.  I knew he would have fun in the hot tub once I got him out there and I wanted to see him get over his fear.

I pushed my jeans off and peeled off my socks, leaving me in just my UA boxer briefs.   I hung my jeans on the hook with my shirt.    Without even turning to Spencer, I went ahead and pushed my underwear off.   If Spencer was looking, he was getting a nice view of my naked ass.   I turned to face him, making no attempt to cover my dick.   “See, it’s just a dick Spence, just like yours.  I don’t care if you look, really.”

 My dark hair friend did look, and for several seconds.   “Well,” he finally said, “It’s not really like mine at all.”   I could tell he was a little embarrassed.

“You mean you don’t have hairs yet?  That’s no big deal Spence.   I didn’t have any until I was like 13.”

He shook his head.  “It’s something else too.”

“What?  You got skin still?”  I asked him.  I pushed the skin forward on my soft dick until it covered the tip and pinched the skin together.  “Like this?”

He nodded.   “Yeah like that but my cousin’s made fun of me when I was like in 2nd grade.   They said I was deformed.”

“Well your cousins are assholes then.  And idiots.  I guess they are too fucking stupid to know they were born like that too.  More people in the world are like you anyway. At the beach I was at, I was one of the few with a dick like mine.”


“Yep, now let’s get going.  We are wasting water.”   I went to the showers and started soaping myself up, turning in circles to keep an eye on Spencer as he slowly undressed.   He took his socks off first and then slowly removed his sweat pants.   He was wearing Abercrombie boxer briefs that had some black and white design to them.   I saw him glance back at me and I turned away.  I didn’t want him to know I was watching. But I was.  He finally removed his underwear and walked to the other shower, his hands covering his privates.

“The soaps in the dispenser thing on the wall,” I told him.  “This one’s shampoo,” I said as I pushed some into my hand and began washing my hair.   When I finished rinsing it off and opened my eyes, I finally got a view of Spencer’s dick.  It looked quite average for his age I thought.  Not tiny, but not huge, with a nice amount of foreskin hanging over the tip.  But I knew somehow he needed encouragement.  “Damn Spencer!” I said.

“What?” he said looking at me like he was afraid he’d done something wrong.

 “Your penis is big.  That’s all.   I can’t believe your cousins made fun of you.  They were probably just jealous.   I don’t think mine was that big when I was in 5th grade.”

“Really?” he said sheepishly, slowly letting his hands fall away from hiding his crotch.  “Thanks!”

I turned off my shower.  “You want me to wait for you or should I go on out.”

“Can you wait for me? Please?” 

“Sure,” I answered.   I grabbed two towels and wrapped one around my shoulders.  The cold air by the door was already making me shiver.   I stood by the door and watched as he finished rinsing off the soap and quickly shampooed his hair.  Spencer had a really nice butt.  Very round.   He had a great six pack too and I have to admit, his little hairless dick was pretty cute.   I handed him a towel and opened the door.  The cold air hit me and I could feel my dick shrivel up.


The hot tub was just outside the door so it was only a few steps in the frigid air before we could step up onto the platform surrounding it and climb into the hot water.  Cam was actually sitting on the edge of the tub with just his feet on the water, looking at his phone.   There was just enough daylight left that you could see Cam’s soft cock resting casually on top of his leg.

I let Spencer climb in first and quickly followed.  The water was HOT af!  Much hotter than I expected.  Spencer and I both sunk into the churning water and then stood right back up.   “It takes a minute to get used to it, but then it’s awesome,” Ian told us.

Spencer and I slowly sunk back into the hot water and took up a seat on each side.  The square hot tub was huge – with two seats on each of the four sides.   Cam continued to sit on the side of the pool, casually thumbing through his phone.   I snuck a peek at Spencer, who was clearly getting an eyeful of Cam’s soft dick.   “Aren’t you supposed to actually get IN the hot tub Cam?” I asked.

“Ha ha,” he answered sarcastically.   “You have to take a break and cool off every once in a while.  Then it feels good to get back in,” he said as he slid back into the water.

We all soaked a few minutes without saying much other than some oohs and ahs about how good the jets felt.   Cam and I rubbed on each other’s legs with our feet under the water.  While we all soaked it actually got dark outside, but you could still see because light reflected off the snow in his back yard and there was also a light in the bottom of the hot tub.   Cam told us to watch him and he got up and climbed out of the tub, his soft dick flopping right in front of me as he climbed out.   We all were surprised when he walked out from under the deck that covered the hot tub and flopped down into the snow on his back.  He started making a snow angel, waving his arms and legs.   I couldn’t believe it, it looked freezing cold.  He got up and stepped quickly back to the tub and climbed in.  “Ahhhhhhhhhh,” he said.  “That feels so amazing!  You guys gotta try it.”  

Ian as you might guess hopped out without hesitation and made his own snow angel before climbing back in.  It was the first glimpse I had of his dick.  He was circumcised like me and Cam but I didn’t see any hair, even though he had told us he had some.  I think he was lying.   His was about the same size as Spencer’s but his balls hung a little lower.  Spencer’s were pulled up tight.

I was curious if Spencer would do it or be shy and stay under the cover of the water.   “You wanna?” I asked him.   He hesitated but said ok and we climbed out together.  The snow was freezing when I stepped into it but I forced myself to continue.  Spencer was next to me making his angel and I leaned over and told him to make a snowball but hide it.   We both rolled over to get up and quickly formed a loose snowball.  Spencer knew immediately what I was thinking because he hid it behind his back just like I did.  We went back to the hot tub and we both smashed our snowballs over the heads of Cam and Ian.  

They both screamed out and reached for us but we backed away, laughing.   They climbed out and start chasing us around Cam’s backyard.  We were all slipping and sliding in the snow and falling down and screaming.  I hoped nobody heard us and look outside.  They started making snowballs and throwing them at us and we returned fire.  I hit Ian right in his ass with one causing him to yelp.   Our battle didn’t last too long though - our feet were quickly freezing and we all soon found our way back to the comfort of the Jacuzzi.

“That was awesome,” Spencer said.  “When Max nailed you in the ass I about died.”  Spencer was right, that was a blast.  I was glad he was getting over being shy.  I was right, once he was naked for a while he got used to it.  It was just like me when we went to the nude beach the first time!

As we warmed back up in the bubbles, Ian suggested we play a game.  “Like what?” Cam asked. 

“How about truth or dare,” Ian suggested.  

“I don’t know.  There’s not much we could do for dares out here,” Cam answered.

“How about Have you Ever then?” Spencer suggested.  We all looked at him because none of us had ever heard of that game.  “We played it at church camp last summer.  You take turns asking questions.  Like… Have you ever been to another country…or whatever and if you have, you raise your hand.   If only one person raises their hand for something they get a point. If you ask the question and are the only one who doesn’t raise your hand for something you get a point. You go around taking turns.   Oh and you have to close your eyes when the question is asked so you like don’t cheat.”

Everyone said ok.  I realized right away this was probably going to lead to lots of interesting topics.  I was a little afraid it might come out about Cam and I liking boys, but we played anyway.  “I’ll go first,” Spencer said.  “Close your eyes.  Have you ever tried vaping?”  Nobody raised their hands.

I was next so I decided I’d get myself a cheap point.   “Have you ever been to nude beach,” I asked and of course I was the only one with my hand up.  “Point for me,” I said.

“Noooooooo!” Spencer corrected me. “You don’t get a point if you ask the question and are the only one that has done it.  That would be too easy.  You only get a point if you ask and you’re the only one who hasn’t done it.  But, hey, you promised to tell me about the nude beach though, remember?”

“Yeah, no shit,” Ian said.  “I wanna hear about this.”   So I told them all about visiting once from the cruise ship and then going back the next year and staying for a whole week.   I even told them about getting my dick sunburned.  They were full of questions that halted the game temporarily.  “You mean chicks were walking around naked and you could see their tits and pussy and everything?” Ian asked.  “Didn’t you get a boner?”   I explained that you get used to it pretty fast and that I was younger then and not so horny.

The game continued around a couple times with innocent questions about travelling, food, and stuff like that and then, as I suspected the subject matter turned exclusively to naughtier stuff.   Surprisingly, it was Spencer who started that transition.   “Ok, raise your hands if you have pubes,” he said laughing.   He was the only one with his hand down.  “Point for me,” he said triumphantly.

“Wait a minute,” I said.  “I know Cam and I got hairs but I ain’t seen any on Ian.”

“Ian immediately stood up out of the water and grabbed his dick.  “Here, look,” he said pulling his dick to one side then the other.  “There’s a few red ones all around.”  He was completely unashamed about us all inspecting his dick.

I couldn’t see any hair though.  “I don’t see shit,” I said. 

“Get your phone Cam,” Ian commanded.   Cam grabbed his phone and turned on his flashlight and handed it to Ian who used it to show us that he did indeed have a few sparse red hairs growing around the base of his dick.

“OK, I believe you.   It’s cool they are reddish.  Probably why I didn’t notice them,” I said.

“Hey, wait a minute,” Cam said.  “How do we know Spencer doesn’t have hairs?  Stand up for inspection soldier.”

Spencer’s face looked slightly terrified.   “I don’t, I swear.”

“Well you did ask the question,” Ian pointed out.   “You don’t get the point unless you can prove it.”

Spence reluctantly stood up.  I took the phone from Cam and leaned into close to Spencer’s dick.  He moved his hands and let me light it up.   “See, nothing,” he said.   “He moved he dick around to show all sides.  It was still smooth on all sides.”

“Satisfied?” he asked.   We all nodded and he sat back down.

“Hey Spence, Can I ask you something?” Cam said.

“I guess.  What?”  

“Ah never mind.”

“No, what is it?”

“OK.  I was just curious….your dick worked with the skin. I never seen one like that in person.”

“Oh geez,” Spencer asked. “What do you mean?  How does what work?”

“I don’t know.  Like how do you pee?  Doesn’t it like go all over?”

“No not really.   You can pull the skin back if you wanna, but you don’t really have to.”

“Just show him,” Ian said.   Show him?  Not show us? So Ian already knew how Spencer’s dick worked?  Clearly Spencer’s dick was familiar territory to Ian.  That gave me ideas for some upcoming questions.

“Arghh, alright,” Spencer said, slightly disgusted at having to be put on display again.  But he stood up anyway and I put the flashlight back on his dick.   He tried to peel back his skin but slipped a couple times because it was wet.  I could tell his skin was tight – a lot tighter than Benjamin’s.  Finally he got enough of a grip and the pushed the skin back enough for his pink dick head to pop free.

“Wow that’s fucking cool!” Cam exclaimed.  Apparently buoyed by Cam’s compliment, Spencer slid the skin back and forth over his shiny pink a head a few times.   You could see it starting to get longer.  “Wow, that’s really neat. I wish I still had my skin,” Cam said.  “It would be way more fun jerking off.”  That made us all laugh.

Spencer slipped back under the water.  “See Spence, I told you nobody would give you shit.”  I shone the light on his face, he was blushing a bit.   “Hey, what are you doing?” he asked, blinded by the light.

“Just seeing what color your pubes are gonna be,” I answered.  “They will match your eyebrows.”  I had remembered what Craig had told me about that.   “So yours will be black.”

Spencer laughed.  “Well, yeah I figured.  My hair is black.  So, yeah.”

“Yeah, but Cam’s hair is blond and his pubes are brown,” I pointed out.   “And of course Ian’s just a ginger all over,” I teased.

Ian splashed water in my face several times.  “Ok you dumb blond all over.”  I guess it was the best he could think of to counter my ginger comment.  The water got in my eye and I was carefully wiping it out.  “Oh, sorry,” Ian said with sincerity.   “Did I make you lose a contact?”

“I don’t wear contacts Ian,” I answered.   Oh shit!    I realized I just blew Cam’s story about what we were doing in the bathroom at gymnastics when he walked in on us.   “I mean I don’t have them in right now,” I added quickly, trying to correct my error.  “Hey, let’s get back to the game.  Close your eyes, I got one.”  I quickly thought of a question.  “Um…raise….your hand if you jerk off.”   I was a little surprised when I opened my eyes and Ian and Spencer were both waving their hands proudly.

“Really, already?  You guys aren’t even 12 yet are you?” I asked.

“SO!  Duh, doesn’t every one jerk off?” Ian asked.

“I dunno.  I’m not sure I knew about it when I was your guy’s ages.”

Cam asked them how they learned.   Spencer just pointed at Ian.   Ian professed to finding porn when he was 10 and learning from that.   So the picture was coming clear.  Ian was teaching Spencer stuff.  I wondered again what else they had done.   Cam and I ended up telling our stories of how we learned to masturbate – me from Benjamin and Cam from his friends in Houston at a sleepover.  

At this point in the game, the questions were clearly just an excuse to share personal stories and talk about sex.   I think we were all enjoying it.   We had all stopped keeping score.

Cam went next.  “Ok, raise your hand if you’ve touched another boy’s dick.”   I kept my hand down because I didn’t think feeling Cam’s through his pants at the movie counted.   When I opened my eyes only Ian and Spencer were raising their hands.  When they saw Cam and I had ours down they started to lower theirs.  

I don’t know what possessed me but I reached over under the water and grabbed Spencer’s dick, which made him giggle and slide away.  Then I stuck my hand up.   “I have now, so, that’s a point for Cam then,” I said as everyone laughed, including Spencer.  I was afraid he’d be mad but he wasn’t.  I gave him a grin.  He must have been aroused by the talk of jerking off because his dick was rock hard.   My grin was my way of telling him I wasn’t going to tell everyone.

Cam looked at Ian and Spencer.  “You dirty monkeys mess around with each other don’t ya?”

“Yeah!  So! who cares,” Ian answered, being bold as usual.   “Were not gay or nothing! It just feels better when someone else does it.”  Spencer looked a little more scared about this information coming out.

“Guys, seriously, relax.   We don’t care,” I said.  “Do we Cam?”  I put a hand on Spencer’s leg to reassure him.

“Nah, course not.   We wouldn’t even care if you were gay even.”

“Were not!” Spencer interjected.

“So do you guys just like jerk each other? Or more?” Cam asked.

“Hey you already asked your question Cam,” Ian cut him off.  “It’s my turn now.   Raise your hand if you’ve kissed another boy.”  I guess he had heard my comment about contacts.   I thought about not raising my hand, but thought what the hell, Ian and Spencer had just admitted to playing with each other.   Cam must have felt the same cause he raised his hand too.    “I freaking knew it!  You guys were kissing in the bathroom at gymnastics.”

“Sorry only one question Ian,” Cam said.

“OK,” Spencer said.  “My turn then.  Raise your hand if you’ve kissed another boy in the bathroom at gymnastics.”

Cam and I busted out laughing.  It was funny seeing Spencer get bold, but I think we were both ready to finally tell someone else.  We raised our hands, admitting what they already suspected.

“I told you they were acting weird lately!” Ian said to Spencer.

“So are you guys like real live boyfriends?” Spencer asked.  

Cam and I both nodded.   “For about five weeks now,” I said.  “But if you guys tell anyone, we’ll kill you.  Seriously.  You can’t tell.”

“We won’t, promise.  Will we Spencer?” Ian said.

“Nah.  Are you guys…. gay then? For real?” Spencer asked.

We explained to them that we probably were but really hadn’t decided to put a label on it but just knew we liked each other, a lot.   They actually seemed to think it was cool, which really surprised me!

I was curious what all the two of them had done together.   “Next question,” I stated.  “Raise your hand if you’ve sucked another boy’s dick.”   I was surprised to actually see both our younger friends raising their hands.  I could hardly believe it.  They were a year younger than Cam and I and had done more than us and we were actually boyfriends!

“Ian made me,” Spencer stood up, trying to make an excuse, clearly suddenly embarrassed.   He must have forgotten he had a boner because suddenly all 3” of his rigid spike was now on display, the head just poking out of his tight foreskin.

“Yeah right, you LOVE it Spence.”

“Ok, maybe I like it a little,” he admitted and blushed. 

 I slid next to Spencer and pulled him onto my lap.   His naked butt slid against my own half hard cock.   “Relax Spencer.  NOTHING we’ve talked about goes beyond the four of us.  Right guys?”

Cam and Ian quickly and heartily agreed.   “Guys, all this talk has me horny as fuck,” Ian said.  “Can we jerk off or something.”  I looked at Cam.  This wasn’t exactly what I had planned for OUR special night, but what the hell.   We both gave each other a shrug that said ok.

The four of us stood up in the middle of the hot tub.   Ian was just as hard as Spencer and Cam and I were both getting there.   The light in the hot tub shone up from the water, illuminating our boy dicks.   Everyone started pulling on their dicks. 

Cam stopped and announced he had an idea.   He grabbed his phone and was holding it in his free hand, pointing down at our boners.

“Hey!  What are you doing?” Ian asked, panicky.

“I’m going to make a video of us all jerking off together.  That way everyone keeps their promise not to tell any of this or I’ll put it out on the internet or something.”  

Cam filmed as we stroked our boners.   Spencer commented on how big Cam’s was and mine was.  “Yours will probably get even bigger I told him.”   After a minute, Ian reached over and took Spencer’s cock from him and Spencer did the same to his friend.   Cam and I took cue and were soon stroking each other for the first time!   His cock felt even bigger in my hand than I expected.  It was so different holding someone else’s cock.

After a few seconds of that Cam surprised me when he said he wanted to try jerking Spencer’s uncircumcised dick.   He reached across and took over jacking the bald uncut dick and Spencer took over on mine.   We were all watching Spencer’s though, fascinated with the skin sliding back forth over the shiny head.   I wanted to try it too, so I nudged Cam’s hand away and tried it myself.  His little dick felt so hard!  Much stiffer than Cam’s.   Ian was now stroking Cam.   Hands kept moving around groping each other’s rods for several minutes.  I could feel my orgasm starting to build.

Cam must have too, because he suggested we go into the Sauna.  “If Max and I sperm in the hot tub my dad will fucking kill me.”

“You guys can shoot sperm?” Spencer asked as we made our way inside.  “Cool.”

Cam had turned the sauna on before we went outside so it was very warm when we went in.   We took up a seat around the small room and all resumed stroking our own dicks.   Ian was first to have his dry cum, but Spencer wasn’t far behind.   They both muffled screams of joy when their smooth frames shuddered and their cocks twitched in delight.   It was fun to watch, just like watching Benjamin dry cum back in the Caribbean.    Now both of them were watching anxiously for Cam and I to finish and release our spunk.

I blew first, with three quick squirts landing just above my belly button.  “Wow, that was cool,” Spencer said.

Cam wasn’t far behind, oozing out a steady stream of thick white goo that dripped down over his thumb and hand.   Spencer and Ian and they both had their mouths wide open.

“I fucking can’t wait until I can do that,” Ian said.

“It won’t be much longer now that you got hairs,” I told him as I wiped off my stomach.  

“Let’s take a quick shower guys and get back upstairs before my mom gets home.   Cold water feels good when you’re all done.”

We all took turns rinsing off under the two shower heads.   Spencer had lost all shyness.  It was hard to believe an hour or so ago he was hiding his dick with his hands and now we had all just jerked off in the sauna and were showing in full view of each other without a care.

We dried off and all slipped on a robe over our naked bodies.   Ian made a good joke as we were picking up our clothes. “Hey, raise your hand if you’ve jerked off in a sauna with your friends.”

We all started cracking up.


After our extended hot tub and sauna, we ran back upstairs wearing just the robes.  We all put on clean underwear and whatever we had brought to sleep in.   I just had shorts and a t-shirt but everyone else had fleece PJ pants.  I really don’t know how they sleep in so much!

We had come upstairs just in time, because not much after we were dressed, Mrs. Rice came home and came upstairs to check on us.  She seemed a little tipsy and didn’t stay very long, as we were all engrossed in our games anyway.  “Goodnight boys.  Don’t stay up TOO late.”

Now normally I could have stayed up until 2 or 3 in the morning playing games, but I definitely had other things I wanted to do instead.   Apparently, so did Cam.  “I’m going to play one more then I’m gonna get ready to crash.  I haven’t slept very well this week,” he said, winking at me.   “You guys can have the bunks in here,” he told Spence and Ian.  “Max can crash in my room.”

“I’m kind of tired myself,” I said adding a fake yawn.  I put my controller down and went into Cam’s room and got my toothbrush.  I brushed my teeth as I stood behind them and watched the three of them duke it out.  When I went to spit out the tooth paste Cam came through the bathroom and walked behind me and patted me on the ass.

I waited on the edge of his bed while he went and brushed his teeth.   I heard him tell Spence and Ian goodnight and that they could stay up and play as long as they wanted as long as they kept the noise down. Then he quietly closed both bathroom doors and put our two thick robes in front of the door so it wouldn’t open too easily if Ian or Spencer tried to walk in.   Cam turned off the light and I couldn’t see anything for a minute but I soon felt the bed sink when he sat next to me.  I felt his arm wrap around my back.  “You ready to pick back up where we left off?” he asked.

My cock was already completely hard in anticipation of doing just that.  I turned towards Cam and pushed my face towards him until our lips met.    My arms instinctively wrapped around him and our bodies pressed together as our mouths hungrily groped at each other.   My hands ran up and down his back as my tongue danced in his mouth.  I could feel his hands rubbing my back underneath my t-shirt.  The feel of his hands on my skin was so satisfying, so warm.  I found the bottom of his shirt and ran my hands up under it, exploring the thick muscles of his back.   Every inch of his body felt perfect.

We rolled over onto the bed, with me on my back and Cam to my side, half of his torso covering mine.  Cam’s mouth left mine and move to the side of my head and engulfed my ear.   His teeth nibbled at my earlobe and his tongue darted into my ear.  “Oh god,” I moaned, a little too loudly.

“Shhh,” he whispered as he began kissing down my neck.  It tickled but yet felt amazing.   His tongue traced its way back up towards my mouth as I felt his hand grope at my boner through my shorts.   “Hmmm,” Cam whispered, “I think you like this.”   I couldn’t answer him right away because our mouths were once again full of each other’s tongues.

When we finally broke for air, I told him, “I’ve been dreaming about this for weeks.”

“You mean 5 weeks, a day and like 18 hours?” he asked.  “Me too.”   He pushed my shirt up and pulled it over my head.   His hand explored my abs and chest as he continued to kiss about my neck.    His fingers flicked across my nipple and a shockwave shuddered threw me.  It was twice as strong when he did it a second time.  I had no idea my nipples could even do that!   I was completely under his spell as he explored my chest with his soft fingers.  

Next he slid down the bed and took my right nipple into his mouth.   Oh god! I felt my cock pulse as he sucked my nipple.   He ran his hand up and down my leg and eventually found his way back to my stiffie.   He groped it through the thin material of my shorts – gripping it up and down the entire length.   His hands ran up to the waistband of my shorts, and his fingers pressed against my abs, sliding just under the waistband of my underwear.   “Can I,” he asked?

Cam was going to touch my dick again.  Something about doing it with Ian and Spencer there in the hot tub made that experience somehow different.  That was playing like goofing around. This was somehow more personal, more serious.  “God please,” I said.  I think I sounded like I was begging.  I was.  I felt his hand stretch out the material of my boxer briefs and his fingers soon encountered the tip of my dick.   Then his hand gripped my shaft.  

“You’re having another one of those wet dreams again,” he whispered, teasing me about the night at the movies where I leaked precum for the first time and thought I’d had a wet dream at the theater.  That made me laugh.   He gave my cock a few awkward strokes the best he could under the confinement of my Hanes before pulling his hand out.   “My turn,” he said as he rolled off me and onto his back.

I rolled over so my chest touched his and began kissing him.   I wanted to give him all the same treatment he had just given me.  I explored his mouth with my tongue before moving on to tease his ear.  He moaned really loudly at that.  I kissed and licked his neck as my hard cock rubbed against his leg.   I thought I knew what it was like to be horny, but I was wrong.  There was nothing that compared to the intense desire I had at that very moment, lying next to my best friend and boy friend….. the boy I’ve been crushing on for half a year or more.

I pushed his shirt up and he leaned up enough to rip it over his head and throw it on the floor.   I teased his nipples like he had done to me before taking each one into my mouth.  His nipples were smaller than mine.  I couldn’t wait to feel his cock, but I made myself wait.  I wanted this to last and to go slow.  I briefly remembered what Craig had told us – to take things slow and explore!   I moved my mouth back up to his and kissed him more.

After a few more minutes, I couldn’t resist any longer though. My left hand slid down his chest and squeezed the bulge that was pointing towards his right hip. I rubbed it up and down, squeezing it through the soft fleece.   I moved to the waistband, I had to feel that cock in my hand again.  The brief wank I had given it in the hot tub wasn’t enough.   I paused as my fingers found their way under the elastic of his underwear.  “Do it,” he said, giving me permission to go on.

My hand pushed down and through his pubic hairs to the base of his dick and then up to the end.   His was leaking too.   I rubbed the slick juices over the head of his dick, causing it to twitch.   I couldn’t believe how warm his dick felt.  He was starting to breathe faster at the touch of my hand to his dick.  I jerked it a few times, but it was difficult with his underwear pushing against my hand.  My wrist quickly tired, so I pulled it free and ran it up and down his leg.

Cam took charge and rolled us so that we were side-by-side and began kissing me hard, almost desperately.  His hand reached inside the back of my shorts and squeezed my ass and pulled my groin to his, pressing our hard dicks together.   I could feel him thrusting against me as he kept kissing me.   He rolled us over so that I was on my back and he was directly on top of me.   I wrapped my arms around him.  His mouth continued to press against mine.  His hips continued to thrust.  Our cocks were side by side, rubbing against each other’s stiffness and against our chiseled abs. 

The more he thrusted the more I felt it his body grind against my sensitive cock head.  Oh no! I suddenly realized I was going to cum.  My breathing was quick and I tried to push him away.   He lifted his head just enough for me to warn him I was about to cum in my shorts.

“Good,” he said and pressed his hips even harder into me.

“Cammmmmmmm,” I tried to plead.   I didn’t want this to end, but he was having none of it.  He drove me over the edge and I could feel jet after jet of hot cum coating my stomach.   

“Oh god,” he exclaimed, arching up and thrusting two more times before freezing and grunting as his hips twitched.   He rolled off and collapsed on the bed next to me.   It was done.  Someone else had made me orgasm for the first time.   I felt so much older at an instant.


After we recovered, we took turns going into the bathroom to take a leak and wipe some of the cum from our bellies before it dried.   Ian and Spencer were still playing games.  They were using headsets but you could still hear the sound of the controllers clicking and an occasional whisper between them.   I was glad they at least hadn’t heard anything.

My Hanes were soaked and there was no way I could put them back on.  I started to dig my dirty UA underwear from earlier out of my bag when Cam got his phone and turned on the flashlight and told me to stop.  He walked to his open underwear drawer and pulled out his yellow Calvin Klein trunks.  “Here you can wear these,” he said.  “I know they are your favorites.”

Now normally wearing someone else’s underwear would be weird or maybe even gross.  But I didn’t think twice about sliding them on.   I instantly fell in love with the feel of them.  They were so soft and comfortable, perfectly fitting around my ass without leaving any gaps.   Cam shined the phone flashlight at me.  “Wow.  They look even sexier on you,” he whispered.

“Thanks, but I don’t think so,” I answered.

“For real.”  

We climbed back into bed and talked for almost an hour in the dark.   Occasionally we would share a quick kiss or touch each other’s leg, but mostly we just talked.  We talked about Ian and Spencer and how crazy it was they had done more than we had.  I asked him if he would really put that video on the internet and he laughed and told me he had already deleted it.    “Just don’t tell them that,” he said.

   We talked about when we might tell everyone about us.   It was probably too soon, but Cam thought it would be awesome to go to one of our 8th grade dances together.   We would look so boss, we both decided, in matching outfits with slightly different color bow ties.

I told him more things about my dad and the things he did.   I had told him some of it before, but I gave him all the details this time.  I even told him about my dad not even crying when he said goodbye.   He must have been able to tell it was making me sad, because he gave me a nice hug and a soft kiss on the cheek.

He told me more things about his dad and mom too.   About how they didn’t seem to ever do much together and how he hardly ever sees them kiss or anything.   He wishes his dad were around more and his mom less.  Cam and his dad just get along better he said.  They have great talks in the sauna and hot tub.   When it came time to tell his parents about maybe being gay (or bi), there was no doubt he would tell his dad first.

We still weren’t tired even after talking for an hour.   “Do you wanna watch some porn?” Cam asked.  He knew I couldn’t watch it at home because of the block my parents had on our wi-fi.  

Cam got his mac laptop off the charger and brought it back to his bed.  He put his browser into secret mode or whatever it’s called and went to a porn website called gaytube.  Suddenly a bunch of thumbnails of naked guys having sex came up on his screen.  “Wow,” I said, surprised at what they were showing.   I’d heard of butt fucking of course, but I’d never seen anyone doing it and now there were multiple stills of just that!

He clicked on one of the videos and it was of two younger guys.   At first they were just making out but it soon cut to them sucking on each other’s dicks.   I couldn’t believe how they could take the entire thing into their mouths like that!  And the funny thing was, they never ever actually ‘blew’ on each other.   I know you’ll think I’m stupid, but I assumed BJs actually including some actual blowing, like it would feel good or something to have someone blow on your dick.   Cam got a kick out of that when I asked.

Eventually they started fucking and it showed the one dudes bigger dick jamming in and out of the other ones butt.   The weird thing was the one getting fucked kept moaning like he loved it!  And I mean REALLY loved it.   I knew it would feel good for the other guy, but why would it feel good for the one getting fucked?   “Does it actually feel good to you …you know?” I asked Cam.

“Get fucked like that?” he answered.  “I dunno.  Maybe we should try it sometime and see,” he said with a smirk as he nudged me with his elbow.

“I’m not quite ready for that,” I told him.   I really didn’t know if I would like it.  It wasn’t something I’d really thought about doing before.

“Me either,” he said.  I was glad to hear that because I really didn’t want him to wanna try it anytime soon.   Let’s watch a different one I said.  “What’s that categories thing mean,” I said pointing at the top of the screen.

He clicked on it and a list of things came up.  “It’s just a way to organize porn clips into certain things,” he told me.  There was a category of ‘blow jobs’ and one for ‘anal’.

“Piss???” I said, pointing to that category.   “Gross.”

“Yeah, some guys like to be peed on or something,” he told me.   Wow, that was even weirder than the guy liking having a hard dick shoved up his butt!   “It’s gross.  I looked once,” Cam said.

“What’s Daddies?” I said, noticing another category with an interesting name.

“Dunno, never looked at that one.” Cam clicked it and a bunch of clips came up.  It took us scanning through a few to figure out that Daddies meant older guys with a younger dude.  The last one we looked it had an older guy that looked a lot like Craig.   “Holy crap that guy looks like Craig doesn’t he?” Cam said.  

“Yeah, I was just thinking that same thing.   But Craig’s a lot hairier.”

“Are you sure?  Maybe he does gay porn on the side?” Cam said.

“No way, dude,” I answered.

“I was joking ya dork,” he said.   “I like guys with hairy chests.  Too bad we will both have to stay smooth for gymnastics.  How do you know Craig is hairy anyway?”

“He took me swimming once,” I answered.

“So did you see his dick too? Was it huge and hairy like that guys?”

“Nah.  It was normal size.  But his bush was short.  I think he might cut his pubes.”

“No way?  You really checked him out?  I think I’m getting jealous Max.”

“I’m just curious is all.   Just like I talked Spencer into going into the hot tub so I could see what his dick looked like.”

“Relax dude! I totally would have scoped out Craig too.   Don’t think I’m a perv but….uh….he’s pretty good looking for an older dude.  And he’s like the coolest grown up I’ve ever met.”

“Yeah, for sure.   He’s the best.  I mean I wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for him you know.”

“I know.  So you wanna watch some more?” Cam asked.

“Nah, not really.”  I was kind of feeling funny inside.   Seeing people butt fucking made me feel weird.  If I was really gay would I have to do that someday?  Would I really even ever want to?  Maybe I wasn’t really as gay as I thought?  And then seeing a guy in the movie that looked like Craig had me feeling awkward too.  I was kind of hard again but I wasn’t really horny.  I thought watching porn would make me eager to cum again but it didn’t.  I was a little confused.  And getting tired.

“I’m kinda tired,” Cam admitted.  “Do you wanna make out some more?”

Maybe he was feeling a little weird too.   “Let’s maybe do it some more when we wake up,” I suggested.   

I got up and went to go to the bathroom one more time.  I grabbed my phone off the charger and took it with me.  I realized Craig had sent me a snap a couple hours earlier.  “Having fun?” he asked.

I told him it was great and that we did the hot tub, video games and ‘some other stuff.’  I knew he would know what I meant by some other stuff.

The funniest thing as I was sitting on the toilet peeing, I could hear the bed in the other room rocking against the wall and squeaking a tiny bit.  I was pretty sure that Ian and Spencer were beating off.   When I flushed the toilet the noise suddenly stopped. 

I got back to bed and Cam was sitting up waiting for me.   I crawled back into bed and he pulled me to him and hugged me and gave me a long kiss.  “Goodnight Max.  This was awesome.”

“Totally,” I said as we broke our embrace and lay on opposite ends of his bed.   I learned immediately that Cam and I were way different in one way.  Cam was asleep and snoring in a matter of minutes.  I lay awake almost an hour thinking about all that had happened that night!


Sadly, we didn’t get much chance to make out in the morning.  Cam’s dad came knocking on our doors about 9:30 telling us all to get up because he was making blueberry pancakes.   I had just stirred Cam and he had rolled over and we started kissing.  His breath tasted gross, so I had just pulled away when Ian and Spencer came rushing through from the bathroom.  They both jumped on the bed and started wrestling with us.   Spencer jumped on me and Ian jumped on Cam.  It didn’t take long for us to get the upper hand and pin them on the mattress and sit on them.   We both started tickling them as they fought to push our hands away between laughs.

“Let’s go eat,” Ian suggested.  Clearly now that he had lost the upper hand he was ready to abandon the fight.   Cam relented and let him up and Ian headed for the stairs and Cam headed for the toilet.  

That left Spencer and I on the bed.   I leaned over and whispered to him.   “Sounds like you two were having a little fun in the sack last night.” I rolled off him.  

He grinned at me.   “I was afraid someone heard us when I heard the toilet flush.  You won’t say anything will you?”

“Nah,” I said pulling him up.   “Nobody cares, but it’s cool, I won’t say anything.”


As we were finishing breakfast, my mom texted me that she was on her way and would be there in 15 minutes.  I was kind of bummed.   I wanted to hang out longer and spend time with Cam, and maybe little bit with Spencer too.   There was a stronger bond between him and I after last night too.

Turns out Ian and Spencer’s parents showed up just as they were finishing breakfast, so spending more time with Spencer wasn’t going to happen anyway.   Cam went up with me to get my clothes put together.   I asked him if he wanted me to leave him his Calvin Klein underwear and he told me I could wear them home and keep them!   I was excited about that.   Cam was worried his mom would notice his underwear from yesterday crusted in cum, so I told him I would take them home and wash them for him.   Since I do my own laundry my mom would never ever know.

Ian and Spencer came through Cam’s bathroom into his room.  They had gathered all their stuff up and were getting ready to head out.   “See you guys,” Ian said.  “Thanks Cam, this was so fun.”  He gave us both a fist bump.  

“Yeah, see you next week,” added Spencer.  He actually gave us both a side bro-hug but on mine he squeezed a little bit harder.  There was no doubt the relationship between all four of us had changed.  I mean after you wank with someone in a sauna you have to be closer right?  

But I especially felt the new stronger bond with Spencer.  It was really cool helping a younger kid like Spencer come out of his shell.  It made me feel special for some reason.  I wondered if that was how it would feel to have a little brother who really likes you?  And wondered if it was how Craig feels about being my mentor.  




Apologies for taking so long, but this was a long chapter with a lot going on.  So much of this story from Max’s POV has been quick retelling of events, so I worry that I may have gone into too much detail, especially with the hot tub shenanigans – so I  hope you guys weren’t bored.

And hopefully you weren’t disappointed that an all out orgy failed to materialize.   Should I have had Cam and Max do more you think?  I’m trying to maintain a little naivety and innocence as the move slowly.

Let me know what you thought about this chapter.  I’ll write the next Fruedian Slip (Craigs POV) next… there are some things about the evening at Cam’s that went unnoticed by Max.   Any guesses?

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