Chapter 12C The New Bottom's First Day - Friday July 21, 1995

Written by Charles Well <> and Sarge AKA Aldric <> and Nick

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In other parts of Indian Spring and in Bartlett Same Day - Friday July 21, 1995

Judge Mackey

Judge, his brother Joshua, and his first cousin Mark had spent the last five days working on the treehouse. The two older boys had built it originally back when they were twelve, and two years later it was still safe, solid, and dry. But now it was about to have another purpose.

"You sure this is where you want to do stuff?" Joshua asked as they were finishing up the work.

"It isn't the best place, but I sure as hell can't do stuff in the room I share with 8-year-old Samuel, or anywhere in the house for that matter. Mom would take a frying pan to any boy she saw trying to do stuff with me. And I don't want to have to go to other boys houses all the time, so this is the only other idea I came up with."

"What about your friends? The non-Mackey ones? What if one of them comes up here while you are ... doing stuff?"

"I'll have to remember to always pull the rope inside for the trap door," Judge said. He looked around at the work they, well, the other two mostly, had done. The treehouse now had a constructed bed frame, and Mark had even found an old twin mattress in his basement that hadn't been used since his sister Sarah had turned 6. There was a small trestle table very similar to what was on the stage at Old Knot or what had been there until some asshole had burned it down. There was some modest insulation in the walls and they'd built shutters for the open windows so that on cold days they could at least keep the wind out.

"I wish it hadn't been necessary," his brother said for like the millionth time. "And you looked like you enjoyed the ending of the Ceremony."

"Joshua, I know you don't accept it, but the truth is, I did enjoy it. I don't think it is a sin, no matter what mom says. And my offer to you still stands."

Joshua looked at Mark, who was trying to pretend he wasn't hearing the conversation. The two of them had talked about it privately, and Mark's family wasn't as committed to the church as his own. Judge had offered him free use of his behind whenever he wanted. Like he would ever want to do that. He accepted playing with himself as being okay despite what religion class had taught him, but doing stuff with a boy, especially his brother, would be going too far.

"And I've told you, I don't want to do stuff like that. It's wrong. I get that now you have to, but I don't think you should enjoy it." They'd had the same conversation, or different versions of it, several times since Judge had become a bottom. What Joshua really struggled with was the thought of his brother up here, naked, with another boy. And not just because it was a sin, but because he was very tempted to take part in that sin. He was glad the rules prevented him from doing it, at least for now. But soon, he'd be allowed to do it, and that was really going to be a test of his beliefs.

Mark stayed quiet. He had heard Joshua's side of it before. But he also knew that both of his younger brothers had been in this treehouse with Judge and that they had willingly given in to sin without a moment's regret. He'd warned Luke to stop, reminding him that Mackey rules didn't permit him from doing what he did with Judge because he hadn't been to a selection yet. But he was pretty sure that Luke hadn't stopped. Judge was gay, and as much as his brother didn't want him to be, there was nothing that was going to change it.

"Hey guys," he said when there was a pause in the conversation, "I think we're about done up here. I'm going to head home. Okay?"

"Yeah, sure Mark," Joshua said. "Sorry we started again. I know you side more with Judge than with me. But thanks for your help."

"Yeah, thanks a lot for helping Mark," Judge added. "You can go too if you want Joshua. I'll clean up and put all the tools back in dad's garage." He knew the talk upset his brother.

"Naw, it will take half the time if I help." They worked together in silence.

That night, before going to bed, Mark stopped at the room that Judge shared with their eight-year-old brother. He would have let him move into his room if only he wasn't gay.

"What do you want me to say to anyone who comes over tomorrow?" he asked. Samuel was in his bed but not asleep yet, so he had to be careful what he said.

"Tell them I'm booked solid tomorrow," Judge said. "And the guys know not to come here. They'll go right to the treehouse."

"Can I come too?" Samuel asked. "You never let me play up there."

"No buddy," Judge said. "It's too dangerous. Dad and mom both told you and me that you are not allowed up there until you are older."

"But you let me come up once," Samuel said, and was immediately hushed by Judge.

"If mom found out I pulled you up there she'd make dad tear it down," he said. "You'll be allowed up there on your tenth birthday." He didn't say that his time as a bottom would be over by then.

Judge saw the look on Joshua's face and said to him, "It was just once, on his eighth birthday, and all we did was play cars."

"Okay, well, goodnight you two," Joshua said. "Since Judge won't need me here, maybe you and I can go help Father Thomas with setting up the carnival tomorrow," he said to the younger boy, who jumped up out of bed to give him a big hug. The church had a summer carnival for kids next week, and two things Samuel liked was doing anything with his big brother and helping out the church.

The next morning Judge got up and took his clean clothes to the bathroom. He had decided it was best to not let his younger brother see him naked. He took more time than usual to wash and then dressed in light clothes. He packed the stuff Sandy Jacobs had given him, and grabbed two pop tarts from the kitchen before heading out to the treehouse.

He had to wait an hour before the first of his guests arrived. Chase and Jeff Gavin. Jeff had been a selectee like him, but had only gotten one vote. But it was he who observed him having `fun' at the Jacobs sleepover before the ceremony and told his brother.

Chase was thirteen, within the age limit rules set by the Mackeys. Chase had come to talk with Judge the day after the sleepover. They talked about religion, feelings, and sin, and the meeting had ended with Chase allowing him to try sex for the first time. Judge felt it was only fitting that he and Jeff be the first ones to use him as a bottom.

"Wow, the place is a lot more comfortable than last time I was here," Chase said after he and Jeff had climbed the rope ladder. Judge pulled it all the way up and inside before turning around to greet his guests.

"Yeah, Joshua and Mark did most of the work. I think I'll use this place as much as I can because I share a house with a crazy mother and a room with an 8-year-old brother. So the house is off limits to bottom activities."

"You're looking forward to this, aren't you?" Jeff asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Mostly. There are some boys who want to use me just because of my mom, and some because they know what I like. But then there are some who like me and I try harder to make the sex fun for them too. But I got to know, are you okay with the fact that I like boys and not girls?"

"I wouldn't be here if it bothered me," Jeff said without hesitation. "I won't pretend I won't enjoy using you, but to me, you are just someone who I can use until I'm old enough for girls. But I hope we can remain friends even then."

"I'm okay with that," Judge said. "How about we get started?" He pulled his shirt over his head and dropped his shorts, revealing that he wasn't wearing underpants. He turned and shook his butt at them as he opened the small cupboard Mark had built into the wall and pulled out the jar of lube.

"Who wants to go first?" he asked as he turned around.

"You should," Chase said to his brother.

Jeff removed his shirt, and then stood there. "I didn't think about how awkward this would be," he said.

"I'll wait down below if it makes it easier for you," Chase suggested.

"I can't ask you to do that, it's just that ..."

When Jeff paused and didn't continue the sentence, Chase opened the hatch and dropped the rope ladder down.

"You don't have to ask. I'm not offended," he said, and then he dropped down to the ground.

"You don't do stuff with your brother?" Judge asked with surprise.

"No. I never have and I never will. He's my brother, and I don't ever want anything to come between us, even though he says sex never would." Jeff stood there for a few more seconds and then dropped his shorts and pushed down his boxers and stepped out of them.

"I guess we shouldn't keep him waiting too long."

Judge stared at the naked boy in front of him. Jeff's long hair nearly touched his shoulders, and unlike at the ceremony, today he was wearing glasses. Judge's gaze dropped lower, to the small, circumcised flaccid penis resting on top of a well-rounded sack. At first, Judge thought the boy didn't have pubes yet, but when he looked closer, he saw that the light-colored and thin hairs were there. They just didn't show up clearly in the shadows inside the treehouse.

"Is everything, uh, okay?" Jeff asked nervously as the boy in front of him was taking time checking out his body.

"Yeah, sorry," Judge said, returning his eyes to Jeff's face. "I guess we've got to get you hard first." Without waiting for a response, he stuck three fingers into the Vaseline jar and gently lifted the three inches of flesh from the boy's middle.

Judge's first touch was disconcerting, and Jeff stiffened. It was not the sort of thing he'd ever really done before. But as the boy was expertly rubbing the lubricant on, it was causing him to get an erection. And as his dick hardened, it started to feel good. But then he noticed that he wasn't the only person getting boned. And now he felt a pang of jealousy. The other boy's dick was easily an inch longer than his pitiful 3.2 inches.

"Do you know how to do my ass?" Judge asked once the boy in front of him was fully erect. He saw that Jeff's eyes had moved down and was mentally measuring his dick. He decided not to address the size difference, it was already apparent and he didn't want to make this even more uncomfortable for him.

"Yeah, we got taught at the sleepover at the Jacobs place, remember?" Jeff said timidly. "And then the little kids came and did it to each of us." He remembered the very awkward feeling he'd had as his 10-year-old brother Tilton enjoyed sticking his finger somewhere it had never been before.

He carefully ensured that Judge was well lubricated. In the process, he wanted to know more about that spot that Tilton had rubbed that made him get an erection at the ceremony. He stuck a finger into the greased hole and felt around until he got a response, and then he rubbed the same spot for several seconds.

When he stood and walked around, he saw that Judge's dick was jerking up and down and remembered how Tilton had done the same to him. "I think I'm ready," he said. He moved toward the back of his friend and guided his dick into the crack, aiming for the pink ring he could see. But he missed twice, and even when he lined up correctly, he had trouble getting inside.

"I've got a better idea," Judge said as he stood up. He moved over to the bed and lay on his back with his ass right at the edge, and then drew his legs up until his back was slightly arched.

"Now try it," he said.

This time Jeff was able to get inside on the first try, and immediately found why boys liked to do this even if they were straight. It felt good. And Judge certainly wasn't complaining. He drove in and pulled back, being careful to not pull out too far, and after several strokes he felt his body change as basic biology took over and the stuff in his balls was driven through his dick and into the innards of the boy under him.

"Feels good, don't it," Judge said from under him. "You can do it again if you want."

Jeff suddenly realized what he'd done and pulled back and stood up. "I ... I didn't want to enjoy it! Not that much," he said. "I'm not like Chase, or like, uh ..."

"Like me?" Judge said. "Don't worry, having sex won't make you gay. It doesn't work like that. And it does feel good. I think I'd have trouble getting hard for a girl, but I'll bet that once I did and got inside her that it would feel good to me."

Jeff was still uncomfortable with his body's response, but Judge's words made sense. And he figured, why not. "I could really do it again?"

"Go for it, only this time, go a bit slower. Try to keep from cumming so soon. If you feel like you're ready to shoot, freeze up for a second. Trust me, when you do let it go it will be worth it."

Jeff followed the advice, and when it was done it was so mind-blowing that he was totally spent and just took a seat on one of the lawn chairs without getting dressed. He didn't even move when Judge lifted the hatch and invited Chase back up.

"Wow, it looks like you broke my brother," he said when he saw Jeff sitting there, nearly asleep, with a smile on his face and a third erection just getting started. Only he thought it was a second erection, he didn't know his brother had fucked Judge twice.

"He'll recover," Judge said. "Last time you were here I fucked you. Now it's your turn."

Chase didn't hesitate to undress and was hard before Judge even started applying lube.

"Go easy, I don't want to cum in your hand, I want to do it in your ass," he said.

At over five inches in length and with greater thickness, Chase had to go slower than his brother to get past Judge's sphincter, but once he did, he began slowly fucking the younger boy. It didn't take long before he was near the end, and he held back as long as he could before shooting his sperm as deep as he could.

When they were done, they looked a Jeff, who seemed to have recovered. This time, he wasn't looking away, and his right hand was slowly stroking his dick. He was embarrassed to have an audience, but he didn't stop until the last of the cum in his balls was ejected onto his belly.

Judge got a rag for him to clean himself, and both of the Garvin boys made their way down the ladder. He could hear them talking and laughing as they headed back to their house. He wondered if after this, Jeff would ever consider doing stuff with Chase, and hoped so. They would both enjoy it he was sure.

Looking at his watch, he found he had over an hour yet before his next two customers were due. He pulled on his shorts, dropped one of the lawn chairs down to the ground, and then went down to wait.

He'd only been seated for a few minutes when he heard a twig snap from his right and looked to see who was there.

"You're Matty no, I'm sorry, you want to be called Matthew," he said, totally surprised to see the mouthy and bratty Corbin boy here.

"And you don't want to be called the Jesus freak, you go by Judge," Matthew said. "Cool treehouse."

"My brother and cousin built it a couple of years ago, but it's mine now," Judge said. "Want to see it?"

He let Matthew go first. When he reached the floor, the other boy was already exploring.

"I guess I didn't expect to see you here in the Spring again after what happened," he said. He waited to see what the boy would say now that he'd seen the inside of the cupboard where the Vaseline was stored.

"My dad is delivering stuff to rebuild that place in the woods, and I'm not interested in construction, so I wondered off. He won't miss me for a while." Matthew closed the cupboard and continued his searching without mentioning the container he had found inside.

"Uh, you don't need to open that, there isn't..." Jeff didn't get to finish. Matthew had easily found the hidden release button and the panel slid open.

"What are these for?" Matthew asked as he pulled out several ropes. There were loops on one end of each rope tied with slip knots.

"How did you know how to open that?" Judge asked. "Did someone tell you where the button was?"

"I said I'm not interested in construction, but that doesn't mean I can't see how things are built. These are for tying people up, aren't they? The other ends get tied to those rings attached to the walls."

"It's just a game I used to play when I was little," Judge said. "With some of my friends."

"You want to play?" Matthew said with a smile that made Judge uncomfortable. "What are the rules?"

"Uh, I don't think so," Judge said, with a degree of reluctance overruled by a sense of safety. He didn't know much about the other boy and what he did know made him worry.

"Look, you are the first boy to call me Matthew without being corrected. And you invited me up. I'm interested, but I'll play by the rules. You got made a bottom, so if I understand the rules for that game, you can't really say no to me. I went through the Choosing Ceremony too you know. I got fucked as well, and all our cousins were cheering as it happened. Real embarrassing. But I'm a full Mackey now."

"Look Matthew, if you want to fuck, we'll do that. But, well, to be honest, I don't trust you. You were kind of a prick at the ceremony. I understand you had a reason. What Eli did was unfair, but even before you knew what was happening, you weren't nice. And by the way, I can say no, I've already told four boys I'd be with them today."

"So, you could say no, but you didn't. I understand you not trusting me. I was kind of a prick. But like I said, you're the first boy to talk to me and not call me Matty. You were kind, and invited me up here. I won't hurt you. I'll follow whatever rules you have. But if you don't trust me, I get it, and I'll settle for the other stuff you offered.

Judge thought about it. Matthew hadn't threatened him. He offered to give up. Maybe he really did just want to play.

"One of the rules is the slip knots stay like they are. The person bound can always get free at any time. The ropes are just props."

"Cool," Matthew said. "I said I'd follow the rules. How do you play?"

"The guy tied up has hidden something somewhere, or he writes a secret down on a piece of paper. The other guy tries to get him to tell where the treasure is or what the secret is. No pain is allowed. If he breaks, he has to play the game again in the same role. But if he gets the other boy to look in the wrong place he wins and they have to be the victim next game."

"So write down a secret and let's play," Matthew said. "I can break you. And no pain, I get it. I promise, I'll follow the rules. Only if I win, I get to fuck you. If I lose, next time I'm here I'll be the guy with a secret."

"Will you ever be back?" Judge asked.

"Depends on how fun the game is. And if I can get a ride. I live too far away to bike."

The game was fun. He had to decide if he could really trust the boy or not. He decided to take the risk.

"Okay," Judge said. He got a pencil and a piece of paper and wrote, "I decided to trust you," on it, folded it, and put it in an empty can. "Once you look, the game is over. If what I wrote matches what I said, you win."

He stood in the middle of the room and allowed Matthew to tie his arms out to his sides. He was relieved to see that the slip knots were not pulled tight. So far, the rules were being followed.

"Let's get started," Matthew said. Without asking, he unsnapped Judge's shorts and let them fall to his ankles, and was pleased to see that was all the boy had been wearing. And more importantly, the kid already had a boner.

"I heard about this once and I always wondered if it really worked," he said. "Now we'll find out."

He took Judge's dick in one hand and gently stroked it while using a fingernail on his other hand to draw circles around the piss hole on the very sensitive pink head. The reaction from Judge was immediate, and he continued until he saw the boy's legs stiffen, at which point he released him and stepped back.

"I'll continue if you tell me the secret," he said.

"Never," Judge responded.

Matthew waited until he was sure Judge was no longer on the edge of shooting, and then started again, stopping only when he knew the boy was ready to cum.

The process was repeated three times.

"Okay, I give up. I wrote "Your name isn't Matty."

"I don't believe you. If you want to cum, you're going to have to do better than that."

The game continued. Twice more he stopped, but he got different answers from Judge each time. The time between stopping was getting shorter and shorter, and a long trail of precum hung down from Judge's dick.

After two more rounds, he got the same answer twice.

After another two rounds, he got it four times in a row, and Judge was begging him to end the game.

"Once more, just to be sure," Matthew said.

"No, please! I've got to shoot. I've told you the truth. Please go and look. You've won, I give up."

"Then let's do it one more time for something more interesting. I'll let you cum if you promise me that you'll play the game again if I'm ever back here, or if you can make it to my house we'll play there. Same roles, same game."

He started the rubbing and circles and after just seconds Judge gave in. "Don't stop! We'll play again. I'll even try to find a way for us to be together."

This time, Matthew kept it up until the tortured boy was given his release and shot burst after burst of cum, more than he had ever shot before.

"Your secret is that you trust me," Matthew said when it was done. He went and got the paper and unfolded it. "And I win the game. Now I get to fuck you."

Judge was able to free his own wrists, which was surprising since he felt like he could barely stand. He'd played the game many times, but never had anyone played it like that. It was horrible and great at the same time. He stumbled to the trestle table as his new friend got the lube out and began applying it generously to his cock.

The game had been good for Matthew too, and he only lasted a few strokes before he shot his load into Judge. Once they had both recovered, they dressed and climbed down the rope ladder. They were about to say their goodbyes when a man on the street saw them and came running over.

Matty, are you okay? Why did you leave without telling me where you were going?"

"Dad, I'm fine. I was bored. We played a game. That's all. This is Judge Mackey. Judge, this is my dad."

"Hello Mr. Corbin," Judge said.

"Games? What kind of games? What did you do with my son?"

"Calm down dad, you're wrong about the kids here. There may be some who hate me, but Judge was cool."

"And so was Matthew," Judge said. "He was polite, kind, and fun to be with. We both had fun, and it would be great if he was ever able to come back or if I could come to your house."

Mr. Corbin looked at Judge and suddenly remembered something. "You're a bottom, aren't you."

"Yes sir, I am, and Matthew did make use of that. But that wasn't what he came here for. We had a good time, and at the end I offered myself to him."

Mr. Corbin looked from one boy to the other and saw they were both worn out, but neither one looked harmed in any way. And the boy had said that his son was polite, kind, and fun to be with? That was something new. Maybe he deserved to have a friend who seemed to truly like him.

"I guess my workers will be in Old Knot for several days. The supervisor could drive you out to the house and when I finish work I could bring you back. With your parent's permission of course. I don't want to start any more trouble."

"My dad will call you tonight," Judge said. "And thank you. We really did have fun together."

"Okay then," Mr. Corbin said. "Come on Matty I'm sorry, I mean Matthew. We need to go home now. Your friend can come and visit when he likes."

The man and his son had hardly reached the road before Stephen Carrigan showed up.

"Was that Matty Corbin?" he asked. "What were he and his dad doing here? If they were causing problems for you ..."

"No problems," Judge said. "His name is Matthew, and we had fun." Suddenly, Judge remembered that the ropes were still out, and his first cousin didn't know about the games.

"Can you wait down here while I go clean a few things up in the treehouse?" he asked.

"You let him fuck you?" Stephen asked with surprise. "Why? I thought you had four people. You're not going to send Daniel home, are you?"

Daniel Mackey was another 1st cousin, and he'd be along soon.

"No, I'm not sending you or Daniel home. Matthew was okay, he's got a small dick. I'll call you up in a second." Judge climbed the rope ladder as fast as he could, which wasn't very fast after what Matthew had done to him. He hurriedly got the ropes put away before telling Stephen to come on up.

Stephen was twelve, one of three cousins who had been on the stage in Old Knot with him, but unlike many of the other boys there, he wasn't small like his cousin's Joey and Matthew. Judge hadn't seen Stephen naked until the day of the ceremony, but he had liked what he saw. It was one of the reasons that this cousin was here instead of either of the other two.

Stephen hadn't known his cousin was gay until they were at Old Knot where it became obvious, and he didn't question why Judge had invited him here. He was horny, and gay or not, his cousin was going to take care of that. He undressed quickly and spread the lube on himself, getting his dick to its full five and a quarter inches in length.

He listened to Judge gasp as he tried to push past the tight muscle and went slowly until he was completely imbedded. Then he began to drive in and out. Although he had a big dick, his balls hadn't kept pace and his cum didn't amount to much. But it felt so good going out.

Judge had forgotten to pull the rope ladder up and they both got a surprise when they uncoupled and saw that Daniel was half in the treehouse, watching them, and smiling.

Daniel was 13, and while not as big as Stephen, he still was a respectable five inches. He didn't mind when Stephen took a seat in one of the chairs and watched as he took his turn in Judge's ass.

His two cousins thanked him for inviting them before leaving together.

After being fucked by five boys and the totally draining hand-job he'd gotten from Matthew Corbin, Judge was exhausted.

Later that evening, he cleaned his dinner plate in record time, and then had asked for seconds. That was something his mom was pleased to see. However, she might not have been so happy if she knew what her son had expended his energy doing during the day.

That night, he thought about who would be next, but his mind kept drifting back to Matthew Corbin, and how much he wanted to play that game again.

Bert Mackey

What should have been Sam's best day had been ruined. Today was the first day the new bottoms could be used. He and his cousins Alex and Gordon had been allowed to take turns owning Bert's ass for the first sixty days, and as the brother, he was to go first.

However, yesterday he had bragged about it a little too much and Bert had gone to their mother. He had told her, truthfully, that his brother had called him "A little fag," and she reacted immediately, making him call the Junior Council President, Raymond Mackey, and explain what he had said. And worse yet, to ask him for a suitable punishment.

Sandy Jacobs arrived at the door less than an hour later, explaining he had been sent by Sheldon in response to a call from Raymond to talk with Sam.

"I didn't mean it like it sounded," Sam said once he was alone with Sandy.

"How the hell could you have possibly meant it without it sounding like a very rude slur?" Sandy responded while doing his best to keep his anger in check.

"I just meant that me and my cousins were going to, you know, use him. In accordance with the rules of course."

"Do you remember what I asked last time I was here? How you would feel if you had to go through what Bert is dealing with?"

"Yeah, but I wasn't touching him, I promise. I just opened my mouth without thinking. It won't happen again."

"I think it will, but in a different way. I'm going to give you a chance to open your mouth in a way that will help you to remember," Sandy said. He saw the look of horror on Sam's face. "Tomorrow, you will give up your turn at ownership to one of your cousins."

"Okay, that's fine, I deserve that," Sam said. He didn't think it was fair, but he wasn't going to push it. That was a punishment he could live with. But Sandy wasn't finished yet.

"I'm not done. Tomorrow you will start the day by opening your mouth to all three of your brothers. For any of them who can shoot, you will swallow all the cum they put in your open mouth. Then, you will greet each boy who comes over to use Bert by offering to open your mouth to them too. Finally, when the day is done, you will give Bert one more blowjob."

"That's not fair," Sam screamed indignantly.

"Then call Raymond and tell him what I ordered you to do. Allow him to decide if it was fair or not." Without another word, Sandy got up and walked away.

Sam was left with nothing to say. He didn't dare call Raymond. The chances were that he'd end up with an even worse punishment if he did. He was only 11-years-old, but he knew enough about the Mackey rules and their crazy sense of honor, that fighting such a ruling always left you worse off. And it was his ass that would be on the line come next July, so drawing unwanted attention to yourself was never smart. He had no choice but to accept what the Jacobs asshole had ordered.

As soon as he entered the house his mother asked what Sandy had said. He was tempted to lie, but if she found out (and he guessed she would), he didn't want to even think about what she might do.

"I think you got off easy," she said after he told her what Sandy had directed. "You won't like it, but neither will Bert when he has to perform his duties because of you. But you will do it, and you will be polite and do your best, or I will have you do it again and again until you do. Got it mister?"

All he could do was say, "Yes ma'am," and hope for the best.

"Then go tell your brothers," she ordered.

Bert sat alone in his room, thinking for the thousandth time what the next two years was going to be like. He still didn't have a plan for getting back at his brother and cousins for making sure he was bottomed, although his mother promised action when he told her what Sam had called him.

He wasn't worried as much about being fucked. He'd experienced that and knew he was getting a good deal since the only boy older than 11 who was allowed to do that to him for the next sixty days was his brother Gerry. And Gerry had promised he wouldn't do it on the first day - as long as Bert served his role as a bottom the way Sandy had described, the time he visited, and didn't mouth off to any of the boys who would use him. But Gerry had also said that before the sixty days were up, he'd have to start getting him ready for the bigger boys who would then have permission to use him. That was something Bert wasn't looking forward to, but couldn't stop.

He knew that Sam would be first in line, but what worried him was who his brother would include tomorrow, his first day as a bottom. There had been nearly a dozen boys who'd been around trying to get on the list for any of the five fucks he would get. Naturally, he didn't want any of them to be granted a rare chance, but some were worse than others. And he knew he'd have to go to school in a few months sitting in classrooms or the cafeteria next to a boy who had fucked him.

However, when Sam, accompanied by Gerry and Vince, entered his room and said what his punishment was, Bert at least had something to look forward to.

The next morning, he was woken by a shamefaced brother.

"It's time to get up," Sam said. "Alex and Gordon will be here in an hour, and you have to shower, eat breakfast, and I guess get dressed before then. And the other thing."

"Your blowjob," Bert said, trying his best to keep from letting his pleasure of the idea sound in his voice.

"Yeah, that," Sam said. "As soon as you're ready."

"After I go to the bathroom and then shower. That way it will be clean for you."

"Yeah, okay," Sam said. He clearly wasn't looking forward to it, but who would? Inside, he thought the whole punishment sucked, and the irony of that word was not lost on the eleven-year-old.

"Can we do it here instead of my room so Vince doesn't get to watch?" He and Vince, as the youngest two boys, were the only ones who shared a room.

"Yeah, sure," Bert said. "Look, I'm going to enjoy it. I'm already looking forward to it. But I know how you feel. And mom ordered me and the others to tell her if you were anything except polite. I won't make it any worse than it has to be. Wait here, I'll be back in fifteen minutes."

Bert returned in less than the announced time, wearing nothing but the towel he had used to dry himself after his shower. He decided not to tell his brother that he'd used a few of the minutes he'd been gone to jack off. And was very disappointed to see that he still wasn't producing any of the little sperm things that even Sam could make.

The look on Sam's face as he dropped the towel and said he was ready showed just how upset he was over his punishment. But without a word of complaint, he got down on his knees as Bert sat on the edge of his bed.

"Could you get it hard first?" he asked. "Please?"

Bert wanted to say it would get hard once he started, but he decided not to torment his brother any further than necessary. Having just jacked off, it took a few minutes, especially with Sam right in front of him watching, but once he was hard his brother took over, taking all of his three- and three-quarter-inch long dick into his mouth. He needed a few reminders about teeth and how to use his tongue, but he got the job done and jumped back with surprise.

"You shot," he said after swallowing. "A tiny bit, but you did. I thought you were dry."

Bert's morning brightened with the news that he was finally, FINALLY, growing up.

"Yeah, cool," he said as he got up and dressed. "Have you done it with Gerry and Vince yet?"

"Vince woke me up, waiting for it, but I think Gerry is still sleeping. I guess I'd better go and get him up next."


Cousins Alex and Gordon arrived on time, and with them was Merrick, Alex's brother. Bert hoped that he and Vince would be two of the five boys who were going to fuck him that morning. He'd seen the two ten-year-olds naked more than once and knew their dicks wouldn't hurt him, at least not physically.

"I guess you guys know about Sam," he said.

"Our moms already warned us it could happen to us too, so we'll be cool."

"Gerry said we could use his room," Bert said. "So, I guess we should get to the basement if you're ready to get started."

In the back corner sat Sam, who looked a lot less than happy. He got up as the five boys came down the steps.

"If you are here to ... do stuff, then I have to offer you a blowjob first," he said, the words coming out slowly. He didn't look at any of them in the eyes.

"Today it will be me and Gordon," Alex began. "Then Vince. Then I got Henry Finney coming, followed by Jared Tilton."

Bert knew his cousin had done this on purpose. Jared and Henry were not friends of Sam, and they'd pulled pranks on him in school and anytime they caught him without his cousins around. Giving them a blowjob was going to be the absolute low point of his brother's life. But it also was bad news for him. Henry shared a family trait. The word around the Spring was that for an eleven-year-old, he was well hung. And he'd seen Jared using the urinal at school, and while not huge, he had one of the biggest dicks among the fifth-grade boys.

"Sam, I'll take you up on your offer," Alex said as he led the way into Gerry's room. Sam reluctantly followed.

"Hey, can't we watch?" Merrick asked, causing Alex and Sam to pause.

"I guess it's up to Alex," Bert said. "He's the one who owns my ass today."

"Not this time," Alex said after a few moments of thought. He and Sam entered the bedroom and closed the door behind them.

"This is going to be cool," Gordon said. "First getting sucked off by Sam and then getting to fuck you."

"Be careful what you say," Bert responded. "I know it will be fun for you, but don't go too far. Sam isn't very happy with the way things turned out for him."

"Yeah, sorry," Gordon said. "Just so you know, it was Alex's idea to invite Finney and Tilton."

Sam came out a few minutes later, his face bright red.

"He's ready for you," he said to Bert.

Gerry had left a big tub of Vaseline on his dresser, which was good because Bert had forgotten to bring the one Sandy had given him. Alex took it and started greasing his dick while his cousin undressed.

Unlike Sam and Vince, Alex hadn't had any training or experience using it before fucking a boy, and Bert had to show him how to do it properly. He left out the part Sandy had showed them about that little ridge inside.

Alex was a normal-sized eleven-year-old, and his three-and-a-half-inch dick slid smoothly up the inviting hole.

"Oh, shit, I'm sorry Bert, but this is even better than it was at the Choosing," he said as he began rocking in and out. Twice he rocked out too far and had to re-insert his dick.

Thanks to Sandy, Bert knew exactly how it felt, and didn't let the words hurt him. He was surprised that even though his cousin's dick wasn't any larger than normal, it still stretched his anus as it entered. But once inside, he could barely feel it.

However, he suddenly realized that Sandy's punishment for Sam was also punishing him. Since his brother had just drained Alex a few minutes ago, it was taking longer for his cousin to reach a second climax. And during that time, he had to listen to Alex expressing how good it was for him.

Finally, after what seemed to be forever, Alex grunted and paused before pushing himself against Bert as hard as he could.

"Uuugghh" the boy exclaimed aloud as an uncontrolled spasm shook him. He then delivered two bursts of spermless semen into his cousin's ass.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," Bert said evenly as his cousin got up.

"Yeah, I did," Alex said. "I guess you might as well remain naked," he suggested when he saw Bert grab his underwear.

Bert considered it, and decided that he would wear the boxers but leave the rest of his clothes right where they were. They exited the room together once his cousin was fully dressed.

"My turn," Gordon said upon seeing them. He pointed at Sam and together they went into the bedroom.

"I won't need to use the room," Vince said. "I don't care if you guys watch. We can do it right here."

Alex was still coming down from his high, and didn't spend the brain energy to think if it was okay.

"I guess it's up to you," he said. He missed the dark look that Bert gave him.

Bert didn't want the others watching while his ten-year-old brother fucked him. And it might set a precedent for future fucks. It was going to be bad enough being fucked by some of his classmates without them also watching other boys use him. But the rules had been carefully explained to him. The person who owned his ass, which today was Alex, could decide where it was to be done. Technically, he guessed that Gerry could override the decision, but he wasn't around.

"Your turn," Sam said to Bert as he exited the room, again red-faced.

Bert closed the door behind him as he entered his oldest brother's bedroom. He slipped off his underpants and went through the greasing procedure with Gordon.

Gordon and Alex were close enough alike to be considered twins instead of cousins, and that applied to the size of their dicks and the amount of watery cum that they shot. Gordon was less vocal until the very end, and his shout of joy as he shot was loud enough to be heard by those outside the room, possibly even people in the neighbor's house.

When Bert opened the bedroom door, he was faced with two surprises. First, Sam had his lips locked over Vince's dick while the others in the room watched. The second surprise was that Henry Finney and Jared Tilton had arrived, which meant that they would be watching when his youngest brother fucked him.

Vince's arms were around his brother's back, and his legs started kicking a bit as the feeling came over him. He pulled Sam in tight, trying to hold his face against his crotch, and then his hips pushed up once, twice, three times before he let out a sigh of relief and relaxed.

"Nice job Sammy," Henry said. "How about you do the same to me while the kid fucks his brother."

Sam hadn't been Sammy since he was three. He hated the name, and others respected his feelings. Except for Finney, who used it because he knew it hurt. Bert wasn't too happy with any of his brothers right then, except maybe Gerry, who at least apologized and tried to make things right, but he didn't like what Henry was doing.

"His name is Sam. Call him that or get the hell out."

"Hey bottom boy, you can't talk like that to me. I'll have you bottomed for the maximum."

"I'll take my chances," Bert said. "All you need to do is call him Sam and not Sammy. It isn't like I'm asking you for too much." He stepped forward and got into Finney's personal space. "And I'm not afraid of you, so you can do as I say or you can leave, or I'll force you out of my house."

"You can't be fucking serious," Henry said. "You're what, four feet tall and 50 pounds? I'd destroy you."

"I'm four foot four, but I weigh 75 pounds, and I'm not fat. Get out of my house or follow the rules."

"Leave him be," Jared said. "He's a mean little bastard, and he's a lot tougher than he looks."

"He looks like he's eight years old, and I'm not going to let some little twerp kid talk to me like that. Even his littlest brother is bigger than him."

The door from the steps into the basement suddenly opened.

"Is there a problem down here?" Shelden Redd said as he entered the basement. "Gerry said I could come down."

His entrance defused the encounter immediately, just as he'd planned. He'd heard it all from behind the door and timed his entrance before things got too out of control.

"No problem," Bert said as he backed away from Henry.

Sheldon looked at Finney.

"Things are cool here. We were just discussing, uh, politics."

"If you don't mind, I'd like to talk to the two of you alone," Sheldon said. He pointed at Gerry's bedroom.

"Look, I heard what was said," Sheldon explained once the three of them were in the room with the door closed. "And you're both screwed if I decide to do anything about it. You," he pointed at Henry, "Need to show more respect. Sam isn't a bottom, and you're in his house. He has more cousins that'll come to his help then you do. Trust me, you want to have a fuck, not start a war."

"And you," now he pointed at Bert, "Need to be careful. My feeling is that you would have gotten away with nothing more than a warning for kicking him out of your house, but you never know how things are going to work out. A better strategy would have been for you to go upstairs and bring Gerry down."

"You want to fuck me?" Bert asked Henry. "Fine. Get it over with, right here and right now. And then you can leave."

"Bert, no more warnings," Sheldon said. "Change your attitude."

"I get a blowjob first, and then I'll fuck the shit out of you," Henry responded. "And the blowjob I want will be given by Samm..." he paused, letting the `m' sound hang for a second before glancing at Sheldon and saying, "From Sam."

"Okay, go out there and get it," Sheldon said. He signaled to Bert to stay where he was.

"You are a bottom. People are going to try and get you pissed, to see if they can make life even worse for you. I know you don't want that, so you can't lose your temper. That was Sam's fight, not yours. I won't cut you any breaks. You've already got the best deal that could be done because of your size. If you're going to act bigger than your height, the council will take that away from you and let the older boys use you. I won't warn you again."

Sheldon got up and left the room, leaving the stunned boy to think about it.

"Can I go in there?" Vince asked when Sheldon came out without Bert.

"No, give him a few minutes and he'll come out here," Sheldon said, loud enough for Bert to hear it.

Henry had removed his shorts and pushed his boxers to his knees. "Okay Sam," he said, emphasizing the name. "Suck me."

Bert came out just as Sam was about to start and saw that the rumors were true. Finney might be only eleven, but his dick was almost as big as Gerry's, and he had a generous amount of hair that surrounded the base of it and extended down to his low-hanging balls. He hoped his brother was ready for the amount of cum that would soon be shooting down his throat. If he didn't get it all there was no doubt that Henry would demand a re-do.

It was a close thing, and a few drops of thick, white jam ended up on Sam's lips and chin, but he wiped it up with a finger and put it into his mouth, showing that he knew the rules too.

"Okay Bert, let's see how tough you really are," Henry said as Sam finished.

Bert took his time lubing the boy up. His dick was hard again, and it took four fingers on one hand and two on the other to match the total length. Once he was done, he got into position in the middle of the room where the other six boys could watch.

Finney didn't waste any time, he rammed his dick hard into Bert's hole and began fucking him.

Bert held back from crying out in pain from the initial entry, and then found that the feeling of the thick dick sliding in and out inside was making him hard. He tried doing math problems in his head, or tried remembering the lyrics of songs that he liked, but he couldn't get past the fact that for whatever reason his dick was not only hard but twitching, and he knew he was close to shooting.

"Here it comes," Finney said as he drove in deeper and harder, and Bert was sure he felt the other boy's dick get even bigger around as he shot burst after burst of cum. Then there was the moment of pain as the still erect dick was withdrawn. And as they separated, the ultimate shame was announced by Merrick.

"Look, Burt shoots now too." Merrick and Vince got in close and each used a finger to scoop up the tiny trail of cum that had spread down the head and shaft of Bert's cock.

"I got what I came for," Henry said. He looked at Jared and said, "I'll meet you back at your house when you're done here." He left, and nobody said goodbye to him.

"Are you okay?" Alex asked his cousin. "You need a break or anything?"

"No, I just want to get this over with," Bert said. "Jared's the last one, right?"

"Uh, no, Vince missed his turn. How about if you and he go in the bedroom and get it over with while Sam does what he needs to do with Jared."

"All right!" Vince responded. He looked at his cousin and said, "You can come and watch if you want, and then tomorrow I'll watch you do it."

"Hold on," Alex said, having second thoughts about making Bert do it in front of everyone, especially now that Sheldon was here.

"It's okay," Bert said. "It's not like he hasn't seen it done before." He got up and the two youngest boys followed him into Gerry's bedroom.

Bert handed the Vaseline to his brother. "My ass is probably okay, just do your dick."

But Vince stood there. "I didn't know it would be like this. Kids like Finney. I'm sorry. I think I'll skip my turn."

"I am allowed to get fucked five times a day," Bert said. "If you turn it down, Alex will probably give it to someone else. I'll bet that Merrick won't turn it down if he gets a chance." They both looked at the other boy, who looked down at his feet but didn't counter his cousin's bet.

"Tomorrow it will be Gordon's turn to pick, and you can bet he'll let his brother do it. And then there's uncle Vinny and Jerry's boys. You think Carter, Tom, or Michael are going to pass up an opportunity like this? I'm glad you finally apologized at least. Do you really want to pass up the chance?"

"No," Vince said after a second's thought. "But I am sorry."

"Get undressed and grease yourself up," Bert said.

"Wow, I forgot how big you are," Merrick said when his cousin had finished getting undressed.

"Bigger than Sam and Bert," Vince said proudly. "Almost as big as Alex and Gordon."

"Whoa there," Bert said. "Not bigger than me."

"Yeah so," his brother said. He stood up in front and pushed his belly into Bert's so that their dicks were aligned.

"Not quite," Merrick said. "But Bert is only a tiny bit bigger."

Bert looked down, ashamed to see that his cousin was right. There was less than a quarter of an inch difference.

But it didn't matter, after being stretched out by Henry Finney, Vince's dick slid right in. His youngest brother proceeded to do what felt good, and after a few minutes had a very satisfying, although dry, orgasm.

Vince dressed and he and Merrick left. Bert decided there was no reason to put his underpants back on, so he stood at the door and watched as Sam made good use of this tongue to bring Jared to his climax.

"I need a minute or two at least to recover from that," Jared said as he stood on shaky legs after what had been a thoroughly draining blowjob.

"I'm in no hurry," Bert replied. He joined the others in the main area of the basement until Jared was ready. He quickly greased him up, noticing for the very first time just how big the ten-year-old boy's dick was. It was as long as Vince's had been, but bigger around.

And that thickness made an uncomfortable difference when the boy slowly but steadily pushed it in until his gut was pushed tight against the top of Bert's ass. Then, he just stood there.

"You have to pull back and then go forward again," Bert explained, assuming the boy had no idea what to do.

"I know! But it feels good right where it is now."

"Just do it," Bert said. "I've had a hard day."

Jared pulled back and then drove forward again, and after a brief pause repeated the movement. And then he began slow backward movements followed by rapid inserts. His breath started to change, and he was making little squeals of delight with each forward thrust.

"Oh, god, this feels great," he said as he made one last push before collapsing on top of Bert. He lay there for a few seconds before pulling out.

"Thanks," he said. "I can't wait to do this again. Please invite me back."

"It's up to my cousins, not me," Burt said. And if you'll excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom and clean up."

He used Gerry's bathroom, taking his time while enjoying the hot water. When he was done and had put his clothes back on, the basement room was empty.

That night after saying goodnight to his parents, Sam followed him to his room. He lay naked on his bed and let his brother lean over him.

Sam didn't complain or say anything. He just took Bert's growing erection into his mouth and licked and sucked until he brought his brother to another climax, getting slightly more cum in his mouth from him than this morning.

"Why did you stand up for me against Finney?" he asked when it was done.

"The real question is why didn't you stand up for yourself?"

"I'm not like you. I'm built different. I'm taller, and I think I weigh more, but I don't have the solid mass of muscle that you have. It doesn't show on your body, and that's why kids don't take you seriously. But I know better. Finney is lucky."

"Maybe. But I stepped over a line. Sheldon doesn't think of me as a small child anymore. It would only take one mistake for him to convince the council to revoke the sixty-day rule. Besides, you'll have to deal with him in school. I won't be able to."

"I'm sorry for what I said, and for what I did to you last week. It wasn't my idea, but that doesn't matter. I never questioned it. I raced to be the first to vote for you, and I went around encouraging other kids to do the same. I never should have done that, and next year I expect you'll work just as hard to make sure I'm bottomed too."

"I will admit, I thought about it, and I still do, but maybe it won't be so bad. We'll see."

"When it's my turn, I promise, I won't invite any kids who I know are big."

"Everyone you can choose from is eleven or younger. Other than Finney none of them are big. And besides, I need to get used to big cocks before the next two months are up. Make our cousins happy, Gerry can control them easier. And if it's okay with you, don't let Travis Mackey near me. I don't like or trust him. But I guess that I shouldn't ask for that from you. Do what you want, I'll make it through either way."

After Sam left, sleep didn't come easily. Bert Mackey lay in bed, recounting his day. He knew he'd made a mistake challenging Finney, one that could come back and haunt him some day. If Finney was smart, he'd start planting seeds now to make Sam a bottom next year.

He had also lost respect from Sheldon and had received two warnings. He knew there wouldn't be a third. He'd have to accept all that would happen over the next two years and not let it get to him or he might find a third year added on.

And he'd have to make up his mind about next year. After the ceremony he'd planned to work his cousin's and brothers against each other and to try and find a way to get Sam, Alex, Gordon, and even Michael and Carter bottomed. He knew that wasn't possible, at most only four boys would be selected and to choose two from one family was unheard of, especially when one was already a bottom. But now, he wasn't sure that was how he wanted to use his influence. He needed to decide, and if he was going to try and screw one or two of them, he needed to start using his ass in order to get them the votes. But should he? He fell asleep with that question unanswered.

Cal Brewer

Cal Brewer looked at the digital alarm clock next to his bed. It was only 7 am, but he couldn't sleep and decided to get up. This was the day he'd been dreading, but there was nothing he could do about it. He threw on some shorts and headed downstairs.

Cal poured himself a glass of orange juice and sat down at the kitchen table staring out at the pool. His Dad walked in and laid a hand on his shoulder and said, "I love you son." Cal looked up and thought he saw a look of understanding in the man's face. Oddly enough, now that the rubber was finally going to hit the road of what his father had done, the two were getting along much better than they ever had. There was empathy, tolerance and, dare he say, a mutual respect that had not existed before. Cal had regrets and a healthy share of self-loathing over what he did to Kelley Tucker and the way he'd been behaving over the last few months. He wondered if father's feel the same when they made mistakes? Had what his father done even been a mistake? If the man hadn't set his son up with the Mackey Youth Council, would Cal still be the asshole he'd become? Neither of them would ever know the answer to such questions "what ifs" were always a waste of time. Still, he had a life. It was the only one he had just now, so he had to live it.

Mr. Brewer left for work and Cal moved outside to think about what the day might bring. What would they say to him? What would he say to them? Maybe nobody would come till afternoon and he'd have time to pull himself together. Maybe nobody would come at all. Ha! Fat chance. Sandy Jacobs had warned him that new bottoms were usually real busy the first couple of weeks. Actually, although he didn't know it, his first callers were just a few blocks away.

Sean Mackey had arrived early at the Jacob's house. Bradley was ready and waiting for him, but Mrs. Jacobs insisted both boys have breakfast before they went out. Sean was a little hungry after the bike ride into town and it gave them time to talk about their plans. Brad told Sean that he and Sandy had a talk last night about Cal. Brad, along with a lot of other kids felt that Cal was treated unfairly at the Mackey Choosing Ceremony last week.

"He's gotta give over 150 blow jobs to the kids who put him in this spot," said Brad.

"Yeah, he did get a raw deal," agreed Sean, "but that's the way Choosing's go. The whole thing is fucked, but then so are the bottoms. Just be glad you're not one of them."

"Yeah, right! But Sandy asked if we would be nice to him," Brad explained. "You know - not pick on him about bein' a bottom. Sort of look out for him when we can."

"I'm not goin' over there to pick on him," insisted Sean. "I just wanna fuck." Both youngsters giggled as Mrs. Jacobs re-entered the kitchen after going upstairs to wake Brad's brothers.

The boys pedaled up the Brewer's drive and laid they're bikes on the lawn. They went up to the door and rang the bell. Brad wasn't exactly getting cold feet, but he couldn't believe he was doing this. He was gonna get to fuck a boy just by asking! A kid his own age, a guy he knew from school, and a kid who might be in his own homeroom in Seventh Grade next year. It was definitely freaking him out at least a bit.

Inside, Cal heard the bell and tensed up a bit. "Guess this is it," he thought. He opened the door and was kinda relieved when he saw who it was. He didn't think of these guys as enemies.

"Hi guys. I guess I know why you're here. Come on in."

Brad was relieved that Cal said that. He was still trying to figure out the right way to say, "I wanna fuck." Obviously, it was a unique situation to be in.

The boys stepped inside and asked if anybody else was home. "Just my little brother," said Cal. "But he'll either be in his room or out at the pool. Let's go up to my room."

Once they were in Cal's bedroom, and he had closed the door, he asked who was first. Sean spoke up and suggested, "Let Brad go first. He needs it more than me. He had a boner before I even got to his house."

The truth was Brad had been hard most of the morning, but he certainly didn't need Sean Mackey blabbing about it. Brad turned red, gave his friend a severe scowl and hard punch in the upper arm.

"Shut the fuck up Sean. This was all your idea after all." But then both boys looked towards Cal.

Cal wasn't quite sure how this should go, but he dropped his shorts and stepped out of them. Much to his embarrassment, he was half hard. He picked up the jar of lube from his nightstand and greased up his butt hole. It had been a "gift" from his Dad. But not a present he would ever brag about to other kids, he thought sardonically. And he had another jar in "reserve" he'd received from Sandy Jacobs. He wondered how many he would go through over the next two years.

He tossed the container to Brad who dropped his pants to his knees and quickly coated his dick.

"Is bending over like this okay Brad?" asked Cal as he leaned over the bed on his elbows.

"Uh yeah. That'll be good," said Brad as he walked up behind Cal and looked at his ass. He spread the white cheeks wide enough so that he could see the little brown pucker and moved his dick up against it. "Yes, this is definitely weird," he thought to himself. And it didn't help that Sean was standing there right next to him. Still, he was definitely horny as only a twelve-year-old, new to puberty, could be. His thin 4-inch erection had never been harder, at least as far as Brad could recall. And he was about to get a fuck the first one in his life.

With just one little push Brad was inside. Cal let out a soft gasp, but it was more surprise than pain. Brad couldn't get over the feeling of warmth and tightness. He pushed in a little further and was in heaven. Then he placed his hands on Cal 's hips and went in all the way. He wished he had more to give, but 4-inches was all he had. He was jealous and more than a little self-conscious with some of the guys he saw in the showers after gym class last school year. There were those who had pubic hair already and much bigger cocks. He had neither. But he doubted whether many of those others got to do this. He withdrew his cock and slammed it back in hard. Cal was bigger "down there" as well, but Brad was on top today in spite of his size and that was definitely an adrenalin pumping turn-on.

But Cal Brewer was dealing with his own demons. He was thinking about the fact that someone else was spreading his ass cheeks and looking at his butt hole, when Brad Jacobs popped the head of his cock inside his ass. It was just a little shock that was followed by the whole dick slowly sliding in. It didn't hurt but it sure felt weird. Then Brad grabbed his hips and started an in and out motion. Cal was being fucked in his own bedroom. At least there was only one kid watching instead of 100 at the Choosing Ceremony. He couldn't help himself. He joined in with Brad's rhythm.

Sean was sitting back rubbing the front of his jeans as he watched his friend fucking. Cal suddenly spread his feet further apart as Brad was driving deeper and faster now. Both boys were grunting a bit. Sean couldn't wait for his turn.

Brad lasted almost 4 minutes before he reached his explosive climax. He pushed all the way in and lifted Cal up on his toes. He felt several spurts of sperm pumping into Cal. His hands reached around the bottom boy and grabbed the kid's cock to hold him in place. "Yes, definitely gay," Brad thought to himself. But he was beyond caring and both boys moaned out loud and slumped on the bed. Brad pulled out very slowly and then patted Cal on his shoulder in genuine affection.

"That was one of the bests things I ever felt in my life. Thanks Cal."

Not knowing what else to say Cal responded, "You're welcome."

Sean gave them a minute to recover then said, "My turn now."

Brad was wiping off his dick with a tissue as he moved out of the way.

Sean had his pants off and slid down his undies. He greased up his boner and asked Cal, "Can we do it with you on knees and elbows? I like that. My brother, Kevin, gets it a lot like that and I always wanted to try it."

Cal just nodded and got down on the floor in to the doggy position as Sean knelt behind him. Sean entered easily and got his own rhythm going quickly. His cock was actually smaller than Brad's at about 3-and-a-half-inches and Cal realized he was getting an easy introduction into his new life. Still, Sean was a bit more physical with hard thrusts and a lot more verbal interaction than Brad.

"Oh yeah! This is great. Fuck yeah," he cried out. Sean finally called out "I'm gonna cum. Oh Yes!" and it was over. "Your ass is awesome Cal," Sean blurted out. "We will definitely be back again."

Brad had been sitting and watching the whole thing and was surprised he was already hard again. He was also thinking about how hot Sean's ass looked as it drove in and out of Cal. He remembered Sandy telling him boy sex was amazing and now he was feeling the same. He wondered if his hard dick would show when he stood up.

Sean and Cal got cleaned up and dressed and Cal invited the guys to stay and have a soda. They went downstairs and sat around the kitchen table and talked. Brad couldn't stop thanking Cal until Sean finally said laughingly, "OK already. I think he gets it. You liked it!"

Brad was a bit embarrassed, but he laughed with them, even if he did blush a bit. Cal was feeling good about his first "clients". Something he viewed only as punishment was getting him praise and thanks and maybe making some new friends.

Sean said he had to run as he still had chores to do, but he and Brad agreed to come back in two days. After Sean left, Brad wanted to ask Cal some personal questions.

"Did I make you feel good at all?" he wondered.

"To be honest, I thought I was gonna cum."

"Good," said Brad. "You made me feel so good I was hoping you liked it too."

Before the conversation could go any further the doorbell rang. Cal went to answer it.

He returned in a moment followed by Kevin Mackey who joined them at the table.

"I hope you are here to enjoy your new rights as a Mackey," Kevin said to Brad.

"I already have," Brad replied glancing quickly at Cal to make sure he wasn't embarrassing him.

"Well I just dropped by to see how the new bottom was doing and make sure everything's okay. First days can be tough!"

"I think I'm doin' all right," said Cal, "but it's still early." Then the doorbell rang again.

Cal returned a minute later with thirteen-year-old Bennett Mackey following him. "Guys, we're goin upstairs for a couple minutes. Can you wait on me? I'd like to talk some more." "Sure," both boys replied.

As soon as they left the room Kevin looked at Brad and asked, "So, how did you like it?"

"It was great. Kind of weird but GREAT."

Kevin laughed. "You know now that you have privileges. I'm a bottom too," said Kevin with a big smile. Brad didn't know why, but he was kind of embarrassed at this suggestion. He didn't mention the fact that Sean had just left. All this brother stuff was just too complex to sort through at the moment. And he had his own issues with Sandy. As they shared a room, he could hardly help from watching whenever Kevin stayed over. Seeing each of them fuck each other in turn was too he didn't know what. It turned him on, but left him guilty for spying on them, even though he pretended he wasn't.

"I'll remember that," he answered noncommittally.

"I could show you a lot of ways to feel really good," said Kevin. "Just ask your brother." His last words really made Brad uncomfortable, but again, he wasn't quite sure why.

Upstairs Bennett was pounding away in Cal's ass. The thirteen-year-old had no purpose other than to cum. He started with hard thrusts and continued to increase in force and speed as the sex-act progressed. And the thick 5-inch erection had stretched Cal's poor asshole much more than the previous two boys combined. There was no conversation. His grunts grew louder and Cal sensed he was close when the older boy leaned all his weight against him and let out one long moan. And then he was done. This was the kind of sex Cal expected a quick degrading fuck and no hint of friendship. But Bennett thanked Cal profusely as he got dressed and left. The now, very sore Mackey bottom, returned to his guests in the kitchen.

Kevin gave Cal a sort of a pep talk and told him he was doing well. He reminded him of his "one kid at a time" way of thinking and then said he had to go.

Kevin threw one last reminder at Brad, "Remember what I said," and he left.

Brad stood up and mumbled something about heading home as well.

"But I'm real glad I came by," he explained. "Today was something I'll never forget. Thanks, a real lot for letting me... you know..."

Cal blushed and said he was glad Brad was his first. "Well not my first, but you know what I mean... Err, first today! Next time, bring your bathing suit and maybe you could stay and swim a little."

Brad liked that idea and said he would. "Next time."

After Brad left Cal sat and thought about the events so far. Apart from the thick cock and quick fuck from Bennett Mackey, it was not as bad as he expected, but what really stuck in his mind was Brad. I think I made a friend. In the middle of this craziness, he stayed and talked to me. He asked how I felt. I think he might be a friend. As the thoughts swirled in Cal's head the doorbell rang again. Thank god his dad was at work, and he hadn't seen his kid-brother Ben all morning.

Cal opened the door and found 13-year-old Aaron Mackey and his little brother Travis (11).

"I wanted to try out that ass of yours Cal. Travis hasn't stopped talking' about it since the Choosing."

"Come on in guys. Let's go upstairs," said Cal as he led the way to the bedroom. Once inside he dropped his shorts and tossed the lube to Aaron. "You want me over the bed?" he asked.

"No," the older boy responded. "I think I want you doggy style. Isn't that how you did Kelley Tucker?"

Cal was a little stunned by the question. "Uhm, maybe. I don't remember really." Cal dropped to his hands and knees as Aaron rubbed lube on his dick.

Aaron got behind him and entered easily. "I heard you kept asking Kelley if he liked it while you were fucking him. Do you like it Cal?" Cal was trying to think how to answer, but Aaron was impatient so he jabbed his dick in hard a couple of times. "Do you like it?" he repeated.

"Not really," he muttered.

"So, I guess now you know how Kelley felt then. What do you think Travis? Do you think he understands what he did?"

"I ain't sure. I think he needs a little more fuckin' to be sure."

Aaron was having a little trouble keeping up the conversation now as he neared his climax. He intentionally made the last couple of thrusts hard and deep. Cal grunted out loud as the boy shot his load.

As his brother got dressed Travis boasted, "I think you taught him a good lesson there." At 11, Travis had no right to sex from the bottoms under the Mackey rules, and hadn't even suggested it. Still, it was damn degrading for Cal to be fucked in front of a younger boy who would be going into the Middle School sixth grade next year.

"Well I'm not sure he gets it yet," stated Aaron as he looked at Cal who was still sitting on the floor. "I think we better come back again to be sure. Ya see Cal, if you fuck with a friend of ours, you get fucked. We'll see ya soon." And they left. The fucking didn't really hurt, but the taunts did. How many other kids feel like that Cal wondered? Unfortunately, he didn't have to contemplate the issue for very long, when the doorbell rang again.

The brothers Glenn (14) and Roy (13) Mackey stood at the door smiling.

"Hey Cal" said Glen. "We came to visit ya." "I wanna fuck and Roy wants one of the blow jobs you owe. He'd probably rather a fuck, but he's too old for now," said Glenn laughing. "Come on in guys," Cal invited.

Up in the bedroom Roy wanted his blow job first. He wanted the boy down on his knees in front of him and he kept his hands firmly on Cal's head. A couple of times Cal thought he would choke as Roy pulled his head down on his dick, but he got through it. Glenn had his pants off and was watching the show ready to jump in as soon as they were done. He was rock hard and maybe the biggest that Cal had seen today. Not huge, but a pretty good size.

When Roy was done, he told Cal he had a really sweet mouth.

Cal just nodded and looked over at Glenn who was lubing up. "Okay, hands and knees. I'm ready for a ride."

Cal assumed the position and Glenn knelt behind him. He still got the shivers when someone else spread his cheeks apart. It was only his first day, but he wondered if he'd ever get used to that. He quickly forgot that however when Glenn popped his big cock head inside him. It wasn't exactly pain, but Cal had to brace himself a bit. He was being stretched even more than when Bennett had done it. Glenn was loud, but not real forceful. He kept saying "yeah man, this is great."

Glenn shot several times in Cal's ass with a powerful thrust each time. When they were done, the new Mackey bottom boy realized for the first time he was definitely real sore back there.

As the brothers were leaving, fourteen-year-old Dexter Mackey was coming up the walk. Dexter asked Cal if he could get one of his blow jobs. He had been ready to call it a day, but decided one more blow job would be okay.

Dexter attempted his best to be friendly and tried being polite and making some conversation.

"So how do you like being a bottom?" he asked.

Cal stared at him in disbelief as Dexter realized how dumb his question was. "Oh, sorry! I guess that was a stupid question. I mean how is your first day going? You doing OK?"

Cal figured the kid meant well, so he just said he was fine as they headed up to the bedroom. Dexter moaned softly all through his blow job and couldn't thank Cal enough when it was done. He did seem really grateful. Cal decided that was enough for today, or so he thought. As he let Dexter out, thirteen-year-old Eli Corbin came riding up the road towards his house. As Cal watched him dump his bike on the front lawn and commence walking down the path, he decided he could handle one more. Eli was more just a kid he knew rather than a friend, but he was always friendly.

"Come on in Eli, before I quit for the day."

Cal led the way up the stairs to his bedroom and started to take his pants off. With all the up and down the stairs, and on and off with his clothes, Cal felt he had a pretty good idea about the life of the 50-cent whores in the old gold mining days he'd read about in a "man of the world" magazine he had found at the back of the drug store a few years back. But he never imagined he would be in this position. And he didn't even have the 50-cents to show for it. "Life's a bitch," he thought.

Eli got undressed as well and soon they were both standing naked from the waist down facing each other. Eli was hard and Cal handed him the lube.

"I heard you got in a little trouble for takin' your cousin Matty to the Choosing," said Cal.

"Yeah, I guess that was kinda of a smart-assed thing to do, but I thought it was funny at the time. But it really pissed off his Daddy and almost caused some big trouble in the family. Raymond stepped in and helped straighten it out. But I gotta pay a price though. A real steep price. I hafta give Matty 2 fucks and 2 blowjobs whenever he wants. So effectively, the Mackey have got themselves another bottom this year. It's a crock of shit if you ask me, but I had no choice."

"Wow," exclaimed Cal.

"Well that's better than what his Daddy wanted. First he was gonna rat me out to the pigs. You know, have me charged for raping littl' Matty's ass. But later, he wanted Matty to fuck me and give me a belt whippin' as well, whenever he wanted! Well, I didn't like the idea of some Reform School and a bunch of horny older teens lining up each day in the showers for a session in my ass, so the deal I got is better than any of that. But it still sucks major-big-league. And Darrell, Hiram, and Sheldon all knew I was bringing the little shit, and none of them said nothing. It ain't fair."

"Yeah, I guess so," agreed Cal. "Bending over the bed okay?", asked Cal.

"Yeah," said the lubed-up Eli.

"Let's do it!" Cal took his now familiar stance, waited while Eli spread his cheeks to aim and then gasped a little as the cock slipped in. Eli gave him one of the longer workouts of the day and fucked away for almost 10 minutes. When he was done, Cal was exhausted and his asshole ached badly.

Eli thanked him and left quickly.

Cal decided he definitely had enough for one day. He completed the paperwork he knew Sheldon Redd needed, and then he lay down on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

That night Cal's mind kept going over the day. He had bent over for 5 boys and let them fuck him and he had sucked 2 dicks. He wasn't proud, but he felt good that he got through it. What really stuck in his mind however, was the feeling that he made a friend. He hoped he was right. Brad Jacobs seemed to be really nice to him and he sensed it wasn't just because of the fuck. Brad would be back in 2 days and maybe he would find out then. Cal Brewer needed friends now and craved acceptance. Maybe Marx got it right Karl, not Groucho "religion is the opium of the people." But he missed the target completely with tweens and teens. Popularity is their drug of choice that absolutely essential need for acceptance and respect from their peers. Adults and gods be damned. Those who had popularity demanded more. And those who never had it, would move heaven and earth for the slightest morsel of the stuff.

Brad Jacobs lay in his bed thinking about his day. Fucking Cal had been just amazing. Did this mean he was gay? It didn't matter. He knew he had to do it again, even if it meant he was. And then Kevin's words, "I could show you a lot of ways to feel really good" ran through his mind. Something about doing it with Kevin felt weird, but still he wondered. He knew Kevin and his brother Sandy were "a thing." He had seen them "do it" often enough here in the bedroom they shared whenever Kevin stayed over. And he did that a lot these days. But he had also watched as Kevin fucked Sandy. Would Kevin want to do the same to him? How did he feel about that? He wasn't sure. It was all just so confusing. And it hadn't even been a week since the Choosing Ceremony. He realized it was only good luck and a loyal brother that had saved him from Cal's fate. Could he have coped as well as Cal? And he thought about the kid again. Besides being a great fuck, Cal actually seemed like a nice guy. He had heard the rumors about the kid being a prick and an asshole, but Brad had seen no sign of anything like that. He had actually invited him back to swim. Could he have a friend who was a bottom? Well, why not? He had a brother who was one well a limited one. What a strange day!

Chris Corbin

Chris crawled out of bed around 6:30am. He'd been awake since 4:00 am just watching the clock. He didn't really want to talk to anyone so he waited till he heard his parents leave and headed downstairs. He pulled the milk carton out of the fridge and took a couple of big gulps then gathered up his running shoes and moved to the living room to put them on. He laced up his shoes and went out to the front porch. His brothers always slept late so he knew he had a little time to himself before he had to face anyone.

Out on the porch he plopped down in one of the old lawn chairs and looked across the yard towards the woods. It was empty and quiet. How long would it stay that way? He was really pissed off. Pissed off at his stupid brothers for putting him in this position. Pissed off at the stupid tradition that everyone seemed to think was so important. He was pissed off at all the other kids that voted for him and he was pissed off at that jerk Sheldon Redd for promoting his ass at the Choosing. The more he sat and thought about it the angrier he got. He realized he was only making himself feel worse so he decided to go for a run. It was only 2 weeks till the Invitational Try-Outs and he had to stay in shape. As a State Champion he qualified to go to some college in Michigan and perform before a bunch of coaches from different schools and most importantly the coaches from the U.S. Olympic Team would be there. There were no trophies or plaques for this one. It was all about getting noticed and, if you were lucky, getting asked to try out for Team USA. Chris didn't feel lucky at the moment, but he was going to fight for this. He was not ready to give up his dream.

He took off running and headed toward the woods trail. It was a steep climb and he wanted a hard workout. After about 30 minutes of pretty strenuous running he stopped for a little break. He was happy. It had been a good workout and he wasn't breathing too hard. He knew endurance was important. He did some stretches then sat a few minutes before heading back.

He kept a more leisurely pace on the way home as a sort of cool down run. He was feeling much better and anxious to get to his makeshift equipment in the backyard and work a bit more. As the trail left the woods and put him on the hill above his house, he saw two figures standing in the side yard and he stopped. He watched them a minute and figured out one was his jerky older brother, but he wasn't sure who the other one was. He continued slowly down the trail. It was almost 9 am.

When he got close enough to see his good mood faded. The other kid was his 1st cousin, 13-year-old Clifton Corbin. His friends called him a prankster but most kids knew him as a show-off and a bit of a bully. Chris was still pissed at him for something he did back in June. They were at the swimming hole down in Indian Spring having a good time when Clifton decided to hide Chris's clothes. Chris was a little shy so he generally swam in his underpants. When he got ready to leave, he discovered his clothes missing. Clifton assumed the wimp would beg and cry for his things and they would all have a good laugh but Chris just got mad and rode his bike home in his undies. Clifton felt like Chris had spoiled his good joke so he got pissed off and threw the clothes in the creek. But maybe today would be payback time, Chris thought.

As he approached the two boys, Michael excused himself.

"I'll be over here Chris," he said as he walked away.

"Hey Clifton," said Chris. "What brings you out our way?"

"Well I'm feeling horny today and I never fucked a State Champion ass before so I thought I'd pay you a visit," said Clifton with a big smile.

"Okay, come on over here," said Chris as he walked over to one of the wooden boxes he worked out with. He dropped his shorts, picked up the lube he had left there and tossed it to Clifton. "Hurry up, I got a busy morning planned."

Clifton was a little surprised. "You mean right here in the yard? Can't we go to your bedroom?"

"Nope, the bedrooms for friends. This is it. Take it or leave it."

Clifton didn't know how to take Chris's answer or his tone, but he came here to fuck not to argue so he opened his pants and greased up his dick. He walked up to Chris who had bent over the box and lined himself up. I bet a good fuck will change his smart-ass attitude, Clifton thought.

The boy entered quickly and pushed deep. Chris knew the kid wanted a reaction from him so he braced himself and moved very little. He didn't make a sound as the older boy increased his speed. Within a minute Clifton was breathing faster and thrusting rapidly.

"Do you like this Chris? Is this big dick turnin you on?" Clifton asked between gasps.

Chris didn't answer. "Guess I'm takin your breath away so ya can't talk, huh," said Clifton as he realized he was talking to himself. Finally, his orgasm overtook him and he came deep in the butt he was fucking.

Chris felt the throbbing but he refused to move or acknowledge it. Finally, as a breathless Clifton slowly pulled his sensitive dick out Chris asked, "Are you done?"

"Hell yeah I'm done. Didn't you just feel me fill your ass with cum?"

"Didn't feel a thing," said Chris. "But I figured you were done when you got off me."

"Well, I'll tell you one thing, gymnast boy. You do have a championship ass," said Clifton as he prepared to pull his pants back up.

"And I wanna tell you one thing," said Chris as he placed his hands on Clifton's shoulders and brought his knee up hard straight into Clifton's balls. "You're one of the biggest jerks I ever met in my life."

Clifton instantly dropped to his knees trying to get his breath and rocking back and forth holding his aching testicles. The pain was intense and waves of nausea swept over him. He looked up at Chris with tear-filled eyes and Chris shouted at him.

"That was for stealing my clothes dickhead. You're old enough to know you shouldn't mess with other people's property."

The shouting brought Michael running. He looked at Clifton on the ground crying and then at his brother. "What the fuck Chris?"

"Just paying him back for something I owed him. He'll be fine in a week or so," said Chris with a snicker as he put his shorts back on. He went over to one of the larger boxes and started practicing headstands. He watched as his brother pulled Clifton to his feet and told him he'd better leave.

Michael walked over to Chris and told him," He says he's reporting you to the Council."

"I don't care," his younger brother said. "I owed him that for stealing and there is nothing they can do." Michael walked away shaking his head. Chris was actually feeling a little better.

The young gymnast continued his workout till he started to feel the strain in his muscles. He didn't want to overdo it. His Dad had promised to take him to the gym after work if he felt up to it. He got a big glass of ice water and plopped down in one of the old lawn chairs in the side yard waiting for time to pass.

Just after 11 o'clock he saw two figures on bikes down the road and as he watched them approach, he was able to see one was Cooper Mackey. He knew Cooper from school and they had been in the Choosing together. Cooper was a nice kid. The other was Wally Mackey. Wally was one of the popular kids and was not really a bad guy, but he was a bit of a show-off. Everyone knew his big brother was President of the Council so he got treated a little special.

"Hey Chris," Wally shouted as they got off their bikes. "We came to pay you a visit."

As they got closer Cooper smiled and said, "Hey Chris, you doing okay?"

Chris felt liked Cooper really cared. "Yeah, I'm all right."

"Well," said Wally," We busted our tails all morning to get chores done so we could get permission to come up here and visit and we're really hard and ready. Can you take care of us?"

"Alright," Chris replied. "Come on over here," and he led them to the box and tossed Wally the lube.

"I was wondering," said Wally with his big smile, "if maybe we could get a little blow job too, you know, being as we rode so far to get here and all." Cooper looked a bit surprised at the request and saw that Chris was pissed off.

"I got a better idea," Chris said. "You said you busted your ass all morning to get your work done and then pedaled all the way out here so you could fuck a boy. Makes you look pretty gay to me. Why don't you blow each other? That would make everybody happy."

Wally looked appalled at the suggestion, but Cooper burst out laughing. "Very funny Bottom Boy," said Wally. "Well can I at least get my fuck without the attitude?"

"Sure thing," replied Chris. "Let's go over here," he said as he led them to the side yard. He picked up the lube off the box and threw it to Wally.

"Is there anyone home?" asked the thirteen-year-old.

"Just Michael." Chris pointed to his brother standing over by a tree watching.

Chris was shedding his shorts when Wally finished up and said, "Let's go. I'm ready."

Chris bent over the box and assumed his position as Wally came up behind him and lined up. Chris hadn't looked at him, but as he started to enter he wished he had. Wally's dick felt as big or bigger than any he'd encountered before. He tried his best to hide the pain and took a deep breath.

When Wally started his in and out motion Chris braced himself and locked his legs. While Wally chattered away, Chris remained silent.

"Oh yeah, this is real nice. Can you feel me fuckin you Bottom Boy? You got a great ass. Come on Chris, tell me you like it."

Wally was quickening his pace and held Chris's hips tightly.

"I'm getting ready. Here it comes," he said as he drove deep in and held there. Chris could feel the pulsing dick inside him. Wally let out a couple of grunts then slowly withdrew. "That was fantastic. I, uhh, I really enjoyed it. Thanks Chris." Chris didn't answer.

"You're next partner," said Wally as he looked at Cooper.

"Well, I think I'm gonna pass this time. I'm just not quite in the mood," Cooper said.

"What the hell! How can you not be in the mood to fuck? This is what we came here for," asked a very surprised Wally. Chris, also quite surprised, looked at Cooper waiting for an answer.

"I just don't feel like it right now. Let's go Wally. I'll come back and visit another time, Okay Chris?"

"You can stop back any time Cooper," said Chris as Wally headed toward his bike shaking his head.

Cooper hung back and said to Chris, "I can tell you ain't having a good day. My brother told me what it's like when you're not in the mood and you gotta do it anyway. He said it sucks. That's not how I wanna do it. I kinda want us both to have a good time, so I'll hook up with you another day. Maybe when I'm alone. Would that be alright?"

"Sure thing Cooper. Like I said, you can stop back anytime."

Chris walked Cooper to his bike and said bye to both boys. He was amazed how good a little bit of friendship felt on a day like this. He watched the two ride away and hope maybe they would be his last visitors for a while. But they weren't.

Just a little more than an hour later Chris was inside when he heard Michael yell, "Chris you got more company."

Chris looked out the door and saw 13-year-old Eddie Mackey and his little brother Carter (11) walking toward the door. He stepped out onto the porch and greeted them.

"Hey guys. You just happen to be in the neighborhood?" he asked sarcastically.

"Now you know better than that Chris. We came to see you," answered Eddie. He was planning on having a fun day showing off in front of his little brother and figured the Corbin kid would be a good starting point. "Can we come in so I can enjoy a little piece of your ass?"

"Nope," said Chris. "But you can come around the side yard. Nobody's allowed in the house." Actually, there was no rule about kids in the house, but Chris didn't want to invite anyone in. His place was isolated from any neighbors, so he had no problem doing stuff outdoors.

Ryan was a bit surprised but said," Oh, Okay, I guess it don't matter where, just as long as I get to fuck."

Chris lead him to the side yard and handed him the lube. He didn't particularly care for Eddie and he was acting extra cocky in front of Carter, so Chris decided he needed to be put in his place. He dropped his shorts then looked over at the older boy and said, "Wow! Do little dicks run in your family, or is it just you?"

Eddie, surprised by the comment, stuttered, "It's not little. Not really. It's pretty normal size." Carter cracked up laughing and added. "Mines 'bout the same as his, but I'm only 11."

"Shut up Carter. You know I'm bigger than you."

"Yeah, but not by much." Carter giggled.

"How about if everybody stops looking at my dick and let me do some fuckin'?"

"Well come on then," said Chris as he bent over the box.

Eddie pushed in fairly easily, but Chris still felt the head pop in. After about 30 seconds of thrusting, Chris just couldn't resist so he looked over his shoulder and asked, "Well are you gonna put it in or what?"

"Fuck you Chris," Eddie managed to spit out as he drove in a couple of hard thrusts.

Carter was laughing uncontrollably. "He doesn't even know you're fuckin him Eddie."

"You shut up too, Carter. He knows he's getting fucked."

Eddie was rattled, but he did manage to reach a climax. It wasn't a very strong one, but at least he came.

Chris slipped his shorts back on and watched as Eddie buckled up then walked over to his brother and punched him on the arm. "Oww!" protested Carter.

"That's for laughing at me."

"I couldn't help it. It was funny," Carter sniggered.

Eddie looked at Chris and said," I'll be back again. You got a sweet ass."

"I'll probably be here," answered Chris.

The two brothers left and Chris wondered if anyone else might show up. It was well after 1:00 pm already and he assumed most of the new bottoms would have reached their daily quota already.

When another figure did appear coming down the road, he was pleasantly surprised to see it was Sandy Jacobs and not another kid looking to get laid. As Chris sat on the big box Sandy dropped his bike and walked toward him.

"Hey buddy, how's it going?" asked Sandy.

"Alright, I guess. Maybe not as bad as I thought it might be," Chris replied.

"Good," said Sandy. "You hit your quota?"

"No. I had 4 kids here, but one changed his mind and didn't want to do it."

"Who was that?" questioned Sandy.

"Cooper Mackey."

"Hmm," pondered the dirty blond. "That's strange. Did he say why?"

"Just said he changed his mind. The time wasn't right."

"Well I guess he had his reasons. You got your log book filled out?"

"Sandy, I wanna forget the kids that fuck me. I don't want to keep a written record of it. I can tell you who was here, but I ain't writing it down."

Sandy let out a small sigh of frustration, but decided to pick his battles. He and Sheldon both agreed this kid was a stick of dynamite waiting to explode and this didn't seem like an important enough issue to go to the mattresses just yet.

"Okay," said Sandy. "Who else was here?"

Chris went through his day and Sandy jotted the names down. This was the last new bottom he had to visit today so he ended with a short pep talk and then headed over to Sheldon's house.

He was greeted by the seventeen-year-old Council member and the two of them sat down to go over the first day. Sandy gave his report and told Sheldon he felt the results so far weren't too bad. But the older teen seemed deep in thought and when he finally spoke, it blew Sandy away.

"Well, I'm a little disappointed that my right-hand man left out some critical incidents. You didn't mention the kid Chris kicked in the balls, or the fact that he called Wally Mackey gay, or tell me about him taunting Eddie Mackey about having a small dick. Did you know about any of this?"

"Shit! No! This is the first I've heard of any of it. Where did you get your information?"

"From Raymond. He wants to know the whole story because he has to talk with the Council tomorrow and all this is gonna come up. We need to go visit Chris Corbin right now and get some answers. Come on, I'll drive you, but you'll have to talk to him. He hates me too much. His Dad has a formal request in with the Council to get Chris excused from his duties 4 days a week so he can work on Gymnastics. Michael will fill in for him, but if he pulled all this crap, they're not going to go for it. Raymond wants to talk to me about it tonight."

It was still light out when they arrived at the Corbin's. Sheldon waited in the car and Sandy went up and knocked at the door. Chris came down the steps and let Sandy in. "Hi Sandy, you just caught me. My Dad's on his way home and I'm going to the gym to work out. What do you need?" he asked studying the serious look on Sandy's face.

"Well," said Sandy. "It seems you left out a few facts when we talked earlier."

"What are you talking about?" asked Chris rather puzzled.

"Well, I'm talking about the fact that you kicked Clifton Corbin in the balls and the fact that you called Wally Mackey gay. I think you might have also insulted Eddie Mackey about the size of his dick. Any of that sound familiar?"

"Yeah, some parts of that are true, but not all of it."

"Why don't we go over the incidents one at a time and you tell me what happened. I need the truth Chris, and don't leave anything out. Got it?"

"I got it," Chris replied. "Let's sit down and I'll tell you my side of it." The boys sat in the living room and Chris told his story.

"First, I didn't kick Clifton in the balls; I knee'd him. It was hard too, but he deserved it. He stole some clothes from me one day when I was at the swimming hole in Indian Spring, a few weeks back. So today I paid him back for that. All this took place after he fucked me. It had nothing to do with me being a bottom."

Sandy suddenly remembered the incident Chris was talking about.

"Chris, don't you see it does have to do with you being a bottom? He came here for a fuck, and you attacked him. Now that you're a bottom everything you do reflects on that."

"Are you saying that since I'm a bottom, I have to let kids steal from me?"

"No! No, of course not. From what I heard he didn't steal from you -- he hid your clothes. It was supposed to be a joke."

"He hid them and then he threw them in the creek when I wouldn't beg for them. He's a thief and he got what he deserved."

"What about Wally Mackey. Did you call him gay?" asked Sandy when he realized the Clifton incident was not so simple.

"No, I did not. He was trying to get me to blow him and telling me how much he went through to get here and how he deserved a blow job. I said his whining for a suck sounded pretty gay to me. I'm not Cal Brewer, who has to blow every kid in the Spring a million times. I gotta let guys fuck me, but I only have'ta suck Junior a few more times because of that asshole, Sheldon. I don't gotta blow anyone else. That's the rules. Cooper was here. Ask him. Cooper knew it was a joke and he laughed."

"I am going to ask Cooper," Sandy responded, "So I hope you're telling me the truth."

"I said I would and I am."

"Did you tell Eddie Mackey he had a little dick?"

"Yeah, that I did. It was a joke and he knew it. His little brother thought it was hilarious. Besides, he does have a tiny one for his age."

"Well, he might have known it was a joke, but he still complained about it. Guess he didn't think it was that funny. Listen Chris, for your own good you have got to change your attitude. I know you're not happy, but you gotta live with it for now. Your dad approached the Council about getting time off for you to continue your training, and they are gonna meet tomorrow. Raymond wants Sheldon's opinion and with you stirring up all this trouble, he's not sure if he should go to bat for you or not. Can't you pretend and play the game for a short while?"

"I'm sorry Sandy. I believe you are trying to help. It is just this bottom thing is screwing up my whole life. I'm losing training time. My whole family is messed up. Dad hates my brothers. They think it's my fault that he's mad at them. My Mom's so confused by all this stuff that she's not talking much to any of us. All this because of some stupid tradition that I don't care anything about. I don't care about sex. I want to practice my sport. It just isn't right and you want me to play the game. I don't know if I can without getting mad." Chris had tears in his eyes when he was done.

"Chris look at me," Sandy said as he stood up. "I'm really trying to do what I can to help. I need you to help me. Please don't kick, insult or harass anymore kids for the next couple of days. Everybody, including your dad, is trying to work something out. Please give us a chance."

"I'll try my hardest," said Chris.

"Alright, I gotta go. See you in a couple days," said Sandy as he headed for the door.

Out in the car, Sheldon looked at him expectantly. "Well?" he asked.

"Some of it is true, but not entirely. Let's go by Coopers house and check his version of things."

The ride to Cooper's place was less than 10 minutes and the boy came walking out of a shed when they pulled up. "What are you guys doin' here," he asked.

"Hello to you too Cooper," joked Sheldon. "We just stopped by to ask you a few questions about your visit with Chris Corbin this afternoon. That okay?"

"Sure, I'll tell you the same thing I told Raymond just a couple of minutes ago."

"Raymond was out here?" asked Sandy.

"No, he called on the phone. He just wanted to know if Chris called Wally gay. I told him the truth. Chris made a joke and said something we did sounded gay to him and Wally got a little miffed about it. Wally was trying to get a blow job from Chris and he can be a jerk when he doesn't get his way sometimes."

Sheldon and Sandy exchanged knowing glances and then Sandy asked, "How come you left without having a turn with Chris? You have that privilege now."

"Well, I wanted my first time with a bottom to be fun and I could tell Chris wasn't in the mood. He seemed downright sad. I didn't want to do it with somebody that hated it. I wanna have fun."

"Did Chris say he hated it?" Sheldon asked.

"No," said Cooper, "I could just feel it. Chris doesn't really care about fucking. I don't think he's ever done it. He just wants to do his tumblin' and swingin' and stuff. I don't think he'll ever be a very good bottom. It just ain't his kinda thing. He's still a real nice guy though. I'm gonna go back in a couple of days and check on him to see if he's doing any better."

"That's all we needed Cooper," said Sheldon. "You've been a big help. Thanks."

"I think that would be a real good idea if you went back to see Chris soon," Sandy added. "He could use a friend right now." With that said the older boys departed.

Sheldon and Sandy discussed Chris as they headed back to town. "Do you think Raymond will agree to Chris splitting his duties with Michael?"

"I don't know," answered Sheldon. "It's never been done before and Raymond doesn't like parents interfering in our business. He's afraid every Mama in town might start asking for favors for her baby because he's too sensitive or whatever. It could be a bad precedent to set."

"Well, Chris is a special case. How many other kids in town have a chance of making an Olympic team?"

"Yes, I know and I actually agree with you there, but letting parents influence us could be trouble."

"We already let parents influence us," said Sandy raising his voice a bit. "Look at Cal Brewer. How come if a parent wants harsh treatment for their kid, we give it, but when they ask for a break or lighter treatment, we won't even consider it? Something's not right."

"Damn Jacobs, you make a good point. I was thinking this whole situation could have been avoided if we didn't have this No Exemptions rule. There are legitimate reasons, like Chris Corbin's, to exempt a kid."

"You need to convince Raymond to get the Council to cut Chris a break. It's like Cooper said, he's never gonna be a good bottom anyway, but he might be an Olympic champ someday."

"Well, as soon as I drop you off that's where I'm heading. Did you know that Raymond has been approached about running for the Adult Council?"

"No, I didn't know that. Is he thinking about it?"

"I think he is. He'll be old enough next year. He wants me to help him."

"That would be super," said Sandy. "We'd have someone on the Council to oppose the No Exemptions rule. Who knows what else he could do?" argued Sandy thoughtfully as Sheldon pulled up in front of his house. "Good Luck Sheldon. I hope you can convince Raymond on this one."

"I'll do my best."

As Sheldon drove away all Sandy could think of was, "We really need to change some things."


When Sheldon arrived at Raymond's house, he saw his friend sitting on the front porch. He sat down in the chair next to him.

"Can I get you an ice tea or a cold soda?" Raymond offered.

"No, I'm fine," Sheldon replied. "It certainly has been a busy first day."

"Yes, it has. You know I've never had 4 complaints about bottoms on the first day before. Maybe you can enlighten me a bit about what's going on. Let's start with Chris Corbin."

"We just came from visiting him and...."

"We?" asked Raymond.

"Yeah, I took Sandy Jacobs with me. He communicates with the kid better than I can right now. Chris has got a bit of an attitude toward me since the Choosing."

"Yes, I heard. It's his attitude that seems to be causing a lot of the problems. I was told that he kicked one boy in the balls, picked on another kid about his penis size, and supposedly called my little brother gay. I spoke with Cooper Mackey, and it seems there may be a little more to that story. I think I'm going to have to have a word with Wally about respecting the bottoms. But, can you tell me anymore about these incidents?"

"I think I can," said Sheldon. "Chris is at fault in every instance, but he is not the only one. We seem to be going through a time where bottoms have no pride in what they're doing and the kids they serve seem to have very little respect for them. Chris did kick Clifton Corbin in his groin as payback for a bit of bullying the guy did in June. Chris had a right to seek revenge, but shouldn't have done it when he did. Chris gave Clifton his fuck and sent him off with a kick in the balls. The trash talk about dick size with Ryan Jacobs was just that. Trash talk. Ryan was showing off in front of his little brother and Chris cooled him off a bit. As far as calling Wally gay, according to Cooper Mackey, that was just a joke that Wally overreacted to. Chris didn't refuse anyone or violate any rules, he just needs to adjust his attitude some."

"I agree with your assessment. I spoke with Cooper myself and got the same story there. Do you think Chris will clean up his act?"

"I wish I could say `yes,' but I don't know. He takes no pride in the traditions and only views his current bottom status as an inconvenience that keeps him away from his sport. I don't think we can look to the family for any help either."

"Yes, I know. His Dad paid me a visit earlier today. He put in a request for Chris to be excused for two weeks to go to a Gymnastics competition in Michigan. I had the feeling that they are going whether we approve it or not. He also wants Chris excused 4 days a week for practice. He's offered Michael as a fill-in. We've never done anything like that before and I'm reluctant to set that precedent. I expect parents to support us, not interfere."

"Jacobs and I were having a discussion on this subject earlier and he made me see a few things I hadn't considered before. Granting a parental request is actually not new. Look at Cal Brewer. We instantly granted a parent's request for punishment, but we hesitate if it is a request for lighter treatment. I'm not sure that's the right idea we want the Council to promote. Shouldn't we treat all requests the same?"

"Damn it Sheldon! I already had my mind made up on this and now your making me see another side of things. I guess that's why I asked you over. Like I said before, I believe they're going to Michigan whether we approve it or not. Mr. Corbin is talking about moving there so they can be closer to a large training center. If we deny his request and they go anyway, it makes us look bad. We can't have folks thinking they can disregard the Council."

"I agree. Let him go and maybe we'll see some attitude improvement when he returns."

"Alright, I'll recommend the Council approve it. Now, what do you think we can do about the respect issue? What's causing this breakdown on both sides of our tradition?"

"That's another topic Jacob's and I discussed today. The 'No Exemptions' policy when we create the Choosing List. It was supposed to make things fairer by including every 12-year-old, but it's actually part of the problem."

"How does that cause disrespect?" asked a puzzled Raymond.

"By forcing every kid into the Choosing, we are getting candidates whose families don't support the practice. The parents project those feelings down to their kids, and when those kids are chosen, we have a problem. If there were exemptions allowed, I don't think we would be dealing with Chris Corbin right now. If the parents don't project a feeling of pride and duty to the kid, we end up with a bottom with an attitude. Maybe exemptions were abused before, but perhaps firmer guidelines are the answer, not total elimination."

"My goodness Sheldon. You have been thinking and you made some good points. How would you like to give that speech to the Adult Council?" Raymond chuckled.

"No, I don't think I'm ready for that yet. There are too many old hardliners there. Now if you run for Council, as I heard you might, there would be a friendly face there and I might change my mind."

"Well, at the moment that is pure speculation. I agree that we need some different voices on the Adult Council, but I'm not sure if they're ready for me yet. Back to our subject, what do we do about the lack of Community respect for our bottoms?"

"I think we have to look at the Choosing itself. Jacobs said some things that got me thinking. Have we gotten too far away from the original purpose of the ceremony?"

"What do you mean?"

"The purpose of the Choosing is to select Community Bottoms, but we spend half the time embarrassing, humiliating and putting down the 12-year-olds. We play games with their feelings and make them props in a show. We don't show them a lot of respect. We make announcements reminding others to respect the bottoms, but then we don't show any respect for the candidates ourselves. Our actions, mine included at the last Choosing, do not match our words."

"Sheldon, I am really impressed. That's an excellent analysis of the problem. Did Jacobs help with that too?"

"Actually, he is the one who got me to see the problem. He's a thinker."

"I agree. You need to work on getting him on the Junior Council next election and any other of the best young talent out there. We're lucky to have some real stars coming along. The Tucker kid fits that bill as well. He's young at present, but super-smart like his Dad. With you and I leaving next April, we need some good minds to fill those spots. I don't want to think about Paul Hardin as Council President next year. Jacobs and Tucker are far too young for the President's job as yet, but we need to stop Paul in his tracks somehow."

"Definitely! I'll work on that. Right now I think I'm heading for home. It's been a long day and who knows what Day 2 will bring."

"Have a good night Sheldon. Thanks for all you do. You make a great right-hand man. I'm going to think about those ideas of yours and see what we might accomplish before our Council terms expire. Maybe we can do some good before we leave."

Sheldon got up, but sat back down immediately.

"Before I go, I just want you to know that it wasn't all bad today. I got a good report from Cal Brewer. Bert Mackey lost his temper, but was provoked. I think I convinced him to keep his cool in the future. And the strangest news of all was that I bumped into Matty Corbin's father, and he told me that Judge and Matty were friends, and had done bottom business together without any problems."

"That is for sure good to hear," Raymond said. "Judge and Matthew Corbin; I'd never have guessed. Considering all the bad feeling right now about that Mr. Corbin, that is good news indeed."

"Just let me know what you decide about Chris, and I'll support you. Good night Raymond."

To be continued...