The Survey

by Freedom
(c) 2003

This story is about young teenagers. It is a story about love and healing. All boys are sexual creatures and sex does happen. If you are looking for really steamy sex, you won’t find it here. But I hope that you will agree the boys had fun.
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Doctor Win Stuart was sitting in his office at Saint Peter’s School, a non-denominational private school for boys who were academically gifted. It was a Friday afternoon in late September and the Doctor was just scanning his case notes into his stand-alone computer.

Doctor Win thoroughly enjoyed being in charge of the health of some 750 boys and assorted staff members and families.  After the usual flurry of examinations, the rest of the year settled down into monitoring colds, flus, sprains, and the occasional broken arm or finger.  The headmaster usually asked him to take a few segments of the health classes so the boys could benefit from his knowledge of the human body. Since the school covered Grades 1-12, the boys ranged in age from 5-17. Most of the boys were miles ahead of their less-gifted peers in some or all of the subjects on the curriculum. Grades were used only as a guideline to appease Ministry of Education officials.

For ease of control, the younger boys up to 9 were housed in Prince Albert House, but the boys from 10-17 were in Prince William House.  This also had the advantage of separating the younger boys from the older ones.

Win, continued scanning notes into his computer, and was musing that a larger number of the older boys than usual were in the first stages of puberty. Most of the boys had no shyness during the examinations, since the Doctor had known most of them since they had first come to the school, and quite cheerfully pointed out changes to the Doctor, even if he tactfully passed them by without comment.

The grade 10 boys were a smaller group in the sciences program this year.  There was Richard, who was 14 ¾ as he so proudly mentioned. His specialty was mathematics.

There was Justin, who roomed with Richard, and was of a similar age and academic inclination. Then John, at 13 and Andrew his roommate who both shared interests in Chemistry and Biology.

Then the next batch was Benji and William whose special gift was in computers, These two 13 year olds were the reason the medical records were kept in a stand alone computer, as indeed were all the school records.  They could probably hack the CSIS computers with ease, Win mused.

Then Charles and William again – this William was nicknamed Prince, because he was as blond and as English as the prince of that name.  They were also interested in mathematics and biology.

All the boys were placed in a Grade 10 class because their non-gifted skills were near that level.

Then just before he scanned the last one in for that study level, he stopped suddenly, and read the file. A new boy, Jeremy Hodges was only 11, he noted, and barely that!  Yet his scores in the Mathematics and biology were way off scale, and he had a great interest in computers and, indeed any electronic device. Win remembered him vividly.

Jeremy was a sandy haired boy with a dusting of freckles, a cheerful disposition, and who was barely 135 cm. tall.  Weight was 30 kilos. Win smiled as he remembered the naked boy who sat before him at his physical examination. He was so ticklish that he could barely stand a stethoscope touching him, Yet when his testicles were examined, he seemed to calm himself down and carefully pointed out to the doctor the beginning signs of puberty on his small body. Most of the signs were wishful thinking, and the doctor remembered that his erection hardened out at barely 6 cm.

Doctor Win had just finished his paperwork, and was shutting down his computer, when a knock was heard at the door.

When he called, “Come in!” to his amazement, there stood Jeremy, still sandy haired, still freckled, still small, but definitely unhappy. There was not a smile to be seen. Indeed the boy looked close to tears.

“Hi Jeremy,” the Doctor said.  “What’s up?”

Jeremy entered, carefully closing the door behind him. “The housemother said that I was to come to see you, sir!  To bring you this note! I know what it says too!” He wiped a tear away.

Doctor Stuart:

I think Jeremy needs to be examined for a bladder infection.  The last few nights he has wet his bed thoroughly.  Thanks!

June Mathers

“Well Jeremy, just hop up on the table there.  Take off your trousers and underpants and put on one of these gowns.  We’ll get to the story here.”

The boy looked distinctly unhappy, but did as he was told. The doctor examined his penis carefully, but saw no sign of infection. Indeed, since he had just seen the boy a few days ago, he would have been surprised.  He made Jeremy pee into a bottle and ran a quick dip stick test. He asked questions about abdominal pain, and inspected the boy’s testicles again. Despite Jeremy’s unhappiness the doctor noted that he was having trouble restraining giggles as he was touched.

When Win finished the examination, he thought about how to proceed. He had to convince Jeremy to talk to him.  He often did this with the boys, as who knew better about his body than the owner? But some were shy about talking about their bodily functions.

“Jeremy, I can’t see anything wrong. Now I can order a whole bunch of other tests for you, or we can talk about it.  What do you think is wrong?  Have you ever peed your bed before? Is something bothering you?”

“It’s nothing, Doctor.  I guess I musta drank too much before bed the last two nights.”

“But this has not happened before now, has it?” replied Win, watching the boy carefully.

“Noooo, not at all.  Maybe I do have an infection?” This was said hopefully

“Maybe you do.” said Win thoughtfully.  “Well I have just the thing to test that theory.” Going to his supply cabinet he pulled out an adult sized catheter, and brought it to the little boy, whose eyes widened at the sight. “We’ll just slip this up your penis and collect all your urine in this bag for 24 hours” Then we will send it off for testing.  So lie back down, and we’ll get going.  It might hurt a bit – a lot actually, but I can always inject a local anaesthetic into the base of your penis, and you won’t feel a thing!”

Jeremy turned white. “No way you are gonna stick that up my penis, and no needles there either!  It’s not my fault I peed my bed.  Blame the other boys in my study section! They ganged up on me, and when I threatened to tell, they only laughed and said the pictures they took would be on the school intranet if I did!” The tears were flowing freely now.

Win felt terrible for scaring the boy, but he congratulated himself that he had finally got an answer.  “So that’s it, eh?  They teasing you and making life difficult?”

Still sobbing, Jeremy said something which Win could not catch. He decided to throw professional caution to the wind, and he picked up the still naked boy and sat him on his lap, stroking his back and waiting for him to calm down.

Jeremy looked up wiped his face on the doctor’s shirt and finally got his story out.

“On Tuesday, I was just going to have a shower, when all the other boys came into the bathroom – you know Richard and Justin,  John and Andrew, William and Benji and Prince and Charles – we are all in the same group and they roomed us together. I got a room by myself, since I am so much younger than they are. Anyway, we were all in the showers and Richard starts making fun of my penis… calls it a little stubby, though his isn’t all that much bigger.  Just because he has pubes, he thinks he’s a gift to girls, or something! Anyway, I ignored him, but he didn’t like that, so he picked me up and turned me around to face him. You know how ticklish I am. When he grabbed me in the pits, I just about peed myself laughing. He put me down, and didn’t say anything. So we finished showering, and I went to my room.  You know, that little single on the 3rd floor. The next day, they were all teasing me about my dick… my penis, all the time and they only stopped when the teachers were around. And that night after lights out they all snuck into my room and held me down and tickled me until I peed my bed.  They took pictures the whole time and said that if I told… well I already told you that.  Yesterday was shit … errr bad too. They teased me and showed me the pictures, and said that they would scan them into the Intranet. Last night they did the same thing. And they probably’d do it tonight, but it’s just Prince there tonight, cuz the others have gone home for the weekend. Wish I could go home too!”

 Jeremy looked at the Doctor, who was thinking furiously. Somehow out of this, the older boys needed a lesson, and Jeremy needed to regain some self-respect. Then he had an idea.

“Jeremy, do you have a research project to do this term?”


“What were you thinking of doing?”

“Not really sure. But I would like to have it done soon, cuz I hate waiting til the last minute.”

“Have you got a faculty advisor to talk these things over with?”  Win winked.

Jeremy caught the wink. Winking back, he said “Noo, not yet. Maybe you could be my advisor?”

“Just what I had in mind, my man!” Win chuckled, and continued:  “Hmmm have you ever studied physiology? By this I mean the body’s voluntary and involuntary reaction to various situations?”

“No but that sounds cool. You mean like blushing and tickling and stuff like that? Or hard-ons…. Err, sorry sir, that just slipped out!

“No it didn’t Jeremy; you’re sitting there with a hard-on, so you’re thinking of them! And stop blushing or I’ll have to tickle you!” He watched the boy squirming and giggling.

“See, that’s exactly what I mean.”

“Oh I get it, sir!  Kewl! That sounds like fun!”

  “Over the weekend, I would like you to design of research project with a small sample group called, hmm let’s see… Maybe The Physical effects of stimulation on young adolescents?”  Win winked again. “Would you like to do that for your project?  Bear in mind that it would have to be a serious project, but if you plan it right, your selected survey group could be in for a surprise, don’t you think? Your group might think that the project refers to one kind of stimulation, but you and I would know that another one entirely would take place!  So whatcha say?”

Jeremy just grinned, and jumped down and was heading for the door to begin his work, when Win called him back and suggested he put his clothes on before he opened the door. Jeremy blushed and took his clothes and put them on.

“That’s better, Jeremy! Cute as you are, I don’t think that it would do you any good if you went into the main corridor stark naked!” And brushing off the boy’s apologies, Win said “And further, most of the boys call me Dr. Win…and you should too.  You also need a note for Mrs Mathers. And here’s some motivation.  If you can get your plan to me by the end of the weekend, I think I can promise you the six beds in the School Infirmary for your project.  Maybe the weekend after Thanksgiving, eh? As well as the survey methodology, you should also list the equipment you will need. The methodology should include the purpose of the survey, a description of the survey group, a discussion of expected results, and the means whereby these results will be postulated.  Anyway it is up to you to design. Email it to me. I’ll review it, and we’ll discuss it on Monday evening.  And now for your note.”

Dear Mrs Mathers
Thank you for sending Jeremy to me. I have done some tests, and have determined that the bedwetting was a combination of too much late night drinking and loneliness.  The older boys also bother him, since he goes to bed earlier than they do.  I would suggest that you give him the key to his door, and a do not disturb sign. Jeremy understands about liquid restriction now.


Dr Win.

He folded it over, and handed it to the smiling boy, who had read it over his shoulder. “Small boys have small bladders, Jer.  Take it easy and don’t try to match your table drink for drink.”

A quick hug, and a surprising shy kiss on the cheek, and Jeremy was gone.

On Sunday, Jeremy sat in his room. He had given much thought to how he would proceed and had consulted one of his friends about the procedure. He reviewed it now:

The physical effects of stimulation on adolescent boys

A research paper to be submitted
by Jeremy Paul Hodges
Saint Peter’s School
October, 2003

Purpose of the study

Most stimulation studies of adolescents focus on the rather obvious effects of sexual manipulation on the subject. Very little has been found in the literature on the effect of non-sexual stimulation on adolescents. This study will attempt to fill the gap in our knowledge.  Although to be completely accurate, the researcher should have equal access to both boys and girls, the reality of the situation here is that there is no pool of potential female subjects with the exception of the housemothers and they are not in the age range appropriate for this study.

Candidates for the Study

The researcher proposes that the entire Sciences study group be recruited for this study. Until the study actually begins, he will include himself in this group, and only after the others are in the testing mode will he reveal his true role in the study.

The proposed candidates are:
Richard Jenkins
Justin Waters
John Smithson
Andrew Kerr
Benjamin Lafrenière
William Portland
William (Prince) Spencer
Charles Tremblay
Jeremy Hodges (the Researcher)

Timelines for the study

Proposal submitted and accepted – Week of September 28th
Material for testing bought or borrowed – Week of October 5th (see that section)
Subjects contacted and permission forms signed by parents - Thanksgiving weekend (see appendix A – standard release form)
Subjects evaluated for study – October 14-17 (Medical records reviewed)
Data gathering day – October 18th

Materials needed

Six beds outfitted with rubber sheets and covered by old flannel sheets;
Medical records for each subject;
Data sheet(s) for each subject;
Bindings to immobilise the hands of each subject;
Secure blindfolds;
digital camera for recording of effects of stimulation

Tickling objects
    a) several feathers;
    b) several unsharpened pencils or small dowels;
    c) small strips each of linen, cotton, and silk;
    d) Researcher’s hands
    d) small battery operated vibrator;
    e) artist’s camel hair paintbrush

Research Staff

Jeremy Hodges (principal researcher)
Winston Stuart M.D.  (assistant)
James Austin (assistant)
Troy O’Neill (assistant)

Doctor Stuart will be there to handle the camera, at the direction of the Researcher, and to ensure that there is compliance with the survey by all parties.

James Austin will function as a recorder of data under the direction of the Researcher, and will take still  pictures, under the direction of the Researcher..

Troy O’Neill will function as an escort to the subjects on arrival and departure, and will ensure that there is no communication with other subjects on departure.

Modus operandi
Each subject will be told to undress and sit on a bed in one of the six rooms. He will then have his vital statistics recorded – height, weight, temperature and blood pressure will be recorded, and pictures will be taken of the subject’s body in various poses.
He will be then asked to drink 750 ml of a sweet cold drink, it being explained that this is a necessary part of the study. A blood pressure machine will be attached to an arm, and the use of the digital camera and video will be explained. The subject will be told also that the principal researcher will be recording notes on a tape, as well as on paper. Once this has happened each will be blindfolded, and his hands restrained to the bed frame, by the assistant. At this point, the principal researcher will enter and the testing will begin.

The researcher will remove the underpants of each subject. If the subject objects, they may retain
them. If there is any sign of sexual arousal at this time, the tests will be suspended for a reasonable time to allow the subject to relax. Pictures may be taken if the erection is as a direct result of the stimulation.

Various parts of the body are stimulated using the tools listed above in sequence: the cheeks, the arms, the palms of the hands, the armpits, the neck, the torso, the nipples, the stomach, the legs, the soles of the feet. Finally the scrotum will be stimulated.

The periods of times that this stimulation occurs will be randomly selected and the same length of time will apply for each test.

At the end of the study, all results will be quantified, and the study, together with selected still pictures will be submitted to the Review Board for evaluation.

Respectfully submitted,

(signed Jeremy Paul Hodges)

Jeremy sat back with a sigh a relief as he hit the send button and the proposal was off to Dr Win.  Now all he could do was wait and see what happened when the home room teacher handed out the permission forms to the others. He had no fear that any of the boys would refuse, since the whole school was used to this sort of thing happening.  He had agreed to meet with Dr Win under the guise of monitoring his suspected urinary infection. This was scheduled every night for the next two weeks.

Jeremy grinned as he felt a small swelling in his groin. This was going to be SO cool. A good grade on his research paper and a chance to pay back, in a controlled way, all of the others for the anguish he had gone through! Absently rubbing himself, he checked his watch, and saw that it was nearly supper! Where had the day gone!  He had been working on this paper all weekend, except for meals and bathroom breaks. Now sniffing his armpits, he decided a quick shower would be in order.  Grabbing his kit and a clean pair of underpants, he undressed, and decided to risk wrapping only his towel around his waist. His new key was on a strong cord around his neck, and it was gonna stay there! His room was locked now even when he was in it, as there was too much laying around about his project.

Locking up behind him he scurried to the showers only to be brought up short by someone grabbing his towel. It was a completely dressed Richard,

“Hey Germy! Prince tells me you been hiding in your room all weekend trying to find your dick! If you can call something like that a dick! Geez even hard, you can’t find it, can you? Maybe this will help?”

He goosed Jeremy roughly.  “Nope, still need a pair of binoculars.” Giggling, he walked away still holding the smaller boy’s towel.

Jeremy sighed. It was going to be a long week. He showered and then taking a deep breath, ran naked and wet out of the bathroom. And sure enough there were the 10th grade goons ready to give him a difficult time. He suffered hands groping him and goosing his bum, but the final straw was when Richard snapped a very wet towel at his behind, leaving a red welt and he was in tears at the indignity. The towel was tossed at his door, as the bell for supper was sounded and his tormentors scattered, snickering. Entering the room he dried himself as well as he could, using his t-shirt and his hand towel.

Jeremy hit the dining room at a dead run, just as the late bell was beginning, and barely stopped to bow his regrets to the head table before he landed in his seat. He was so glad he did not have to eat with his classmates. He had made friends with James Austin, who was his age, but in the Grade 8 classes. Jamie was a literature freak, who had, reviewed Jeremy’s proposal under an oath of secrecy. He had also made some useful suggestions. As Jeremy sat down, Jamie raised a quizzical eyebrow at his friend. During the meal, the latest atrocity was discussed.

“Wow, Jer, you really should see the headmaster and report those jerks! Or better still, why don’t you come down on my floor? You don’t really study with them anyway.  I hear that Justin spends most of his time trying to copy your homework anyway, he’s so friggin’ lazy. And then he tries to stick his finger in your bum!  What a loser! They all are. So c’mon whatya say?”

“Ah, they won’t have too much time to bother me for a while, what with the mid-terms coming up.  And I can keep my door locked now, and they can’t come into my room.  So I can put up with them in the day.  Talk’s cheap.  And I bet I got a bruise on my bum from that towel. I’ll go see Dr Win tonight, to discuss my night-time ‘problem’ and I’ll fine tune that survey. They sure won’t bother me after the survey, I bet!”  He grinned at his friend, thinking how cute he looked when he frowned.

Jeremy noticed that Dr Win was leaving the staff table and he hurried to join him. Passing his classmates, he heard them sniggering and making comments about baby wieners. He ignored them, and joined up with the Doctor who greeted him, and invited him to walk back to his office.  “That shut them up, fast”, Jeremy thought. He kept his expression neutral when they walked past the table again, for fear that if he smiled he would be in more trouble.

Back in the Doctor’s office, he explained what had happened, and was quite embarrassed when Win insisted that he take down his pants so that he could investigate the bruise. The doctor whistled loudly when he saw the purplish welt on that sweet little bottom, and went to look for some soothing cream to take out the sting.

“Jer, you’re going to have a large bruise there, and I bet it is going to be sore to sit down tomorrow.  Really sore! In the meantime, I want you to report to me morning and night so we can look after it… though I’m afraid that only time will heal that monster.  At least the skin’s not broken, so you can count yourself lucky about that. Now, as to the showers, for the next while, I want you to take your shower in this office.  I will arrange for towels and such, but you might like to bring down a change of clothes each day.  Now lie down and stick your bum in the air!”  And Jeremy giggled and did what he was told.

Win looked after the dark bruise on Jeremy’s small behind in a completely professional manner, but he couldn’t resist stroking the unbruised part when he had finished. He would never abuse the trust that the boys placed in him, but he had to be honest and admit to himself that he really enjoyed this part of his job.  If he copped an extra feel now and again, who would know?

Jeremy just shivered with pleasure as the touch stayed just this side of tickling. When he was told to turn over, his little penis was sticking out proudly. He looked over at the Doctor, still standing by the table, and noticed that his pants were beginning to bulge.  He filed that image away, and grinned up at the doctor.

“Thanks Dr Win! That feels sooo much better!  Could I have a shower now, please?  No wait, that would rub away the medicine right?”

He slipped his clothes back on and they discussed the outline on the doctor’s computer. Jeremy went through it line by line, leaning casually against Win as he did so.

And the week passed by, much like that. Jeremy went to see the doctor every night, and they discussed the preparations for the project.  Then Jeremy took a shower in the doctor’s private washroom. He left the door open a bit, to allow steam to escape, but he was unaware that the Doctor enjoyed the showers as much as he did. The lighting in the shower made the curtain translucent and as Jeremy was washing, the Doctor was an interested observer.

By Thursday, the permission forms were ready and they were handed out by the home room teacher.

“Hey, said Charles, this sounds like a fun experiment. Wonder what they mean by stimulation of the adolescent male though?”  He blushed as Will made the universal jerking off motion.  “Anyway, it won’t do Germy any good to be there, will it? He can hardly find it, even when it’s hard! Must make it easy to pee though. Every time he touches himself, he wets his pants, cuz he’s so ticklish!”
The bigger boys all laughed and Jeremy just ignored them. But he was sure that he had hooked them!

The next week the final details were worked out. Five boys would come in the morning on Saturday, and three in the afternoon. It was arranged that none of the boys would have contact with those who had not undergone the session. The subjects would be assigned numbers randomly from one to nine. Jeremy arranged with his teacher that the assignments would be handed out in such a way that he himself had the number 1 spot and Richard the last sheet.  James would conduct the intake interview and later man the digital camera. Doctor Win would assist with the video camera, which would be used to review the results from each subject during the final report writing. Troy would escort the boys to and from the testing, and sit with the boy waiting to ensure that the drink was finished.  

Each evening the Doctor inspected Jeremy’s behind and Jeremy had a shower, blissfully unaware that the Doctor was watching and enjoying his every move. He undressed and dressed in the doctor’s office, figuring that there was nothing he had that the doctor had not seen. How right he was! He was so innocent about it all that Win almost threw caution to the wind, but he caught himself in time. He was almost relieved when Wednesday arrived and he pronounced Jeremy’s bum healed, and suggested that he shower again on his floor.

When the forms were all handed in on Wednesday, Jeremy was pleased.

“Touchdown!” he thought, as the teacher put all the forms in a file, and picked up the list of instructions for each boy. As agreed Jeremy would get the top form, which was number one, the others would get theirs randomly, but Richard would definitely get the number 9.  “He will get the same as the others”, Jeremy thought “but I have something just a little extra special for him at the end” He giggled at his choice of words.

Jeremy turned over the sheet, and pretended to read the instructions.

Preparation for the Research Project

1.    Please be on time. Each session will last at least one hour. It would be helpful if you could be in Doctor Stuart’s waiting room 20 minutes before your appointment to complete some paperwork.
2.    Please shower before your appointment.
3.    Please be aware that you will be observed during the test, and that pictures documenting your reaction to stimulation may be taken. All such pictures will form part of the study, but will not be released to anyone who does not need to see them.
4.    Names will not be used in the study. The Researcher will, of course, know who you are, but the study will refer to your number only.

On Thursday night Jeremy made a quick visit to Troy to ensure that he was clear as to his role as monitor in the office and as escort. He would have a pager to alert him when a new subject was to be taken in.

 Afterwards he and Jamie met with Dr Win to discuss the project and to review how to take blood pressures, pulses, and count heartbeats, and how to be aware if a subject was going into overload, though, as Dr Win said, that was one of the points behind the survey! The doctor demonstrated the electronic blood pressure device which would simplify things for them, but he explained that it was always useful to learn how to do things the old way, as well. Temperature strips would be available as well to use at various points.

The Doctor had reviewed each case carefully to be sure that there were no hidden problems that might cause difficulty. He did warn that Charles was slightly asthmatic. He pointed out that he would be available at all times to do the recording and also to ensure the testing was done properly, but he would not interfere unless it became medically necessary. Any criticisms would be done privately between sessions.

Jeremy had accumulated most of the devices for the study, but had asked Dr Win about a vibrator. He had volunteered to pay for it. The doctor had laughed and promised to get one, and they would discuss the payment later. He showed it to the boys, still in its bubble pack.

“Oh my gawd!” chortled Jamie, “It looks just like a dick!  Errrr…”

He looked up and saw Jeremy laughing and a broad grin on Dr Win’s face.

“Yeah, and it’s washable too!" said Jeremy. "Uh, does that mean that…?”

“Yes, it means that it is inserted where you think it is”

“But why?” asked Jamie.

The doctor suppressed his smile and took the boys over to a diagram of the male genitalia he had on his wall, and showed Jamie the position of the prostate gland and explained the use of a penis substitute to stimulate the gland.

Jeremy had studied all of this before, but by the end of the impromptu lesson, Jamie was beet red.  When Jeremy pointed this out, the doctor remarked that there was another involuntary physical reaction.

He made very sure that the boys understood how to clean the tools after each use, explaining that it would be inappropriate to use even a slightly soiled one on the next subject. He also clarified that the dildo vibrator would not be inserted into any subject, but would be used only for topical stimulation.

The two boys looked at each other, and grinned. Win caught the grin, and casually added a bottle of antiseptic and sample sizes of KY jelly to the supplies along with some finger cots. Better safe than sorry, he thought. He gave the supplies to Jeremy and suggested that they do some practice experiments with each other so that they would have some idea about applying pressure, and learn what to watch for. This would give them a benchmark against which Jeremy would judge other reactions.

“Don’t use up everything tonight, you guys! Have some fun too!” He winked and the boys winked back.

The two boys ran back to Jeremy’s room, where they knew they would be undisturbed because the trolls who usually shared the corridor were under detention the whole evening with the head caretaker for attempting to terrorise the younger boys’ residence.  From what Jeremy had overheard, they would be busy cleaning all the toilets and urinals, and since the night was still young, they had over two hours alone.

First though, they stopped off to have a pee, because as Jeremy explained, the benchmark establishing could get a little out of hand.

When they were finally in Jeremy’s room, he locked the door, and turned and beamed at Jamie.

“Well, let’s get started.  Do you want to go first, so I can fill out your data sheet? Then you can do me and use your sheet as a guideline.”

“Sounds cool to me. Are you gonna tie me down?”

“Nah. Dr Win has the bindings and he will set them up for us on Friday night. I was never a Scout. But I will want you to stretch out, as if you were tied.”

Jamie laid on the bed and stretched his arms back.

“Uh, uh, dude you gotta get naked”

Jamie blushed a deep red.

“Gosh! chortled Jeremy, “I shoulda put you on the survey list!  Really neat reactions there, man”

“Can I keep my underpants on?”

“Sure.” There was a pause and a deep breath.  “For now…”

The blush went even deeper, but Jamie complied with the instructions and undressed. Jeremy watched with some interest. He had seen many of the other boys naked in the shower room but because Jamie was on the other floor, they had never seen each other naked.

When he was down to his underpants, Jeremy instructed him to lie down and stretch out in the “tied” position. Jamie did, but he looked so tense, that his friend rubbed his arm.

“Relax Jamie! I would never hurt my friends! ‘Sides, I’d be in deep shit if you peed on my bed cuz I tickled you too hard. I’m the one who has to sleep here!”

Jamie grinned at the worried look on Jeremy’s face.

“Yeah, Jer, have a hard time explaining the different DNA wouldn’t ya?”  

At that both boys broke out laughing and the tension was ended. Still chuckling, Jeremy stripped down to his underpants.

“I gotta get outa my clothes later anyway.”  He looked up and saw Jamie was staring at him, and his underpants were twitching. Jeremy started to giggle, but then he felt his penis twitch in his undies too.

The two boys stared at each other for another long minute, and finally Jamie giggled, and said “Well, I was gonna lose these anyway, wasn’t I, boss?  He lifted his behind and took his underpants off and threw them in Jeremy’s face.

Jeremy grunted, took his off and walked over to the bed. He took his of his undies and rubbed them in Jamie’s face, and all of a sudden, they were wrestling and giggling happily. When they stopped, they noticed that each of them had a boner. Jeremy hardened out at 6 cm, but Jamie was a more impressive 10 cm. They knew this because Jeremy got out his compass kit ruler and measured. He also noted that Jamie’s testicles were bigger than his, but couldn’t figure out how to measure them.

“C’mon now Jer, you can admire my balls some other time. We gotta get those benchmarks established.”

Jeremy started. He hadn’t realised he had been staring that long. He walked over to the tray of ticklers, and placed them beside the bed.

“Ok, now. I’m gonna have to put the blindfold on you, cuz you can’t see what’s coming.”  He took the special blindfold and admired its ingenuity. It required no knots because the binding was Velcro, and the straps were long enough that they linked at the front thereby making it difficult for any subject to loosen it as they were tested.

After he put the blindfold on, he instructed Jeremy to stretch his arms above his head.

The first test was simple. He ran a feather lightly against Jamie’s forehead for 10 seconds, and was interested to note that even this simple test caused him to blush.

He then took an artist’s brush, and stroked his cheeks, and was amused to note that Jamie started to squirm.

He stopped at this point and checked his watch and made notations. Then without warning the feather attacked the side of his neck for a good twenty seconds. Jamie was blushing continuously now.

Wow!, he thought. Already! And he doesn’t know what else is coming. More notations and he took the denim strip and dragged it across his tummy. No reaction and this was duly noted. A cotton strip got the same reaction, but a bigger bit of silk cloth caused him to squirm and blush. Jeremy also noted that his toes curled, and his penis twitched ever so slightly.

More notations, and then the paintbrush was applied to each armpit in turn, with a break to circle each nipple. The response here was so violent that Jamie brought his arms down.

This reminded Jeremy why he wanted the arms secured. He wrote ‘Invalid data’ in the space and told Jamie to put his arms back up. Jamie whimpered but did what he was told after his friend told him that there would be no more attacks on his armpits.

The vibrator was turned on, and Jamie’s head turned to the sound. It stopped, and the dowels were used to gently poke the ribs. Jamie was startled by this, but still giggled.

The budding researcher stopped to make notes, one of which was the continuing erection sported by his subject. He then picked up the vibrator and waited until he was where he wanted to be, before he pressed it against the soles of his friend’s feet. This only went on for a bit, because the reaction was instantaneous. Jamie drew his legs up and away.

 Doctor Win had warned Jeremy that this was an extremely common reaction, so he was ready and immediately got the back of the knees. When the reaction to this was to put the legs down and apart, he took the brush and stroked the inside of his right thigh.

 By this time, Jamie was bright red, and his breathing was shallow. His erection was pointing toward his stomach. All this was recorded, and Jeremy moved on. Still using the paintbrush he circled each nipple, and was amused to see them turn into hard little nubbins. Jamie’s heartbeat was in time to his erection and this data was recorded as well.

He then placed the tools on the tray, and flexed his fingers. Without warning he attacked both armpits for thirty seconds and was careful to note every reaction, as well as the production of sweat. Jamie did his best to keep his arms straight.

“Liar! Heee Heee! You promised... Giggle …that you… oh stop! wouldn’t do the pits… again… Just wait! Oh! OH! When it’s your turn you’re gonna bee sssooooo sssssoorrrry! You will… hee heee heeeee!... SO dead!

Jeremy stopped when he smelt pee. He checked, and noted that only a few drop had dribbled onto his bedspread. He sighed with relief, but picked up the vibrator again. He had to do this in the interest of science! The vibrator then was turned on, on the lower abdomen just above the penis. This time Jeremy was ready, and had his own underwear ready to catch any drips. It was a good thing too, because a healthy spurt escaped and soaked his pants and hand. He stopped and made notes as he absently dried his hand on his thigh. One more thing left, and he prayed that Jeremy would still be his friend. He took a feather and stroked his balls. Surprisingly there was little reaction, and he noted this. He also noted that Jamie was coming down from having his abdomen vibrated and probably didn’t even feel the last test.

He pried Jamie’s hands from the bedframe, took off the blindfold and waited for his friend’s eyes to adjust, all the time patting his shoulder.

When Jamie was finally able to open his eyes and focus, he looked as if he would be ready to murder Jeremy.

“Fuck Jer! You didn’t stop did you?  Here I was moaning and calling you every bad name I could think of and you still didn’t stop!  That took about an hour, right? And I bet I peed on your bed!

In answer his friend held up his soaked underwear and stuck his left hand over his nose.  “Nope, you didn’t!” he giggled, as Jamie jerked his head back. And it only took 30 minutes! That was great. If one of my subjects chicken out, I’m gonna use your data! C’mon you probably know how you reacted, but let me show you the notes!

“Screw that! I gotta go pee! Back in a sec.” He stopped by the door, when he heard Jeremy clear his throat, and turned as his underpants flew across the room. He caught them like the goalie he was and blushed as he put them on.

When he came back Jeremy was playing with the finger cots and looking at the vibrator closely. He startled when the door closed and did his own imitation of a beet.

“AHA!  Just WHAT were you thinking, eh? You’re not gonna go looking for my prostate tonight. That thing is too big to fit up my hole anyway!”

In answer Jeremy wiggled his covered index finger and his eyebrows, as he held up the KY and grinned.

Jamie groaned.

However, before anything else could happen, Jeremy grabbed himself, and reaching for a towel ran for the toilets.

When he returned, the tables were turned. Jamie had even advanced a little more.  The cot was on his middle finger, and it was lubricated. He wiggled this at Jeremy.

Jeremy moaned, and his penis hardened. “Damn, WHEN will that thing get bigger?” he thought.

“OK, fair’s fair, and I did tickle you for thirty minutes. But if this hurts, you gotta take it out, k?”

And Jamie nodded his head in agreement, knowing that he probably wouldn’t take it out, just because Jer begged him. Fair was fair!

Jeremy went and lay on his stomach and Jamie sat next to him. They soon realised that this was an uncomfortable way to go about it, and Jeremy wanted to see what was going to up his butt. So they thought for a bit, and Jeremy remembered an illustration in an anatomy textbook. He knew that the hole wasn’t that far from his front. So flipping over, he grabbed his ankles and like the still-flexible boy he was brought them back to either side of his head.

“Way kewl Jer!  Your hole is winking at me, and I can see where it is better!”

“Just shut up, and do it doofus! I can’t hold my legs back here forever!”

“Right then, here goes!” Jamie jammed his finger up his friend’s bum

“Christ, take it out! Take it OUT!” Jamie was so startled he obeyed.

“Now put it back in, but go slow! And put more of that KY stuff on your finger” Maybe even in my hole too.” Jeremy gasped.

And Jamie did what he was told. And Jeremy figured from the set of his mouth, that this time he wasn’t gonna pull out.

He moaned as the finger worked slowly into his bum. Slowly, slowly, slowly. Jamie wiggled his finger and Jeremy groaned. Still the finger crept in. Then Jamie met an obstruction, but he still pushed on. And his finger wiggled. Wiggled wiggled. And suddenly Jeremy squeaked, then whimpered, as they both watched his penis jerk harder than it had ever done before. His anal muscles clamped down on Jamie’s finger, and even if Jamie thought about removing it, he figured he wouldn’t, because he was afraid he would leave most of it in Jeremy’s bum.

Finally Jeremy stopped twitching and Jamie removed his finger. He looked at it expecting to see it covered in shit, but it wasn’t not really. It didn’t smell good though, so he brought it to Jeremy’s nose, in payment for the urine covered hand that had been over his nose earlier.

“EEEEW, that’s gross!” But Jamie just smiled back at his friend and pulled the cot off.

“Guess I found your prostate huh? I think your dick was up to eight centimetres by the time I finished! That was kewl!  Let’s do me now!

But Jeremy looked at his bedside clock and moaned. “Oh crap we have 15 minutes before the trolls come back from their labour camp! And we won’t be thrilled if they catch us. C’mon, there’s another towel on the dresser. Let me take this one and let’s go get a shower. This place stinks and so do you!” He sniffed. “And so do I! Big time! C’mon, on the double!”

Before leaving, Jeremy wrestled the window open and the chill autumn air swept in the room. He checked for his key, and then they left and had a quick utility shower, and ran back to the room. By the time they finished and got dressed, they only had a few minutes to look like they were studying, before the bigger boys came back. They heard them before they saw them, mumbling and grumbling and swearing their way down the hall. Jeremy closed the door and locked it, and whispered to his friend to wait until he heard them go into their rooms before leaving.

While they were waiting, Jeremy reviewed Jamie’s data with him and at the end they were both giggling.

“Oh god, the look on your face when I attacked your pits! And what you did when I massaged your belly! This is gonna be so much fun on Saturday!”

“Heck, that was nothing! I thought you were gonna break off my finger when you clamped down on it!  Promise you’ll do me tomorrow night, plllleeeeaassssssse!”

“That’ll work! I heard them say they were gonna sneak out and catch a movie tomorrow! They’re doing The Terminator series in the town cinema, We should have at least 6 hours.

But if you are going to run me through the test you better do it in a different order, eh? After all, I designed it, and I know the sequence by heart. Then after, we’ll… oh my god, is there any of that KY stuff left?”

The boys hugged. They would meet again on Friday night, for the final run-through in the Doctor’s office.

When Jamie left, Jeremy got ready for bed. He stared at his penis, remembering the good feelings at the same time it did. When he went to bed, he masturbated for the first time in his life, and didn’t stop until he had a dry orgasm again, and his penis was too sore to continue. He fell asleep and slept the rest of the night through.

Downstairs, Jamie did the same thing.

Friday morning arrived and when the friends met for breakfast, they just grinned at each other, and talked of other things. Classes were long that day, and Mr Barton the home room teacher didn’t help by reminding the class of their obligation to help the research project on Saturday, emphasising how important it was to be on time. Jeremy watched the other boys and he noticed that Richard was really smirking, but the others just looked interested.

Finally the end of day bell rang, and Jeremy left. As he was passing the others, Richard told him to remember to bring a magnifying glass to the survey room so the researcher could find his teeny dick.

Jeremy dared greatly and stuck his middle finger up at his tormentor, who scowled at him.  He was interested to see that Justin and Will both gave a small smile from behind the gang leader.

After supper, the Researcher and his assistant made their way to the Doctor’s office.

“Hi guys! How’d it go, last night?” said Dr Win as they entered the office.

Jeremy took the notes out of a file folder and started discussing the reactions of subject A.  Meanwhile subject A was squirming beside him, beet red at times, especially when Jeremy described his reaction to having his abdomen tickled!

“That was so neat to watch Jamie have all those reactions. I forgot some of the smaller tests though. I better be more careful tomorrow, eh?”

“You should be always careful when you are doing research, Jeremy. I note that you voided some data here?”

“Yeah that was when he brought his arms down when I tickled him the first time. Since that won’t happen tomorrow, since the arms will be secured, I didn’t think I should use that data. But Jamie’s almost as ticklish as me! It was fun, but I don’t think I would ever do to him what those guys did to me. As it is, I got a pair of wet underpants when I used mine to catch Jamie when he started to pee a bit.”

“Good observation Jer. Now where is your data?”

The boys looked at each other and both blushed.

“Uh, we got playing with the finger cots, and didn’t get around to it.” Jamie confessed, “but I sure paid Jeremy back for tickling me for a whole half hour!”

Doctor Win said nothing, but merely smiled.

Jeremy carried on. “Yeah, we figured that the vibrator would be too big to fit up our bums, so Jamie put a cot thingy on his middle finger and greased in up with that clear stuff. I think he found my prostate.

“You KNOW I found your prostate! Your little wienie was bouncing around like if it hadda electric shock! And I never heard anyone squeak like that. An’ I couldn’t even take my finger out until you calmed down. I thought I was gonna have to leave it up there!”

By this time Dr Win was beet red from suppressed laughter, himself. He thanked his stars he was sitting behind his desk though.

“Yeah, I guess it was real kewl! I thought I was gonna pee there for a minute. It felt sooo good!  Errr Doctor Win, do you have more KY? Jamie kinda finished that little tube last night. Tonight he’s gonna learn what it feels like!”

Jeremy blushed again when Dr Win raised his eyebrows.

Then he grinned when the doctor tossed him two more sample tubes of KY.

“Well, since I don’t think you will need to run the test on yourself Jer, you can have these for some more fun tonight, if you want!” And Doctor Win struggled to keep a straight face.

Looking sternly at the boys, when he was under control he continued. “It’s a good thing you didn’t try the vibrator, because it might have hurt. You boys really like each other eh?”

They looked at each other and nodded. Jamie said “Dr Win, I love Jer. He’s my best buddy! And when I had my finger up his bum and he squeaked my wien…  penis went all hard. And it’s hard every time I think of him! It’s been like that since I met him this year, even before last night!” And Jamie went pale, and looked at the ground.

His friend was staring at him during the confession, going alternately red and white, himself.

When Jamie finished, Jeremy moved over and took him in a bear hug. He kissed the tears which were starting down his cheeks and kissed him on his forehead. He wanted to kiss Jamie’s mouth, but it was open in surprise.

And Jamie’s arms went around Jeremy and he sobbed. And Jeremy cried, as well.

They only stopped when they heard the Doctor clear his throat.

They straightened up in a hurry, but didn’t let go of each other. They were relieved to find the Doctor smiling.

“I better make sure you guys are kept supplied with finger cots! Though, if you behave like bunny rabbits, I may charge you for the KY. Finger cots can go on other ‘things’ as well… or did you figure that out?

Jeremy raised his hand. “Yeah, I tried one last night when I went to bed. It felt like a glove. That’s where the rest of the KY went too.”

Jamie looked at Jer and squirmed.

Dr Win looked at them sternly. “Better not try anything more than your finger until I have a chance to sit down with both of you little hornballs, and explain a few things. Agreed?

Jeremy started to say something, but the doctor interrupted.

“Yeah, I know you know all about sex. Male/female sex!  Male/Male sex isn’t quite the same, and I want to make sure that neither of you accidentally hurt the other! So fingers only, with cots and lots of KY, okay? Until I say otherwise, which won’t happen for a while yet!”

They nodded.

Back to business they went over the day on Saturday. Jamie returned the tickling instruments, and noted that he had cleaned the vibrator, and placed it in a baggie.

Finally they were dismissed. They stopped on Jamie’s floor and explained to his roommate that Jeremy was going to help Jamie with his math homework. Jamie also looked at Jeremy and said that he would be back late, and if he didn’t actually show up, that meant that he had fallen asleep in Jeremy’s room. Jeremy quickly nodded agreement.

Back on Jeremy’s floor, they were very aware of the fact that the other boys in Jeremy’s section might not have been successful in sneaking out, so they were careful to only be discussing the math problems that Jamie was having trouble with.

But when they arrived, there was silence, although other boys could be heard in the distance on the floor. Just to be sure, Jeremy rapped on Prince’s door, but got no response, and heard none.

Finally in Jeremy’s room, they locked the door, and stood there looking at each other. Of a sudden, they were shy.

Jamie cleared his throat. “I really could use a little help with that math, y’know!”

He walked over to Jeremy’s work area and put his books on the desk. They both sat down and put their heads together discussing some algebraic problems. At the end of a half hour, Jamie turned to Jeremy and kissed him.

“Thanks, Jer! I think I got it now. If you ever need help understanding English, just let me know!”

Jeremy blushed, but was quick on the uptake. “I don’t need English to tell you what’s going to happen to you tonight! He attacked Jamie’s pits and in an instant the boys were rolling on the floor, giggling happily. Jamie ended on top and his crotch was right in Jeremy’s face as he straddled him.

“You give up, weakling?” he crowed.

Jeremy struggled briefly, but his heart wasn’t in it. He looked up at the blond boy with those unusual coloured greyish eyes, and remembered how beautiful he was naked.

And then he became aware that a crotch was being pushed in his face.

“Kiss it, and I’ll let you up!” was the demand.

He complied. No resistance at all.

“Hey stop that! You’ll get my pants all wet!”

“Well, take’em off then!”

“YOU take them off!”

“Doofus, how can I do that if you got my arms pinned?”

“Ooops! Better?

In no time flat, Jamie’s jeans were down, and the underpants came so quickly after that his erection got caught.

“Ouch! Careful!”

Jeremy looked up with a tear in his eye and Jamie leaned down to kiss it away. This put his penis right next to his friend’s mouth. Little butterfly kisses went all over.

‘There! All better now!”

Jamie couldn’t help giggling. It tickled.

“I didn’t know kisses could tickle like that! Maybe you should have included that in your study.”

“You perv! That’s gross! As if I would put Richard’s penis anywhere near my mouth! It smells. He smells. He never washes down there, except if the soap comes off the rest of his body” He saw the question in Jamie’s eyes. “I overheard Justin complaining, k?”

He wiggled out from under Jamie, and stood up looking at him. Jamie stood up too, and stripped off his jeans completely, and threw his t-shirt in the corner. He stood there naked except for his socks. His little penis was twitching furiously.

He reached over and took Jeremy into his arms and kissed him. Then he undressed his friend, kneeling to finish taking off his jeans.

“I’ll return the favour now!”

 And he kissed Jeremy’s penis like a butterfly… a hungry one. Jeremy involuntarily began to move his hips, and suddenly his penis was in Jamie’s mouth. Jamie didn’t even blink. He switched from kissing to licking, and soon his hands were on Jeremy’s little bum, holding him steady in his mouth. He continued licking until Jeremy started to moan, and then he instinctively tightened his grip, as he felt his friend’s knees give way.

There was a loud gasp and a final series of twitches, and both boys were on the floor again.

“God, I never knew… I never KNEW it would feel like that. It was wonderful. WONderful!” Jeremy squeaked the last word.

“I liked in from my side too.” Jamie told him. “And it didn’t taste bad at all! If you had told me three days ago, I’d be kissing your dick, I woulda slugged you!”

The boys hugged and kissed once more.

“Well you sure got no penis breath, but my butt is getting sore on the floor. Let’s get on my bed.”

There they continued kissing. Suddenly Jamie stopped and said “Does this mean we’re lovers now? Cuz if we are I want to be yours forever!”

Jeremy’s fingers stopped their exploration of Jamie’s bum. He sighed a sigh of contentment and kissed his eyes.

“Does that answer your question, lover?”

“Yep, and now it’s my turn to get some real good feelings! You got your bum fingered and your penis licked and all I got was some bad breath kisses!”

“That’s not what you were moaning when I kissed it, y’know. Oh god, oh god, Jer! That feels sooo kewl!  THAT’S what I heard.” Jeremy giggled. “Wait here, penis breath! Don’t go anywhere!"

Jeremy ran to his backpack and retrieved the finger cots and the KY tubes.

He reached over and tweaked Jamie’s penis. “Get in position, lover boy!”

Jamie complied, but immediately was complaining that he was stiff and sore from hockey practice. Jeremy smacked his bum and thought for a moment.

“I got it! Doctor Win had me in this position when he was looking after my sore butt. Get on your hands and knees. Good! Now rest your elbows on the pillow. Excellent! Your butt is mine! Mine to do with as I please! Mine, mine all mine, my pretty!”

 Jeremy was doing a terrible impression of a villain.

He took Jamie’s bum in both his hands, spread his cheeks and looked at what no one but parents had ever seen before. A devilish thought overtook him and he blew on it.

Jamie shivered. “Migod, WHAT did you just do?  That was weird!  You perv!”

“You want a perv, you’ll get one, bud! Be careful what you ask for. Jeremy planted kisses on the right cheek and the left, before centering his mouth and then he kissed the cleft just above Jamie’s hole.

Jamie jumped, but this time he just moaned.

Slipping the cot on his finger, Jeremy squirted the KY right in Jamie’s little hole, and immediately inserted his finger.  Remembering what he felt last night, he moved very carefully and very slowly into Jamie. He had never felt anything so tight and warm before. And he had never felt the emotions he did in his own body. Not even last night, when Jamie was fingering him. Soon all he heard was Jamie moaning and his own voice moaning in counterpoint.

And then his finger slipped past the anal ring, and Jamie clamped down. He squealed. Jamie squealed. He reached under Jamie and played with his very hard cocklet. It was soo hard, yet soo soft, he thought. He continued to move his finger in his friend's bum, and play with his penis. Finally Jamie collapsed on the bed, quaking with the feeling of his orgasm.

When Jamie roused himself, he found Jeremy lying next to him with a silly grin on his face. “Was it worth the wait, penis breath?”

Jamie was going to say something extremely rude, but he just kissed his lover, and closed his eyes and fell asleep. So did Jeremy.

They woke with a start a half hour later, and grinned at each other.

Jamie decided to go back to his room, over Jeremy’s protests and as he was putting on his clothes, he explained.  “I’d love to stay, but what will we do if the other boys saw us leaving together in the morning? And we both need a good night’s sleep! Tomorrow is survey day, and we have to be ready for a long day, Better wear some old clothes, so you won’t mind if you get peed on, eh?

Finally, Jeremy saw the point. They kissed and hugged, and Jamie left. When he bent down to pick up his clothes, he noticed he had Jamie’s underpants in his hand, and realised that Jamie had taken his. He grinned, and took them to bed with him. As he fell asleep, they were there right by his nose. He wondered what Jamie was doing with his.

Jeremy woke early the next day, and grabbed a shower before his soon-to-be survey-subjects woke up.  Returning to his room, he put decided to put on Jamie’s underpants. He noticed that as he was pulling them up that he had a real hard-on, and that the bump in the pants was really noticeable. He grinned as he put on his oldest sweat suit, and saw that the too-small pants accentuated his groin even more.

Going down to the early sitting for breakfast, he saw Jamie there talking quietly to one of his classmates. He just waved, as he grabbed some toast from the table, and pointed down the hall to the Doctor’s office.

Just as he arrived there, still munching on the toast, Jamie caught up to him. He looked at what Jeremy was wearing and gave him a big smile, and waggled his eyebrows when he looked at his crotch and saw the continuing erection.

“I’m wearing your undies. Are you wearing mine?” he asked Jeremy.

“Yeah they feel really comfy, ‘cept I had to scrap the back out!”

“You perv! You probably sucked the crotch too, din’t you?” Jamie giggled.

“Just what you did to mine!”

They were both giggling madly when Dr Win arrived, and they went into his office to review the day. The doctor looked at what the boys were wearing, and he winked before he went to his closet, and pulled out two small lab coats, which when done up, covered them from their neck to their ankles.

“There now, you look professional! Now show me the schedule”

Jeremy had that ready and he gave out copies from his knapsack.

0900-0945   John Smithson
0945-1030   Justin Waters
1030-1115   Charles Tremblay
1115-1200   Benji Lafrenière
1200-1245   Andrew Kerr
1245-1330   Lunch
1345-1430   Prince Spencer
1430-1515   Will Portland
1515-1600   Richard Jenkins

“That’s a busy day, guys!  Are you ready?”

“Sure are! Let’s tell Troy to bring the first sucker errr… subject in!

On Saturday evening, all the boys, research staff and subjects, were clustered in Justin’s room, having a pizza party. Richard was still in the infirmary, under the watchful eye of the Doctor.
“What a day that was!” said John. “I still can’t believe you got approval for that project, Jeremy!”

Jeremy swallowed the last of his all dressed slice, and looked longingly at the next box, which was still unopened.

“Nah no more for you until we hear about it all”, Will snarled playfully, and reached across Jeremy push the box out of reach.

“You guys know you only have yourself to blame for the survey, doncha?”

They all nodded in agreement.

“The Doc was the one who came up with the main idea, and I developed it with Jamie’s help. He was my first test subject.”

“Yeah, and I did it without whining like you guys. ‘O please, don’t take down my panties! Let me keep them oooonnn’! C’mon you gotta admit that by the end you were enjoyin’ it, right!” He giggled. “Justin sure did! He cummed like a geyser when Jer tickled his scrotum! All over the place! Even Jer got hit, cuz he didn’t bounce back fast enough. But Jer just had this silly look on his face. Hey Jus, how come you reacted like that?”

“Well you know Rich and I have been roomies for a long time? He wasn’t always as bad as he has been. We used to have fun together goofin’ off and stuff.”

The other boys looked disbelieving.

“Well we DID! Then last year, I had my first cum. It made me scream and I woke up. Rich was right there and he calmed me down. But the next night and most every night after he would jerk me off and try to stop me from cumming until he told me. Then we studied Pavlovian reactions in class, and he started to train me to cum only when he did certain things. He wouldn’t let me get hard other times, even. Well, the go-ahead signal was when he rubbed my balls. And it worked. After a while I couldn’t even cum without him touching me. Last summer was hell! By the time I got here, I had blue balls. And that jerk knew it too. He didn’t touch me for a whole week. When I went to see the Doctor for my physical, he touched my balls, and I exploded all over him! He was really apologetic, and said how sorry he was. I was felt just fine though. Shit the look on his face! And I bet Jer looked just as surprised when I did it to him!”

“Oh he was,” Jamie chuckled. “You shoulda seen him scooping it off his chin and sucking his fingers after, though!

Jer just looked shamefaced. Jamie hugged him to show no hard feelings and Jer relaxed against his shoulder.

Jeremy continued, “And Johnny, he didn’t cum or anything like that but he peed the whole bed. Even got some on the floor!

John blushed. “Well geez, I had three glasses of fruit juice for breakfast and then Mastermind there made me drink that whole bottle of Gatorade. I was near busting when I got to the room, and then you started tickling me! I held it in pretty good though…”

“Nah your dick was leaking the whole time. Every time it did, you got this really tense look on your face… Look, Jamie has pictures!”

“Jamie has pictures? Cool! Let's see them! called out Will.

“Yeah you got any of Justin cumming?”

Suddenly the whole room was laughing. Even John and Justin giggled. But John held up his hand for silence.

“But the real kicker was when he vibrated my abdomen… I cut loose big time then.”

“Yeah, I was zooming in for a picture and you soaked my clothes too Doctor Win just made me strip after and he put me in two of those bare back gowns… one open at front and the other open at back Then he gave me this other lab coat that went down to my ankles” Jamie giggled.

“Yeah you looked weird in that!”  Charles tittered.

“Well I got still pictures, but Doctor Win was manning the videocam. I’ll show you guys tomorrow if you want. See Jus cum in technicolour! We could fund our university education by selling those films over the net!” Jer giggled at the expression on the other boys’ face.  “Just pullin’ your legs. They’ll be shitcanned when I submit my project and pass it!

John turned to the others “Well that’s what happened to us two. Who was next Jer?”

“Charles, I think! Hey, Trembles wait a sec til I fill in a gap here. You know we’re laughing now, but Jus was really upset this morning, and we stopped and helped him calm down. I thought Dr Win would explode when he told us how Rich tormented him.  Well after he left, we had a break, and we decided to bring you all back for Rich’s test. That’s why you got there. Although I did have that extra special treat for him that he got at – or in – the end!”

The boys roared with laughter. “Yeah!” said Andrew, “that was sooo kewl!”

Charles spoke up. “Well mine was pretty tame …”

“That’s not what I saw then!” interrupted Jamie. Jeremy nodded.

“Oh well, you were ticklin’ me! What did you expect!” Sure I moved around!”

“Geez Trembles, you had a fit when the paint brush stroked your nips! And I thought Jer was goin’ to get a soaking when he accidentally passed the silk over your weenie peenie!”

“That wasn’t part of the test” Jer interjected. It just happened cuz he was jerking around so much.” But it was fun to see! Boy, that was a big one Trembles! How long is it?

“Bout 15 cm. And no extra dangling skin! I’m cut, you pervs.” He added that to shut up Benji and Andrew who were giggling. Not like you Drew! Heck, half of yours is foreskin!”



Will looked disgusted. He grabbed Andrew and yanked down his pants. “Well there’s only one way to find out!”

Justin grabbed a 30 centimeter ruler from his desk. “C’mon Trembles drop ‘em! We’ll see who’s right.”

Charles grumbled “That ruler won’t be big enough for me!”

“We’ll see!” giggled Justin, as the others hooted in disbelief. “Measuring dick is like measuring a fish. Depends on who does it!  You first ‘Drew! Scoot over!”

The boys knelt in front of each other. Andrew did indeed have a long foreskin. Even with his penis half erect, there was no sign of his glans. He laid it carefully on the ruler, and Charles announced “Mmm 13 partially erect with skin. Let's see what it works out to hard. Stroke it ‘Drew!”

Andrew stroked. Justin looked down at the ruler. Mmm 14 erect! Not bad but no cigar! Still pretty impressive for your size though!”

Charles interrupted. “Skin him back and measure!” He reached over and did that, causing Andrew to squeak as his penis was touched.

“Too bad, Charles! He’s still 14 centimetres. I think your hand gave him a little push! Wanna do Jer later? He needs all the help he can get!”

“Fuck off Jus!” But Jer was grinning.

Justin turned to Charles, and looked at him. “Your turn now! Hold that fish down on the ruler!” He giggled.”Let’s see, now… hmmm 14.5 centimetres.”

“What! You’re blind! And doin’ it wrong too! Snug the ruler right up here! And hold it down when you measure!

And just as Justin looked down to see what the revised measurement was, Charles sprayed all over Justin’s hand.

Charles turned beet red, and Justin jumped back. “Geez you cummed all over my hand! But it still measured out at 14.9. Sorry dude. Hey, gimmee some of those napkins, will ya Jamie?”

Jamie and Jer were laughing so hard that they could hardly answer. The other boys were rolling on the floor. Jamie was unable to speak as he handed over the napkins, but he pointed at Justin’s crotch. There was a big damp spot on it. Benji was still laughing, but he managed to get out

“Looks like you enjoyed yourself as much as Trembles did!”

Justin looked and blushed but he looked pleased too. “God, I didn’t even feel it – and nobody touched me either!” He beamed at Charles and all the others too.

The boys clapped. Justin beamed even harder.

Uh, who’s next Jer?” Ummm, it was Benji and ‘Drew before lunch, right Troy. Troy! Listen up and stop playin’ with yourself.

Troy looked up startled. “Ummm that’s right. And those two over there after.” He pointed at Will and Prince. “An’ then the Dickhead.

“Yeah, that’s right! So Benji’s up.” He giggled. “Then Drew! But he’s already been up!” Jeremy snorted.

“Huh small things amuse small minds!” Benji snarled. He reached over to poke Jer but Jer had already scooted behind Jamie and was holding up the last pizza box.

“Anyone for cold pizza? There should be more drinks in the fridge. Justin, wanna check? We’ll wait till you get back, he added innocently.
When Justin got back, he was upset to notice the box was already empty.

“Pigs! You said you’d wait!” He angrily tossed cans of Mellow Yellow to each of the boys, hoping the violent action would agitate the contents.

Carefully setting his can down, Charles pulled a slice from behind his back.  “Sure hope you washed your hands Jus!”

After the boys had a good laugh, Benji stood up.

“I haven’t too much to add. I giggled when I was tickled, and like everyone else probably, I let a little pee out when I felt the vibrator on my belly. Whose bright idea was it to make us drink that stuff anyway?

“Ummm, I think it was me”, said Jamie. “I really hated what you guys did to Jer, and I wanted you all to feel what it was like to be tickled and not have any control over your body. Sure wasn’t expecting the cum though! He giggled, and waggled his eyebrows at Charles when he finished.

“Yeah well, I think we all learned that it’s not nice to do things like that to others. But I don’t think you should dump those videos too quickly Jer!  Get them to me and I’ll upload them on the school intranet, with a password, so we can all see what happened. The oldies won’t even know they’re there! They are SO clueless. Right Will? If they knew half the stuff we have up there, they’d shit!”

“You’re full of it, Lafrenière! No way you hack the intranet!” Andrew said that, but it was also the general feeling of the room.

“Ah, let me show you how easy it is to get past the controls. He walked over to Justin’s computer and brought up the system. In a few minutes he was on a maintenance page. From there he went to another area and loaded up a file. "Look Britney Spears! Naked!" and he typed a password and opened the file and a slide show started. But what showed up were pictures of naked schoolboys. Jamie even recognized himself and wondered how the camera had gotten into the showers in the locker room.

Benji stood there in shock. “Shit SHIT SHIT. The wrong file!”

The others were in an uproar. Troy was gasping “God, I didn’t know Britney had a dick!” Will and Prince were holding their crotches as they cried so hard. Jamie and Jer were holding on to each other to stop from falling over.

“God Benji, how did you get all those pictures?” Prince asked. He winked at Justin who was still looking. “Nice ass on Dickhead, eh? Not like this aft’! How old was he then you think?”

Benji found his voice. Uh, about 10 I think. That was the first year I was here. Listen you guys I’m no perv! I took those pictures to see if I could do it. And I did. And no one knew till now, right? But I swear those are the only ones! I swear!”

“Hey, don’t get all upset Benji! We’re all guys here! And we know you don’t perv on us!” John said. “Besides we’re all friends now. Just show me Britney’s file! Although by the law of average there should be one guy enjoying himself with this file” He looked around and winked at the others.

Prince answered. “Um don’t be too quick to change the file Benji. I think John might be outvoted. But that’s really neat! Can you get into our grades and modify them?”

The others looked at Benji. But it was Will that answered. “Uh, no, we think they’re on a stand alone. We sure looked for them.” They’re just not there. Neither are the medical records.”

“Of course they’re not. We may be old but we’re not stupid guys!” A new voice joined in and the boys jumped. Benji tried to block the screen, but Doctor Win continued “Too late Benji, I’ve already seen those, and many, many more of you naked before.”

The room blushed in concert, as Dr Win came in. “What, you didn’t save me any pizza? You greedheads! How about a drink then?” Jer opened one carefully and brought it over. “So have you played out everything that happened today? I guess you and Will are demonstrating your hacking abilities, Benji? Going to put the videos up eh?”

Benji came out of his trance and mumbled “Yes, sir, we WERE!”

“Don’t let me stop you, just so long as nothing goes beyond this group. Understood? All of you!”

They chorused their agreement. So, if you have been taking this in turn, who’s up now. If Benji was talking, I’d guess the next one was Andrew, right?”

Yeah, it’s me, sir, but nothing much happened to me. I giggled a lot, and peed a bit and that was it, I guess. Nothing spectacular. Just middle of the road average that’s me…”

“’cept for your penis, Drew! That’s awesome!” Prince called out. Andrew blushed but curtseyed to Prince, as the boys all laughed.

Jer was heard mumbling. “Oh god, I haveta pee”

Suddenly the room was empty of all the boys, and Dr Win wandered over to the computer and stopped the slide show. While there he moved and renamed the directory, changed the password and encrypted the file. He smiled, as he thought ‘Those kids aren’t the only hackers around!’

He was just finishing when the boys all returned together, except for Will.

“Just how did 10 boys go pee so quickly if there are only three toilets and two urinals in that room?”

“Umm, we all needed to go so we shared the toilets. Will had to shit so he got one toilet and three of us could stand around a toilet each. After all we’re all boys!” Prince explained.

Troy added “Yeah, and Jer and Jamie shared a urinal! That’s a neat trick if you can do it!” So we all had spots. ‘Sides no one wanted to be in there too long with Will shitting out his whole insides” he giggled.

Will came back in the room and slapped Troy on the back of the head and stuck a finger under his nose. “That one went through the toilet paper!” he chortled, as Troy jumped back.

“Well now that we’re more comfortable, who’s next?” said Will. I know I was the last before Dickhead … err Richard, cuz all I had to do was go to the room where the rest of you were already waiting. Gosh, it was hard to keep quiet when Richard came in wasn’t it? Anyway, you’re next Prince.

“I guess I was statistically average too, eh Jer? Not too much happened. And I barely dribbled, and I didn’t have any other reactions. That was cuz I went pee before I went to the office. I was glad cuz I had to drink that Gatorade stuff too. And no boner either.” He looked at the others and smirked. “And there’s irrefutable evidence!”

“Well, that just leaves me then”, said Will, who was looking distinctly uneasy now that it was his turn. But before he could begin Jeremy interrupted

“Will was a statistical anomaly. He had no reaction to any of the tickling at all. I was finished him in 10 minutes.”

Will looked relieved, but then Jeremy continued. “The last thing I did was not part of the test, because I had already done it.”

Will was shaking his head, but Jeremy continued, giggling.

“I took the vibrator and pressed really hard on his stomach with it, not just a tickle. And he fa… far… far…” Jeremy stopped to compose himself. “FARTED big time. It was so foul that I held my nose and Jamie ran to the sink and gagged! Even Doctor Win took a step back, didn’t you, Doctor Win?”

The other boys were laughing again and John said “Yeah that’s when the dead rat he just got rid of poked his nose out!” he laughed hysterically.

Jeremy was quickly over to Will’s side. “At least you didn’t cum all over my hand!”

Jamie called out “Or his face!”

Jer added. “You were the only one who farted!”

The other boys continued to hold their noses. But Will was feeling better now and he grinned.

 “You guys are just jealous! Mrs Mackenzie’s tuna casserole always makes me fart!”

Jeremy calmed the room down. “We’ve all finished now except for Richard, and you’ve all seen what happened there. So how do you want to talk about his part?”

“We only saw the test, and Dr Win took a video of that, but what about the other parts. We sure heard him being rude to Troy as he came into the intake area, and he was very rude to Jamie during the prelims. So I think you guys should fill us in there.”

Troy started. “Well he was a little late coming in, and when he did he was really dirty. You saw him right? Anyway, he said that he had been playing street hockey with the boys in grade 12, and they had really given him a good game. He played goalie for one side, he said. Anyway, he took the drink I offered him, and drank it real fast. Then he asked for another one, and I couldn’t see why not, but I didn’t have another. I told him this and he got all pissy and went to your little bar fridge, Doctor.”

 He found your Oreos stash. He ate them and rinsed his mouth with a Pepsi he found there! Then he came back to me and burped in my face. He thought he was so funny. But he stank, and his breath too. He started to tell me how wonderful he was for agreeing to be part of the survey, and I thought, yeah RIGHT. Anyway, I marched him down to the intake and left him with Jamie, but I didn’t really leave. I lurked outside the door and waited til they went into room one.

Jamie continued “Yeah, when he saw me, he started mouthing off at me ‘Hey, you’re the shrimp who hangs about with that little freak Germy! How’d you get here? Isn’t it your naptime? Stuff like that. I ignored this, and politely asked him to sit down for the first questions. He did, but not before he burped in my face. Ewww. I’d rather have Will fart any day.”

 “I almost lost it then, but we went through the whole height weight thing, and any problems questions.

When I asked him to describe his physical state in his own words, he sneered at me ‘You little fag! You want me to talk about that stuff? In your dreams pansy! I’m a man, a real man!’ So that’s what I wrote, and then invited him to the exam room. When I told him to take off his clothes, he made me turn around while he did that, He sure hadn’t taken a shower He smelled like a dead fish!”

 I explained I would have to turn around to do his vitals, and he agreed. When I turned around he was sitting with his legs spread and the dirtiest underpants I’ve ever seen, and my little brother NEVER changes his, so I know! So I came close and held my breath and did what I was supposed to. He wouldn’t shut up, and kept on about how he smelt like a man was supposed to smell, and I wasn’t man enough to take it!”

“But I finished, and I saw Dr Win lurking outside the door. I explained about the blindfold and he sneered and said he would put it on himself. But he didn’t really, he just loosely tied it around his head.”

“Then Doctor Win came in, and his eyes widened. He didn’t like you very much did he? Called you an old pedo ball lover and stuff like that. And all the time, he was talking you were moving to his left side, and I moved to his right side. You had just finished explaining to him that you weren’t old, and he started to say something about you bein’ a ball-lover, when you winked at me. You grabbed his left arm and I grabbed his right at the same time, like we did with the others, but this time we weren’t gentle were we?”

He turned to the other boys. “I may be small but I’m strong. Playing competitive hockey is not for wimps in this town and I’m one of the reasons the school is at the top of the standings.”  The boys cheered that statement and Jamie continued.

 “Well he was trying to move but he couldn’t go very far could he? We really snugged him up tight. I was surprised when you gave me another strap and we spread-eagled him on the bed. But we did it and then you put the blindfold on properly and he went really quiet then didn’t he? Until Jer came in and did his hand running down the side thing. He thought it was me though, and he told me to do something, I don’t think anyone could do. Anyway by now Dr Win was at the camera and recording. Well Jer did the take underpants off thing, although I don’t know why he bothered. They were so dirty that a little pee woulda improved them. There were disgusting things at the back too. Anyway Jer couldn’t take them completely off because of the other restraints, so he just pulled them down as far as he could.”

Jeremy continued “I left then, and got all the others. I thought I might have to gag some of them, but I have to admit they were all quiet when they came in and stood 4 on each side of the bed.”

“Yeah”, smirked Benji. “We were struck dumb by the beautiful sight in front of us. God, I think the last time he washed was last month when we were swimming in the lake. And he smelt really cheesy.”

Doctor Win interjected “I’ve already uploaded the tape to the intranet, because I thought you guys would like to see it”

He went to Justin’s computer and brought it back up, and in no time at all the boys were looking at a part of the Intranet they had never seen before. Benji’s mouth was wide open.

“You guys aren’t the only computer whizzes in the school, just the youngest. And Benji? That file is where you will never ever find it. Consider it a challenge!”

Benji grinned, and turning to the others he mouthed, ‘He thinks!’

Then the video started, and the Doctor full screened it.

Jeremy came into the room and ran his hands lightly down Richard’s sides. ”Hello Richard”

Then he yanked the underpants down roughly.

 Richard screamed. “Hodges you dick sucking little fag. I’m gonna get you! And when I do, your butt will be so sore! If I can find your balls, I’ll rip them out, one at a time!”

“I told you he wouldn’t be quiet! What do I do?”

“There’s surgical scissors over there. Get ‘em Jamie.”

Snip! Snip! Two cuts and Jeremy holds the up the underpants.

Jamie pinches Richard’s nose. The underpants are stuffed in his open mouth.

And the feathers come out, and the cloths and the paintbrush and the dowels.

Richard is squirming, and trying to break his bonds as the tickling started.

John and Justin come forward to help Jamie tighten the Velcro.

The vibrator comes out and Jeremy attacks Richard’s feet. At the end, his bonds have loosened and the others tighten them.

Jeremy waits for the struggles to lessen. Then with a look of disgust, he attacks the armpits.

Richard’s bladder gives way and he soaks the bed and himself.

Jeremy and Jamie are seen stepping out of the way.

Jeremy stops to get a towel and wipes to get a towel Richard’s thighs.

Jamie shakes his head.

Off camera Doctor Win is heard.

“Good Jer, just right!”

Richard relaxes and Jeremy brushes his thighs then feathers then.

Richard’s penis begins to harden.

Jeremy applies the vibrator to his abdomen.

Richard’s penis is completely hard and pointing to his stomach.

Jamie puts on rubber gloves and removes the underwear gag.

Richard attempts to bite him, and then tries to spit.

Jeremy tells Jamie to stop recording data and calls Justin forward.

Richard turns his head sharply, when he hears Justin’s name.
Justin takes the vibrator and turns it on.

Richard moans.

Justin takes the vibrator and runs it firmly up and down Richard’s penis.

Richard screams as spurt after spurt of semen erupt from him.

The boys jump back to avoid being splattered.

The other boys come forward to tickle a part of Richard.

For the next five minutes this is seen.

Richard has wet himself again.

Troy looks with disgust at his shirt.

Doctor Win calls “Enough”

Two of the bigger boys remove the leg bindings.

They take Richard’s legs and bring them back to either side of his head.

Richard’s anal area and perineum and testicles fill the screen.

Jeremy takes the vibrator and runs it around and around and around Richard’s anus.

He rubs it along the perineum.

He roughly rubs it over his testicles

Then his penis

Then back to his anus.

Richard screams in pain and ecstasy as his penis erupts again.

The video ended.

The boys had been there, and seen it all, but they were still stunned by it. Justin and Charles were clutching each other and crying. Jeremy and Jamie weren’t even looking. Doctor Win took the floor.

“After I had sent most of you back here to clean up, and had made a call to organise the pizza, Jamie and Jeremy and Justin stayed to help me with Richard. We got him loose, and I was proud of you Jeremy. You too, Justin. You just spoke to him gently and softly, and stroked his face and chest. When he finally opened his eyes after the blindfold was removed, he didn’t have much to say. We helped him off the bed and walked him to the bathroom, where Jamie had run a warm bath. When he got in, you washed his upper parts and hair. He just sat there. By the time, you had finished, we had to change the water again, so he got out, and you held him in warm towels while Jamie and I cleaned the tub and refilled it. When he got back in, I took over and washed his legs and feet, and his genital area. I figured he might not be too happy if you did that, but he didn’t even complain about me doing it. After we got him dried off, we walked him into one of the newly made up rooms. He was so tired he fell nearly asleep as soon as we tucked him in.”

“ Then I was really proud of you. You sat there and stroked him and told him why these things had happened to him. Softly and gently, without recriminations. You actually congratulated him on his contribution to the survey, I think!”

“While Jamie and Jeremy were doing that, Justin and I stripped down and disinfected the room where we had tested him. His underpants went to the incinerator, but the rest of his clothes were placed in the infirmary washing machine. He’ll find them dry and clean tomorrow, when he wakes up. When he was asleep I gave him a little injection to keep him asleep for a while. Then I went to my office to prepare the counselling session I will have to give tomorrow. I will keep him in the infirmary for a few days as I work with him. But I think you made a good start on the road to his recovery.”

“And now, you guys clean up THIS mess. I don’t want Mrs Mathers to forbid in room pizza parties! She did when I was here 20 years ago! Then showers and bed. Troy and Jamie, I’ll get some towels for you. The other guys’ll share soap, right?”

Later after the showers, the boys went to their rooms.

Jer noticed that John had given up his bed to Troy, who was going to bunk with Drew, and Charles and Justin went back to Justin’s room. The others sorted themselves out, and Jeremy and Jamie were left in the hall. They looked at each other and giggled. They hugged and kissed, and then scampered off to Jer’s room holding hands like the little boys they were, and the lovers they will be.