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Naughty Childhood Secretes


I have started this story so many times. Let's see what happens this time.

This is a true account of some of the boy-boy sex I had as a child. I know I have posted some of this history before in different stories, but this is a totally new account of those...

Naughty Childhood Secretes

James and I started being sexual with each other when we were both about 11 years old. James was my next door neighbor boy. James was a might bigger at the time than I was. He was always bigger than me. James had short brown hair, the same as I did. James was kind of geeky looking. He had messed up teeth, not a pretty smile. Not like he was a monster. Back then our parents couldn't afford braces, not many kids had them then. But we excepted each other the way we were. James was a fit boy. Not fat at all. Neither was I. We played like most boys that age do, until we found the thrill and joys of orgasms.

On the other hand I was a small kid. James towered me by a head. I was a very active boy and we didn't have fast food to eat. I wrestled in school while James played football.

Back in the early 70's gay and free sex was talked about a lot in the news and among other boys at school. It was the new age of sex. But even at that, it was still considered to be queer to have sex with another boy. No boy wanted to be labeled a queer.

I had played sexually with a boy cousin my age before James, so James wasn't my first.

One summer day after playing with a football in the hot sun, James and I retreated to my families garage to escape the sun. We were both sweaty. I recall the gleam of light against his wet, tight skin. We only wore cut-off jeans back then. We didn't have the cute boy shorts they have now days. I had thought about seducing my young friend before. Even at such a young age I was very sexual.

I guess I started it. As we cooled down and talked I asked him if he wanted to play buggy. He asked me what kind of game playing buggy was. I told him it was when two boys rub their wieners together. He must have liked the idea because within a short time we had pulled our shorts down to our knees and were touching each other's privets. It was so great to see his little, hairless dick get hard and long. He must have liked how my pecker did the same thing. Soon we were rubbing our hard, little boners against each other's. It was so naughty it made my heart speed. Our sex play that day didn't last long but it left a burning memory in my brain.

As I continued to explore boy-boy sex with my cousin I learned what an orgasm felt like. I was dead hooked then! I just had to show James the joy of it.

We were all still too young to make semen but the orgasms' were there. Our sex play turned into oral sex. It was so naughty to have another boy's dirty dick in my mouth. Mother had told me not to play with other boys like that. What did she know? I thought it was Great!

As James and I continued our naughty sex play, I still played with my cousin when we had the chance. I even taught a younger boy cousin how to play naughty with me.

So in all, I grew up having boy sex with three different boys for nearly 8 years. This lasted until I became 18. That's when I decided not to play with boys any longer. I knew I had come of age and I would have rather been caught having sex with other men rather than with an under aged boy.

( All Good things must come to an end. : - ( But, not as long as I still have my memories. : - )

Here are some true stories I have wrote. I hope you like them.

Cousin Charlie;

We started playing naughty with each other when I was 10 and he was 6. We shared oral favors off and on for 7 years.

The two most memorable times I can remember with cousin Charlie.

First, was when I was 13 and he was 9.

We were playing hide and seek with his older brother by 2 years at our Grandma's house outdoors. Charlie and I were hiding in the basement of a new house under construction next door.

As we hid I asked Charlie if he would like me to suck him. He was more then willing. I sucked the young boy off as he shuttered and had his dry orgasm.

Then it was my turn for him to suck me. He had been used to my small amounts of watery, young, boy-cum, but it had been 5 or 6 months since we last played that I squirted my stuff in his mouth. This time when he sucked me off to orgasm he was very surprised when I filled his mouth and throat full of my newly acquired thick, creamy semen.

He gagged as I forced my four inch cock to the back of his throat and shot my big-boy load. He didn't like that very well! That was the last time he ever sucked me off.


My second best time with Charlie was when I was 17 and he was 13.

His mother and he were visiting my mom and me. His mother asked me to take the young lad for a walk and have a talk with him about his poor grades in school.

I didn't give a shit about his school work, my thoughts were more along the lines of trying to seduce my young cousin again.

As how I lived in the country, we took a walk through the woods to a nearby hay field. We sat down on the ground in the shade to rest.

I asked him if he wanted to suck dicks again. He quickly told me, no... he wasn't going to do that again.

I asked him if I could suck his dick. Again he told me no.

I assured him that he didn't have to suck my dick, that I would be happy just to suck him off. After some coaxing he agreed.

I told him to stand up and pull his pants down. He stood up and did as I requested.

As I still sat on the ground, I pulled the young boy close to me, his hard little 4 inch dick was right in my face. He had a little patch of black pubic hair above his cock.

I took his hard boy-dick into my mouth and began to suck him. It only took about 2 or 3 minutes of my sucking and he was ready to cum.

As he started to orgasm, his legs became weak and trembled causing him to want to fall to his knees. I held him tightly by his soft, firm butt cheeks with his dick shooting his creamy, boy stuff into my mouth. I slowly eased him backwards down onto the ground. As his body got closer to the ground, he put his arms out behind himself to catch his body from falling over backwards. I held the boy's lower body up with my hands under his ass as I continued to suck his ejaculating boy-boner while his body shook in ecstasy.

I kept sucking him until after his young nuts were empty.

He begged me to stop sucking, as how it tickled his young cock too much.

Having drained the young boy of his fresh sperm, I eased him to the ground.

As he laid there in a daze, I stood up and pushed my shorts down. My 17 year old, 5 inch teen cock was rock hard. I stated to jack off. It took less then a minute and I was ready to blow my load.

I squatted over the young boy laying on the ground in front of me and

shot my cum onto his belly and twitching, little dick.

When I was done cuming, I took Charlie's briefs and wiped my spunk from his body and threw them in the weeds.

After we both recovered, we got redressed and walked back to my house.

On the way home, with his young seed in my belly, I told him his mom wanted me to talk to him about his school work. I simply told him to get his shit together or he would be a dumb ass all his life.


Cousin Randy;

Randy and I started fooling around sexually when we were 10. We shared oral favors many, many times as we grew up.

I have three most memorable experiences with Randy.

First; When we were 13. It was a sleep over.

His dad and mine were in the kitchen one night drinking beer and talking.

We boys had been sent to bed. Bed time was midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. Our dads didn't want to fuck with us kids anyways.

I don't remember where our moms where, but they weren't there that night. Just our dads.

After we fucked around and made noise enough, my dad came into my bedroom, gave us hell and told us to go to sleep.

My bedroom door didn't have a working lock.

Having that done, Randy and I thought it was safe to play with each other.

As long as we were quiet, our dads wouldn't check on us again.

I shared a room with my older brother but he wasn't there that night.

I took the blankets off of my bed and laid them out on the floor. We got naked together between the two blankets. We played with each other's little boners a few minutes. The house was quiet, only we could hear our dads talking and laughing loudly. Sometimes we would hear one of them get up from the table and walk to the fridge for more beer, or walk outside and take a piss.

Randy and I really took a chance that night!

Randy told me, "I want you to put it in me." We had talked about doing it in the past. I really wanted to try it, but that night I was afraid of getting caught by our dads. They would surely kill us if they caught us butt fucking!

Randy was persistent about it.

"Come on." he told me. "You can do it to me first."

I knew if I fucked him first he was going to fuck me next. I gave into my better judgment and agreed.

It was dark in my bedroom but there was some light that filtered in from the hallway under the door. He pulled our cover off, then turned to lay on his belly. He spit into his hand and rubbed it onto his butt-hole.

I got behind him and tried to find his hole with my little dick. I was only about 4" long.

When I found it I pushed and my small cock-head slipped into his butt.

"Oh!" he gasped, "Go easy." I told him I was sorry.

After a moment he told me to go ahead, so I pushed a little further.

When I got to the end of my stroke, I had half of my dick in him. He had two inches of butt cheek, therefore, I could only get the first two inches of my boy-cock inside of him.

I started fucking him with short strokes. He was so tight and the heat from his hole felt awesome. Better than any blow job I ever had.

After about 3 minutes of me fucking his young, tight, butt-hole, I shot my load into his virgin ass.

He told me how good it had felt with my dick in his ass. Then it was his turn to fuck me.

We traded positions on the floor. I did as he had done and laid on my belly.

He spit on his fingers and rubbed it over my butt-hole and his boy-boner. He rubbed his dick around my crack till he found my hole and pushed against it. I relaxed and the head of his dick slipped through my ring. It hurt a little and I told him to stop.

As the pain subsided I told him to go ahead. As he slowly pushed his cock deeper into my body... it felt wonderful! He expressed how hot and tight my hole was.

I loved the feeling of his hot meat sliding in and out of my body. Naturally it didn't take long and he was shooting his young, teen boy-sperms into my ass.

After he blew his load, he pulled his dick from my hole. I instantly felt an emptiness. I wanted to have that feeling again. I had enjoyed it very much!

The second most fond memory with Randy was a sleep over at his house.

This time we were 15.

We had made plans to sleep in a tent some 100 yards from his house. He had had a neighbor get him two bottles of Boone's Farm wine.

As dark fell we opened one of the bottles and shared it. After about 15 minutes we started to feel the effects of the wine. We got naked and went into the tent and began to play with each other's cock. Of course our teen dicks were hard as hell!

We formed our favorite position, 69. We sucked and licked each other everywhere. We licked each other's sacks and balls and licked ass holes.

The alcohol had numbed our senses and we sucked each other for a nice, long time before we were ready to cum.

We had been together most of the day without any sex between us. Our nuts were full and ready to explode.

We filled each other's mouths with our cum and swallowed each other's teen seed.

After we rested and caught our breath, we went out of the tent and smoked cigarettes. We opened the second bottle of wine and shared it. We both had a pretty good buzz on now.

Now for round 2 of the night...

We went back into the tent. We both knew we wanted to fuck each other.

This would only be the second time for us to fuck.

Randy was prepared, he had brought a bottle of hand cream. He opened the hand cream and applied some to his ass as he laid on his back. He handed me the hand cream and I smeared some on my hard cock. He pulled his knees to his chest to open his asshole for me.

With the aid of the hand cream my teen boner slipped into his hole with ease. He moaned with pleaser as I slowly worked my hard cock in and out

of his slippery gut.

Our cocks had grown since the last time we had fucked each other. There was more sensation in my cock as my strokes were longer this time. His ring was tight as it griped my shaft.

Since I had emptied my nuts earlier and with the alcohol numbing my

senses, I fucked him long and slow. God... it was awesome!

Randy continued to moan and pull my hips tighter to his ass, he wanted as much of my cock in him as possible. He bucked his ass onto my fucking teen cock. I fucked him for about 15 minutes loving every minute of it!

As I felt my nuts start to tighten, I began to fuck him faster and harder.

He grunted, "Harder... harder!"

I was slamming my cock as hard as I could into his tight, teen ass-hole, my nuts slapping against his ass.

As I started to cum I pushed my cock as deep into him as I could. I ground my pubes against his ass as he pulled me into him and humped up against my cuming teen meat. I emptied my young nuts into his bowels.

After my ejaculations stopped, I left my throbbing dick stay in his hot hole.

I moved my cock slowly, very slowly in and out of his hole a few more times. My dick-head was so sensitive the action made my body twitch and jerk.

How could any thing that felt so good, be so bad?

After I pulled my spent cock from his ass hole we both had to rest and catch our breath.

When rested, Randy was ready to fuck my... teen, boy-pussy.

Again we used the hand cream to lube with. I assumed my position on my back with my knees pulled up to my chest. Randy knelt below me and took hold of his hard cock guiding it to find my opening. He pushed and his dick-head slipped into my ass-hole. He stopped until I told him to go ahead.

He slowly pushed his kid-cock all the way into me and stopped. It felt like it was a mile long. He told me how tight and hot my hole was around his dick. He pulled back to where only his cock-head was still in my hole, then he began his slow fucking me.

I loved the feeling of his dick sliding in and out of my body! His cock felt warm in my gut. He fucked me slowly with long, deep strokes. He fucked me as I had done to him. His cock rubbing against my prostate made my dick hard again. He fucked me for a long time and I was loving it! I bucked my ass up to meet his forward stroke.

When he told me he was going to cum I pulled him by the hips into me as far as I could. I could feel his cock throb inside of me as he shot his seed into my butt.

I had another orgasm myself. My semen flowed out of my dick without

ejaculation. I had never experienced anything like that before.

When his nuts were spent he pulled his dick from my body. Again I felt emptiness.

He rolled over and laid beside me. We both fell asleep, spooning and holding each other for a short while. When we woke we fucked each other again.

That was a long night of pure, raw, naughty boy sex! We didn't really go to sleep till about 5:00 in the morning. We slept till noon.


3rd most memorable time with Randy ;

My mom and dad got divorced when I was 16. Mom and I moved into a mobile home.

When I was 17, I learned that Randy and his family were going to move away to another state. Of course I was saddened. Not only was I going to lose my best friend but was going to lose my best lover too!

I decided I should give Randy a good-bye fucking. I invited him to come visit me.

It was a snowy, winter Saturday afternoon. I had gotten 4 quarts of beer and had them stashed in the snow outside, just out the back door of the mobile home. My bed room was next to the back door.

Randy showed up about 3:00 that afternoon. After making small talk in the dinning room with my mom, Randy and I went back to my bedroom. I turned on my stereo. Not loud but just enough to make some noise to cover our conversation.

Mom was in the kitchen. I slipped outside and brought in 2 quarts of beer. Mom was no fool. My mom was pretty cool, she knew I drank and

smoked pot. She would rather I did those things at home than do them away from home.

Randy and I drank beer and smoked weed from my bong as we talked and listened to music.

I told him how much I would miss him and he told me he would miss me too. Under the influence we became sentimental and hugged each other.

We kissed for the first and last time. We laid on my bed for a few minutes and just held each other. Our loving, physical contact aroused us sexually. We began to fondle each other.

I unbuckled Randy's belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. He lifted his hips as I pulled his jeans down past his knees.

Randy had a nice bulge in his white briefs. I rubbed his boner through the light cloth.

I pulled his underwear down to expose his hard, young cock. I took his boy meat into my mouth and slowly sucked on his dick and played with his balls. I loved the familiar taste of his cock! His dick was about 5 inches long at the time and rather thick. A mouth-full to say the least.

I stopped sucking him. I leaned down, untied and took his shoes off. Then I pulled his pants and underwear off. He took off his shirt. He was now completely naked as he laid on my bed. We had never had sex with each other on my bed before.

I rubbed my hands all over his body from head to toe. I licked his young, hard body every where. I licked his neck and worked my way down to his chest and nipples. I sucked one tit then the other as my hands rubbed his stomach. I continued to lick my way down his belly, stopping to tongue his belly button. As he laid back on my bed his fingers gently rubbed my head and toyed with my hair.

I stopped licking him and got off the bed. I pulled him by his feet to the edge of the bed so that his legs dangled off the side.

I got down on my knees on the floor so that his dick was right in front of my face. I spread his legs apart and started licking him again. I licked the insides of his thighs and all around his sex. I licked his sack and sucked his nuts into my mouth one at a time, all the while rubbing his belly and hips.

Having tasted most of the teen's body, I directed my attention to his swollen dick. There was precum oozing from his piss slit, I licked the fluid from his gland. I took his boy-cock into my mouth once again. It was warm, almost hot in my mouth.

My premeditated plan was to give him such great sexual gratification... he would never forget me!

I slowly sucked his boy-boner back and fourth. I rolled my tongue around the head of his cock and tongued his piss slit.

As I sucked my cousin, I played with and tugged on his balls. My fingers found his ass hole and I fingered it.

After sucking his dick for a couple of minutes I stopped and licked all around his sex again, trying to prolong his orgasm. I licked back to his belly and chest to suck his tits again, then licked my way back to his dick.

I toyed with the boy like this for near a half an hour, not wanting him to cum yet. My tongue and mouth were starting to get tired so I decided to stop fucking around and bring him to climax.

I sucked his cock hard, deep and deliberately. Randy started breathing harder and began to hump his cock in and out of my mouth.

I let him have his way with me. The end of his cock hitting the back of my throat. I felt his cock swell. Randy began to grunt and moan. I backed off to where just his dick head was still in my mouth. I tongued the underside of his dick.

Randy's body started to shake and jerk as he began his orgasm. I continued to suck the end of his dick, like a baby would suck a tit. I felt his strong streams of teen cum hit the back of my throat. I let his warm sperm fill the cavity of my mouth. With the end of his dick still in my mouth, his cum quickly filled my mouth and I had to start swallowing his young seed.

Having milked the boys nuts, I let his cock slip from my mouth. It made a slapping sound as it sprang back and hit his belly. I rubbed his groins as I watched his dick twitch and ooze the last drops of sperm from his dick.

As his breathing slowed, I leaned forwards and licked the remaining cum from the end of his cock. When my tongue touched his sensitive cock-head it jerked involuntarily.

I finally let the boy rest.

I got up... picked up his clothes and tossed them on him. I told him, "Here... put your clothes back on... I'm going to go see what Mom is doing."

As I walked to the locked door, I wiped my mouth and face with my shirt sleeve.

When I got to the kitchen, Mom was standing at the stove cooking with her back towards me.

I patted her on the ass and hugged her. I leaned over and put my head on her shoulder. I asked her, "What Ya cookin?"

She told me, "Chicken and noodles... but it will be a while, I just got started."

I told her, "Ummm... smells good already!"

I turned and opened the fridge. I got 2 cans of Coke out and closed the door. I turned back to Mom and kissed her on her cheek before I turned to go back to my bedroom.

As I walked through the living room, I wondered to myself... Could Mom have smelt Randy's sperm on my breath when my mouth was so close to her face? I certainly could still taste it!

When I got to the back door I stepped outside and set the 2 cans of Coke in the snow and picked up the other 2 quarts of beer. I went back into my


Randy had his clothes back on. We smoked some more pot and drank more beer.

I wasn't done with this boy yet! I knew I may never get another chance to have him this way again and I wanted to make the best of it!

I started feeling him up again. I started to strip his clothes back off. He teased and said, "I just put all this shit back on." I told him I liked him better naked.

As he laid again, naked on my bed, he sported a boner. He was ready again!

He watched as I took off my clothes. I crawled onto my bed and on top of him. I ground my hard dick against his. We play-fucked like this for a while, just humping and hugging each other. I was so hard my dick hurt! I decided enough was enough.

I got up off the bed and went to my dresser drawer. I reached under my T- shirts and retrieved the tube of KY I had stashed then got back in my bed with Randy.

I opened the tube and rubbed some on his hard cock, then I rubbed some on my ass-hole. I squatted over his dick as I faced away from him.

I reached between my thighs and took hold of his hard slick dick. I squatted lower until his dick head was touching my hole. I moved his dick around until I felt it find the center of my ass hole. I squatted farther and applied my weight against his tapered cock head. I continued and his dick slipped into my ass. I slowly let my gut swallow his teenage dick until I was sitting on his pubic bone. He moaned aloud as well as I did!

I slowly began to hump my ass up and down on my cousin's hard boner.

The heat from his rod felt incredible inside my body! My dick became rock hard as his cock massaged my prostate. I didn't even know what a prostate was. All I knew was that I liked my cousin's cock sliding in and out of my ass-hole.

Randy cupped my ass cheeks and helped guide my ass up and down his ridged pole. Soon he was holding my body up and was fucking me from below. I started jacking my dick and just let him fuck me.

It wasn't long and he pushed into me as hard and deep as he could. I felt his cock ejaculate his seed into my gut and that sent me over the edge to my own orgasm.

My cum shot out of my dick and flew three feet away and landed on the front of my dresser. My first two shots hit the dresser then tapered off.

Three more landed short and landed on the carpet, then another hit the edge of the bed.

I was totally spent and rolled over on my side as Randy rolled with me. We laid on our sides panting for breath.

After a minute or so we regained ourselves and Randy pulled his still hard dick from my ass. I had wanted him to stay in me longer. I felt so empty I wanted to cry!

That was the last time Randy and I had sex together. That was 31 years ago.

We have seen each other a few times over the years since he moved and have talked on the phone... but we have never talked about all the boy sex we shared.