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Tween to Teen
(sequel to My 11th Summer)
By: Kewl Dad

Chapter Twenty Five
  More Cousins, then back to reality

The next few days were packed with adventures, and not nearly as much sex as the previous ones. On Sunday everyone packed up in their cars and we drove about twenty miles to a nearby lake and camped out for the next two days. 

Apparently this was something the families did a lot, and they had tents and all the camping equipment to make it work. There were coolers of ice and sodas, big gallon jars of sweet tea and water, watermelons, and plenty of other food, enough to feed the small army that we were.

Mom and dad insisted on buying a lot of it and the cousins didn't protest too much. After all it was only fair since there were five of us (counting Mikey) and we wanted to do our share.

Speaking of Mikey, that kid had more fun that week than he did his whole life. I hadn't really thought about what it was like for him before, not having kids his age to play with, and he took to those other kids like he'd known them all his life.

He was always dirty the whole time we were there, but after a while mom kept fussing about it and just let him have fun. Dad said he was a kid and kids and dirt went together.

At first mom and dad tried to keep an eye on him every minute, but after a while they began to trust the older kids, especially the girls, who fussed over Mikey and treated him like their own.

The older girls especially doted on him, and it seemed like one of them was always carrying him on their hip or playing with him. But it was the other little boys that he liked the best. 

For hours he would sit in the dirt and play cars or blocks or just wrestle around with the other little boys and once or twice he even wound up naked with them.

At first mom was concerned, then just as she had with the dirt thing, she realized it was no big deal. Most of the little ones ran around naked all the time and after a while it just seemed natural and I didn't think much about it. 

That first afternoon at the lake, as Johnny and I sat beneath a shade tree, Johnny a fishing pole in his hand and me trying to stay awake after the huge lunch we'd eaten, Johnny surprised me by reaching over and squeezing my dick through my shorts.

"Hey!" I protested weakly.

"I was thinking...maybe we could slip off and find a nice quiet place to fool around later."

"Uh, okay...but later. I'm too full to move," I moaned.

"It's been a fun week so far, but you know...I miss it just being us two...and our friends."

"Yeah, at first it was all sort of exciting, but I'm kind of getting tired of all the cousins sexing all the time."

"Yeah, well...only a few more days. Gosh I hate to admit it, but I'm even looking forward to seeing mom and dad again."

Johnny's folks were due home the next day after we returned and Johnny had mixed feelings about it. On one hand he had missed them, and on the other hand it meant he'd probably be going home with them and end our summer together.

"I bet they'll be glad to see you too," I said rubbing his back. His skin was more tanned than ever and velvety smooth beneath my touch.

"Yeah, then back to the farm and will begin and we won't see each other near as much."

"Yeah, well...we'll still have the weekends, and you'll have Caleb when I'm not around," I said trying to sound upbeat, but failing.

"Yeah," he sighed, "I wish...I wish I could just live with you and go to school in Pryor again. I miss that so much."

"I know, me too. Let's not think about that now, okay? Come on, you've drowned enough worms," I laughed, "and I think my lunch has settled, "Let's go fuck around."

Johnny laughed, "Fuck around? I like that, yeah, let's fuck around."

We walked along the lake for a while, but there didn't seem to be any good places to mess around. We were just about to give up and walk the other way, when I noticed an old tumbled down brick building in a grove of trees.

"Hey, what's that?" Johnny said before I could speak.

"Come on, let's find out."

As we approached we could see that at one time the building had been rather large, but now only parts of it were still standing and the undergrowth hid most of it.

"Let's see if there's a way inside," Johnny suggested.

It took us a while, but eventually we found a doorway, and after clearing the vines and stuff out of the way we managed to make our way inside.

The inside was shockingly empty, and though there was a canopy of tree branches above us, there was no roof left on the building at all. Inside there were parts of the cement floor still intact, but large areas had been taken over by moss and grass. There were no inner walls, instead the building was one big room with three walls more or less in tact, and one wall tumbled down to eye level. However that wall was covered by vines and undergrowth making the interior completely hidden from outside.

"Perfect," Johnny said already stripping off his shorts.

"Whoa, in a hurry big boy?" I laughed, and then I started removing mine.

We stood there in our underwear for a moment looking at each other, then slowly moved together and started kissing and hugging like we were starved for each other.

The underwear came off eventually and we stood rubbing our leaking hard peckers together as we kept on kissing and exploring each other's bodies with our hands.

"I love you so much," Johnny said between nibbles of my lips.

"I love you too," I managed to say despite having my lips attacked by my lover.

"It just seems like it gets better every day," Johnny said pulling back and gazing into my eyes.

"I know, I feel the same way," I said tearing up a little.

Johnny wiped at his eyes, "And right now I want to show you just how much I love you." He slid to his knees and looked up at me and smiled, and seconds later he began by licking my sweaty balls.

We'd been together so long, and done so much together, that little things like sweat or a little body odor did nothing to turn us off. In fact in some cases those things turned us on even more, and Johnny lapped at my nuts like they were candy.

I reached down and ran my fingers through his dark hair, the hair that I loved so much, and threw my head back and moaned lowly. Johnny had been there, between my legs, many times, but like our love, the feeling seemed to get better each and every time.

When he swallowed my hard pecker I knew I wouldn't last long, but it didn't matter, I was anxious to get at Johnny's pecker and make him feel good.

Johnny surprised me however by releasing my pecker when I was close and standing to kiss me once again. We kissed for a long time, pressing our peckers together, but eventually he pulled away and sank to his knees again and finished what he had started.

"Oh man," I said as I recovered from a ball wrenching orgasm that left me weak kneed and in danger of collapsing if not for Johnny's strong arms holding me up, "that was so good. Give me an minute and I'm gonna return the favor."

"No hurry lover," he said standing and hugging me as he nuzzled my neck.

Eventually I recovered enough to start making good on my promise, but once I got him good and worked up I decided I wanted him inside me.

Standing, I found a patch of fairly clear ground and got down on all fours and wiggled my butt at him, "Okay big boy, come and get it," I giggled.

"Oh man, how did you know what I was thinking?" Johnny moaned, "We sure do think alike."

"I want you inside me lover boy, and I don't care if I leak your cum all day, it will just remind me how much I love you."

Johnny and I, like most long tern lovers, knew each other inside and outside by then. He knew how to please me, while pleasing himself, and after a little fingering and tongue action back there he entered me easily and slid in all the way.

Johnny's love making changed with his moods. Most times he was gentle and loving, but he could be rough and aggressive at times too. I loved all of it, and truthfully really liked the rough stuff when we were doing it some place other than bed. 

In bed I liked to cuddle and make slow love, as did Johnny, but when we were outdoors or somewhere strange, I liked to do it animal style and so did he.

This was one of those times and I got a good fucking that day. Johnny kept hitting that place inside me that feels so good, and despite having just come, I felt like I could go again at any minute.

Toward the end, as Johnny pounded me mercilessly, I grabbed my dick and began working it, and suddenly I spewed and Johnny followed my lead.

"Oh man...oh man," Johnny said as he filled my guts with his hot load of sticky cum.

"Mmmm...I can feel your stuff leaking out of me,"
 I giggled, "Maybe I better take a shit and get rid of it. It might be embarrassing to go around with a wet spot on the ass of my shorts."

"Nasty," Johnny laughed, "What're you gonna wipe on?"

"Your underwear," I teased, "I don't mean I'm gonna really shit, just squeeze out your sperm."

"Oh, okay...sorry if I made a mess back there."

"Don't be sorry, I loved it," I said rolling over and squatting to squirt out a little of his sperm and making a farting noise.

We both giggled, then I pulled up my shorts and stood and we walked out of the brick building and back to the lake.

By the time we reached the campsite the kids had a watermelon butchered and suddenly I was hungry again. Johnny and I ate our share and afterwards we walked to the lake and went for a swim to wash the sticky juice off.

Since that night at the creek we hadn't seen much of Sue Ann, which was a good thing, but suddenly she was upon us before I even saw her coming.

"Hi," she said wiping water from her eyes, "where you all been. Did you go off somewhere explorin'?"

"Yeah, we found a good place to fish," Johnny said looking at me and grinning.

"I don't like fishin' much, but the boys do. When are you all goin' back home?"

"Wednesday," I said hoping I didn't sound as anxious as I was to leave the hills and the cousins.

"Aww..shucks, well...if you want we can play tonight some more..." she said blushing.

"Uh, well...I don't know," I said wondering how to say no without hurting her feelings.

"It's okay, you don't like girls much, do ya'?"

"Sure, we like em' just fine," I said in defense, "it's just that we sort"

"We mostly like doin' stuff together," Johnny jumped in.

"Oh, okay...are you two in love?" she said smiling. If there was one thing girls understood it was love.

"Yeah, does it show?" I asked wondering if we were as obvious as I sometimes felt.

"Yeah, I sorta thought so. So you all are queer then," it was a statement more than a question, but it didn't sound mean or accusing.

"I guess, we really don't know," Johnny said, "We just love each other, that's all. We've known each other almost all our lives and we just...well, we just like being together that way."

"Okay," she said simply, "I gotta a boyfriend named Nathan and we kiss all the time."

"Nice," I said smiling, "You're a cute girl, Nathan is a lucky boy."

"Thanks, well...see ya' later," she said leaving as quickly as she had came.

"Wow, that was weird," Johnny said laughing, "But I guess we won't have to worry about her messing with us again."

"Yeah, come on, let's go see what the other boys are doing over there."

The other boys were catching crawdads and pretty soon Johnny and I were right in the middle of them. 

Zeke and his dad and brother were there for the day, but would be going back home the next day, and Zeke joined us after a while. When we got tired of catching crawdads Zeke, Johnny, and me waded back out into the lake and floated together and talked.

"I'm gonna miss you guys," Zeke said, "you're not like the other cousins."

"I'm not a cousin," Johnny reminded him, "but I get what you mean. Those kids are different," he laughed.

"Yeah, bless their hearts," he said smiling, "I love em' all, but sometimes I just wish they were a little more...well...educated or something."

"You wanna sleep with us tonight?" I asked, looking at Johnny to guage his reaction.

"Yeah, if it's okay."

"Sure it's okay," Johnny said enthusiastically.

"Okay, we don't even have to do anything, I just like bein' with you guys."

"Awww...we like being with you," I said, "and if you don't want to do anything that's okay, but I can't promise me and Johnny won't."

"Well, that's okay, I just don't wanna' intrude on you guys."

"You won't," Johnny offered, "We can handle one cousin just fine, it's when they come at us in droves that we sort of get scared," he chuckled.

"Yeah, they can be sort of...overwhelming at times. I'm surprised I've been able to avoid doing anything with them all these years. Sometimes I think they thought I was stuck up or something, but it's not like that."

"Well, they seem fine with you now, even Delores," I said. 

"Yeah, this year seems different. I think maybe you guys being here might have helped."

"Well, then I'm glad we came, come on let's go get some of that sweet tea, I'm thirsty."

We managed to avoid most of the cousins the rest of the afternoon, but when they started a game of baseball we decided to join in.

We played in a big open field near the campsite and even the girls joined in. We were really having a good time until one of the smaller cousins got hit by a fly ball and dropped like a fly.

A few of the adults who had been watching ran over to check on the kid and eventually Johnny and I wandered over to make sure he wasn't dead or something.

"Bubba, can you hear me?" One of the women said as she held the lifeless kid in her arms, "God, Fred I think he's done died on us," she said turning to a man with a beard who was wearing overalls.

"Don't be crazy Nellie, he ain't dead, he just got cold cocked. He'll come around in a minute."

I was glad to see mom and dad heading our way an when my mom arrived she took over as if it was her own kid laying there on the ground.

"He has a head injury," she said pointing to a red splotch on his forehead that clearly showed the stitches of the ball that hit him, "he should be taken to a hospital, right away. He might have a concussion."

"Fred go get the truck,"  Nellie said looking panicky now.

My heart was beating really fast and I felt ready to cry, and I guess Johnny saw that and he put his hand on my arm to calm me down some.

"He'll be okay," Johnny whispered, "his folks'll take him to the hospital and they'll take care of him."

"Do they even have a hospital around here?" I wondered aloud, "or a doctor?"

"I guess, maybe not in this town, but maybe close by ."

We watched as Fred drove an old pickup truck onto the grassy field and my dad carried the kid (Billy was his real name) to the truck and then helped get him situated between Fred and Nellie.

"We'll go see Doc Ellis, he's closer. I know he ain't got no fancy medical stuff, but he'll know what to do," Nellie said as we all gathered around to send them off.

When they were gone, a couple of the kids suggested we go back to the game, but not enough kids wanted to so that was soon forgotten.

Instead everyone scattered, grabbing a drink or sitting in the shade, and a few went back to the lake to cool off.

"Robert, Johnny," my dad called, and we headed his way.

"Yes sir," I said as we joined him and mom by our car.

"Did you boys see what happened?"

"Yes sir, one of the kids hit a pop up fly and it beaned the kid in the head. It was an accident. He was just in the wrong place I guess."

"That ball must've hit him pretty hard," mom said frowning, "There were stitch marks on his forehead. I hope he'll be okay."

"I'm sure he will Mildred," my dad said putting an arm around my mom, "I want you boys to stay here with us for a while, just till we hear how the boy is doing."

"Yes sir, can Zeke join us?"

"Of course," dad said smiling, "go get him if you want."

Zeke followed us back to the car and we grabbed a soda from the ice chest then sank down beneath a shade tree and talked some.

We tried to keep our minds off the kid who got hit in the head, but our conversation kept coming back to him and I guess we all felt pretty bad about it.

Eventually boredom set in and we wandered back over to see what mom and dad were up to. From somewhere mom had retrieved Mikey and when he saw us he ran to us and held out his arms. I picked him up and swung him around, and for the next hour or so we were busy playing with Mikey.

Eventually the old pickup truck came back and Billy piled out of the truck and ran to tell his cousins all about his adventure.

Fortunately it wasn't anything serious and his head didn't even require a bandage. Like Fred had said, the boy was just cold cocked, and by the time they got to the doctor's house he was awake and wondering what happened.

Dinner that night was a noisy one and everyone seemed to be in good spirits. The hill folk might be a strange bunch, but they were close knit, and when something happened to one of them, the others rallied round.

Billy was the center of attention that night and eventually he wandered over to where Johnny, Zeke and I sat to retell his story for our benefit.

We listened without interrupting him, and though we'd heard the story a few times already, we pretended to be interested.

Eventually he wandered off to tell his story to a new group of kids and Johnny nudged me and laughed.

"You'd have thought the kid had died and come back to life, the way he was talkin'."

"Well, for him maybe it was sort of like that," I said watching him become animated as he started in once again with a new audience, "He's just a little kid and he was knocked out, and when he woke up he didn't know how he'd got to the doc's house."

"Yeah, Billy is a sweet kid, but he's got a big imagination. Of all the little kids I think he's the brightest. I hope he can do something with that mind of his and not wind up rotting away here like his ma and pa," Zeke said sighing.

"He's cute," I offered, "but a little young to be interesting," I added blushing.

"Don't think that would stop him," Zeke laughed, "I happen to know he's even fucked some of the older girls. They like him cause he's so sweet. He likes to kiss."

Despite myself I was getting hard and I decided to change the subject. I was glad mom had taken Mikey to feed him and he didn't have to listen to our sex talk. He was still a baby in my eyes, and though I knew someday he'd grow up and start thinking about that stuff, for now I wanted to protect him from it.

"Wanna go for a walk?" I said quickly. We'd finished our food and were full again, and we needed some exercise.

"Sure, come on," Johnny said standing and reaching down to offer me a hand up.

Zeke followed us and we managed to escape the others as we headed down the dirt road that ran along the lake.

"It'll be dark in an hour or so," Zeke said gazing up at the slowly setting sun.

"I wish you were staying the rest of the week," I said softly, "I...we'll miss ya, right Johnny?"

"Yeah, of all the cousins, you seem...more like the kind of guys we know back home. Hey, if you ever get to Pryor or Locust Grove, you better come visit us."

"Who knows, we might," he said without commitment, "Sometimes we go to Tulsa to see my grandma and grandpa, mom's folks. Even though mom is gone we're still pretty close to them."

"Great, you can swing by and visit us then," I suggested, but I doubted that would ever happen.

"It smells nice out here," Johnny said sniffing the air noisily, "fresh...and clean."

"That's me," I joked.

"Nope, I smell you too and that's a sexy smell," he laughed.

Zeke laughed too, "I envy you two, you got it all, great folks, good friends, and each other."

"We are lucky," I admitted, "life is really good for us. I mean sometimes we worry about stuff or get disappointed or upset, but in the end I think we both know how lucky we are."

"Yeah, ever since the day I met you my luck changed," Johnny said taking my hand in his. 

There was no one in sight and it was safe, but it still seemed bold and daring, and so sweet.

"Me too, I don't think either of us would have done as well in life if we hadn't met when we did."

"I hope I meet someone like that someday, and soon," Zeke laughed, "Sometimes I alone and so scared."

"Scared?" I asked looking at Zeke and wrinkling my brow.

"Yeah, scared that kids will turn on me like they did at my old school. So far it's been okay, but I worry anyway."

"Awww...don't worry. You're a nice kid, and you said you'd made a few friends, right? Your friends would have your back if anything was said."

"Yeah, I know you're the kind of kid we'd hang with, if you went to our school."

"I try to fit in at school. I even talk about the girls and stuff, and this one kid had a dirty magazine and I pretended to really like the naked pictures of the women," he chuckled, "but I was really watching my friend paw at his hardon."

"Yeah, we used to look at those kind of books, but I liked the men in them best. I wish there were books with just men in them," I said.

"I bet there are," Zeke said, "Just not in Oklahoma."

We all laughed then.

"Maybe in California, I hear they do things different out there," Johnny offered.

"Yeah, or New York," Zeke added.

"Just wondering," Johnny said suddenly, "Do you and any of your new friends mess around?"

"Naw, I mean I want to, but I'm too scared to try anything. If anything did happen they'd have to start it."

"They might be thinking the same thing," I suggested, "I guess you just have to sort of hint about it, that way you can always say you were kidding or something."

"Yeah, well...there is this one kid...Thomas is his name, and he's always wanting to wrestle and stuff and I swear a couple times he had a hardon, and I sure know I did."

"See, I bet he wants to fool around. Next time he starts that stuff start humping him," Johnny giggled.

"Oh man, I don't know...that sounds really scary."

"Well, I'm sure you'll figure it out," I said slipping an arm around both my cousin and my boyfriend.

We'd gone about a quarter of a mile by then and I was beginning to loosen up some and my food was settling nicely. Suddenly I had a urgent need to pee and not surprisingly so did the other two.

We walked off the road a little ways and found a big tree and got behind it and let loose. We crossed our streams and laughed, all the while checking each other out, and when we'd finished and shook off the last few drops we just stood there holding our quickly stiffening peckers.

"Ever wonder why we get hard all the time?" 

"Cause we're horny little suckers," Johnny offered.

"It has something to do with nature," Zeke said, "you know? About making babies and stuff. Our bodies are always ready to make a baby I guess, even if we like boys and not girls," he added chuckling.

"Yeah, well...I don't know if I'll ever make a baby, but I sure like the rest."

"Should we?" I asked looking at the other two who were slowly working their peckers now.

"Let's wait till later," Johnny said surprising me, "I want it to be really good...our last time with Zeke."

"Yeah, that's best," I said letting the elastic of my shorts snap back into place and then arranging my slowly shrinking pecker till it was comfortable.

We walked back to the road and traveled another half mile or so and by then it was starting to get dark. We decided we'd better head back then and by the time we got back to camp the sun was just disappearing below the horizon.

They'd built a big campfire by then and some kids were feeding it while others roasted marshmallows or hot dogs on sticks. Seems like someone was always eating.

The adults all had tents, but most of the kids preferred to sleep out in the open. There were tarps to lay down on the ground to protect us from the moisture and lot of big thick quilts and blankets to lay on.

We staked out a place far enough from the tents so that we had some privacy, and when it got dark we figured no one would be able to see what we were up to.

I was surprised the other cousins were leaving us alone now. When we'd first showed up we were being pulled and pushed from all directions, but once we hooked up with Zeke the other seemed to have backed off. That made me wonder what would happen when Zeke left and Johnny and I were on our own again.

We eventually got hungry again, something about being outside or just cause we were teenagers made us hungry a lot, and we roasted some hot dogs and ate them plain.

Billy wandered over and squatted down, hugging his knees and looking into the fire, and then he turned to us and spoke.

"What's it like back there where you live? Do you have a lake and a creek like we do? What do you do for fun?"

"Well, we have Salt Creek, which is pretty close. We camped out there a few times, and there's Grand Lake about 20 miles away, and we like to go to Spavinaw, that's a cool place for camping and swimming," I offered.

"And back home we play baseball or walk the tracks and throw rocks into the passing train cars and there's this big sand pile we like to play in..." Johnny added.

"Sounds fun," Billy said smiling, "Wish I could come visit ya."

"Well, maybe some day you can," I said trying to sound positive.

"Yeah, maybe," he said, and then he was quiet for a long time. 

Zeke went off to grab some marshmallows and Johnny and I talked about nothing in particular while we waited. Then suddenly Billy looked at me and sighed.

"My momma and daddy don't got much money and I don't know how they're gonna pay the doctor for seein' me today. It's all my fault."

"No, it wasn't your fault," I said daring to slip and arm around his neck, "It was an accident, that's all. I'm sure the doctor will let them pay it out a little at a time or something, that's how my folks do it."

"I guess, I just wish I hadn't got hit, that's all. I feel bad cause I caused so much trouble."

Zeke returned then and Billy didn't say any more about the doctor or his worries. Eventually he said goodbye and wandered off and as I watched him go I felt sort of bad for him.

"Poor kid," I said, "He feels bad cause he got hit and had to see the doctor and now he worries cause his folks have to pay for it."

"I'll talk to dad, I bet he'll take care of it," Zeke said smiling, "He did that once before when one of the boys broke his leg."

"Really, your dad must be the nicest guy on earth," Johnny said beaming.

"He loves his kin folk, that's for sure. He doesn't always agree with everything they do or understand them, but he really cares about them. They think he's the greatest thing that's ever come along, but it's not about the money. They know he's a good guy and they don't take advantage of him, but sometimes they let him help out just cause it's the right thing to do."

I popped a marshmallow in my mouth and yelped when the hot gooey stuff burned my tongue, but it didn't stop me from doing it again and again till I was full.

We finally walked down to the lake and washed up as best we could, found a tree and peed, and by that time things had pretty much settled down in the camp. Most of the women were in the tents, but a few of the men folk sat smoking or talking around the fire leaving us kids on our own.

We settled down on our quilts and watched the red glow of the cigarettes and cigars as we talked and eventually the group of men broke up and went to their tents to be with their women folk.

Suddenly it was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop, and I realized that some of the younger kids had fallen asleep, leaving just us older kids to figure out what to do next.

I rolled into Johnny and kissed him and he attacked me and rolled me onto my back and began kissing and touching my body all over.

Zeke lay beside me watching us for a while, then Johnny suggested he needed some help, and he joined in. I liked having both of them touching me and I relaxed and let them do whatever they wanted, all of which was good. 

Johnny was rubbing my balls then and Zeke was pinching my nipples as he nuzzled my neck with his soft lips.

I sighed, contented as a pup on a teat, and let them love on me till I was so relaxed I was ready for anything.

"Want me to fuck ya?" Johnny growled into my ear.

"Uh huh," I said softly, "and I'll suck Zeke at the same time."

So as not to call too much attention to what we were doing, we lay on our sides, Johnny spooned up to my butt, while Zeke lay with is feet toward my head and his dick even with my mouth.

I never thought about it till we got into position, but Zeke must've, cause he started sucking me as I was sucking him. Then Johnny entered me, and for a while I was so busy feeling things at both ends of me that I couldn't quite take it all in at once.

Johnny took it slow, but with Zeke working on my cock it didn't take long for me to start feeling ready to spew.

Zeke's cock tasted especially good and felt nice in my mouth and I was really enjoying sucking him and tried to do my best. 

I guess I was doing okay, because he was groaning around my pecker as he sucked back. Pretty soon I felt that warm rush of feeling deep within my balls, moving up through my guts, and then I exploded in Zeke's warm wet mouth without warning.

He didn't seem to have any problem with that or with keeping up with the sperm I kept pumping out, and then suddenly I felt Johnny tense up and I knew he was coming too.

Zeke came last, but hard, and he was still trying to swallow all of my sperm down as his began to pump into my mouth.

He tasted different than Johnny, but I liked the taste and eagerly gobbled it all down.

Zeke and I kept each other's peckers in our mouths as Johnny lay there behind me still deep in my guts, and he didn't seem to be going soft at all. 

He rested a few minutes then I felt him start to move again, but after a while he lay still again.

"Man, that was good," he said as he nuzzled my neck, "When you came your butthole closed up and squeezed my pecker tight causing the best feeling ever."

I laughed, "Hear that Zeke, my butthole squeezed Johnny's pecker.

Zeke laughed too, "I think my butthole was clenchin' when I came too."

We lay there a while longer and eventually Johnny slipped out of my hole and rolled onto his back. I felt my butt and it was slick with his cum and I grabbed one of the paper napkins that we'd stashed under the quilt and cleaned up a little.

One good thing about sucking someone off, there's no mess to clean up. Zeke and I rolled onto our backs then and we three lay there just resting for a while.

All around us we could hear the other kids whispering or giggling, and occasionally a grunt or moan as the older kids had sex.

I wondered if Deedee was getting fucked by one of the boys, and where Sue Ann was. I hadn't thought about her since she talked to us at the lake, but for some reason I suddenly thought about her smooth pink pussy and how it had tasted and felt. 

I wasn't sure I like girls that way, but it sure was hard not to think about how much fun it had been with my first girl. It didn't hurt that Sue Ann was so sweet and easy, just like us boys were. Johnny sure had enjoyed her butthole, I chuckled to myself. I wondered if we'd get together again or if our adventures with girls was done.

"I'm thirsty," Johnny suddenly said, "Let's slip on our shorts and go get a pop or some tea."

"You guys go ahead," I said yawning, "I'm too tired, bring me something though."

When they were gone I closed my eyes and tried to rest, but suddenly I was aware of someone standing over me and when I opened my eyes I was surprised to see Billy standing there.

"You're nekked," he giggled, but then so was he.

"Uh, yeah," I said, not bothering to mention he was wearing his birthday suit too.

"Did you have sex?"

"That's kind of private," I said, feeling a little uncomfortable.

"I know about sex, fucking and stuff. I like it."

"How old are you anyway?" I asked sitting up a little.

"Ten, almost 11. Why, do I look younger?"

"Yeah, I thought you were younger."

I tried not to stare but his pecker was right there at eye level now and up close I could believe his age. He was well hung for a little kid, but when I thought about it, he was just about the age Johnny and I were when we started the sex stuff.

He plopped down then and his eyes went to my soft pecker, "You gots a big one," he said smiling, "Want me to make it hard and suck on it for ya?"

"Uh, no, that's okay..."

He looked hurt or at least disappointed, but he brightened quickly, "Maybe when you rest a while. I guess you already done some stuff...right?"

"Yeah, I'm a little tired," I said, not going into detail.

"Do you like me?" he suddenly asked, his eyes glued to my face as he waited for my answer.

"I reckon I love you," I said smiling, "you're my kin and that's sort of natural you know."

"I love you too then," he said, and before I knew what was happening he leaned in and kissed me on the lips.

The kiss was quick and soft and sweet and I had to admit, nice. I remembered what Zeke had said about the girls liking him cause he was so sweet and like kissing.

Against my will my pecker was suddenly rising again and my hands went to my lap to try to hide it. Billy hadn't missed a thing though, and my hands only called more attention to my condition.

"You like kissin'?"

"Yeah, uh...sometimes," I confessed, and I almost said, with Johnny, but caught myself in time.

"Me too, I like kissin' boys and girls," he giggled, "Deedee says I kiss as good as the older boys too."

"Oh, you've been with Deedee?"

"Yeah, she likes to fuck," he giggled, "and I'm safe cause I don't shoot yet."

"What, Sue Ann?" I just had to ask.

"Sue Ann likes to suck, but she don't like to fuck, except cornholin'."

That sounded right, considering what she had done with me and Johnny. 

My pecker was rock hard now and there was no need to try to hide it anymore, even if I could have. I was about to speak when suddenly Johnny and Zeke came back carrying sodas.

"Here," Zeke said handing Billy a root beer, "We saw ya' over here and brought you a pop too.

Johnny had a Pepsi for me and he was swigging down an orange soda. The two sat down on the other side of me and gave me a curious look.

"What you boys been up to?" Zeke laughed, "looks like Robert is hard again."

"I..." started to speak, but Billy jumped in.

"Oh, I kissed him and that just happened," he giggled.

"Yeah, he likes kissing," Johnny said grinning, "What else you boys been up to?"


"I told him I'd suck him," Billy offered, "or I could suck you guys if you want."

Zeke laughed, "Billy, Billy, you're the horniest little boy I ever seen."

"Well, I remember me and Robert being bout' that bad when we first found out about sex."

"Yeah, Billy is almost 11," I offered, "and that's how  old we were when we started."

"So, what are you guys saying?" Zeke chuckled, "You wantin' to fool around with Billy?"

"I don't know," I confessed, "It's up to you guys."

Zeke laughed, "I'm still pretty tired from earlier, but it won't take me long, and it looks like Robert is already ready to go again."

Billy's face lit up with a big shit eating grin and I noticed he was hard now, and for a kid his age, he was pretty well hung. 

He was uncut like me and Johnny and had a lot of extra skin on the end, but it looked loose and I had a sudden urge to reach out and pull the skin back so I could see the head.

"I got a boner," Billy giggled, then he reached down and pulled the skin back revealing a mushroom shaped head that was dark pink with a flaring piss slit. 

He was bald down there, and he had said he didn't shoot yet, but that didn't seem to keep him from being a horny little bastard.

"Damn Billy, you're pretty big for a little kid," Johnny said sounding a little excited.

"Thanks, the girls like my pecker cause it's big enough to fuck with, but don't spit."

I had a sudden image of Billy pounding Deedee, his little white ass going up and down with each stroke, and my pecker throbbed between my legs.

"And they like that you kiss em' too, right?"

"Yup, I like kissin' a lot, wanna see?" he giggled.

Johnny looked at me and I nodded, I didn't see any harm in a little kiss.

"Show me kid," Johnny said, and almost before the words were out of his mouth Billy was moving toward him with his lips puckered for a kiss.

I watched with interest as Billy kissed Johnny, and it wasn't the shy quick kiss he had given me. No this kiss was long and wet and nasty and I'd bet there was tongue in it too.

Johnny still had his shorts on, but they did little to hide his pecker which had gone hard once Billy started kissing him.

When I saw Johnny's hands on Billy's butt as he pulled him in closer, I knew the kiss had turned into something more than a friendly kiss. I was almost as turned on watching the two kiss as they were doing it, and from the tent in Zeke's shorts I'd say he was too.

"Damn," Johnny said when Billy finally broke the kiss, panting, but looking smug.

"Did I do okay?"

"That was a sexy kiss, no wonder the girls like you."

Zeke laughed, "How come you never kissed me before?"

"Dunno, can now...if you want."

"Okay, show me what you got cuz," Zeke said puckering up.

I think Billy might have had a little crush on Zeke, perhaps because he was the mysterious and favored cousin, but for whatever reason, the kiss he gave Zeke was sweeter and more romantic than the one he had given Johnny.

Not that it wasn't sexy or stimulating, but it was just different. For one thing Billy's arms went around Zeke and he hugged him as they kissed, and soon Zeke's arms were around Billy caressing his shoulders, and back, and eventually his rounded butt cheeks.

The kiss must've lasted at least ten minutes, during which time all of our peckers grew to their hardest and throbbed between our legs.

When they finally broke the kiss, breathless and blushing, no one spoke for a few minutes.

"Hey," I said at last, "I feel cheated, all I got was a little smack."

"Sorry," Billy said grinning, "Wanna' try it again?"

Of course I did, no way was I going to let the other two have all the fun, but I decided to do it one better. Laying down on my back I held out my arms and Billy lay down on top of me and I hugged him to me as the kiss began.

His lips were soft and wet and his little tongue kept pushing at mine, and then he sucked back, inviting my tongue into his small mouth. He tasted good too, like marshmallows, and hot dogs, and boy, and I ate him up.

We kissed and kissed, and ground our peckers together as I felt his small soft ass in my hands. I hadn't thought about what being this intimate and close might do for my leaking pecker, but suddenly I felt like I was about to come. 

I didn't want that to happen, not yet anyway, so I rolled us onto our side, then rolled Billy onto his back, never breaking the kiss. This took my pecker out of direct contact with him and slowed things down, but the kiss went on and on for a long time.

I lost all track of time after awhile, but when we finally broke the kiss I noticed Johnny and Zeke had lost their shorts and were toying with their peckers.

"Wow, oh wow, that was hot."

"You should know, you went first," I said to Johnny.

"I think Billy needs to sleep with us tonight," Zeke suggested.

"Can I? Really?" Billy said excitedly.

"Sure, plenty of room," I said looking at Johnny who was grinning lewdly.

We finished our pop then all needed to pee, but fortunately we didn't have to go far and we didn't even get dressed. 

When we got back to the pallet, things had settled down all around us and it was much quieter now. I guess most of the kids who'd had sex were tired now and sleeping, but in the darkness I really couldn't see much of anything.

There was no real plan about what we were going to do, and truthfully nothing was really said as we sat down in a circle on the pallet.

I looked over at Johnny and he winked at me and I knew he was totally okay with whatever happened that night, and so was I. Zeke seemed relaxed and eager and it was him who started things off.

Reaching over he began stroking Billy's long brown hair, and then leaning down he kissed him quickly on the lips. Meanwhile he had reached down to grab onto Billy's hard pecker, and was working the skin back and forth causing Billy to moan lowly.

Johnny and I gravitated toward one another and we soon lost track of what Zeke and Billy were doing. No matter who joined us, or what was going on, Johnny could get my full attention quickly. 

We were kissing and making out now, completely lost in each other when I heard Billy grunt and looked over to see Zeke just entering him.

Zeke had Billy's legs high in the air, and from where I lay I could just see Zeke's pecker slowly disappearing into Billy's tight butthole.

My dick throbbed just watching the two, but I quickly turned my attention back to Johnny. As we continued to kiss I would occasionally glance over at the two cousins, and both seemed to be enjoying what was going on.

Zeke would bend down every once in a while and kiss Billy, then go back to fucking, but he was taking it slow and Billy seemed to be liking it that way.

"I can't believe they're fucking," Johnny whispered in my ear.

"Shut up and fuck me," I growled, and Johnny wasted no time doing just that.

Johnny caught up with Zeke quickly and for a while the two watched each other as they continued to fuck us. I reached out my hand and took Billy's soft small hand in mine as we lay there side by side getting fucked and sharing a common bond.

Zeke came first, but surprised all of us by pulling out and shooting his cum all over Billy's flat little tummy and chest.

Immediately Billy began to shovel the still warm liquid up and bring it to his mouth. Then Zeke did the neatest thing, he pulled out and began licking Billy clean, swallowing his own cum.

Johnny must've liked that, because when he came he did the same thing Zeke had. I had to admit it was really hot having his tongue all over my chest and tummy as he licked up his cum and mine, because I had spewed just before he did.

As we lay resting and cooling off I realized Billy was the only one who hadn't come yet. He was fidgeting with his still hard dinker, but I decided it was only fair that we help him out.

"Let me," I said rolling over and grabbing Billy's pecker and pulling the foreskin all the way back.

Then licking all around the head and up and down the shaft I heard him moan. When I moved down to his little hairless ball sac he purred like a kitten and I gave those little marbles a good wetting down before I went back to his pecker.

"Want to fuck me?" I was already hard again and as horny as I had been a few minutes ago and I was desperate to see what this younger boy could do about it.

"Yeah, I like fucking," he said sounding happy and excited.

I rolled off of him and onto my stomach, sticking my butt in the air and pretty soon I felt his soft little hands on my butt prying me open, and then he spit onto my butthole to lube me up.

I chuckled to myself, I didn't think he really needed the lubrication, but this was probably just the way he did things and I didn't say anything.

I expected him to just shove his pecker in and go at it, and I was braced for it. Imagine my surprise when he used his little fingers to loosen me up, using more spit, and when he finally began to enter me he took it slow and easy.

It felt good having him inside me and his soft smooth flesh pressing against me and as he slowly fucked me I began to enjoy it more and more.

He was a sweet boy, that was for sure, and I could see why the girls liked him. He even placed little kisses on my back and neck as he rode me and then toward the end he pushed me flat, pinning me to the ground and keeping his pecker buried as far as it would go in me, he gyrated his hips in a circular motion until he finally came.

"Oh wow, oh wow," he gasped, "that was a good one."

Zeke and Johnny laughed. They'd been watching the little show and were obviously turned on by it because they were both hard again.

We rested a while and then got up and peed again, got a drink of water, and laid back down in a pile and went to sleep.

I was shook awake later by Johnny and Billy and the three of us played for a while, then Zeke woke up and joined in.

Before the night was over I think we pared up in every possible way, but the thing I remember most was Billy fucking me, and then later, me fucking his cute little ass. I knew we'd be tired come morning, but after all it was Zeke's last night with us and we wanted it to be special.

Zeke and his dad and younger brother left right after breakfast and everyone gathered round to say goodbye. We'd already said our goodbyes the night before physically, and verbally that morning, so Johnny and I stood back and watched from a distance.

Everyone waved as they drove off and I turned to Johnny and smiled, "I bet Zeke's butthole will be sore for a week."

"Yeah, something to remember us by," Johnny chuckled.

After lunch that day the other cousins started to leave one family at a time until finally it was just Cousin Weenie and his bunch.

I guess even the hill folk had lives to go back to and they could only spend so much time at the reunion. Johnny and I drifted over to where mom and dad sat and plopped down on the ground.

Mikey, who had been playing in the grass came over and sat in my lap and pulled my arms around him and I kissed his neck causing him to giggle.

"We've decided to leave tomorrow morning," dad said after a few minutes, "Weenie has to go back to work on Wednesday and he probably needs a day to rest up. Besides all the others are gone and well...there's not much more excitement to be had."

"That's fine," I said easily, "that will give me and Johnny an extra day before his folks get back."

"Yeah, well...we're going to take the scenic route back but we'll still get back in plenty of time."

"It was fun," Johnny said leaning back on his arms and throwing his head back to let the sun wash over his handsome face, "but I'll be glad to get back."

I felt breathless as I gazed upon his beauty and near tears. I was afraid to speak, for fear I'd break down, so I simply nodded.

"It's been an interesting visit," mom said, "but I've never been as tired as I am right now," she laughed.

"Imagine growing up around this bunch," Dad laughed, "I guess they're used to it though."

"Well, the good thing is...there's always a kid to play with," I said innocently, then blushed when I thought about how they played, and how we had played.

"Yes, I think Mikey will miss all those other little ones," mom said, "I'll have to make sure he gets to visit his cousin Joe Jr. more often."

We were interrupted by Weenie and his wife Sarah, who suggested us kids go down to the creek for one last swim, and we enthusiastically agreed.

Weenie had four kids, Randy 8, Toby 9, and Tyler 10, and Lilly who was 3. All of the kids favored Weenie or his wife, with brown hair and brown eyes, all except Lilly who had blond hair and blue eyes, and was a real cutie.

Lilly and Mikey had become fast friends and held hands most of the time they were together and everyone said it was so cute, and called them boyfriend and girlfriend. That was silly though, they were only little kids and didn't know what any of that stuff meant, still they were cute together.

Randy, Toby, and Tyler, seemed to like having us all to themselves now that the other cousins were gone, and even though they were a little shy at first, they eventually warmed up to us.

The brothers kept hanging on us and trying to wrestle around or dunk us and that kind of stuff, and we found ourselves with handfuls of slippery little boy at times.

Johnny suggested one of the boys get on his shoulders and another on mine and let them battle it out, and the loser got thrown into the water. 

The two younger brothers were first and when Randy finally bested Toby, Tyler climbed on Johnny's shoulders and the challenge was on again.

With only a year's difference in the boys' ages they were very evenly matched, but Tyler seemed more daring and soon sent Toby into the creek water.

We played till we were tired then waded to the creek bank and sat down and rested while Mikey and Lilly played in the shallow water at our feet.

They were cute together, and I guess deep inside I hoped Mikey would like girls and give mom and dad the grandchildren that I never would. Crazy thought for a young teenager, but I was far from your usual run of the mill teen. After all I was in love with another boy and had had more sex than some adults had.

"Robert honey, would you and Johnny like a can of pop?" 

"Yeah, thanks mom," we both said causing us all to laugh.

"You boys are as brown as a biscuit," she said smiling, "all that sunshine, and neither of you are the least bit red."

That was true, and usually was in the summer. We started in early May going shirtless and barefoot, wearing shorts and tanning, and lately we'd even managed some naked tanning, when the old folks weren't around.

"Yeah, but when we start school we'll be white as ghosts in no time," I sighed.

"Oh it will still be hot till mid September," dad reminded us, "you'll survive."

"Yeah, I guess," I said shrugging, "I'm sure gonna miss Johnny though, when we start school."

"Well, you know we'll make sure you guys see each other as much as possible," mom said smiling and looking at dad as if she knew something we didn't.

"I know,, dad. I don't mean to whine," I said smiling, "It's been a great summer and I've loved every minute of it."

"Me too, thanks again for letting me stay with you guys," Johnny said sincerely, "You're sort of like a second mom and dad to me." He sounded very emotional and I wanted so badly to hug him, but I knew that wouldn't be cool in front of the folks.

"Well, we think of you as a third son," mom assured him, "After all, I changed your diapers when you were little," she laughed.

"Moooommm," I said in horror, "Don't remind us of that."

Dad laughed then, "It's part of life son. You've changed your brother's diapers, it's nothing to be ashamed of."

"I know," I admitted, "I don't mind, except when he poops," I said holding my nose, "I'm glad he's starting to get potty trained."

"He's doing great too, just like you. You were gung ho to get out of diapers when you were little and took to potty training like a pro."

"Really?" I said interested in hearing about myself as a baby.

"Yes, you had very few accidents, usually when you got busy playing and forgot to go, and then only pee pee. You didn't soil your pants once that I can remember."

"Soil is poop," I said cracking up as I punched Johnny playfully.

"Ewwww...don't soil on me," he laughed.

We stayed at the creek most of the afternoon and then walked back to the house and had one last cook out. Dad and Weenie grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, and the ladies made potato salad and we had chips and iced tea or soda pop to go with it.

There were cookies for dessert and watermelon and we had a really good time sitting around and eating and cutting up with the three brothers.

When it got dark we chased fireflies and played freeze tag, and tag, and hide n' seek, and eventually we wound up wrestling with the three feisty boys.

"I wish you was stayin' forever," Tyler said as we rested on the soft grass in the humid night air. 

"Well, it's been fun, but we miss our friends back home and our own beds," I confessed.

"Yeah, I know. Will you come back and visit us sometime?"

"It's up to my folks, but I'd say yes if it was up to me. We had fun, and we saw a whole different world than what we're used to."

"I wish I could come visit you."

"Maybe someday," I said, doubting that would ever happen, but then who was I to say what could happen?

"Boys, come in now," their mom yelled from the back porch, "the skeeters are gonna' eat you'll alive."

Reluctantly we went inside, got a drink and headed up to the loft for our last night with the hill cousins. The place seemed empty now, with only the four kids and us filling the space, and I felt kind of sad that it was all over and we'd be going home tomorrow.

The brothers didn't seem as sexual as most of the other cousins, and I don't think Johnny was any more attracted to them that way than I was and that was fine by me. I was looking forward to having Johnny all to myself and getting a good night's sleep after we made love.

The two smaller boys and Lilly fell asleep early leaving only Tyler awake, and he followed us to our beds still talking about this and that. He was a funny kid, and cute as could be, but I sort of wanted to get rid of him and have some Johnny time.

Johnny didn't seem as anxious though, and kept joking around with him and doing stuff like putting him in a head lock or ruffling his hair.

"Do you guys think I could sleep down here with you tonight," he blurted out quickly, "Please...I promise I won't bother you none," he said using those puppy dog eyes that little kids are so good at making.

I laughed, "What do you think Johnny?" 

"I don't care, but you know me and Robert are gonna do some stuff when we get in bed, right?"

"Sure, I know," he giggled, "I don't mind. I don't gotta do stuff with ya'. I can just watch."

As it turned out though, Johnny and I didn't do anything that night. As we lay in the darkness, Tyler only a few feet away in the other bed, we three talked quietly about our lives and the things that were important to us.

At some point Tyler got up and wandered over to our bed and without thinking about it for a minute we let him lay down between us.

It was cozy and a little warm all snuggled up like that, but it was nice too, and soon we three fell asleep. It was strange looking back on that night, our last night in the hills, but for some reason we didn't feel cheated or disappointed that we hadn't made love that night. 

I guess sometimes being intimate doesn't mean you have to get naked or have sex. It was nice just feeling the warmth of my cousin Tyler and knowing that he was happy and content to be there with us in our bed.

When we left the next day just after breakfast, the kids gathered round the car. Lilly reached for Mikey and gave him one last kiss on the cheek, then the three brothers hugged all of us and Tyler seemed to give us an extra long hug.

"Thanks for letting me sleep with you guys," he whispered to me, "it was nice." Then he smiled and I realized just what a sweet kid he was and I was happy that we had made a little sacrifice and made him happy.

The sun was just climbing into the sky as we drove away, everyone waving, and suddenly I felt sad that we were going back home.

Johnny must've felt the same and we sat in silence for a while, but like most kids we recovered quickly and soon we were looking forward to our scenic trip.

The hills were beautiful and the drive back was filled with lots of cool sights and by the time we stopped for lunch we had all but forgotten our funk of earlier.

We ate at a BBQ place that looked as if it had been there since cowboy days, but the food was great and the service even better. We were so full by the time we left that Johnny, Mikey, and I napped for the next hour and missed some of the roadside attractions.

It was getting dusky dark by the time we rolled into good old Pryor, Oklahoma and we were all eager to get home at last. 

As soon as dad parked the car we piled out and grabbed our stuff and headed inside. As we drug our stuff to my room I looked around and smiled. Boy oh boy, it was sure nice to be home at last.

End of Chapter 25

 The boys are back in town, and though they had fun in the hills, they are happy to be home at last. Johnny's folks are due back the next day and they have a big surprise for Johnny and Robert, but there is another surprise waiting for them back in Locust Grove, and it's not a good one. In the next chapter the boys will have to deal with them both.

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