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Tween to Teen
(sequel to My 11th Summer)
By: Kewl Dad

Chapter Twenty Seven
 Movin' on up

Johnny didn't have much time to grieve for his lost dog the next two weeks as he and his mom and dad set about moving. Just packing things up took a while and I helped as much as I could, staying over a few times and making sure he was okay otherwise. 

His folks seemed to accept that I was more comfort to Johnny than they were at this time of his loss, and pretty much left us to deal with things on our own.

Caleb was a big help too, often coming over just after breakfast and staying till dark. A few times we went over to his place and his granny always had something yummy for us to eat.

Caleb's grandpa was a man of few words, but it was evident in the way he treated us and the look in his eyes that he accepted us just as we were.

I guess he still felt bad about Johnny's dog, but he didn't bring up the subject, which we were all glad for. It was a little uncomfortable seeing Peck's grave when we were over there, but a few times Johnny picked wild flowers and laid them on the grave, but he didn't cry or seem as upset as he had at first. I guess he had finally accepted Peck's death and was ready to move on.

And speaking of moving on, should have seen the new house Johnny's mom and dad were buying. Well, not new exactly, but it was way nicer than my house, and right across from the big park, which as far as we were concerned, was about the best place in town to live.

The house had three bedrooms, two baths (now Johnny had a bathroom of his own) a huge kitchen, a formal dining room, a den, a living room, and a two car garage. It was a single story brick with blue trim, and though not new, was in perfect condition.

The house had been owned by the previous paper mill manager, and the company had bought it and Johnny's dad got it at a really good price. In fact the payments were actually less than they had been paying for rent at the other place. With the money from selling the farm, Johnny and his folks were pretty well off now, and I felt a bit weird about that.

I mean, I don't want it to sound like its all about me or anything, but up until that point I had always been the one with the nicer house, a new car, blah blah blah, and suddenly Johnny had all those things and more.

His folks even promised him a new bike to ride to school, and I was sure there would be more stuff to try to make up for all the years they'd had so little. 

Wow, it was amazing how things were changing, and I wasn't sure if I could deal with all of the changes as fast as they were coming at me.

My mom and dad seemed very pleased at the Williams new found wealth and life style and were eager to help them move and get settled. They even took everyone out to dinner that night they moved so Mrs. Williams wouldn't have to cook.

We went to Thomas' Restaurant, which was about the nicest restaurant in town and Johnny and I were told to dress accordingly.

I had to admit it was a lot of fun and the food was good, but I was still having doubts about this new life style my boyfriend was being thrown into.

I spent the night with Johnny that first night in his new house and I had to admit his room was nice, and plenty big for all the stuff he'd collected over the years. 

He'd begun to work more and more on his drawing and art work since Peck's death, and to me it seemed as if he was even more talented now than he had been before. 

As I was going through some of his drawings I came across one he had done of Peck, and I was astounded at how real it looked, almost like a photograph.

"When did you do this one?" I said holding up the drawing.

Johnny shrugged, "A while back, know..." 

"Its really good Johnny, so life-like and perfect."

"Thanks, you can have it if you want."

"No, I  think you should keep this one, in fact, I think you should frame it and put it on your wall."

"You think so?" he asked giving me a half smile. If there was one thing I can say about Johnny, it is that he was very humble when it came to his talent. I don't think he really understood just how talented he was, but he would soon find out just what others thought of that talent.

"Yeah, maybe tomorrow we can ride downtown and find a frame for treat."

"Okay, but I'm buying. I'm getting an allowance now, five bucks a week," he said grinning, "and there's something else I should tell you."

"What?" I said, with mixed feelings. Five bucks was two dollars more than I got, and only by mowing lawns did I have enough spending money to get by.

"Since dad is making more money now, I talked to them about college, and...they said they had always planned on me going and that now it was for sure."

"Did you tell them we wanted to go to Tahlequah and room together?"

"Yeah, and they thought that was great. Anyway, that's a ways off and they said they'd be saving money for college and stuff so not to worry."

"That's great, really great," and that I did feel good about.


"Uh huh," I said picking up one of his drawings of a wooded scene. It only took me a minute to realize it was the creek at the farm, and when I looked closer I could see three boys in the water splashing each other. It was so realistic I could almost see the spray of water move across one of the boys' face, and looking closer I saw that that boy was me, "OH MY GOD, Johnny I gasped, "This is amazing," I said holding up the drawing."

"Yeah? You like it? I was going to give it to Caleb to remember us by, but if you want it..."

"I...I'd love to have it, but I think Caleb should have it," I said wishing there was some way we could both have it, "Maybe you can draw something else for me."

"That's what I was gonna ask ya," Johnny said, and suddenly I remembered he had wanted to say something before I went off on the drawings.

"Huh?" I asked stupidly, "What?"

"I was wonderin' if I could draw you."

"Me," I said grinning, "You want to draw me?"

"Well, yeah. I mean I've done some drawings of you from memory, but it would be nice to have you right here in front of me."

"Now?" I asked, feeling a little uncomfortable.

"Yeah, now...I'm kinda in the mood to draw."

"Well, okay...where do you want me?"

"Mmmm...maybe on the bed," he said looking thoughtful, "and...could you strip down to your underwear?"

Now Johnny had seen me in my underwear, and naked a million times, but for some reason that night I actually blushed at the thought of his drawing me that way.

"I...uh, what if someone saw the drawing?"

"Don't worry, they won't. Please, I want to draw you just like you are, right, so that in twenty years when we're old men I can look at it and remember how beautiful you are."

Well, how could I argue with that? There wasn't much I wouldn't do for Johnny, and this was a simple thing, and if it pleased Johnny, then by gosh I was all for it.

"Okay, how do you want me?"

He posed me in several positions before he finally settled on me sitting Indian fashion in the middle of the bed with a deck of cards in my hand and several cards laid out as if I were playing solitaire.

The hardest part was staying like that for long enough for him to do the drawings, but Johnny was fast, and had the basic sketch done pretty quick. All that was left then was filling in the details, and he let me take a little break and walk around and stretch while he went to get us a pop from the kitchen.

He made me promise not to look at the sketch while he was gone, and even though I was dying to see it, I kept my word and didn't peek. He was back pretty quick and he had a big grin on his face.

"Caught mom and dad smooching in the living room," he giggled, "ever since they went away to Kansas they've been all lovey-dovey all the time."

"That's good, right?"

"Yeah, that means they're happy, and when they're happy my life is a whole lot better. So...did you peek?"

"No, I promised," I said sipping my RC Cola. The bottle was cold and had beads of sweat on it, and it tasted so good hitting my tongue.

"Good, ready to start again?"

"Let me finish my pop," I said walking to the window and staring out into the night. 

His room faced the back yard and there was a little shed out back with a light on the front. I'd seen it when I'd helped them move, and we'd put the lawn mower and garden tools in there, but there was still plenty of room for...well, for whatever.

Johnny came up behind me and put his arms around me. His hands were cold from holding his pop bottle, and I shivered a little at his touch, but I soon warmed up. There was something about little acts of intimacy like this that seemed better than the sweatiest, nastiest sex.

"I love you so much," Johnny said nuzzling my ear, "Thank you for being here for me," he said, a slight hitch in his voice.

"I love you too, and I want to be with you all the time."

"Someday...someday," Johnny cooed, "but for now we'll be together as often as we can."

"I guess I've ready to finish posing now," I said after a while. Do I get to see it when it's done?"

"Yeah, but not till I'm completely finished. Come on," he said slapping my underwear clad ass smartly, "When I finish the drawing I'm gonna pull these undies off and have my way with you."

"God, I can't wait," I said rubbing my rump, "Now it's gonna be hard to sit still."

"Don't get hard," he teased, "If you do I'll have to start all over again."

"Huh uh," I said settling in to place once more, "You can just change that part."

"Yeah, maybe I should draw you with a big hardon, then when I'm an old fart I can jack off to it."

"Pervert," I laughed, "Well, I'll be there too, when you're an old fart, so maybe we could both jack off to my hardon," I laughed.

"Ewww...that sounds sick," he said, then as if he thought I was serious he said, "no hardon, I just want to capture your natural beauty."

"Well, I don't think I'm very beautiful, but go ahead and try," I teased.

"Aww...Rob, to me you are the most beautiful boy in the whole world."

"Awww...I feel the same way about you."

"Okay, now that we have that settled, quit moving and let me finish this."

I spent another hour sitting there like that and my legs had gone to sleep by the time Johnny finally announced that he was finished and I could move.

I unfolded my legs slowly, letting the blood flow back into them as they tingled. Eventually I felt the numbness go away and I stood and walked to where Johnny sat, putting some final touches on his drawing.

"Just a minute," he said, holding his mouth just so, his small pink tongue licking nervously at his upper lip, "There, finished," he said smiling.

"Let me see," I said anxiously moving around to stand behind him.

I was stunned into silence as I gazed upon the drawing of a teenage boy playing solitaire on a bed. There was so much attention to detail that it took me a long time to take it all in. Even the quilt on the bed was a perfect replica of what had lain beneath me. 

If I hadn't known the drawing was of me, I might have said that this was indeed the most beautiful boy in the world, and then I realized that the reason it appeared so was because this was how Johnny saw me. I was overcome with emotion and had to wipe tears from my eyes as I gazed upon the solitary figure on the bed. The  hair, the eyes, the nose, the slim but muscled body all looked familiar, but drawn through the eyes of love, Johnny's love, I took on an almost ethereal look. 

"An Angel on earth," Johnny said, stealing the thoughts from my own head, "That's what you are Robert Warren."

", thanks," I said blushing, "Johnny, this is so good. You really see me that way, don't you?" It was more of a statement than a question, but he nodded.

"I think it looks exactly like you. It's the boy I see and the boy I love. To me you are the most beautiful person on earth and I could draw you every minute of every day and not get tired."

"Oh Johnny," I said as the tears finally came, "I love you so much," I said throwing my arms around him from behind his chair.

"Let's go to bed now," he said, lust in his voice, and I didn't have to be asked twice.

We made love that night, our first night in his new bedroom, and it was as sweet as any love-making any lover ever had in the history of the world.

Between sessions we lay facing one another and making plans for the future, sure that we would be together forever, but living each minute to it's fullest as it came.

I was deep within Johnny, watching his face and occasionally leaning down to kiss him, when he suddenly said, "That girl, in Arkansas...I'm sorry I ever did that. I only love you and I don't ever need to be with anyone else to know that."

This was a heck of a time to bring this up, but in a way I guessed it was sort of sweet. We were both deep into lust right about then, but Johnny was confessing sins that had been forgiven long ago.

"I know, it's okay...I feel the same way, but all that stuff doesn't matter. All that matters is what we have now, and tomorrow, and the rest of our lives."

"I know," he whispered, then he pulled me down and kissed me and I came, and came, and came.

When I'd recovered enough to speak I pulled away and took a deep breath, "Boy, that was a good one," I said grinning. Then pulling out, I rolled onto my side, and grabbing the towel we kept handy, I wiped us both off and snuggled up to him.

"I'm sorry..." he muttered.

"For what?" I asked, rubbing his chest gently.

"Bringing up that stuff while you were making love to me."

"It's fine, it was sweet. I feel the same way, but I don't blame you for anything and I hope you don't blame me either."

"I don't, not ever. Everything you do is fine," he said sincerely, "You're my Angel."

I chuckled, "More like Devil, but I'm glad you see me that way."

" it's my turn," he said grabbing me in his strong arms and rolling onto me, and soon he was buried deep inside me.

The start of school slipped up on us before we knew it, but at least this year we'd both be going to the same school again. Since Johnny lived closer to the school that I did now, he waited for me behind McCrory's, and then we rode our bikes on to the Junior high. This would be the last year we rode our bikes however, because no self-respecting teenager would ride a bike to High School.

Johnny was sporting a new bike these days, a sleek English racer with gears and hand brakes, but I still liked my Stingray better.

We were lucky, we had three classes together, one of them being PE and the other two were math and Art. I had elected to take Art just because I wanted to know more about the subject, and I was pretty sure I could pull at least a B out of there, just by doing the basic stuff, even if I couldn't draw all that well.

Our old friends where there too, Gerald, Walter, Donnie, Ben (who was in 8th this year and still in the same building), as well as most of the kids we'd known since Elementary school.

Evelyn was in my English class, and we sat side by side and got to know each other all over again after the semi-breakup we'd had as friends. Chrissy was a Junior this year and in the other building on the campus, but we sometimes saw her at lunch or just hanging around.

PE was fun, but also a bit grueling, and showers were mandatory back then, not that we cared, but some of the boys were a little shy when it came to getting naked around other boys.

Some of them even went as far as showering in their underwear, but a few of the rowdier boys took it upon themselves to put an end to that.

There was this kid named Fred that had gone to one of the other elementary schools in town so we didn't really know him that well. This was the first class we'd had with him, and he seemed to be very shy and not at all comfortable around strangers.

Anyway, the second week back, Chris Lane and his buddies decided that Fred should be made an example of, and they cornered him in the shower and stripped his undies off. He'd been one of those boys who showered in his undies and now we knew why.

The kid, despite being 14, almost 15, had no hair down there and a boy sized dick that couldn't have been more than two inches soft.

 I felt sorry for the kid as everyone started laughing and pointing, causing the kid to start crying.

Johnny and I had been watching from our usual corner shower heads and we both sort of felt sorry for the kid, and we were among the few who didn't laugh.

"We should do something," Johnny said, reading my mind as usual.

"Yeah, come on," I said grabbing up my towel and wrapping it around my middle.

When Chris saw us headed his way the smile on his face turned to a smirk and he met us halfway as if to challenge us.

As far as Chris Lane went, you were either one of his buddies, or a complete waste of space, but he did respect the fact that Johnny and I had a following and weren't as easy to kick around as the other kids.

"What do you want Queer Bait?" Chris snarled.

OH GOD, I thought, Please God don't let Johnny do anything that will get him kicked out of school.

"I'm Queer?" Johnny smirked, "You're the one pulling other boys' underwear off. Do you get your jollies looking at peckers?"

"He ain't got a pecker as far as I can see," Chris said, but I could tell Johnny's words had seared him a little.

"Well, if it had been bigger, would you have liked that better?" Johnny asked, not letting up.

"No, stupid...I just don't like dirty kids and he can't get clean if he don't pull off his underwear."

"So you like your boys clean before you fuck with em'?" He said grinning.

"Shut up Williams before you get your ass kicked. I'm not Queer like some people I know," he said giving Johnny and me a contemptuous look.

"Why? Can't find a willing boy to mess with? Is that why you have to practically rape them in the shower?"

"That's it," Chris said stomping his foot down, which was a little ineffectual considering he was barefoot and the floor was wet. The soft slapping sound was almost humorous.

"What?" Johnny laughed, "Are you gonna kick my ass with your bare foot? Hope you don't break your toes off in my ass."

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Chris smirked.

"Why don't you meet me in the big park after school and we'll see who's foot goes up who's ass," Johnny said menacingly.

"I ain't gonna fight you," Chris said backing down immediately. His dad was a big shot lawyer, but from what I heard he was pretty strict with Chris, which might be why he was such an asshole.

"Okay then, leave kids alone and we'll be fine," Johnny said moving just a little closer, invading Chris's space and looking ready to fight.

"Who cares about all this shit?" Chris said turning to his cronies who seemed surprised that Chris would back down so easily, "Come on, let's get out of here, it stinks in here." He was almost to the door leading into the dressing area when he turned and added, "OH, and Williams, just because your old man is some big hot shot now and you got a house in the good part of town, don't mean you're not still trash," then he was gone, leaving Johnny looking more hurt than mad.

"He's such a butthole," I said trying to soften his words, "Come on, don't listen to him. You're twice the person he'll ever be."

"You okay kid?" He asked Fred, who had been cowering nearby the whole time, watching in horror as the two came closer and closer to a fight.

"Yeah," he muttered softly, "thanks."

"From now on, come shower by me and Robert," Johnny said smiling, "No one will mess with ya if you're with us."

And that's how we added another friend to our group.

Fred was a goofy kid once we got to know him, he liked science fiction and read constantly, his favorite author being Robert A. Heinlein, who was also one of mine. That gave Fred and me something in common, and as a result we became close following those days and weeks after the shower incident.

I learned among other things that he was the oldest of three boys and that his dad was a janitor at Jefferson Elementary where he attended grade school. His mom was a registered nurse and worked at Grand Valley, and her mom lived with them, and so they had a live in baby sitter when needed.

His grandpa had died a few years ago, and that was when his grandma moved in, but it was obvious in the way he talked about her that they were very close.

Other than seeing him at school and at lunch we really didn't spend that much time together, but one Saturday as Johnny and I were biking around the park, we ran into him and two of his brothers.

Jacob, the youngest was 10, and Mark was 12, and if Fred hadn't introduced them as his brothers I would never have guessed they were kin.

Jacob was, well...beautiful. I guess being gay or whatever, I looked at other boys differently, but I think anyone could see just how cute this boy was at first glance.

He was blond and blue eyed, with a trim body and an infectious smile. I liked him right away and he hadn't even  spoken yet.

Mark was brown haired and had green eyes, and though not as beautiful as Jacob, he was a good looking boy too. He was carrying a little extra weight, but it looked good on him, and I found out later that he played football a lot and was an unstoppable force.

"These are the guys I told ya about," Fred said grinning.

"You're nice then," Jacob said, smiling that smile that lit up his whole face and made you just wanna grab him and hug him.

"Aww...we just don't like guys pickin' on our friends," Johnny said, not bothering to mention that up until that day we didn't know Fred from Adam.

"Thanks anyway," Mark said speaking up, then changing the subject he added, "Do you guys live around here?"

"I do," Johnny said, "Over on 2nd, just across from the pond."

"Wow, lucky," Mark said, sounding impressed, "and you're friends with Fred?" I could see the wheels going round in his head. Why was Johnny chumming up to someone like Fred if he lived in a great house like that, and was probably very popular.

"I didn't always live in a house like that," Johnny said, "I'm just a regular guy, right Robert."

"Well, not regular, but nice," I said grinning, "We have all sorts of friends and we watch out for them."

"Well, I'm glad," Jacob said throwing his smile my way, "So, whatcha' guys doin', just ridin' bikes?"

"Yeah, we were gonna go over to the pond and feed the ducks," Johnny said holding up the bag of bread crumbs we'd brought.

"Can we go with ya?"

Fred looked worried that his little brother was being too pushy, but Johnny gave him a reassuring look, "Sure come on, we can talk and get to know each other better. Hey, do you guys play tennis?"

As we fed the ducks and got acquainted with the two new brothers I found myself constantly hanging on Jacob's every word, and staring at him when I thought I could get away with it.

It wasn't a sexual thing, or at least I don't think it was, but he was just so perfect, so beautiful, that I wanted to drink in all of him while I had the chance.

"Can I try your bike?" Jacob said boldly. Unlike Fred, this kid was brash and self-assured, probably because he knew he was beautiful and no one could resist his charm.

"Okay, but not on the street," I said walking over to my bike with him. 

Johnny was sharing a fishing story with the other two brothers and we were alone as I picked up my bike and waited for Jacob to take the hand grip in his hand.

"Thanks Robert," he said touching my hand as he took the grip in his, "I like you, a lot."

"I like you too," I blurted out, then blushed, "I like all you guys," I added, to try to cover up my obvious infatuation with this God-like boy.

"We could both ride," he said suddenly with a devilish grin, "I could sit in front and you could sit behind me on the seat."

Yeah, and your butt would be right against my pecker, I thought, and what if I get a hardon?

"Don't you want to ride it by yourself?"

"First you should ride it with me, so I can see how it works and stuff."

I doubted that was the reason he wanted to ride double, but for some reason I just couldn't deny this beautiful boy's wish.

"We're going riding," I said to Johnny, who looked up and nodded, then went back to his story. Fred and Mark seemed to be engrossed in whatever Johnny was saying, so I didn't feel so bad leaving them.

As we started off I Jacob leaned back into me and I could smell his sweaty little boy scent, but it was far from unpleasant, in fact it was a little arousing. Smells are such a part of our lives, and even to this day certain scents will take me back to times and places in my life. 

He was quiet for a long time, we both were, then suddenly as we came around the pond and out onto the gravel track that ran around the park, he finally spoke.

"What's that rubbing my butt," he giggled.

I must've turned three shades of red, though he couldn't see, and for a moment I didn't know what to say, then he spoke again and I was relieved that I'd taken so long to answer.

"Oh, it's the seat," he said wiggling his butt and causing the bike to wobble a little.

"Whoa, careful," I warned, "you're gonna cause us to wreck."

"Sorry. I like your bike. It's neat. How long have you had it?"

"A while now, do you have a bike?" 

"Yeah, its a Western Flyer. It was Mark's, then he got a new one so now its mine."

"That's nice, do you guys get along okay?'

"Yeah, pretty much. Me and Mark fight sometimes, but me and Fred never do."

"Fred is sort of quiet at school, but he's changed a lot since we met him."

Jacob sighed, and it took him a long time to reply, "He's not really our brother," he said softly, "his mom and dad didn't want him, so our folks took him and adopted him."

Wow, that was interesting news. No wonder the two younger boys looked so different.

"That was nice of your folks. How do you feel about that?"

"Oh, its fine. I like Fred just fine, he's a good brother, just sort know...shy and stuff."

"Yeah, but he's a nice guy. Me and Johnny like him a lot, our whole bunch does."

"Yeah, he's changed since he met you guys. I'm glad you're his friend now. Hey, maybe we could be friends too," he said turning enough to flash me a smile.

God, how could I resist a request like that?

"Well, sure. We sort of already are, right?" I said squeezing in with my arms to give him a sort of hug.

He melted into my body then and sighed. What was that all about? I wondered. Was he starved for attention and a gentle touch?

"Where do you live?" he asked after a while.

"On the other side of the tracks, just off Graham Avenue, on Taylor Street."

"Oh, I know where that is. There's a park over there, right?"

"Yeah, we call it the little park, I went to grade school at Washington. Its right across the street from the park."

"Yeah, I know, my dad worked there a few times."

"Neat, so where do you live?"

"On 9th Street. I go to Jefferson."

"I know some kids who went there. Do you like it?"

"Yeah, its okay. I have lots of friends there."

I had no doubt that he had lots of friends, with his looks and his personality, and that smile, I bet both boys and girls found him attractive.

"That's good. I have a friend who lives by Jefferson, his name is Ben."

"I might know him," Jacob said, "Is he my age?"

"Naw, he's 13 and in 8th grade."

"Oh, well...Mark might know him. He's in 7th this year."

"You wanna ride by yourself now?" I asked as we rode back around the pond and to where we started.

"Okay, if you don't care."

"Sure, its fine," I said sliding off as he stood straddle of the bike. I couldn't help but notice how cute his butt was, but it wasn't like I wanted to grab it or anything.

I watched as he rode off, then joined Johnny and the two brothers. I sat down beside Johnny and he looked up and gave me a grin.

"Have fun?"

"Jacob likes to talk," I chuckled.

"Did he tell you I was adopted?" Fred said frowning.

"Uh, well...yeah, but he seems to be okay with it. He said he liked you just fine."

"Yeah, I guess," Fred said staring out at the pond.

"Hey, its no big deal," Johnny said daring to place an arm around Fred's skinny shoulders, "You're still our pal."

Fred managed a shy smile, "Thanks. It was a long time ago," he said softly, staring out at the pond and remembering, "They didn't want me..." he said sounding distant and devoid of emotion.

"Fred...don't..." Mark said looking distressed. Then he came around to where Fred sat and plopped down beside him, "Anyway, they were stupid to not want you, cause we do, and you're our brother."

I wiped a tear from my eye and nodded, "You're a great guy Fred, and now you've got a great family and that's all that matters."

"Yeah," he said sniffing and wiping at his eyes, "Where is that kid?" he said looking toward the other side of the park where Jacob was riding along the trail.

"He's fine," I said, "He's having fun. Come on, let's walk over there."

The other three got up and we started off around the pond in the opposite direction so we could meet up with Jacob. 

When he saw us he came riding up and skidded to a stop, "Wow, I like this bike. Can I have it Robert?" he teased.

I almost said yes, the kid was so cute, and so sweet, that I wanted to do anything I could to keep him happy.

"Maybe next year," I teased back, "or when I turn 16 and get a car."

"Okay, I can wait," he said simply. 

Johnny had been walking his bike along and now Jacob handed mine back to me and I did the same as we talked some more.

After a while Fred said they needed to get home, and as the oldest it was obvious he was in charge. Jacob made a little fuss, but Mark seemed ready to go, and though I hated to see them go, Johnny and I had plans too.

"Well, see ya," Jacob said, and then he surprised me by running up and hugging me tight, then pulling away, he laughed and ran off across the park. 

Mark was right behind him and Jacob laughed harder, then Fred waved and took off after the two shaking his head.

"Wow, what was that all about?" Johnny said grinning, "You and Jacob buddies now?"

I shrugged, then I confessed my feelings.

"I mean it's not like I want to have sex with him or anything," I said frowning, "but he's just so cute and sweet...I really like him."

"That's okay, I understand. Its sort of how I felt about Ronnie. He was just so...cute, and he didn't have any friends, and I sort of felt sorry for him, but then I really started liking him...a lot." Then frowning he added, "I wonder if  he misses me?"

"We should go visit him sometime," I suggested.

"Yeah, good idea, but not today. The movie starts at 6."

We rode back to Johnny's house and cleaned up a little, and had a snack before it was time to go. We decided to walk rather than ride our bikes, and so we left in plenty of time to get there by 6.

"What do you think about Fred being adopted?" Johnny asked as we waited for the movie to start. We'd found good seats near the middle and so far we were the only ones on our row.

"I guess his real parents didn't want him," I said frowning, "What kind of people don't want their own kid?"

"I don't know, bad ones I guess. Do you think that's why Fred is so...shy and stuff?"

"Yeah, that would be pretty hard to deal with I guess, but he's better now, even his brothers said so."

"Yeah, well...I wish I knew more about what happened."

"Maybe Jacob knows," I said, then regretted my words immediately.

"You just want a reason to see him again," Johnny teased.

I blushed bright red and stammered, "I meant you could ask him or something."

"He likes you best," Johnny said poking me, "You should invite him over and maybe tickle it out of  him."

"Shut up butthole," I giggled as he began tickling me to demonstrate what he meant.

I was saved from further torture as the movie previews started, and we settled down and munched on popcorn and sipped our sodas once the movie began.

The movie was over just before 8 o'clock and as we walked out into the cool evening air I took a deep breath and sighed.

"I love this time of year," I said, "Not too hot, not to cold. I just wish it didn't get dark so early."

"Hey, I'll protect you if you're afraid of the dark," Johnny teased.

"I'm more afraid of you than the dark," I goofed as I tagged him and took off running.

"Why you!" he laughed as he ran after me. 

We ran across Graham at the light and up Vann Street and he finally caught me at First Street. We went tumbling onto the grass in front of someone's house and we wrestled for a minute before Johnny finally pinned me.

He was hard, and so was I, and I could feel his pecker pressing against my leg.

"Are you gonna rape me right here in public?" I joked.

"Naw, I'm gonna wait till we get to my house to put my pecker in you," he said holding my wrists and moving his face so close to mine I thought he was gonna kiss me."

"Hey, big bully, let that kid up!" 

We looked up to see some old lady headed our way and we both jumped up and took off running, laughing our heads off all the way.

I looked back and saw the old lady shaking her finger at us and I laughed even harder. I wondered what she would have thought if Johnny had kissed me, or if she'd heard what he's said about putting his pecker in me. Needless to say, every time we passed by her house after that we couldn't help but laugh.

I was sitting on our front porch reading a comic book one afternoon after school when I looked up just in time to see a boy on a bicycle riding up the street.

At first glance I didn't recognize him, but I could see that he was younger, then as he got closer I realized it was Jacob.

The smile was the same, and riding the bike he looked stronger and more athletic than I'd remembered.

By the time he'd reached our driveway I was up and moving his way, and as if he knew exactly where he'd been going all along, he rode right up next to me.

"Hi," he said flashing those blue eyes and winning smile at me.

"Hi, how'd you find me?"

"You told me where you lived, remember?"

"Oh, yeah..." I said laughing, "but not which house."

"Well, I figured I'd just try every house," he teased.

"Really, were you gonna do that?"

"No, not really. If I didn't find ya I was going to just  ride down to the park."

"I can't believe you rode all the way over here by yourself."

"Why?" he asked, sounding hurt, "I'm almost 11, I'm not a baby."

"I didn't mean that. Heck, when I was your age I rode all over town, but Johnny or one of my friends was usually with me."

"Oh, well...Mark was busy, and you know how Fred is? Always reading."

"So, you came all the way over see me?"

"Yeah, is that okay?" he asked sounding shy for the first time since I'd met him.

"Yeah, I feel special," I laughed, "Hey, wanna come meet my mom. She made Kool-Ade."

"Okay, if its okay."

I led him to the house and we found mom putting the final touches on cup cakes she'd made for supper.

"Mom, this is Jacob," I said before she could ask, "he's Fred's brother, you know? Our new friend from school."

"Well, hello Jacob," mom said looking the boy over, and I could see all the things going through her mind that had gone through mine. How cute he was, how unlike Fred he looked, and what she could do to make him happy.

"Can we get some Kool-Ade? I'll pour it."

"Yes honey, and I just iced some cupcakes, If you boys won't let it spoil your dinner I'll let you have one."

" know it won't spoil mine," I said licking my lips.

"No ma'am, it won't spoil my dinner," Jacob said giving her that smile that probably made her want to give him the whole pan of cupcakes.

I poured us glasses of Kool-Ade while mom grilled Jacob, but I was finally able to pull him away. We went out to the back yard and when Jacob noticed the tree house his eyes lit up.

"Is that yours?" then he giggled, "Course it is. Can we go up there?" He had a little dab of frosting on his upper lip and his little pink tongue darted out to lick it off.

"Okay, but let's finish our Kool-Ade first." I said taking a bite of my cupcake to keep from thinking about what that white frosting on Jacob's lip had looked like.

We sat down on the back steps while we sipped our drinks and ate our cupcakes as I filled him in on how things were in my world. Of course Johnny's name kept coming up a lot, and suddenly Jacob touched my arm gently and interrupted me.

" Johnny like your best friend?"

"Yeah," I said, but I think the look on my face probably said more, "We've known each other since we were little kids."

"Oh, I wish I had a friend like that."

"You have brothers, that's just as good, right?"

"Yeah, I guess...but sometimes they treat me like a little kid," he sighed, "You don't think I'm a little kid, do you?" he asked cocking his head and looking at me.

"Naw, not really. You're a neat guy," I said, suddenly unsure how to handle this situation.

What was it that Jacob wanted or needed from me? Was he looking for a friend, or someone older to look up to? Or was he just bored and looking for adventure?

"Can we go up now?" he said, draining his glass and licking the frosting off his fingers before wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. His lips were red from the Kool-Ade and he licked at them almost provocatively. What would it feel like to kiss those lips? God, I had to stop thinking like that. What was wrong with me?

"Uh, sure come on," I said sitting my glass down beside his and starting off that way.

I could hear him trudging up behind me in the leaves, but I didn't look back. I needed time to collect my thoughts and come to my senses.

"I climbed up first and knelt to watch Jacob climb up, then offered him a hand up when he reached the top.

"Wow, neato," he said looking around, "wish I had a place like this."

"We don't use it that much anymore," I said, "but when we were younger we used to sleep up here in the summer."

"Oh man, that would be so rad. You and Johnny, right?"

"Johnny, Ricky, Donnie...a few of my friends," I said not wanting to give him the impression that it was just me and Johnny all the time.

"Oh, how did you all fit?" he giggled.

"Well, not all of them at once," I laughed, sometimes three of us though. We were smaller then," I said, looking around and realizing how much smaller the place looked now than when I was 11 or 12.

"Oh yeah, like me," he said beaming, "I could fit up here with you."

Was that a hint? I wondered, Well, not likely that would ever happen.

I was trying to think of a way to bring up the subject of Fred without sounding too nosy when he scooted closer to me and laid his hand on my leg, causing me to forget all about Fred.

He began rubbing my leg, but I don't think it was meant to be sexual. Some little kids just do stuff like that sometimes, either out of nervousness, or because they are fond of someone, and I think that was what it was with Jacob.

I thought about Mikey then, even though Jacob was years older, there were some similarities in the way the two behaved. They were both uninhibited, and touching was just a way of expressing themselves or showing their affection. I think it was that thought that caused me to relax some.

"Fred said you guys stopped this kid who pulled his underwear off."

"Well, mostly Johnny, but yeah...we don't stand for that kind of stuff."

"Did know? Laugh cause he's smooth and so small?"

"Yeah, they did," I admitted, "but not us, we didn't think it was funny at all."

"He's really sensitive about that. Me and Mark only know about that cause we accidentally walked on him in the bathroom one time. He was really mad at us for a long time."

"Did you laugh at him?" I wondered.

"No, to me he just looked like I did," he explained, "but Mark has hair and well...he was kinda wondering so he asked him about it and that made him even madder."

"Some kids just develop faster, that's all. Me and Johnny started early and so did a few of our friends."

"Yeah, that's what Fred says, but he's still shy about it."

"He'll catch up eventually," I assured him.

"Maybe him and me will get hair at the same time," he chuckled.

"Maybe," I said trying not to think about that too much. Then it dawned on me, this was the perfect time to ask about Fred's real parents, "So...what's the deal with Fred's folks?"

"Of course this was before me and Mark were born, but I've heard my Granny talk about it. Well...Fred's mom wasn't really married to his dad. I guess they just did sex and she got pregnant. When she found out, she was really mad and she quit seeing that guy, but she was stuck with a baby. 

I guess my mom and dad knew her family and decided that if she didn't want the baby, they'd take it. They'd been married a while and didn't have any kids, so they thought it would be a good thing. 

Then three years later Mark was born, and then they had me, so they wound up with three boys. We didn't know Fred was adopted till he began to ask questions about why he didn't look like mom and dad or me and Mark.

We weren't supposed to know, but Granny has a big mouth, and we heard her talking to mom one day and that's how we found out. Then Fred told us himself, cause he said that he didn't belong and stuff, and he was worried we didn't want him as a brother anymore."

"But you did want him, didn't you?"

"Yeah, we told him that, and he seemed okay after that."

"That's good. Your folks must be really good people."

"Yeah, I guess. They don't beat us or starve us," he teased.

"Well, I hope not," I said tickling him, "but maybe they do the tickle torture."

"Stop it..." he giggled, "but he wasn't trying to get away or anything, and in fact  he seemed to be pushing against me harder and eventually he wound up in my lap.

We were both breathing hard when I finally gave up, relaxing my arms a little, but Jacob grabbed them and pulled them around him. He leaned back into me and I inhaled his little boy scent and closed my eyes. 

It was nice, just sitting there and holding this beautiful boy without being bothered with all that sex stuff. It was sort of like when I held Mikey on my lap. I loved him, and it felt good holding him and touching him, but I wasn't interested in him for sex. 

"Do you like me?" Jacob said jarring me out of my revelry.

"Yeah, like a little brother," I confessed, "I think Fred is very lucky to have a neat brother like you."

"But you have a brother, right?"

"Yeah, but he's just a little kid and can't do much stuff yet."

"But I can, right?"

"Yeah. Hey, wanna throw the ball around or something?" I asked then.

"Okay, that sounds fun."

We climbed down and played catch and had a good time, laughing and cutting up till it was beginning to get late. Dad came home and came out to watch us for a while, and I introduced Jacob, and of course dad warmed to him right away, and I think the feeling was mutual.

When Jacob finally left I walked him to the street and waved as he rode off. I felt good about myself and I felt like I'd finally come to grips with my feelings about this boy. It didn't' have to always be about sex. After all when I was younger, sex was never a part of my friendships. I could have younger friends too, and treat them accordingly. I was smiling as I went inside and I couldn't wait to talk to Johnny about Jacob's visit.

End of Chapter 27

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