Max’s Awakening #5


Authors notes:

Just a reminder of the “other side” of this story that is written from the point-of-view of Craig (Max’s mentor).  I’ve published a couple chapters of it since the last chapter of Awakening.

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Chapter 5

Holy shit!  I am so freaking excited.  This is going to be the best weekend ever.   Cam just texted me and told me that he is going to be coming to Madison this weekend with Craig and I.   I guess his grandma is sick and his mom has to go back to Texas to be with her or something.  I didn’t believe him at first.  I thought he was trying to pull a prank or something but I texted Craig and he said it was true.  Oh my god.  My heart started racing I am so excited.

I guess I better back up and explain.   We are going to Madison for a gymnastics competition.  It’s actually the big regional tournament that is pretty much the end of the season.   My mom was supposed to be taking me but now she’s going to Iowa for a wedding shower and to see her aunt that has liver cancer.  Or maybe its kidney cancer?  I don’t know for sure.  I just know that she’s old and pretty sick and my mom wanted to see her again before she dies.

When my mom started talking about finding someone to go with to Madison, I asked her to ask Craig to maybe take me.  It wouldn’t be like going on vacation with Craig like Noah gets to do, but it would still be fun spending a weekend with him.   My mom just wanted to see if I could go along with one of the other boys.  That would have been ok too I guess, but going with Craig is so much better!   I knew he would let Cam and I hang out some in our room and not care so much what we do – if you know what I mean.

And now it’s even better because Cam is coming with us!  I guess I shouldn’t be so happy about all of this being as it’s on account of people being sick, but I just can’t stop being excited about it.  I get to spend an entire weekend with my two favorite people.  Ever since Cam told me, I’ve been dreaming about getting to share a bed with him again.  I know we can like start doing stuff like we did at his house with Craig sharing the room.  THAT would be weird.    But I don’t think Craig would mind if we snuggled and stuff like that and I think we can at least quietly feel each other’s boners without him knowing.

Cam has been snapchatting me all kinds of sexy talk about this weekend, so he apparently has been having some of the same ideas.   He says he really wants me to suck on his dick, but I don’t think we could go that far with Craig there.  And I’m still not sure exactly how that even works.   I’m kinda afraid I’d be really crappy at it too.  But then I think about Ian and Spencer doing it and figure it can’t be that hard.  Can it?


I’ve already jerked off three times today, twice since I found out about Cam coming with Craig and me to Madison.   I wore Cam’s bright yellow Calvin Klein trunks to school today.  Wearing them always makes me horny all day.    They are so comfortable and I love the feel of them.  And I can’t stop thinking about the fact that my dick is touching them just like Cam’s dick did when they were his.  I really probably shouldn’t wear them to school because I end up daydreaming too much about Cam and don’t pay attention in class very well.   I also am hard half the day and come home with a wet spot on them.

So naturally I jerked off as soon as I got home.  I sent Cam some pictures of course.  Then I had another wank after finding out about Cam coming and then a third just before bed when Cam’s dirty talking got me all hard again.   And now that I am writing this to tell you guys about it all, I am getting hard again.  But my dick is already kind of sore so I can’t possibly do it again, even though I kind of want to.

I got a small pile laundry all ready to wash when I get home from school tomorrow.   Since I got two pair of Cam’s underwear, I’ve been washing them all the time so I can wear them as much as possible.   I definitely want them clean to wear this weekend.   My mom finally asked me why I was doing so much laundry lately and I just told her I was trying to keep caught up.   She told me I was probably wasting water, but she didn’t say much else.

She’s been a little weird lately.  Ever since the night I slept at Cams.  She bought a couple boxes of wine and put them in the fridge and has been drinking some almost every night which she doesn’t normally do.   And she’s gone out a couple times with her girlfriends.   I guess she’s probably stressed out taking care of me alone and stuff.  


I told Craig quite a bit about the sleepover but not everything.  He knows about us all using the hot tub naked and our snowball fight.    I even told him about Ian and Spencer fooling around and he said what he always says.  “That’s perfectly normal.”  He wasn’t even shocked.

He wasn’t so sure it was a good idea to tell them about Cam and I being boyfriends.  He thought they would probably blab.  But I told him they wouldn’t because we knew about the stuff they did.  I didn’t tell him about us all jerking off together in the hot tub and sauna or that Cam filmed it.

He wanted to know if Cam and I did much.  I told him we made out and that I got to touch Cam’s dick and that I had an orgasm. But I didn’t tell him exactly how.  I definitely didn’t tell him that it ended with Cam laying on top of me and grinding our boners together until we creamed in our underwear.  But I told him we were taking it slow, and we really are.

I can’t believe it has been three weeks almost since the sleepover.  We tried to spend the night with each other again a couple times but it never worked with our schedules or our parent’s schedules, at least that’s what they said.  I do think they’ve all accepted that Cam and I are friends and he says his parents seem to like me ok now.  So I don’t think they were making excuses to keep us apart or anything like that.  At least, I hope not.   It’s been hard not getting to do more sex stuff though.   Now that we’ve made each other cum I know were both hungry to do it again, and again, and again.  

Cam thinks we can maybe do stuff while Craig is in the shower at the hotel. I don’t know about that.  I’d be kind of embarrassed if we got caught.  I mean I know Craig knows we done stuff, but that’s different than him seeing us doing it.


I’m really excited about the regional tournament too.   I guess I kind of been telling you about Cam and Craig and not really talking about gymnastics and I hope I don’t get too distracted by Cam’s hot body and mess up the competition.  Our boy’s team really has a chance to win the thing.  With me owning on floor and Cam tearing up the rings, we got a real solid shot.   It’s always been Ian and Spencer who we needed to do just a little bit better and I think the sleepover at Cam’s house has actually helped them.

I think they were always worried before about letting us older guys down.   And now with all the stuff we did in Cam’s hot tub and sauna, they know we are all friends and we have their back.  I’ve seen in practice that they are more confident now.   It’s funny how Cam came up with the sleepover just to get us to spend time together but it ended up really helping us all bond.   Craig told me that Ian and Spencer’s parents even noticed the change in attitude with their boys.  (He talks with them while he waits for me at practice sometimes.  They all like him.  I mean EVERYONE likes Craig.)   I think it’s kind of funny that all the parents are happy about the team being tight now, but none of them know it’s largely because we had a huge wankfest in Cam’s sauna.  I giggle sometimes just thinking about that.

Spencer has been texting me a lot and I am really enjoying talking to him.   I’ve been super supportive of him at practice.  Well, I really always was…. but I think he really believes what I say now instead of just thinking I was saying things because I should.   He really is kind of acting like a little brother with me and I really, really like that.   It makes me feel kind of responsible for some reason.   Like I should do stuff to help him.  Be a good leader and all that jazz.  I can’t really describe why, but having him look up to me makes me feel good for some reason.    He even texted me last week to ask what he should do about some kids at his school that we bothering him.   I thought it was really cool that he asked me.

Well, I better get to bed.  Have a busy couple days coming up before we leave for Madison.  I am missing school Friday so have to do some work ahead of time.  And of course I have to wash my sexy underwear.

I’ll let you guys know how the competition goes.   And the weekend with Cam and Craig too of course.


Author’s Notes:

Just a short chapter to setup the trip to Madison and fill in the gap from Max’s view of the past few weeks.  I’ve already started on the next chapter of both Awakening and Freudian Slip.

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