The Boys of East Harbor: Michael
Chapter 3: Mom's Home

(b/b, oral, anal)

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Emotionally exhausted when he finally fell to sleep, Lukas slept like a log until he woke with a start, 15 minutes before the alarm. During the night, Simon had rolled onto his back, still cradling Lukas in his left arm with the blonde's head resting on his shoulder. Lukas placed his hand on Simon's chest, thinking back to previous evening. Evenings like that, times when Simon knew what Lukas was thinking, and what he needed, made Lukas believe that Simon loved him more than just a friend or brother. He traced his finger around Simon's sternum and devised a plan for the morning. Lukas looked up at Simon's face and then softly pressed his nose into Simon's neck and inhaled deeply, making his morning boner even harder. Turning gently, he took a whiff of Simon's armpit and then slowly slid under the covers.

Reaching the object of his affections, Lukas pressed his nose into the nook between Simon's large ball sac and his thigh. Taking in Simon's scent, Lukas shivered. He needed Simon and needed him bad. He began by rubbing his cheek across Simon's balls and up the underside of his cock. Then turned his head and went from cock head back down to his ball, ending with Simon's balls in front of his nose and mouth. Licking, nibbling and eventually sucking on Simon's sac to wake up his lover.

"Mmmmm... morning. You can stop that in like... never..."

With that, Lukas flipped the covers back, crawled over to turn the alarm clock off, and headed to the bathroom. At the door, he stuck out his ass and wagged it at Simon. "Come and get it," he teased, before entering the bathroom and turning on the shower.

Simon arrived as Lukas entered the shower. He paused momentarily to relieve himself at the toilet then stepped into the shower behind the blonde. Simon was on fire this morning. He stepped right up behind Lukas and pressed the smaller boy to the shower wall. Immediately his mouth went to Lukas' tender neck and started licking and sucking from his ear to his shoulder and back again. Each hand reached around and grabbed one of Lukas' nipples and began rolling and pinching them. Lukas gasped as Simon took full control of the situation. Rubbing his cock up and down Lukas' crack, the profusely leaking precum began to lubricate both Lukas and Simon in preparation of what was to come next.

Simon's left leg slid between Lukas'. Keeping his knee against the wall of the shower, Simon slowly slide his leg up and to the left so he could place his foot on the bench at the rear of the shower. This lifted Lukas' leg up and out of the way opening up the boy's most private area for the older boy's assault. Simon's left hand moved to the right nipple to provide more support to Lukas who was now on the toes of just one foot. Simon's right hand moved down below where he smeared the precum around he cock head and the guided it to Lukas ass, still pleasuring the younger boy's neck.

"OH GOD!" Lukas gasped when Simon slid home in one push. This was something that Lukas had never experienced. It caused him to see stars as Simon's lunge lifted him off the ground. It was intense - Simon taking control and taking him. He LOVED it! Once in, Simon moved his right hand to Lukas' rock-hard penis, masturbating him in sync with each of his thrusts.

Simon released a low, guttural grunt with each thrust. Lukas responded vocally with "Uh!" or "Ohhh!" or "Oh Simon!" Lukas was on sensory overload. With his ass, cock, neck and nipple being worked in unison. His body just shuddered and shook with pleasure. Time and space stopped. His entire universe was engulfed by the physical pleasures he experienced.

Simon was equally out of touch with the world outside. His only thoughts were about how to overwhelm this boy with pleasure. Thrusts came faster. The sucking and licking on Lukas' neck became more urgent, and their vocal duet became louder and louder until both boys were spending their seed. Lukas was first with a shout of "Oh god, don't Stop!" when his ass clamped down on Simon's fat cock. That sent Simon over the edge. With a roar and a hard thrust, Simon pushed himself as deep into Lukas as he could, unleashing a torrent of cum.

Finished, Simon gently set Lukas back down on his feet and staggered over to the bench to sit down. Lukas found his footing and followed Simon, sitting on his lap and cuddling into the bigger boy. Simon held Lukas and gently tilted the boy's head up to look into his eyes. No words were exchanged. Simon just leaned in for a loving kiss.


"Nnnnooooooo!" screamed Michael, waking himself from the nightmare. In an attempt to make a run to the bathroom to relieve himself of all the soda he drank the evening before, his foot caught in his bedding and he tumbled to the floor. Pulling free, he made it to the toilet just in time. Relieved, but unable to shake off his dream, Michael started the shower and sat on toilet waiting for the water to warm up. Kicking off his undies he hopped in the shower and started scrubbing. The new silky pink poof didn't scrub nearly heard enough, but his mom was told to buy it for him to prevent him from harming himself by scrubbing his skin off. Over and over he washed his entire body, but just couldn't make himself feel clean. Giving up, he slumped in the corner of the shower, wrapped his arms around his knees and cried. He felt dirty, broken, unwanted and was convinced it would never get better.

Five or 10 minutes later, Michael heard shuffling outside his shower. "Come here, honey," was all his mom said. She was sitting on the toilet holding a big fluffy bath towel open for him.

Glancing up, he ask, "Mom?" He hadn't seen her since she left for the grocery store Sunday evening. "Moooommm" he whined as he rose and fell into her arms. She wrapped the towel around him and held her son as he cried on her shoulder. His wet arms wrapped around her neck and his hair dripping down her back were uncomfortable, but it was only a minor inconvenience compared to the guilt she felt leaving him alone, especially after everything he'd been through, and it being the first few days in a new house, in a new town.

But the events of the last few months had left her feeling just as broken, hurt and lost as her son. She wondered how she was supposed to put him back together when she was struggling to keep her own shit together. Driving home earlier that morning, she contemplated her absence. Did she stay away because she was searching for some way of making herself feel whole, or was she avoiding Michael? She couldn't be sure and that made her feel worse. 'What kind of a mother am I that I would avoid coming home so I won't have to deal my own son and his problems?' Megan joined her son, shedding tears of her own as she held her baby boy tighter.

As his crying subsided, she began to dry him like she did was he was little. A year ago, Michael would have been mortified to have his mother see him naked, but not now. His self-image and modesty ripped away, Michael stood there and let his mother dry him.

"It's early, but why don't you go ahead and get ready for school and I'll make us some breakfast." Michael nodded and they went about their tasks.

First, Michael grabbed a pair of white Calvin Klein boxer briefs his grandparents sent him for Christmas. Then came khaki cargo shorts and purple polo with pink horizontal pinstripes. Grabbing a pair of purple Puma, he remembered to pack his soccer kit and cleats for practice. His excitement over soccer practice hurried him along. Skipping across the hall, he packed his school books and homework. Locating his permission slip for soccer, he grabbed a pen and hauled everything down the stairs. Staging his things by the door, Michael followed his nose to the kitchen where Megan had prepared some French toast and turkey sausage links, or, as Michael called it, "the Breakfast of Champions." Some real butter melted and dripped down a stack of French toast waiting for him at the breakfast counter.

"Oh my god! Thanks mom!!" As good as the food was at the diner, he LOVED his mom's French toast. He didn't know what her secret was (she would never tell him about the cinnamon and vanilla she put in the batter) and he gave up asking as long as she would continue to make it for him. Weighing on both their minds was the fact that neither could remember the last time she had made him breakfast. It was definitely before his father moved out. And it had to be before they sent Matthew, Michael's older brother, to stay with her husband's parents.

After finishing off his first plate of the syrup drenched goodness, Michael chugged a glass of ice-cold skim milk. "This is sooooo gooooood!"

"Well, slow down or you're going to make yourself sick," Megan said raising her eyebrow while she enjoyed a plate for herself.

"It's worth it!" Michael said with a giggle. He hopped off his stool and helped himself to a few more pieces. "Oh yeah, this is my permission slip. This school has a middle school soccer team and I tried out and made the team yesterday. Coach Lopez said I couldn't practice until you signed the permission slip."

"Don't you need a sports physical?"

"I gave him a copy of my physical from last spring." Megan shook her head. Having Michael around often was like having a miniature adult. He was always so responsible and on top of things. But this morning, his smile and enthusiasm gave her a glimpse of the boy he once was. 'Maybe there is a chance to get him back,' she smiled.

Megan signed the permission slip and hung the soccer schedule on the refrigerator. "Looks like your first game's on Thursday."

"Yeah, coach said something about that."

"Are you going to play?"

"I don't know... probably," Michael said thoughtfully. "Coach Lopez seems like a pretty cool guy. And the guys on the team seem okay with me being on the team."

"That's good. How did school go yesterday?"

Michael hesitated, thinking back to his run in with Lewis Fuerst and wondering if he should tell his mom. As he learned before, secrets always seem to have a way of coming out, so he decided it was best to tell her everything.

"Well, in homeroom I met a boy named Lukas. He's really nice and is in some of my classes and he invited me to eat lunch with him and his friends. One of his friends, Scott, is on the soccer team and Lukas is in my gym class," rattled off Lukas between bites.

'He mentioned his gym class specifically. Knowing Michael, that means something happened and he's trying to figure out how to tell me,' reasoned Megan.

Megan cleaned up her plate and then took a seat beside Michael. "What happened in gym class?"

"Well..." Michael hated to admit being picked on, even when his mother expected it to happen. "A boy named Lewis Fuerst or something like that decided he doesn't like me."

"Mmmmhmmm... and..."

"Well, he was being extra rough with me. Each time I made a good play, the next time I got the ball he would elbow me or knock me down."

"Is that all?"

"Ummm... well, no." Michael was now picking at the food on his plate. It didn't look as appetizing just then.

"Tell me everything."

"Well, one time he just ran me over really hard and Mr. Harris didn't call a penalty or anything. So the next time I got the ball, I drilled Lewis in the nuts."

Megan couldn't help but start laughing. She knew it wasn't appropriate, but she needed to let loose. Michael looked up at his mother. It has been so long since he'd seen her laugh, or genuinely smile. She her laugh cracked him up too. Feeding off each other's giddiness, they both ended up laughing so hard they were crying.

"Mom, you should have seen the look on his face!" Michael crossed his eyes, went slack jawed, sticking out his tongue, then pretend to faint and collapse on the floor. This got Megan laughing even harder and Michael laughed so hard he couldn't get back up off the floor.

"Okay, Mister. Get back up here and finish your breakfast."

Michael climbed back up on the stool.

"What did Mr. Harris say about what you did?"

"He said that he let things go so I could stick up for myself and earn some street cred. But it was a one-time deal and the next time he would step in. He didn't want to make it look like all the teachers were babying me."

"Well, that's good. But I don't approve of you using the same tactics as the bullies. You know that."

"I know mom..."

"Well, it's about time you head off to school. Why don't you go brush your teeth and I'll clean up the rest of the dishes."


Michael raced up the stairs. His nightmares temporarily forgotten as he brushed his teeth, used some mouthwash, and fixed his hair before heading out the door.

"Bye mom!" yelled Michael as he exited the house. Shutting the door behind him Michael turned and...

"We were hoping this was the right house!"

"AAAAAAAH! Shit, you scared me." Simon and Lukas cracked up laughing seeing Michael jump a foot in the air and scream.

During breakfast, Simon suggested that they walk with Michael to school. The boys hurried so they would get to Michael's before he left then waited on the front porch. Since there wasn't any furniture, the boys seated themselves on the balustrade. It so happened that they were behind Michael when he stepped out the door and he didn't see them.

"Sorry Michael," Lukas began, catching his breath from laughing, "we didn't mean to do that. We just wanted to walk to school with you."

Michael, looking less freaked out, caught his own breath. "Uh... hi... Lukas... thanks..."

"Michael, this is Simon. He lives next door to me. He's in your Geometry class." Simon reached out to give Michael a fist bump.

"Oh yeah... I remember you," returning the bump.

Lukas hopped up and grabbed his bags. "Let's get going so we aren't late." With that, the boys headed off to school.

Things went well for Michael. Some of the girls thought Michael was "super cute" and decided to "adopt" him as their little brother. Now that he knew some kids, he realized there was at least one member of the soccer team in each of his middle school classes. He even took to calling them "big bro" when they called him "lil' bro". It was only a nickname and Michael knew that, but it made him feel accepted. Not just accepted as part of the soccer team, but he began to feel like he fit into the school community.

Even gym was better today. To remove the possibility of a repeat of the prior day's incidents, Mr. Harris changed his lesson plan. Today they spent the period conditioning and running which pretty much kept Lewis and Michael out of each other's way. But Mr. Harris also recognized that a number of students were watching the situation like hawks, ready to swoop down on Lewis if he were to get out of line with Michael. While running laps with Lukas, Michael mentioned that he was excited about soccer practice after school and Lukas was pleased that Michael no longer looked like a deer caught in headlights. The boy seemed to be in a better mood.

The whistle blew letting Michael know it was time to get changed so he could make it to the high school for the last two classes of the day. He had spoken with Mr. Harris about giving him a few extra minutes so he could shower first which was a surprise. They had excused Michael from having to shower at school for any reason. He even had a standing excuse from changing in the locker room with the other boys. But since he would be the only person in the locker room when he changed after gym, Michael felt safe enough to give it a try. He waved bye to Lukas and headed back to the school building.

After school, Lukas met up with Simon in their usual spot and they walked home together.

"Man, Geometry is going to be the end of me," whined Simon.

"What's so hard about learning about different shapes?" asked Lukas. He'd always found learning about the area, volume and circumference of different shapes fun and pretty easy.

"I wish that's what we were doing. But all that stuff we learned about up to now is based on theorems and axioms," explained Simon, who then noticed the blank look on Lukas' face.

"Those are like the rules for how Geometry works," Simon explained. "When you get to this class, we have to prove the things we know about the shapes."

"You mean like prove that it is true?"

"Yes, exactly. You have to use the rules to prove other rules are true - that they work the way they say they work," Simon continued to try to find the right words to explain what he didn't really understand. "I just don't know what the hell I'm doing."

"I can't say that I wouldn't benefit from having some help with my computer class," grumbled Lukas. He was watching his feet and shaking his head as he thought about his next assignment.

"Isn't that Information Technology with Mr. Workman? That was easy."

"Yeah, that's why I signed up for it. You told me it was easy!" Lukas playfully punched Simon in the arm. "But Mr. Workman isn't teaching it this year. We have a new teacher, Mrs. O'Neill, and she's changed the class from learning how to use computer to how to program computers! I'm so dead meat. I just don't get it. Four people already dropped the class."

"Can't help you there," commiserated Simon. "I know nothing about that." They continued their leisurely pace home in deep thought.

"I know! I bet Michael can help you with your Geometry, and how much do you want to bet he knows a bit about programming?"

Simon laughed, "You're right. I swear he wanted to raise his hand every time the teacher asked a question. You could almost see his muscles straining to keep his arm from going up." The boys got a good laugh picturing Michael struggling to keep his arm from shooting up with sweat dripping from his forehead.

"Let's put our homework off for a while. We can ask him to come down and do our homework together after he gets home from soccer. Maybe he can help us both," suggested Lukas. That perked Lukas up and Simon couldn't argue with his logic. So the boys headed to Simon's house, grabbed some snacks then headed to their studio for some practice.

They worked out their frustrations by playing hard rock songs. Playing loud and playing fast, they worked up a sweat and feeling better when Lukas realized it was about time for Michael to be home from practice.

"I'm going to head over and see if Michael can come do homework," Lukas said as he got up from behind the drum kit and wiped his brow with one of the towels they keep around for that purpose.

"Cool. I'll stay here and screw around and wait for you to get back."

Lukas headed to Michael's hoping his little friend would be home and be allowed to come over to do homework. He stepped onto the front porch and heard the opening of "Born this Way" by Lady Gaga through the screen door. With the storm door open, Lukas could see into the house and noticed a moving shadow at the top of the stairs. He knocked but didn't get an answer. Lukas realized Michael's mother's car was not in the driveway and with the music and singing so loud there was no way Michael would hear him. With no other option, Lukas let himself in and headed up the stairs. When he reached the top of the stairs, Lukas' mouth dropped open.

Michael was in the play room, stripped to his tight, white CK briefs and ankle socks. He was dancing what appeared to be a perfectly choreographed performance while singing at the top of his lungs. At school he'd noticed Michael's speaking voice was lower than you'd expect for a boy his size and age and had a slight raspy, gravelly quality. When singing, the boy's voice was clear and powerful, and when he wanted, he could engage the texture of his speaking voice to emphasize what he sang. It was really quite astonishing to Lukas -- and damn sexy.

Michael, for his part, was completely lost in the music. Eyes closed, he blocked out everything in the world but what he felt as he danced and sang. School had gone well and soccer practice went great so he was taking a moment to let loose and celebrate his day.

Lukas stood in admiration. This boy is smart, athletic, can sing and dance, and is hot! The briefs accentuated all the right parts. Riding up a bit in the back from dancing, they created the perfect second skin for Michael's tight, muscular, little ass, leaving little to the imagination. It looked even better than it did in the locker room. From the front, the briefs were small enough to cup Michael's family jewels and fat little cock in a way that showed them off in the best possible way. Lukas had to adjust himself when his shorts became uncomfortable. He didn't want to pop a boner, but taking his eyes off Michael was not an option.

Spinning and sliding in his socks, Michael shook his ass to the beat, stepped in perfect time to the music, and didn't miss a single word.

As the song ended, Michael came out of his tranced and relaxed, just as Lukas teased, "You should really lock the door..."

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Michael jumped like he'd received an electrical shock.

Lukas collapsed on the floor laughing.

"Shit! You scared the crap out of me. That's TWICE today! You trying to kill me?" Michael had to lean against the wall to collect himself from the scare while Lukas rolled around hysterically.

"How long were you standing there?" asked Michael.

"Oh... *laughter* about the *laughter* entire song... *laughter*" Lukas was finally starting to calm down and catch his breath.

Getting over the shock, Michael's surprise turned to embarrassment from being caught singing and dancing. "Oh man..."

"No, dude. You are incredible. You looked like a professional performing that song. Though, I'm not sure many professionals would do it in just undies and socks." That sent Lukas into another fit of laughter and made Michael blush.

After he calmed down again, Lukas propped himself up on an elbow and found Michael flopped down on one of the beanbag chairs.

"Michael, can I ask you a question?" began Lukas.

"You just did," retorted Michael with a smirk.

"Ha ha," teased Lukas. "No, I mean a serious question."

The room was quiet as Michael contemplated his response. Lukas' serious nature made Michael nervous, but if Lukas was his friend, they should be able to talk about serious stuff.

"Yeah... okay," answered Michael.

"Umm..." Lukas looked for the right way to ask his question. "From your song choice, and some other things, well, I was wondering... Are you gay?"

Michael panicked. That wasn't a question he expected and now, put on the spot to answer the question, he didn't know what to do. Answer from his heart? Answer the way he needed to in order to save his family? Or answer the way he thinks Lukas wants him to answer?

Lukas sensed Michael's reaction. "Wait, dude, I'm sorry I asked that way. It's okay if you are. I'm gay, so it's cool if you are too. But it's cool if you aren't. I mean, I'm not going to judge you, I'm just curious... aw man. I shouldn't have asked."

Michael sat there stunned and uncertain, but he knew he had to answer truthfully.

"I'm not allowed to be gay," stated Michael.

"Okay... wait... what? Not 'allowed'? What does that mean?" asked a confused Lukas when he didn't receive the simple yes or no answer he expected.

"Everything that's happened is my fault because I'm gay. If I'm going to put my family back together, I can't be gay. Everyone hates me because I'm gay." Michael fought to maintain his composure, but a trembling lower lip and a single tear gave his true emotions away.

Lukas stood up. "Come here." A whisper was all he could manage without crying himself.

Michael got up and walked over to the older boy and looked up into his eyes. The sadness that Lukas saw Monday morning was back. He pulled Michael into a hug and the smaller boy began to cry.

"So, Michael, you are gay, right?" asked Lukas as he stroked Michael's hair.

The boy nodded and cried a little harder.

"Thank you for telling me the truth. I'll get my dad and Simon to help and we'll do everything we can to help you get your family back together AND get you a boyfriend!" That made both boys laugh.


Simon was really beginning to worry about Lukas. He should have been back long ago. Messing around with this bass, he hadn't really noticed how long Lukas was taking. Then he started watching the clock and was no longer able to focus on the music. Now he was pacing.

Just when Simon decided to go find Lars and tell him Lukas was missing, he heard the front door open and Lukas' voice as he spoke to Michael.

"You should see all the instruments we have, you're really going to like this. Hey Simon, you in the studio?"

"Yeah, what took you so long?" Simon inquired a bit more pissed than he meant to. Then he saw Michael's face. It was clear he'd been crying and Simon felt like an ass because he was probably making Michael feel bad for causing the delay.

"Nothing," replied Lukas, giving Simon a look and moved his eyes towards Michael. "Didn't realize I was gone that long." Lukas played it off and then made an abrupt subject change like only middle schoolers can. "DUDE! You should here this little guy sing. HE'S AMAZING!!!"

The boys entered the studio and Michael's eyes got big. He couldn't believe all the instruments. Lukas saw Michael's excitement. "Don't tell me, you play instruments too?" asked the blonde. Michael gave Lukas a shy look and shrugged his shoulders. Lukas could tell it might take some effort to get Michael to sing or play in front of Simon, but he quickly formed a plan.

"Michael, I'll take your bookbag and put it with ours. Do you want to stay for dinner? My dad's a really good cook," he asked enticingly. He knew that Michael's mother had left a note to make himself a sandwich for dinner since she would be home late.

"Ummm, well..." Michael wanted to stay, but didn't want to impose or sound too eager.

"Good, it's settled. Simon, let's tell dad that Michael's going to stay for dinner and find out what time it will be ready. We'll be right back!" Lukas whisked a confused Simon out of the room and whispered, "Go get dad and come back when I text you. Sneak in real quiet." Simon was utterly confused and just stared at Lukas with a puzzled look on his face.

Lukas pointed to the door twice, emphatically. Simon rolled his eyes and did what Lukas wanted. He knew better than to argue with Lukas when he was this determined. You NEVER argue with Lukas when he's this determined!

Lukas followed and shut the door rather loudly and then tiptoed back to the hallway stopping at the steps leading down to the family room.

Thinking that everyone had left the house, Michael felt like a kid in a candy store. When his parents split up, all of the family instruments went with his father. His dad was a talented musician and used to spend time teaching his two sons music. Now that his dad hated him, taking his love, his companionship, and his instruments when he left. Music had always been Michael's way of expressing himself. He never saw himself wanting a career in music, but the ability to play and sing a song that touched his heart allowed him to say things he felt when didn't have the words.

Knowing time was short, he picked up one of the acoustic guitars. With a few strums and a bit of tuning, Michael did a bit of warming up before beginning a song.

Lukas recognized the tune. It was "You've Got Her in Your Pocket" by The White Stripes. Lukas hit send on the text to Simon, "now hurry".

He was familiar with the song -- he and Simon played some of the other songs on that album. But Michael's rendition was more melancholy. He could really stylize a song and sound more mature than his years. And the kid could really play the guitar.

Lukas quietly made his way to the front door and let Lars and Simon in. "Shhhhhhhhh!" he indicated with a finger to his lips. "That's Michael, come listen." They followed Lukas to the stairs and listened to the rest of the song.

As the song finished, Lukas waved his hands at the other two to keep them from making any noise. From the looks on their faces he could tell they were ready to explode with complements, but Lukas hoped Michael would play another song. They stared at each other waiting to hear what Michael did next.

Michael put the guitar down and wandered around the studio listening to see if Simon and Lukas were back. Deciding he a bit more time, he sat down at the piano. He loosen up his fingers while deciding what he wanted to play, then started with the opening riff of "Criminal" by Fiona Apple. It wasn't a song that Simon and Lukas knew, but Lars did. Michael's version was jazzy and sexy, impressing all three members of his audience.

When he finished playing the song, Michael was greeted with a round of applause. Michael turned towards the door to see his audience and gave them the evil eye, though it was directed at a certain blonde 13-year-old.

"I told you the boy could sing," Lukas said feeling justified and a little smug.

"I hope you don't mind me playing your instruments. Dad took all of ours when he left."

"Dude, you can play anytime. You're really good!" said Simon, still stunned by what he heard. "You know, we could be a band now."

The three boys looked at each other. No one wanted to be the first to address that proposal. Simon, who's played in the school orchestra for years, loved to perform. Lukas, on the other hand, loved to play the drums, but other than playing in their studio, he'd never played in front of an audience. The idea of performing in front of people wasn't that appealing to him. As for Michael, he loved playing in a band -- at least the "band" that he, his brother and father formed. They didn't play any shows, but they did play music together and that was a special bonding for the three Grant men.

"While you boys contemplate that idea, let's go eat. Dinner's ready and waiting," stated Lars before he turned and headed back to the Meijer residence.

Homework remained at Simon's while the boys headed next door for dinner. Lars had garlic and herb chicken with rice, steamed broccoli and iced tea or water. Simon set the table, arranging things per Lars' request to seat the adult at the head of the table with Michael on his left, and Lukas and Simon next to each other across from Michael.

Once the meal got underway, so did the conversation.

"Oh yeah, Michael, this is my father, and kinda Simon's dad too, Dr. Lars Meijer. Dad, this is Michael Grant, from school."

"Nice to meet you Michael. I'm glad you could have dinner with us," said Lars, shaking hands with Michael.

"Thank you, sir, nice to meet you too. I appreciate being invited to dinner," said Michael, being the polite young man he is.

With the ice broken, Simon jumped in. "So Michael, where did you learn to play like that?"

"My dad used to give me lessons all the time. Both me and Matthew, and we all used to play together like a band. I don't know too much new stuff. My dad would teach me the stuff he liked, or things I'd pick out from his CD collection." Michael's explanation was punctuated with bites of chicken and drinks of water.

"Thank you again for having me over for dinner Dr. Meijer. This is yummy!"

"You're welcome, Michael. You're welcome over anytime. And I think now that the boys of heard you play, they are going to want you to come over often," Lars added.

"Yeah. To play with us and to help us with our homework" Lukas chimed in.

Simon snickered and the double entendre and laughed harder when he realized Lukas didn't know what he'd said.

"Really?! It would be really great to get to play again. I miss it. When mom and dad split up, dad took all the instruments, I haven't been able to play."

"Who's Matthew?" inquired Simon.

Michael sighed and wore a forlorn expression. "My brother. He's 15."

Lars was quick to turn the subject back to something more pleasant. "You're really good at both piano and guitar - which do you prefer?"

"Oh, I don't know." Michael furrowed his brow as he thought. "I don't really have a preference. I play whatever fits the song. If I like the song enough to learn it, then I have to play the instrument the song calls for." Seeming satisfied with his answer, Michael turned his attention back to the terrific meal on his plate.

Simon finished chewing and took a drink of his iced tea. "So Michael, are you gay?" The look on Michael's face told Simon he just said the wrong thing.

"Why do you think I'm gay?"

Before Lars could change the subject, Simon innocently defended his question. "Well, when you sang 'Criminal' you changed the lyrics so it was a boy singing about a boy."

"Well, I am gay, but I can't be gay." His answer confused Simon just as Michael had confounded Lukas earlier. Michael took another bite of chicken and then noticed the Simon's confusion and Lukas' amusement. He added for clarification, "I'm not allowed." This time he said it with a lot less conviction than he had when he told Lukas earlier.

"Dad, I told Michael being gay isn't something someone has to give you permission for," said Lukas, a bit exasperated that Michael repeated the fallacy.

"I'm not asking someone else to give me permission. I have to give myself permission. I lost everything because I'm gay. My family doesn't want anything to do with me because I'm gay. So I'm not going to be gay so my family will love me again and we can all live together." His logic was still the same, but this time, Michael sounded more like he was trying to convince himself more than he was trying to convince Simon or Lars.

"Michael," Lars said with authority. "Michael, look at me." He reached out and held Michael's chin gently in his hand to keep the boy focused on him. "Take a deep breath and hold it. Come on, a deep breath," he encouraged. Michael followed directions and filled his lungs and held his breath. "Now blow it out." Michael did.

"Michael, you are safe here. No one will judge you. No one will harm you. Do you understand that?"

Michael looked skeptical.

"Michael, I'm a doctor - a child psychologist. This is a safe space for you. No judgement. No harm. Do you understand?"

Michael nodded this time, still focused on Lars' face.

"I was brought in by the school to help the teachers and administrators at both the middle and high schools prepare for your arrival. To do that, I was given access to your case files. I want you to know I've seen your file and am available to you if you every want to talk about what happened. My door will always be open to you."

Michael looked a bit panicked and glanced towards the other two boys.

"Michael, look at me," he gently commanded as he turned Michael's head back towards himself. "I didn't share your personal information with the boys. If you want Lukas and Simon to know, you will need to tell them yourself."

Michael nodded again and began to relax.

"Now Michael, you said you weren't allowed to be gay. But being gay isn't something you have control over, nor require permission. Do you need to give yourself permission to be a boy?" Michael shook his head 'no' and Lars continued. "You are what you are. If people make you feel unsafe to be who you are, it may be safe to keep that information to yourself, but it doesn't change who you are as a person. Do you understand?"

Michael nodded 'yes' this time, but Lars could see tears forming in those gray eyes and the boy's bottom lip began to quiver.

"They said it was all my fault because I'm gay." Tears began to stream down his cheeks.

Still looking Michael directly in the eyes, "I'm sorry Michael. The people that said, or made you feel that way were mistaken. What happened was completely out of your control and was NOT your fault. You're a young boy. You couldn't stop it and you were not responsible. The adults were responsible and they are 100% at fault. Not you."

Lars wiped the tears from Michael's face and continued. "You are an incredibly smart and talented boy. Anybody in their right mind would be happy and proud to be your friend or parent. And I'm certain Lukas and Simon feel the same way."

The older boys were holding hands and teary eyed. Lukas got up and went around the table to give Michael a hug. "That's why I call you 'lil' bro'. And I know the guys on the soccer team all feel the say way. Scott told me that. And you know there are lots of kids at school that think you are pretty cool and want to get to know you better and be your friend."

"It's the same at the high school," added Simon. "You are so nice to everyone. Most people as smart as you would act like they are better than everyone else. But you don't do that and kids see that and think it is pretty cool."

Lars turned Michael's head so he could make eye contact again. "You had some many people at your old school that thought you were incredible and were on your side, and those who have met you here think you are awesome. It's just those few people that did bad things. They want you to feel like it was your fault so they don't have to take responsibility for the things they did. But it's ALL their fault. Kids are NEVER responsible for the actions of adults. NEVER."

"Dad, I told Michael we would help him get his family back together. Will you help?" asked Lukas.

Lars glanced towards his son and thought for a moment. "Here's the deal, Michael," Lars began. "First, if you are gay, then your gay. Can you accept that?" Michael nodded his head.

"Good, then that is settled. Next, you are welcome here anytime. You don't have to ask, you don't have to knock. If the boys invite you here for dinner, to play instruments, do homework or spend the night, no one needs to ask me -- permission is granted. I want you to feel as safe and welcome here as you do in your own home." Michael gave a slight smile and nodded his head again.

"Finally, I'll do what I can to help you and your family. But I need you to understand something," said Lars. "Both of your parents made some really bad choices and hurt each other. These choices had nothing to do with you or what happened. Because of those choices and how they hurt the other person, your parents do not live together right now. I don't know if that can be fixed, but I will do what I can. Just remember, you can come to me and talk about anything, anytime."

"Okay," said Michael, disappointed that the answer wasn't more promising. But now he had allies that would help him get his life back, even if it didn't include getting his family back.

"Good. So Michael, do you have a crush on anyone at school yet?" asked Lars, trying to be supportive and help Michael become comfortable with being out here at his house. Michael continued to stare at his plate, but his face and ears turned bright red. Everyone around the table suspected that he had a crush on Lukas since the two of them had begun to get so close. Well, they were right that Michael did in fact have a crush on the boy that he considered the hottest guy he'd ever seen. But it wasn't Lukas.

At this point, the poor boys were emotionally spent. They took Michael to Lukas' bedroom to take a nap before they'd start their homework. Lukas got his father's old bedroom set when Lars purchased a new set, so the king size bed was plenty big enough for the three boys. They put Michael in the middle. As the youngest boy fell asleep, he snuggled his head into Simon's chest. Lukas moved up behind Michael, spooning the boy. He stroked Michael's hair and gave Simon a kiss and then they joined Michael in slumber.

Sleeping peacefully, Michael didn't realize how much he'd gained that evening. It was more than two friends and a trusted adult. He now had two "big brothers" that would love and protect him as much as any beloved "little brother" ever was. He also gained an adult ally that really seemed to understand him.

About an hour later, Simon was the first to stir. His movement woke Michael who, in turn, woke Lukas.

"Ugh, I just want to sleep," groaned Lukas as he wrapped his arms around Michael and held the smaller boy like Simon held him at night. Michael just purred and relaxed into Lukas.

"Hey guys," Simon offered. "We still need to do our homework." This earned groans from both Lukas and Michael.

"Oh, I bet it's almost the time we told Michael's mom he'd be home. We don't want to get you into any trouble lil' bro," remembered Lukas. "Let's go grab our homework and we'll do it at Michael's house."

It sounded like decent idea. Wiping the sleep out of their eyes, they let Lars know the plan then stopped by Simon's to retrieve their backpacks and walked to Michael's.

The walk woke them up and all three boys felt refreshed and back on track emotionally after their nap. No one was home when they arrived at Michael's, so they headed up to the play room to do homework. Turning everything on, including some music, Simon and Lukas started unpacking their school books while Michael ran downstairs to grab some Doritos and sodas from the kitchen.

The boys did their homework and enjoyed the junk food. It wasn't so much that they were hungry after the having a home cooked meal, it was just junk food and homework seemed to go together. Lukas rationalized it, no matter how irrational it was, that the junk food helped him think better.

Over the next couple hours, Michael helped with Simon's Geometry proofs and he helped Lukas with some basic coding. The three were so at ease with each other it was like Michael had lived there his entire life. They joked around, laughed, farted and even caught Michael singing along to the music now and then.

When they finished, they packed up their books, turned down the lights, and turned on the TV. With some large pillows and a couple of bean bag chairs, they got comfortable as Lukas browsed through Michael's video games while Simon looked for something fun to watch. Michael was just exciting to have friends over to hang out. It seems like forever since he even had a friend, let alone friends that were allowed to come to his house.

Lukas noticed the time and pulled out his phone to call his dad.

"Bathroom!" Lukas announced as he scrambled in his socked feet to Michael's bathroom. Once he closed the door, he sat to pee while he called his dad.

"Hi dad!"

"Hi Lukas. Are you guys still at Michael's?"

"Yeah, we finished our homework so we're hanging out and looking for something to watch on TV."

"Well, it's about time for you to be home."

"I know, that's why I called you. Michael's mom isn't here, and I don't think we should leave him alone. Can we hang out with him until his mom gets home?"

"Yes, that's a good idea. But if his mother isn't home by 9:30, have him pack a bag and spend the night down here. Leave a note for his mother and have him try to call her and leave a message. Make sure to leave my phone number on the note."

"Okay dad, thanks."

"Love you. See you soon."

"Love you too, dad." Lukas put his phone to sleep, shook off and rearranged his clothes. After flushing and washing his hands, he returned to the playroom to find Michael and Simon watching one of the Iron Man movies.

While Michael and Simon seemed to be somewhat engrossed in the movie, Lukas was distracted. With each minute that passed and Michael's mom wasn't home, Lukas became more concerned. Did she always leave Michael at home by himself? Did she not know how lonely and scared her boy is? One moment he was sad for Michael, the next he's pissed at his mother.

"Michael, is your mom working tonight?" Lukas asked.

Without taking his eyes off the TV, Michael replied, "No, I don't think so. I don't think she has a job here in town yet." Then he chomped on another Dorito.

Lukas pulled his notebook out of his backpack and began writing a note to leave for Megan. In the note he explained that Michael was upset this evening and he and his father didn't think Michael should be alone, so they invited Michael to spend the night. He put his father's name, making sure to note that he's a child psychologist, their address, and his dad's phone number. Tearing the message from his notebook, Lukas interrupted the movie.

"Michael, since your mom isn't home, why don't you spend the night at my house with me and Simon?"

"Really?!" Michael was surprised by the invitation. "But it's a school night?"

"I know, but since your mom's not here, I thought you could come home with us. I already called my dad and he thought it was a good idea. Pack a bag and we'll leave this note for your mom," he said, showing Michael the note he'd just written.

"Okay!" Michael jumped up and ran to his room. He was really excited about spending the night with Lukas. As much as he felt it was a privilege to be trusted to stay home alone, he really didn't like it. It was lonely and this was a great way to become even better friends with Lukas, and maybe even Simon if he gets to hang out more before going home.

He threw clean soccer and gym clothes in his bag, following those with clean underwear, socks, a pair of plaid shorts and solid lime green polo. Packing his black Sambas and his soccer gear for the next day, Michael retrieved his toiletries and met Simon and Lukas in the playroom. Grabbing his phone and charger, he stuffed them into his backpack and was ready to go. The boys turned off all the electronics and lights, sealed up the Doritos, and tromped down the stairs. Michael took the Doritos back to the kitchen and used a magnet to stick the note to his mother on the refrigerator.

"Oh! I almost forgot," yelled Lukas. "Dad wanted you to try to call your mom before we left."


Michael placed his backpack on the counter and found his phone. Bringing up recent calls, he tapped his mom's entry and waited for her phone to ring. Only after two rings, it went to voicemail. He wanted to believe she was busy and had to send the call to voicemail, but he couldn't help but feel she didn't want to talk to him. Even though she seemed to be back to her old self that morning, he worried she was back to being lost and depressed now that it was the evening.

He walked back to meet the boys at the front door. "No answer," he informed sounding dejected. Michael locked the door behind them and they headed to Lukas'.

"Simon? Are you going to be able to hang out with me and Lukas for a while before you go home?" Michael was hopeful that both his new friends would be there, at least for a while longer.

Lukas and Simon both laughed, confusing Michael. Then Simon explained the living arrangements between the two families.

Lukas added, "You can sleep in the guest room, on the floor in my room, or in bed with us, like when we took the nap earlier."

"You guys sleep in the same bed?" That didn't go unnoticed by Michael.

"Yep. Every night for what, seven or eight years now?" Simon pondered.

"And I can sleep with you guys?" Michael asked hopefully.

"You betcha," Lukas answered. "It was plenty big enough for us to nap, it will be plenty big enough for us to sleep in."

"Awesome!" Michael began skipping and hopping a bit in excitement.

They arrived at the Meijer residence and Lars was waiting for them. "Time to get ready for bed boys." Backpacks and shoes were left at the door. Lukas and Simon gave Lars a hug.

"Thanks for letting us hang out at Michael's and letting him spend the night, dad," Lukas said with a squeeze around his neck.

"Yeah, thanks dad. Good night," added Simon.

Lars looked at Michael who had a longing look on his face. Lars opened his arms and Michael smiled and fell into the man's arms. Lars gave Michael a hug and the boy hugged him back, tightly. Lars held the boy until Michael broke the hug first.

"Thank you for inviting me to spend the night, Dr. Meijer."

"You are welcome, Michael. And call me Lars, okay?"

"Yes!" Michael was grinning from ear to ear.

The boys then trooped down the hall to Lukas and Simon's bedroom. Teeth were brushed and the boys stripped for bed. Michael in his boxer briefs climbed into bed first and waited for the older boys to join him. Simon and Lukas, with a knowing glance, reached an unspoken agreement that they would sleep in their underwear tonight, instead of nude. Lukas wearing a skimpy pair of bikini briefs and Simon had on a pair of blue plaid boxers.

"Michael, why don't you let Lukas sleep in the middle tonight," suggested Simon.

Lukas noticed the change in Michael's face. He could see that Michael took that as a rejection - that Simon didn't want him there - which wasn't the case at all. Simon just wanted some time to be close to Lukas too.

"Naw, I want Michael in the middle just like when we took that nap," commented Lukas. "He'll keep me protected from your farts!"

"Ewwww!" laughed Michael. "You can have the middle!"

Simon rolled his eyes and they crawled in with Lukas on the left and Simon on the right and Michael just where he wanted to be - with his two new friends.

They turned the lights out and rearranged the pillows so everyone was comfortable. Well, as comfortable as they could be. Simon was laying on his right side facing the other two, but missed cuddling Lukas before falling to sleep.

Lukas was focused on Michael. He rolled over and looked at the younger boy. Michael was laying on his side with his back to Lukas. The blonde reached out and ruffled Michael's hair, "Good night little brother."

Michael sighed deeply, "Good night, Lukas. Good night, Simon." Then he snuggled into his pillow and drifted off to sleep.

In the middle of the night, Simon felt an ass snuggled up against his hard dick. Nearly conscious, Simon reached out and found the body attached to the ass and pulled it into him. The commotion woke Lukas who rolled over to face his bedmates and attempt to fall back to sleep. Simon, not realizing he was holding Michael and not Lukas, ground into Michael ass and slid his hand up to find Michael right nipple.

Michael, briefly aroused from dead of sleep, calls out, "Do it. Do it Matthew. Fuck me..." before slipping back into unconsciousness.

Lukas and Simon's eyes flew open. Both boys clearly heard what Michael had said. Lukas leaned up on one elbow and Simon froze.

Lukas whispered, "Are you fucking him?" If the lights were on, Simon would have seen that Lukas had his eyebrow raised and a smirk on his face. He loved to yank Simon's chain.

"NO!" Simon hissed back. "I thought I was cuddled you."

Lukas giggled and Simon didn't know what to do. Then Michael ground his butt onto Simon's dick again and sighs.

"OH SHIT!" Simon looked horrified. He felth that in some way he was molesting the sleeping boy, when in reality, it is Simon who was being molested by a young, sleeping boy.

Lukas rescued Simon by pulling Michael into his arms. Michael wiggled around to get comfortable without waking. He settled with Lukas' arm under his neck and the top of his head wedged under Lukas' chin. Michael's knees were pressed against Lukas' thighs, but more importantly, his cute little buns no longer had Simons fat cock wedged between them. Both Lukas and Simon managed to get back to sleep relatively quickly.

The boys were unaware of Michael's nightmares, but for the first time in a long time, Michael slept peacefully through the night. Feeling safe and secure with the two older boys, Michael didn't wake, at least not fully, until the alarm clock went off.

However, Simon's big cock wedged in Michael's crack reminded the younger boy's subconscious mind of one of the last nights he'd spent with his brother Matthew before everything started.


Since Michael could remember, whenever he was sad, scared, or just plan had things on his mind, he would crawl into bed with his older brother Matthew. Nearly five years older, Michael idolized Matthew and Matthew adored his baby brother. It was easy, Michael wasn't your typical pestering little brother. If Matthew couldn't play, Michael would always run off and read his books, or practice a musical instrument. Because Michael could learn things so quickly, Matthew never felt he was talking to a boy five years younger. But at the same time, Michael had an innocence about him that made Matthew feel very protective - so much so that their parents had to remind Matthew to back off sometimes to allow Michael to grow up. Or as his father put it, toughen up.

This is another way the two boys differed. Matthew was what his dad like to call "all-boy". He loved to rough house with his friends, play football and wrestle, and held his own in a fight. Though Matthew was smart as a whip, and very loving, his first instinct was to solve problems with brute force and chose activities and sports that challenge him to physically dominate his opponent.

Michael, on the other hand, was extremely empathic. He cared deeply for others, always helping those in need, making friends with the friendless, and looking for the intellectual or emotional solution to a problem. Just as athletic as his brother, if not more so, Michael preferred sports that challenged him to master skills: gymnastics, soccer, tennis, etc. This is also why musical instruments were so appealing to Michael. Not only could he connect emotionally with music and lyrics, he found each instrument a challenge to master.

When Matthew turned his attention to his little brother, Michael beamed. They would take music lessons together from their father and even practice and play together. Though playing sports together didn't work well because of their size and age difference, Matthew was a good teacher and spent time playing catch and throwing the football with Michael. But the private lessons that Matthew gave Michael were something that both boys enjoyed and kept a secret from their parents.

Michael loved to snuggle with Matthew when they slept together. By the time Matthew was 12, he was starting to mature and popped boners all the time. It never occurred to him to hide them from Michael. After all, they were both boys and Michael would go through the same thing sooner or later. But seeing Matthew's maturing manhood sparked something in Michael. The seven-year-old Michael asked questions and wanted to examine it like a little doctor. Matthew indulged his brother's curiosity as he had always done. But when Michael realized the pleasure he was giving his hero, the touch turned sexual. Soon Michael was giving Matthew blowjobs whenever they were alone, swallowing the clear, sweet offering from Matthew's swelling testes.

Further reading and investigating at the public library, Michael began to understand what it meant to be gay and that he was gay. Though nearly all of his sexual energy was focused towards his brother, Michael realized he'd had crushes on other boys and his attraction to girls was more as buddies than the physical attraction he felt towards other boys.

As Matthew matured, his scent and taste began to send tingles throughout Michael's body. It was like a drug and the younger boy could not get enough. He would bury his face into Matthew's nut sac and take deep breaths to inhale the teen's musky scent. Michael would become animalistic and devour Matthew sending the young teen into orbit.

For Matthew's 14th birthday, Michael took things one step farther. Matthew had gone to bed while Michael took a shower and cleaned himself everywhere. He had been preparing for Matthew's birthday gift for weeks. All clean and teeth brushed, Michael put some lube on his fingers and worked it into his tiny, pink hole. He'd been so excited for this moment and had been hard as a rock since dinner. Luckily, he changed into an old pair of underwear that were a size or two too small to keep his boner out of sight. Now it was free to throb with each beat of his heart as Michael worked a third finger in, stretching himself in preparation for Matthew's birthday gift. He quickly washed his hands, grabbed the little bottle of lube, and entered Matthew's bedroom.

Matthew was surprised. Generally, Michael was shy with his body. He always come to bed with at least his underwear on. Even when they did sexy stuff, Matthew was usually the only one that got naked. Michael naked body wasn't the only thing that caught Matthew's attention. There was a look of hunger in Michael's eyes. It was a real hunger. Since Michael started practicing for this moment, his desire for getting fucked by Matthew has grown exponentially.

Without a word, Michael walked to the bed where Matthew was staring speechless. After Michael pulled the covers off leaving Matthew just as exposed as he was, Michael crawled up on the bed, poured some lube on his hand, and as he set the bottled on the nightstand, he reached with the other hand for Matthew's dick. Now a good five inches long and the thickness of an average adult male, Michael lubed up Matthew's manhood. They'd never used lube before and the feeling for Matthew was incredible. He initially caught his breath and held it, thinking he was going to blow right away. Michael had never been so confident, determined and forward with his sexual desire. Though Matthew was certain he was straight, this really turned him on.

Lubed and ready to go, Michael reached behind his small balls and wiped the remaining lube on his butt crack and then dropped back in the middle of the bed and pulled his knees to his shoulders.

"Happy Birthday, Matthew," he whispered.

The view was incredible erotic for Matthew. Here was his baby brother fully exposed. Balls pulled up tight and his shiny pink hole relaxed and open for business. Michael was so turned on that his face, ears, neck and chest were flushed red and his stiff penis bounced like a little metronome, keeping the beat of his racing heart.

Despite how turned on Matthew was, he didn't fully understand what Michael offered. Locked eye to eye with his big brother, Michael clarified the situation.

"Fuck me."

Though Matthew started to protest, he also got up on his knees and moved between Michael's feet.

"Michael, I don't know. I don't want to hurt you."

Michael took both hands and pulled his hole open, showing Matthew he was ready. Without another word, Matthew moved over his brother's smaller body and looked deep into his eyes. Feeling the head of Matthew's penis brushing up against his balls, Michael used the leverage of his feet on Matthew's shoulders to roll his hips upward while grabbing and positioning Matthew at his backdoor. Getting the head lined up, Michael's opening allowed the penis to flex to its full length, wedging the head into Michael's hole.

"Uh," Michael caught his breath, the feeling of Matthew's dick where only his fingers, vegetables and his secret dildo had been, put the young boy in sensory overload. "Oh yeah." Michael moaned. "Please Matthew, please."

Michael's was trying to work Matthew's big cock into his tiny hole, but with all the lube, he was really only managing to masturbate the head of his brother dick. With a shudder, Matthew accidentally sank in just past the head.

"Yesssss..." exhaled Michael, eyes closed and his brain focused on the intense pleasure he was experiencing.

Matthew's resistance dissolved. Relaxing, he allowed his weight to slowly slide his manhood into his little brother. When he bottomed out, Michael turned his head a looked up at his big brother. Once again, their eyes locked. Though they had never done it before, Matthew leaned down and gave Michael his first kiss, right on the lips. Matthew then backed away to look into Michael's eyes again. Michael, in turn, put his hands on the back of Matthew's head and pulled himself up to lock lips with his older brother. The kiss was hot and passionate. Without realizing it, Matthew's instincts had taken over and he started moving his hips, working in and out of Michael. With each thrust, Michael moaned into Matthew's mouth. But all too quickly, Matthew threw his head back and started slamming into Michael. Then he came like never before.

"Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" Matthew grunted with each shot of his hot, teen cum into his little brother's rectum. Michael, for his part, held on for dear life. Toes curled, eyes rolling into the back of his head, Michael had never felt anything so incredible.

With the last shot, Matthew relaxed to catch his breath. "No Matthew! Please, don't stop." Michael start trying to rock his hips upward, onto his brother's cock which stayed hard after his orgasm, the way only a young teen boy can do. Michael squeezed with his ass muscles and made Matthew shiver. Getting past the sensitivity of his spent penis, Matthew starts to move his hips again. This time with intent and purpose.

Minutes passed as the two boys groaned and moaned while Matthew pummeled the hot, tight hole, and stimulated Michael's boy's spot and driving smaller boy crazy. Nothing he'd crammed up his hole felt half this good. He never wanted the feeling to end. There was a tingling building in his body starting somewhere behind his immature balls, then spreading throughout his being. Toes curled, Michael pressed his head into the pillow and arched his back.

With a squeak, Michael had his first orgasm. His ass clamped down on Matthew's penis and his whole body shook. That was just what Matthew needed to send him over the edge for his second orgasm. This time, he pushed in balls deep and held himself there as Michael's ass muscles milked him dry. Michael saw stars and fireworks and then went completely limp. Matthew collapsed onto Michael before he extracted himself and rolled onto the mattress beside Michael. When both boys had come back down to the real world, Michael rolled onto his side to face Matthew, finding Matthew with a huge grin on his face. "Happy Birthday, big brother," Michael said with a shit-eating grin. Apparently, he had enjoyed it as much, if not more than Matthew.

"Thank you, little brother. Love you."

Michael threw himself onto his brother, hugging him tightly. Snuggled together, Matthew used his foot to drag the covers up so he could reach them with is free hand, and then pulled them up over he and his brother before falling to sleep.


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