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Tween to Teen
(sequel to My 11th Summer)
By: Kewl Dad

Chapter Twenty Eight

Part One

 A three-legged dog

*Note: the second part of this chapter deals with both physical and sexual abuse and thoughts of suicide. If this subject causes you emotional distress, or you find it offensive, I suggest you skip the second part.

Art class was in the Junior High building, but all six grades used it, and there was only one teacher, Mrs. Janz.

Imagine, your typical spinster looking lady, skinny and with a long nose and glasses, except Mrs. Janz was actually married. She wore ladies' suits. You know, those wool looking things with long skirts and buttons and a blouse beneath. She was always dressed up and never casual and one of the stuffiest people I would ever meet.

Her husband actually worked for the railroad, which was kind of neat, but it was hard to imagine her being married to begin with. I couldn't imagine what that relationship must've been like, but I'm guessing there was no sex, since there were no little Janzes running around.

She ran her class like a prison, and her favorite things were conduct checks. A conduct check was not only a mark on her grade sheet for some infraction, but it also included writing a theme, the number of pages dependent on the severity of the infraction. 

She would custom tailor the conduct checks as well, for instance...gum check, talking check, etc. and it would have been humorous it not for the repercussions of being awarded one of them.

The only bright spot was, that Mrs. Janz took to Johnny right off and recognized his talent, and treated him like her own son from day one.

Since I was Johnny's friend, some of her good grace rubbed off on me, but I was still cautious when I was in  her class, and always aware of what could happen if I messed up.

One day the class assignment was to draw a picture of a dog. We were given the choice of drawing a dog from our memory or imagination, or from one of the dozens of pictures she had available for us, and since I wasn't a very good artist, I chose a picture.

The dog in the picture was a boxer and I thought it would be a cinch to copy it and maybe for once make a decent grade drawing something, but boy was I wrong.

I got most of the drawing done and it looked pretty good, but try as hard as I could I couldn't get the right front leg drawn. It looked horrible no matter what I did, and finally in a moment of desperation I simply erased the leg entirely and made the end into a stump.

For some reason as soon as I did that I burst into laughter despite the fact that I knew Mrs. Janz ran her art class like a POW camp. 

Johnny and the kid next to me, Mike a 10th grader, took one look at the drawing and they erupted in laughter too. 

Across from us Nick, a 9th grader, and Ronnie an 8th grader, had to see what we were going on about and grabbed the drawing and soon they were laughing as hard as we were.

Well, you can imagine how this went over with Mrs. Janz.

She was smoking as she jumped up and practically knocked over her desk, trying to get to us, and as soon as we saw her headed our way a deathly silence settled over us.

"What are you boys laughing about?" she demanded, as she grabbed the drawing I'd just snatched back from Nick.

She took one look at the drawing and her eyes grew big, and for one moment I thought she might explode.

"Warren, did you draw this?" she asked with surprising calmness.

"Yes ma'am. It's my dog Tripod, he only has three legs," I said trying to sound as sincere as possible.

"A three-legged dog?" she said seeming to think about that for a moment, then realizing we'd all been laughing at the plight of the poor dog she gave us a withering look, "I don't see anything funny about this poor creature's misfortune."

We held our breaths, waiting for the dreaded laugh check to be hurled our way, but suddenly, taking one look at Johnny, her favorite student, she made her decision.

"Actually Warren, its a very good drawing, but in the future I would think you would be more respectful of this poor dog's condition."

We stared in shock as she returned to her desk and went back to whatever it was she had been doing, and thanked our lucky stars that for once the old bag had gone easy on us.

I still think to this day that the only reason she didn't come down hard on me and the other boys was that Johnny was right in the big middle of it. That woman thought the sun rose and sat on my Johnny, and because of that, my time spent in Mrs. Janz art class was actually pretty easy.

Art class was good for Johnny in many ways. Not only did it give him a place to practice his skills, but it brought him the attention that he might not have gotten otherwise. 

As I said, Mrs. Janz recognized his talent right away, and despite being a bit of a tyrant, she was actually a very good teacher, and she inspired her serious students like Johnny.

She was always pushing Johnny to try new things, and one of them was watercolors. Up until that year Johnny had done only pencil drawings, black and white mostly, though he did a few with colored pencils, but they weren't nearly as impressive as the black and white stuff.

Johnny seemed reluctant at first to dabble in colors, but once he tried watercolors he was hooked. And oh man, if I thought his stuff was good before, now it took on a whole new meaning of the word good.

His first serious work was a picture of the farm, done from memory, with three boys frolicking in a hay stack. 

If I looked really close I could tell the three boys were Johnny, me, and Caleb, but to everyone else it was simply known as Three Boys on the Farm. It was so good that Mrs. Janz suggested Johnny do more watercolors and display them in the Public Library as a sort of one man show.

Johnny wasn't sure at first, but with some encouragement from me, and of course Mrs. Janz, he began to turn out the paintings in record numbers.

One of them was called: Boy in Blue, and though at first I just thought it was of some random boy, I soon realized the boy in the painting was Jacob.

How he was able to portray Jacob in such depth was beyond me, considering he had no photograph or live model to paint from, but that was how Johnny was. He had a photographic memory, and to this day he can see something and paint it without needing any visual reminder of the scene.

His showing at the Library was written up in the Daily Times, and somehow wound up being featured in the Tulsa Sunday World, and Johnny got a lot of attention from a lot of important people after that. 

For a while Johnny was a bit of a celebrity, but it wasn't until he entered High School that his artistic talents really paid off, but more about that later.

Fred continued to hang out with our gang and he and I became quite close because of our interest in reading. Not that he didn't  hang out with Johnny too, but even as close as Johnny and I were, sometimes we did things without one another.

Johnny was really into his drawings, and now his painting, and had begun to dabble in some new media, like oils. His folks, suddenly realizing just how talented their son was, were not only encouraging him, but financing his endeavors, and they'd even allowed him to convert the spare bedroom at their house into a studio.

Johnny flourished as an aspiring artist, but I had to admit it did take away from some of our time together.

Maybe that's why I began to spend more time with Fred, and through him his brothers Michael, and of course Jacob.

Because Fred hung around with me and Johnny and our bunch of friends, Fred had lost a lot of his shyness and was much more outgoing and interesting. He'd even begun to make new friends and some of them were girls.

Yeah, poor shy Fred turned out to have a way with the girls, and by the time the year ended he had his first girlfriend, Linda Hamilton. 

Linda was a shy girl herself, with big brown eyes and freckles, and as far as girls went she was not bad looking. She was maybe a little over-weight, but not grossly so, and it only added to her curves and the size of her breasts, which seemed to be a big thing with boys who liked girls.

Fred and Linda met through one of the guys in our gym class who knew her brother, and from the first moment they met it was fireworks. 

Poor Fred walked around for weeks with this starry eyed look and it took some nagging from me and Johnny to finally find out what his problem was.

Johnny was best prepared to help Fred with his problem, and Fred took everything Johnny said to heart. One Friday there was a dance at the PYO (Pryor Youth Organization) and Johnny suggested Fred ask Linda to go with him.

The PYO was a little building just across from the Junior High and High School campus, and they held dances and get togethers for kids 14 and up. 

Johnny and I had gone to one of the get togethers when we were in 8th grade, but since it was mostly boy/girl couples we felt sort of out of place and hadn't gone back since.

However, one condition of Fred asking Linda out was that Johnny and I attend the dance too, and we easily agreed.

The dance started at 7 and there was a two dollar cover charge, but snacks and punch were provided so it was really a sweet deal.

We were pleased to see that some of our other friends were there, Larry Kating with his girlfriend of the week Brenda Knight, Evelyn and Rodney, Chrissy and a boy named Tom, and a few others, some stag and some with girlfriends.

Fred and Linda showed up shortly after we got there and I had to admit they both looked nice all dressed up, and Fred had a huge smile on his face.

Linda looked very pretty and in the dress she was wearing she didn't look as chubby as I'd remembered her, though her boobs were quite a bit bigger than most of the other girls.

"I bet Fred would like to bury his head between those titties and play motorboat," Johnny laughed, and that got me to laughing.

After introducing Linda to us (even though we already knew her) Fred went off to get them a glass of punch, leaving us to get better acquainted.

"So, Fred huh?" I said, "He's a really nice guy. Me and Johnny think a lot of  him."

"Yeah, old Fred is one neat guy," Johnny said, jumping in to back me up.

"Fred is sweet," Linda said smiling, "most boys won't have anything to do with me, but Fred makes me feel really special."

"You are special," I said quickly, "You're a very pretty girl, and Fred is a nice guy. You two are perfect for each other."

"Yeah, I like Fred a lot, but I don't know how he feels about me. He's awfully shy and doesn't talk all that much."

"Oh trust me," Johnny said grinning, "Fred likes you a lot. Once he gets to know you better he'll be fine. He was shy around us guys till we got to know him and now he's a real goof."

Linda smiled and looked ready to say something else, but Fred returned about then with their punch and we changed the subject.

Eventually Johnny and I excused ourselves to let the two lovers have some alone time, and we went off to say hi to our other friends.

We'd tried to talk Donnie, Gerald, and Walter into going with  us, but they all had other plans. I didn't think to ask Ben, since he was younger, but I didn't think he would have wanted to go anyway.

"Think Fred will ask her to dance?" Johnny said as we sipped punch and watched a few couples dancing, if you could call it that. Some of the guys looked like they were having fits...ha ha.

"If he doesn't do it soon we're going to have to get him aside and have a little talk with him. Dancing a slow dance with her will seal the deal for sure. He can press against her giant boobs and let her feel his hardon," he giggled when he said the last bit and got me to laughing too.

I couldn't imagine Fred with a hardon, and even if he had one, considering the size of it, it couldn't have pressed her too hard.

Although Fred had grown a little down there and actually sprang a few hairs, he was still behind most of the other boys in our PE class, the only ones we had to compare with.

"Come on Robert, dance with me," this girl named Myra said as she wandered over to where Johnny and I stood.

"Oh, okay...but I'm not that good..." I stammered, but I was willing to make a fool out of myself if she was.

"Oh, you'll do fine, and when we're done, Johnny has to dance with me next."

"Okay, hurry then," Johnny said enthusiastically, "I love to dance."

He did? Why didn't I know that? Well, next time we were alone I'd put a record on and we'd dance together.

Dancing with Myra was fun and she was the kind of girl who didn't get all mushy and paw a guy. I wonder now looking back if she didn't understand that Johnny and I were more than just friends and she was dancing with us just to help us fit in. If so...Myra wherever you are, thanks girl, you were a sweetheart.

Taking a cue from Myra, our pal Evelyn danced with us boys too, and that got us some more attention and before I knew what was happening we'd dance with four other girls, including Linda.

That was a good thing, cause it got Fred jealous, and he danced every dance with her after that. Between dancing and trips to the punch bowl, Johnny and I were worn out and ready to go by the time ten o'clock rolled around. 

We said goodbye to Fred and Linda and the few of our friends that were left and gave Evelyn a big hug. She would always be our best girl, no matter what, and she and Chrissy were our biggest supporters as Johnny and I continued to move forward with our relationship.

At school on Monday Fred was walking on cloud nine, and by the time we got to PE class he was ready to share his good news. He and Linda were going steady, and that boy was so happy he couldn't think straight.

That night at my house as we did our homework Johnny and I talked about Fred, and girls, and how silly some of the kids acted when they were in love.

"I hope we never act like that," Johnny said making a face.

I laughed, "Oh Johnny, think about it. Look at all the stuff we went through back when we were younger and how silly we acted."

"Oh, yeah...I guess it's the same for us, huh?" he admitted, "but guys aren't as hard to deal with."

"I dunno, you're pretty prissy at times," I laughed, and he rolled into me and began to tickle me.

"Prissy huh? I'll show you prissy, I'll whip your cute ass."

"Lick my cute ass? Did you say?" I giggled.

"That too, and stuff my pecker in it," he said, not letting up a bit.

"I'm," I giggled.

"Oh, well...I might like that, but I'd hate to mess up your bed," he said letting up on the tickling and just holding me down, his face close to mine and his eyes locked on mine.

"Did I ever tell you that I like your eyes," he said looking very emotional.

"I umm...think so. I like yours too."

"But yours are the prettiest shade of green I've ever seen, and mine are just plain old brown."

"Like chocolate," I said, "and I love chocolate, besides they're so warm and friendly, like a big dog's." 

"A dog huh?" Johnny said grinning, "Well, if I'm a dog I'm gonna lick you all over, and then hump your leg."

"Okay, but let's get naked first."

"Right now, with your mom and Mikey out there?"

"Well, maybe not," I said coming back to reality, "I'll be so glad when we go off to college and can live together and do stuff anytime we want."

"Heck, it's not like we don't have alone time as it is," he laughed, "remember what we did after the dance Friday night?" he said wiggling his eyebrows.

We'd gone to Johnny's house that night and got naked as soon as we got into his room and made love till way into the morning.

"Yeah, I know...hold on," I said jumping up and latching my door, just in case.

"Oh, now what?" he laughed.

"Come here and I'll show ya," I said wiggling my hips at him seductively.


"Yes," I said dropping my pants to my ankles, bending over the bed, and wiggling my now naked ass once more.

"Oh shit, it's winkin' at me," he teased, and then bending down he began to lick my sweaty hole. 

I mean I wasn't dirty back there, I'd showered after PE and I kept myself a lot cleaner these days, but I don't think either one of us would have been turned off by a little funk. We loved everything about each other, taste, smell, feel, and this was just one more turn on for us.

"Oh...oh..." I gasped keeping it low so as not to alert mom that her son was being violated in his bedroom, "Stick it it now! Fuck me dammit ."

"Damn, you in heat?"  he sniggered.

"Uh huh, for my big bad doggie."

"I got a bone for ya," he laughed as I heard his zipper go down.

A few seconds later I felt a glob of spit hit my pucker and looked back to see Johnny slathering up his cock with more spit, and then he moved against my aching hole.

He pushed slowly, but I wanted it now and pushed back against him till he was buried deep in my squishy guts. I loved having him inside me, still do, and was happiest when being pounded by my sexy lover.

He didn't last long, and after cleaning both of us up with a sock, he stood and pulled his pants up, holding them with one hand as I flipped over and sat on the bed.

"You wanna do me?"

"Nope, I'm good," I said smiling, "I just wanted your spermies in my hole."

"You're sick," he laughed, "at least let me suck it."

"Well...if you want to," I said, playing hard to get.

"You know I do. I love your weenie."

"Okay then, have at it," I giggled as I flopped onto my back, jutting up my almost 6" of hard uncut boy meat.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm." Was all he could say as he swallowed me whole, and soon he had me panting and thrusting, headed toward a ball wrenching orgasm.

When we were dressed again I walked over to my record player and put on a new 45 I'd bought just for this occasion. As the music started I held out my hand and pulled Johnny to his feet and began to dance around. Johnny joined in right away and for the next few minutes we dance to Yummy Yummy Yummy by the Ohio Players. We were free and young and in love, and the world was a wonderful place to be.

We would dance many times over the years, still do, but that day was our first dance and it will always be embedded in my memory.

One Sunday afternoon as I sat on my front porch, sipping a Nehi Grape pop and considering whether to ride over to Johnny's, or give the poor boy some rest, I was surprised to see Jacob ride up.

"Hi," he said, giving me that radiant smile and flashing those baby blues at me.

"Hi kiddo, what's up?"

"Just came to see ya. Whatcha' doin'?"

"Nuttin', want to go down to the park and shoot some hoops or something?"

"Okay,"  he said smiling.

I grabbed my basketball and hollered at mom and dad and grabbed my bike and off we rode. As we rode along Jacob joked about Fred being in love and we traded stories. I could tell Jacob was happy for Fred, but you know how kids are, they just have to make fun of everything they didn't understand.

"How come you don't got a girlfriend?" Jacob asked as we began playing on the half court.

"Well, I...ummm...guess I just don't want one...not right now," I quickly added the last so as not to sound too weird.

"Oh, and Johnny don't want one either."

"He had one for a while, Evelyn, but it didn't work out."

"How come?"

"Well, I guess they decided that being friends was better than being lovers," I said, hoping he would drop it after that. No such luck.

"Oh, well...don't get mad, but..."

I froze, what was he about to say?

"I won't, but be careful what you say," I warned.

"Oh, forget it," he mumbled, "I would never want to hurt your feelings or make you mad, cause then you wouldn't like me, and I couldn't be your little brother no more."

"Its okay," I said laying a hand on his shoulder and stooping down to eye level, "Whatever it was, all you need to know is...I like you a lot, and I'd never get so mad at you that I wouldn't want to be your friend, but..some things are personal and private and even friends don't need to know everything."

"Yeah, okay," he said smiling at me, "I really like you Robert, a lot," he said suddenly hugging me close.

I was surprised at first, but then I hugged him back. After all I was a pretty physical guy, especially since I'd had lots of experience with Johnny, and it didn't seem weird or uncomfortable for me to hug another boy.

Suddenly I was aware that Jacob was crying and I bent even lower and took him in my arms and just held him as he cried. 

We were right out there in the open, on the basketball court, but fortunately at the moment we were the only ones there and we were safe from prying eyes.

"What's wrong kiddo? Kiddo was my pet name for him and he seemed to like it a lot.

"Nuttin'," he sniffed, "I was just afraid I'd lose you as a friend."

"Never," I said giving him a gentle squeeze.

"Can we...umm...go to the bathroom. I gotta pee."

"Sure, come on," I said standing up and taking his hand in mind. 

To me Jacob was like my little brother Mikey, just a little kid who needed someone to take care of him. The truth was, he was ten years old and pretty self sufficient, and yet he let me lead him around and treat him that way and I could only guess why. Whatever the reason it seemed to work for both of us and I didn't give it a lot of thought.

Inside the block building it was cooler and the smell of piss, shit, and God only knew what else permeated the air. Something about those smells always got me aroused for some reason, maybe because I'd had my share of bathroom sex, and that day was no exception.

Jacob went straight to the urinal trough, and suddenly I realized I need to piss as well. I debated whether to use a stall or the  urinal and in the end I decided using the trough was less weird.

"You gotta big one," Jacob said eying my dick as I started pissing next to him.

"Thanks, its about average I guess."

"Is mine average?" he said showing me a half hard cut pecker that looked pretty big for a kid his age.

"Uh...maybe a little bigger," I said, trying to remember how big mine was at 10.

"It gets bigger," he giggled and began to stroke it as I watched nervously.

What was worse, seeing his pecker plump up had caused my own to begin to bone up, and by the time I had shook the last few drops off I was at full mast.

"Wow, oh's really big now," he said, his eyes wide with wonder.

"Uh, so is yours..." I stammered.

"Thanks, it's biggern' Fred's," he giggled, "but he gets mad if we say anything bout that."

"Well, I understand that. It's not nice to make fun of someone, especially when there's nothing they can do about it."

"Michael says she needs to play with it more," Jacob giggled, "then it will get bigger. Is that right Robert?" he said turning to me and exposing all of his hard pecker and his hairless balls.

"Uh, well...I'm not sure that's true, but it don't hurt to try," I laughed nervously.

"Yeah, maybe that's why mine is so big," he said staring straight at my pecker, which I still hadn't put away for some reason.

"Could be,, with yours a lot?" I stammered.

"Oh yeah, all the time. Ever since Mike showed me how. I don't know if Fred even does it, but Mike sure does," he giggled.

Oh God, this was way too much information. I had tried so hard to keep my relationship with Jacob platonic and here we were, hard peckers in hand, and discussing jacking off.

"I um...I bet Fred does," I said, not revealing that Fred had actually admitted to it one day when Johnny and I were talking dirty.

"I'd ask em' but he'd prolly get mad."

"Well, it is kind of a private thing."

He seemed to be thinking about that for a minute, then he scrunched up his cute face and looked me right in the eye. " shouldn't ever do it with someone else?"

"Well, no...I didn't mean that. As long as both, um...boys are okay with it, that's fine. What I meant was if someone doesn't want to talk about it, do it with someone else then it's private."

"Oh, yeah...I see," he said smiling again, "That's good cause and my friend Reggie, we...well, we did it together one day at his house. He has a big pecker, biggern' Michael's even, but not as big as yours."

"Is Reggie your age?"

"Yep, he's in my grade at Jefferson."

"That's cool. Nothing wrong with two buddies doing that." I'd finally come to my senses and was starting to put away my rapidly deflating pecker when suddenly Jacob's little hand shot out and he grabbed my hand and stopped me.

Then looking me in the eye again and blushing he sighed, "We're buddies, right?"

"Yeah, good buddies," I said, wondering what was next.

"So, you said it was okay for two buddies to do that stuff together..."

"Oh well, I meant buddies your own age..."

"Oh, so it's not okay for, um...someone my age and someone, um...a little older to do it?"

Damn this kid was good. He had me tripped up for sure, and I didn't know what to say or do. What would Johnny think? And more importantly, what would Fred think if he knew I was jerking off with his little bro in a park bathroom? Still it wasn't like I was touching him or molesting him or anything, and he started it. I guess I was just trying to justify what I knew was going to happen, but I never thought it would go as far as it did.

"Well, it depends on how old the other boy is," I said, even though that was bullshit. I'd messed with Donnie's brother Larry when he was way older than me and enjoyed the hell out of it and it hadn't messed me up any worse than I already was.

"Four years maybe...right?" he said grinning.

"Me?" I said acting surprised.

He nodded, "I like that skin on your dick and I wanted to see how it worked."

"Oh, yeah. It works fine," I teased, giving it a tug and revealing the angry head and flaring piss slit.

"Oh man, that looks so neat," he said starting to rub his own hard pecker now. He was loosely cut and had a little skin which he would pull up to cover most of the head using two fingers.

So there we stood, facing one another and working our peckers. I hadn't said yes or no, but it was happening, and maybe not talking about it made it easier to deal with.

I think I would have been fine with this little show and tell, and mutual jacking, and probably wouldn't have worried so much if the other thing hadn't happened.

We were going at it for a few minutes and it was starting to feel good now. I could feel my balls pull up a bit, but I still wasn't quite there yet. I don't know how Jacob was feeling, but his breathing had sped up some and he was looking a little red in the face, both signs that he was close.

Mutual jacking was the kind of stuff even straight boys did, and Jacob had already confessed to doing it with his friend, so I felt pretty safe in what we were doing. Plus I hadn't gotten off all day, and it was feeling mighty good, partly because I was looking at Jacob's cute body and his hard pecker.

I closed my eyes and was headed toward orgasm when suddenly a small soft hand pushed my own hand away and took over. Now I know I could have protested and pushed him away, or told him it was wrong, or a million other things, but I guess I'm just not that strong when it comes to sex. 

I'd loved Jacob since the first day I laid eyes on him, and though it wasn't the same kind of love I had for Johnny, it was strong. Until that day I had tried to keep sex out of our relationship, not so much because I thought it was wrong, but because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to control myself if it ever got physical. 

You just can't imagine how beautiful and sexy Jacob was, and what was worse, he seemed to know it, and he knew how to use those talents to get what he wanted.

"Oh God," I cried out as his hand sent shivers through my body. I couldn't believe how good it felt or how skilled he seemed to be at giving me pleasure, and needless to say I didn't last long.

"I'm coming," I squeaked, not even knowing if he knew what that meant for someone my age, but when I began to blast he just giggled and kept on pumping till I was spent.

When it got too sensitive I pushed his hand away and squeezed out the last few drops and quickly put my pecker away. 

I know I should have felt ashamed, or at least bothered by what had happened, but I guess I was so used to stuff like that that it just seemed natural.

"That was neat the way it blasted out of there. Michael can make that stuff, but it don't shoot out like that. When will I get that stuff?" he said staring at his own hard pecker now.

"Well, I was 11 and so was Johnny, but most kids don't start till later."

"Like Fred?" he said frowning, "I hope I don't have to wait a long time."

"Just keep pumping it," I said grinning, "and who knows."

"I need help," he said grinning devilishly, "I helped you, now you gotta help me," he pouted.

"Oh, well...I guess it's only fair," I said shrugging, I'd already let him touch me, might as well go all the way, I reasoned.

"Goody," he said thrusting out his crotch and releasing the hold on his hard little cock.

His pants slid down to his knees and I could see all of his middle now and he was so perfect that I felt like crying. If God ever created an Angel on Earth, it was Jacob, and as far as I know he's still just as beautiful today.

I knelt before this perfect boy and took his cock in my hand and marveled at it's perfectness, it's size, the feel of it, and most of all his Heavenly aroma. 

I guess you can probably guess where this was going. I was on full sensual overload, and I was on my knees sniffing his sexy boy aroma, and the only logical thing to do was....suck his cock.

"Hey," he said softly and taking a deep breath as I began licking his dick head all over.

I hadn't thought that he might not like it and I suddenly felt very bad, "Ummm...I thought you'd like it."

"I do, you just surprised me," he giggled, "Do it some more."

Now that I had his permission I gave him my best. I tongue bathed his baby balls, and as far back between his legs as my tongue would reach, and then took his cock in my mouth and gave him the ride of his life.

That kid was squirming, and swearing, and grunting, and practically climbing into my mouth by the time he finally had his dry orgasm, and then I thought he was gonna pass out.

"Oh, MY, GOD..." he panted, "Was that...was that...a, a...blow job?'

"Yup," I said still holding onto him for fear he'd sink to the floor if I let go.

"I liked it...a lot. How did you learn to do that?"

"Well, I'm older remember? And older kids just find out stuff."

"OH, has anyone ever done that to you?" he asked wide-eyed and innocent.

"Yeah," I said blushing, "We...uh really should get out of here before someone else comes along."

"Oh, yeah," he giggled.

He pulled away and pulled his pants up and I watched him till nothing of his lovely body was left uncovered.

I led him out of the bathroom, and only then did the enormity of what had just taken place threatened to overwhelm me.

"We need to talk," I said, sounding more like my dad than myself at the moment.

"Oh, ummm...okay. Am I in trouble?" 

I almost laughed, isn't that just like a kid? Every time someone says, we need to talk, they automatically think they're in trouble. Well, I'd heard that phrase a million times from my folks, so I could see why he might think that.

"No, of course not. We're buddies, right?"

"Yeah, good buddies," he said grinning.

"Okay, let's climb up on the monkey bars."

The monkey bars. Where so much of my life's dramas had unfolded over the  years. All the heartache and joy and pain, the good times and the bad times that had been shared there. It was only fitting that this event should bring me here one more time.

As soon as we were both settled I reached over and ruffled Jacob's blond hair and smiled at him. He smiled back and grabbed my hand and brought it to his chest and just held it there. I could feel his little heart beating in his chest, and I thought about what an amazing creature he was. So small and so beautiful, and that he wanted to be my friend was humbling.

Had I let him down by giving in to my baser instincts and allowing what had happened in the bathroom to happen, or had I done him a favor? Had I made him feel older and more a part of the world that I shared with Johnny and my friends, or had I taken away his innocence and doomed him to become a sex monkey like us?

"What's wrong?" he said soothingly, ever aware of my feelings and always ready to help.

"Well, I was just wondering how you feel about what we did back the bathroom..." I said, unable to put a name on it.

"I feel just fine," he said grinning, "it felt good and I really liked making the stuff fly out of your dick," he giggled then, and I figured he couldn't be too messed up.

"But we were just supposed to jack off together. I didn't think we'd do that other stuff. I didn't mean to do what I did, it just happened. are just so...I was right there and you smelled so good..." I stammered, more to myself than to him.

"I smell good?" he giggled, "Like wieners?"

How could I get serious with this kid who thought everything we did was fun and funny?

"Well, yeah...that too, but I mean your natural scent. You even smell cute," I said grinning.

"Oh Robert, you're so funny, and know what else?"

"What?" I asked grinning.

"I love you a lot," he said looking shy and unsure of himself for the first time.

"I love you too, like my own little brother," I said pulling my hand away and wrapping it around his slender waist.

"Then what we did was nice, and not bad, right?"

"Well, some people might think it was bad...since I'm older and you're supposed to be...I don't know innocent or something."

"Then they're stupid. Sides, no one but us will ever know. You're not gonna tell anyone are you?" he asked sounding a little concerned.

"Just Johnny," I  confessed, "We don't keep secrets from each other. We're the kind of friends who tell each other everything. Is that okay?"

"Johnny won't care, will he?" he asked simply, "Cause he likes that stuff too, right?"

"Uh, well...why do you say that?"

"I don't know, just stuff that I've heard when you two are together, and the way you look at each other and stuff."

"Is that what you were going to ask me about on the basketball court earlier?"

He nodded, "But I didn't wanna make ya' mad and lose you as a friend, cause I know Johnny is your real best friend and I'm only your second best friend, right?"

I smiled, "Yeah, except you're my little brother and that's just as good as being my best friend."

"Really, neato big brother," he said giving me his sunny smile which melted away all my worries.

"But that brings us back to what happened in there," I said pointing at the bathroom, "I don't think we should do that stuff again."

"Why not?" he said sounding upset, "I liked it, and you liked it...why can't we do it again?"

"Well, it's hard to explain..."

"Is Johnny gonna be mad?" he said suddenly looking ready to cry.

"No, he won't be mad, I promise, but he might think I was wrong for doing that."

"Oh, so if Johnny don't like what we did, then we shouldn't do it anymore?" he said looking serious again, then seeming to think it over some more he added, "What if he don't care, what if he said it was okay, and that it wasn't wrong, then can we do it again maybe?"

I laughed, "How about we just see how things go for now. I'll tell Johnny next time I see him and see what he thinks."

"Okay, maybe if he likes that stuff we can do it too."

Oh God, not only was he not bothered by what we did, he was trying to do it with Johnny now. I'd created a monster, or...was he like me and Johnny, and just a horny little kid?

We rode back to my place, and after checking in with my folks,  I decided to ride home with Jacob then stop by Johnny's on my way home.

At Jacob's house I waited while he went inside and got Fred and we talked a little before I finally said goodbye and headed to Johnny's. I felt a little better about things with Jacob, but now came the hard part, telling Johnny what a bad boy I'd been.

Johnny was in his studio, as he called it, working on a new watercolor, a scene of the park and pond as seen from the window of his studio.

"Hey, got a minute?" His mom had let me in and told me to go on back, and fortunately the door was open to his studio.

"For you, I got two," he joked, "Come on in. What you been doing? Then looking to make sure his mom hadn't followed me in he whispered, "I've missed you today."

"I've missed you too, but I had a visitor today..."

"Oh, let me guess, your little shadow...Jacob?" he chuckled.

"Yeah, can we go for a walk or something? I need to talk to you."

"Sounds serious, sure let's go. I needed a break anyway."

As we passed through the living room Johnny told his mom we were going to the park for a while and she nodded. These days she seemed happier and didn't hassle Johnny as much as the old days.

As soon as we were across the street and headed down the little walking path I started.

"Well, you may not like what I'm gonna tell you, but we don't keep secrets, so you need to hear this."

"You're not breaking up with me and getting with Jacob are you?" he teased, barely able to contain his laughter.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head, "Get serious, you're stuck with me forever."

"Good to know. So, what's got you so worried? Just tell me and you'll be all better."

So I began, I started with the moment Jacob and I had climbed on our bikes and headed to the park and didn't leave out a detail. When I got to the bathroom part I described in detail what I was thinking, how I had tried to be strong, and how I'd failed in the end and done even more things that I hadn't intended.

"Wow, so Jake got his first blow job," Johnny chuckled, "Well, you're right to worry, cause now he won't be satisfied with his hand anymore."

"Aren't you upset?" I said frowning. Somehow I wanted him to be upset, maybe cause I wanted to be punished for being so weak and giving in to sex.

"Upset? Oh come on Robert. I'm just surprised it took this long for it to happen. That kid has been asking for it since the first day we met him."

"No way," I said shaking my head, "He's just a little kid..."

"Robert, he's almost the age you, and me, and Roger were when we started messing around. Were we too young to have fun?"

When he put it like that, it made more sense, but I still had some guilty feelings. I had to get it all out while I had Johnny's attention, so I went on.

"You're right about him wanting more," I said after a while, "He's already asking me when we can do it again. I told him that I didn't think it was a good idea, and he said he didn't understand why. He said he liked it, and I liked it, so what was the problem? I told him I wasn't sure what you would think and he got all upset."

"Oh, make me the bad guy," Johnny teased. He stopped and I turned to face him, "Look Robert, you know how I am, how we are. As long as there are no secrets I'm fine with you doing stuff with our friends. I think the real problem here is that you feel guilty or something, and you want an excuse not to do anything again."

God could Johnny read my mind.

"I don't know why it bothers me so much," I confessed, "I've messed with older guys and it didn't cause me any permanent harm, but I just feel like I'm letting Jake down by giving in to this stuff."

Johnny sighed, "Robert, I love you with all my heart, but sometimes you are such an idiot. Don't you see that this is what that kid wants and needs. He wants a piece of you, and now that he's got it, he won't be happy again if you cut him off."

"God, do you think so?" I said, this was even worse than I thought.

"Just relax and let things happen if they will. I'm not saying you have to go looking to sex him up. I mean it's not like you guys have all that much opportunity to do that stuff."

"So, you're saying...let him lead the way?"

"Yeah, sort of. The most important thing right now is...don't hurt his feelings. You're his first crush, and even though he can't have all of you, he'll be happy with whatever he can get."

"God, you mean..."

"Yeah, that kid loves you that way. I can tell cause I feel that way too."

"Oh no, this is bad."

"Naw, I'm not jealous or anything, I can share you till he finds a new crush."

"What if he doesn't?"

"Well, maybe we should help him find someone."

"What? Hook him up with a kid his age or something?"

"How about this Reggie kid?"

"I don't know any of his friends..."

"Well, maybe we should talk to Fred."

"God, what  have I done? Why did I have to show him so much attention?"

"Cause you've got a little crush on him too," he chuckled.

"I do? No, that's crazy. Is that what you think?"

"I'm not upset, but yeah...I see it in your eyes and I don't blame you, he's a cute kid and very sexy."

"Man, I thought I was just being nice..." I pouted.

"You are nice, that's why you make friends so easy. Think about it, Gerald, Walter, Ben, Fred, now are the kind of boy that everyone wants to be friends with."

"Is that a bad thing?"

"No, of course not. It's one of the reasons I love you so much. You're about the nicest person I ever met."

"What am I gonna do?" I moaned, holding my head in my hands.

"Just keep on being nice and making friends, and as far as Jacob is concerned, just let things happen. He's young and he'll figure things out on his own with a little help."

"I guess. Thanks for listening to me and not being all prissy about it," I said, then we both cracked up.

"Prissy huh?" He said starting for me, but I was anticipating that, and I took off running before he could reach me.

He ran after me, and even though I knew he'd catch up with me eventually, I just kept running. He finally caught me on the soft grass near the big slide and went down like a ton of bricks. 

Johnny fell on top of me and we lay there panting as we caught our breath, and we were both hard by the time we sat up.

"God you make me so horny," Johnny moaned.

"I seem to have that effect on all the boys I know," I  teased.

"Well, since you seem to like doin' it in the bathroom, come on...I need some help," he said standing and giving me a hand up.

We were lucky that day, the only other people in the park were on the far side of the pond. As soon as we walked into the bathroom Johnny was fumbling with his zipper and I was down on my knees in no time flat.

I could never get enough of Johnny's sexy body, and once I got a whiff of his scent I was slobbering like a hound dog. I licked his balls and his pecker till he was leaking like crazy, and then I went down on him and didn't let up till he'd blasted in my mouth. 

After swallowing all his tasty jizz down I stood and he pulled his pants up just as we heard voices outside. We quickly walked to the door just in time as the door opened and in walked two boys about nine or ten.

They were giggling and carrying on, but when they saw us they shut up and gave us a wary look.

"Hi guys," Johnny said in a friendly voice, "it's all yours."

"Thanks," one of the boys said, and once we were outside I heard them talking, and the giggling soon resumed.

"I should get back home," I said once we were back at Johnny's house.

"You sure, if you wanna come in I'll return the favor."

"No, I'm good. You need to get back to your painting anyway."

"Yeah, well...if you're sure," Johnny said easily.

In a way I wanted him to try to convince me to stay, but I really did need to get home and I didn't want to cut into his painting time.

"Well, see ya at school tomorrow," I said grabbing my bike.

"Yeah, what we talked about, don't worry so much, okay?"

"I won't. I guess it will be okay."

"It will, trust me. Well...bye."

"Bye," I said starting off on my bike, "Paint something beautiful," I teased.

"I will, your butt," he laughed, and I was laughing as I rode off.

Part Two

An Old Friend Returns

*Note: the second part of this chapter deals with both physical and sexual abuse and thoughts of suicide. If this subject causes you emotional distress, or you find it offensive, I suggest you skip this part.

The thing with Jacob was on my mind for a few days, but since I didn't see him that much I soon forgot about it. I was busy with Johnny, and school, and my new hobby, writing.

Since Fred had a girlfriend now I was seeing less of him and with Johnny tied up with his art work, I was left with a lot of free time to fill. I'd always loved writing, and English was my favorite class in school and it was only natural that writing became my new passion.

I'd written some short stories when I was younger and Johnny and my friends had always encouraged me, and said they were good. Besides my friends however, no one else had ever read my stories, so I really didn't know if they were that good or not.

I wrote because I liked to write, and I always got into the stories, and I felt like my characters were my friends. I wrote mostly boy stories or science fiction, and even my science fiction stories had boys in them. I loved Robert A. Heinlein's books and some of his early books were aimed at young people. I guess in a way I was copying his style, only I was sure he never wrote about boys being in love.

I had begun a new story called, The Swimming Hole, and it was about two 12 year old boys who lived on neighboring farms. The two boys were best friends and when they had free time during the summer they swam in a creek that ran between the two farms, sort of like Johnny's old farm and Caleb's.

So far I'd introduced the characters and set up the basic plot, but I was undecided about how far to go with it. I'd already established that the boys skinny dipped, so they were naked, and that brought up possibilities, but I wasn't sure if I dared write what I felt should happen next.

One Sunday afternoon I was laying across my bed, rereading what I'd written so far, when mom yelled at me that I had company. I hopped up and made a beeline for the door hoping it was Johnny, then skidded to a halt when I saw it was someone else.

At first I didn't recognize him, then it dawned on me who this blond haired kid was.

"Ronnie?" I said smiling at the cute boy standing in the living room.

"Yep, hi Robert."

He'd grown some, of course, and filled out and gotten even cuter if that was possible. He was dressed in jeans and a tee shirt with a windbreaker over it and I thought back to the first time I'd seen him and those skimpy little shorts he'd been wearing.

"Are you still living by the school?" I asked after I'd recovered a little.

"Yeah, I was just walking by and I wanted to see if you still lived here and find out if you knew what happened to Johnny."

"Okay, well come on back to my room and we'll talk."

"You boys want a drink and some cookies?" mom said, being her usual hospitable self when I had friends over.

I looked at Ronnie and he shrugged, and I took that to be a yes. I got us a can of Shasta and some cookies and led Ronnie off to my room. 

It was strange that I'd known him all that time that Johnny lived up the street from him, but he'd never once been in my house till that day.

"I like your room," he said looking around.

"Thanks, sit down by me," I said patting the bed.

"Okay, so...where's Johnny?"

"That's a long story," I laughed, and then I launched into it filling him in on the things he didn't know.

"Oh, he lives by the big park, cool. I should go see him sometime."

"He'd like that. I'll give you his address. It's real easy to find, he lives right across the street from the pond on 2nd."

We ate our cookies and talked some more and got to know each other all over again. Of course he was older now, but this Ronnie was so much different than the shy skinny kid I'd first met that summer that it was almost scary.

He was still sort of quiet but he had grown out of some of his shyness and seemed like a truly nice kid. I realized he was 12 now and not a little kid anymore and I wondered if he'd started puberty yet.

If he had, that might account for his growth spurt and his change in temperment, but he was still as cute as I remembered, only more defined now.

"So, are you in 7th this year?" I asked, wondering why we hadn't seen him at the Junior high this year.

"No, I got held back," he said looking embarrassed, "I'm in 6th again."

"Oh,'s it going this year?"

"Okay, I missed a lot of school last year and that's why they held me back."

"Oh, were you sick?"

"Sort of, I had an operation. I got hurt," he said softly, and looking uncomfortable. 

As much as I wanted to know what happened, I could tell he didn't want to talk about it so I let it go.

"Well, you're okay now, right?"

"Yeah, I'm okay," he said looking sad.

"Hey, wanna go see my treehouse?" I said, hoping to cheer him up. 

"Okay, that sounds like fun," he said smiling again.

Ronnie seemed to get over his sadness once we got into the treehouse and I knew I'd done the right thing. Kids loved treehouses, and at one time mine had been a focal point of my life when I was younger. Now it was used less and less, and I wondered how long it would be till I stopped climbing up there altogether.

Of course someday it would be Mikey's, and I looked forward to the day I could help him climb up there, and show him around, and see the wonder on his face that I was seeing in Ronnie's right now.

"This is so neat, I wish I had a treehouse."

"Well, you can come see me and we'll hang out here sometimes, okay?"

"Okay, yeah...that sounds fun," he said smiling, then he got quiet again and looked like he was thinking about something.

"You okay?" I asked, daring to lay a hand on his arm.

"Yeah, I'm okay. I just get sad sometimes."

"Oh, did something sad happen to you or your mom?"

"I can't talk about it," he said softly, but I knew he wanted to.

"Oh, okay...but if it's private stuff you don't have to worry about me telling anyone, except Johnny, cause we don't keep secrets from each other."

"Maybe someday I'll tell ya'," he said sighing, "but not right now. I really gotta go. My mom will be worried."

"Oh, okay...hey, how bout' if I walk ya' home? I was kind of bored and I might go by the park and see if anyone is there."

"Okay, thanks," he said smiling again. 

He was back and forth, back and forth, sad and then happy, and I realized there was more going on here than I knew about. Maybe mom and dad knew something. If it was in the news they'd know, though they might not share that news if they thought it was too much for me.

"Mom, I'm gonna walk Ronnie home and then go to the park, okay?"

"That's fine honey. Ronnie, you'll have to come see us again. Maybe you can come have supper with us some night."

"Thank you ma'am," Ronnie said blushing, but I could tell mom's words had made him feel good. My mom was always good around my friends, and pretty soon they started thinking of her as their second mom.

"Have fun you two," she said, "here's a cookie for the road," she laughed, handing us a huge, still warm chocolate chip cookie.

When we were on the sidewalk Ronnie smiled again, "I like your mom, she's nice."

"So's my dad," I said, then realizing Ronnie didn't have a dad, I quickly went on, "So, did I tell you that Johnny's dog Peck got ran over?"

"Oh no, I liked that dog," he said sounding sad again.

"Yeah, it happened while we were in Arkansas." Then I realized I needed to fill him in on the summer, and Johnny staying with us, and the trip to Arkansas to see the cousins, but I left out the sex parts of course.

"Wow, that sounds like fun," he said, happy again.

"It was a real blast, and then when we got back Johnny's folks had a big surprise for us...that they were moving back to town, and we were bout' the happiest two boys in the world."

"You guys love each other, don't ya'," he said blushing, "I don't mean nothin' bad by it."

"I know, and yeah...we're like brothers for sure," I said playing it off. I wasn't sure Ronnie needed to know the real truth.

"Yeah, but you're really good friends too, right?"

"Yeah, best friends. So what about you? Do you have a best friend?"

"No, not really. I sort of like this one boy, James, but we don't see each other except at school. He lives in the country and rides the bus."

"Too bad. No kids in the neighborhood?"

He shook his head, most of em' won't play with me because of...well, the stuff I can't talk about."

This was sounding worse and worse. What had happened to this poor kid that made him an outcast and caused him to need an operation?

We were just turning the corner onto his street when a kid came ripping out the front door of a small white house, and seeing us, he stopped dead in his tracks.

"Oh look, it's queer boy. Is that your boyfriend?" he taunted.

The kid was fat and greasy looking, and my first impression was, even a dog wouldn't play with him if he didn't have a pork chop tied around his neck.

"You, kid...get over here!" I demanded, while Ronnie cowered by my side.

"Who me?" he said losing his smart-assed attitude quickly.

"Yeah, you...Now!"

I don't know why he didn't just run back inside and find his mommy or whatever, but he started our way looking nervous as heck. I guess some kids are just used to doing what someone older tells them to do, and even though he was scared shitless he still didn't run away.

"What's your name?" I demanded when he was close enough that I could smell his dirty feet.

"Ji...mmm....mmmy," he stuttered.

"Well Jimmy, I'm Robert and Ronnie is my friend. I've known him since he was a little kid and he's a nice guy. Me and my friends watch out for him, so...I don't want to hear about you or anyone else ever giving him trouble, got that...OR ELSE!" 

"Yesss...siiiir," he said cowering in his bare feet. Like most bullies, he was a coward, and all it took was someone standing up to him.

"So, go on back home then and try being nice for a change. Oh, and take a bath, you stink," I smirked, but he was already bounding back to the safety of his front porch. 

He gave us a wary look as he turned to go inside, and I fully expected an angry mom to come looking for us, but no one showed after a few minutes, so we walked on to Ronnie's house.

"That was so rad," Ronnie said beaming, "no one ever stood up for me before. Thanks, thanks a lot."

"Does this happen a lot?" I asked, stopping so he'd be forced to stop too.

"Sometimes," he said softly, "usually after school or at recess."

"Damn it, why are kids so stupid?" I said to no one in particular. "I wish you were in 7th, you could hang with us and we'd make sure this stuff didn't happen."

"Thanks, maybe Jimmy will pass the word around," he said looking hopeful.

"If he doesn't you come let me know and I'll think of something else to do, me and Johnny."

"Thanks, hey want to come in for a little while. My mom is home and you can say hi."

"Okay, I'm in no hurry."

Ronnie's mom looked pretty much the same as the last time I saw her, except she seemed sadder and more somber.

Ronnie didn't waste a minute telling her about what I'd said to Jimmy and she actually managed a smile.

"That little brat needs a good spanking," she said, "and a bath. Those are the nastiest people I've ever seen, and they have the nerve to judge my Ronnie." She pulled Ronnie against her and kissed the top of his head and he blushed.

"Well, I just don't like people picking on my friends," I said blushing myself.

"You're a sweetheart, you and Johnny were always such good boys, letting Ronnie play and making him feel welcome."

I was embarrassed that we hadn't done more, or kept in touch, but I just nodded and smiled, still blushing.

"Come on Robert," Ronnie said taking my hand, "I'll show you my room."

His mom finally managed a smile, "I'll fix you boys a glass of tea," she said, and then she went off to the kitchen while Ronnie dragged me down the hall to his room.

His room was small and neat, and not the typical boy's bedroom. There was no sports equipment, no cars or model airplanes, no toys of any kind in sight. His bed was neatly made, but there were several stuffed animals resting on the flowered quilt.

There was a bookcase on one wall loaded with books, mostly paperbacks or magazines, and a small desk with a stack of notebooks on it, and an empty jelly jar full of pens and pencils. A huge art gum eraser lay atop an open notebook and a pen was laced into the metal spiral.

"Don't you have any toys?" I just had to ask.

"In the closet," he said, "I don't play with them much anymore."

"Do you draw or write?" I said fingering the stack of notebooks.

"I write sometimes, sometimes stories, sometimes poems."

"Oh, that's cool. I write stories myself. Ever since Johnny started working so much on his artwork I've had lots more free time and I started writing again. I used to write a lot, but then I got so busy."

"Yeah, I have lots of time," he sighed, "this was the first time I been out of the house in a long time...except for school."

"Well, now that you know where Johnny lives, you should go see him. I'll give you his new phone number and you can call him to make sure he's there and not too busy."

"Okay, thanks."

"Here's your tea boys," Ronnie's mom said as she stood at the open door.

We walked over and took the glasses and thanked her, and she disappeared back down the hall. I took a sip, it was really sweet and cold, and went down smoothly.

"Mmm..good tea."

"Yeah," Ronnie said sitting down on his bed.

I walked over and sat beside him and he looked at me shyly.

"Thanks for...saying that I'm your friend," he said so softly that I barely heard him.

"Well, it's true, but I don't feel like I've been a very good friend lately."


"Cause I haven't tried to come see you, or even ask about you ever since Johnny moved."

"Oh well...that? I knew you were busy with Johnny and stuff. It's okay."

"No, it's not okay, but I'll be a better friend from now on. Maybe you could come for dinner some night and sleep over. There's lots of neat things to do at my house."

"Really? You mean it?" he said perking up.

"Sure, do you think your mom will let ya'?"

"Sure, she likes you and Johnny, and trusts you not to be mean to me and do stuff to me..." he said looking upset.

"Hey," I said putting my arm around his shoulders, "I would never be mean to my friends."

"I know," he said shuddering a little and sniffing back a tear.

"Do you think your mom would let you go to the park with me?" I said, hoping to find out more about what had happened to him if we were alone again.

"Yeah, probably...we could ask her."

"Okay, let me do the talking," I winked, "moms love me," I giggled, and it was contagious.

Ronnie's mom was easy. I'd already established that trust that some parents allow their children's friends, and I could tell that she was just happy that someone was being nice to her son for a change.

"We'll be back in an hour or so, okay? I have to get home after that."

"That's fine," she said smiling, "Have fun boys."

Ronnie was a little chatter box on the way to the park, and he seemed to be happy now. As we passed the play ground of Washington Elementary, which was right across the street from Ronnie's house, he seemed to be thinking about something.

Washington held a lot of memories for me and Johnny. It was where we'd met and where we attended school for six years. All that time Johnny had lived just across the street on the same street as Ronnie and we'd spent a lot of time there even when school was out.

"That's where I got hurt," Ronnie said suddenly, and I looked up to see what he was pointing at, "The swings. This boy hit me in the head with the wooden seat."

"It was an accident, right?" I asked, unable to believe anyone would be so mean as to do it on purpose.

"No," he said simply, "He meant to do it. He wanted to kill me."

"What? Why?" I sputtered, "What happened?"

"I can't talk about it," he said clamming up again.

I let it slide, trying to digest that bit of information and figure out how to get him to tell me the rest of the story.

By the time we arrived at the park, which was just across the street from the school, Ronnie seemed to have recovered and was chattering about some show he'd seen on TV the other night.

"Wanna go on the merry-go-round?" I asked as we crossed the brown grass of the park.

"Okay, will you push me?'

"Hang on," I said as Ronnie climbed aboard, and then I grabbed onto the bars and began running till the merry-go-round was spinning really fast. Then jumping on board, I held on as we continued to spin. Ronnie was giggling as the wind blew his long blond hair and he looked truly happy for a change.

When the merry-go-round slowed down I jumped off and got it going again, and we rode it out again. I did that several more times before I got tired and we just sat there on the deck dragging our feet and spinning the merry-go-round slowly.

"Did that kid get into trouble?" I finally asked.

"He lied and said it was an accident and his friends said that too."

"So, he got away with it?" I asked angrily, "Is he still around, has he tried to hurt you again?"

"No, he's in 7th now, him and his friends. I was kinda glad I was held back so I wouldn't have to see them again."

"Ronnie, do you trust me?"

"Well, sure," he said giving me a sideways smile.

"Then why won't you tell me what happened?"

"Cause when you hear all of it you won't want to be my friend no more," he said sadly.

I laughed, causing Ronnie to give me a hurt look.

"I'm sorry, it's not funny, but I just had to laugh, cause their ain't nothing you could tell me that would make me not like you. Heck, I've done some stuff and seen all kinds of stuff, and nothin' could be that bad."

"It's pretty bad."

"Okay, I can see that you don't trust me enough right now. Maybe you'll feel better about things when we get together with Johnny. Till then, just think about things, and when you're ready to tell, I promise we won't be upset or stop liking you. I swear."

"Okay, I'll think about it. Can we go swing now?"

Unlike the swings at the school, the ones at the park were made of rubber and not dangerous at all. The swings at Washington were notorious for causing injury to kids who got in their way, but it was years later that they finally changed them to the safe kind.

As we swung we talked about everything but what was on our minds. Ronnie wanted to hear more about our summer vacation and the past trips to my Uncle's farm, and I was happy to share those pleasant memories.

Before I knew it it was time to go, and as I walked Ronnie back home he seemed to be sad again. 

"I wish you could stay longer," he finally said.

"I can't today, but there will be other days. You have my number, and Johnny's number now, so you can call us anytime."

"Yeah, okay...thanks."

When we reached his house his mom met us at the door.

"Did you boys have fun?" she asked pulling Ronnie against her and running her fingers through his long blond hair. She sure was touchy feely.

"Yes ma'am," I said, "but I have to get home for dinner. I was asking Ronnie if sometime maybe he could come have supper with us and spend the night. Do you think that would be okay?"

"Well, I'll think about it," she said looking down at Ronnie who was staring up at her with pleading eyes, "I would want to talk to your mom first and make sure it was okay."

"Yes ma'am, Ronnie has my phone number. Well, gotta go. Bye Ronnie, by ma'am. I had fun."

"Me too," Ronnie said pulling away from his mom and walking me to the road, "See ya'."

"Yeah, later gator," I laughed, and he laughed too.

"After while crocodile," he giggled as I started off. I turned to wave, and then I headed home.

When I met Johnny Monday morning I couldn't wait to tell him about Ronnie.

"Guess what? I had a visit from an old friend yesterday."

"Who? Ricky?" he said eying me questioningly. 

We'd both kept in touch with Ricky, but despite his living so close now, we hadn't seen him in a while.

"Nope, he's busy with football and his new girlfriend. Guess again."

"Ummm...Roger?" he said hopefully.

"No, I wish," I said, feeling that sadness and emptiness that losing touch with Roger still caused me.

"Who, just tell me...I'm dying to know now."

"Your little buddy from down the street."

"Ronnie?" He said perking up.

"Yep, but he's not so little anymore and he's really cute  now."

"He was always cute. So what's he up to? Hey, shouldn't he be in 7th this year?"

I knew I didn't have time to tell him all the story, but I gave him a quick rundown and he seemed to be thinking about it.

"I remember something my mom said to my dad one day a while back. Now that I think about it they might have been talking about Ronnie."

"What was it?" I said, eager to solve the mystery Ronnie had hinted at.

"Well, there wasn't much, just some stuff about a kid getting molested or something, and then getting hurt pretty bad, and the cops being involved, but that's all I heard."

"When was this?"

" was after we moved to the farm, that's all I remember."

"Oh man, what if that kid was Ronnie? I feel awful. What if the kid who tried to kill Ronnie was the kid who molested him, or whatever, and then he tried to kill him to shut him up."

"I dunno, that's pretty weird. We should talk to Ronnie and see if the two of us can get him to tell us what happened."

"Yeah, I'm not gonna be satisfied till I do find out. I want to take care of that kid now. He's so sad."

I told him about the kid who called Ronnie a queer, and how I had handled him, and he was fuming by the time I got done.

"Good thing I wasn't there, I'd have kicked his smelly ass. I know who that kid is. His name is Jimmy Downing, and his whole family are mean and nasty people. His sister is a whore too."

"I think he got the message, but I told Ronnie to let us know if he had anymore trouble."

We arrived at school finally, and we put the subject of Ronnie on hold and went off to our lockers to grab our things. 

At lunch we picked up where we'd left off and agreed to go to Ronnie's after school and talk to him. The plan was for Johnny to ride to my house and call his mom and then go from there. That way we'd have plenty of time to hang out with Ronnie before we had to be home for supper.

The day dragged by. In PE Fred was telling us about his latest date with Linda and how he'd got to second base, whatever that was, and then he suddenly switched gears and started talking about Jacob.

"That kid, all he wants to do is hang out at Eddie's house all the time. My folks are always having to call over there and have them send him home for supper and stuff. They're really tight I guess, sort of like you guys," he said looking thoughtful.

"Well, a guy needs a best friend. I got Johnny and you got Linda," I said, then realizing what that implied, I added, "you know, someone to hang out with and talk about stuff."

"And fool around with," he said in a low voice meant only for us, "It's cool guys, I know, and I think it's just fine."

We didn't try to deny what he was saying, after all he'd become as close to us as our other friends, and they certainly all knew and didn't care. 

"Thanks," I said, "do you really think it's like that with Jake and this new boy?"

"Yeah, I think so. You know he really likes you Robert, but he's been so hung up on this new kid that he doesn't have time for anyone else right now."

"It's cool, I'm glad he found a friend. I was worried about him."

"Oh, well...he's fine now. Hey guys, did you see? I got a real bush going on down here now," he giggled.

"Yeah, looks like a Brillo pad down there," Johnny laughed, "and your worm is a full grown snake now."

"It's five inches now," Fred said proudly, "and hopefully still growing."

"Probably all that lovin' you and Linda been doing," I teased.

He blushed bright red but didn't correct me, "She's so much fun and not shy at all..."

"Wow, you gonna marry her someday?" Johnny laughed.

"Maybe," Fred said smiling.

"Good luck," I said turning off my shower head, "Come on Johnny, we need to get moving."

At my house Johnny called his mom, and not only did she say it was okay for him to go see Ronnie, she said he could eat supper with us and his dad would pick him and his bike up around 9.

On the way to Ronnie's we passed Jimmy's house, but no one was stirring, though I did see someone peek out of the living room curtain.

Ronnie was so excited to see Johnny that I thought he was gonna pee his pants. He danced around excitedly for a minute then threw himself at Johnny, and Johnny hugged him tight.

His mom appeared about then, and taking one look at us she smiled.

"Come in boys. It's good to see you Johnny, my how you boys have grown. Soon you'll be men. Where does the time go?"

"We were wondering if it would be okay for Ronnie to go to the park with us and hang out?" Johnny said, after pleasantries were exchanged.

"Why sure, that would be just fine. Ronnie, be sure to wear your jacket and be careful."

"Yes mom," Ronnie said excitedly as he hurried off to find his jacket.

"Thank you boys," his mom said when he was gone, "for being so nice to him. He's had a rough time this last year."

"Aww shucks ma'am, it ain't nothin'..." I said blushing.

"Yes it is, and you boys are very sweet."

Ronnie returned then, and she gave us a grateful look, "You boys have fun. Here's a dollar, why don't you walk over to Dyer's and get a pop and some candy."

"OH boy," Ronnie said, "Want to guys?"

"Sure, thanks ma'am."

Mrs. Dyer was behind the counter that day and she made a big deal out of seeing us again.

"My how you boys have grown, oh I wish Mr. Dyer was here, he'd be so surprised. Oh, and hello Ronnie dear, how are you?"

"Fine ma'am," he said blushing, "We just come to get a pop and some candy then we're gonna go to the park and play."

"Well, that's nice dear. Oh my, I just can't get over how grown up you boys look," she said looking me and Johnny up and down.

"Next year we start high school," I said proudly, "and in a couple of years we can get our driver's license."

"Well, that will be nice. Are you still living in Locust Grove Johnny?"

While Johnny filled her in on his new life and new house, Ronnie and I were perusing the candy shelf and picked out our candy. I knew Johnny would want a PayDay and I went for a Full Dinner bar, while Ronnie got a Cherry Mash.

The pop box was up front by the door, so we paid for our candy and pop, plus deposit on the bottles, and then grabbed our pop on the way out.

I got an RC Cola, and Johnny got a Pepsi, while Ronnie got a Nehi Grape. Ewww...cherry and grape, what a combination.

"She seemed extra nice today," Johnny laughed, "remember the time she shook us down cause she thought we stole something, and it turned out to be a rubber band I picked up off the floor and stuck in my pocket?"

"Yeah, I was so embarrassed. I never even told my folks about that, and I'd forgot all about it till today. Thanks for reminding me," I said shoving Johnny playfully.

"Don't fight you two," Ronnie said sounding serious.

"We're not, we're just goofing around," Johnny assured him, "Don't you ever goof around with your friends like that?"

"I don't really have any friends...except now, I  have you guys."

"Yeah, well...I'm sure you'll make some new ones pretty soon, especially when you start Junior High next year. Me and Robert will be right next door at the High School and we can hang out sometimes."

"Yeah, that will be fun. Can we go somewhere else besides the park. I really don't feel like going there today," he said sounding sad again.

"Sure buddy, wherever you wanna go is fine by us, but do we need to stop by and tell your mom first?" I said for both of us.

"Naw, as long as I'm with you guys it's fine. She told me last night that she trusted you guys and that you wouldn't hurt me those other boys."

"She's right, you can trust us," I said putting an arm around his shoulders, on the other side of him Johnny did the same and we walked along arm in arm.

"So where you wanna go buddy?" Johnny said as we headed up the sidewalk toward downtown.

"I dunno, maybe the train tracks. I remember you used to say how you threw rocks in the boxcars, can we do that?"

"Sure, if there's a train, if not we can play in the big sand pile there."

"Okay, that sounds fun."

We were lucky that day, because no sooner did we reach the tracks than we heard the distant whistle of a train. We hurried to trackside and waited till the engine passed then picked up some rocks and waited for the first open boxcar.

God how this brought back memories. I might be 14, almost 15 now, but right then I felt like that little kid that used to stand right here with my friends beside me as we took aim and fired off our rocks at the passing train.

One look in Ronnie's eyes and I could see how much he was enjoying this time with us and doing something that he'd heard us talk about so many times.

"I made it," he said jumping up and down excitedly.

"Good shot," I said praising him, "watch this, I'm gonna throw the next one right on through both open doors.

The next car with both doors open, I wound up and pitched my rock, and it went sailing right on through without ever touching the boxcar.

I'd only done that once or twice, but Johnny was a master at it and I'd always envied him his athletic abilities.

"Good one," Johnny said.

The train eventually passed and we waved to the guy in the caboose and ran out to the tracks to feel them.

"They're hot," Ronnie laughed, "and I can feel them moving."

"Yeah, the train is so heavy that it causes the tracks to vibrate even when it's far away." I said.

"What can we do now?" Ronnie asked after a few minutes.

"Let's go over to the sand pile and bury Ronnie," I teased.

"NOOO," Ronnie said looking horrified.

"I was only teasing," I laughed, but I could tell Ronnie was still a little freaked out.

"I'll protect you," Johnny said, placing an arm around Ronnie.

"Okay, don't let him bury me Johnny," Ronnie said sounding serious.

"Geez," I sighed, "I was only kidding. If it makes you feel better you can bury me Ronnie."

"No, I wouldn't want to do that to anybody."

"It doesn't hurt, it's fun, except you can't move your arms and legs and you're at the mercy of whoever buries you."

"That's too scary," Ronnie said shaking his head, "can't we just build sandcastles and stuff?"

"Sure, maybe we can find a tin can or something to use to scoop up the sand," I offered, looking around for something to use, "Oh, here's just the thing," I said picking up a large tin can. It was rusty but didn't have any sharp edges.

"Wow, that's a lot of sand," Ronnie said, eying the pile of sand in the center that was taller than me or Johnny.

Apparently they had just refilled it recently and it was way fuller than usual. The center was where most of the sand was, but there were smaller piles on each side and enough sand to bury a car in.

We leveled out a spot and began to build a castle using the tin can to mold bricks with. When we had it built up high enough to suit us we began building a wall all around it. AS soon as we had the wall built Johnny suggested we build a moat around it, and we dug a ditch in the sand all the way around it.

As we stood back and admired our work the look on Ronnie's face was worth all the effort. I had to admit, I had fun too, and I was pretty sure Johnny did too. It was nice just to be kids again and do the kind of things we'd done back then, and to share it with Ronnie was even better.

"That was fun," Ronnie said bending down to dig a little more sand out of the moat.

"Now, you know what happens next?" Johnny said giving me a grin.

"Monsters stomp it down," I giggled.

Ronnie looked confused, but when we explained, he got an evil grin on his face and was ready and willing to join in.

"I'm Godzilla," Johnny roared like the Japanese monster.

"I'm King Kong," I said beating my chest like the giant monkey.

"Who can I be?" Ronnie said frowning.

"You're a giant robot from outer space," Johnny said.

"Oh yeah,," he giggled, and then the stomping began.

Suddenly we were transformed into giggling little kids as we stomped, and roared, and destroyed all our hard work. When it was all gone, and all that remained was our foot prints, we stood back and looked at our handiwork and smiled.

"That was fun," Ronnie said catching his breath.

"Yeah, we used to do that all the time," Johnny said, "I'd forgotten how much fun it was."

We sat down on the short block wall at the front of the enclosure and Robert and I told Ronnie about some of the good times we'd had there on the tracks and nearby.

"Can we go to that one place, that gin mill?" Ronnie said lighting up when we mentioned the fun we'd had there, even if we had to clean things up a bit.

"Okay, but we have to walk the rails to get there," Johnny said grinning, "Are you up for it?"

"Sure, I can do that real good," Ronnie said bubbling over with joy.

True to his word, Ronnie was sure footed, and only fell off the tracks a couple times which was much better than Johnny and I did. Now that our feet were bigger it seemed harder to stay on the skinny rails, but by the time we reached the Gin Mill some of our skill was returning.

We veered off the tracks and across the brown grass of the field that bordered them, and soon found our way to the door at the front of the metal barn-like building.

"This is really neat," Ronnie said as he followed us inside.

Johnny and I could barely fit through the half opened door now, and I wondered what would happen when we were finally too big to squeeze inside. Did the mean we were no longer welcome here, and a new generation of kids would take our place?

We showed him the little office in the back with the desk and chair, and I thought about the times I'd had sex there with Johnny or one of my other friends.

Ronnie plopped down on a bale of hay and we sat down on either side of him. He seemed happy and comfortable now, and I wondered if this was the opportunity we'd been waiting for to question him about what had happened to him.

I looked over at Johnny and he nodded, "So Ronnie, I heard you had an operation. What happened?"

"I got hit in the head with a swing. See, right here," he said reaching back and pulling his hair away so we could see a long smooth scar on the back of his head.

"Ouch, a swing did that?"

"No it wasn't the swing that made the scar. They had to go in and work on my brain and stuff and that's why they cut me open back there."

"Wow, did it hurt much?"

"When I got hit by the swing it hurt a lot, then I passed out, and next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital in Tulsa."

"I'd already been operated on and my head was all bandaged up, but it didn't hurt much cause they gave me some pills."

"So, you got hit by a swing at Washington," Johnny said, feeling Ronnie out, "Those things are deadly, I know lots of kids who got hurt there."

"Yeah, but it wasn't an accident," Ronnie said sounding a little anxious now, "this boy hit me on purpose."

"Why?" Johnny asked letting the heat show in his voice.

"Cause I told on him and his friends about what they did to me."

"What did they do to you?" Johnny asked gently.

"I can't talk about it," Ronnie said softly, but he didn't seem as upset as before.

"Oh, well I'm only asking cause I care about you, and I want to make sure nothing else happens to you."

"But if I tell ya, then you might not like me no more."

"No way," Johnny said slipping an arm around his shoulders, "Remember how I used to let you come down and hang out when you were a little kid? I didn't do that just to be nice, I really like you, both of us do. I'm sorry that I didn't stay in touch when I moved, but it was hard being so far away and all."

"I know, that's okay. It wouldn't have mattered, you couldn't have protected me anyway."

"Maybe not, but if I'd known I sure could have kicked those kids' butts."

"You mean it? You would have done that for me?"

"I still might, if I knew who those kids were and what they did..."

Ronnie sighed, "I don't want you to get into any trouble. Even the principal and the police didn't believe me..."

"We would, right Robert?"

"Yes, we know you wouldn't lie to us, because we're friends, and friends don't lie to one another."

"I would never lie to you guys," Ronnie said, as if he was thinking about what he wanted to say next, "but I'm scared. If I talk about make me sad again, like I was before, and then...I might do something bad."

I couldn't stand it any longer. Ronnie looked so sad, and so fragile, and I pulled him into a hug and then the water works began. He cried for a long time before finally wiping his eyes and sniffing back snot. 

He was still hiccuping a little as he sat there staring down at the dirty floor, and I knew something was about to happen soon. 

I was vaguely aware of Johnny scooting in close to hold Ronnie too, and as the three of us sat there all hugged up, Ronnie finally began to speak.

"They said they wanted to be my friends," he said in a soft voice devoid of emotion, "they would let me hang around with them on the playground and that felt good, to have friends again. They would still call me names sometimes, but they made it like a joke and I didn't think they were being mean to before.

Then one day this one boy, Brian, invited me over to his house. I was really happy about it and my mom said it was good to see me so excited about something. Brian lived over at the end of Whitaker Street and I rode my bike there that Saturday.

His folks were gone and when I got there Brian met me at the door and the others were already there."

"What others?" I asked softly.

"The boys who said they were my friends, there was Tommy, and Chris, and Mark. Tommy and Chris were in my class but Mark was a friend of Brian's and he went to Jefferson.

At first it seemed fun. Brian gave us all Kool-Ade and some cookies and we sat in his room and just talked. Then the talk started getting sexy, you know about girls and stuff.

Then Brian started talking about...about playing know his dick, and he asked me if I did that. I was embarrassed, but the other said they did and that it was no big deal so I finally admitted that I did it too."

My hackles were rising and I was very uncomfortable at the moment. I wasn't sure I wanted to hear what was coming next, but I thought it was important for Ronnie to get it out. This wasn't about me or Johnny, this was about helping Ronnie, and we couldn't help him if we didn't know the truth about what had happened, no matter how bad it was.

"Then they said I should show them how I did it, right there in front of all of them. I was scared then, and really embarrassed, but I didn't know what to do. There was four of them and I was afraid to try to get away.

I told them I didn't want to do that and Brian just laughed. Two of them held me down while the other two stripped off my pants and underwear."

He sniffed a little, and I heard a hitch in his voice as he continued. "I didn't want to, but my dick was hard, and they thought that meant I wanted them to do that stuff."

I hugged Ronnie tighter to encourage him to go on and he sighed and continued.

"They...they all took turns touching me and rubbing dick, and then they took off their pants and stuff and they were hard too.

That one kid Mark, he said I liked what we were doing, and there were other things I might like, and that really made me scared. Then he told me to get on my knees.

I didn't want to, but the other three forced me down and then Mark walked up and pushed his dick at me. He told me to open up my mouth, and that I had better not bite him or he'd slap me silly.

I told him no, but two of them grabbed my jaw and forced me to open my mouth. Then Mark stuck his dick in my mouth.

I just sat there crying, and they took turns doing that, then they laughed and told me I was a little queer for doing that, and that they would tell everyone at school and everyone would hate me.

I finally grabbed my clothes and put them back on and rode home. At first I didn't know what to do. I felt so sick and so scared. I threw up and my mom let me stay home from school for two days, but I knew I'd have to go back eventually.

When I finally did, no one would even talk to me, and even the teachers acted weird around me. When I got home that day I was crying and so upset that my mom finally made me tell her what happened.

She was so mad, and she dragged me over to Brian's house and talked to his folks. They said Brian had told them what I'd done, that I'd tried to get them to do nasty stuff, and that they'd sent me home and didn't want to have anything to do with me, and his folks believed him cause his friends backed him up.

My mom loves me and trusts me, but I could see that she wasn't sure if I was telling the truth, and that hurt a lot. She...said that if I was that way, and that I liked boys that way it was okay, but that I couldn't go around asking other boys to do stuff. That hurt most, cause it was kinda true, only I never did all that stuff they accused me of.

I was pretty scared and upset and I just wanted to die. I thought about killing myself, just running out in front of a car or a train, or hanging myself, but I guess I was too big a chicken even for that."

"Oh man, I wish I had been there for you," Johnny said as tears streamed down his face. 

I was crying too, and too upset to talk, so I just leaned over and kissed Ronnie on the forehead.

"Anyway the next day when I went back to school Brian said he was sorry and wanted to be friends again and to make up for what he had done. I wanted to believe him and I even blamed myself for part of it. I wanted to get close to those guys so bad that I would do anything, and I thought maybe I might have caused what happened."

"They were wrong, not you," I finally managed to say, "You didn't want to be forced to do stuff, it was all their fault. They're bad, not you."

He nodded, "Anyway, he said he wanted to swing and we went out there and when my back was turned he took one of the swings and hit me in the head. It hurt really bad, but then I passed out and woke up in the hospital.

When I told my mom what happened later, I could tell that she finally believed me, and she talked to the police and stuff, but Brian and his friends stuck together and said it was an accident. 

After that I got worse and the doctors finally had to operate and relieve some swelling or something and that's what the operation was. I was in the hospital for a long time, and by then I'd missed so much school that I got left behind.

"I pulled him in closer and hugged him tight, "I'm so sorry Ronnie, "but don't worry, Johnny and I still like you. Like I said, it was those other boys who were wrong. They should be in jail right now."

"If they ever come near you or say anything bad to you I want you to let me know," Johnny said wiping at his eyes, his sadness now turned to anger.

"Okay, but I don't want you to get into any trouble."

"I won't, I have my friends to back me up too."

"Can we go back now?" Ronnie said looking tired and strung out.

"Sure buddy, I have some bout if we stop at the Sinclair station and get a pop on the way. You look thirsty."

He nodded and we led him out and onto the tracks. We didn't walk the tracks this time, we weren't in the mood to have fun, and the seriousness of what had happened to Ronnie was weighing heavy on all of us.

We walked over to the Sinclair station and I handed each of them a dime and we got a pop. I walked inside and paid the guy six cents for the deposits and we were on our way.

By the time we got back to Ronnie's house it was pushing 5 o'clock, and we had to be back at my house for supper before long. 

We walked Ronnie to his door and he gave us a sad smile, "Did you mean it when you said you still liked me?"

"Sure we did," Johnny said, "I'm just sorry I couldn't have been there to help you."

"Ronnie, you're our friend and you can trust us. We won't let you down again," I said giving him a one armed hug.

His mom must've heard us talking cause she opened the door about then and looked out.

"Oh hi boys," she said smiling, "Did you have fun?"

"Yeah mom, we didn't go to the park after all. We went over by the tracks and played in this giant sand box and it was so much fun. We built a big castle and then stomped it to pieces," he said bubbling over with joy.

If she was upset that we'd gone somewhere other than the park, she didn't look or act like it, and was laughing at Ronnie's excitement.

"Well, it sounds like you had fun," Then she looked at Johnny and me and added, "Thank you so much for taking time to come by. I really appreciate it, and I know Ronnie thinks the world of you two."

"We like him too ma'am. He's our friend, and you'll be seeing a lot more of us now that Johnny's back in town."

"Well, you're welcome anytime."

"Thanks, but right now we have to get back to my house for supper. Thanks for letting Ronnie hang out with us, and for the pop and candy."

"You're welcome boys."

Ronnie walked us to the street and watched us walk away, and we waved back at him as we turned the corner.

"That poor kid," Johnny said, "I want to cream those guys who did that to him so bad."

"Johnny, calm down. We can't go around beating up other kids, we'll just get into trouble ourselves."

"No, but we can make them think twice about pulling that crap on other kids. In fact I have an idea that might fix those guys for good."

Back at my house we ate supper, but neither of us felt much like joining in the table talk. I could tell my folks wondered what was going on with us, but thankfully they didn't ask.

Mikey kept smiling at us, and after a while we were in a better mood. It was hard to be unhappy around that kid.

After supper we wandered out back, and even though it was kind of cool, we climbed up into the treehouse so we could talk in private.

"What are you planning Johnny?" I said thinking back to what he had said earlier.

"Well, what if we found out these kids names and started a smear campaign. You know, letting other kids know just what scum they are, and make their lives as miserable as they made Ronnie's."

"Well, that sounds kind of mean, but after what they did to Ronnie, I think they deserve it. So...I guess I'm in, and I'll bet Donnie will be too. Gerald and Walter don't really know Ronnie, but I'll bet they'll go along with us once we tell them what happened."

"Hmmm...I wonder...are we betraying Ronnie's trust if we tell our friends what happened to him? I mean he told us all that stuff in confidence."

"Good point, we should think about this some more. Maybe we'll have to do this on our own."

"Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I'll sleep on it and we can talk tomorrow."

Neither of us was in the mood for sex after we'd heard Ronnie's story, but we did do some cuddling and just before we climbed down we kissed deeply.

We both had a lot of thinking to do, and that night after Johnny's dad picked him up I took a shower and went to bed early.

Until now Johnny and I had been pretty much insulated from the evil of the world, and suddenly I felt as if my whole world had changed. What Johnny and I did was pure and wholesome, what those boys did to Ronnie was evil and sick. Up until that moment I'd never thought about such things. Oh sure we'd heard the word rape, but it usually applied to a guy and girl, and we didn't know anyone personally who'd been raped or raped anyone.

I mean sure some kids were mean and did stuff that wasn't right, but this was something even more horrible, more mean, than anything we'd ever seen or heard about, and that it happened to our friend Ronnie was devastating.

I'd learned about sex in the good way, doing it with guys I liked and loved, but I was finding out there was a dark side to sex and it scared me. I wanted so badly to run to my mom and dad and tell them what I knew and ask them to make it all better, but I knew that wasn't even possible.

If they knew about what happened to Ronnie they had kept it a secret and that hurt some too. I guess if they did do that they must've thought I was too young or too innocent to hear that stuff, and I'm not sure they weren't right. I had a lot of thinking to do, and I would look at the world and sex in a whole different way after that day.

End of Chapter 28

 This was a very emotional chapter in many ways. Robert has had feelings for Jacob since the first day, and though he'd tried to stay strong and keep things on a platonic level, the temptation proved to be too much for him to resist. Fortunately, Jacob was unharmed by the encounter and actually used the experience to make a new friend.

Ronnie, who had carved out a place in the boys' hearts, only to be left behind when Johnny moved, had faced his own battles alone. With a desperate need to fit in, he had tried to earn the friendship of boys who's only interest was in hurting him. He'd seen the face of evil, and nearly died from his encounter, and now he was a scared and lonely little boy with a reputation he didn't deserve.

Robert and Johnny will never be the same now that they have heard Ronnie's story, and they will not be satisfied until they make sure those who committed this atrocity are punished.

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