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M'name's Reed an' this is how I met Jimmy an' we became special.

So I'm sittin' outside the lunch room on the grass nexta the patio an' Jimmy comes an' sits down too, and he's wearing them nice clothes of his. His daddy's a dentist. Mine just owns the junk yard east of town. But there's only one school, so we all go there: them fancy folks, like Jimmy and us white trash, too.

So Jimmy comes and sets next to me, 'cuz there's... well, see there's this little kind of a drop-off behind the school, where it starts down towards the creek, and the edge of it gives you a place to sit normal, with your feet kinda down lower, so's you kin relax and sit comftable. And anyway, there's only about 4 butts' worth of grass and then the dirt starts. So Jimmy's sittin' just a couple of feet to the left of me. An' he says, "Reed, let me change places with you." Jimmy don't normally have but a soft accent, but he's talkin' like he's fum the back woods: "change places with yew." And he stands up.

Don't mean nothin' to me, so I move over some an' Jimmy plunks back down and goes back to sayin' nothin'. He picks him a piece of grass straw to chew. Puts it between his teeth.

"So Jimmy, what the fuck'uz that about? Whydja wanta sit there so bad?"

"Oh, I just felt a fart comin' on, an I wanted t'get upwind of you, Reed."

"Oh fuck you, Jimmy. You all sittin' there in them fancy dressy clothes."

"Well, there's one spot about to be less nice," says Jimmy, and he let 'er rip, "The seat of these here trousers!" Trow-zahs. Trow-zahs, he says an' the stink come over me.

"Fuck me nekkid, that sumbitch stinks," I laughed. You hafta unnerstand. To a boy, farts are funny, simple as that.

"Well," says Jimmy, "I just needed to defend myself." Where we 'uz fum, it came out like "de-finned mah-sef."

"De-finned yo' sef fum what?" I ask.

"Fum yo' breath, I rekin," says Jimmy, lookin' straight ahead, chewin' his straw.

Now that hurt. Cause, you know, I never thought nothin' of it 'till yestidday. I was talkin' to that little cutie Bethanie Hotchkiss, an' she backs away fum me an' looks like I tried to hit her or somethin'. So I says "What is it?" an' she says' "Oh, Reed, yo' breath," an' puts her fingers over that sweet little nose'a hers. Right there where ever'body could see. I like to of died right there.

An' like I said, I never thought nothin' of it, befo'. But then, I never had no interest in getting' close to nobody up until kinda recently. You know, with getting them boners so bad an' all. So, when Jimmy said "breath," it kinda made me feel bad, an' I guess Jimmy saw that on my face an' he looked kinda sorry.

"So Reed," says Jimmy, "You know my dad does free teeth cleanings last Friday ever' month. Why don't you let him take care of that little problem? Won't cost nothin'. An' school's out that day."

Well, I like to break down right there an' start cryin'. I think... -- of course I was all embarrassed -- It's like... I mean, I don't... I felt like... like Jimmy was the first person who gave a fuck how I was doin'. Since we buried Momma, anyways. Losin' Momma... it just seemed to make Daddy more pissed off than ever. I'm sure glad the man don't drink. But I had to work with him ever'day, so pissed off ain't a good thing. Thang.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I said I'd have to ask my daddy, since I was s'posed to be workin' at the junkyard, An' to my surprise, Daddy's face sort of softened when I asked, an' he said, "Sure, son. I think that would be a heck of a thing. Too late for me, but you should be takin' care of your teeth 'fore they start gettin' all messed up, like mine." S' true, too. He ain't got more'n 5 or 6 of them fuckers left, I rekin.

I musta looked real happy, cause Daddy says, "But you gotta take a bath an' wear clean clothes when you go in there, so you don't stink the place up and look like we's trash." We sorta is, but no point in lookin' the part if you can hep it.

So I did. I soaked an' scrubbed. Washed my dick and ever'thing. Daddy took a long look at me an' said, "Look at you! Dang, boy! You clean up purty good. Gonna hav'ta be gettin' you some new pants, here. Those's getting' kinda small on you."

"Whaddya mean?" I said, looking down at the bottoms. The legs looked long enough an' ever'thing.

"I kin see your tallywhacker, boy. Can't see your ankles, but your dick is right there for the whole world to admire."

I sorta blushed, then: "Well, ain't they s'posed to?"

"Not ever'body. Not old ladies an' shit. Only if they's about to do sump'n nice to it. An' normally you ain't got no pants on anyway, fer that."

I musta turned six shades of red, cuz daddy just cackled his ass off, smacked me on the butt and sent me on my way. I rode into town and dropped my bike in front of Dr. Fisker's office and presented myself. Mah sef. The receptionist had me to sign in -- an' no, I didn' stick my tongue outta the corner of my mouth and use the pen like a fuckin' crayon -- an' she handed me a tooth brush and a little tiny tube of toothpaste.

"Go brush," she said, "Lavatory's to the left." Guess I looked blank at the word 'lavatory,' cause she looked over at me sorta sudden and hard and said, "Bathroom. Sink. Brush yo' teeth!"

I blushed and then went an' brushed -- 'least there warn't no lava in there -- and then came back and started looking through the magazines. One of them was one of those "People" kind of things, but all the celiburtys -- the ones I rekinized, anyway -- looked awful young. Awful damn young. Then I looked at the date on the front. That magazine was near as old as I am, an' I'm in 8th. Costed 35 cents.

So, they ran this drill thing over my teeth and it screeched and rattled and set my nerves on edge an' they made me spit out a lot of stuff that felt like sand and they sat me back up an' told me to brush my teeth ever' morning 'fore school and ever' night 'fore bed and come back in one month "for a real cleaning." I asked why the month an' the lady said she din't want me bleedin' all over her office. Said by then things woulda "calmed down."

Well, that might not have been a "real" cleaning, but I run my tongue over 'em an' my teeth sure felt like they was 3 sizes smaller then before. And I could suck air between them and make these whistlin' sounds. High up, like a dog whistle. Anyways, as I was leaving, I see Jimmy ride up on his bike and he steps off an' dumps it out front with a crash an' he walks in just as I'm leaving.

"Let's see," he says, "Show me.

I musta looked blank, 'cause he smirks and says, "Your teeth, Reed. Get your mind outta the gutter." I like to laugh my ass off, it seemed so clever. Anyway, I showed him, and he says, "Breathe on me."

I did and Jimmy says, "All right!" He looked so happy for me that it sorta touched something. Jimmy cared. That fucker cared! Then he says, "Can you wait here for about 2 minutes?"

I said yes and he went in the back and knocked on a door. I heard it open and Jimmy says, "Hey Dad, can I talk you out of five bucks, I want to take Reed over to Abby's to celebrate." Then, "Not all that well, but he's always been nice to me at school." Then, "Gee thanks!... Do you want the change back?... My Christmas present? But it's May. Sssss! Okay, Thanks a bunch, Dad."

So, he's back and we go out to our bikes and he looks kind of shy and he asks me if I want to go have a rootbeer float over at Abby's and he tells me his dad laid ten bucks on him. Tyen bucks!

"Damn right!" I said, flashing my new teeth, and we jumped on our bikes. As I pushed off to follow Jimmy I felt warm. I had a new friend.

So we go to Abby's and we change our minds and both order a banana split and sit there bullshitting and giggling about shit, and I find myself really liking Jimmy. He wasn't stuck up or nothin'. They didn't live all special and fly around and have fancy shit, fum what he tole me. I guess they was just like us, with nicer furniture. Turns out his momma's gone, too. I shoulda remembered that fum a couple a years back.

So we get all done, and ride around a little, but we both had ate too much, so we end up sitting down by the creek an' throwing rocks for a while an' then Jimmy says he'd better get back to his dad's office, 'cause he was s'posed to collect the rubbish from there, an' get it ready for them to pick up an' take to the dump tomorrow, an' then go home an' do the same thing. I thanked him for the split and didn't think too much on it, just rode home kinda happy and feeling lucky.

Daddy looked at my new teeth and he looked happy, too. Ain't too often Daddy looks happy, anymore. I changed and helped him wrap some generators -- alternators, to be technical -- in oil paper and put them up in the "warehouse." Just an ol' shed, to be technical.

I went to bed that night feeling extra good. Not just about my teeth. About Daddy, an' about Jimmy bein' my new friend. At least I hoped so. I didn't want to get my hopes up, but today was better'n it's been in a while, for me.

So, in the morning, Daddy said we should take the day off, seein' as how it's a long weekend an' all and seein' as how we sorta busted are ass yesterday an' got all them alternators -- to be technical -- fixed up to be sold, which we'd been meanin' to do for some time. So I rode my bike down to the bridge an' tossed a hook in, see if mebbe I'd catch sump'n. Sure enough, I hook this big ol' catfish. He 'uz a real fighter, that's for sure. So I'm tryna bring him in without breakin' my line (like usually happens to me), when I see a pickup comin' my way from town.

Now, this was a real unusual pickup. Must been mebbe a '51 Ford, with a step-side bed. Real good shape, too, fer bein' more'd'n 20 years old. Looked like somebody kept it in a barn or sump'n, you know, out of the weather. Sorta dark green. So it slows down to cross the bridge an' I turn to wave an' guess who it is? Jimmy and his daddy, Dr. Fisker. They stop and we "exchange pleasantries," as we say in these parts. Turns out they 'uz headed for the dump. Jimmy asked me if I wanted to ride along an' I woulda gone with 'em but I got this big ol' catfish on my line, so I'm kinda stuck.

Jimmy asks his dad something and then leans out the window and says, "You want some company?"

"Sure!" I said, with no hesitation, "I'm likely to be here a while 'fore this guy gets tired an' gives up." Jimmy hops out and reaches back in to say sump'n to his daddy and grabs his hat. Next thing you know, he's leanin' on the rail in his straw hat, an' I'm fightin' Mr. Catfish, an' Jimmy's smiling at me an' somehow I jes feel really good. Bein' with Jimmy jes seemed to make me that way. You know... I mean... it's not like I'm about to start singin' somethin', but I don't get a lotta chance to be with other kids outside of school, so it was sorta nice and a little excitin', I guess you could say.

I'm sorta hillbilly scrawny, with dark hair, an' Jimmy's got this blond hair and hes kinda... smooth, if you know what I mean. Good lookin' face and all. 'Bout my size. So, he's over there with his hat pushed back and I'm lookin' at him and he's just sorta happy and smiling an' it makes me smile, too.

"What?" he says, says Jimmy.

"What you mean, what?" says me.

"What? What do you mean, 'What do you mean, what?' An' what you grinnin' about?"

"Huh? What?" I said, confused.

"Uh, that face on the front of yo' haid," says Jimmy, "What's it smiling at?"

"At you." At choo.

"Bless you."

"You crazy, boy! I'm just glad of the company. Get's kinda lonesome out here in JunkDumpsBurg... Aww, fuck! Lost him. Line broke. Happens ever' time! Dang!" I was grinnin', so he knew I din't really feel all that bad about losin' Mr. Catfish.

"What were you gonna do with him if you landed him, anyway? How were you gonna carry him?"

"Mebbe put him in mah dungarees," I said, making 'dungarees' sound super stupid.

"Why young Mista Hoskins, ain' no mo' room in them theya dunga-rees. You done filled them right on up," says Jimmy in a high voice, lookin' right at my dick, "Yessiree, right on up!"

Naturally, the attention made my dick start getting hard. Which Jimmy of course noticed. Which made him grin wider, which made it worse.

What the fuck: "Boing," I said.

"Boy-yoy-yoing, Young Mista Hoskins, Boy Yoy Yoing! I do declare, dat's some mighty fine catfish you be packin'!"

Laughing got my attention off my boner for a second, and things started to go down. Jimmy, always watching, noticed.

"Why young Mista Hoskins, I feah you must have broken yo' line. Yo'... catfish... it seems to be ex-scapin'!"

That finished it: "Boner, he done gone," I said.

"Not forever, I sincerely hope. You sorta cute when you excited." I don't know why, but that sent a thrill through my balls and I could feel my dick swelling back up. Damn.

"You wanna do something nice to it?" I asked, half seriously, recallin' what my Daddy'd said.

"I could prob'ly be talked into sump'n fun," drawls Jimmy. I could see him trying to make a joke of it, but it had the ring of truth.

That night in bed I felt my need like I never did before. I wanted. I wanted! All over, I wanted. Pretty much ever'thing in me that could want sump'n was wantin' it. As I lay stroking, I thought about Jimmy staring at my dick. My dick pleasure sharpened. My want sharpened. Thought about his face, thought about his cute face, pleasure sharpened more. Thought about his cute body, his smooth cute body, his blond hair, his boy butt, the wantin' was like an ache all over. The dick feeling sharper, filling me. Thought about his cute ass, the cute bulge in his pants, and the pleasure started to take me. Thought about him touching me, thought about him taking my dick in his hand and kissing me, kissing me while holding my balls. I was fallin' in. Tenderness. Tender with another boy.

I fell in. My climax was intense as hell an' I spermed thinking about Jimmy, about him touching me and me touching him, about the bulge in his pants, about jacking with him. I woulda been ashamed, but it was jes too good, came from a natural place. 'Sides, warn't nobody else's business. Sure felt good, an' I had a warm feelin' about Jimmy. A warm wet kind'a feelin', right at that moment.

Next day was Sunday. As my Daddy says, "Fuck church." We never go, 'cept for when we buried Momma. Momma believed in Jesus, believed he took her sins away, not that I ever saw Momma sinnin', to tell the truth. But she took compfort fum there, an' we gived... gave her a Christian burial, cuz we loved her. Still do.

Bein' Sunday an' all, my pecker rose from the dead an' I had to mortify the flesh. Again. I was s'pose to meet Jimmy down by the railroad bridge and fuck around. I thought about him agin' and sorta came from the head of my dick, all the way down to inside my asshole, when I did.

So, I ate me a big ol' bowl of corn flakes and drunk the rest of the milk outta the bowl, with the sugar, an' run outta there with the flakes makin' crunchy noises in my belly. I got to my bike, 'fore I remembered I was s'posta brush my teeth. So I went back an' I did it. I was impatient, but I did my tooth duty, anyways. Made me feel sorta proud, in a way. So, feelin' happy, I jump on my bike and hightail it outta there.

I get to the bridge mebbe 8:30 an' Jimmy's not there. I worry some that mebbe he's not comin', but I decide to try not to think of bad stuff. I'm enjoyin' the cool air, the smell of the moss an' trees. We was havin' a locust year an' they uz screechin' up a storm. You know how they build up, an' build up, an' build up, 'till you can't hardly stand it, an' then they go quiet for a piece, an' then they start buildin' again?

So they go quiet, an' I hear Jimmy's bike comin', and I swear to God it makes my balls scrunch up an' I start getting a boner. Jimmy pulls up and we say 'Hi,' an' he sure looks good. He looks at my dick and gives me a big ol' smile.

"Me too," says Jimmy. "These boners're getting' real bad. Well, not bad, exacly. Good, but they won't hardly let me alone." The thought made my tummy flutter and my balls scrunch. I had to force my way through the fear.

"So... you wanna try sump'n later? Sump'n fun?" I make myself say. Jimmy looks right at me for a long second.

"Yes," he says, real certain, "Last night I decided I'd like that... with you."

"I guess I came to the same conclusion. Two or three times, matter of fact."

"Them conclusions! They sure do feel righteous," says Jimmy, "They's a fine thing."

"So, where you wanna do this funnin' an' concludin'?" I ask Jimmy.

"How about that ol' DeSoto back behind the pump house? Still got seats an' the rain don't get in much," he says.


So we ride there and my bag all drawed up, an' my hole's a-tinglin'. We dump our bikes. An' we're just standin' there. 'Fore it can get too bad, Jimmy comes up to me an' he jus' looks at me, an' I see he's cute. Damn! There, I went an' said it: he 'uz cute. An' ever'thin' in me that could want something wanted him. Bad. Wanted Jimmy. Wanted to touch Jimmy. Wanted ever' part of Jimmy. My fear and my desire mixed t'gether in my blood an' made me like I was drunk.

He pressed up against me, looked at me. Smiled. "You brushed your teeth, Reed," an' he kissed me, real light like. On the lips. He kissed me on the lips, breathed tickly on me through his nose. A thrill ran down my body, all the way to the ankles. Skin drawin' up tight in spastic electric goosebumps. His nearness tickled my insides. Boy. Live boy. Solid live boy. An' I kissed him back, holding it to feel it. Kissed Jimmy, kissed him tender, kissed him queer. We 'uz steppin' over to t'other side of them partik'lar tracks. We kissed us all the way to Queersville an' back. Don' know about 'back,' actually.

He pulled me to the car. The back door 'uz stuck, but he yanked the right front door open with a bang an' a creak, an' we fell in the back of that big ol' car. Fell in there into all our queerness an' grabbin' at each other an' I laid on my back an' Jimmy layed on top of me. An' we kissed some more. An' the dick bumps... The way are dick bumps mashed together, sent chills through me, made me grab Jimmy's ass, an' pull his hips, an' smoosh our bumps together harder. They smooshed like... like them titty grips, all full and firm and soft an' smooshy at the same time.

I felt his plenty-ness, I smooshed into his plenty, he pressed his plenty down into mine an' the bolt of sextricity ran through my whole body and left my hole twitchin'.

"Ohhh," moans Jimmy.

"So good... so goood!" I manage. I'm drownin' in dick pleasure an' queer pleasure and I'm touchin' Jimmy's face with my face. An' it's soft and smooth, all peach fuzz and boy cheek.

"If I suck you, will you suck me back?" he asked, lookin' in my eyes, anxious.

"Let's do it together. Better that way," I say, unzipping him, helping his jeans down. He lays on me with his chest an' raises up his hips, unzipping me.

"Fuck this!" he says, and turns to open the back door. He gets half out, pulls down my pants, pulls them off. Pulls his off. Tosses 'em in the car. Crawls back in. Crawls up my body. Stops to look at my dick. Leans down to press his face against the underside. Danger! Danger! Delicious danger. I push up and feel the sharp pleasure pang. He crawls up further and I pull his jockeys down. He groans frustration, jumps back outside and gets them off. Gets mine off, throws them in the car with the jeans. My door's stuck, so Jimmy has to crawl in an' turn around in the tight space. Has to put one knee up on the seat back, so I get a good close look at his boy stuff. He's got a pretty fat dick an' some decent size balls with real light brown fuzz, darker'n his blond hair, above his dick an' a little bit on his nuts. His smell touches some place inside me, like coming home. His thighs are smooth as a baby's ass. So was his ass, for that matter.

I start to feel the glory, then. The glory of his wet warm mouth around my stiff pecker, 'specially the head. I moan as his beautiful cock enters my mouth, the sex tickle of his soft skin, of the tender head of his dick as it slides in, as it touches some of my wanting places, as I latch on and glory in the closeness, in the queerness, in the sucking and being sucked, in the tenderness. Tenderness with a purpose. Tenderness that wants. Wants more tenderness, wants friction, wants to suck his cock and tremble in the glory, wants to feel his soft buns in my hands, as I extinguish myself in the pleasure of making Jimmy cum, as I give myself to his lips, to his hands, cry out an' give him my treasure. Give him my treasure. Give him my treasure, as I finish receiving his.

So now, I brush my teeth an' I do my homework. An' Daddy says Jimmy is a good influence on me, even if I do think he has some suspicions. Jimmy and me's special now, and I'm so glad.

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