The Boys of East Harbor: Michael
Chapter 4: Michael's Crush

(b/b, anal)

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Wednesday went well for the boys. Since Michael slept through the night, he was awake and full of energy. Lukas noticed how blue his eyes were and knew Michael was having a good day. Lars, on the other hand, was concerned that he never heard from Michael's mother. All he could do was assume that she never came home to find the note to call him. This was going to be an issue for everyone involved. Lars suspected there was more to Michael's case than he'd seen in the report by the Children's Services case worker. To fill in the gaps, he called a friend on the local police force and asked him to get a copy of the police case file and all trial transcripts. If he was going to help Michael, he needed to know everything.

Simon had been sitting beside Michael during Geometry class after since Monday. They used the few minutes before class to chat. Simon was turned with his back to the door facing Michael as they discussed Michael's practice that afternoon. He saw Michael look briefly over his shoulder towards the door, go flush and then turn away. Simon turned to see what Michael was looking at but all he saw a few players from his lacrosse team walking in together, two of the more studious girls standing by the door talking, and Benjamin, another freshman like Simon, just outside the door speaking to Mr. Allen, the Geometry teacher. One of Simon's lacrosse teammates, whom Simon sat with before moving to sit with Michael, waved at Simon. Simon waved to Gavin and then turned back to Michael who sat facing the front of the room.

After school, Simon and Lukas headed to the studio to mess around a while. When they figured Michael was home from soccer practice, they headed down to his place to do homework. Lars suggested that, just in case Michael was home alone again tonight, they should be around and think about sleeping arrangements again. On their way to Michael's, Simon decided to say something to Lukas.

"I think there is something going on with Michael."

"Well duh, there's a ton of things going on with Michael," Lukas retorted.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. I mean at school."

"At the high school? Is someone picking on him?"

"No, I don't think so, but twice I've seen him look at something, or someone, turn red, and then look away real fast."

"Like, what do you mean?"

"Well, today for instance. We were sitting there talking about the eighth-grade soccer team when he looked over my shoulder towards the door to the classroom, turned red and turned to face the front of the classroom. After that, even when I was talking to him, he would only face the front of the classroom. He wouldn't even look at me and I could tell his ears were still red." Simon explained it to Lukas while he was trying to reason it out for himself.

Lukas figured it out immediately. "Oh my god! That's it, that's who Michael has a crush on. It's someone in your Geometry class!"

"You think so?" Simon began to mull it over.

"We have to find out who it is!" You could almost smell the smoke as Lukas' brain kicked into overdrive.

"Why?" asked Simon.

"Because," replied Lukas. To the blonde, it was completely obvious. "What better way to help Michael be okay with being gay than for him to have someone to be gay with!"

Simon laughed. Though it wasn't the most articulate statement, he understood Lukas' logic and it did make sense. "Well, how are we going to do that?"

"I'll try to think of something. You keep an eye out for who Michael is looking at, and who is watching him. Okay?"

About that time they saw Michael waving to them from down the street. He waited for his friends before they turned up the sidewalk to his home. Michael was extra excited. After a great day at school and at soccer practice, Lukas and Simon came to visit him AND he was going to get to introduce his friends to his mom.

"Mom! I'm home!" Michael called out as the boys removed their shoes.

"Hi honey, I'll be out in a little while," came from behind his mother's bedroom door. Sounded like he woke her up.

"Okay." Michael was bummed he couldn't introduce his friends. "We'll be upstairs doing our homework." Michael turned and put his finger to his lips and the boys tiptoed up the stairs to the playroom and shut the door.

Once the door was shut, the music came on and the boys got focused to get their work out of the way. Michael spent some time helping Lukas with his programming homework. He was beginning to feel better about that class because Michael was able to explain things in a way he understood. Simon and Michael compared Geometry homework and Simon seemed to be getting the hang of it so far. Since Michael has been helping him with Geometry, Simon found doing proofs to be almost enjoyable. Almost.

"Done!" Lukas dropped his pencil like he was dropping a mic.

"Me too," said Simon as he scribbled out the last line his Biology homework.

"Cool!" added Michael. "I'm just studying for my upcoming Chemistry test. It's still kinda early. What are you guys going to do?"

"Dad will probably have dinner soon, and then I want to practice passing. It's been a few days." Lukas rolled over and stretched his limbs.

Michael furrowed his brow. "Football?"

"No, Lukas and I play lacrosse," offered Simon as he packed his backpack.

"Really?" Michael sounded more surprised than he meant to. He could see Simon playing sports but had never considered Lukas as an athlete. Not that Lukas was out of shape - far from it. Michael thought both Lukas and Simon were hot! But he just didn't see Lukas as being into sports.

"Do you play?" asked Lukas.

"We didn't have any lacrosse teams back home. We didn't have school soccer teams either. But I've seen lacrosse on TV. I like watching Johns Hopkins and Maryland when they are in the final four."

"Well, at least you know the basics. Want to play?" asked Simon.

"Sure, let me change clothes." Michael hopped up and bounced across the hall to put on some soccer shorts and an older pair of shoes.

When he came back, the other boys were packed up and getting to their feet.

"Let's go down stairs and I'll see when dinner will be ready. Text your dad to see when you guys are going to eat? Then we can figure out a time to meet after dinner to play!" Michael was practically bouncing off the walls with excitement. He always thought lacrosse would be fun to play. And the fact that the older boys were including him in their activities still excited him. He figured they would eventually tire of having a little kid around so he was going to enjoy it while it lasted.

Michael bounded down the steps ahead of Simon and Lukas and ran to the kitchen, only to find it empty. Stopping dead in his tracks, Michael looked around to see if his mother had even come out of her bedroom to start something. There was no evidence that she'd been in the kitchen at all.

Lukas could see Michael's disappointment from the boy's body language. He walked over and put his arm around Michael's shoulders. "If your mom isn't feeling good, why don't you eat dinner with us and let her sleep."

Michael gave a little nod and wrote a note to his mom. He stuck it to the refrigerator and headed back to the foyer where me met up with the other two and the exited through the front door.

On the way to Lukas' house, the boys were quiet. For Michael, his mind was churning. His mom hadn't been herself since, well, since everything, especially since the divorce. The move was supposed to be a new start for her too. Instead, she's been worse. Michael felt it was his responsibility to solve the problem, but he had no idea what he could do.

Lukas' mind was busy too. He was worried about Michael and his mother. Something was terribly wrong. He inherited his father's intuition, something that made his father an exceptional psychologist. Lukas' intuition was telling him that Michael was in trouble but couldn't grasp exactly why. What he did see was a young boy basically fending for himself and that wasn't right.

Where Lukas was intuitive, Simon was the silent observer. He took everything in and only stepped in when he needed too. He had learned long ago that Lukas was like a blood hound. When he set his mind to something, he was tenacious. Lukas had the biggest heart and always acted out of kindness and compassion. Simon knew if Lukas ever decided to follow in his father's footsteps, which he secretly hoped he would, Lukas would be at the top of his field. When he was with Lukas, he let Lukas take the reins because it was Lukas' nature to do so. Simon would support Lukas and was always there to keep Lukas on track, only stepping in to prevent things from getting out of hand. In this case, he saw an 11-year-old struggling with more than any boy should ever have to handle, a mother that was absent or unable to give her son the support he needs, and his best friend looking determined to fix it. This is one of those occasions where Simon felt like he needed to step in because this was definitely too big for Lukas to handle alone. Time to bring dad in, though he did love the look on Lukas' face when he was working something out in his head. It just made him want to kiss the cute blond boy.

"Heh heh heh..." Simon chuckled out loud.

"What?" asked Lukas. Turning to look at Simon with one eyebrow raised.

"Nothing," Simon mumbled, trying to suppress a smile as they reached the Meijer residence.

The boys tumble in through the front door. "Dad! Michael's having dinner with us tonight!"

Lars popped his head around the corner from the kitchen. "Hi Michael, glad you're joining us for dinner." He knew that if Lukas was bringing Michael home unannounced, something was going on and he had a good idea. He was so proud of his son taking action when a friend was in need.

As Michael and Lukas turned to head back to the bedroom, Simon stopped. "Lukas, if you don't have a smaller stick, I have some of my old ones in that white cabinet in our garage. Why don't you take Michael over and find a stick the right length for him and start teaching him to pass and catch. I'll help dad set the table and get dinner ready."

"Okay! Com'on Michael." Lukas took Michael out the back door and headed next door to Simon's. The families had long ago taken the privacy fence out between their two backyards so the boys could use the two yards as one. And both boys had keys to each house.

Simon headed into the kitchen. "What's for dinner tonight?"

"Baked chicken, mashed potatoes with asparagus," Lars rattled off the menus as he checked on the chicken.

"Dad..." Simon was trying to find the words as he grabbed some plates from the cupboard.

"What's going on with Michael?" inquired Lars.

"How did you know?" asked a surprised Simon.

"You boys wouldn't have brought Michael home unless it was necessary."

"True," agreed Simon. Lars started helping set the table since the food was almost finished. "He seemed really excited to get to introduce us to his mother, but she was in bed and sounded like she was asleep when we got there. She slept the entire time we were there and didn't bother getting up to fix dinner so we brought Michael home to eat with us and we're going to teach him how to play lacrosse after we eat."

"Okay. I was afraid of that. You boys keep looking after Michael. I like the way you two make sure he isn't alone. I'll have a talk with his mother."

"Thanks dad," Simon said, surprising Lars with a hug. "You're the best."

Meanwhile, over in the Novak garage...

"Simon called your dad, 'dad'. What's with that?" asked Michael. Typically, Michael would have thought that too personal and none of his business, but he liked Lars a lot. He seemed to really care about Michael and understand how he's feeling. He'd like to call Lars 'dad' too.

"Oh, well, since his dad died, my dad has kinda been his dad too. Simon's called my dad his dad most of the time since, well, pretty much since his dad died. They're really close."

"That's cool," said Michael. He did think it was cool. Though it was sad that Simon's father died, it was neat that Dr. Meijer sort of adopted Simon. But the whole conversation brought up his own family situation. He was now sorry he even asked the questions.

"Here, try this stick." Lukas handed Michael one of Simon's old lacrosse sticks. Michael took it and swung it around trying to mimic what he'd seen on TV.

"Wait, here's one that is in better condition. Use this one."

Michael exchanged sticks and Lukas put the first one back in the cabinet.

"Here're some gloves and a helmet too. Now let's head back to my place so I can get changed and grab my gear."

Entering the back door, Lars called to the boys, "Dinner's ready! Come eat and you guys can play lacrosse after dinner."

"Okay!" the boys said in unison. They looked at each other and laughed. Michael dropped the lacrosse equipment along the wall of Lukas' bedroom and they headed to the kitchen for dinner.

They took the same seats from the night before.

"This looks really good - thanks for having me over for dinner Doc... Lars," Michael gushed. He loved chicken, mashed potatoes and home cooked food has been rare lately.

"Michael, you are always welcome in this house. I really enjoy having you around," said Lars as he reached over and ruffled Michael's hair. Michael beamed and didn't even mind that his hair got messed up.

"Thank you," he grinned looking at Lars.

With that, they dug in and polished off the food in no time. Lars made a note to start cooking a bit more each night - especially if he was planning to have leftovers for lunch the next day. But he really did like Michael being around. The boy was smart, funny, kind and polite. Even after everything he'd been through.

"I'll clean up - you boys go play."

"Thanks dad," said Lukas as he raced to his room to get ready.

"Yeah, thanks dad," Simon gulped down the rest of his iced tea and headed to the bedroom. His lacrosse gear was in Lukas' room.

Lars picked up his and Lukas' plates and headed to the sink. Michael picked up his plate and took it to Lars.

"Thank you again for dinner," Michael said and Lars took the dishes from Michael. "It was really good." Then Michael surprised Lars by throwing his arms around the man's waist and hugging him tightly. The boy's need for adult attention broke the man's heart. Setting the dishes in the sink, Lars rubbed Michael's back and then the side of his head until Michael broke the hug. "I'm glad you liked dinner. Remember, you're welcome here any time."

"Michael! Com'on!" Lukas was almost ready and anxious to get started.

"Run along and have fun."

"Okay!" Michael scampered around the corner to find Lukas and Simon. Lars shook his head and finished cleaning up from dinner.

In the backyard, the boys played catch for a while. Michael caught on quickly and soon they were teaching him to shoot at the small practice net they kept set up in the corner of the yard. With the fence, if they missed, the ball would bounce back. They were happy they didn't have to chase the ball too often.

"That's fun! Thanks!" said Michael as he plopped down on a lawn chair. They had worked up quite a sweat. Michael finally saw Lukas' athletic side and realized that he and Lukas were even more alike than he thought. It wasn't that Lukas was competitive, but he'd chosen lacrosse and it was simply Lukas challenging himself to be the best he could be. It was much the same way Michael approached sports. Simon, on the other hand, was much more competitive and passionate about playing lacrosse. He also made a good coach. He really helped Michael find his form and get some power behind his shots.

"Yeah, little bro, and you are really getting the hang of it," said Simon.

"I think we can get you good enough by spring to make the eighth-grade team! Then we'd be on the same team this season!" Lukas was excited about the prospect.

"Really? You think so?" Michael wasn't so sure he could make a team for a sport he just only started to learn.

"Sure," Lukas said confidently. "We have five months to get you ready."

"Cool... I'd like that," and Michael flashed one of his killer smiles that showed off his dimples. Simon and Lukas were pleased to see Michael so happy.

"Well, I don't know about you two," Simon took a sniff of his right pit, "but I need a shower."

Lukas looked at his sweaty shirt, and then at Michael's, "I think we all need a shower." All three started laughing.

"Here's your gear back," Michael took off the gloves and stuffed them inside the helmet. He stood to hand everything to Simon.

"Nope, those are yours now," Simon said.

"Are you sure?" Michael asked with a hopeful look on his face.

"Sure thing little brother, those are yours now. You are going to need them to keep practicing with us," Simon stood and walked over to Michael and gave him a big hug and kissed the top of his head. He was really beginning to care for this boy and was feeling very protective of him.

"Thanks Simon," Michael hugged him back. It didn't go unnoticed that Simon had called him little brother, not bro. He hoped it wasn't just a slip up. If Lars can be Simon's dad, he would gladly be Simon's little brother. Lukas noticed too and was happy to see Simon taking to Michael as much as he had.

The other thing Michael noticed was Simon's manly scent. With the height difference, Michael could smell the scent coming from behind Simon's jock more than from under his arms. It was a smell that he had always found to be incredibly intoxicating and he popped a boner immediately. When the hug broke, Michael's boxer briefs didn't hide it as much as Michael hoped, and Lukas noticed that too.

The boys headed back inside and Lars called Lukas into the kitchen while Simon and Michael headed to the bedroom.

"Put your gear here, that way all of our lacrosse stuff is together and ready for next time. When we get some friends together to play down at the school, I've got some pads that should fit you too. Maybe we can do that this weekend so you can see what that's like," said Simon.

"Cool!" Michael neatly placed his gear in the corner by the closet and then looked around not knowing what to do next. Just then, Lukas entered and made an announcement.

"Michael, how would you like some company tonight?"

Michael was as confused as Simon. "You guys are going to come over for a while to hang out? Alright!"

"No, I mean, how would you like it if Simon and I spent the night with you at your house, or you could spend the night here again."

"YAY!" Michael gave a little hop and then realized he didn't want to act too much like a little kid in front of his older friends.

"I'm thinking, since you haven't had a chance to ask your mom to stay here, we'll pack up our stuff and head back to your place. What do you think, Simon?"

"Sounds good to me," Simon concurred.

"I think Michael likes the idea," he looked over at the 11-year-old with a smile that threatened to split his face. Michael noticed he didn't have night terrors when he slept with the boys and certainly wasn't looking forward to sleeping by himself that night.

Simon grabbed a larger gym bag and both boys packed their clothes for school, phone chargers, toiletries and then they packed their gym bags for school after throwing their smelly clothes from earlier that day in the hamper.

"Let's go!" announced Simon when they were packed.

"We're heading to Michael's now, dad!" shouted Lukas.

"Okay!" Lars shouted back from his bedroom. "You boys don't stay up too late!"

"We won't, dad! Bye!" Then Lukas headed out to the door to join Simon and Michael and they were off.

Lars waited until the boys were out the door and then returned to his phone call.

"Sorry about that James, I wanted to make sure the boys didn't over hear our conversation. So where were we? Oh yeah, can you have that paperwork ready by tomorrow? I know that's asking a lot, but we just need the straight forward, no frills documents."

"Yes, Lars. You know I'll have your back on this. If you're asking, then this is a true emergency situation," replied James Cooper, a friend of Lars who practices family law. "Give me the details again so I can make sure I have the details correct."

"No problem. The boy's name is Michael Grant. Mother is Megan Grant. Father terminated custody and from the police records, both extended families ended contact with Megan and Michael after the divorce. Their address is 697 Maple Street. It's a yellow two-story house. Meet me there at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon."

"I'll bring my secretary with me, she can be a witness and notary for the documents."

"Good idea. Thanks James."

"No problem, but you will own me a dinner for this," James laughed.

"Yes, I will," Lars replied, but he wasn't laughing.

Lars hung up about the time the boys reached that yellow two-story. No lights were on and if it weren't for Megan's car in the driveway, you would never have guessed anyone was home. When the boys entered, there was no signs that Megan has been out of her bedroom, so Michael took his note about dinner off the fridge and threw it away and then the three boys quietly made their way up to Michael's room.

"I know my bed isn't as big as yours, but do you think we can all fit okay?" Michael was worried that he wouldn't get to sleep with both boys this night. His queen-sized bed seemed small after being in Lukas' king, but the way the three snuggled together, it would be more than enough room, Lukas and Simon assured him.

"You guys can take your showers first. Here are extra towels for you," Michael handed them towels from the linen closet just outside the bathroom.

"Looks like there is enough room for all three of us. We could save money by showering together," Simon suggested.

"Ummm... that's okay. I... ugh... I..." Michael blushed and tried to find any excuse other than being too embarrassed if he popped a boner in front of his only two friends.

Lukas jumped in and saved the boy. "I don't know about that. I need my space," he said, stretching his arms and puffing out his chest.

"Oh brother," uttered Simon as he slapped his forehead with his hand.

Michael laughed and returned to his room.

Simon got the water warming up and Lukas began to strip. The water heated up quickly and was ready by the time Simon was naked. The boys entered the shower and turned to face each other. Lukas, on tippy toes, immediately leaned in and planted a kiss on Simon's lips.

"I've missed that," Lukas sighed as he lowered himself back flat on his feet and melting him body into Simon's. Laying his head on Simon's chest, he felt the water cascading over their bodies.

"I know, I love Michael like a little brother, but I have missed our private time." Simon nuzzled the top of Lukas' head.

Lukas could feel Simon's manhood rising to the occasion, pressing against his stomach. Feigning modesty, Lukas joked, "Why you horny boy! We just made whoopee yesterday!" Both boys laughed but didn't break the body contact they both craved.

Taking Lukas' head in both hands, Simon directed Lukas' attention to his. Their eyes locked briefly before Simon passionately kissed Lukas. He held Lukas so tightly that the blond wouldn't have been able to pull away from Simon if he'd wanted to. He didn't want to. Lukas' dick reached its full 5" and poked up under Simon's big hangers.

Simon pulled Lukas in tighter and shoved his tongue into his mouth and the smaller boy shivered with delight and lust. Feeling with his hands, Lukas searched blindly for the body wash. As they passionately tongue wrestled, Lukas found the body wash and poured some on Simon's shoulder and then dropped the bottle on the shower floor.

Raising his foot but unable to find a ledge to rest it upon, Lukas wrapped is left leg around Simon. Dipping his left fingers in the body wash, Lukas reached back and shoved the body wash up his butt. Then he took a handful of bodywash and coated Simon's cock. Simon realized what he was doing and without breaking their kiss, he reached his right arm around Lukas to provide his support. For his part, Lukas locked his right arm around Simon's neck and lifted himself, with Simon's help, so he could wrap both legs around Simon's waist. Lifting himself using one arm and his legs, he was able to get just high enough that Simon's dick was able to slip under his balls. With his free hand, he guided his favorite toy home.

"Hsssssssss! Ahhhhhh..." Lukas impaled himself in one swift motion enjoying the momentary pain from the initial penetration, and then shuddering as Simon slide across his prostate. Simon moved his other hand from Lukas' face, and slid it down to Lukas' ass.

Either boy was going to last long. They began to rut like animals.

When the boys turned on the water for their shower, Michael prepared for his. He threw all of his dirty clothes in the hamper, including his gym and soccer clothes. Then he wrapped a towel around himself and laid down on his bed to wait for Lukas and Simon. He wished he'd joined them in the shower but was too embarrassed to join them now. He grabbed his new astronomy book in hopes of distracting himself. Just as he began to read, he heard the crash of something landing on the floor of the shower. Worried something happened, he went to the bathroom to check on things.

If Michael had been as innocent as most 11-year-old boys, the hot sex in his shower would have scorched his eyes. Instead Michael just stopped dead in his tracks and stared. He didn't even realize that he'd accidentally let his towel drop. He stood there naked with is impressively fat three inches pointing almost straight up to the ceiling, bobbing back and forth in rhythm with his racing heartbeat. His grape sized balls hanging a couple inches below, in full view of the shower occupants. Well, they would be if the boys in the shower were even aware of the planet they were on.

Still lip-locked, Lukas was using his legs, and a little help from Simon's hands guiding his ass, to ride up and down on Simon's big fat pole. Michael could hear the squishing noise of sex and his friends moaning into each other's mouths.

Michael was torn. He had tried so hard to be good. He had tried so hard to forget about sex, and boys, and dicks, and getting fucked, and a man's scent, and making men cum. They told him it was bad. They told him that he wasn't supposed to do it. He hadn't even touch himself since last spring. But his self-discipline and willpower were quickly melting away. First, smelling Simon flipped a switch in Michael's brain. It made him pop a boner, made his boy pussy tingle and made his mouth water. He couldn't make his mind stop imagining what Simon's cock looked like. Now he was staring at the object of his imagination plow Lukas' ass. It was bigger, fatter, and more manly that Michael had imagined. It took everything in him not to jump in the shower and cram his face into Simon's balls and Lukas' butt at the same time.

He watched as Lukas disengaged from Simon's face and his allowed his head dropped back. Moving his right hand from behinds Simon's neck, he reached between their torsos and grabbed his own dick, jacking it at the same pace he was getting fucked.

Simon closed his eyes and dropped his chin, concentrating on driving himself deeper, harder and faster into the hot, tight ass he was fucking. Lukas jacked himself faster, moaning, "Oh god, oh god," under his breath. Only a minute later, Lukas's arm picked up speed and he hissed, "oh yeah." Michael witnessed cum shoot up between the boys, just missing Simon's face and painting Lukas' slim, firm chest and small, erect nipples. Simon started huffing like he was getting ready to dead lift his personal best. Michael could see Simon's balls gently contract with the injection of cum he shot into Lukas' ass. All Michael could think was how much he wished he was Lukas right at that moment.

Coming down from their high, two boys giggled and shared another loving kiss and then noticed their audience. Michael, eyes still as big as saucers and his penis impossibly hard noticed that the boys he was staring at were staring back at him. Following their eyes, he noticed that they were looking at his fully exposed private parts. Quickly, he grabbed his town then turned and ran back to his bedroom.

"Man, he's got a really cute ass," Lukas shared.

Simon slipped out of Lukas as he set the boy down. Then he gently and lovingly washed Lukas from head to toe. Lukas returned the favor. As they rinsed off, the water started cooling off.

"Shit, we didn't leave Michael any hot water," said Simon, feeling guilty that they too so much time. Especially since they were guest's in Michael's home.

Drying off, the boys walked into Michael's room, not even bothering to attempt to cover themselves. Lukas was drying his hair and Simon worked on his lower legs once he got to their overnight bag.

Michael had his towel back in place, but it did nothing to hide his physical condition. The boys walking in naked only made it worse. Michael finally ripped his eyes from Lukas' beautify body only to spy Simon's ass when he bent over to look for something in the bag. Shaking his head, he almost ran to the bathroom and jumped in the shower. Turning the hot water on, Lukas and Simon heard "AAAAAHHHHHH!!!"

"Oops! We didn't tell him there wasn't any hot water!" laughed Lukas.

"Well, I think he could use a cold shower after the show we gave him," smirked Simon.

A few minutes later, a naked Michael came stomping back into the bedroom with the towel wrapped around his body shivering.

"Sorry!" they both offered to Michael. Michael just threw the towel on the floor and crawled under the blankets to warm up.

Lukas and Simon looked at each other. Simon shrugged and still nude, they climbed into bed with Michael.

Michael was the little spoon and Simon the big, with Lukas in the middle.

Lukas whispered into Michael's ear, "You're really cute when you pout." Then he tickled the boy's ribs.

That got a laugh out of Michael and then he snuggled back into Lukas. Quickly, the three were sleeping soundly.


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