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This is a work of fiction and should only be read by those deemed old enough under laws of the country, state or reign in which you reside.

This is my most unusual and difficult writing to date. It is about love and lust along with a young mans trip from anger to tranquility all made possible by a young and loving boy. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it. Your positative comments are always appreciated.

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The Justin Factor

I was born in Douglas, Arizona, a small town on the eastern edge of the Sonoran Desert. We are on the border next to the Mexican town of Agua Prieta. By the way my name is Ryan Morris. When I was 16 my mom and dad were killed in an auto accident coming back from Tucson a large city about 150 miles northwest of our home. My parents had been my world and I loved them more than I ever knew. They were both orphans so that made me an orphan of orphans. I had no family and unfortunately was a very bright kid and they were among the very few who understood me. That had been last summer and it was now late spring of the next year and I was to graduate from high school. I had only turned 16 in April.

My dad had been half owner of a construction company so his partner Ina Miller was taking care of all my financial affairs. He and my dad had been best friends since childhood. I insisted on continuing to live in my parent’s home and was also insistent on know what was going on in the business. After a time it was evident that I was a royal pain to Ian so one afternoon I ask him if we could have a talk. We went to his office and sat down.

Ian, I know I have been a pain in the butt to you and I am sorry. The loss of my parents has just overwhelmed me. Would you please help me get declared an emancipated minor? That way I can make my own decisions and we can set up an income from the company for me and I will stay out of your hair. With the insurance money mom and dad left me I will have college money and the income from the company will more than take care of my needs.

You’re a very bright boy Ryan and I am sure you can take care of your self. If that is what you want I will be happy to assist in any was I can.

Thanks Ina this means a lot to me.

Your dad was my best friend and it hurts me to still see you hurting like you are. I hope this decision will be of some help.

Our company attorney petitioned the court and when my case came up the judge had a million questions which I answered as quickly as they were ask and then the judge had a psychologists give me a verbal test in which I took much pride in making her look like a fool. The judge called a halt to the proceedings and said he would grant my request. So I was given legal status as and adult except for things like alcohol and a few other such meaningless trivia. I couldn’t help myself I had become a real prick and used my intellect against anyone I could.

When school ended they were almost obligated to give make me valedictorian. I had never missed a day of school and I had a grade point average that exceeded 4.0. I had accomplished this at just barely 16. I gave a scathing speech on the miserable way our government was handing the borders of our country and the mess our president and his cabinet had made in Iraq. I didn’t get a standing ovation. I didn’t give a dam. I also didn’t give a dam about the senior party. I missed my former life and I didn’t care who I took it out on. I had managed to alienate all my friends anyway so it was meaningless. My mom and day were gone and I was miserable.    

The first few days after school was out I about drove myself nuts so I decided I would get away. I didn’t have a car so I decided to buy a Jeep. I went down and picked the one I wanted. They tried to give me a hard time over my age. I showed them the papers of emancipation and they still gave me a bad time. I ask for the owner in a very demanding and belligerent tone. The manager came out and asked what he could do. I ask him to take a look at the papers an in particular the name on it. He looked it over and said I will have to consult our attorney.

Do you know who the hell Morris and Miller Construction Company is? If you don’t I suggest you consult your records and see how many vehicles they have purchased from you over the past.

He gave me a look of disbelief.

Oh my god you’re Dan Morris son!

Well it’s it about time you get your head out of your ass. Now I want that Jeep and at our company discount price.

By the time the paper work was finished the vehicle had been serviced and waiting for me.

By the next morning I had decided where I wanted to go. I was going to Angel Bay where mom and dad had taken me may times so I could play on the beach and remember better times. It had been our favorite get away. I packed the Jeep and crossed the border into Agua Prieta, Mexico and headed through town to highway 2 that would lead me to highway 15 leading to my destination. I was in no hurry so I thought I would spend a couple days in Hermosillo a city of over one million people. I reached highway 15 and started out over the barren country side that leads to Hermosillo. Late in the day I reached the City and pulled in the Plaza Las Glorias that had been booked for me. For Mexico this was a plush hotel and I knew the food and services were good because this is where our family always stayed. I drove up to the front of the lobby entrance and a bellman quickly came to the Jeep, opened my door and in very poor English welcomed me. I decided not to be an ass and put him at ease so I spoke back to him in Spanish, which got a smile, and we were off to the lobby he having my bags in tow. I checked in and the bellman took me to my room. I gave him a generous tip he smiled, bowed and left. I was bored so I decided to go for a walk and headed out of the hotel. The bellman that had helped stopped me and said there were some places I should stay away from. He went on to explain that a good looking blond blue eyed American boy would be a target for some of the boy lovers. He told me where not to go and I thanked him. At 5’6, 120lbs I decided I was a little small to run into trouble so I took the route he suggested. It is a beautiful city and there were lights around the area. It was like walking past some of the better shops in the states. I returned to the hotel late and decided to get a bite to eat and call it a night. When morning came I just wanted to get on to Angel Bay for some peace and quiet away from all the people. I checked out and headed down the highway toward my destination.

When I arrived I located the agent who took care of the villa I had rented. I signed in and paid him for two weeks. He told me to follow him so I got in the Jeep and pulled in behind his car and we started toward the beach. The villa was great; it was beautifully furnished and had two large bedrooms with separate baths and queen beds. It also had a large covered veranda on the side that faced the Gulf of California just yards away. The house came with a casita (a guest or servants quarters attached to or not far from the main house) that was used for the maids and ground keeper’s quarters.

The agent introduced me to Anita and her husband Carlos who were there to take care of all my needs. I thanked the agent and he left. I could tell that Anita had a difficult time with English so I spoke to her in Spanish; she smiled and clapped her hands saying bueno muchacho (good boy). Anita ask me what I like to eat, I told her if she cooked it I would eat it. I did tell her I loved sea food. She said that for sure would be no problem. She said she was limited on what extras that she could provide, as there was a standard allotment for food. I gave her $200 and told her to go by the very best she could find. Carlos helped me with my bags and I moved into the bedroom that opened up onto the veranda. I changed into some shorts and a T shirt then headed down the beach. There was a breeze coming in and the sun was shining as I walked along the waters edge with the ocean splashing at my feet.

After several hours I returned to the beach house to found all my clothes neatly put away and heard Anita getting dinner prepared. She said she would call me when it was ready so I went out on veranda and sat down on one of the lounges. I began to think of the events that had occurred in just a few short months and the devastation it had brought to my young life. I heard Anita calling me to dinner so I headed for the kitchen. She had prepared me shrimp and pasta along with a Caesar salad. She smiled and said I know what American boys like. I sat down to one of the best meals I had enjoyed in a long time. After I was finished she asked me if I would like a Margarita and flan custard dessert. I of course said yes.

After dinner I took another short walk on the beach as the sun was going down across the ocean. The sights, sounds and sea seemed to calm me and I was feeling much better and decided being a horse’s ass was getting me no where. I returned to the veranda and entered my bedroom to find the bed made ready for me to get in and my clothes lay out for the next day. I slept very well that night and when I woke it was only 6:00 but I decided to get up anyway, I opened the French doors of the veranda and saw a small boy lying curled up in one of the lounging chairs. As I looked closer his clothes appeared to be very dirty like the rest of him. I slowly opened the door and eased myself onto the veranda to get a better look. This child was pitifully dirty and thin.  As I moved closer he suddenly woke and jumped up so startled he ran right straight into me, fell back on the tile floor and just lay there. I reached down and felt some blood on the back of his head so I picked him up and carried him to my bed all the while yelling for Anita. She came running from the kitchen and took one look at my face then to the boy and ran back to the kitchen bringing back a box from which she pulled a couple bottles and a cloth, then began to wash the boys wound. While she was doing this she told me he was just knocked out and would come around.

She finished cleaning the small wound at about the time the boy was coming around. He tried to jump up but she held him down and said to be still and a few other things, which I wasn’t able to understand with my limited Spanish skills. He began to relax, Anita smiled at him and he smiled back. Being the panic I was I just set down Anita talked to him for a while then turned to me and explained the boy told her that he had been sleeping on the veranda for a while because the villa wasn’t occupied. I moved over to the bed, set down and ran my hand through his ratty hair. I smiled at him and he asked me my name. This took me by surprise because he was speaking very good English. I told him my name was Ryan Morris, he said he could tell I was American by my clothes. I asked what his name was and he replied Justin Travis and he would be 10 next month. I asked if he was hungry, he nodded his head in a jester of yes. I picked him up and carried him to the kitchen. Anita had already started breakfast when she served it to him he ate it all and then he ate some more.

When he was finished he looked up at me with his very dirty face and sparkling green eyes and said do you have an aspirin. Anita gave him a couple aspirin and he washed it down with orange juice. He stood up and said I don’t know how to thank you for the food but I guess I had better go. At that I said hold on, where are you going. He replied to the market to beg for money from the tourist. I ask where his family was, looking at the floor he said I don’t have any. I was so overwhelmed I just stood there looking at him. When I came to my senses I ask what happened to them.

I never knew my dad and my mother died from pneumonia last year. My dad walked out on us before I born. When she died the lady we had been renting from allowed me to stay in a shed behind her house but she wouldn’t feed me so I begged from the tourist.

I told him he wasn’t going anywhere and hugged him while heading to the bedroom. I sat him down on the bed and said we are going to get you cleaned up so we need to get those rags off you, with that he stood up and took all his clothes off and stood there smiling. Hey, not being bashful works for me.

I told Anita to get his waist measurements and draw an outline of his feet and head out to the village and pick up three pair of shorts, tennis shoes, T shirts, some underwear and socks. I started to hand her some money but she shook her head and said she had money left from the groceries, I told her to get the good stuff, American type if possible. I picked up Justin and headed for the shower. The shower was wide and deep with no doors or curtains, I decided I had to take a shower anyway so I undressed and we both got in. He looked me over very carefully but said nothing. I started with his hair, which took three washings to get clean then started on his body. As I washed him I ask if it was okay for me to clean under his foreskin. He looked at me with a what are you talking about look. I guess no one had ever showed him how. Me handling his hairless privates seemed to be a non issue so I told him to watch so he would know how in the future. When I finished I washed off quickly then moved out of the shower to dry him off. Once all the dirt was off I found he was a real cute kid. He stood about 4’, 8” with the most beautiful green eyes.

Ryan can I ask you something?

Anything you like.

Why is your dick different than mine?

Well you see in the states doctors think it’s better to cut off the skin you have over the head of your penis.


It seems they think you can keep it cleaner that way.

Did it hurt?

I don’t know because I was a baby when it was done.

Well I like mine just the way it is.

Well I think I do to.



Thanks for showing how to clean my penis.

You are very welcome.

Now put a towel around yourself and go sit on the bed while I got dressed.

When I finished I stepped back into the bedroom only to find him laying on the bed completely naked and sound to asleep. I pulled the sheet up over him and headed to the kitchen. I realized I hadn’t eaten any breakfast so I grabbed some fruit and orange juice. Just as I finished Anita came back with clothes for the boy. She had found some Nike shorts with matching shirts and socks, she also was able to get Jockey briefs and some sports shoes. I ask her how she found all the Nike attire; she smiled and said it’s not what you know it’s who you know. I picked up the clothes and headed for the bedroom. When I turned there was a naked boy standing in the door way looking at me with tears running down his face. I ask why he was crying and he said why have you bought me clothes, I am only street only trash. That was all it took and I scooped him up and hugged him with us both having tears running down our faces. We sat down on the bed with me still holding him and said I never want to hear you say that again. You are not trash just unfortunate and that is now going to change. We both regained our composure. He smiled at me and ask what I meant by what I had just said. I told him I was going to see that he was taken care of from now on. He looked at me and said why? All I said was, because I can. He stood up and I started to dress him when he informed he was very capable of dressing himself. I said that works for me. In no time he was dressed. He came into the kitchen smiling and thanked me for being so kind. I told him to look in the mirror.

Man I look good.

You look better than good.

As the sun was setting I went out on the veranda to relax and watch the sun set across the bay. My mind turned to Justin and how I was going to take care of him. While I was in the middle of my thinking he came out and placed himself on my lap and kissed me on both cheeks. I asked him what that was for and he replied, because I can. We both burst into laughter. He laid his head on my chest and said you are a good person Ryan Morris. I hugged him and we just stayed that way for over an hour. I heard Anita calling us for dinner so we got up and headed to the kitchen where she had prepared a large evening meal as was customary in Mexico. Justin put away twice as much as me. When he finished he let out a loud burp, his face turned red and in a low voice he said excuse me. Someone had taught the kid manners as was evident when he ate. He also was obviously no dummy. Justin excused himself and went into the living area. I helped Anita clean up and later joined him. I sat down beside him and told him we need to talk about his past. He put the book he had been reading down and looked at me.

There isn’t much to tell my mother was very smart and taught me English first because she didn’t want me to have a strong Spanish accent. She also taught me to love reading and mathematics. She gave me an Anglo first and last name. She felt it would give me a better chance in life.  I still miss her very much.

I reached over gave him a hug and said it was time for bed. I took him to the second bedroom where Anita had already prepared the bed. I told him good night. I headed for my bedroom pulled my clothes off and crawled in.

As I was waking up the next morning I felt something behind me. I rolled over, looked under the covers and there the little devil was. I had to pee so I let him sleep while I headed to the bathroom. As I was taking my morning piss in marched Justin and began peeing standing beside me. I smiled at him and noticed he had about a 5” semi hard cock. I thought to myself that seems big for his age.

We played on the beach that day and when evening came we both went into the shower. As I was washing my hair I felt him take hold of my dick. By the time I had finished rinse it he had it in his mouth. I had never felt anything like it before. He sucked and rolled his tongue around it and as I came in spasms he swallowed it all.

As I regained my footing I looked down at him and he was smiling. Did you like it? I picked him up and kissed him on the mouth as he tried to put his tongue in my mouth. I put him down and ask where he had learned to do that. He said with other boys of the streets. I dried him off with his bonier sticking straight up against his stomach. I picked him up and carried him to my bed and lay him down. This was all very new to me but I decided it was no more that fair so I lay beside him and moved my mouth over his boyhood. I tried to emulate what he had done to me. It must have worked because in a few minutes he raised his butt off the bed and moaned aloud then collapsed. He smiled at me and said you do good work.

That night after dinner we both went to my bed. Justin cuddled up against me. He soon rolled over and started to suck and roll his tongue over first one nipple and then the other he ran his tongue down to my navel and did the same. By this time I was going nuts the kid was doing things to me that I didn’t know could be done to a boy. He continued downward taking my hard 6 inches into his mouth. He rolled and sucked and then he put his finger to my butt hole and pushed it in just a little. That finished me off I came in spasm after spasm until I had pumped about six shots into his small mouth. He swallowed it all and moved up to my mouth and kissed me allowing me to taste my sperm for the first time. When we broke from each other. I had never felt so relaxed. I looked at Justin and said this is all new to me but I like it very much.                                                                                                       

The days turned into weeks and before I knew it a month had passed. Cody put on weight and his frame had filled out, he was beautiful. We played on the warm beach, swam and we both learned how to scuba dive. During this time we came to know each other so well both of us could anticipate what the other was thinking or going to do next. I had also made a very big decision that I wasn’t sure I could pull off. I was going to take him home. I had fallen in love with an almost 10 year old boy but I couldn’t help it. I had never felt this way before in my life. I just couldn’t stand the thought of not having him with me. I ask Justin if he knew anyone who printed up fake documents and of course he did. He took me to him and I showed him my old ID from school. I told him the high school needed to be changed to junior high and to put Justin’s full name on it. We negotiated a price and were told to come back in two days. I made sure Justin was out of the room so he wouldn’t know what I was up to just in case it didn’t work.

We went back to the villa and went for a swim and then lay on the beach on a large oversized towel. We lay there in silence until Justin said do you love me. I looked over at him and said yes Justin I love more than you will probably will ever know. I thought you did and maybe I do know how much. I can see it in your eyes. Since you found me my life has changed so much. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.

He rubbed lotion over my hairless chest, for 16 I had very little hair on my body. My under arms has very small short patches and I still didn’t have any on my balls and the patch above my penis looked like a 13 year old. My dad had told me when I was 13 I probably wouldn’t have much hair. When he finished I rubbed him down. Not because he needed it but it felt so good feeling his body.

As the sun was setting we returned to the villa were Anita had dinner waiting. I told her she could leave that we would clean up. She tanked me and left. When we finished we cleaned up and took our shower. I just couldn’t get enough of his beautiful body. I dried him off with his beautiful bonier sticking straight up against him. I carried him to bed and we both crawled in.



Would you like to fuck me?

He took me totally by surprise. It took me a moment to pull my thoughts together.

Have you ever been fucked?

No all I did with the other boys is suck.

Justin I am afraid I will hurt you. You’re so much younger and smaller than me.

Could we work on making my butt hole bigger so some day soon you can? I know where you can buy different sized butt plugs. We can start with a small one and gradually move up to larger ones.

I love you Ryan and I want to show you how much. It would please me very much if you would.

Go grief I had only heard about butt plugs last year and that was on the internet.

If that’s what you want I guess we could try but I won’t do anything that will hurt you. If it hurts in any way we stop, okay!

 I know you would never hurt me.

He kissed me and paused.

How bout me fucking you? That wouldn’t hurt me and it would make me happy to please you.

I thought for a moment as this kid was throwing more at me that I could take in.

Ok Justin if you are sure.

I’m very sure?

He told me to roll over on my back and pull up my knees and spread my legs. I did what he said. He got up and pulled a tube from his bag. I bought this when we were in town. It said KY lubricant. He climbed back in bed and positioned himself behind my butt. He took the lid off and pushed the tube up tight against my ass and squeezed what felt like a good bit of the lube into me. He then put some on his very stiff dick and positioned it at my hole. He started to push very slowly. It hurt just a little but it didn’t take long and he had it all the way in. He began to slowly stroke when all at once he hit what I knew was my prostate. I had never felt anything like it. His strokes became faster and in a short time I was shooting one stream after another. I had never shot so many times. Shortly thereafter he collapsed on my stomach. I pulled him to me and kissed him running my tongue around his. I couldn’t believe what a kid this young could do to me.

The next day we went into town and he purchased a set of butt plugs. When we returned to the villa he ask me to put the first one in. I used the KY and slowly placed the plug in him. I ask if it hurt and he said no it’s just felt tight. He put on his swim trunks and we went to the beach. He told me he always took his dump in the morning. So it would be no problem to have it in all day. As always we had a great time at the beach.     


The next morning we went to get the picture ID for Douglas Junior High. They had done a perfect job. We did some shopping at a large pharmacy and I purchased a few items. I bought Justin a tooth brush as he had been using mine. I took him to a dentist that Anita said did a lot of work on Americans and had his teeth cleaned and whitened. What a difference it made to his already beautiful smile. We returned to the villa and started pulled everything together so we could leave the next day.

 Justin I need for you to listen very closely because both our futures depend on it.

That bad huh!

I went on to explain the plan and what we might run into at the border and how he should act.

Why would you take a chance on smuggling into the states?

Justin in the past weeks you know I have come to love you very much. There is no way I could leave you here on the streets and the only solution that is acceptable me is to take you with me. He crawled up in my lap.

 I love you Ryan Morris your breath is my heart beat.

Justin, the deep’s of you mid will never cease to amaze me.  

With the Jeep loaded we said goodbye to Anita and Carlos and set off down the highway toward home. The drive seemed shorter this time with the bundle of energy named Justin sitting by me. I slowed the Jeep down as we were nearing the Aqua Prieta auto check point and stopped where the lights indicated and showed the agent my pass, He ask where I had been and I told him. He then ask who the boy was as the pass was only for me. I told him he was my cousin who had walked crossed to meet me. He looked him over, even though he was light completed the officer new he was Hispanic.

What’s you name.

Justin Travis sir.

Do you have any identification?

Yes sir, my school ID

He handed the officer the ID. The officer smiled at him and said have a good day boys. As we crossed I said welcome to the United States.

By the time we reached the house it was getting late in the afternoon. We unloaded the Jeep and I showed Justin the house.

Gee’s man this place is beautiful you must be rich.

No Justin I’m not rich but not poor either.

He walked through the house and looked at everything. I showed him my room and the study that was next to it with a door between. I told him I would teach him how to use the computer which excited him. I hadn’t left any food in the frig so I called to have pizza delivered. When it arrived Justin looked at it and said he had never seen any. I gave him a coke and he picked up a piece of the pizza. He loved it. He ate six large pieces. We cleaned up our mess and sat down to watch some TV. Justin had seen very little television so he was engrossed in it. When the program finished I told him it was bed time. Because we had been on the road and felt grimly we took a shower. I ask how the butt plug was and he said he had already gone to the next size. He said he would only have to go one more size to handle me.

When we got in my bed I moved down and took his ball sack into my mouth. I suck and rolled them all the while Justin was rolling and moaning. I then took his dick and continued to suck. When I thought he was about to climax I would let up and wait a while the start again. I brought him to the brink of climax three times but on the next one he climaxed as he raised his butt in the air and yelled. He shot one stream into my mouth. I couldn’t believe it he wasn’t yet 10 and he had shot. I moved up to his mouth and kissed him letting him taste his sweet nectar.

Ryan that was one of the most awesome feelings I ever had.

I can’t believe you’re shooting off before you are 10.

It’s that uncommon for us Hispanic boys.

You’re no common boy, your mine.

He giggled, kissed me and said, I love you very much Ryan Morris.

Ian had hired a lady to clean the house, do the shopping, the laundry and make up meals ahead for us twice a week. I called him and told him thanks for doing it. He said I sounded much happier than the last time we talked. I told him I was and that I would like to talk to him one after noon. He said tomorrow would be fine. The next afternoon Justin and I went to see Ian. I introduced them.

 I am very glad to meet you sir.

Let me guess you brought him back from Mexico.

Yes I did and now I’m concerned.

As well you should be.

Any way you cut it he is an illegal. Is there any way I can make him legal?

Justin son would you mind waiting in my secretary’s office for a few minutes?

No sir.

Dimmit Ryan you’re to smart for this kind of stunt.

I know I am and you have every right to be mad but you see I love him. It is just that simple but yet so complicated.

Well even under these circumstances you’re happier than I have ever seen you. I’ll get this taken care of. Just don’t ask any questions as to how.

I got up and hugged him.

Well now that is a surprise. This kid has had a real affect on you.

You will never know how much.

As we left the office Justin had a sad look on instead of his usual smile. When we got in the Jeep he said I’m causing you trouble aren’t I. I reached over and pulled him to me as he cried. Justin you need to realize there is no trouble I wouldn’t go through in order to protect you. He stopped crying and said I can’t believe you could love me that much. Well buster believe it. He smiled through his tears and said do you really have any idea how much I love you? Yes I think I do. We just sat there holding each other.

When we got home I told him I need to run some errands and would he be okay for a while.

You may love a young boy but no a baby.

I shook my head and went out the door. I drove to an old friend of my dad’s who owned a bicycle shop and purchased a 10 speed mountain bike and then I purchased a cell phone. When I finished I went back home. I went to the kitchen and prepared our dinner. At dinner he reminded me tomorrow was his birthday and he expected his present. I thought for a moment before I realized what he was talking about.

Are you sure you are ready?

 I am positive.

Okay but we need to do something after dinner to get you ready.

We finished dinner and cleaned up. I took him by the hand and went to our bed room. I slowly undressed him making sure to kiss as much of him as possible. When I got to his cock I kissed it and he giggled. With him naked I lay him on the bed over a giant pillow that raised his butt up above his body. I went to the closet and pulled out one of the packages I had purchased in Mexico. I opened it and he ask what it was. I told him it was an enema bag and explained that because he was so small I needed to be cleaned him out so I wouldn’t hurt him when I fucked him. He said he understood. I filled the bag and put a little liquid soap in it and closed the clip. I took some vaseline and put it on the tip. I told him I was going to put some on his butt hole and then slowly inserted the tip into his rectum. I told him I would let the water go in slow so he could take the entire bag. I opened the clip and let the water flow slowly into his intestines. As the bag got low he started to squirm so I stopped it and let the water equalize. When he relaxed I let the remaining water go in. I pulled out the tube telling him to hold his butt as tight as he could. I then carried him to the toilet where he let go a gush of water and waste. When he had finished he cleaned his bottom and told him to lay down the same way again. He looked at me and said again. Yes I need to do it twice so it will rinse you out. He did as I ask and once again I filled the bag with plain water putting in some baby powder smelling liquid the guy in Mexico said would make him smell and taste good in case I wanted to tongue him. I pushed the tube in his butt and let the clip go. This time he took the entire bag without a problem. When I sat him on the toilet nothing but clear water smelling like baby powder came out.

We took a shower and I ask if it had bothered to take the enema. He said no it felt kind of good. I told him with him being so small I would need to give him one almost time we had sex depending on how often. He said he had no problem with that. When we slipped in bed he handed me the KY and smiled. I stuck the tube up tight to his hole and squeezed a good quality in and then lubed my throbbing dick. I lay him on his back with a large pillow under his butt which made my cock line up with his hole. I started to slowly push and my cock slowly started to penetrate him. The tight slick feeling was beyond belief.  He groaned when I hit his prostate. I continued to thrust slowly while Justin was moaning with pleasure. With his tight hole I knew I wouldn’t last long if I kept up the pace I was going so I slowed down and was able to bring both of us to the brink several times and then finally Justin shot three small streams of almost clear liquid. I followed after a couple more strokes. He was wasted. He rested for a couple minutes

You shot three times.

Did I?

Yes you did.

Awesome man. I have never felt anything so intense. I could do this all night.

We did a couple more times and then he ask if I would put half a bag of water in him and then fuck him with the water in him. I did as he ask and fucked him hard. The feeling of the warm water drove us both over the edge.

The next morning he woke me and thanked me for his birthday present. I told him it was as much a present to me as it was for him. I looked at him seriously and ask if what we did hurt in any way. No Ryan it was all I had dreamed it would be. I would love for you to fuck me anytime. I kissed him and we went to the shower.

When we finished we dressed and went to the kitchen where I had earlier placed his bicycle and cell phone. When he saw the bike he grabbed me and cried. You are so good to me. This all seems like a dream. I handed him the phone and said you keep this with you at all times so in can find you. He promised he would. He ask if it was okay to go for a ride on his bike. Let’s eat some breakfast and then you can go. We ate and as he started out the door I said you know Justin that what we are doing is not a problem for us but other people wouldn’t see it that way. If you talked about it with anyone it could cause us real problems.

I know Ryan. What happens between us stays between us. I would never discuss it with anyone.

Was I ever glad this kid was so smart.

Ian called and said I needed to come to his office. I called Justin on his cell and ask where he was. He said he was at the park talking to some boys he had just met. I told him I had to meet Ian and would be back within an hour. I drove to the office, Ian told me to come to his office. We sat down. He handed me an envelope and said I hope he is smart because they put him a grade higher than I ask. As I opened it I saw a birth certificate with my mother and dad as parents of Justin Travis Morris. There was also a social security card along with school transfer papers showing him to be in the 6th grade. I looked at him. Ian how can I ever thank you. The best way is never as me again and he chuckled. They are not fakes the birth certificate is on file with the state and the social security card is good. I gave him a hug and said I would find a way to repay him.

When I returned home he was watching TV. When he heard me come in he ran and jumped into my arms with his legs around my waist and started kissing me passionately. I sat him down on the couch and sat down beside him. I opened he envelope and gave him the contents. He looked it over and said you are now my brother. The kid didn’t miss much. He jumped in my lap and kissed me again. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said I dreamed of this day but never thought there was any way I could be an American.

We ate lunch and went to the basement to work out and bench some weights. I had been away form my regular regiment of work outs for over a month and wanted to get back to them. Justin wanted to join me. I told him I would let him do very light weights because his body was to young for anything else however he could do pull up and push up’s to give him more stamina. We both work out for over an hour and then went to the shower. When we finished we dried off.

Ryan, would you mind if I fucked you with water in you. When you did me it felt so good I wanted to see what it feels like from the other end.

The little pervert was going sex crazy. I of course I said he could. I undressed and lay on the bed with a pillow under me. He filled the bag to the hilt and put in the liquid soap. He put some of slippery soap on the tube and pushed it in my butt. He let the clip go and the water started into my intestine. It emptied and I got up and ran to the toilet. When I was finished he had already prepared the next one and added the baby powder liquid. When we finished that one he filled the bag half full and inserted it again. When it emptied he crawled up behind me and pushed his stiff dick into me. It felt almost as good as when I did it to him. He must have fucked me for ten minutes before he collapsed on my back and rolled off to one side. I got up and emptied myself.

As I walked back into the bedroom he said I love you and everything you do to me. I grinned as he pulled me down on the bed. Now I want you to fuck me nice and slow so you can enjoy it. He had just been washed out the night before so I was sure he was clean. He got on his knees with his butt up in the air and I slid up behind him and put just a little KY on my dick and placed it at his little hole and pushed slowly. It went in harder this time as Justin groaned a couple times but I wanted to feel all of him. I began to thrust slowly and increased my speed. With him in this position it felt even better than before. As I thrust away on his little narrow butt he began to shoot and I continued to thrust for at least another five minutes before I came in him shooting at least six or eight times. I pulled out and lay beside him. We kissed and he said it gets better every time.

The next morning I had to take him to enroll in school. Everything went well. They had no problem with the records Ian had obtained. He had never gone to school before so I showed him around and explained what to expect. School would start in two days so I took him to purchase clothes more suited for school. He chose everything so they would mix and match. He had never owned a pair of levies or any of the other nice clothes we purchased. He loved the black Nike shoes. We also bought a pair of dark grey slacks and a blue blazer to go with them along with ties and all the accessories including dress shoes.

When we got home I gave his clothes to our house keeper and ask her to make sure they were all washed and ironed. I changed my clothes to just a pair of shorts and went to the basement to do my workout. In a few minutes Justin followed. Even though he was just over 10 he had put on some mussel an a little definition. With his green eyes, brown hair and light brown skin he was beautiful. We finished our routines and went up stairs for a shower. I bathed him slowly and took care to clean his fore skin. I was still mesmerized by his beautiful 5” penis that stayed almost the same size whether it was hard or soft. It was about the same size at the base as the head and was perfectly straight. He kissed me as I was stooped down washing it and said it’s all yours any time you want it. I kissed it and he giggled.

I was feeling so much better and was glad to get back to a routine at school. I had enrolled in Cochise Collage which was just five miles from our house. I was at ease around my peers and it looked like I was going to make some friends. I took a full load knowing it wouldn’t be that difficult to keep up my grades. As I returned home one afternoon I had a call on my machine from Ian. I call him and he ask if I could come to the office. I told him I would be their in a few minutes. When I arrived he motioned me into his office.

Have a set Ryan. Look let me just get to the point. I am sure you and Justin are lovers. I make no judgments about your relationship but you know dam well it is a dangerous affair considering both your ages. What I would like you to consider is to sell you home and let’s remodel the casita at my place. It’s large and we could make it real nice for you. That way there would be less likelihood of anyone finding out about your arrangement. You could eat meals with Marge and me if you wish. She likes the idea of having kids around again.

I don’t know what to say Ian other than I believe you are right and if you and Marge want us I think we both would love it.

Only one thing?

What’s that?

Does Marge know about Justin and me?

Yes we have talked about it and she said she feels the same as I do.

We went to his drawing table and sketched out a preliminary idea. He said he would have our designer get the final drawing and we would start within the week. Ian called an agent and put the house up for sale.

In thirty days we moved into the casita. Ian had the crew do an extra special job for us. The place was beautiful and had all the latest amenities. The bathrooms were all tile and had heated floors. I had asked them to be like the place in Angel Bay. There were no doors on the showers. We had a study area with two Formica cover U shaped desk with a 6’ petition separating them. We both would have our own computers and work areas. Ian gave us a move in gift of a huge flat screen TV. Ian had also made us a work out room with all the necessities. I thought Justin would go bonkers. All he said was it just keeps getting better. My house sold for $225,000. I put $125,000 of the money in an IRA for Justin’s college fund.

Our first night in Justin fucked me relentlessly. He did me four times in a row. A kid his age can recover pretty fast and keep on going. He had taken his enema before he showered and ask me to do him slow as always. He liked the feeling of he very tight fit as much as I did and wanted it to last just as long as I could hold out. When I finished I had pretty well filled his little body up. He had to go and get rid of my sperm. When he returned to our bed he rolled me over on my back spread my legs and started to suck my still hairless balls. It was a mouth full for him but he roll and sucked until I shot all over him. By this time we both needed another shower so we took a quick one and collapsed in our bed and were soon fast asleep.

The next morning the alarm went off, we both dressed and went to the main house to have breakfast with Ian and Marge. It was nice to feel like I had a family again. Marge kissed us both on the cheek and wished us good morning. Justin told her how great her biscuits were and I could tell he was going to wrangle his way into her hart as he had mine. When we finished and got up to head for school Justin Kissed her on the cheek as she setting in her chair and said goodbye. I dropped him off at school and headed down the highway to my school. I met some of my new friends and we had coffee before class started. They were all at least two years older than me but it didn’t seem to bother them.

Before we knew it winter had turned to fall and the school year was about to end. Justin was a straight A student and without a lot of effort. I decided it would be nice to go back to Angel bay for a vacation. I ask Ian if he and Marge would like to join us. He though for a moment and said you know we haven’t had a vacation in several years. He ask Marge and she thought it was a great idea. So the day after school ended we were off to Angel Bay. I had made arrangements for the two story Villa that was next to the one I had rented before. I decided Justin and I could have the upper floor and leave the first floor for Ian and Marge. I also made sure we would get Anita and Carlos to take care of us. When we arrived Anita came running out and hugged us. Justin was almost 11 and had grown to almost 5’. Mi bonito muchachos tenga devoler yo (my beautiful boys have returned to me). She just kept going on how big and handsome Justin had become. I introduced her to Ian and Marge as Carlos unloaded the Jeep. They didn’t speak Spanish so Justin and I gave directions where to put our luggage.

Justin and my quarters were more than I expected. We had a patio that was part of the roof of the lower floor and had a spiral stair leading to the beach below. We changed to our bathing suits, that is if you want to call what Justin was wearing a bathing suit. They we the smallest and tightest fitting Speedos I had ever seen and left nothing to anyone’s imagination but he looked absolutely beautiful. We went down the stairs to the beach. We couldn’t have any privacy for all the gawking girls looking at him. Before long I realized they were not looking at just him but the both of us. It is nice to be good looking but this was getting ridicules. We finally retreated to our patio which had a 3’ privacy wall around it. We lay on our lounges and talked about how much had changed in one year. Anita called us for lunch and we joined Ian and Marge. As always Anita’s food was fantastic. We lounged around and did some reading until it was close to sunset. We went back to the beach and once again let the water lap over our bare feet as we walked the beach. A young girl maybe a little older than Justin came over and started a conversation with him. I let them walk ahead of me talking. After about 30 minutes Justin came back to me and ask if I would mind if he went with her for a while. I told him to have a good time. He turned around to leave and then turned back to me.

Ryan would you mind if I got the chance to fuck her. I only want to know what it is like. If it will bother you I won’t do it.

I remembered when I was 14 I did the same thing so I told him to go for it. He turned and ran to catch up with her. I returned to the Villa. He missed dinner but finally returned about three hours later. He immediately went to the shower. As I walked in he had just dried off. I ask him if he scored and he said yes. It turned out she was a virgin and he wanted to wash any blood he might have off. I ask him how he liked it. I fucked her three times. The best thing about it was her small tits. They were nice to suck on. What you and I have I could never find with a girl and kissed me letting our tongues do battle.

I told him to lie on the bed and I would go get him something to eat. He ate his food and as he lay there naked with me taking in his perfect body he looked up at me.

Ryan would you please fuck me very very slow.

So with tender compassion I fucked him so very slow stopping when I could sense he was about to cum. I repeated this for over 30 minutes until I had him screaming to let him cum. We both let go at the same time. I had never seen him pump so much of his almost clear liquid. I came so many times I lost count. We both just lay there beside each other completely wiped out. When Justin moved he said he had to empty my sperm. We both showered and changed the sheets. As we lay back down I told him there was no way Ian and Marge hadn’t heard him scream. He blushed.

At breakfast the next morning Ina said, I was glad to hear you two had a good evening. We both turned red as beats. I in a small voice I said I’m sorry we disturbed you. Oh on the contrary you made our evening more interesting then Marge Blushed and we all started to laugh. The breakfast was excellent.

We all had a wonderful day at the beach. Justin and I went scuba diving and speared several sea bass. We brought them back to the villa and gave them to Anita to prepare for our dinner. Carlos built us a fire on the beach and all four of us spent the evening listening to the oceans wave splash upon the beach. I told Ian and Marge how much I appreciated having a family again and being able to return to my normal self without the anger I had so often vented on everyone. I told them I was especially thankful for the way they accepted Justin’s and my unusual attraction considering the age difference. We both let them know how much we love each other and intended to spend our lives as equal partners. Ian told us he hoped we both would some day work with the company and eventually take it over so he could retire. As the evening grew late we all retired to our quarters. Justin sucked me unmercifully but tenderly until I shot all I had left. He fell asleep and I lay there looking at his beautiful light brown hairless body in the moon light and still marveling at this beautiful boy that had brought me back to life. As long as I live I will never forget the day my life was altered forever, the day I found him lying dirty and ragged at Angel Bay.


This could be continued so Let me know what you think.