Thumper's Tale


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction.
This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material.
If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else.

The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away.
If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story.
Life doesn't always work out like a story.

A strongly worded suggestion has resulted in this statement.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either
are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitioiusly,
and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business
establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Thus said, this story is copyrighted, ©2007.
It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

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          There he was, Elmer Rudd had his large, strong hand on my right shoulder. No! Get over it. There ain't no wascally wabbits or bugs or any of that crap in this story. They do call me Thumper though. I guess when I was a baby I used to shake my leg like a dog does. Uncle Rudd gave me the nick name.
          I stood on his front porch with a single suitcase in hand and everything else I owned sitting next to me in boxes at my feet. Aunt Gertie had her apron to her eyes as she repeated over and over, "Oh, dear. Oh, dear me..."
          The Rudd family has a long history. They are a well respected family with solid ties to the community. I am proud to be part of their family. I am just not proud to be related to the one family member that made me part of the family.
          The car was but a spec at the end of the long street, then it turned onto the main boulevard and was gone forever. The tears were still on my face. I don't know where they came from. There had been so many tears for the past two days, all mine. Nobody else cared. At least that's the way I felt. Aunt Gertie cared. She was the only one to cry with me. Uncle Rudd had said his piece, now he stood beside me and watched with me. I could feel his body shake in his anger.
          The three of us stood motionless. The car was gone. A big yellow school bus pulled up to the edge of his big house on the corner where Uncle Rudd had always lived. I stared blankly as the yellow doors opened and Bam Bam stepped off of the bus. He turned to hold the hand of a cute little girl as she stepped down to the grassy lawn. Bam Bam passed a handful of books to the girl which earned him a quick kiss and a giggle that we could hear from where we were.
          The bus pulled away as the little girl walked back up the block in the direction the bus had come from. I later learned that she lived in the house behind Uncle Rudd's. Her house faced the street the bus was on. Uncle Rudd's house faced the cross street so his back and side yards abutted her home's property.
          There were several other kids that departed the bus with Bam Bam and the girl but I didn't pay much attention. I would not have noticed Bam Bam except that the bus had pulled in between me and the corner where I had last seen her car. Bam Bam ran up to us and started to say something then he looked at me. He stopped short as studied my face. His eyes sparkled as tears gathered at the bottom of their wide sockets.
          Aunt Gertie took the suitcase from my hand and set it on the porch. She guided me to the door with Bam Bam at my side. I love that woman with all of my heart. I have always wished that she could have been my mother. She knew what a sad twelve year old boy needed. She directed me and my cousin to the table without words. She reached into the built in hutch of the small breakfast nook and removed four small plates. She opened a drawer in the cabinet and took out forks and a knife. A large chocolate cake sat under a cover in the middle of the table. She cut four large pieces and placed one on each of the plates then passed them around.
          Bam Bam sat staring at me as my tears never ceased. Aunt Gertie placed a tall glass of cold milk before each of us then kissed me on the cheek. She wiped at my tears with her apron. I looked to her face, her tears were still there also. Uncle Rudd came to the table. "I have put everything in the spare room but I wonder if you boys don't want to sleep together for a few nights." I would like that. I can't stand the fact that I might be alone if not for these three.
          "Eat. It is going to be okay, Thumper. You are home. This will be your home until you want to leave," Aunt Gertie said. Bam Bam seemed to brighten up at that and dug into his cake. I wiped my nose with the back of my hand and reached for my fork. The cake was great. Aunt Gertie always knows how to make us feel good.
          They tell me that I should honor my mother and father. No one knows who my father is. I don't think the womb provider knows for sure. All she ever does is lay down on her back and let some horny son-of-a-bitch go at her. I have seen her fucking some different dude from as far back as I can remember. I'd go tell her that I was hungry, it'd been hours since I'd eaten. The dude kept fucking her as she threw money at me and told me to go the corner drug store and get myself a burger.
          That was my home life. I hated her and everything about our life together so why did I cry when she told me she didn't want me anymore? I begged her for two days not to go with the fat man but she told me that he loved her and would give her a nice home. I asked why I couldn't go and live in a nice home with her. She laughed at me. My own mother laughed at me and told me that he didn't like snot nosed kids. I asked her what I supposed to do, go to the drugstore and get a burger? She slapped my face and left me with everything I owned spread over the floor of my room where she had been sorting it and placing it in boxes.
          Several minutes later she came back and told me that I was going to live with her brother, Uncle Rudd. Things began to look better. The fat man came with his big fancy car. He made me put a sheet over the car seats then a blanket over that. He put newspaper on the floor for me to step on. He had plastic bags to line his trunk with as he put the boxes with everything I owned inside. They sat inside the car as Uncle Rudd helped me get my things out of his trunk then without so much as a "fuck you," they were gone.
          I whimpered as I thanked the family for allowing a loser like me to mess up their life. That got me yelled at but everybody does that to me all the time so I was used to it. Bam Bam led me to his room. I told him I was tired. He knelt down and pulled my shoes off. He tried to make me laugh as he fell backwards, dead from the smell of my feet. My feet don't stink but I laughed anyway. That felt good, I hadn't laughed for a long time. Bam Bam told me that he still slept naked like we used to do when I would visit him. I didn't care, I like to sleep naked too. He took my clothes and emptied out my pockets as I pulled his sheet and blanket over my head and cried myself to sleep.
          The sun found a crack between the curtain and the window frame so a bright sunray hit me square in the eye. I tried to move away but Bam Bam was behind me with his arm around me and his naked body up against mine. My movements awakened him and he pulled back from me. "Good morning. How do you feel?"
          "I know somebody who can fix that. Let's take a shower and get dressed then we'll go see what mom has for us to eat." I liked that idea. Yeah, all of them. Bam Bam and I have taken lots of showers together. He is my twin. I am forty seven seconds older than he is. We were born in the same hospital, on the same day, but in different rooms. We were always real close until about two years ago. Mom started doing drugs and I told Uncle Rudd about it when we were there for Bam Bam and my tenth birthday party.
          Grandma was still alive then and she started the yelling. I heard threats of someone taking me away from mom so she grabbed my hand and dragged me to her car. I didn't get to take any of my birthday presents home or anything. I didn't even get a piece of cake or ice cream. Mom packed suit cases for us and we moved out of town. A week later we had this apartment somewhere else and all of our furniture and stuff arrived by truck. That's where we've been for more than two years. I hadn't seen Uncle Rudd or Bam Bam or nobody. I learned that grandma was dead but mom didn't want to go around, "that bunch of people that only want to judge." Now as I look back on it she needed a judge. A real judge. She should have been in jail a long time ago.
          She's there now. I was safe. She drove the fat man's car off of the road and killed him. They said she was high on crack or something. I told Bam Bam that I always saw her crack high with some dude fucking her in it. He's the same age as me and he thinks the same things I think are funny too.
          I got ahead of my story there for a minute. Aunt Gertie had breakfast ready. I'm not used to real breakfast unless mom gives me money to go to the drug store. They have good bacon and eggs there. Aunt Gertie had good bacon and eggs but her's tasted better than the ones at the drug store. Bam Bam looked at the clock and jumped up. Uncle Rudd told him that he was going to take us to school. Bam Bam ran out the front door with Aunt Gertie right behind him. She stopped at the door and called me and Uncle Rudd to come look.
          Bam Bam was leaning against a tree with the little girl from the day before. He held her books as they talked to each other. The bus pulled up and he passed her the books in his hand and helped onto the bus. He was talking to the bus driver and pointing at his house then the bus drove away. He came back to the house and Aunt Gertie called him, "Lover boy." He blushed, big time.
          School had started the week before but I had not been able to go. Now I know that there were other plans afoot for me but at the time I would have loved to go to school and get away from all of the crap that went on in my house. Uncle Rudd was quiet and didn't say anything. He just took us to school then he and Aunt Gertie walked me into the office. I was enrolled and Bam Bam was called to the office to be my buddy and show me where my classes and everything was. He liked that because they gave him what they call a buddy pass. It was a big blue card that said "buddy pass", duh. He could be late to class and show that to his teacher and he was excused. He did have to make up a test though cause it was being timed and he couldn't even go in the room until it was over. He came to my class and stayed with me then I sat in the hall after school as he made up the test. Uncle Rudd had to come and pick us up because we missed the bus.
          I met the little girl. Her name was Susan and she was okay for a girl. She had a friend by the name of Janet who thought Thumper was just about the best name ever. She drove me insane but she was fun to be with. We made all of the seventh grade mixers and even went to the movies together a couple of times before the school year was over.
          It was all good until mid-summer. We had our thirteenth birthday party and it was wild. Every kid we knew in school came and they had lots of gifts for both of us. We went to this big park where we went swimming then we rode bumper cars and the roller coaster then cooked hot dogs and ate cake. I was so tired when we got home that I went straight to bed.
          Bam Bam and I still sleep together. I have the window side of the bed and he has the door side. If he sleeps on his right side I move up against him and sleep with my arm around him. If I sleep on my left side then he moves against me. That's just the way it has been for the last year.
          I don't know what made me look but I did. Bam Bam and I slept together every night. We showered together every day. We dressed in the room together two or three times a day but we never looked. I was laying on my left side with the lamp beside the bed still on. Bam Bam had taken his clothes off and he was making sure that there were no cracks between the curtains and the window frames. We wanted to sleep late with out a sunray shining in our eyes the next morning.
          When Bam Bam turned around he reached over to turn off the lamp. His stuff was right in my face. I sat up and pointed at it. "You got a hair, man!" Bam Bam bent over and looked down. He was proud. He had about four or five little dark hairs and some not so dark just above his penney.
          He tossed the covers back and bent over me. "You too. Look. You got more."
          "Well of course. I am forty seven seconds older than you."
          "So in forty seven seconds I will have as many hairs as you but you will have more?" We looked at the clock then watched our hair. No new ones grew at that time. Bam Bam ran his fingers through my hairy crown and my penney got all stiffy. I had noticed that it gets stiffy like in the morning when I wake up but I go take a leak and it goes down. That had been happening for a long time but lately it felt kind of different.
          "Man that has gotten bigger." I looked at his. His was bigger too. I told him to get his ruler. He ran to his back pack and dug his ruler out. He came back and had me lay on my back. He pushed the ruler against my belly at the top of my penney and it was three and a half inches long. I made him lay back and checked him out. He was exactly three and a half inches long. Wow. We had dicks now. We high fived each other. Thirteen years old, with dicks and hair. We were grown up.
          We didn't do any of that stuff that you read about. It just never occurred to us. We fell asleep with him against my back as we talked about being grown up. We didn't feel too grown up the next day.
          Aunt Gertie had eaten something at the park that made her really sick. Four of our school friends got sick and two of the other parents, one mom and one dad. Aunt Gertie and one of our school friends died. The police or somebody checked the park and found that the salad bar had some sort of coiled disease in it and a lot of people got sick from eating there. I guess Aunt Gertie and Billy Young were the only ones to die but a lot of people had been sick. Before Aunt Gertie died Bam Bam said he was glad that he didn't, "eat no wabbit chow." We didn't make jokes after that.
          Uncle Rudd flew Aunt Gertie's body back to her home town to be buried next to her mother and father. Bam Bam showed me an empty spot where he would have to bury his dad someday. We held each other and cried. We loved Aunt Gertie but we can not imagine not having Uncle Rudd around. The man is so strong. We need him.
          The motel messed up on our reservations and they only had one room left but it had a king sized bed in it. They gave us the room for free because of the funeral and it was their mistake and all. I knew that Uncle Rudd always sleeps naked so it was like no big deal. We all just got naked and got into bed.
          Just before daylight I felt Bam Bam crying. He was behind me as I was on my left side in the middle of the bed facing Uncle Rudd. I turned over so that I could face Bam Bam and I wrapped my arms around him. He pulled close to me and continued to cry. Our dicks were hard like the night of our birthday. They were touching each other. It felt good. Bam Bam must have liked it too. He began to rub his dick back and forth against mine and I started to feel real good.
          For some reason I kissed Bam Bam. He kissed me back. I opened my mouth a little bit and his tongue came into my mouth. I had heard about tongue kissing but had never done it. I was liking tongue kissing my twin cousin as we humped our dicks against each other. He kind of rolled up on top of me and began to really hump at me. His dick was sliding against mine and we were both kind of wet and slick. His tongue was way down in my mouth and I was licking around his teeth and letting my tongue wrestle with his.
          Suddenly I had this feeling move through me that was so intense. I could not control myself as I knew I was about to pee or something. All at once something let go inside of me and the best feeling of my life ran wild throughout my body. Bam Bam was banging against me then he stopped. I looked at his face as he tensed up then I felt him making short jabs with his dick against mine. Then I felt hot and wet. I wondered if he felt what I had just felt. I wondered if we had just peed on each other.
          Suddenly Uncle Rudd threw the covers off of himself. It was just light enough that we could see that he had the biggest dick in all history and it was shooting something way up that curled and fell back on his body. He reached over and turned on the light by his side of the bed. He was covered in white stuff. I remembered sex education class and I thought that this must be sperms.
          Uncle Rudd was breathing hard but he had a big smile on his face as he looked at the two of us still locked together with Bam Bam on top of me. He patted Bam Bam on the butt and told us to stay put. He got up and went to the bathroom. We could hear the water running as we looked at each other. "What happened? What did we do?" ran around in my head. Bam Bam rolled over to his back. I looked down at my soft dick and all around it was some thin, white stuff. It wasn't all white or thick like Uncle Rudd's but I think it was the same stuff.
          Uncle Rudd came out of the bathroom with three wash cloths soaked in hot water. He put one over my dick and kind of washed me up then he did the same to Bam Bam. He used the third wash cloth to clean himself off. We lay there and washed ourselves as we stared at Uncle Rudd and he stared at us.
          "That was the first time for either of you wasn't it?" We had no idea what he was talking about. He had to explain about orgasms and all of that stuff. He had been asleep when he had a wet dream. He had to explain that to us. He figures that Bam Bam and I going at each other triggered his dream. He could not stop himself and he didn't want to make a mess on the sheets so he threw the covers back. That was when he remembered that we were in bed beside him.
          There was no stopping and no going back so he just let his orgasm rush through his body. He told us that it was better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. Once everything had started he decided that he would just use it as an object lesson to teach his two sons the facts of life.
          We learned a lot of the facts of life that morning. We got dressed and went to the motel's restaurant for breakfast. We went back to the room and put on our good clothes to go to the funeral. We hung around listening to everybody say how sorry they were and how good she was and all of that until we were ready to go running off into the night screaming like maniacs. Uncle Rudd asked us if we were ready to go home. We were.
          We asked him if we could stay in the motel one more night. We didn't want to get on the plane then get home to an empty house in the middle of the night. Neither of us wanted him to go home to an empty house in the middle of the night, if the truth of it be known.
          We kept Uncle Rudd up for several hours with our questions. We wanted to know why we had kissed each other and why we had rubbed against each other and if we were what we had heard about at school, gay. Uncle Rudd is the world's most tender man. He explained everything to us as if we were adults. He didn't talk down to us or make us feel bad. He told us that what we had done was completely natural. He told us that we should not talk about it to anyone else. He said that most all boys to it to some degree, "It is part of learning about our bodies," he told us.
          He told us that we would mess around for awhile but as we grew up we would quit and learn how to control our emotions and hormones. He knows that we both have girlfriends from the previous year and that our relations with girls would grow as we matured.
          Then he began to talk about gays. He called them queers and homosexuals. He got really nasty as he talked about them and what he called, "their deviancy." He made both of us mad as he talked the faggots down. We told him that it was not the guys fault that he liked boys. Science shows us that it is inborn in a person. It can't be changed anymore than eye color or skin color. It is who that person is.
          He asked us what we would think if we had to live with a queer. We told him that it would be okay with us. He told us that the queer might try to have sex with us. Bam Bam turned so that he could look straight at his father. "Like Toby?"
          Uncle Rudd let all of his air out and looked at each of us. He has a boyfriend.

          Like who doesn't think that Shawn Garnett and Chet Thomas are gay? They are fifteen and sophomores in highschool. We see them around the neighborhood all of the time. They are always together and they hold hands a lot. Some of the older kids call them fags but they don't seem to mind.
          Uncle Rudd had set the table so that they sat across from me and Bam Bam. Toby Garnett sat next to dad. We had just spent the entire week at Uncle Rudd's lake cabin as we played on the water and in the woods. Nobody held back with their feeling or their thoughts.

          Bam Bam and me were little kids. We didn't know nothing. We came home from the funeral but Uncle Rudd could not stay at the house. He let me and Bam Bam stay alone for three days. He came by and checked on us in the morning and after work. He took us out to dinner and made sure we were okay but he could not go inside. Bam Bam even took his dad's clothes out to his car for him. I guess I can understand that but I wanted my family back. I didn't know that I was about to get a new family.
          Our first night back me and Bam Bam were sitting in the den watching tv in the nude. We talked about some of the stuff that his dad had told us and we wondered what it would be like to do some of it. Uncle Rudd gave us a gay video. I looked at the pictures on the cover. Those dudes had big dicks. There were some small pictures of some guy sucking a dick and there was a guy getting a dick up his ass. My favorite was this guy sucking a dude that was getting fucked while he got it up his own ass at the same time.
          We were scared but we had taken a taste of sex in the motel room. We wanted more. The night of the funeral we had a different room with two queen sized beds in it. I was behind Bam Bam and for some reason I let my hand go to his dick. We had never touched each other, except the night with the ruler. His dick was as hard as mine. Mine was pointed in between his legs and he had a firm grip on it with his thighs. I wrapped my hand around his dick and it felt so warm, so good, so right. I had never jacked off but somehow I just knew how to move my hand. Bam Bam was moaning and humping his dick in and out of my hand. In a few minutes I felt him get super hard and he got a lot bigger then I felt his cock pulse. His cum was all over my hand and made it slick as I kept beating him off. He put his hand on mine and told me to stop. I didn't know why until he made me turn over.
          He did the same to me as I had done to him. I thought I would go crazy it felt so good. I had that same feeling from that morning when he was on top of me only this was stronger as his hand just kept going up and down on me. In a few minutes I had to push him away. He giggled at me and kept going but it was hurting like crazy so I shoved him away.
          I was looking at Uncle Rudd in the dark. He was pretending to be asleep but I could see his hand moving the sheets as he was doing it to himself. I turned over to face Bam Bam and we kissed. We wiped our hands on each other's backs and rubbed our sticky tummies against each other. Then we kissed some more and fell asleep.

          I held the remote for the VCR. Bam Bam took hold of my dick and I took hold of his. I pushed play. We sat there and slow stroked each other as we learned what guys can do. Two and a half hours of eight different guys doing all this sex to each other. We stopped the tape and backed it up so we could see some parts again and again. We had a good idea of what could be done. Now we had to decide if we wanted to do it.
          Bam Bam did it first. He bent over and sucked my dick. Shit, that was kewl. I did it to him but he made me move so we could do it to each other at the same time like they did in the movie. I never thought good or bad about the cum. I just started sucking then I felt myself about to cum when Bam Bam started to cum in my mouth. Well fuck him, I didn't warn him either. I just let it shoot. We both kept sucking until we had all of each other's juice then we softly kissed each other's head as it got too hard to touch it.
          We did that two more time through the night only the third time we stuck our finger up inside of each other's butt. That was exceptional. Thursday night Bam Bam spread his legs like this one guy in the movie. I moved up and pushed my cock in. I hurt him. I backed up and went slow with some hand lotion on my dick and Bam Bam loved it. He didn't want me to stop, even when he shot his wad without either of us touching his dick. I shocked the shit out of him when I licked all of his cold cum off of his chest and stomach then I kissed him.
          Later he fucked me and did the same thing. We decided that we liked being gay. But we decided that we weren't going to tell anybody. I know that gay guys get beat up, a lot. And everybody teases them. We just kind of kept to ourselves when Uncle Rudd called and told us to pack for a camping trip.

          We went to the lake where Uncle Rudd has this big cabin. I used to go there every summer and stay for a whole month with grandma and pappa. Toby Garnett and his son, Shawn Garnett and Chet Thomas were at the lake too. It was a really hot day and we had been in the car for over two hours. We wanted to go play in the water. Uncle Rudd said it was okay and if we wanted we could all go skinny dipping.
          Well when I was little I used to go skinny dipping at the lake and I loved it. I wasn't all that sure with these new guys around until Chet pulled his shorts down and I saw this huge old cock sticking straight up in the air. He had this long piece of skin over the end of it and looked so kewl I couldn't quit staring at it. Then Shawn stood right beside me and put his hand on my shoulder for balance as he pushed his shorts down. He kind of turned toward me and he had a huger dick than Chet did, and it had skin on it too.
          "Come on little dudes, get naked. I'm gonna throw your skinny ass into to the lake." That wasn't going to happen. I know this lake, well. I was out of my clothes and I ran down the small pier then dived into the water. I swam out to the diving float about twenty feet from the pier and climbed up on top. I turned around and mooned Shawn and called him a pussy. He dove in the water and came after me.
          He never caught me. We dove and we swam and we raced and all naked as we could be for the rest of the afternoon. Uncle Rudd and Toby Garnett got naked and they swam and dived too but they spent a lot of time laying on the float and kissing. Bam Bam and I kept watching them but didn't say nothing. Shawn and Chet kissed quite a bit too and so me and Bam Bam did it once but it kind of embarrassed us and we both got stiffies so we didn't do that for awhile.
          Toby and Uncle Rudd swam to the pier and told us that they were going to start dinner. We sat on the pier and talked to the two older boys for awhile. "Are you really gay like they say?" Leave it to Bam Bam to ask the obvious. They were. They had started playing around with each other when they were twelve. Chet's mother was almost as bad as mine and she let Chet live with Roby and Shawn. She gave Roby the child support check each month to keep Chet away from her, she can't handle queers. She told him that his father was a queer and he was in jail because he likes little boys.
          Bam Bam and I had a zillion questions so we just sat there and talked until we were called to dinner. We set at the table and talked awhile but we sat in pairs. Uncle Rudd asked Bam Bam what he thought of the afternoon. He had fun and he said so but his dad wanted to know about the kissing and the nakedness and everything like that. Bam Bam was kind of stuttering but he thought it was okay. Then Toby just out and out asked us if we sucked each other's dicks. Bam Bam got so scared that he almost threw up. I grabbed him and held him.
          "So what if we do. How is that any of your business, faggot?" That got me in trouble, big time.
          "It is his business because I have made it his business, Thumper. Roby was my highschool boyfriend when we were your age. We used to kiss each other and suck each other's cocks when we were thirteen and fourteen. We still messed around when Roby got Mary Sue Ellen knocked up then I married Gertie and things kind of went crazy for us. We didn't know that we still loved each other until that hunk of a son of his came into my shop and asked for a job. He looks just like his old man and I got a hard on just looking at him.
          "I looked at his application and saw his name then I lied to his face. I told him that I didn't like to hire kids without experience until I met his parents. He wanted the job on his own merits, which I like, but I told him that he was only fourteen and I had to have his parents sign a form saying that he could work a few hours after school. I told him that I liked him and the job was his but I had to have the form signed.
          "I was right, Roby was his dad. It was my Roby. When Shawn came back with his dad my heart melted. I still loved Roby. I had hidden it from myself for twelve years. Roby took one look at me and we sent Shawn to look around the shop so that we could lock the door and kiss each other.
          "Jerrod, your father is a queer. Justin you have one of those funny uncles. I won't apologize to you for who I am. I learned in the motel room last week that you two might be able to handle the truth about me. I don't know what I am going to do if you hate me but I want to live with Roby for the rest of my life. I want to raise you two up as my sons and I want to help Roby raise his two sons also.
          "Roby would like to be a part of our family and be there as you grow up but right now everything we have and do is up to the two of you." We had four sets of eyes locked on us. I looked at Jerrod, I had not heard anyone call Bam Bam that in... well in like forever. He was staring at me too.
          "Damn, do I have to make all of the decisions in this family. We should all have an equal say in this. I don't care who fucks or sucks who and long as you keep your cock sucking lips off of my man." I grabbed Bam Bam and hugged him. I was shaking so hard that my insides hurt. He kissed me and held me tight as I slowly relaxed.
          "That goes for me too. This pretty little butt belongs to me, alone." He told them. Shawn and Chet told us that they really wanted to get with us that they could teach us some neat stuff. We told them we cum as a couple or don't cum at all. If they wanted to teach us anything it was a package deal.

          So here we are. Toby only had a two bedroom house. Uncle Rudd sucked it up and we helped him to clean the house of most of Aunt Gertie's things. He didn't want to get rid of anything. She is still in his life and she is Bam Bam's mother. We took careful inventory and put everything in boxes and labeled each box. We put them in the attic so that when Uncle Rudd came home he did not have to see it.
          It wasn't easy for him. He would grab a plate or a pan and remember something about her. I guess I could understand that. Roby was always there for him and we all did whatever we could to help him.
          It has been a year now and Bam Bam and I are celebrating our fourteenth birthday at the lake with our two fathers and two new brothers. We all love each other very much and we watch each other's backs.
          I really like watching Bam Bam's back as I doggy hump him. I love loving him and I love him loving me. We know a lot about boy sex now and we even got Roby and Uncle Rudd to show us a few things. Old men fuck funny and we laugh our asses off when we watch them. They get all mushy when they watch us but I really like to watch Chet and Shawn. They're better than a porno tape any day and they let us get involved with them. That is so kewl.

Another dusty tale rescued from the ancient archieves of the dirty mind of Carl Dickson.
Hope it arouses your passions, or something.

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