The Boys of East Harbor: Michael
Chapter 1: A New Beginning

(b/b, oral, anal)

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The boy woke himself screaming. Drenched in sweat and tangled in the blankets he fought off as his attackers, panting to catch his breath. `Where am I?' the thought, panic setting in. The room was all wrong. Too many windows. There was his David Beckham poster, but it was on the wrong wall. So were his desk and dresser. Then it came to him. This strange room, in a strange house, in a strange town. This was his "new beginning". At least that is what everyone is trying to convince him.

He hugged his pillow and cried. First a quiet whimper with steams of tears drenching the pillow. As he fought the memories of the last few months, his sobs turned into a full-on emotional meltdown.

Everyone blamed him. Despite what the police and social workers said, he resigned himself to the fact that everything really was his fault. That's why everyone hated him. That's why his father left, and his brother went to live with their dad. That's why his mother couldn't stand to be under the same roof with him. He had destroyed everything. Moving here is supposed to fix everything. Today is his second chance to get things right. To be the son they expected. To earn back their love. Maybe, just maybe, he can even put his broken family back together. He just needs to be the perfect son.

The naked 11-year-old extracted himself from his bedding finding his footing on the hardwood floor. Once he felt awake enough to make it to the kitchen, he padding down the short hallway to the top of the staircase. Carefully taking each step, he hoped with all his being that a step wouldn't squeak or creak and wake his mother. Her bedroom was at the bottom of stairs and she can be a light sleeper, especially since his father left them.

`She gets so pissed off when I wake her with my nightmares, the last thing I need to do is wake her coming down the stairs,' he thought.

He held onto the railing, stepping down with his toes and slowly applying his weight in an attempt to be as quiet as possible. Relieved to reach the bottom, he headed to the kitchen of their new home.

Wanting some orange juice to quench his thirst, he opened the door. The light from the refrigerator lit his firm, chiseled physique, and his look of disappointment on his smooth, unblemished face. That last he saw of his mother, she was heading to the store for groceries as he was heading upstairs for bed. The empty refrigerator was evidence that she didn't make it home from the store, if she even made it to the store.

All of the dishes were still boxed up, including the glasses, so he stuck his head under the faucet to get a drink before heading back to bed. The refreshing, cool water splashed on his face as he slurped enough to rehydrate from the tears he shed. He also took this opportunity to wash the tears away before heading back to his bedroom.

When he reached the bottom of the stairs, he noticed his mother's bedroom door was open. Curious, he peeked around the corner towards her bed. The neatly made bed was undisturbed.

With a furrowed brown he thought, `What time is it? Maybe I haven't been asleep that long and she's just not back from the store yet.'

He hurries back up the stairs to his bedroom and take a look at his iPhone. Monday, September 18, 4:56 am. A tear trails down his cheek.

"Fuck, that was fast. We just moved here Friday." Then he realized he said that out loud. If he was going to fix things, he needed to stop cussing.

It's Monday morning and his first day at his new school. Thinking through his morning, he knows he needs to get there a little after 7:00 to pick up his class schedule and have time to explore the school a bit before he has to be at homeroom. With no food in the house, he remembered the small diner he saw down the street by the middle and high schools. It looked like something from the 1950s where you'd get a burger and a real milkshake, but he remembered a sign advertising breakfast.

Pausing a moment to decide on the best outfit for his first day at a new school, he snatched up his light blue and white Messi jersey from the Argentina national team and a pair of gray cargo shorts. Selecting a pair of black Adidas Sambas, the threw the clothes on his bed and headed to the bathroom to get ready. He was glad he'd taken the time to put all of his toiletries away the night before. He'd even put his towels in their place so the bathroom was already for him to get ready for school.

Pleased with the water pressure and temperature; the spray from the shower head felt wonderful. He took his time washing his hair and applying conditioner. While the conditioner went to work, he lathered up his body with lavender and jasmine scented body wash. The scent always makes him happy - a great way to start his day.

After rinsing off, he grabbed his towel and headed back into his bedroom. One hand was drying his hair as the other opened drawers grabbing a pair of Old Navy striped boxer briefs and a pair of white ankle socks. Turning towards the full-length mirror on the back of his closet door, he paused to take a good hard look at himself.

His golden-brown hair was a ruffled mess from towel drying. He ran his fingers through it and it quickly looked like a typical boy's haircut. Buzzed short on the sides, the top was much longer and combed to the right. He always put a bit of product in it so he could comb the bangs over and back and they'd stay out of his face. Looking over his body, he was pleased. Though he was slender and the typical height for an 11-year-old, just over four and half feet tall, he was ripped. Years of gymnastics and soccer had paid off. His arms and chest were solid and cut. This summer he didn't get a chance to be outside much, so he was pale -- not even a noticeable tan line from shorts or short sleeve shirts. He observed his nipples were only a few shades darker pink than his chest. They were flat and oval in shape from being pulled tight by his pectoral muscles. He sported an eight-pack and his back and legs where just as built and defined. The `I wonder if they have a gymnastics club around here? I need to keep working out,' he pondered has he jokingly struck a few poses and flexed his muscles.

This stomach muscles formed a very pronounced "V" defining his pubic area. Though the equipment between his legs was nothing to sneeze at, it made him a target of ridicule and bullying in the locker room. He was always the shortest, lightest and smallest, and therefore, the easy target. Had he known that he was above average in that department for his age, he may have felt a bit better. But he was an 11-year-old entering the 8th grade. And now, an 11-year-old entering the 8th grade in a new school and therefore, he suspected, even a bigger target.

He shook off the negative thoughts the bests he could and went about getting ready. He worked on his hair until it was perfect. Slipped into his underwear, shorts and his favorite soccer jersey. Checking himself in the mirror to make sure everything was in place, he reviewed the items in his gym bag and backpack to verify he had everything he needed for school. Grabbing his wallet, phone and keys, he headed down the stairs and out the door. Locking the door behind him, it was just a few blocks to the diner and school.

On his way to the diner, he thought back to what the guardian ad litem had told him. She told him she wasn't certain if either of his parents were paying enough attention to realize that part of the divorce and court settlements was a cash payment in his name. To make sure he was safe and taken care of, she set him up with a state id and a bank account with a debit card. When he realized he and his mother were leaving town, Mrs. Sloane teared up and gave him a hug. She hugged him when no one else would even look at him. He felt is back pocket again to make sure he had his wallet. `She knew this would happen,' he thought. `She knew I would need this to take care of myself because no one else would be here for me.' He wiped a tear from his cheek thinking about Mrs. Sloane.

Michael took his time getting to the diner. He was up plenty early and didn't need to be at school for at least an hour. The East Harbor's middle and high schools were anchored by what the community called The Mallway -- at least that is what the wrought iron arches over Maple Street say. On the north side of The Mallway sat the middle school. A large, stately building with a huge staircase leading up to three sets of doors. On either side of the staircase were steps down to courtyards that sat below street level, but outside the classroom windows along the basement of the building. Looking up, he counted three stories build atop the basement. Built in the 1920s, the stately building was very well maintained, as was the entire Mallway. The building made the boy proud to be a student there and reawakened his passion for learning. This brought a huge smile to his face, showing off his dimples.

The crosswalk led from the middle school across Maple Street to the Mallway shops and the high school. The sight was inviting and made him feel right at home. The shops on the Mallway began at Maple Street and lined each side of a small park. In the center of the park sat a huge water fountain surrounded by park benches. At the far end of the shops and park sat the high school - majestic building. Built in the 1950s, the front of the three-story building was lined by huge columns. `I guess if we had to move somewhere, I'm glad we moved here.'

The Maple Street Café sat on the end of the shops to the left of the park. Being on the end, patrons could sit in booths along the windows on the street, or on the side facing the park. Safely crossing the street, he entered the diner with a bit of apprehension. He quickly noticed that he was 20 or 30 years younger than everyone else. Feeling self-conscious, he scurried into the last booth facing the park and grabbed the menu from behind the condiments.

Engrossed in the breakfast selections, he didn't notice the tall, red-haired waitress approaching his table.

"Hey cutie! What's your name?"

Startled, he looked up to see a fifty-something woman smiling at him with unnaturally red hair and chomping on wad of chewing gum. Dressed like a waitress from the 1950's, he wondered how long she'd been working there.

"Michael," said the boy, flush with embarrassment.

"Michael, I'm Vera. I'll be your waitress this morning. What can I get for ya?"

"Um, I'll have orange juice and the French toast with sausage links."

"Sounds good sweetie. I'll have your orange juice here is an second."

Michael pulled out his phone and check his social media accounts. Nothing. If anything, it seemed his number of Facebook friends had gone down over the weekend. His friend had abandoned him either because they hated him, or because their parents prohibited them from having contact with him. As he powered down his phone, Meg was back with his OJ.

"It's a little early for you this morning, isn't it? You heading to school?" She fussed with getting a single napkin placed on the table and set his juice atop. The she retrieved a straw from her apron.


"What grade are you in, fifth?"

"No, I'm starting eighth grade today."

"Well don't you have a baby face!"

"Yay..." He blushed again. "Something like that." Michael didn't correct her.

"Vera! I need some more coffee!" a man shouted from the counter.

"I'll be there in a second! Hold your horses!" retorted Vera loudly, flipping her wrist at the customer. "Sorry about that sweetie. Better get Eugene his coffee. He's a bear until he's had at least two cups."

Michael smiled and chuckled to himself as she walked away. He wasn't in a hurry. He didn't want to get to school too early and have to wait for the office to open.

The boy began to warm up to Vera. She seemed really nice and was the closest thing he's had to a friend in a long time. She even slipped him a couple extra sausage links as well as a refill on his OJ. Michael's continued to work has a filled his stomach. `Maybe this won't be so bad. No one here knows me or what happened back in Oregon. This could work. I'll make this work.'

Full of his favorite breakfast, Michael headed off to his first day at East Harbor Middle School, ready to take whatever comes his way. Ready to make things right.


A few houses down from Michael's home, while he was having breakfast, Lukas and Simon were just starting their day.

Lukas woke first. He loved waking up this way. Soft light coming into his bedroom waking him gently from his slumber. But most importantly, he was being held like a teddy bear to Simon's chest. Simon's face was buried into the nape of Lukas's neck. Both arms wrapped around Lukas's slender torso, holding him in a tight embrace, while Simon's morning wood was nestled snuggly between Lukas's buns. The perfect morning.

As much as Lukas loved this, it was becoming more and more confusing to him. In his heart, he wanted to believe that in his sleep, Simon was being his honest self. That he loved Lukas more than anything in the world and held him like his life depended on it. But now that Simon was in high school, Lukas noticed Simon's attention being drawn more and more others, including girls. Every day he feared that Simon was going to want to date a girl and stop what they have -- whatever that is. Lukas knew he had to let Simon be who he was going to be, that's what his dad reminds him he must do, even if it is at Lukas' emotional expense. He loved Simon more than he could imagine and never wanted it to end. But he also realized he'd better enjoy it while it lasted.

Checking from the alarm clock, Lukas realized they still had 45 minutes before they needed to get up and head to school. `Time for some fun,' he thought.

Gently, Lukas maneuvered himself so he was now facing Simon. Since they had discovered sex the summer before he started sixth grade, they had both grown so much. That summer, Lukas was a typical 11-year-old. Since then, things changed. Now taller, about five foot six, Lukas remained slender and fit. Between lacrosse and playing his drum kit, he managed to shed the little baby fat he had and now his body revealed his taunt muscles. He thought about all he and Simon had done over the last two years while his blue eyes took him Simons dark features. Probably because of genetics (and specifically his Scandinavian heritage) he remained pretty much hairless and looked younger than his 13 years. Lukas brushed his long, blonde bangs from his face so he could see his best friend more clearly.

Simon was only a few months older than Lukas. Having only turned 14 in June, Simon has grown and could pass for older if he tried. At a bit over six feet, he was beginning to tower over Lukas and his body was filling out in more ways than one. Lukas thought Simon was the most beautiful person he'd ever seen. Simon's white skin and black hair offset his deep blue eyes. Lukas loved staring into those blue eyes and was slightly disappointed that Simon was asleep. Lowering his gaze to Simon's shoulders and chest, Lukas gently ran his fingers over the growing muscles and traced them around Simon's round, beige nipple. Simon's body was definitely turning into a man's body -- a body that Lukas constantly wanted to caress and feel pressed against his own. Simon was growing hair too. Not just a nice bush around his penis, but above his angles and some under his arms too. Also exciting to Lukas was Simon's development in other areas, particularly Simon's "love weapon". While not overly long, it was uncut, thick, veiny, dark and masculine. Every time Lukas saw it, his heart fluttered and he began to pop a boner. That treasure was currently hard and pressed against his own boner. Thinking about Simon's hard cock and feeling it pressed against him made Lukas want to dive in and smell Simon's scent. He loved the way Simon smelled and tasted in that spot right between his dark, fat ball sac and his thigh. He felt his boner get even hard as he imagined burying his face there right now. He loved to take Simon's dick into his mouth or butt, and satisfy his best friend, his soulmate, anyway he could. It was the biggest turn on he could imagine and would often lead to his own orgasm without any manual stimulation from either boy. Simon made Lukas hot and horny and this morning was no different.

Still in Simon's arms, Lukas hooked his left arm around Simon's neck and pulled him into a kiss while he reached his right hand down to slide back Simon's foreskin. `Only five and a half inches so far, according to our last measurements, and I already can't get my fingers around it,' mused Lukas.

"Hmm? Mmmmmmm..." Simon returned the kiss then smiled as Lukas set into a slow, steady rhythm.

"Morning, Simon," whispered Lukas with a mischievous look that Simon knew all too well.

"Don't stop," said Simon staring directly into Lukas' eyes.

Every time Simon looks at him this way, Lukas feels like he falling off a cliff into a sweet abyss.

Both boys closed their eyes as their tongues met again, this time with a sense of urgency. Simon's right arm squeezed Lukas tighter to his chest as his left hand held the back of Lukas' head. As their kiss increase in intensity, Simon let his had slowly trailed down Lukas' neck, back, until it reached its destination. Cupping Lukas' right butt cheek so his fingertips were just brushing against Lukas' boy pussy. At least that is what Lukas likes to call it.

Lukas breaks the kiss and turns Simon's head slightly so he can breathe into his ear. He knows how much that turns Simon on. Lukas whispers, "We have about 40 minutes before we have to get in the shower to get ready for school. Any ideas of what we could do to pass the time?" Not that the firm squeeze of Simon's dick was a hint of what Lukas thought they should do.

Simon responds by sliding his left hand down to Lukas' knee. Pulling the blonde's knee up, Simon rolls the pair over pinning Lukas on his back with Simon wedged between his legs.

"Yeah, I have an idea."

Lukas responds by pulling both knees up to his chest. He feels Simon slide across his own cock and balls until that fat cock of his is pressed across his sphincter. "I think I left it beside your pillow."

Simon reaches over and squeezes a bit of lube onto his fingers and works it into Lukas and onto his penis. Lining up he asks, "Are you ready?"

"Always for you."

Simon pushes forward and Lukas draws a quick breath. No matter how many times they've done this in the last two years, Simon is still wide enough that Lukas knows he's being penetrated and loves it. Even if it is just the head at first.

Simon relishes Lukas' tightness. "Oh my God you feel so good." Lukas responded by pulling Simon's head down so they could kiss. As their tongues battle, Simon allows his weight to slow drive his cock deeper into Lukas. He can feel Lukas' body shutter each time he hits that spot.

Once they were moving in sync, Simon dives into Lukas' neck. Licking and nibbling up and down the side of Lukas' neck is one of Lukas' biggest turn-ons. Lukas closes his eyes and tilts his chin up and to the side to give Simon better access as the younger boy's cheeks and chest flush red as his desire peaks. On the next pass along Lukas's neck, Simon picked up the pace and Lukas' pointed toes curl. Both boys are moaning out loud.

Having retrieved his fresh laundry from the dryer, Dr. Lars Meijer passed Lukas' room on his way back to the main part of the house to finish dressing and to make some breakfast. Lars smirked and shook his head hearing the moaning and squeaking springs of his son's bed. "Thank goodness my bedroom is on the other end of the house." He knew Lukas was head over heels in love, and he was prepared to be there in case Simon didn't feel the same.

Simon pulled back to get some more oxygen as he sped up. Each time he bottomed out, Lukas gave a little grunt and saw stars. As so frequently happens, Lukas wasn't even going to have to touch himself. If he timed it right, they would cum together. But this morning, Simon made it impossible to control.

"Uh, uh, uh, UH, UUUUUUHHHHHH!!" Lukas came hard, and loud. Simon knew he was pounding poor Lukas' love button and was able to hold off just long enough to take Lukas over the edge.

"Oh, God!" Simon buried himself deep and let loose - his entire body shaking. His huge ball pulled up tight and he flooded Lukas' bowels with a torrent of cum. Their spurts were almost synchronized. Forehead to forehead, the boys shuttered and trembled together through their orgasms. Once both boys had emptied their balls, Simon looked into Lukas' eyes and kissed him deeply.

"Thanks for waking me up."

"You're VERY welcome," Lukas said with a huge grin on his face. Peeking over at the clock, he realized it was about time to hop in the shower. Wrapping his arms and legs around Simon, he never wanted to let go. He squeezed his lover as tight as he could and fought back tears. Simon started kissing his neck again.

Lukas forced himself to be responsible. "Com'on," he panted. "We need to get ready for school."

"Ugh, alright." Simon withdrew his still hard penis. Simon sat back on his heels and offered Lukas a hand to help him up. "Here..."

"Uh oh!" Lukas eyes got big. "How much did you come?" He stuck his hand between his legs to keep from dripping on the floor has he ran to the bathroom.

Simon chuckled and said, "Apparently, a lot. That was incredible this morning." He got up and followed Lukas into the en suite bathroom.

"It must have been a gallon!" Lukas was sitting on the toilet with his head in his hands and his elbows on his knees.

Simon laughed and started the shower. While the water warmed up, he stood by Lukas and rubbed his back. "I bet your dad heard us this morning."

"Oops. We weren't exactly quiet this morning, were we?"

"Huh uh. Not even close."

"Oh well. Hope he's making breakfast this morning. I'm starving!"

"Water's warm, let's get in."


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