Max’s Awakening #6


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Chapter 6 – Madison (pt 1)

So this weekend was really interesting. Well, mostly it was pretty freaking amazing!!!  But there were a couple of bumps and I am confused about a couple things now too.   But really, don’t freak out, because it was really a great weekend.  So, I’ll tell you all about it, starting Friday morning.

It’s about four hours from our part of Minneapolis to Madison.  Craig picked me up first at about 8:00 a.m. and then we swung by Cam’s.   He was home alone.  His mom had taken the first flight out that morning to Texas.   He was waiting for us when we arrived and I didn’t even have to get out of the car to get him.

Every team gets a scheduled time to practice the day before the competition starts to work out and get used to the gym and equipment.  Our scheduled practice time was between 2:00 and 4:00, so we had to be there by then and be ready to go.  We also had to stop somewhere for lunch.  

The car ride there was kind of fun.   We actually listened to some songs from the Billy Elliot musical and having seen the show I really liked hearing them again, which kind of surprised me because it’s not really the kind of music I’d normally like.   Craig would sometimes start singing along, which is funny because as cool as Craig is and stuff, there is one thing he cannot do: sing.

“Suck it up,” he told us.  “It’s my car, so you have to put up with my singing.”   That made Cam and I both laugh.   But it was good too because we knew we could sing along even if we sucked.  After we listened to some Billy Elliot, Craig let Cam connect his phone and control the music for a while.  Cam was really happy to play some stuff that we were more into.  Hip hop and alternative type stuff.  Craig didn’t get to sing along as much because he didn’t know the songs, except for when Cam played some twenty one pilots stuff.   Craig likes them a ton.  He even told us he would take them to see them next time they came to town!

After that Craig played some of the songs from the Hamilton musical for us and they were actually pretty cool – some of them were rap battles.  Now I really want to see that show! It seems cool.  Maybe Craig was right about us gay guys liking musicals.


Craig got us there really fast!  He had a radar detector thing so he wasn’t afraid to speed. He had to slow down a couple times when it went off.   We had time to eat a light lunch at Panera and swing by our hotel to check in.  We were staying at a Hyatt Place and it was a really cool looking hotel.   When we got our room – top floor because Craig says he’s a member or something, Cam and I were both really jazzed.   It wasn’t just a regular hotel room.  It was like a tiny apartment!  There was a desk, a small kitchen area and a sofa that converted into a bed.   The real bed was in its own room!  

Cam and I looked at each other and grinned.  I knew we were both thinking the same thing:  if Craig was in the bedroom and we had the couch to ourselves, he couldn’t hear us if we started doing stuff.   “This is our bed, right?” Cam asked him once we looked around.  

“Well, I’m not letting you dorks have the real bed,” Craig answered.   When he took his bag into the bed room Cam and I both gave each other a thumbs up.  This was going to be perfect.

When we got to the lobby, we ran into Ian and Spencer.  Ian’s mom was trying to get them checked in quickly so they could make it to the gym.  I guess she doesn’t drive as fast as Craig!   Craig offered to take Ian and Spencer and let Ian’s mom relax, so we ended up with all four of us in Craig’s BMW to the gym and back.


Our light practice at the gym went really well.   I was totally on, which was surprising because between everything I did I was constantly thinking about sharing a bed with Cam in a few hours.  I don’t know how I wasn’t boning up between practicing my various routines.

When practice was over, Craig took us all back to the hotel.  Ian’s mom had stayed and had a nap but had texted Craig and made plans for us all to go to dinner once we got back and showered.  Craig told us his car reeked with 4 sweaty gymnasts smelling it up.   It was going to be fun hanging out with Ian and Spencer, but of course what I was really looking forward to was alone time with my hot boyfriend.

As it turns out, that alone time came way sooner than expected!   After we got back to the room, Craig went to the bathroom and then told us he was going to run some errands while we got showered up.   He had to get gas and was going to pick up some snacks for him and some protein bars that Ian’s mom suggested for us since neither  of  our moms packed any.   “I’ll be gone at least 45 minutes,” he told us as he grabbed his room key off the desk.  “Should be plenty of time for you guys to shower and be ready for dinner, right?” he added and gave me a wink.   

Cam and I had been sitting on the couch, looking at our phones.  As soon as Craig left and the door latched, Cam launched himself onto me, pushing me back against the arm of the couch.   His tongue was quickly exploring my mouth and I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him tight as we mad out frantically.    My hands roamed up and down his back and we kept kissing.   We were so frenzied that we were quickly panting and sweating, adding to the layer of sweet sweat from our two hour workout.   Finally we broke free.  “We have to shower Cam,” I told him, though I’d rather have kept at our tongue wrestling.

“Let’s take a shower together,” Cam suggested.

“What if he comes back while we’re in there?” I asked.

“We’ll just say I had to pee or something,” Cam said.  He’s being clever as usual.  While he was speakng, I had looked at my phone.   Craig had sent me a text.  “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do ;)” he had texted.  And he had shared his location with me!  I could see where he was and if he was coming back.

“Fuckin’ A,” I exclaimed with excitement.

“What?” Cam asked. 

I showed him the phone with Craig’s location.   “He shared his location so we can see when he’s almost back.”

“Come on then!  What are we waiting for?” Cam said.  He led us into the bathroom and turned on the shower.  I set my phone on the shelf above the toilet so we could see it and started to undress.  “Wait!” he said. 

I looked at him, puzzled.   “I want to undress each other,” he said, smiling.   He stepped to me and kissed me passionately again for several seconds.  Then he pulled my t-shirt from the bottom and lifted it over my head.  He traced his fingers over my bare chest.   He leaned over and kissed my nipples.   “Whew boy,” he said as he pulled away.   “You’re ripe son,” he teased.   Next he got down on his knees and helped me strip off my socks and tossed them on top of my shirt.   He pulled my shorts down and I stepped out of them, leaving me in my underwear – grey UA boxerjocks which outlined my stiff cock.   He stood back up and kissed me again while he rubbed his hand across my hard cock through the slick material of my underwear.

“Oh god, that feels so good Cam,” I moaned.  

“Um, um.  Let’s set little Max free,” he said and hooked his thumbs inside my waistband and pushed them down my legs.  I loved how he comes up with silly things like that – calling my dick little Max.  As he bent over my hard cock sprung up and caught his chin.    “God I love your cock Max,” he said as he stood back up and grabbed it and forced his tongue back into my throat.   He broke free.  “Now strip me.”  I loved how he takes control.  It really turns me on when he’s like that.

I removed his t-shirt and kissed his chest and nipples.  I inhaled his sweaty aroma.  I suppose that I should have been grossed out by it, but I wasn’t.  It was manly, musty, and I actually liked it.  I kissed him more before I pushed his shorts down and over his bare feet.   (He had taken his socks off out by the couch.)  I’d never paid much attention to Cam’s feet before, but looking down on them I admired them.  They were nice and smooth and not bony or anything.   God! Even his fucking feet are turning me on!    His cock was rock hard too.   Mine was pointing straight up but his still confined by his red Reebox trunks.    I pressed my fingers against his polyester covered rod and gave it a squeeze and noticed a wet spot form at the end of his cock.  I had made hit leak some of the precum stuff just by squeezing it!

He must have been really ready to shower because he pushed his trunks off, revealing his perfect cock…..  the cock I’d felt in the hot tub at his house….  the cock he’s sexted me pictures of too many times to count… the cock I’d briefly felt in his bed.  But this was different than all those times.   This time it was right there, in front of me, in perfect light.  I could see the blue veins spider their way up the shaft.  I could see the drop of wetness forming at the end of his piss hole.   I reached for it and ran my hand up and down.   “We better get to showering, before …you know….,” I said to him.   I was still afraid Craig would come home and see what we were doing.  It’s not that I think he would care, just that it would be kind of awkward.

Cam grabbed my phone and checked the map.    “He’s pretty far away.   At a grocery store.  We got some time,” he assured me.   In the shower we wrapped our arms around each other and let our lips come together again as the hot water ran over us.   Our cocks were also pressing against each other and the addition of hot water only added to the amazing sensations.

“Let’s wash each other,” Cam suggested.   We both got our hair wet and squirted shampoo into our palms and rubbed into each other’s blond mops.   It was like getting your hair washed at the salon, only this was better.  Cam was doing it… rubbing the soap into my hair and gently massaging my scalp, as I did the same to him.   We rinsed the shampoo off and then Cam started washing me.  He took the bar of soap and rubbed it all over my back and then down onto my butt cheeks.   He gave them both a squeeze and then he really surprised me by getting a bunch of soap on his hands and rubbing into my ass crack, even touching my butthole and making it tickle.  I flinched and pulled away.   “Gotta get everything nice and clean don’t we,” he joked as I turned around.

He soaped up my chest next.  I loved the feel of his soapy hand running across my smooth pecs.   He quickly moved down though and when his soapy hand slid around the shaft of my cock for the first time, my knees actually buckled.   I jerk off in the shower plenty and use soap, but something about Cam’s hand doing it felt completely different.   As he stroked it the bottom of his hand was rubbing that super sensitive part on the bottom and then he made a small circle with his hand and little finger so that my head had to slide through the opening with each stroke.  I was in heaven… BUT I was about to explode.. so I pushed his hand away and took the soap from him.

I washed him like he did me, though I wasn’t as daring to touch his butthole.  Instead of having him turn around to wash his front, I nestled him from behind and reached around him.   I soaped his arms and chest as I pressed into him from behind, my cock wedging into the warm crack of his bum.   He moaned.  I moaned.   “Oh fuck Max,” he pleaded, “Jerk my big dick.”

“Little Cam you mean?” I whispered and tickled him.  He just pushed my hand down until it touched his shaft.  I soaped it up and then ran soap over his smooth balls before starting to really stroke his cock.   He responded to my stroking by thrusting his hips slowly, which caused my throbbing cock to work up and down his still soapy ass crack.    I ran my slick fingers over the head, squeezing tight as I pushed his glans through the hole I made with my thumb and index fingers. 

“Oh god,” he moaned.  “Faster Max, faster!” he pleaded.  I gripped a little tighter and began stroking him faster.  His hips moved quicker too.  I pressed my cock into his ass and thrust my hips and he continued to thrust  too.   “Oh shiitttttttttttt,” he yelled and gripped his hand over mine and franticly pumped at his cock until I felt it pulse.  I looked around him to watch Cam’s hot jizz spray out of his cock.  I could tell he came really hard.   “Jesus that was awesome Max.  Thanks.”

He turned and pulled me into another kiss, his tongue pushing deep into my throat.  He pulled away.  “Now let me make you shoot,” he said.  “Unless you’d rather just wait or something,” he teased.

“No way shithead,” I said jokingly.  “I gotta cum Cam.”   He reached down and found the bar soap in the water and spun me around and out of the shower spray.   He soaped his hand and reached around from behind like I did him and began stroking my cock.   He slowly slid his slick hand up and over the top, grasping the head.  I could feel some stuff leaking out which he ran all over my dick with his thumb.    “Jerk me dammit Cam, before Craig comes back and I have to sit with blue balls all through dinner.”  I was worried about Craig, but I was really more desperate to cum.   He gripped my dick and began working it like a madman.  I began thrusting my hips.   My butt pressed back against his softening meat.   It didn’t take long and I exploded, yelling out as one jet after another shot from the end of my throbbing rod.

He gently let go of my cock and it began to soften.   He turned around and rinsed his hand off and then I rinsed the soap off my cock.  “That was fucking awesome Cam,” I said. 

“Yep.  Totally,” he answered, smiling.  He shut off the water and pulled back the curtain and reached out and grabbed us a couple of towels.   As we dried off, I checked my phone.  I could see Craig was on his way back and a few blocks away still.   We were fine.   “Make sure you pee Max.  I read online you should always pee after you shoot.  It’s like healthy or something.”

We stood side by side at the toilet and peed.  It was funny because mine came out really hard and fast and Cam’s kind of dribbled - even though his dick was bigger than mine.   As he shook the last of the piss from his dick, Cam looked up at me.  “So, after Craig goes to bed are you up for sucking each other?  I really want you to suck my dick Max.”

“Uh….ok….” I muttered.  I didn’t know any other way to answer.  It was weird, as soon as I had cum in the shower, I no longer felt like doing anything sexual!  I mean I know that would wear off, but I really wasn’t sure about trying sucking, yet.   It was odd, because I would have done it like 10 minutes before in the shower when I was so horned up, but now that I had done an orgasm, I wasn’t so sure.

  I peeked out the door of the bathroom to make double sure Craig wasn’t back and we both walked out naked to our bags.  I pulled out my yellow Calvin Kleins that Cam gave to me.  I was excited to wear them for Cam.  I had to laugh thought when I turned around and saw that Cam was wearing a pair just like mine, only in a bright blue.  We were Calvin Klein twins.   “Nice,” Cam said, pointing at my yellow trunks and laughing.  “I figured you’d wear those this weekend.  I got those the same time as these.  We match.”

Then it got even funnier.   Craig walked in just as we were laughing about our matching Calvin Klein trunks and started laughing.  I thought he was laughing about us being half dressed or something, but he was laughing at our matching underwear styles.  “Nice matching undies guys, that’s really cute,” he said.   “But seriously, you guys won’t fucking believe this.”

Cam and I looked at each other and then back at him.  “What?” we both shrugged. Craig lifted his shirt up and pushed his jeans down just enough to show the waistband of his underwear.  Calvin Klein.  Yellow….. the exact same color as mine.  We all busted up laughing.  Then I remembered, I think those were what he was wearing the first night he picked me up and I spied on his dick at the restaurant.  I hadn’t realized the ones Cam gave me were just like Craig’s.   Too funny!

 Neither Cam nor I felt weird about being in our underwear around Craig.  It seemed completely natural.  I guess that’s not really surprising since Cam and his dad do the hot tub naked and stuff.

  “Ok Calvin’s, get a move on.  Ian and Spencer are already waiting in the lobby for us.”  The whole rest of the weekend Craig called us the Calvins.   It was funny since it was a total inside joke.


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