This is a story of a young boy, a boy who had just turned twelve years old, who was more than confused with life itself. His name is Marty and he is your average looking twelve year old boy with all the average concerns in life, with the exception of his mind playing serious tricks on him while discovering his true sexual identity, or curiosity. Marty stood exactly 5' 4" and barely weighed 100 pounds with shoulder length wavy dirty blond hair and gorgeous emerald green eyes. His eyebrows was a thick and rich dirty blond and his eyes lashes were even more noticeable as they flashed across his entrancing eyes. Marty didn't think a whole lot of himself, but others found him to be simply adorable. People passing him on the street, supermarkets, and malls, always took the necessary moment to study the young boy's every feature. Both men and women shared the vision of his natural born beauty and passionately craved their secret desire to envision the clothed boy walking totally nude, void of any clothes.

Though adults always issued their embarrassing compliments in front of Marty, Marty had other ideas, none of which focused on girls. As he lay in his small bed, he secretly fantasized about his best friend Donny. In Marty's young eyes, Donny was the most perfect human being on the planet earth. Donny was just a tad shorter than Marty, standing a solid 5' 2" and weighed a few pounds less than Marty. His hair was jet black and neatly parted down the middle and feathered back to form a perfect V in the back. Donny's teeth were always a brilliant white and each one in a perfect row. His eyes always tore into the heart of Marty as they pierced his vision in their sparkling blue array.

Although they were the best of friends, neither boy ever saw the other naked, not even remotely close to being nude. As each day passed, Marty longed to tell his best friend of his secret desires, but thought that if he told Donny, his best friend would get upset and they would never talk again. They had spent the night at each others house on a few occasions, but those were the times before Marty's hidden passion and curiosities controlled his every thought. Donny was also a few months younger than Marty and at the time was eleven years old.

School had just let out for the Christmas Holidays and Marty ran home before his parents arrived from work and did his daily ritual. Slinging his clothes off as he ran to his bedroom, he flopped on the bed and began jerking on his bone hard five inch slender cock. Marty looked at the area in which he hoped someday would grow some hair as his right hand pounded his hard boy meat while ultimately thinking of Donny. His left hand fondled his hairless quarter sized nuggets while his right hand screamed across his the smooth flesh of his young hard cut cock. Up to this point, Marty was unable to produce any sperm, but the awesome feeling of the familiar dry orgasm always wracked his body in severe delight. Just as he was fixing to unleash his dry load, the phone rang. Marty rolled to his left side to answer the phone when his young cock unleashed a massive watery blast, coating his chest and chin in his very first mind shattering orgasm. His watery sperm filtered onto the bed cover and his breathing was harsh as he fought back to keep the watery sperm from leaking onto more of the cover.

"Hell, hello!"

It was Donny on the other end, "What ya doing?"

Marty - "Na, nothing much."

Donny - "You sound weird."

Marty - "I'm, I'm okay. So, what's up?"

Donny - "My parents said you could spend the night, that is, if you want to."

Marty - "Sure, my parents aren't home yet, but I'll call you back when I talk with them, okay"

Donny - "Sounds good, but you still sound a bit funny. Are you okay?"

Marty - "Yeah, I'm fine. I was just doing something."

Donny - (laughing) "Sounds like you just jacked off to me!"

Marty - "No, uh, no, I, I was just busy doing something."

Donny - "Yeah, right, whatever. Call me after you speak with them. Later."

Marty - "I will. See ya."

Marty couldn't believe his young cock sprayed sperm everywhere and he was in the process of using a towel to clean up his slimy and watery mess when his mother announced she was home. Marty was running around rampant trying to clean his sperm up and heard his mother climb up the stairs heading towards his bedroom. Tossing the towel into the hamper, he scurried to the door, realizing his right hand was slick with his sperm. His mother was just a few steps away from his door, so Marty took one big gulp and started slashing his tongue all over his hand to lick up his own boy spunk. To his amazement and disgusting surprise, he found that he liked the sticky, watery sperm. The more of his own boy juice he licked off his hand, the harder his cock grew inside his pants. He enjoyed the taste although there really wasn't much taste at all. For Marty, it was the plain idea of swallowing his first sperm, his own sperm, that sent shivers up and down his young spine.

After speaking with his mother, more so, pleading, she finally agreed to let him spend the night. Her only condition was that he must take a bath before walking the short trip to Donny's house. Once she left him to the privacy of his room, Marty quickly called Donny and gave him the good news. Once he hung up the phone, Marty ran to the bathroom and started the bath water. He almost tore out of his clothes and just as he was stepping into the warm bubbly water, his eyes caught a glimpse of his nudity in the full length mirror. The first thing his eyes noticed was his jutting butt as he was slightly bent over. To him it really wasn't nothing to make mention of, but for someone else who might have gotten the privilege of stealing a glimpse, it was a breathtaking sight. Small, curvy, smooth, unblemished, milky white, and with a defined muscular appearance. It was a perfect boy butt that if seen from any other eye, would definitely look like a more than perfect girl's bubble butt.

He stood straight up and noticed his hard boy meat as it stood straight out from his body with a slight upwards arch. His flared mushroom head was a little thicker than his slender shaft, making his boy meat look larger than it actually was. He lifted up his hairless nuggets and just stared in the mirror for a few seconds admiring the balls that could now produce the creamy sperm that he found he enjoyed drinking. Lowering himself in the bath water, Marty began lathering himself up with the baby powder scented soap his mother made him use. He lathered his young hard cock up with the soap and began stroking it feverishly as his left hand shot between his ass cheeks to clean his butt thoroughly. While applying the scented soap to his butt, his mind began wondering away, thinking of Donny, as his right hand tormented his soapy boner to a pounding frenzy. Marty placed his left foot on the edge of the tub and began drawing miniature circles over his butt hole ensuring that this particular area of his gorgeous body was definitely clean.

His young mind began envisioning his best friend in the tub with him, both completely naked, stroking their young cocks to perfection. For the first time in his twelve years living, his left index finger slipped inside the muscular restraints of his boy hole and gloriously shocked his entire body as his cock erupted his hot, milky white, watery sperm all over the wall in front of him. Some of his sperm splashed as it struck the bath water while his body shook violently from such an intense orgasm. His index finger was buried inside his ass and he could feel the heat burning from within as well as his anal muscles gripping at the sudden invasion. His young cock shot out jets of sperm while his mind was flashing brilliant speckles of bright lights in his head. Marty slowly removed his ass invading finger and his body tingled as it made its way from within him. Unable to stand any longer, he sort of slipped back into the tub while trying his best to catch his breath.

While gasping for breath, he reinserted his index finger up his tight anal hole and relished in the thought it was Donny who was slipping a finger in and out of his forbidden treasure. Marty suddenly realized the longer he stayed in the tub, the longer it would be before he could fantasize about his best friend in person. Quickly he jumped out of the tub and toweled himself off and hastily dressed, intentionally leaving his underwear off. Marty really enjoyed not wearing any underwear under his clothing. The feel of his young cock brushing against his blue jeans always made him quiver in delight.

He packed his overnight bag and ran downstairs to wave his mother goodbye and shot out the front door heading in the direction of his best friend's home. It was only two streets over and Marty almost ran all the way before panting for breath at Donny's front door. Upon ringing the doorbell, Donny opened the door and Marty's eyes fell onto his friend's attire. Donny was wearing a pullover T-shirt and tight blue jeans and no shoes. The pants he was wearing was almost uncommon for the day and age with everyone wearing baggy clothing, but Donny was wearing a pair of pants that looked as though he was born in them and they just sort of grew on him as the time passed.

When Donny turned around, inviting Marty in, Marty almost choked on his saliva while staring at Donny's adorable, shapely bubble butt that clearly was outlined in the tight pants. As Donny took a step, Marty gazed upon the hidden cheeks of his younger friend with a mouth watering frenzy. It was small, but looked like it was solid and super muscular. As each cheek shot up and down with Donny's every footstep, Marty became that much more enthralled over his gorgeous friend. Donny stopped at the foot of the stairs and Marty noticed, for the first time, that Donny had a fairly large gap between his closed legs. The more he stared at his beautiful friend, the harder his cock grew into a rather painful state. As Donny climbed up the stair, Marty followed ever so closely in behind him, tongue licking his lips with every precious step.

Both boys entered Donny's bedroom and Marty tossed his overnight back into the corner. They played on the computer and played video games for awhile when Marty asked, "Where's your folks?" Donny was still playing a video game while sitting on the floor and replied, "Oh, Dad's got an office Christmas party so they won't be home until sometime late tonight." Marty was ever so desperate to see his young friend naked and weird and dastardly thoughts careened through his young mind. Marty was sitting at the foot of the bed looking down at Donny who was sitting on the floor cross legged. His hard cock fought at the tough restraints of his pants while he was praying for a miracle of sorts to happen. One thing led to another and Donny got tired of playing video games. He hopped up onto the bed and rested his back against the head board with his legs spread and knees stretching towards the ceiling. Marty could do nothing more but stare at the gap between Donny's spread legs, envisioning his friend sitting there without any clothes on. One thing Donny always wore that impressed Marty was his perfect smile. As Donny sat there, his smile, unique only to him, dashed across his gorgeous face.

Donny asked, "What do you want to do?" Marty knew what he wanted to do, but he figured Donny wouldn't want to do it, so he replied, "It's your house. What do you want to do?" Donny kind of smacked his lips and inquisitively asked Marty, "Why are you looking between my legs?" Reality and fear shot through Marty's body, suddenly realizing that his eyes never left Donny's crotch. In a feeble attempt to come up with some kind of excuse, he uttered, "I, I wasn't looking at your dick. I was uh, just thinking what we could do." Donny rolled off the bed and eagerly announced, "I know. I found something we could watch." Donny dashed out of the room and ran down the hall. Upon his return, he was holding a DVD in his right hand. Marty readjusted his position so that his back was leaning against the headboard and Donny inserted the disc and flopped down beside him. As soon as the wording popped onto the television screen, the words read, "Girls Who Take It Up The Ass!" Marty glanced at Donny who was smiling beyond belief as his finger hit the play button.

This was both boys first time ever at seeing any kind of porn, but it was Marty who's eyes were transfixed onto Donny's crotch area. Marty's eyes ached from peering at his younger friend's crotch through the corner of his eyes. With one eye on the movie and the other on Donny's crotch, Marty's cock began crawling from under its tight restriction to form a noticeable cock outline along his right thigh. Bashfully, he placed his hands over his visible outlining cock in high hopes that Donny didn't see that he was harder than a piece of steel.

As the movie got underway, a man was sitting on a sofa with his legs spread holding a huge cock in his right hand. To both boys, the man's cock was abnormally long and super thick as some woman crawled between his legs and began licking the angry shaft. She licked his hairless huge balls while gently stroking the bull size meat. Marty was more infatuated at seeing what delight rested under Donny's tight clothing than focusing on the movie. Up to this point, not a bulge or a vague attempt of Donny's cock showed any life form, but Marty was intent on keeping a close eye on Donny's crotch.

The woman began bobbing her head up and down on about four inches of the man's thick and long cock when Donny interjected, "Wow, she's got some of his dick in her mouth!" Marty added, "So that's what they say at school about a blow-job. She's giving him a blow-job!" The man and woman soon got into a sixty-nine position and the camera zoomed in on the guy stabbing her glistening pussy with his tongue. Marty snapped with excitement, "Holy shit, he's licking her pussy!" Donny whispered out and said, "Shit yeah man, but do you see where his nose is?" The guy's nose was pressed firmly against the woman's butt hole while his tongue flickered in and out of her pussy. Donny didn't wait for Marty to say anything as he quickly added, "Wow, he's smelling her asshole!" Marty spoke, "Well, it must smell good, cause he's still licking her pussy." Just as Marty finished his statement, the man crammed his tongue inside the lady's asshole in one stealth move. Donny gasped and fired, "Yuck, he's sick! He, he's got his tongue inside her shit hole!" Marty couldn't believe his eyes either as he watched the man probe her butt hole with his thick tongue. The woman in the movie shouted, "Yes, fuck yea, eat my asshole, eat it, oh fuck yes, tongue fuck my asshole!" With every word she yelled, Marty's hard cock seemed to get that much more harder as it was being pressed down by both of Marty's hands.

For a brief time, Marty had trailed his straining eye off of Donny's crotch and peered at the porn flick before him. As he snuck a quick peak at Danny's spread legs, his eye caught what he had longed for in every fun filled fantasy dream. Donny's hard cock had tented the front of his tight pants rather noticeably. Marty couldn't see an outline of Donny's cock, but he could tell his younger friend was just as hard as he was. An impressive bulge had formed in the middle of Donny's zipper as he focused with full intent on the porn movie. Marty's right leg was touching Donny's left leg and Marty could almost feel the heat steaming off of Donny's pants covered leg.

Marty heard Donny yell, "Oh shit!", so he looked up at the movie and saw the guy pounding his huge cock (doggie-style) into the woman's pussy. She was yelling and he was moaning as his huge pole rocketed back and forth inside her pussy. Marty spoke what he was thinking, "Fuck, his dick is huge!" As soon as the words escaped his shivering lips, he awaited Donny's response at him mentioning the guy's cock. Donny simply said, "Shit yeah, it's fucking huge. I can't believe she's taking it so easy. If I was her, I'd be screaming my guts out!" There was a brief pause and Donny added, "Man, he sure does have some big balls. Just look at those fat things slap her ass! I wish mine were just half the size of his." Marty felt more at ease knowing his friend noticed the guy's cock too.

The next scene with the same couple opened both boys eyes increasingly wider as the man slowly inserted his huge fuck stick up the girl's asshole. She was begging for it and both Marty and Donny had their mouths open and all four eyes glued to the screen. The lady hollered, "God yes, fuck my ass, give me your big cock, fuck me, fuck my asshole!" Both boys stared intently as the man slammed his meat in and out of the woman's butt hole. Marty spoke first, "Oh shit, oh my. I can't believe his big dick actually fit inside her butt!" Donny licked his lips and said, "Fuck me to tears. Now, that's really got to hurt. I mean his dick is fucking big and her asshole is so damn small; man, I tell you, that really has to fucking hurt." Marty spooned in, "By the way she's begging for it, it must feel pretty good. Just look at her, she's loving every inch and every minute of it." Donny gulped down his mouthful of saliva and nervously spoke, "I don't see how that could feel good. You shit out of that hole and the last time I checked, taking a shit really didn't do anything for me. Fuck, a finger sometimes hurt, must less a big dick shoved up there!" Marty had heard every word and Donny really didn't mean to let a finger up his butt slip out, but Marty played it off by saying, "Yep, a soapy finger can slide right in."

Neither said anything more as they intently watched the video while Marty kept one devoted eye on Donny's impressive bulge. The final scene showed the man withdraw his big cock from her asshole and he straddled her head and squatted over her face. Both boys watched as the woman began tonguing the man's butt hole while he jerked rapidly on his big cock. As his sperm flew out, both boys jumped in their seats as the sperm shot out in full force, some going beyond the woman's toes. At the last of his sperm, some dripped onto her chin and Marty remarked, "Wow, he shoots a big load!" Donny quickly followed suit, adding, "Yeah, I wish mine could shoot that far!" The man shoved the head of his thick cock into her open mouth and Donny immediately said, "Oh shit, he still had some sperm on his dick and now she's sucking it after his dick had just come out of her asshole, yuck!" Marty spoke once again before thinking the words more cleverly, "You've never tasted your own sperm before?" Donny looked into Marty's eyes and asked, "Why, have you?" Marty nodded his head yes, almost in shame of admitting something so personal to someone he dreamed so highly of. Donny apparently felt his friend's shame and softly whispered, "A couple of times!"

Donny rolled off the bed and Marty watched as his friend adjusted the front of his pants before saying, "I know what, let's play some basketball." Marty got off the bed and his cock was pointing down ever so noticeable. Before he could readjust it, Donny had turned around and Marty saw his friend's eyes as they traveled to his clearly outlining hard cock. Donny turned away and Marty followed him down the stairs as they walked outside to play basketball. The temperature outside was kind of cold at first, but after playing basketball for about an hour, both boys had worked up a pretty good sweat. Marty graciously took advantage of some quick feels of Donny's butt as he dribbled the ball. Every time the chance arose for Marty to touch Donny's butt occurred, he made sure he placed either one hand or both on Donny's jutting butt.

Both boys were just as equally athletic as the other and they took turns at winning their one-on-one games. Just before the last game, the tie breaker, was to start, Donny stated, "How bout we make this interesting?" Marty asked, "Like how?" Donny was in deep thought but finally came up with the idea, "Whoever gets beat, has to do exactly what the winner says all night!" Marty thought about it for a second then replied, "But, you already have the ball. Let's flip for it, okay?" Marty already planned to play his heart out so that he could finally see his friend naked as Donny flipped the quarter high into the air. Marty called heads as the coin hit the pavement and twirled around before resting on tails. The way they played was that it was the first one to hit 21 and you must win by two points. Donny started out with the ball first and before Marty knew what was happening, he was already down 7 to nothing. Both Marty and Donny played their hearts out as the score was 20 to 19, Donny was winning, and he still had the ball. Donny spun and tossed the ball and the ball rolled around the rim before falling into Marty's outstretched hands.

This was indeed the most competitive and longest game the two ever played against one another. The score was now 41 to 41 with Marty having the ball. He faded and faked and Donny fell for it as Marty dribbled to the net and scored. 42 to 41, in Marty's favor and he still had the ball. Marty dribbled all the way to the nest and fell backwards while shooting to win the game. The ball bounced off the backboard and into the arms of Donny who dribbled to the foul line and took a shot. The ball went through the net without touching the backboard or rim. The score was tied 42 to 42 and Donny started off by dribbling to his right and faked Marty out and hit a jumper. 43 to 42 in Donny's favor as he started from the foul line with Marty desperately trying to steal the ball away. The two battled all the way to the edge of the driveway and Donny was a good twenty feet away from the basket as he jumped high in the air with Marty right in front of him, tossing the ball under Marty's flaying hands. Both boys landed on their feet at the same time and Marty rushed to the goal to capture the ball, but it was a perfect strike, never touching the rim as it cleared the net.

Donny yelled, "Shit yes, I won, I won, fucking A I won!" Marty fought back the tears realizing his devious plan to see his friend naked slipped right out of his hands, completely astonished at the realm of defeat. Both boys were panting heavily as Donny said, "Let's go inside!" Marty followed his gorgeous victor admiring the way Donny's sweaty hair still maintained its perfect shape. They went inside the kitchen where Donny washed his hands and made them something to drink. Both boys gulped down several glasses of Kool-Aid. After pouring one final glass for each of them, Donny suggested they go upstairs. At the hands of defeat and living up to the bet they had made before starting their tie breaker, Marty was willing to do whatever Donny said.

Once inside the bedroom, Marty asked, "You won, so, what do you want me to do?" Donny flopped onto the bed with a devilish grin and said, "I'm not sure just yet, but I'll come up with something, I promise!" Donny was leaning his back on the headboard while Marty sat on the edge of the bed closest to Donny's feet. Both boys locked onto the others eyes as Donny broadened his smile and said, "First, you can take off my socks and shoes!" Marty leaned more to his side and lifted Donny's right foot and placed it onto his lap. He untied his friend's shoe and removed his sock before doing the same with his left foot. Donny said, "Take yours off too!" Marty did as instructed. While he was taking off his own shoes, Donny stated, "You have to speak only the truth to all my questions, understand?" Marty nodded his head in agreement as the last of his socks were removed.

Marty sat up and looked into his friend's entrancing eyes. Donny smiled and softly asked, "Do you jack-off?" Marty quickly said yes. Donny smiled even more then asked, "What do you think about when you jack-off, or better yet, who?" Marty's heart beat rapidly and felt like it lodged into his throat. He knew he was supposed to tell the truth according to their bet, but he was really afraid of what his best friend might do if he told him the exact truth. Donny interrupted his concentrating fear by saying, "A bet is a bet, so what's your answer!" As if a giant frog blocked his vocal cords, Marty whispered, "You!" Donny leaned up a bit and asked, "What? I didn't hear you good. Say it again!" Marty's lips trembled and his eyes began filling with water as he nervously peered into the eyes of Donny's before loudly saying, "You! I jack-off thinking about you!"

Donny leaned back and said, "What in the fuck was so hard about that?" Marty was still fighting back the tears as he spoke, "I, I thought, you, you might not want to be friends anymore." Donny simply replied, "Fuck that, we're friends for life. We made a blood pact, remember?" Marty shook his head and held his head tucked down. Donny said, "So, when you jack-off thinking of me, what all do we do?" With his head still bowed down, Marty said, "Nothing really. I just think of you in front of me naked, that's all." After a brief pause, Marty spoke, "Until we saw the movie, I really didn't know people did all that stuff." Donny replied, "I know the feeling cause I didn't know either until the movie. I mean, I heard of a blow-job, but I didn't really know what it was." Donny anxiously asked, "Why do you want to see me naked?" Marty looked at him and said, "I don't know. I just do!"

A few seconds later, Donny jumped off of the bed and said he had to use the restroom. Marty sat on the edge of the bed feeling a whole lot better after revealing his deepest and darkest secret to his friend and knowing that they were still going to be best friends. A few short seconds later, Donny returned from the bathroom wearing only a dark blue robe with the purest of smiles splintering across his perfect and gorgeous face. Walking in front of Marty, Donny stopped and shockingly said, "If you wanted to see me naked, you should have asked a lot sooner." With that being said, Donnie untied the robe string and in one single motion, the robe dropped to the floor. Marty felt faint as his eyes blurred from the vision of the single most person in the world who he had dreamed of for so many times. Naked as the day he was born, Donny stood proudly before his older friend giving him more than just an eyeful.

Donny's hard boy cock erected from his slender body with a downward angle and slightly angling to the left. Marty noticed that the pink mushroom head was almost twice as thick as the thick shaft as it stretched from his body a solid 4 ". Marty realized that his own cock was longer, but Donny's was much thicker and in his eyes, much, much prettier. Donny slowly turned around, giving Marty a complete look at his young friend's luscious body. Marty was shaking like a leaf as his mouth filled with his saliva while admiring the show that Donny was displaying. As Donny turned completely around, Marty wanted to reach out and touch the boy's bubbly, muscular butt. The thin line separating each wonderful cheek seemed ever so inviting and for the first time, Marty wanted to do to Donny what he saw in the video. Marty wanted to cram his tongue inside those cheeks and lash out at Donny's hidden butt hole. Donny must have read Marty's mind, because he bent way over to the point that he was grabbing his ankles with each hand, giving Marty a birds eye view of his asshole. Marty studied every intricate feature of his friend's butt hole, noting the brilliant pinkness of his tightly sealed hole.

While still bent way over, Donny questioningly remarked, "Go ahead, touch it if you want or are you afraid to?" Marty slowly reached outward with his right arm holding his fingers spread as if begging for a helping hand. As soon as his finger neared the spread ass cheeks and bright pink hole, Marty's entire hand started shaking feverishly. With a blink of his own eye, his finger slid right up against the sealed orifice causing Donny to let out a mild squeal. His friend's butt hole felt much more different than his own as he began admiring the rich texture of the skin that seeped inside forming Donny's wonderful bung hole. Marty's finger brushed over and along the anal skin with the gentlest of touches forcing soft moans to evade Donny's lips. The trance Marty was in was temporarily broken as Donny asked, "Does it smell okay for you?" Marty cleared his throat and replied, "That's my finger, not my nose."

Donny fired back, "Since I'm the winner and you have to do everything I tell you, I want you to shove your nose against my butt hole and sniff it like a dog!" Marty was caught off guard and said, "But, we've been playing basketball and you're all hot and sweaty. What if..." Donny devilishly stated, "A bet is a bet, now live with it and sniff my asshole like I told you!" Marty slid off of the bed and sat on the floor cross legged, keeping both eyes trained on his gorgeous friend's lovely asshole. Marty leaned forward and his nostrils inhaled Donny's sweat and a musky odor followed as his face neared the boy's poop chute. The heat spewing from Donny's spread ass splashed across Marty's face as he became a mere inch from Donny's butt hole. Just as his nose got ever so near, Donny reached back with both hands and spread his ass cheeks wider apart and said, "Go ahead, shove your nose right in it!" The musky sweaty odor became even more stronger and the heat was even more hotter as his nose graced the outer ring of Donny's winking butt hole. Marty's nose was pressed up against the boy's hole and something inside him controlled his every move as his nostrils flared angrily in the pursuit of the musky odor that tingled every organ in his body.

Donny began gyrating his hips, forcing his asshole to caress the nose that firmly held its position right on it. Initially, Donny felt kind of weird rubbing his butt hole on Marty's nose, but after a few seconds, it all felt too great to stop. Marty thought he had died and gone straight to Heaven. The sweet fragrance burned its way through his inhaling body and his tongue slipped out of his mouth and swept the area just under Donny's asshole. Donny gasped as soon as he felt his friend's slippery tongue slosh inside his spread crack. Donny, panting heavily, asked, "What, what are you, you doing?" His question fell on deaf ears as Marty began sliding his tongue all over his younger friend's ass crack. All too soon, Donny felt his body quiver and shake, beyond any of his controls as the feeling in his crack set his inside on fire. Without even thinking, Marty backed his nose off the sweet smelling asshole and immediately replaced it with his loving tongue. Finally, he was eating his best friend's super delicious asshole and he became overwhelmed with a passion never before known to him.

At first, the tongue wallowing on his asshole tickled, but soon the tickling sensation was replaced by something that felt awesomely great. Donny began moaning louder and louder stemming from the force of Marty's young tongue trying to penetrate the muscular seal. With the pressure of a pile driver, Marty forced the tight seal open and his tongue dove inside Donny's virgin asshole forcing the younger boy to scream in pleasure, "Ah fuck Marty, fuck, yes, shit man, oh shit yes, eat my asshole, oh your tongue, yes, I, I can feel your tongue!" The more Donny sounded off, the hungrier Marty became as he plowed into the virgin asshole with absolute vengeance and mad desire. As Marty swallowed his mouthful of saliva, he quickly discovered he had swallowed some of Donny's ass juice. Instinct set in and he only thought it was repulsive, but just knowing the fact that he finally got to see his friend completely naked, subtracted the thought of swallowing his anal juices.

Marty's tongue plundered in and out of Donny's tight hole while Marty began gulping down the mixture of his own saliva and Donny's tasty ass juice. What Marty thought would be disgusting, he soon realized he adored the taste his young friend's asshole was giving him. Donny's head was still pointing down and he couldn't help not to notice his cock had became harder than ever before. It actually was pulsating as the tongue splintered inside his spread asshole. Donny could feel the mild burning of his asshole being pried open, but he also felt the soothing effect of the tongue darting in and out. Donny couldn't take no more of the ass eating so he cried out, "Stop, please fucking stop!" Marty jumped back praying beyond prayers he did not hurt his younger friend. Donny tried to stand upright, but his knees were too wobbly as he sort of dove onto the bed. Laying on his back, panting deeply for precious oxygen, Marty was standing, looking at Donny with a look of sorrowful passion.

It was then that Marty saw for the first time his younger friend's hairless balls. They were held firmly in place by its hairless sac with the left ball slightly smaller than the egg shaped quarter size right nut. Donny's cock throbbed before his very eyes and he could see a clear fluid forming at the tiny piss slit of Donny's gorgeous cock. Marty asked, "Are you okay? Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt you?" Donny was flaying his head from side to side in response to each of Marty's rapid questions. A short few seconds later, Donny smiled and said, "Holy shit man, that was awesome." Marty simply smiled to his response and Donny followed up by asking, "So, did it smell alright? I mean, it didn't smell like shit did it?" Marty was shaking his head no while saying, "It was perfect and tasted great too!" Donny interjected, "Damn, I can't believe you stuck your tongue up my butt, but thanks anyways. It felt weird, but fantastic!"

Donny ordered, "Now, you got to get naked too, so go ahead and take all your clothes off!" What Marty didn't know was that while he was fantasizing about Donny, Donny was fantasizing about him. In Donny's eyes, Marty was the bomb; the most gorgeous boy in the world and he had jacked-off all the time while thinking of Marty. Donny was more than happy to finally get to see Marty naked because he had dreamed of this moment since early childhood. Marty unzipped his pants and quickly shoved them down. His super hard boy cock bounced into Donny's vision causing the younger boy to exhale at the cut beauty. Marty stood there looking at Donny as if waiting for the next instruction which soon followed by Donny telling him to turn around and show him his butt just like he had done. Marty was somewhat embarrassed as he bent over and spread his butt cheeks. Donny was licking his lips as he stared at the almost invisible speck of a pale pinkish butt hole belonging to his stunningly beautiful best friend. Donny's body shook in delight as he scooted closer and closer to Marty's spread butt cheeks.

While his friend was bent way over, Donny leaned his nose ever so close to Marty's asshole and began inhaling. The sweet faint smell of baby powder mixed with a hint of sweat tortured his flared nostrils. It was Donny who literally believed that Marty was humanly incapable of taking a shit because everything on him was just so fucking fine and beyond perfect. Marty asked, "Hey, are you smelling my butt?" Donny replied by slipping his pointed tongue on Marty's almost transparent asshole. Marty almost jumped from his bent over position as Donny's tongue probed his most forbidden area. For Donny, it seemed that the harder he forced his tongue on the speck of a butt hole, the stronger and more rewarding the baby powder aroma shot through his body. Donny wrapped his small hands over Marty's smooth and slender thighs and began slashing and striking the speck of a rosebud supposedly to be Marty's butt hole. Marty shook and groaned as the tongue applied more pressure to the sensitive region, doing everything possible to gain access to his inner most part.

In little less than a minute or so, Donny's saliva had lubricated the smooth sealed circle enough to the point that just the very tip of his tongue gained entry into Marty's forbidden uncharted territory. As the tongue slipped inside his asshole, Marty squealed as he felt the hot tongue slither and snaked its way even further inside. The fiery hot breath spewing out of Donny's nostrils burned across his spread crack, sending sensations throughout his little body never before felt. Donny slid his hands up Marty's thighs and placed each thumb on the inside of Marty's hairless crack. With the gentlest of force, Donny spread Marty's ass cheeks far and wide, allowing his tongue the freedom it so passionately wanted. With Marty's smooth ass cheeks spread, Donny's inexperienced tongue dove inside the lubricated hole and instantly he felt the warmth and the constricting muscles as they tightened around his diving tongue. Marty's entire body was shaking and soft eloquent moans evaded his precious and succulent lips. This moment, indeed, was the moment Donny had jacked-off too hundred times.

With one gentle upwards lick of his tongue, some of Marty's ass juice slipped inside his mouth and Donny was more than surprised when he discovered he loved the taste his best friend was now giving him. In Donny's mind, there was no foul odor and definitely, no stomach turning taste. The more ass juice that flowed into his sucking mouth, the more of Marty's delicious asshole he was bound and determined to get. Soft slurping sounds bounced off the bedroom walls caused from Donny doing his best to suck the insides out of Marty's extra hot and super delicious bung hole. Keeping his tongue perfectly rigid, Donny began rocking his face back and forth forcing his tongue to fuck Marty's saliva slick asshole. Marty was besides himself with pleasure as the tongue slipped in and out of his young asshole, driving him mad with delirious passion.

Donny licked, sucked, and tongue fucked Marty's butt hole for a long time until his tongue became rather sore. Using the bed as a support, Donny lifted himself up off the floor and quickly lay flat on his back with his head resting on one of the pillows. Marty's little legs were shaking so bad, he almost had to crawl to the bed in fear of falling down. With both boys totally naked and laying on their backs, their hard cocks still showed the signs of pleasure to come. Marty was heaving for air and Donny maintained eye contact with Marty's hard gorgeous cock and perfectly rounded hairless balls. As the two lay perfectly still, Donny still savored the wonderful taste of his best friend's more than delicious ass juice. Just knowing he had the privilege of licking the most gorgeous boy's asshole in the world was more than satisfying for his inexperienced young mind. Now, Donny wanted to experience it all. The longer he looked at Marty's erection, the more curious he got the desire to suck on it, and possibly, swallow Marty's sperm.

After they caught their breath, Donny leaned up on his left elbow and asked, "Now what?" Marty shook his head and replied, "You're the winner, you tell me what you want me to do." Donny smiled and lay back down and shot out, "Okay! Let's see, I want, I want you to suck my dick!" Marty didn't need no further encouragement because all his dreams, and dreams he didn't know even existed, were all coming true. Donny spread his legs with his knees arched in the air and watched as Marty rolled over and inched his body between his spread legs. Marty's mouth watered just looking at the cock of his beautiful friend. The closer Marty got to Donny's erect boy cock, the more he noticed that Donny's cock was way thicker than his own, but his cock was about an half an inch longer than Donny's. He also noticed that Donny's balls was just a hair smaller than his own and his left ball was somewhat smaller than the right one. A single pearl drop of pre cum had formed at the very tip of Donny's little piss slit as Marty lowered his head and opened his mouth. In one smooth motion, Marty slipped Donny's hard cock inside his mouth causing him to gag as soon as the thick cock struck the back of his throat.

The heat from Marty's mouth caused Donny to scream out in pleasure, forcing his little hips to buck, driving his hard cock further into the mouth of his choking friend. Marty was determined to suck his friend's cock just as he had watched the woman do in the porn movie. He bobbed his head up and down on Donny's cock and used his tongue to swirl it around the small piss slit. After a few seconds, Marty released the cock from his mouth and started licking Donny's little hard nuggets, inserting one, then the other into his hot mouth. Donny was slapping the mattress, delirious with pleasure from his balls being baked inside Marty's sucking mouth. Marty took turns sucking on Donny's balls and his cock, ensuring to take long and loving licks all over the smooth silky shaft. Donny felt his loins on fire as he knew it would not be long before his load would erupt. Using his hands, Donny grabbed the sides of Marty's head and helped him bob up and down on his throbbing boy cock. Two minutes later, Donny's mind went blank as his hard thick cock splashed load after load of watery semen into Marty's shocked mouth. Marty felt the first wave of sperm as it struck the roof of his mouth, followed by a series of oozing, before returning to about three more hard blasts. He knew that Donny had shot his load into his mouth and the sudden shock of reality knowing that his mouth was overflowing with Donny's sperm forced his mind to place him into somewhat of a dilemma. Marty kept sucking on Donny's sperm shooting cock, doing everything possible, except swallowing, to keep the hot watery sperm from slipping out of his mouth.

In less than a minute, Donny's cock stopped spitting out sperm and Marty let his mouth slip off of the boy's still raging hard cock. Raising himself up onto his knees, Marty just looked at Donny who was still shaking and smacking his lips. Marty's mouth was filled with spunk and the sides of his cheeks expanded to better accommodate the hot substance. Marty stared at his gorgeous friend and decided to try and swallow just a little to ease the aching of his bloated cheeks. As the first slimy load slipped down his throat, his initial reaction was that of kind of gross. After the second watery string of protein slipped down, Marty became more and more acclimated to the delicate taste. All too soon, Marty relished the flavor of Donny's candy like sweet sperm and slowly sipped on the watery semen as if sipping from a crystal glass of wine. Donny smiled graciously as he watched the boy, who he had so many times fantasized about, drink the liquid only his young cock could offer. Marty's eyes were barely open and that which could be seen was a deep watery glassy in tent as the sweet semen of Donny's loins graced his every taste bud. The intoxicating smell that burned an everlasting impression in Marty's innocent mind just moments before while he had been sucking his first cock was that only it could be described as fresh sweat with an enriched pungent odor that steamed from between the legs of his adorable best friend.

Donny anxiously asked, "So, how was it? I mean sucking my dick and drinking my spunk?" Still on his knees, Marty lowered himself to his hot little butt and eagerly replied, "Great, it felt great and your sperm tasted pretty good too. Uh, do you think you will be able to shoot again in a little while?" Donny stated, "Sure, but I wonder if this makes us gay?" Marty smacked his lips and fired back, "So, who the fuck cares! Nobody knows but us and I kind of liked sucking your dick. Damn Donny, we have already done more gay stuff than most guys our age. We took turns licking each others butt holes, remember?" Donny nodded his head yes and softly spoke, "I want to suck your dick now, that is if you want me to?" Marty smiled and giggled, then replied, "You won the bet. Just tell me what you want me to do!"

After a brief silence for Donny to think, he happily said, "Get on your back and spread your legs!" Marty lay on his back and spread his legs far and wide, raising his knees towards the sky. His little hands fell on his chest as his eyes followed Donny crawling in between his legs. Donny smelled the rich fragrance of the baby powder spewing from within Marty's hairless legs, mixed only with the slight essence of sweat. The concoction ripped through his nostrils as his eyes focused on his best friend's rigid metal like cock and quarter sized egg shaped hairless balls. Taking his nose, acting like a shovel, Donny lifted Marty's golden nuggets and inhaled ever so deeply. As his nose lifted Marty's balls, Donny stuck his slender tongue out and began slowly licking underneath the smooth hard marbles. Marty groaned from pleasure as the hot tongue slid under his balls before drawing miniature circles all over them. Donny's searing hot breath pleasingly burned the perfect nuggets causing Marty to scream, "Oh shit, shit, that feels, feels so fucking good!" Marty's hands gently clasped the sides of Donny's slightly moving head as he continued to slobber all over Marty's delicate nuggets.

Donny's soft hands found a happy home roaming all over Marty's silky smooth thighs while giving Marty's balls a loving tongue bath. Marty was groaning loudly and Donny was softly whimpering doing his best to gather the intoxicating fragrance with his exploring tongue. After Donny completely lathered Marty's wonderful balls with his saliva, his tongue traveled upwards and slid along the silky smooth flesh of Marty's raging boy boner. Marty's hard cock bounced and pulsed as Donny's tongue traced every smooth outline of Marty's slender shaft. Not even a vein fell on Marty's boy cock and Donny became more and more infatuated looking and tasting his best friend's perfect cock. Marty's little ass wiggled on the bed caused from the divine pleasure of Donny's slithering tongue. Marty was just getting ready to say something when Donny opened his mouth wide and swallowed all five inches of Marty's hard cock. Instead of bobbing his head up and down, Donny used his tongue to slide all around the shaft while his mouth held Marty's stiff pride firmly inside his hot mouth. Marty began pounding on the mattress as the mouth and tongue sealing his cock sent more than shivers up and down his spine. Marty was in absolute ecstasy at this new and wonderful feeling that coursed throughout his young body. Donny began slowly bobbing up and down, savoring the taste Marty's gorgeous cock was offering him. Unlike Marty, Donny counted the dreams for this day so that he could taste the seed of his older dream lover. Marty felt the familiar stirring in his balls as Donny had one hand gently pulling and caressing them. Within a few seconds, Marty cried, "I, I'm, oh shit, I'm cum---------ming!" Donny felt Marty's hard cock expand as Marty raised his hips high in the air as the first wave of mind boggling jets of boy cream flooded his mouth. Donny lost count of just how many hard spurts erupted from Marty's sperm shooting cock. He had lost count after six, but after the jets subsided, a steady stream of sperm flowed like a waterfall, followed by four missile like bolts of sperm volleys. After the last series of spurts, Marty's cock slowed to a slow trickle of watery semen. Donny's mouth almost overflowed from Marty's boy spunk, but he managed to keep the boy's cock in his mouth, along with his fiery hot spunk.

Marty's cock went limp and Donny let it slip out of his mouth where he began slowly allowing just a small portion of sperm to ease down his throat. It was just like he had dreamed of. The taste was pure sweetness and the more that slipped into his gullet, the hungrier he became for the delicious fluid from his gorgeous friend. Donny's already hard cock became even harder as he sipped on the mouth watering sweetness of Marty's healthy huge load of fresh boy cum. Marty was still quivering from his long and intense orgasm and could only watch his younger friend take great delight in gulping down his biggest load to date.

After the last of Marty's sweet sperm disappeared down his throat, Donny lay next to Marty and they both just sort of stared into each others eyes with the most precious smiles dancing across each others gorgeous face. Marty asked, "How, how did my sperm taste?" Donny licked his lips, then replied, "I could drink your sperm every day for the rest of my life. It's that fucking delicious!" Both boys giggled and Marty said, "You know, this is kind of fun. We should do this more often, especially now that we know what we are sort of doing." Donny rubbed Marty's smooth left thigh and responded, "We can still do some more just like the guy and girl did in the movie." Marty asked, "Like what?" Donny rolled onto his left side and looked his friend straight in the eye and said, "We can take turns putting our dicks in each others assholes." Marty snapped, "Oh hell no, that will hurt like crazy. Besides, your dick is way fatter than mine!" Donny smiled and sluggishly replied, "Maybe so, but yours is longer than mine is and besides, the girl seemed like she absolutely fucking loved it!"

Donny thought for a few seconds and happily suggested, "Since I won the bet, I want you to stick your dick in my ass, but first, I want you to lick my hole some more!" Marty smiled, thinking silently just how much he had liked licking Donny's butt hole, and said, "Okay, but I want you to do what the guy did in the movie. Sit on my face!" Donny stood up and walked over to Marty, turned around so that he was facing Marty's feet and began his downward squat over his best friend's smiling face. Marty was amazed at the sight of seeing Donny's pink hole open as his butt got closer and closer to his outstretched tongue. The sweaty sweet fragrance struck his nose like a bomb exploding under him. As soon as Marty's tongue brushed up against Donny's pucker hole, Donny moaned and began sliding his butt back and forth over the lapping tongue. Marty timed the sliding butt and shot his tongue inside Donny's poop chute, showing no remorse for the sudden invasion. Donny cried out as Marty's slithering tongue traveled up his anal canal, "Oh shit, ah, ah, fuck yes, fuck my ass with your tongue!"

Marty's tongue was buried inside Donny's anal cavern and Donny no longer was sliding his butt back and forth. He was now humping the tongue, up and down, soothing in the pleasure of his asshole being filled with Marty's pointy hot tongue. Marty reached around the slender thighs of Donny and latched onto Donny's bouncing hard cock and began pumping the boy meat with every thrust of Donny's tongue filled ass. Donny slung his head from side to side and all around as both his asshole and jutting hard cock was being mind boggling pleased. Marty's once soft cock rapidly grew as his mouth soon filled with the ever so delicious ass juices slipping off his tongue and into his mouth. His hand on Donny's hard cock sensed every vein and muscle and the heat coming off of Donny's boy boner scorched his stroking hand.

The longer Donny bounced up and down on Marty's hard tongue, the more he inwardly craved to feel his friend's cock pop his virgin cherry asshole. He was lost in the passion and controlled his fear of the pain that was to be, having his asshole filled with a cock. Not just any cock, but the gorgeous cock that belonged to his gorgeous best friend, Marty. Unable to handle the tongue in his ass no longer, Donny stood up and almost fell into a doggie-style position while saying, "Marty, Marty, fuck me, fuck my asshole!" Marty rolled to his left side and kneeled in behind his jutting friend's spread ass. Holding his stiff boy cock with his right hand, he inched closer and closer until the head of his cock touched Donny's saliva coated asshole. Marty shoved forward several times, but his cock only traveled up and down Donny's hairless crack, not once coming close to penetrating the tight circle. Donny tried to help matters by shoving his little butt backwards, but the hard boy meat behind him only slid away from its target. Donny hopped off the bed and ran to the bathroom and retrieved a bottle of baby oil and ran and jumped back into the doggie-style position. Marty squeezed some of the slippery oil onto his right hand and applied it all over his aching hard five inch cock.

After the oil greased up his cock, Marty stepped in behind Donny who had turned his head all the way to his right side so that he could see Marty as he shoved his cock inside his virgin asshole. Marty pressed the head of his cock up against Donny's asshole and pushed forward. Marty was still holding the base of his cock with his right hand and pressed and pressed until all of a sudden the head of his dick shot inside the tight virgin hole forcing Donny to scream, "Fuck, oh shit, shit, ah, oh, fuck it hurts, ah fuck!" Marty passionately asked, "Do you want me to pull it out?" The moment of truth was at hand for Donny who was biting his lips at the burning pain rifling in his ass. He felt that his asshole was on fire, burning every part of him beginning on the inside and working itself to the outside. With the mighty courage of a lion, Donny roared, "No, fuck no!"

The excitement was too much for Marty to handle as he awkwardly fell forward, driving his young cock all the way up his friend's asshole. Donny's head pounded the mattress and he was fighting back the tears as the pain soared throughout his entire body. His asshole felt like it was being ripped open and he absolutely felt every inch of Marty's cock even the throbbing Marty's cock was doing while buried inside his ass. Marty was gasping for air and the muscles inside Donny's ass constricted, choking his cock to the point that he felt his cock was being trapped, unable to move. The pain only intensified inside his ass, no matter what Donny tried in vain to do. The girl in the movie had taken it up her asshole with so much ease and she really did seem to love her asshole being filled with such a huge man cock. Tears rolled form Donny's eyes like a free falling waterfall. While Donny was still fighting with the burning pain, Marty began pumping his hard boy cock in and out of his best friend's asshole like a pile driver out of control.

Donny tried to slide his body flat onto the bed, but Marty was holding him firmly by his hips, forcing his pain riddled ass onto Marty's anal invading pumping cock. The more Donny tried to wiggle free from the pain that soared throughout his young body, the more pain he endured. Marty, on the other hand, was oblivious to the pain Donny was going through. Marty slammed his slender young meat in and out with a tremendous velocity and animalistic vengeance. Donny opened his mouth and began biting the mattress while grunting heavily as the tears rolled onto the bed. Sometime a short while later, the once unbelievable intense pain inside Donny's ass slowly began to dwindle. The rock hard piece of boy meat that was ravishing his one time virgin asshole actually started sending shock waves of pleasure throughout his entire body. In no time, Donny found himself thrusting his little butt backwards, meeting force with force, to meet the ass plugging invader with a thrust of his own.

Marty was lost in a world unbeknownst to his young sexual experience. His cock was being strangled ever so pleasurably while slamming and grinding away inside Donny's choking cock filled bung hole. His balls slapped at the soft smooth ass cheeks of Donny upon each forceful thrust, causing his mind to go blank with a blind passion. Donny angrily screamed, "Fuck yes, yes Marty, fuck my ass, shit yeah I feel it, fuck me, fuck my asshole hard!" Marty was simply too lost to hear any words coming from Donny's hot little mouth. The burning in his loins controlled his every thought and he realized that he was close to sending his boy seed up his best friend's tight ass. Still maintaining his blind furious speed, Marty's cock gushed volleys of sperm missiles up Donny's thrusting ass. As soon as the first jets of hot sperm shot up his anal canal, Donny softly cried out, "Oh shit, oh shit, I, I feel it! Fuck yeah Marty, ah shit I feel your load, ah, uh, fuck yes!" Marty pumped and pumped and he thought he was shooting so much sperm that it literally was coming from his ankles. His young body shook violently, but his hard sperm shooting cock was still crashing in and out of Donny's sperm filled butt hole.

The bizarre crashing of flesh on flesh continued until Marty's drained cock fell limp and slipped out of Donny's well fucked asshole. Marty fell onto the bed, panting, while sitting on his butt just staring at the sperm oozing asshole his cock had just had the pleasure of fucking. Donny lay motionless still in the doggie-style position with his head resting flat on the bed. Both boys were gasping for necessary oxygen until Donny had the sudden and tremendous urge to take a shit. Barely able to move, he wobbled into his bathroom and just as he sat down, wave after wave of Marty's creamy sperm splashed into the toilet water. While Donny was in the bathroom, Marty picked up the bottle of baby oil and squeezed some into his right hand. He was laying down and raised his knees up to his ears and began inserting one finger into his tiny butt hole. His one little finger felt great as it dove in and out, but Marty was positive that Donny's thick cock wouldn't feel as good as his slender finger did. After a few seconds, Marty slipped another oily finger inside his asshole and a tremendous burning sensation filtered through his curled up body. A third finger soon joined the others and Marty held his breath as the pain shot through him like a butcher's meat slicing knife. Quickly, Marty removed the third finger due to the fiery pain it had created in his asshole.

Donny was still sitting on the toilet as Marty's stringy sperm formed lines from his asshole to the water line in the toilet. Curiosity was killing him, so he dipped his left hand under his balls and caught a strand of free falling sperm. The hot sperm formed a huge puddle in the palm of his hand as Donny lifted his hand up just below eye level and he just stared at the mixture of Marty's creamy sperm and his own anal juice. After a brief couple of sniffs, Donny stuck his tongue onto the puddle of ass juice, sperm mixture and sampled the concoction. As the mixture splashed around inside his mouth, Donny's cock grew ever so hard. Just knowing he was now swallowing Marty's sperm that had been lodged up his ass was doing something wonderful to his young confused mind. His tongue lashed out at the palm of his hand and retrieved more of the juicy mixture. Slurp after slurp, Donny devoured the creamy mixture, dipping his hand back under his ass to obtain more.

Marty tried his best to slip a third finger in his butt, but the fiery pain was sadly enough, too much for him to stomach. Reality of knowing Donny wanted to stick his fat cock up his ass set in, and his body quivered from sheer fright. One finger felt pretty good, two fingers felt uncomfortable, and three fingers was unbearable. Donny's cock was thicker than all three of his fingers put together and Marty was more than aware of this fact. For the first time since the two began their sexual exploration of each other, Marty no longer found what was sure to happen next, exciting. He already feared the obvious pain that he was sure to feel, but he knew well enough that he fucked Donny and now it was his turn to get fucked.

With no more sperm left in his butt, Donny felt an uneasy feeling. Sitting on the toilet, he relished the thought and feeling of his asshole being filled with a hard cock. It felt so good having something like Marty's boy cock plunder inside his asshole. The more he thought of having a cock root his asshole, the more intense his super hard boner throbbed. Now, he was getting ready to fuck the asshole of the most gorgeous boy in the world, his best friend. Wiping thoroughly, Donny washed his hands and walked back into the bedroom. Donny stopped at the doorway to admire his older friend, finger fuck his asshole with two fingers. The sight of seeing Marty on his back with his knees just over each ear and two fingers playing inside his more than delicious asshole, almost caused Donny to shoot his load on the floor. His hard thick cock bounced with each heartbeat as Donny stepped closer to Marty, who was lost fingering his asshole, unaware of Donny's presence.

Donny reached onto the bed and grabbed the bottle of oil and began smearing the slippery substance all over his throbbing hard cock. Marty was so lost in what he was doing, he didn't even notice Donny climb up onto the bed, between his spread, hiked up legs. While on his knees, Donny inched forward, holding his fat cock at the ready for a quick strike. Marty's eyes were closed, and soft and gentle moans flashed from his succulent, parted lips. Donny patiently waited for the right time to launch his anal invasion, just becoming more and more intoxicated at the sight of Marty's two fingers dwell inside his perfect little asshole.

In less than a minute, the two fingers of Marty slipped out of his asshole and Donny watched with complete intensity as Marty slipped his two fingers in his mouth, groaning apparently from the delicious flavor his asshole had given him. While Marty was softly groaning, Donny placed the fat mushroom head within a fraction of an inch to Marty's asshole and leaped forward, driving his thick boy monster all the way up Marty's shocked asshole. Marty screamed, "Ah, shit, it, it hurts, it fucking hurts, no, no, fuck no, please, oh God, no, please!" Marty wrapped both of his hands over his face while Donny began humping the tight orifice like a deprived animal in heat. The heat and tightness immediately surrounded Donny's thrusting hard boy cock while he kept a constant eye contact on Marty's contorted gorgeous face. Leaning further forward, Donny forced Marty's knees to impale the bed while he slammed his hard cock in and out of Marty's hot little asshole with a blinding vengeance. Marty felt like his intestines was being yanked out and his ass cheeks was being pried from the bone. He felt no pleasure, but he was fully aware that his asshole was splitting wide open from Donny's thick invader. Tears splashed across his face and he was leaving teeth marks on his forearms from biting so hard. He was trying to find the words to beg Donny to stop, but no audible words would come out, just passionate whimpers and inaudible moans.

Donny showed no mercy as he slammed his thick boy meat in and out of Marty's super, super tight asshole. After a solid three minutes or so had passed, the pain that had overcome his entire body, disappeared, and something inside his ass snapped, sending wave after wave of intense pleasure throughout his young body. As Donny would begin his withdrawal, Marty found that if he squeezed his ass muscles, more pleasure shot through his body. Unfortunately for Donny, each time Marty squeezed his ass muscles, the muscles coiled around his cock like a anaconda dining on a fresh piece of mouth watering meat. Looking into the glassy eyes of Donny who was driving his cock in and out of his asshole with a blinding speed, Marty lovingly whispered, "Donny, oh Donny, yes, yes, fuck me, oh yes, fuck my ass, don't stop, your dick feels so good inside my ass, please, please fuck me hard!" In Donny's young mind, he thought he had picked up his pace. The feeling that his cock was being milked while rooting inside Marty's splendid ass was more than he could handle.

Unaware of mixing up his pace, Donny slammed his meat into Marty until his heart felt like it had stopped as gut wrenching torpedoes of sperm sprang from his piss slit and deep into the juicy hot canal of his best friend. Marty felt the sperm fly and shoot up his ass and all he could do was grab onto his own hard pole and begin to tear the meat off of it while stroking furiously. Donny was whimpering and grunting as his sperm felt like it tore his piss slit in half as it fired round after round into Marty's ass muscle, cock gripping bung hole. Donny's hot sperm was still firing as Marty's cock erupted, sending several hot jets directly into Marty's own open mouth. Initially, the sperm shooting in his mouth sort of shocked him, but after sampling his own cum, Marty opened his mouth wider and did his best to aim his sperm shooting cock directly at it.

Donny had shot so much sperm that he felt that his stomach was going to cave in and he still managed to keep an eye on Marty was doing his best to catch his own shooting sperm. Donny's cock fell limp and upon looking down at Marty, noticed a trail of Marty's sperm beginning at his chin, flowing down to his little belly button which slightly protruded outward. Donny leaned down while still panting heavily and wasted no time in licking up Marty's delicious sweet sperm. Donny started at Marty's belly button and worked his way up to his chin, savoring each sperm drop as if he had been starving to death. Just as Donny was licking Marty's sperm covered chin, their tongues accidentally touched sending chills up and down both boys backs. Momentarily stunned, both looked into the entrancing eye of the other as Donny's face lowered and their lips graciously touched. Within seconds, their tongues traveled into the others mouth and both were overwhelmed at the sensation of their first kiss. They passionately kissed for nearly fifteen minutes before the seal of their lips unlocked.

Marty lay on his back and Donny lay next to him on his right side. Both sort of stared at the ceiling, still awkwardly trying to catch their breath. Donny asked, "Marty, what we did, I mean the gay stuff, did we do wrong?" Marty smiled and replied, "Who cares! I don't know about you, but I loved every second of it." Donny eagerly said, "Hell yeah. I loved it too! Since we both liked it, do you think you would want to do it again?" Marty sat up and looked at Donny and quickly said, "Fuck yeah, I never want this night to end!" As the two talked briefly about guys at school, they both discovered that they had been secretly admiring the same guys. One name stuck into Marty's head as Donny asked, "What do you think about Billy, the guy who lives behind my house?" Marty shot out, "Fuck yeah man, he's fucking hot! Billy has to be about fourteen, but he has never paid me any attention at school. Shit Donny, Billy is climbing with girls. He sure as hell wouldn't want to fool around with us!" Donny replied, "Yeah, you're right, but he does come over all the time. We listen to music or play video games, that's all."

One thing that Donny never knew, that the one guy both he and Marty talked about had a secret that no-one ever knew. Billy had visited Donny on a regular basis, but his secret passion was to suck Donny's cock and make mad passionate love to him. Billy had even went so far as to snip the end of one of the bedroom blinds to allow him a small peep hole in order to see Donny naked. Billy had even did the same thing to the small window in Donny's bathroom and many nights, he would stand outside of the perspective windows and pump his meat, admiring the boy of all of his secret dreams. Billy also jacked-off thinking of Marty, the most beautiful boy his eyes had ever seen. What neither Donny or Marty knew, was during their entire time of sexual exploration of each other, was that Billy had been standing at the bedroom window the whole time, watching and listening!